Which is the best carrier from the UK to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping is the best shipping carrier when sending goods from the UK to Kenya.
UK Kenya shipping ship Kenya

• Which carrier offers us the best fares?

There are three major carriers to choose from in Kenya: UK Kenya shipping, UPS, and FedEx. All three offer excellent services for individuals and small businesses. Depending on your needs and those of your business, one may be a better choice than the other.

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UK Kenya shipping shipment 

UPS Shipment Failure

FedEx shipment breakdown

• Transportation costs [2023]

• five ways to reduce transport costs

UK Kenya shipping, UPS, and FedEx: Which is Best for Different Use Cases?

• Flexibility in carrier options is essential

UK Kenya shipping, UPS, and FedEx FAQs

UK Kenya shipping offers shipment to Kenya from the UK.

The 11 most common shipping mistakes

Avoid disappointing customers and high shipping costs

Shipping Division Kenya UK

 UK Kenya shipping has been the leading carrier for e-commerce parcels, and UK-to-Kenya shipping has caught up rapidly in recent years. Compared to other couriers, UK Kenya Shipping offers the best combination of fast delivery, affordable rates, and reliable service.

UK Kenya shipping is also the go-to courier for large and heavy parcels. Think of products like televisions, pre-assembled furniture, etc.
UK Kenya shipping offers to ship to Kenya. from the UK.

UK Kenya shipping offers many express services at affordable e-commerce parcel rates.

They also have an emergency delivery service called UK Kenya Shipping Express, the leading service for 24-hour emergency deliveries worldwide.

Benefits of UK Kenya shipping

Reliability is where UK-Kenya shipping excels. UK Kenya shipping is an excellent carrier to partner with for your e-commerce business.

Another area that UK Kenya shipping specializes in is the shipping and delivery of high-quality items. UK Kenya shipping allows senders to insure parcels up to unlimited weight.
UK Kenya shipping also offers shipping from the US to Kenya.

This, in turn, makes UK Kenya shipping the courier of choice for shipping luxury consumer goods such as high-end watches, necklaces, and rarities.

If you ship hazardous materials parcels that need to be transported overland, UK Kenya shipping Ground is the perfect service.
UK Kenya shipping offers ship USA to Kenya.

UPS Shipping Specifications

UPS is a carrier built for the people. Literal. 

UPS is the only carrier legally to reach every mailbox in the country and has developed an unprecedented network to deliver mail to Kenya. It uses the same network to offer package delivery services at the lowest rates among the three carriers.

what are the advantages of UPS?

Besides convenience, affordability is the most significant benefit of shipping with UPS Remember: UPS was designed to serve every customer; this kind of infrastructure and availability is second to none.

Whether you live in a large metropolis or a small town of a few hundred people, UPS is here to pick up and deliver your packages with the same standards of service at every level.

What are the disadvantages of UPS?

Reliability is something to consider for UPS shipping. While most UPS packages are delivered without a hitch, it’s not uncommon for boxes to disappear in the Postal Service network for weeks or even months with no updates being tracked.

If you experience problems with your UPS shipment, you may also need help contacting customer service representatives.

Therefore, don’t expect much help if you encounter a problem like finding a missing package (3PLs like UK Kenya Shipping, on the other hand, are known for their excellent customer service!).
UK Kenya shipping does Amazon delivery to Kenya from the UK.

FedEx shipment breakdown

If UPS is “purified spring water” and UPS is the “Coke” of the shipping industry, then FedEx is the “Lacroix” — chic but far more niche.

FedEx specializes in express and next-day shipping when you need to ship something quickly, but it’s not an emergency. Their standard overnight delivery services are usually slightly cheaper than UPS. FedEx is also the leading carrier for business-to-business deliveries.

What are the advantages of FedEx?

FedEx is the leading corporate delivery carrier, providing the most comprehensive emergency services for urgent shipments such as essential documents.

Another benefit of FedEx is that it’s the best carrier for shipping specialty items, such as perishable foods or temperature-controlled goods.

