Send a parcel from the UK to NAIROBI

Can someone send a parcel from the UK to Kenya?

Receive a shipment from London to NAIROBI quickly, cheaply, often rapidly, and safely. It’s something that is required by anyone who sends documents, belongings, clothes, books, equipment – whatever you need at one time or another. Let’s say you’ve traveled and made so many purchases that airfreighting those items back home will be too less.

Or you are staying in London for a while, for example, to study, and need to send something to your place of residence (NAIROBI) from time to time.

For many of us, shipping processes are not associated with pleasant memories – often, this is not easy to do: sometimes there is a lot of paperwork to fill out; sometimes, in the case of classic post offices or shippers, long queues are unavoidable; and while it’s of the utmost importance that the shipment reaches the recipient as quickly as possible, you need to look for a reliable and cost-effective, time-consuming solution.

Sending parcels from London to Kenya, Moving to Kenya. Immigrate to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping, ship all your luggage and suitcases to Kenya with the best couriers, shipping to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping, and send gifts to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping a reliable parcel delivery to kenya.

Benefits of using UK Kenya shipping

Parcels from London to NAIROBI are delivered door to door.

All shipments from London to NAIROBI are insured.

We provide transportation services all over the world

We can ship both large and small packages.

Registration is not necessary!

Best price from London to NAIROBI

We provide a real-time tracking option.

Send a package from London to NAIROBI

How do I send a package from the UK to Kenya?

However, once you switch to UK Kenya shipping, you can remember these and similar problems. Shipping from London to NAIROBI has always been challenging.

UK Kenya shipping has reduced the issue to a simple task that takes up only a tiny part of your precious time. We offer an unmatched innovative solution in the world: we have collected many local and international couriers and selected the best transport route. 

It means you can save time researching and comparing service prices or looking for information. With just a few clicks, selecting countries, entering cargo details – and on the UK Kenya shipping platform, you will see the transport options of the shipment (delivery can be “Express” or not).

 It sends from London to Kenya, where the distance is 12350 km. It has never been easier. All you have to do is select the most acceptable option, Then enter the addresses available at the agreed time for the courier to collect your shipment. Your shipment(s) from London to kenya will be delivered cheaply, reliably, and swiftly. Not a day passes, and the recipient will rejoice in the shipments received.

When do we usually ship? 

Usually, the occasion is unplanned, which means we are looking for who can provide a cheaper, faster, and above all, safer delivery service, so we usually go with a courier. UK Kenya shipping takes an innovative approach to shipping services: we use the available space on the vehicles of various reputable couriers. Shipments are transported quickly, reliably, and safely. 

Couriers selected by UK Kenya shipping deliver shipments daily to recipients around the world. Urgent and not-so-urgent shipments from London to NAIROBI will be delivered from door to door to consignees by your chosen mode. 

And then all that remains is to wait unperturbed for the message from the shipment’s recipient confirming that the delivery has been received on time, thank you, instead of wasting time looking for the cheapest service or couriers.

The unique system of the UK Kenya shipping platform allows us to offer you excellent prices for shipping services and also allows us to guarantee the quality of these services. All shipments sent via UK Kenya shipping from London to NAIROBI are covered by standard insurance (€25) and additional UK Kenya shipping insurance. 

Therefore, with just a few clicks, you can see the price and the time your shipments from London to NAIROBI will reach the consignees. We won’t bother you with complicated paperwork and signing papers; the time previously spent on these questions can now be used more productively.

 After selecting the courier on the UK Kenya shipping platform and paying for the service, you will receive all the shipment details and shipment tracking codes at the email address you provided. Anyone can use shipping services: companies and individuals. If you are a representative of a company and have a daily need to ship something, UK Kenya shipping is an excellent solution.


 We at UK Kenya Shipping are committed to providing comprehensive international courier, cargo, and logistics solutions to individuals, businesses, and small and medium-sized enterprises in India. Our services include door-to-door collection, free packing, and courier services to major destinations worldwide.

