What is an express delivery?
Express delivery is the fastest form of shipping. The customer pays additional shipping costs for this type of delivery, as the shipment is delivered between 24 and 72 hours.
How does parcel delivery work?
UK Kenya shipping delivery process depends on the contract, the location and many other factors.
Either a company handles the handling in a local depot, which is then picked up by the courier and distributed to customers, or the couriers collect the packages directly from the seller.
Couriers often pick up many orders to be delivered to a specific area or region to reduce the overall time and transportation.
 By coordinating area-specific deliveries, courier services reduce the number of unnecessary trips and can make more deliveries in a day.
A business may use multiple carriers to fulfill orders, but some may stick to one service, possibly depending on distribution area and wholesale costs.
An example of a courier service might look like this:
• Seller delivers orders to the local depot
• The courier picks up the orders at the local depot
• Courier taken to designated delivery area
• Courier delivers parcels to customers’ homes/work/office
• Return carrier to a local depot for further parcels or end of service
If you want to learn more about order fulfillment, visit UK Kenya shipping With our combined execution experience, UK Kenya shipping has grown with the industry, developing its expertise and processes.

What are the benefits of courier services?
A courier service can benefit a business in many ways, from fast delivery to global connections. Customers prefer to arrive on time for their package or be left behind, so efficient shipping and delivery is essential.

Here are some of the main benefits of courier services.
While checking reviews and using reputable companies is essential, most courier services are reliable. As you rely on them to deliver your packages, they rely on your satisfaction and benefit for money.
Honest mistakes and mishaps aside, courier services save you the hassle and stress of delivery and ensure happy customers.
UK Kenya shipping Courier services often offer cost-effective delivery solutions, aided by the fact that there are several competing services for business.
Especially important for large shipments or contract deals, carriers may offer cheaper deals for long-term contracts or repeat services. This way, they keep you as a customer, and you get delivery for a reasonable price.

As technology becomes more advanced and connected, UK Kenya shipping services offer excellent security through tracking.

You and your customers can now see where a package is using the UK-Kenya shipping tracking feature. This will help inform your customers when to expect their parcels and keep you informed of any blockages or delays.

Following customer updates is a great opportunity to provide excellent customer service and keep buyers satisfied with your services.

Competitive services
UK Kenya shipping Courier services have come a long way in a short time. A few years ago, customers received an estimated delivery day in New Future; now, customers receive delivery times and same-day delivery and can even track their delivery on a map.

Similarly, if you had not come for a delivery before, you may have been looking or hoping for a new delivery.

In contrast, now customers can often add delivery instructions and safe locations.
As the UK-Kenya shipping market is competitive, services are constantly improved, offering faster and cheaper delivery solutions.

International delivery just got easier with UK-Kenya shipping. Deliveries can move from country to country and overseas within days, making it easier for companies to access global markets.

How do you choose a courier service?

As mentioned above, there are many courier services, so choosing one can be difficult. However, research your primary considerations: price, location, global reach, next-day delivery, etc.

Research a carrier and understand the processing systems to determine your involvement.

Start with Allegro Logistics

UK Kenya shipping provides our customers with a one-stop domestic transportation service and a fully dedicated solution to their delivery needs.

From same-day parcel delivery in our small vans to bulky shipments in our dedicated trailer truck, we strive to provide excellent service at a fair price. Look further; UK Kenya shipping we also offer international transport solutions.

Can a package be found without a tracking number?

While most tracking tools won’t let you track a package without a tracking number, there may still be alternatives.

Then you will be happy to know there are ways to find your package without a tracking number! Here are some solutions you can try to track your package:

Contact the recipient

The package may have arrived at its destination, and you, as the sender, still need updates. It sounds obvious, but it’s the easiest way to know if your shipment is now in the recipient’s hands if you need help finding the tracking number.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the courier.
If more than a week has passed and the package has not been found, you can always contact UK Kenya shipping.

By providing us with the details on your receipt or confirmation email, UK Kenya shipping can inform you of the current location of your shipment.

You can retrieve it if you previously had a tracking number but lost it. Always make sure you provide the company with the correct shipping information.

Check your receipt
Sometimes the tracking number can be found on the receipt you receive for the service purchase rather than the confirmation email.

Even if you can’t find the tracking number, you can contact the company and provide them with other information from the receipt. The company knows which transit location your shipment was recently scanned at.