FedEx even offers specific boxes, such as its refrigerated packaging, that can keep shipments between 35°F and 46°F for 48 or 96 hours without needing dry ice or gel packs. This makes FedEx the go-to carrier for e-commerce food startups in the packaged meals space.

What are the disadvantages of FedEx?

The most significant disadvantage of FedEx is the shipping cost. Compared to UPS and USPS, FedEx is the most expensive primary carrier in the UK.

Another downside is that FedEx needs a strengthened partnership with third-party shipping software companies like UK Kenya Shipping.

Therefore, the discounts FedEx offers customers for shipping software are smaller than those from UPS when you partner with a company like UK Kenya shipping.
UK Kenya shipping does Amazon ship to Kenya?

Finally, FedEx also charges surcharges the same way UPS does. One of the most common is a home delivery surcharge of $5.15
UK Kenya Shipping is the best shipping company in Kenya.

Transportation costs 

Below is a visual comparison of the carriers and the main shipping options: Ground, Express, and Overnight.

What USPS Rates Include?

• Scheduled Pickups: UK Kenya shipping offers free package pickups that you can schedule on their website

• Free Tracking: All UK Kenya shipping services offer door-to-door tracking, with real-time updates, whenever packages are scanned as they travel to their final destination.

• Free Insurance: Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express packages come with $50 insurance when you purchase postage from the UK Kenya shipping Post Office or website. If you use the shipping software to purchase UK Kenya shipping commercial rate shipping, the free insurance is increased to $100 per package. 

• Volume Discounts: UK Kenya shipping offers lower rates to shippers who use their shipping software to access commercial rates and partner with fulfillment providers such as UK Kenya shipping, who receive discounts due to the high volume of shipments ( as they ship parcels for thousands of e-brands).
UK Kenya shipping offers to ship to Kenya.

What are the costs of UPS?

• Free Tracking: All UPS services provide free door-to-door tracking.

• Free Insurance for Items Under $100: UPS will cover shipping costs and package contents up to $100 in case of a missing or damaged shipment.

• Commercial Discounts: While not publicly advertised, UPS discounts are available to high-volume shippers on a negotiated, case-by-case basis or shippers who partner with a 3PL to take advantage of shipping savings.
UK Kenya shipping ships in Kenya.

What is the FedEx rate?

• Free Tracking: All FedEx services include door-to-door tracking.

• Free Insurance for items under $100: By FedEx’s packing obligation, FedEx will cover shipping costs and package contents up to $100 in the event of a lost or damaged shipment.

• Trade Discounts: While not publicly announced, FedEx discounts are available to significant shippers on a case-by-case basis, negotiated basis, or to shippers who partner with 3PL to take advantage of economies of scale.
UK Kenya shipping also ships in Kenya.

Why reduce transportation?

Five ways to reduce transport costs

Optimizing your shipping strategy, including costs, can help improve your bottom line. Here are five helpful tips to reduce shipping costs, no matter which carrier you use.

1. Optimize your package size (the smaller the better)

Shipping is an industry where size matters; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Whichever carrier you choose, ensuring your packaging is as small as possible is the most effective way to keep shipping costs down.

Suppose you use oversized packaging for your items. Dimensional weight (or “DIM” for short) refers to the space your package takes up on a carrier’s truck. Shipping companies charge you the “weight” that earns them the most: the actual weight of your package or the dimensional weight.

Spoiler alert: DIM peso is always way more expensive than you’d like it to be, and like Vegas, the house always wins.

Regarding the volumetric weight of a parcel, none of the couriers will hesitate to charge you this additional cost. After all, it means more money for them!

Thus, new loaders often find themselves in one of those situations. However, you can manipulate the game to your advantage by optimizing the package size to avoid dimensional weight costs in the first place.

2. Ask about discounted shipping costs

Saving the most money on shipping means taking advantage of “economies of scale”. The more packages you ship and the more leverage you have to negotiate lower rates with carriers.