Our main goal is to maintain international courier standards and provide convenient services. We ship Bliss worldwide with our reliable and affordable international courier services, ensuring fast and safe delivery of your valuable parcels and documents.

e-commerce shipping

What is the meaning of eCommerce shipping?

 E-commerce shipping is the way in which products ordered online are delivered to the location of the buyer. Expand your business globally with UK-Kenya shipping. We ship your orders securely to over 195 countries worldwide.

Document delivery service

What are the different types of document delivery services?

The delivery options are post-mail, courier, fax, or any other way. These systems compete with each other in terms of speed of service and nature of resources.UK Kenya shipping offers the fastest, most reliable, and most competitive international courier solutions to ship your important document worldwide.

Medicine Delivery Service

What is medicine delivery?

Drug delivery refers to approaches, formulations, manufacturing techniques, storage systems, and technologies involved in transporting a pharmaceutical compound to its target site to achieve a desired therapeutic effect.UK Kenya shipping provides worldwide drug couriers with fast, reliable, and convenient door-to-door service in significant countries.


What is the role of international transportation?

The best air and ocean freight services for your cargo needs

UK Kenya Shipping Express provides affordable and reliable transportation solutions for global cargo transportation. We specialize in air and ocean freight services with a highly skilled team dedicated to meeting customer needs. Our UK-Kenya shipping is a global merchandise management infrastructure that can be tailored to individual needs.


We are European most prominent international courier company known for its reliable and outstanding services known as UK Kenya shipping.


Our UK-Kenya shipping has been recognized by our customers for its reliability.


We deliver packages worldwide at affordable rates.


Pickup and delivery to your door for convenient shipping.


UK Kenya shipping offers 24/7 customer support for smooth shipping.


Free packaging saves you time and money.


Protect your shipment with our insurance.

The shipment was facilitated by our

• Packages

Compare prices and save up to 60%

 The plot provides more

• Save up to 60% on the delivery of the package

Collection of your door or late.

• Safe delivery within 50 free coverage *

The delivery of the British package makes it easily

UK Kenya shipping sends an easy and quick British packet. Compare the prices of the best letters and book quickly with the collection on the same day. Whether you send your country or amounts in the United Kingdom, it is the game for children with a package. The plot provides more Protection than the free package (no coverage)

How do I deliver a package?

  1. Seal your box with plastic or nylon tape at least 5 cm wide. Don’t use duct tape.
  2. Wrap items separately and use cushioning material.
  3. You’ll need to know the dimensions and weight of your box.

Reliable parcel delivery

YES. The package was recovered from a comprehensive letter and came to the destination when they said it would do it. It would have been nice to have a phone call to tell you that you have the arrival of the courier, so as not to lose all day waiting for them.

UK Parcel delivery

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel UK?

Costs or speed are your priority. UK Kenya shipping offers a wide range of UK.

Provide services from the most significant letters in the United Kingdom.

UK Kenya shipping is based in the United Kingdom and it is an Express shipment that delivers within 2 to 3 days.

If you are in a hurry, we as UK Kenya shipping offer a quick and reliable collection within 2 to 3 days and deliver the same day in Kenya with UK Kenya shipping. We offer collections for your package to your place, once you place an order.

Our UK Kenya shipping services offer delivery from 2 to 3 days to the UK for packages up to 20 kg. In addition, they are delivered with 3 free collection programs and 3 free delivery attempts! How is this value? And if you send a large package, our plot 48 -Service offers exceptional value.

UK storage stores

Are there storage units in the UK?

General Self-Storage Statistics. There are 2,050 self-storage facilities in the UK, with an increase of 2.65% compared to last year. We as UK Kenya Shipping offer practical storage offices in the United Kingdom via UK Kenya shipping, DPD, UPS, PARCEL FORCE, and EVRI.

If you have reserved a collection service, you can always deposit in a drop or local postal store and follow the package.

 Shipping in Kenya from the UK

UK Kenya shipping offers import services via UPS, DHL, and FedEx, with the day after the delivery of the EU and two to three days in the United Kingdom. Compare transit times and prices in this practical table.