Can I locate a named shipment if I cannot find the tracking number?
You may have lost your tracking number (or have yet to receive one) and are wondering if you can track a package with your name on it.

Unfortunately, only a few carriers will allow you to track your shipment with a name. You can also have all the additional details related to the load, but unfortunately, you cannot follow a package without your tracking number if you only have the name.

We assume that many people know your full name but not your address. If the carriers allowed a package to be tracked by name, it is entirely possible that other personal information would also be leaked.

The tracking number is not necessarily highly confidential information. Still, it is a unique number only for you, and you are not allowed to share it on online platforms, forums, and the like.

Sharing tracking numbers can have consequences; you may not want to be in such situations.

Can I find a named parcel with UK-Kenya shipping?

You can only check the status of your shipment via our tracking tool using the tracking number or order number we provided.

Apart from that, with a tracking number, you can find the load shown directly on our tracker.
However, our customer service specialists are always ready to help you!

Even if you are still looking for the listed shipment yourself, UK Kenya shipping can handle the matter. We track your package using the information you entered during checkout.

How do I know the format of the tracking number?
Here’s how the system works: Your parcel has a unique barcode like any other property. The tracking number consists of letters and numbers, usually 8 to 40 characters.

Once you have found the tracking number, you can copy and paste it into the tracking tool of the courier you booked your shipment with.

If you have selected the correct tracking number, your shipment will be located within seconds. If the tracking status shows that the load hasn’t been moved for a while, it could be stuck in transit or customs.

Why is my shipment tracking number missing?

The tracking number indicates the package’s status. to s see if the box is en route, in transit, or maybe even stuck at customs. Therefore, you need the tracking number to check the parcel’s status.
Sometimes the carrier doesn’t deliver it, or they do, but you don’t have access to it.

• The tracking number may be missing because the courier did not provide it to you. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact the UK Kenya shipping.

• The logistics provider has assigned the shipment a different tracking number than the one sent initially – Don’t hesitate to contact us.

• Changes to your order details may also cause your tracking number to change – another reason why could be that you are checking out with the wrong tracking number as a result of these changes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for UK Kenya shipping if you can’t find the updated tracking number.
The tracking number is known, but I need help to check the status of my package.

• Tracking number exists but doesn’t work: Check if you accidentally added an extra character, as sometimes this can be the reason for an unknown tracking number.

If you have received it correctly but still can’t track the shipment, contact the courier with whom you booked the shipment.

• You have lost access to your email account and forgot to write down your tracking number first – Try to recover the email or contact the courier to explain the situation.

• You have deleted the email with the tracking number: check the trash can in the email. The email is probably still there.

What is parcel shipping, and how does it work?

Several factors to consider when deciding how to ship a package include the size, weight, and type of item. For small and light items, UK-Kenya shipping is the most common and cheapest way to transport your goods.
However, it would be best to have the proper protective packaging to reap the full benefits of package shipping.

What is parcel shipping?

If you’re a business that ships small items regularly, package shipping is an affordable shipping option. Goods shipped by parcel are a lightweight and standard small size which one driver can quickly deliver. To be considered a package, it must be a single shipment weighing less than 150 pounds.

Four facts about parcel shipping:

• Package shipping is for small, light items under 150 lbs. transported by truck or air.
• UK Kenya shipping is convenient, fast, and efficient for small businesses.
• Packages are loaded loose onto vehicles and require special packaging.
• Perishable goods require insulation and refrigeration packaging for proper delivery

Parcel shipping for perishable items

Parcel shipping is a fast and efficient mode of transport, ideal for delivering perishable goods. Perishable foods are not safe to eat unless refrigerated to 40°F or lower or frozen.

Perishable items can be exposed to multiple temperatures or humidity in transit, so you must ship them in the correct packaging.

You prevent perishable goods from spoiling with the right combination of insulation and cooling. Common insulation materials include expanded polystyrene foam or reflective aluminum box liners

Cooling gels and dry ice are both used regularly for cooling. However, if you transport live seafood, such as crab or lobster, use ice packs rather than dry ice to avoid contamination.

How to prepare packages for shipping

An international air parcel shipping analysis has shown that individual parcels experience frequent speed changes and sudden drops from height, resulting in damage to the items.

Likewise, courier trucks often travel at high speeds and have to stop suddenly, causing things to shift in transit.

Unlike LTL shipments secured to pallets for transport, package shipments are placed loosely on trucks or planes, so protective packaging is essential for safe transportation.