However, getting into this type of deal is more challenging than walking into your local post office with a briefcase full of cash. You have to go through the proper channels. Therefore, partnering with a third-party logistics company (AKA a “3PL”) such as UK Kenya Shipping makes more sense.

When you partner with UK Kenya Shipping, you’re not just partnering with logistics professionals who handle your fulfillment needs.

As UK Kenya Shipping fulfills orders for thousands of brands online from fulfillment centers worldwide, you will have access to discounted shipping costs from all significant couriers that UK Kenya Shipping partners with.

Think of working in a 3PL top, like putting on a jersey and taking the field with the Chicago Bulls in the 90s, with Michael Jordan in his prime. By joining an all-star team like this, you’ve just given your business the best possible chance at success when it comes to customer service.

3. Sending from the closest navigation areas

When most e-commerce businesses start, they often track inventory and fulfill orders. However, this can be problematic when distance is factored into the shipping equation.

In addition to the weight and dimensions of your package, the total distance it has to travel to reach its final destination is also important.

Shippers use shipping zones to measure the distance a package travels, not in miles but in groups of postal codes, from origin to destination.

There are a total of eight shipping zones in Kenya. The place from which an order is shipped is the point of origin and is in zone 1. The address where the order is shipped is the destination zone.

If you are in the UK and send a package to Kenya, it will cost you money. Therefore, it is not uncommon for growing online brands to outsource the fulfillment of a 3PL, such as shipping from the UK to Kenya, so they can efficiently distribute inventory across multiple locations.

4. Switch to poly shippers

Poly mailers take up less space than boxes on trucks and weigh less, so each of the three carriers costs them less than three-dimensional parcels.

Of course, there are better options for shipping fragile items than this, but if you can get away with putting your products in poly bags instead of boxes, it’s an easy way to reduce shipping costs.

5. Select standard delivery

Choosing a slower shipping speed automatically reduces your costs. Standard shipping is always cheap than expedited shipping, and ground shipping is always more affordable than traditional shipping (UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, USPS Retail Ground).

However, standard service is slower than expedited service, and ground service can sometimes take longer than expected. Then you will need to decide which baud rate is best for you.

If what you’re shipping doesn’t require urgent delivery, there’s no reason to charge extra if it means your products can only reach your customers a day or two early.

Among the best shipping companies from the USA to Kenya, UK Kenya shipping is the best of them all.

UK Kenya Shipping, UPS, and FedEx: A Use Case Comparison

UK Kenya Shipping, UPS, and FedEx all offer similar shipping options for e-commerce businesses, but there are some variations, especially regarding cost. Below is an overview of the best carrier based on different usage scenarios.

Looking for shipping from the USA to Kenya UK Kenya shipping is the best choice.

What is the flat rate shipping?

Flat rate shipping

UK Kenya Shipping offers the most affordable and comprehensive variety of flat-rate shipping service options, with products.

UK Kenya Shipping Small Packages UK Kenya Shipping is the #1 carrier. 1 for small packages, offering the best rates for portable shipments under 20 pounds. Postal carriers can deliver these packages on their regular mail routes, allowing UK Kenya Shipping to keep rates low for smaller packages than other airlines.

Bigger packs

UK Kenya Shipping large packages do not put as much pressure on the UK Kenya Shipping network as other carriers, so they charge the best rates for these shipments. UK Kenya Shipping even specializes in handling large packages.

Heavier packages

UK Kenya Shipping is the No. 1 carrier for the same reason as above. 1 with the best heavy package rates and easily handles packages up to 150 lbs.

UK Kenya Shipping Express Delivery UK Kenya Shipping offers the most choices at the most affordable express delivery rates, with its two flagship services being UK Kenya Shipping Next Day Air and 2nd Day Air.

UK Kenya shipping ship from USA to Kenya.

Overnight shipping

FedEx If you need something different from express delivery overnight, FedEx is the way to go. Over the day (with FedEx Priority Overnight or FedEx Standard Overnight), it’s cheaper, but either way, it’s often more affordable than UPS for comparable hours.