Quick delivery of the best shipment

Collection and delivery in the United Kingdom to kenya

Shipping in the United Kingdom has never been easier

With UK Kenya shipping, sending a package to the United Kingdom is easy. The booking is fast, and you don’t need an account. We offer a collection or deposit, quick delivery in the United Kingdom for the Post Services if you have a limited budget. And if you must import from the United Kingdom to Kenya, we also cover you!

The plot provides more

Collection or removal in a local shop

Follow your door to door

 Economic American shipments with UK-Kenya shipping

Our UK Kenya shipping offers economical delivery in the United Kingdom for packages up to 30 kg. With transit times from 2 to 3 days, this service offers incredible value, and in UK Kenya shipping customs, is ideal for personal effects. More information on our shipping services Vs delivery of large packages.

Our leading service suits packages sent to the United Kingdom below 70 kg. In comparison, our UK Kenya shipping truck service can accept pallets of up to 1,000 kg, with a specialized collection with a brave vehicle if necessary.

Sending large and heavy articles

How do I ship large and heavy items?

With the import services of UK Kenya shipping, it is easy to send from the United Kingdom to Kenya. On the same day, we offer a collection in most of the United Kingdom with UK Kenya Shipping, DHL, and UPS, with transit times of 2 to 3  working days thanks to our expressed services.

More information on sending the United Kingdom

 We help British exporters

If you should send a package abroad, UK Kenya shipping offers reliable delivery to over 220 countries with the best international letters.

UK Kenya shipping facilitates the comparison of the prices of the leading world letters. Whether you send a personal expedition abroad or on your business that must compare prices to control expenses worldwide, UK Kenya shipping has a series of explicit economics and shipping that correspond to each budget.

With the booking of UK Kenya shipping, it is easy and easy to obtain a quote for books and the following, all supported by excellent customer service.

Uk Customs

What are customs like in the UK?

The minimum value threshold for most goods that enter the United Kingdom, so goods below this value will probably insert the service without service in the United Kingdom. It applies to exporting a commercial expedition for resale or sending personal effects or gifts. However, a customs invoice is still requested unless you send a document.

 Send food to the United Kingdom.

UK Kenya shipping can help you ship Food is an excellent gift for all those who are missing. You can send the most food in the United Kingdom, including tea sachets, jams (gelatin), canned pancake chips (crossties), and other goodies. The import of food products into the United Kingdom is governed by the FDA (Us Food and Drug Administration), and some foods should not be sent, such as perishable or homemade food.

More information on sending food

What can you send?

Non-absurd foods

• Storage has purchased food with better before the date in more than six months.

• The articles must be in the original and unprecedented packaging of the producers

• The food label must indicate all the ingredients.

• The best before the date must be displayed on the package.

What you can’t send?


• Food with a conservation duration of less than six months

• Homemade food or food not in the original manufacturer’s package.

• foods that can ruin during transport.

• Food in open packaging.

• Foods that do not contain a food label with a list of ingredients.

UK Kenya shipping help in the importation into the United Kingdom.

Some pieces are not safe for transport in the air. In addition, the protection of the UK customs and borders also has its list of prohibited articles, for example, some fur, Indian artifacts from the UK, and an entire series of other reports. If you send cosmetics, you must also consult the limited list of Limited Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

UK Customs and Border Patrol prohibited items

What items are not allowed through customs UK?

FDA Limited Cosmetics

Top 5 prohibited articles

• perfume

• batteries

• Aerosol

• Flatable liquids

• animals of the skin (not tame)

More information on banned Items.

UK Kenya shipping is a reliable shipper of any size of your package for the shipment!

Our UK-Kenya shipping has various services for heavy packages which offer British and international expeditions with reliable letters. Whether you send a large box or a rich palette, we have a service for every budget.

UK Kenya shipping provides more free Serie * protection *

Collection or delivery in a local shop at any time.

Follow your door-to-door shipment.