Place the package in new or heavy-duty shipping boxes large enough to hold the package, as well as room for bubble wrap, styrofoam packing peanuts, or other protective material. Once the package is securely in the box, use 2-inch wide packing tape to seal the box.

Be sure not to use tape or duct tape, as the adhesive may deteriorate and cause the goods to leak or be damaged.
Keeping heat and humidity out and cool temperatures inside is essential when shipping perishables.

Produce, meat, frozen products, medicines, or fresh flowers are all perishable. Polystyrene packaging is ideal for seafood and ice cream because it is an insulator and a protective barrier.

Once your package is appropriately wrapped and posted, you must weigh and measure it. You must count and address the package’s length, width, and height as you would an envelope.

Write the sender’s address in the upper left corner of the box and the recipient’s address in the center below the sender’s address.

For parcel shipments with perishable goods, also add a telephone number that can be reached 24 hours a day by the recipient and the shipper.

How are they transported?

Since small parcels are picked up directly from collection points and automatically sorted by machines, once sorted, packages are loaded onto trucks and usually delivered or transported locally before arriving at their final destination.

Advantages of parcel shipping

• Ideal for small packs
• Faster Domestic Shipping
• Shipments directly from delivery locations
• Deliver directly to a residential or commercial address
• Reduction of transport costs

What is the difference between parcel shipping and LTL shipping?

Unlike packages, LTL generally handles larger packages. LTL shipments are usually stored on pallets, while containers are loaded directly onto a truck. Here are some critical differences between package shipping and LTL shipping:

1. Prevent damage and loss

Parcel shipment is lost or damaged faster than LTL
shipments. However, the packs are more miniature and can be packed in larger volumes.

2. Monitoring and control points

Packages go through multiple checkpoints, so couriers are updated
thicker than LTL packages, making the box easier to track. However, fewer checkpoints with LTL shipping increase the chances of safe delivery.

3. Cost

LTL packages are more considerable, resulting in higher shipping costs. Many carriers have
additional charges added to the original price, such as the additional costs of correcting an address during delivery.

Standard Shipping vs Express Shipping: What’s the Difference?

Do you need clarification about the difference between standard shipping and express shipping? Don’t worry; we are here for you.

Read on to find out the difference between the two.
Shipping plays a vital role in the e-commerce industry. If you’re selling physical products, shipping is the only way your products get to your customer’s door.

However, every customer wants their orders delivered at a pace that suits them.
Nearly 44% of consumers said they would be willing to wait two days for orders delivered via expedited delivery.

This highlights the importance of express shipping in today’s world.
Some may need items urgently; others may be happy with how fast a product usually gets to them.

Therefore, depending on your customers’ needs, you should offer different shipping options, such as standard and express shipping.

Regarding shipping, standard, and express are the two most popular variants. In an e-commerce business, both may be necessary depending on the type of shipment and delivery times.

Let’s try to understand the differences between standard shipping and express shipping.
standard delivery

Standard shipping or delivery refers to regular shipping. Does not include overnight shipping or special arrangements to deliver products quickly. Standard shipping is usually cheaper and is done via surface couriers.

Fast delivery
UK Kenya shipping refers to expedited shipping. Air couriers usually carry this out, and arrangements are made to ensure orders are delivered overnight or the next day.

Standard Shipping Express Shipping within the UK

Here are some differences between the two:
It’s time to deliver
One of the main differences between standard shipping and express shipping is the delivery time. With standard shipping, the average delivery time is two to eight days, while with express shipping, it is about one day because the product is shipped by air mail.

Sometimes, the shipment even reaches the recipient on the same day. Express shipping is suitable for urgent and fast delivery. However, standard shipping is a better option if you have more time.

Second, standard shipping is cheaper than express or drop shipping because the shipment is sent by road using surface couriers.

Since express shipping means urgent and faster delivery, the price and tariffs are also higher than other modes of transport due to the use of air couriers. You need to determine the correct shipping approach depending on your delivery time.

Shipping from warehouse
In the case of standard delivery, the average time to leave the warehouse is around 2-3 days, while in the case of express shipping, the average time to leave the warehouse is approximately 1-3 days.


For express deliveries, shipping costs are usually added to the product price. However, in the case of standard shipping, shipping can be provided to the customer free of charge. Sometimes customers also have the option to choose.

