How do you calculate air freight?

Air Freight Shipping to Kenya 

UK Kenya Shipping offers  Air Freight, Air Charter and Air Freight Tracking at unbeatable rates. As Kenya’s leading air cargo forwarding and customs clearance logistics specialist, we can provide expedited air freight services from Kenya to destinations worldwide.

Our head office is strategically located in Nairobi for air cargo shipments from JKIA airport to international destinations via air cargo, passenger transportation or air charter. Our airport-to-airport service is ideal for business customers who need urgent delivery. We provide air transportation service according to your needs and schedule.

UK Kenya Shipping is a leading logistics companies in Kenya .Meets your air freight needs with reliability and professionalism.

The many destinations served by JKIA Nairobi, Kenya’s largest airport, and the high volumes handled from our Nairobi terminal allow us to consolidate containers directly to specific locations, reducing transit times and costs. Therefore, we as UK Kenya shipping offer a logistics business in Kenya such as cargo flight services at unbeatable rates.

We work closely with you to find the most suitable air transportation and then select the most appropriate air carrier for your air transportation, giving you an edge over other air transportation companies. Numerous loads to Nairobi ensure your cargo arrives on time. Our air cargo tracking systems allow customers to get real-time updates and schedules.

UK Kenya Shipping is in the top list of courier companies in Kenya. We ensure that there are no cargo interruptions during the journey to avoid the risks of cargo misuse.

Our work speed demonstrates our ability to handle fragile and sensitive loads. UK Kenya Shipping have a dedicated network of integrated air and ground services which enable us to arrange cargo pick up for prompt delivery and ensure same-day delivery to Nairobi and 24-hour delivery within 200km from JKIA Nairobi.

A guide to importing moving goods in Kenya

Get information and quotes for FCL and LCL shipments



Kenya is an East African country known for its scenic landscapes and vast nature reserves. For centuries, the Indian Ocean coast has provided historically essential ports through which the goods of traders from all over the world entered the continent.

UK Kenya Shipping has a logistics board Kenya when sending goods from UK to Kenya.

This guide covers some important aspects of shipping to Kenya, such as customs processes, documentation and tax regulations.

What options are available for shipping goods to Kenya?

Shipping to Kenya can be done by sea or by air using UK Kenya Shipping

Sea Transport in Kenya

Ocean Freight in Kenya is your first transportation option. You can ship by sea with less than one container or one full container. Less than a container load is better for small bags. Here your goods are consolidated with shipments from other sellers and shipped together in one container. So it’s an economical choice, but delivery times can be extended to accommodate the consolidation process.

On the other hand, total container loading is a faster but more expensive form of sea transportation. Here your goods are shipped separately without having to go through consolidation. This mode of ocean transportation is ideal for bulky, heavy, bulky and delicate cargo like UK Kenya Shipping .

UK Kenya Shipping also has motorbike delivery services Kenya when shipping from UK to Kenya.

Air transport in Kenya.

You can also ship to Kenya by air. Shipping by air using UK Kenya Shipping is a relatively faster process but can be more expensive due to fuel and flight costs. There are also restrictions when sending by air, such as cargo weight and dimensions. However, it is still an excellent alternative to ship light and light cargo to the destination country.

shipping London to Kenya flight duration with UK Kenya Shipping is cost efficient and fast.

How much does it cost to ship goods to Kenya?

The cost of shipping goods with UK Kenya Shipping  to Kenya depends on factors such as:

• The type of goods to be shipped

• Your chosen shipping method (Sea or Air Freight)

• The weight and volume of the cargo

• The size/dimensions of the load

• The distance between your home country and Kenya

• Specific movement modes, such as door-to-door, door-to-gate, port-to-port

Your freight forwarder can give you a more accurate estimate.

How long does it take to ship goods to Kenya?

The duration of your shipment depends on factors such as the shipping method you have chosen. Here are some estimated transit times for sending goods to Kenya.

Maritime Transport in Kenya

Imported to Kenya

It is important to note that during importation, the importer or clearing agent will fill in all mandatory details required when declaring imports in the customs system through a government declaration before importation, inspection and shipment of cargo.