Send extensive or heavy objects with a weight of up to 1,000 kg

Compare prices and save up to 60%

UK Kenya shipping facilitates the comparison of prices and services. Some letters provide only light packages, while some do not offer the possibility of to deposit. Compare all the essential functions.

Price and weight limits.

International Package price

All our UK-Kenya shipping prices include all applicable allowances. But if you want to know more about our prices you can contact +447487554202 All our carriers load a volumetric weight, and some apply the supplements depending on the length and the singer but do not worry if you compare the prices with the package; we absorb all the applicable costs.

Note: If you send a palette, make sure to insert the size of the palette during booking. So we are able to ship your package.

See our complete list of prices and supplements.

Freight collection

UK Kenya shipping and UPS have 7.5 tons of standard vehicles and therefore offer collection on the same day in many urban areas, even for large plots. For other carriers, such as UPS and FedEx, booking a day in advance is necessary so that a bagpipe vehicle can be sent with sufficient capacity.

Note: You can constantly offer help for loading.

Large parcel drop-off

What is a parcel drop-off?

A drop-off service is a method of delivery that involves the sender taking their parcel to a nearby drop-off point from where the driver then collects it later. Most vectors do not allow you to eliminate a package weighing over 20 kg, but the selected post offices accept the deposit for the Grand Service UK Kenya shipping.

In addition, you can come across the local carrier if you are in haste.UK Kenya shipping ships over 48 large deposit offices

Shipping tips for oversize items

If you send a considerable article, we as UK Kenya shipping recommend cutting the handles in the box to manage it more easily. Too much the box. The bigger the box, the lower the middle. Use a double or triple-covered box and fill it with packaging equipment to support the content.

 safe packaging

Sending heavy items tips

Suppose you recommend more than 40 kg to dribble. Tip: if you send a palette abroad, we as UK Kenya shipping recommend that you start and manage heat because some countries have restrictions on importing wooden items, including pallets.

Pallet delivery

What is pallet delivery?

pallet delivery is when a pallet is loaded with goods and secured, then handed over to a pallet carrier.If you have captured your objects, they will be delivered to a lifting vehicle.

UK Kenya shipping driver may not have a pump truck to move the palette, so the recipient may have to help download it. They can easily remove and break down the retractable film if they do not have an elevator trolley.

Packaging DON’TS

Do not reuse a box

If you do the strength can be compromised.

Do not leave any straps exposed

They could catch on sortation equipment and cause damage.

Do not overpack the box

If you overpack you weaken the box, and it can easily burst when other boxes are placed on top of it.

Do not let anything stick out of the box

If anything is sticking out, or even touching the walls of the box, you will be unable to claim if any damage occurs.

The item you can’t send

What can you not send as a parcel?

UK Kenya shipping is not a furniture delivery service but a courier service company. We only advise sending the packages if they are wrapped and gallery professionally.

• Mobile

• Large, fragile articles that contain glass

• ceramic or porcelain, including bathrooms such as sinks and toilets

If you send fragile articles with UK Kenya shipping, you may be unable to request them in case of damage; check our non-operism list before shipping.

Don’t wait all day; stop at any time.

Use our UK-Kenya shipping service. Leave your package at one of the thousands of local drop stores in the United Kingdom through our delivery partners; DPD, UPS, BâlForce, and Evri.

 We have a service for every budget.

Our UK Kenya shipping has intelligent technology that facilitates the comparison between prices and delivery times for the various letters and levels of service, explicit and timed delivery for urgent shipping to the economy, and super economy services for less shipping time.

Send a parcel to Kenya 

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel?

• available collection and deposit service

• Get coverage of the package with a value of a maximum 

• Protect the package with the additional coverage

• Send up to 70 kg for selected services

Send the United Kingdom to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping is the number one choice for quick shipping in Kenya. We can reserve a renowned letter from Kenya with our trusted partners such as TNT, DPD, and UPS.

Our many years of international experience mean we can send a package to Kenya with minimum drying and maximum tranquillity. We as UK Kenya shipping will help you meet Kenya’s customs requirements to ensure the package is punctual and everything is in order.