Ship with confidence with UK Kenya shipping

E-commerce companies can partner with reliable carriers for seamless shipping and logistics services. In this way, you are sure of a good delivery on time.

Another great option is to opt for email aggregation platforms like UK Kenya shipping. This will help you use multiple partner carriers and decide the most suitable features to ship your express or standard orders.

What is an example of express delivery?

express services
UK Kenya shipping, FedEx, DHL, DPD, and UPS are all examples of express services with courier networks operating nationwide and globally.

Express shipping costs depend on the delivery time of the goods, their origin and destination, the weight and dimensions of the package and any special handling and associated costs.

Insurance is essential in the event of a claim: it can range from door-to-door protection, carrier negligence, loss beyond the carrier’s control, payment for replacement goods and freight, and associated costs.

International express shipping has other cost-determining factors, including shipping costs and taxes. Many countries have duty-free or duty-refund policies that allow you to recover money on imported and re-exported products.

UK Kenya shipping offers online shipping calculators that provide transparent pricing based on delivery locations and provide comparison quotes so you can decide which option is most cost-effective for you.

Prepaid shipping offered by some carriers can reduce costs. This means you purchase several labels upfront and attach them to packages in advance instead of individually.

If you repeatedly ship packages of the same weight, this is a convenient option when discounts are available.

One of the main differences between express shipping and standard shipping is the delivery time. If you’re shipping your package using traditional methods, typical delivery times are two to eight days.

With express shipping, it takes about a day when the product is sent by airmail – often, same-day options are also available.

Warehouse shipping is another benefit of express shipping, where goods take one to three days to leave the facility. For standard shipping, goods may be in stock for up to eight days, and the service does not include next-day shipping or other special arrangements.

Since express services are faster, the prices and tariffs are also higher than other modes of transport.

Standard shipping is usually by road, which is cheaper. International express delivery uses airmail as the primary mode of transportation.

Deciding which delivery option is correct depends on whether it’s personal and you’re happy with the wait or if the items are urgent and you need a faster delivery speed.

The advantages of express delivery
Research has shown that over 50% of consumers say delivery times significantly impact long-term customer loyalty.

Express delivery is ideal for:
• Send urgent documents
• Companies that need to ship goods to customers quickly
• Anyone who needs to receive a package immediately
• Travelers who want their bags to arrive at their destination

International express delivery
Reliable courier services gain access to extensive air and land networks, making them a reliable source of competitively priced delivery services anywhere in the world.

The shipping and logistics departments ensure that delivery times remain well within deadlines.
Service functions can be:

• European collection network
• Multimodal solutions for land, sea, and air transport
• Direct night connections with international hubs
• Individual parcel tracking and proof of delivery
• Predict notifications
• Independently verified high security
• Next-day delivery possible
• Liability insurance
• Delivery of packaging adapted to your specific needs
• Access to efficient supply chains
• Selected logistics adapted to your specific needs
• Help with all the necessary documentation

Send an express parcel.
Delivery of express parcels and express parcels is organized quickly and easily. Finding a suitable carrier to ship internationally can be done online soon. You can choose to have your parcel delivered locally at a time that suits your home or work.

UK Kenya shipping services ensure your packages arrive safely and on time. Also benefit from a parcel tracking service that keeps you informed of the progress of your goods, from collection to delivery.

Comprehensive insurance coverage is provided should a parcel be lost or damaged in transit. UK Kenya shipping service is the cheapest way to ship internationally, especially if you are an individual courier without a company account with courier services.

Difference between tracking number and order number

What is a tracking number?

A tracking number is a specific number assigned to each package before shipping. This number acts as a unique identifier and allows people to track and trace their package from its departure (warehouse, storage center…) to its final destination where it is supposed to go.

The tracking number is usually printed as a barcode which can be scanned with a barcode scanner or even a smartphone. International and tracking numbers can only be tracked in the sender’s country.

Regardless of the type of tracking number, UK Kenya shipping can track your package and provide you with information about its status and current location.

Where can I find my tracking number?

Usually, when you purchase on a marketplace or other website, an email is sent to your inbox confirming the purchase.

In this email, you will generally find brief information about the product you have just purchased, its price and other features, but above all, in this confirmation, you will find the tracking number.

If you can no longer find this email or have not received it, you can always contact the sender of the package. Since the sender assigns a tracking number to the box, it will undoubtedly contain the information you seek.

How many digits is a tracking number?