UK Kenya Shipping also deals with package delivery from UK to Kenya.

clear agent

The importer will need to employ the services of an approved customs broker. A customs broker is responsible for processing import documents through the customs system and assisting in clearing the goods on your behalf.

UK Kenya Shipping deals with parcel delivery apps in Kenya when shipping goods from UK to Kenya.

What documents are required for import in Kenya?

Documents required for customs clearance of imported goods.

Customs clearance of imported goods such as automobiles, machinery or general goods requires a qualified customs broker. UK Kenya Shipping always provide import documentation when dealing with your preferred clearing agent, including but not limited to the following:

• A Certificate of Conformity  of the agent for regulated products;

• a standard import mark (ISM) if applicable;

Valid commercial invoice from the exporting company

• Valid pro forma invoices from the exporting company.

• Bill of Lading (Sea Freight) / Air Freight Ticket (Air Freight)

Certificate of origin

• Freight invoice for ocean freight

• Logbook and related translation if not in English (motor vehicle)

• Permit/License for Regulated Goods

• Personal or fiscal identification number (NIP certificate)

• Letter of exemption (if the goods are exempt)

• Purchase orders/agreements

• Certificate of technical inspection of motor vehicles

• Packing list

• Letter of credit (if available)

The customs agent is then authorized to declare the goods you enter into the customs system by making an entry.

What is the process of clearance?

Goods clearance process

1. Presentation and processing of IDEs

Upon receipt of the proforma invoice, the importer will instruct an authorized customs broker to submit an import declaration form. The importer must then send the IDF to the supplier for inspection before shipment.

2. Declaration of entry, payment of fees and treatment

The designated customs agent must make a customs declaration and provide the importer with proof of payment. The importer pays in the bank and provides the agent with the official bank statements. Customs processes all valid declarations.

3. Verification and other enforcement measures

The officer has to present the physical file to the customs, where the goods are stored, and where the physical check is done.

4. Authorization and Release

After verification, all valid declarations are approved and released.

What items can not be shipped?

Items prohibited for shipment to Kenya

The following items are expressly prohibited from being shipped to Kenya.

• Airline tickets, virgin shares (negotiable stock)

• Asbestos

• Dangerous goods, including hazardous or flammable materials

• Firearms, parts of

• Fur

Invoices, blank

• Notes on dimensions and weight

• Illegal drugs

• Knives and hunting weapons

• Hazardous Material

• Meat and meat products

• Plants and plant products – unless you have relevant written permission


• Counterfeit money and goods

• Disposable plastic bags

• Pornography.

Should I go with FCL or LCL?

Shipping to Kenya: FCL or LCL?

UK Kenya Shipping, If you choose ocean freight to ship goods to Kenya, you must decide whether to send them by FCL or LCL. To help you choose wisely, here are some tips to consider:

Less than Kenya’s container load

Less than one container is a good shipping option for you if your cargo:

• Small size and number

• Suitable for consolidation with shipments from other sellers

• Unscheduled in Kenya at a specific time

• Suitable for frequent handling and moving

• Non-perishable, fragile or delicate

Full container load in Kenya

Total container shipping is preferred for the following types of cargo:

• Big, bulky and too big

• Better to send it separately

• Scheduled in Kenya at a specific time

• Not suitable for frequent handling and moving

• Perishable, fragile or delicate

What is the most popular eCommerce in Kenya?

E-commerce in Kenya

Kenya has one of the fastest-growing e-commerce ecosystems in Africa and is experiencing steady growth. Accurate data and statistics are lacking, but Kenyan e-commerce market revenue is projected to translate into a market volume of around $2 billion by 2024.

UK Kenya Shipping is the leading company among parcel delivery companies in Kenya.

Cross-border and domestic e-commerce in Kenya

Sea & Air Shipping To Kenya: Why Choose UK Kenya Shipping To the UK?

If you plan to ship goods to Kenya, you should work with UK Kenya Shipping a freight forwarder of international shipping who can offer maximum convenience throughout the process.