UPS 3-Day Delivery Option Compared to FedEx, UPS offers the cheapest 3-day delivery option with UPS 3-Day Select. While UK Kenya Shipping can be much more affordable in most cases, on-time delivery has decreased, and reliability is lower than UPS for 3-day delivery.

International shipments

UK Kenya Shipping This is a complicated one, with a lot to consider. Ultimately, UK Kenya Shipping wins here, primarily because of low rates.

On the other hand, UK Kenya Shipping works with other countries postal services to deliver shipments overseas, which allows them to keep the cost of international assistance (relatively) affordable.

UK Kenya shipping has cheap shipping from the USA to Kenya.

Fragile shipment

While FedEx leaves it up to you to pack your fragile items properly, UK Kenya Shipping offers specific packaging services for delicate articles.

Shipping of dangerous materials

UPS and FedEx prohibit the shipment of significant dangerous materials through their network unless you are an “Authorized Shipper”. On the other hand, UK Kenya Shipping allows regular customers to ship items like lithium-ion batteries (as long as they use the correct services and put the correct markings on the package).

For commercial deliveries, FedEx offers the best rates for B2B shipments because retail delivery is one of its specialties. They also provide the most reliable and cost-effective service for sending documents, such as contracts, in their FedEx envelopes.

Shipping High-Value Items UK Kenya Shipping is your best choice for sending high-value items. This gives you much more leeway to ship items that are large and often at a better rate than FedEx. 

Unlock crucial courier flexibility with shipping to the UK and Kenya

Nearly every successful business grows to the point where it’s time to optimize its e-commerce shipping strategy. If you are a growing brand, partnering with a 3PL such as UK Kenya Shipping may be time.

Suppose you ship various parcels across the country (or even globally). In that case, 3PL shipping, like the UK to Kenya, allows you to better serve your customers by fulfilling customer orders from the most optimal locations so that we can meet customer expectations. Reducing logistics costs.

Also, the “best” carrier for you can sometimes change depending on the type of package you’re sending, the distance you need to travel, and several other factors.

For example, it may be cheaper to ship a heavier package via UPS instead of USPS. In this case, you want to avoid being stuck with just one carrier. UK Kenya Shipping automates this multi-carrier selection process for all its customers, regardless of size.

The volume of parcels it carries allows UK Kenya Shipping to pass on the heavily discounted rates of (among others) the three couriers to its customers. This kind of flexibility can give your customers even more choices when placing their orders, ultimately leading to a better experience with your brand.

Ultimately, partnering with a 3PL like UK Kenya Shipping takes away all the warehousing, shipping, and fulfillment headaches, leaving you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

UK Kenya shipping has the best shipping from the USA to Kenya by sea.

Shipping to Kenya with UK Kenya Shipping, UPS, and FedEx FAQs

Here are answers to three frequently asked questions about the differences between shipping from the UK to Kenya, UK Kenya Shipping, UPS, and FedEx.

Which is cheaper: UK shipping to Kenya, UPS, or FedEx?

UK Kenya Shipping is generally the cheapest option of the three major carriers. After that, UPS comes in second, and FedEx is the most expensive (but arguably most reliable) carrier. UK Kenya Shipping is the most popular small e-commerce shipping solution offering the best combination of convenience and service.

One thing to remember when shipping with UK Kenya Shipping is that if you are benefiting from cost savings, you may have to pay for delivery delays and lower service standards than the other two couriers. The best way to combat this is to protect your packages with shipping insurance.

As e-commerce businesses grow and offer more products, switching to multi-carrier fulfillment for different shipments is common.

UK Kenya shipping has the cheapest shipping from the USA to Kenya.

What’s the Best Courier Option for E-commerce?

Shipping from the UK to Kenya is the best courier for e-commerce. By partnering with several online shipping software companies, UK Kenya Shipping offers small e-commerce businesses access to the highest discount level typically only available to larger enterprises shipping 50,000 parcels or more per year.