The tracking number format is different for each carrier. After all, companies have their coding system, consisting of a combination of letters and numbers.

Finding spaces or dashes between letters and numbers is possible, but this is rarely the case. Each character has a specific meaning; for example, the first digits can represent the carrier, the others can describe the location, etc.

Typically, sequential numbers can be 8 to 40 characters long.
Here are some examples of tracking numbers for different international couriers:

UK Kenya shipping
Typically, UK Kenya shipping tracking numbers are 18 characters long, starting with “1Z”. UK Kenya shipping tracking numbers that do not begin this way are for air and international air waybills.

• FedEx
FedEx Express tracking numbers are usually 12 digits, and FedEx Ground tracking numbers are 15. In both cases, there are no letters.

DHL tracking numbers have no letters; they are usually 10 or 11 digits long. DHL Express tracking numbers consist of only ten digits

UPS tracking numbers are generally longer and usually consist of 20-22 digits with no letters. UPS Express Mail tracking numbers are 13 characters long, starting with two capital letters and ending with two capital letters “UK”.

Postal services also assign tracking numbers to parcels. Some of them have very recognizable tracking numbers. For example:

• PostNL tracking numbers always end with a capital ‘NL’.
• For Singapore Post, reference numbers end with the ” SG ” capital letters.
• For China Post, the end of tracking numbers can be recognized by the two letters “CN”.

What is an order number?
An order number, also known as a purchase number or order ID, is a number that identifies a buyer’s purchase or order.

Marketplaces and e-commerce sites assign an order number to each order for tracking. This number is also helpful for the seller if he needs to find details like shipping date, payment terms or even shipping status.

Order numbers are also a means of ensuring confidentiality by using not the buyer’s real name but a number that serves as a means of identification.

3. Air and sea transportation

These are usually large volumes over 100kg and airport delivery only.
You can send as below:

• Excess baggage
• Personal effects
Air transport from airport to airport
• Send help by air
• Normally, delivery takes place within five days

For more information, UK Kenya shipping.

If you ship less than 100kg, UK Kenya shipping is best; go to the courier to Kenya form, and once we receive the form, we will keep in touch with the correct information and the total cost. If you want courier and cargo-related packaging items, visit this website and buy boxes, tape, packaging, etc.

The difference between a courier service and a freight service in the UK

We’ve seen situations where customers needed to know what services they wanted to use. For example, they often need clarification on courier and freight services.

One of the differences is the time it takes. Generally, shipping from the UK takes 2-5 working days (depending on the destination location).

Transportation takes five to seven business days from the day of the flight. So when you use UK Kenya shipping you get door-to-door delivery, UK customs clearance, air freight to your destination and door-to-door customs clearance (customs duties are not included in your delivery). Alternatively, a freight service offers air freight and airport delivery.

The courier service is also more expensive than the other two services. Freight services are relatively cheaper.

This is a standard transfer method, so the freight service is better suited for bulk cargo and excess baggage shipments.

However, you can also use the courier service for sending small parcels and shipments. Weight limits are another difference.

UK Kenya shipping has no weight limit per box; you can send the package if you exceed it. Where a freight service severely limits these restrictions, which generally means you can ship heavy parcels, even if they are of an unusual shape (but the packaging must be suitable).

UK Kenya shipping Express Priority Mail

What is Priority Mail Express?

UK Kenya shipping Mail Express is a guaranteed way to send documents and packages to any destination overnight or within a day or two on any day of the year, including Sundays and holidays.

If the UK Postal Service does not deliver your package on time, they will refund the total delivery cost. Items under 70 pounds can be shipped via Priority Mail Express to any address in the UK . Priority Mail Express includes shipping, insurance, and tracking.

UK Kenya Shipping is the only carrier authorized to deliver your packages to any address . Other carriers, such as UPS and FedEx, cannot deliver packages to PO Boxes.

UK Kenya shipping uses zone-based pricing for Priority Mail Express. There are nine zones in the UK. Prices are based on the distance between the package’s original location and the delivery destination.

As an approved UK Kenya shipping supplier, lets you purchase and print shipping ink, jet, or laser printer. A monthly service fee of $19.99 plus any applicable taxes to use the service.

Parcel preparation for Priority Mail Express
Priority Mail Express must be marked with UK Kenya shipping stickers or preprinted boxes to ensure they arrive quickly at their final destination.