UK Kenya Shipping is your reliable forwarder offering traditional freight forwarding services with the convenience of modern technology. Our digital platform allows you to manage and track your shipment from the comfort of your smartphone. Get started today with a smoother shipping process.

Do you ship to Kenya from the UK? At UK Kenya Shipping, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, offering international shipping and removals to Kenya from the UK for students, international travelers, families and individuals.

UK Kenya Shipping provide cost-effective freight services for shipping to Kenya from the UK. With years of experience transporting goods to destinations worldwide, your interests are in good hands with us.

UK Kenya Shipping provide a tailor-made service for people to ship parcels to Kenya, belongings, excess baggage, baggage or cargo of any size to Kenya safely and reliably.

What is the air freight charges ?

Air freight charges to airports in Kenya
All air shipments are subject to a handling and security charge in addition to the carriage cost.

The above surcharges apply only upon arrival at the airport. They DO NOT include ANY costs that may be incurred in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, investigations, quarantine or inspection fees, import duties, taxes or warehousing fees.

The recipient must pay for any costs at the destination upon collection. These costs are determined locally, and we have no financial influence or interest in them.

UK Kenya Shipping has been shipping to Kenya for many years. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want further advice.

Air transport in Kenya – important information
• All quotations are subject to the final weight and dimensions of the packages.
• All parcels must be packed securely for transport before collection.
• Your packages must not contain prohibited items, hazardous or dangerous goods, or valuables.

• The above quotation is exclusive of insurance.
• Our prices are reviewed regularly and are subject to change without notice.

• All matters are subject to the British International Freight Association’s standard terms of business (latest edition). Copies are available upon request.

Air transport in Kenya – country-specific requirements
• A full UK postal inventory is required for shipping to Kenya from the UK.

Marine transport services in Kenya
Shipping charges to Kenya
Please note that all sea shipments have a minimum charge of one cubic meter.

The above charges are for arrival port/depot only. They DO NOT include ANY costs that may be incurred in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, investigations, quarantine or inspection fees, import duties, taxes or warehousing fees.

The recipient must pay for any costs at the destination upon collection. These costs are determined locally, and we have no financial influence or interest in them.

UK Kenya Shipping has been shipping to Kenya for many years. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want further advice.

Shipping to Kenya – Important information
• All quotations are subject to the final weight and dimensions of the packages.
• All parcels must be packed securely for transport before collection.

• Your packages must not contain prohibited items, hazardous or dangerous goods, or valuables.
• The above quotation is exclusive of insurance.
• Our prices are reviewed regularly and are subject to change without notice.

• All matters are subject to the British International Freight Association’s standard terms of business (latest edition). Copies are available upon request.

Marine transport in Kenya – country-specific requirements
• A full UK postal inventory is required for shipping to Kenya from the UK.

We regularly ship goods to Kenya by air. Air freight charges and other necessary shipping information are in our “Air Freight Services” tab.

How can I ship to Kenya cheap?

Visit our quote request page to receive a quote tailored to your business. You can find more information about the range of freight services we offer companies on our business logistics page.

The cost of shipping to Kenya from the UK depends on the shipping method and the size and weight of the packages.

Postage to Kenya from the UK
All shipments by air are subject to handling and security charge in addition to carriage costs.
We recommend reading the ‘Important Information’ and ‘Country Specific Requirements’ sections under the Air Transport tab above.

The above charges DO NOT include ANY costs that you may incur in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) import duties, taxes, search, quarantine or inspection fees. Such costs, if any, must be paid by the recipient can take place.

It takes about to ship from the UK to Kenya by air with UK Kenya Shipping.

• Personalized service.
• Competitive prices.

• Fast transit times, with deliveries taking days instead of weeks.
• All parcels are wrapped in plastic for added security.

When shipping with UK Kenya Shipping to Kenya, you must be aware of any local import restrictions. For more information on import restrictions for Kenya, visit the Kenyan Revenue Agency web strict rules governing which goods can and cannot be shipped across international borders.