It should be remembered that when you send a package to Kenya, holidays and non-work days (Saturday and Sunday) can cause delays when the package arrives. Keep it in mind during booking to avoid disappointment.

In UK Kenya shipping, we want to offer an excellent postal service at a price that still needs to be resolved. find more information on possible delivery costs, the rules you may have to know before reserving delivery, and other information on valuable customs. Alternatively, click a quote with the button below.

Our UK-Kenya shipping offers the best and the cheapest prices for Kenya

What else do you have to know?

Do I have to face customs when I send the United Kingdom to Kenya?

You must be ready to face international customs when you publish in Kenya, but fortunately, we as UK Kenya shipping are here to help you. We will send you all the declaration modules you need with your label when you book an order with us. It is our way of shooting stress by sending it abroad.

How much does sending a package from the UK to Kenya costs?

Port for Kenya costs if you want to know much about the cost of the package you can contact +447487554202 with UK Kenya shipping Express, exclusive when you book. In addition, you can send cheap packages like Wishes with a fantastic number of options.

How should I get closer to my delivery package in Kenya?

Fortunately, taking the package from the UK is a relatively simple process. Universal Postal Union has compiled this valuable example to refer you to.

Which items can I send?

As for shipping in Kenya, there are some restrictions about what can and cannot be sent. These included:

• False money

• pornographic materials

• Drug drugs under international control

• Specific agricultural and industrial chemicals

• Making competitions with phosphorus

You can find the complete list here, and you can refer to our page for prohibited articles for goods that our couriers cannot wear.

What is the best British letter for your small business?


Finding a company like UK Kenya Shipping that will provide reliable, profitable, fast products is essential for all online activities.

But there is a lot of competition, so if you are wondering what is the best delivery letter to the United Kingdom, read our overview to help you find what is good for your small business.

How to choose a courier?

Some delivery services have a better reputation, while others encourage you to register for an account to access cheaper rates. Many of these companies also offer delivery for safe packaging in stores, which makes the process super simple for your customers.

First of all, think of these questions to help you decide what is best for your online store:

• How many packages are you sending per day or week?

• How quickly do you have to deliver plots?

• Do you want a seven-day delivery service?

• What is most important: costs or reputation?

• that you will send internationally

• What is the company’s customer service? Can you easily insert them if something is wrong?

• How are the different companies connected to Google or Trustpilot reviews?

What’s the best courier service in the UK?

Compare the advantages, disadvantages, prices, and functions to find the best mail for the owners of small businesses below.


If you regularly send packages to the UK, UK Kenya Shipping Services will likely be one of the most convenient and reliable options. However, the prices of the boxes and stamps will probably increase.

Also, if you have an online market like Etsy, you can publish it and print it from the platform, so you have to eliminate the package in the post office to get test tests.

Most important features:

• Delivery in 24 or 48 hours with online follow-up (excluding Sundays and holidays)

• delivery prices of the standard package are average to it cost of shipment.

• competitive prices if you send 20 packages per week (package episodes)))

• Integrate your online store with a click-and-drop account

• Package collection service

Amazon Logistics

Do you sell your products on Amazon?

Amazon Logistics is often considered one of the best mail companies thanks to their reliable and fast delivery service. At the beginning of this year, users were appointed.

Most important features:

• 7-day delivery service (including Sunday and evening)

• A quick delivery of a day with Amazon Prime if their implementation services are used

• Delivery throughout Europe


DPD offers a delivery service the following day in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Although this is not the cheapest service, it was devoted to second place in a survey on in 2021 – and came first seven years earlier.

DPD also announces the “clean green birth” to the UK with a growing fleet of electric vehicles and the desire to do more for the environment.

Most important features:

• Delivery service 7 -gone with online follow

• Delivery price of the package of £ 3.59 (two-day delivery)

• Commercial account if you send 15 or more packages per week

• Package collection service.

• Delivery for purchases available for customers

• Integrate delivery tools for loose packages with online markets such as Etsy and Amazon

 what are corporate sales, and how do you find them?