UK Kenya shipping offers free Priority Mail Express flat-rate envelopes and packages with Priority Mail Express stamps, which you can order from the store. You can also order free Priority Mail Express stickers to stick on your packaging.

You can legally mail small envelopes via Priority Mail Express, but this is not recommended as the requested form is often more significant than the envelope and can break during delivery.

Instead, please, place the lowercase letter in a larger preprinted priority envelope to ensure the item arrives safely.

Additionally, you can add other  UK Kenya shipping services, such as COD service and Delivery Confirmation, for your Priority Mail Express package.

What is UK Kenya shipping Express?

UK Kenya Shipping Express is a premium shipping option operated by a leading international courier, UK Kenya Shipping. Offers domestic and international shipping for UK customers. Here are some essential facts:

UK Kenya Shipping Express has been providing express delivery services.

• Global workforce of 100,000 employees serves 2.6 million customers annually.

• As part of the UK Kenya shipping group, it operates and offers guaranteed next-working-day shipping from the UK to Kenya.

• It is the world leader in express shipping, which means you can count on it for guaranteed fast delivery within a specified time frame.

UK Kenya shipping and its other brands, including DHL Express and DHL Parcel, are popular with UK online shoppers due to their high brand recognition and overall reputation for fast delivery.

Since UK Kenya shipping provides specific tracking information, customers know when to be home to receive their package. This ensures a smooth delivery process and reduces failed delivery attempts.

UK Kenya shipping is the fastest delivery service offered by UK Kenya shipping. But how does it compare to DHL’s standard service, DHL Parcel?

DHL Express vs DHL Parcel

UK Kenya shipping, DHL Express, and DHL Parcel are brands within the global DHL group. Each offers various international express services with flexible and reliable delivery options.

UK Kenya shipping provides faster delivery services which usually have a higher standard of service than DHL Parcel. UK Kenya shipping Parcel offers more flexibility when shipping pallets within Europe, but DHL Express Worldwide which is less ideal if you need to ship pallets outside Europe.

Here’s a quick overview of the key differences between how these two DHL services work for UK e-commerce retailers:

Shipping with UK Kenya shipping Services

How fast does UK Kenya shipping Express deliver? What are your service options when using  UK Kenya Shipping Express as an e-commerce reseller?

There’s plenty to choose from, and the good news is that they’re all blazing fast compared to nearly every other carrier on the market.

Shipping with DHL Express UK

For shipments to the UK, UK Kenya shipping offers three delivery options as part of its Time Definite domestic shipping services:

Shipping with DHL Express International

If you’re shipping from the UK to overseas customers, UK Kenya shipping offers a range of options:

UK Kenya shipping  Next working day delivery to countries worldwide. This service does not offer a money-back guarantee in case of delayed delivery. Shipping on pallets is possible.

UK Kenya shipping midnight: next working day delivery by 12:00 to countries, with a money-back guarantee in case of delay (subject to terms and conditions).

• UK Kenya shipping: Delivery before 9:00 am in countries the next working day, including a money-back guarantee in case of delay (subject to conditions). Pallet shipping is also possible with this service.

• DHL Economy Select: delivers to 32 countries within a set number of days. No money-back guarantee. Shipping on pallets is possible.

Advantages of shipping with DHL Express for your online shop
With all UK Kenya shipping services, both domestic and international, you and your customer will benefit from many premium options, such as:

Detailed tracking information

UK Kenya shipping is famous for its detailed real-time tracking information, easily accessible online via your shipment tracking number.

An extensive network of collection points

UK Kenya shipping has collection points in the UK giving our customers numerous local options for receiving parcels if home delivery fails.

UK Kenya shipping extremely user-friendly on-demand delivery option
We will discuss this in more detail below.

Prepayment of import duties and taxes on international shipments

For an additional fee, UK Kenya shipping may arrange for you or another third party to charge duties and taxes on your shipment.

This way, your customer doesn’t have to pay these costs. By avoiding this unpleasant surprise, you keep your customers happy and ensure they accept their delivery when they arrive.

Free pick-up service, including exceptional pick-up service from your location
You can request non-routine, expedited collection of your shipments from your site, and UK Kenya shipping will send a driver to collect your packages from you.

Assistance in preparing shipments

UK Kenya shipping offers assistance in preparing goods for shipment, including non-standard or bulky items. You can pay UK Kenya shipping to handle the shipping process, including packing and preparing customs documents, so contact us today, for any shipment you need us to ship for you.

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