Offering the highest discounts (known as ‘trade prices’) to all online businesses will establish a level playing field in the UK for delivery to Kenya and allow small e-commerce businesses to compete with large corporations.

How do carriers fit into 3PLs?
When you work with a 3PL, they buy and print labels for you. Some 3PLs work exclusively with a particular carrier, and others compare prices — or “price shops” — of different airlines to get the best rates.

UK Kenya Shipping is a 3PL that “surveys” shops for the best prices, enabling them to offer their customers the lowest prices for the type of shipping speed each customer wants.

Once you have purchased your shipping labels, couriers such as UK Kenya Shipping, UPS, FedEx, and DHL collect your orders from 3PL warehouses.

What information is needed for customs clearance?

Documents required for customs clearance of imported goods

Customs clearance of imported goods such as automobiles, machinery or general goods requires a qualified customs broker. Always provide import documentation when dealing with your preferred clearing agent, including but not limited to the following:

• A Certificate of Conformity (Coc) of the PVoC agent for regulated products;

• An import standard mark (ISM) if applicable;

• Valid commercial invoice from the exporting company

• Valid pro forma invoices from the exporting company.

Bill of Lading (Sea Freight) / Air Freight Ticket (Air Freight)

• Certificate of origin

• Freight invoice for ocean freight

• Logbook and related translation if not in English (motor vehicle)

• Permit/License for Regulated Goods

• Personal or fiscal identification number (NIP certificate)

• Letter of exemption (if the goods are exempt)

• Purchase orders/agreements

• Certificate of technical inspection of motor vehicles

• Packing list

Letter of credit (if available)

The customs agent is then authorized to declare the goods you enter into the customs system by making an entry.

What is the process of clearing goods?

Goods clearance process

1. Presentation and processing of IDEs

Upon receipt of the proforma invoice, the importer will instruct an authorized customs broker to submit an import declaration form. The importer must then send the IDF to the supplier for inspection before shipment.

2. Declaration of entry, payment of fees, and treatment

The designated customs agent must make a customs declaration and provide the importer with proof of payment. The importer pays in the bank and provides the agent with the official bank statements. Customs processes all valid declarations.

3. Verification and other enforcement measures

The officer has to present the physical file to the customs, where the goods are stored, and where the physical check is done.

4. Authorization and Release

After verification, all valid declarations are approved and released.

What is illegal to bring to Kenya?

Items prohibited for shipment to Kenya

The following items are expressly prohibited from being shipped to Kenya.

• Airline tickets, virgin shares (negotiable stock)

• Asbestos

• Dangerous goods, including hazardous or flammable materials

• Firearms, parts of

• Fur

Invoices, blank

• Notes on dimensions and weight

• Illegal drugs

• Knives and hunting weapons

• Hazardous Material

Meat and meat products

Plants and plant products – unless you have relevant written permission

• Flooring

• Counterfeit money and goods

• Disposable plastic bags

• Pornography.

• The maximum weight per shipment is 3,000 kg (6,600.0 lb). The maximum weight per piece is 1,000.0 kg (2,200.0 lb).

Shipments exceeding these weight limits may result in further delays. The maximum dimensions for each shipment are length: 120.0 cm (47 inches), height: 160.0 cm (62.0 inches), width: 100.0 cm (39.0 inches). Pallets are accepted.

Shipping to Kenya: FCL or LCL?

If you choose ocean freight to ship goods to Kenya, you must decide whether to send them by FCL or LCL. To help you choose wisely, here are some tips to consider:

Less than Kenya’s container load

Less than one container is a good shipping option for you if your cargo:

• Small size and number

• Suitable for consolidation with shipments from other sellers

• Unscheduled in Kenya at a specific time

• Suitable for frequent handling and moving

• Non-perishable, fragile or delicate

Full container load in Kenya

Total container shipping is preferred for the following types of cargo:

• Big, bulky, and too big

• Better to send it separately

• Scheduled in Kenya at a specific time

• Not suitable for frequent handling and moving

• Perishable, fragile, or delicate

Main cargo ports in Kenya

The port of Mombasa is the main entry and exit point for goods from a vast hinterland that includes Kenya, Uganda, etc.