DHL Parcel UK

DHL supplies in the United Kingdom. They offer multi-generator discounts, and there is no minimum order requirement, so you don’t have to worry about responding to specific quantities of orders to have an account with them.

Most important features:

• Deposit and collection services.

• Delivery price of the package from £ 2.79

• Multi-Parco discounts

• integrated into a series of electronic commercial platforms

• Follow online

• Free content insurance up to £ 25 standard

• Delivery to 160 countries

• Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 22:00


PARCEL FORCE is delivered in the United Kingdom and over 240 countries worldwide. They advise you to open a corporate account if the packages are placed more than once a week, which gives you a 45% discount on standard prices.

Most important features:

• Service of the following day or two days

• The prices of the delivery of the package start from £ 4.80 (two-day delivery)

• Remuneration coverage of at least £ 100

• guaranteed delivery speed included in the estimate


As for the shipping with UPS, you can choose a service based on the frequency to which packages are sent. Suppose you have to publish several weekly items, and UPS orders you to open a payment account. In this way, you will be invoiced every week, you have access to tracking information, and simplify the feedback for your customers.

Most important features:

• Connect your eBay or Amazon account.

• Shipping in the United Kingdom from £ 4.79

• Follow online

• Automatic monitoring notifications and made simple (payment account for owners)

Evri (Hermes)

Hermès renamed Evri in March 2022, although the calendar was questioned because the negative press followed bad customer service erroneously.

But with the prices starting at £ 2.69, it is also one of the cheapest letters; it is, therefore, a popular option with online sellers. If you send packages several times a week, you can unlock personalized prices and be signed up for delivery by opening an EVRI-BUSINESS account.

Most important features:

• Delivery to the UK the following day, including Sunday

• Shipping in 190 international countries

• Integrate into other markets, such as Etsy, Amazon

• Easily manage the packages on display in bulk


With Yodel Direct, it is possible to send packages to customers to customers or a designated shop. But which? In the search for buyers last year, Yodel found the lowest customer satisfaction score. However, prices start from £ 2,32, so balancing cost with the quality of the services here can be a question.

Most important features:

• Delivery to be recorded or immediately to the customer

• Follow online for Yodel Account holders

• Free label prints in selected stores.

• Manage mass orders with an online account

You may also have heard of Collectplus, but they no longer do their deliveries. However, they still offer collection and deposit services for other delivery companies.

There are also other smaller currents. But whatever the service you choose, it is always worth getting comments from your customers on their delivery experience, so you can keep them happy at every stage.

Who is the best mail for a small business?

  • Best value for small businesses overall: Google Workspace
  • Cheapest plan with email and domain: IONOS
  • Best web and email hosting solution: Bluehost
  • Best free business email hosting: Zoho Mail
  • Most advanced business email features: Microsoft 365
  • Generous plans for agencies and resellers: Hostinger
  • Most secure business email hosting: ProtonMail
  • Best for unlimited emails: DreamHost
  • Great for those wanting daily backups: Scala Hosting
  • Best for guaranteed uptime: InMotion

Are you looking for independent insurance?

By simply business, you can establish a single independent insurance policy that combines the covers that allow you. Whether it’s public liability insurance, professional compensation or what you still need, we as UK Kenya shipping will give you an online quote and let you decide if we adapt well.

Delivery of the package in Kenya

Save time and money in Kenya with UK Kenya shipping. You can find the cheapest way to send a package to Kenya, comparing prices and reserving a letter with a discount through our messaging price comparison service.

Price to send a package to Kenya

Here are some price examples to send a package to Kenya. We have many options; then, for a personalized quote, enter the weight of your article in the following field.

Helpful information for sending a package to Kenya

As electronic commerce and the use of mobile devices develop in the world, the need for reliable messaging services to manage goods. With a big name, letters can get an excellent price, so we as UK Kenya shipping want our customers who reserve online through our preventive engine to receive the best email services at the best prices. 