Before shipping, please check that your items are not classified as “dangerous” or “valuable” goods. Many everyday items are classified as ‘dangerous’ cargo for air transport, such as cell phone and laptop batteries, perfume and deodorant boxes. See our Dangerous Goods page for more information.

How long does it take to ship goods from the UK to Kenya?
When shipping by air, it usually takes about a week.

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Kenya from the UK?
For most people who only have a few boxes or suitcases to ship, air freight is the cheapest option.

How much does it cost to send a package to Kenya?
The final cost depends on the number of packages, their weight and size and the shipping method. You can view our rates and our services in the tabbed section above.

Which companies ship to Kenya?
UK Kenya Shipping offers convenient freight services for shipments to Kenya from the UK. With over years of experience transporting goods to destinations worldwide, your interests are in good hands with us.

We provide a bespoke service for individuals shipping parcels, belongings, excess baggage, luggage or cargo of any size.

How much does shipping to Kenya from UK cost?

UK Kenya Shipping offers affordable shipping from UK to Kenya.

With the recent rise in oil prices, fuel accounts for about half of an aircraft‘s annual operating costs for cargo and passengers. Since fuel consumption is roughly proportional to aircraft weight and distance flown, the marginal cost of freight is calculated based on weight and destination.

For bulk cargo, space is offered on an “as available” basis, as passengers and their baggage are given priority. Because the rate is usually determined based on marginal cost and then adjusted according to the level of service.

For charter services, rates are typically higher, reflecting the extra distance travelled, including empty runs, and the balance between demand and available capacity.

For shorter distances, airfares per mile are higher because most of the journey is spent on the ground and more time in the air for getting on and off. In the longer term, traffic is expected to grow. Still, air travel will be increasingly integrated into multimodal supply chains that better balance cost and time.

Air freight will also open up new markets by providing a fast and reliable service like UK Kenya Shipping for the first deliveries of products. Airfreight will continue to support manufacturing operations, mainly the exchange of samples and the supply of critical spare parts and high-quality inputs.

Finally, air freight will become increasingly crucial in helping reverse logistics, including repair and warranty services for electronics and other high-value consumer goods.

Nonetheless, air travel is expected to decrease to reduce inventories and support just-in-time manufacturing. For these operations, the higher transportation costs offset the benefits of reducing inventory in the supply chain.

While potential exporters need access to air freight services, they also need to manage their supply chains to provide a competitive balance in cost, speed and reliability of shipments. UK Kenya Shipping also offers shipping of cars from UK to Kenya

Air Freight & Air Freight: Air Freight Costs, Rates, Charges & Quotes

If you need your goods fast, UK Kenya Shipping air freight is your best choice. UK Kenya Shipping also offers parcel delivery to Kenya.

Read on to learn more about how air travel works when to use it, and how to find the best price.

Air freight charges and international air freight: rates per kg

• Prices and costs for the transport of goods by air

• The advantages of air transport

• What goods are usually transported by air?

Air freight services, rates and shipping costs

• Do international air travel quotes and prices change?


 Imports and exports are shipped by sea, and air transport connects the world faster, reducing the shipping time between UK and Kenya just three days by sea and 1-2 days by Air.

International air transport and express transport are different.

UK Kenya Shipping International air cargo shipments can be significantly more extensive and may be carried by multiple carriers when shipping. Indeed, the largest cargo plane, the Anatov 225, can take an entire train.

How to calculate air freight costs?

Do you want to calculate the cost of air transport? If you want a transport quote for your next shipment, enter your details to receive an instant quote.

Air transport prices and shipping costs Weight and volume are the most critical factors in air transport. To calculate the volumetric weight for airfreight, multiply the I suppose you have a package with the following dimensions: W: 40cm, H: 40cm W: 40. This means that the volume is 0.064 (the product of all sides divided by a million). Multiply that by 167, and you get a volumetric weight of 10.67 kg.

If the dimensional weight exceeds the actual product weight, the dimensional weight becomes the billable weight. For light air shipments, you can use this billable weight calculator to determine whether your freight will be charged based on actual or dimensional weight.

When you book cargo on UK Kenya Shipping, it is optional to calculate the billable weight; our platform calculates it automatically.