Cargo airports in Kenya

The main airports for cargo traffic are:

1. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Nairobi)

2. Moi International Airport (Mombasa)

3. Moi International Airport (Eldoret) (not for formal customs processing)

What are the types of e-commerce in Kenya?

E-commerce in Kenya

Kenya has one of the fastest-growing e-commerce ecosystems in Africa and is experiencing steady growth.

Exact data and statistics are lacking, but Kenyan e-commerce market revenue is projected to translate into a market volume of around $2 billion by 2024 (Statista).

Cross-border and domestic e-commerce in Kenya

Why cross border e-commerce is important?


There is a massive hunger for products that are not available in Kenya. These products are mainly ordered through e-commerce platforms like eBay, AliExpress, and Amazon. Exporting to Kenya via e-commerce is also popular, especially as there is a high demand from Europe and Asia for authentic African products, mostly sold via eBay.

What is domestic e-commerce?


The national e-commerce ecosystem has grown steadily over the past couple of years. It has attracted more local players: think of markets adapting to the local context and traditional businesses entering e-commerce.

However, due to infrastructure gaps and customer reluctance, e-commerce has been a challenging industry in Kenya. Physical goods need to be delivered, which requires logistics infrastructure.

This logistics infrastructure is lacking, so e-commerce is limited to big cities like Nairobi and Mombasa. E-commerce aimed at selling local products such as FMCG faces stiff competition from retailers and informal markets in Kenya.

Besides the difference between cross-border and domestic trade where B2B has taken the lead in Kenya in recent years.

Domestic players include Twig Foods, a marketplace for suppliers and sellers; Skootch, a storage solutions provider for casual retailers; and cross-border e-commerce players, such as Alibaba and AliExpress.

All these actors are active in Nairobi, and most are in big cities like Mombasa and Kisumu. Some of these actors are also targeting rural areas.

E-commerce is popular with millennials, cities, and some products. Jumia Kenya data from September 2019 shows that the most significant e-commerce shoppers are aged 25-34 and live in major cities such as Nairobi.


• Consumer goods


• Fashion

What are the drivers of e-commerce in Kenya?


 According to the GSMA’s The Mobile Economy 2019 report, this growth is driven by the performance of infrastructure and affordability.

The former was driven by better network coverage, with 3G rising from 67% in 2014 to 85% in 2017 and 4G reaching more than a third of the population.


 Mastercard and Visa have a low penetration rate in the Kenyan market, so the most popular domestic e-commerce payment methods are:

• M. Weighs

• Airtel money

• T Cash

• Equate

Kenyans made 425.3 million e-commerce transactions between July and September 2019, according to the Communications Authority (CA).

While there is an online payment infrastructure, with multiple payment gateways providing solutions for e-commerce players to accept payments online, cash should not be used. Underrated. Businesses that sell online often accept cash on delivery as a payment option.

Future growth of e-commerce in Kenya and Africa

To accelerate future e-commerce growth in Kenya, four significant bottlenecks need to be overcome:

• Consumer confidence

• Lack of reliable data

• High shipping and delivery costs

• High import duties between East African borders regarding customs clearance, surcharges, and taxes.

While adopting e-commerce in Kenya has historically remained relatively low compared to more developed countries, e-commerce in Kenya is expected to progress and develop its model depending on the characteristics and market demand. Kenya’s e-commerce ecosystem will be fascinating to observe in the coming years.

Sea and air shipments to Kenya: why choose freight forwarding?

If you plan to ship goods to Kenya, you should work with a freight forwarder shipping and can offer maximum convenience throughout the process.

Ship a Freight is your reliable freight forwarder, offering you traditional shipping services with the convenience of modern technology. Our digital platform allows you to manage and track your shipment from the comfort of your smartphone. Get started today with a more straightforward shipping process.

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