What are the advantages of air transport?

The advantages of air transport

There are three main advantages to shipping by air:

• Speed – Planes are about 30 times faster than ocean liners. Passenger aircraft travel at 575 mph, while slow steamers travel at 16-18 mph. This means an air shipment can take as little as three days from a factory in UK to a warehouse in Kenya. Using this transit time calculator to estimate air transit times based on recent and up-to-date shipping data.

Reliability: Shipping by UK Kenya Shipping air offers better traceability and more excellent guarantees that the goods arrive in the right place at the right time.

Protection: Goods are more susceptible to damage when transported by sea than by air. This makes air travel a good option for fragile items.

When can’t I ship by plane?

Here are some of the downsides of air travel:

CostAir freight has a high price compared to sea freight.  However, this difference may be minor with price fluctuations due to supply chain disruptions. With UK Kenya Shipping both are affordable.

CO2 EmissionsAir cargo generates significantly more emissions. Not the most environmentally friendly shipping method.

Heavy Shipping – trucking has revolved around containers ideal for transporting large, heavy items. The price of air travel is calculated based on dimensions and weight, meaning the price can change quickly.

What goods are usually shipped by air?

Because air freight is expensive, it is usually limited to smaller, high-value cargo or urgent items, such as:

Electronics. Steve Jobs bought all available airfreight capacity along major UK routes to ship the first iMac for the holiday season.

Clothes. Seasonal clothing trends can change quickly. As a result, companies generally need to move garments from factories to stores as soon as possible. The small size and high value of clothing also make air travel a worthwhile expense.

Pharmaceutical products. Due to their small size and low weight, medical products are often transported by air.

• Documents and samples. The atmosphere remains the most convenient method for sending documents.

Seasonal shipments. Regardless of the product, if there is high international demand for a product that requires supply chain strengthening, it is usually shipped by air.

Rates and surcharges for the carriage of goods by air

In addition to the air freight costs, which are calculated based on the costs, the total air freight costs also include:

• Fuel surcharges

• Security extras

• Freight station/container terminal operating costs

• Airport transfers

In addition, the price for door-to-door rates also includes air transportation services, including:

Customs clearance

• Collection and delivery

Cargo insurance

• Additional surcharges

Do the quotations and costs of international air transport change?

According to Transport Intelligence, international air transport has been growing slowly, with less than 1% growth in 2015 among the world’s top shippers. One reason for this was the growing dependence on shipping. However, with long delays and unstable transit times affecting ocean freight, more importers and exporters have turned to air freight. But with UK Kenya Shipping no delays of your goods.

On the other hand, airline passenger movements are stabilized, freeing up more cargo space in the abdomen. However, prices are still high, with importers and exporters often sticking to sea freight if they can afford it. With UK Kenya Shipping we offer both Air and sea freight at a cheap price.

Most companies that import or export goods internationally continue to go to great lengths to take advantage of cheaper ocean freight quotes, leaving only the most urgent shipments for air freight.

How does air travel work?

If speed is your priority, UK Kenya Shipping air freight is the solution.

In this world of ‘need it in the past’, air freight is the ideal solution to move goods quickly and safely across the country or the world. It allows shippers to respond promptly and efficiently to customer and market demands.

This is the service manufacturers turn to when an assembly line breaks down and needs immediate replacement. And it’s what retailers use to quickly get high-quality, in-demand electronics on their shelves.

Air transport is an essential part of running an efficient supply chain.  UK Kenya Shipping sent parcel to Kenya from UK.

How do I prepare for air travel?

From pickup to delivery, the process is simple. UK Kenya Shipping logistics service provider will coordinate with a local courier for collection from your warehouse or depot. Once the cargo is loaded, the carrier delivers the shipment to the airport, where it is loaded onto an aircraft. 

UK Kenya Shipping can also offer sea shipping from UK to Kenya.

National versus international

The travel process for domestic and international air shipments is the same, but key differences exist. If you are importing or exporting air freight, you will have to deal with more complicated paperwork, and you will need to clear your items through customs. Other differences include the closing times for sending a shipment and delivery options. you can deliver using UK Kenya Shipping.

How are air freight rates calculated?

What you ship with UK Kenya Shipping, the carrier and airline you use, and the billable weight of the shipment affect the rate. Billable weight is gross weight (including freight, packing and pallet) or dimensional weight, whichever is greater.

Dimensional weight is calculated using a formula that divides cargo dimensions (LxWxH) by a dimensional weight factor. Generally, more oversized items that weigh less take up more space than smaller, heavier items. That’s why air carriers use the billable weight formula.

UK Kenya Shipping also sends parcel to Kenya from UK.

Other factors that can affect costs?

• Fuel surcharges

• Container freight station costs

• Costs for airport security

• Operating costs of the airline

• Customs duties

• Transportation costs associated

 Check out the descriptions below for more information on each:

What do cargo planes carry?

cargo plane

Cargo planes are specifically designed to carry cargo. They come in various sizes, and interior space is maximized to accommodate all types of cargo, from small cargo pallets to massive machines. 

Commercial aircraft

If you are carrying small shipments, is better to use UK Kenya Shipping, not in the cargo hold of a passenger aircraft. They may be more economical Twos of aircraft, narrow-body and wide-body, and are bred to transport cargo on pallets or in coiners. As the goods travel with the passengers, further restrictions apply. There Size weight limits are also based on aircraft type, airline, and whether goods are locally or internationally.

Air charter services

Shipping charges from UK to Kenya with UK Kenya Shipping is cheap compared to other companies.

Charter services may be the best option UK Kenya Shipping meeting tight delivery deadlines, charter exclusive use of an aircraft with direct service to your destination.

Advantages of air travel

Speed is one of many benefits. You also get:

Access anywhere in the world

Most air forwarders like UK Kenya Shipping  have an extensive network of airlines serving both domestic and international destinations. So wherever your customers are, you can quickly ship goods to them.

Capacity at your fingertips

Even if a flight is missed, cargo can usually catch a flight later in the day and arrive on time. You and your customers can count on fast and reliable service, even with minor delays.

UK Kenya Shipping also offers shipping cars from UK to Kenya.

Multiple delivery options

The airship offers several delivery options, so you can choose how fast your cargo arrives:
Shipping a car from UK to Kenya with  UK Kenya Shipping is as easy as ABC.

Domestic delivery options

• Same Day/Next Day Flight: This is the fastest way to ship by air, excluding UK Kenya Shipping services. Choose this option to deliver the goods on the same day of departure.

• Next Day Air Freight: A Next Day Air Freight gets your urgent cargo to its destination by the end of the next business day.

• Second-Day Air Freight: Second-day air freight offers a good balance of speed and cost, with cargo arriving on the second business day.

• Air Delayed Shipping: This is the cheapest and most optimal shipping option for low-priority cargo that can wait until space is available on an aircraft.

International delivery options

Delayed Service: This is the default option for international flights. UK Kenya Shipping cargo usually arrives at its destination within 3-5 days.

• Express Service; UK Kenya Shipping express shipping take 1-3 days to arrive at its destination.

Among the shipping companies from UK to Kenya, UK Kenya Shipping is the best shipping method to choose.

Greater security

Because the TSA monitors airports closely, air travel can reduce the theft risk. And because cargo often travels from origin to destination on a single plane, there’s also less chance of damage. Reliable security, combined with one of the safest modes of transport, means reliable delivery to every customer.

Minimum storage requirements

Air freight forwarders tend to keep inventory smaller and ship on tighter schedules to reduce the need to pay for warehouse space but with UK Kenya Shipping we have unlimited weight and also have a Wearhouse.

Move cargo fast with UK Kenya Shipping Air Solutions.

Enjoy fast, reliable and flexible air freight with UK Kenya Shipping from takeoff to landing. Through partnerships with domestic and international airlines, our customers benefit from increased capacity, reliable arrival and departure times, exceptional customer service, clearance and document management, and customizable air travel solutions.

UK Kenya Shipping is the best shipping company among the shipping companies to Kenya. don’t hesitate to contact us.

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