We as UK Kenya Shipping help thousands of customers every day with a delivery service not only for the products purchased online but also for gifts, personal affairs, and more so that the letters with which we work give us rates less than that only a sender can get directly.

Kenya is a growing market regarding electronic commerce; therefore, when you have an item to send to this destination, it is necessary to obtain a precise estimate through our simple estimate tool.

What letters can I book online to send my package to Kenya?

We as UK Kenya shipping offer a wide range of cheap messaging services so you can send a package with complete monitoring at an advantageous price.

Our economic messaging services will meet your needs if you are looking for the cheapest way to send a package. 

A little slower than an explicit option, but perfect for those who want to stay on budget or for assets that are not sensitive to time or urgent, our economy includes global halo bus packages and a brochure suit.

The other economic service we have is UK Kenya shipping, a product designed to break the limits of cross-border navigation in electronic commerce. You can book them online through our estimate engine for less cash and get the package in 2 to 3 days.

Cheaper express shipping

The best of both worlds can be found using our UK Kenya shipping Air Express package service. 

It is a wholly followed hybrid service that will provide your package to cities such as Nairobi, Mombasa, and the rest of the country in just three days! The parcel is collected by a house or a working address in UK Kenya shipping if the goods are large and therefore ordered and sent through a freight parent to Heathrow. UK Kenya shipping then provides them to the recipient.

Now, this service is top-rated because you can book it alone at the time of the editorial staff, and it is an express air service that lasts only for two to three days less than DHL, but for half the price! Not only can you send large or large boxes with this product, but it saves you even more money.

 A heavy package weighing 40 kg will reduce as compared to the UK Kenya shipping Express service that exceeds.

We naturally offer UK Kenya shipping Air Express and have global coverage, so we help our customers head everywhere in Africa. Our discount percentage with them starts and will be delivered within two to three days.

UK Kenya shipping is another messaging service that manages the packages that leave the UK, their international priority service, and you can opt for a service collected at home or work or deposit the box in the local position of the office, Printed with a prepaid label and attached to our website.

How to get a quote?

It has always been challenging to save on sending packages. In a few seconds, we can find a series of messaging services that satisfy the expectations and budget of your delivery times. 

All you need to do is place the package size in the quote engine and the destination you want to send. Then choose a courier to deliver the goods UK Kenya shipping is the most trusted reliable delivery service in kenya.

 After choosing this, you can define one day so that the courier comes to collect and offer the customs module in a simple booking process so we can finish the step in a few minutes. So we send you the shipping label and customs documents to print and attach to the box. 

A letter will then get rid of you, and you can follow it on our website through the order number.

Questions or doubts, contact us at +447487554202 in our live chat tool or leave a message on your UK Kenya shipping account; we are happy to help you!

What are the import restrictions?

Although some countries make it difficult to distinguish which products can and cannot be sent through their limits, Kenya publishes a straightforward list to understand prohibited and limited contributions. 

This list is made available through their income authority. The prohibited articles include false funds, pornographic materials, some types of competitions, some essential oils, narcotic agents, specific industrial and agricultural chemicals, dangerous waste, and forged products.

In addition to prohibited products, there are limits on other types of import. These limitations apply to shipments with the following:

• traps for skates,

• Metal or non-refined precious stones,

• different types of weapons,


• Bone,

• Hootens,

• Ivorio of different types of animals that play,

• Coral,

• Natural sponges,

• dangerous plants,

• Genetically modified products and artifacts.

The complete and informative list of Kenyan limitations is available here.

Useful information

All that has been sent must comply with the laws on labeling managed by the Kenyan standards office. 

Since the United Kingdom is such a solid commercial partner, obtaining good accreditation at the local level is possible. Kenya learns two British companies to inspect the products and to issue correct import certifications. The main objective of this program is to ensure that lower-quality goods do not enter the country.

In addition to these requirements, Kenya remains relatively open and easy to work, particularly for solid commercial partners such as the United Kingdom. The country encourages a solid relationship with British companies, both in importance and investments. It makes the import here easy and quiet.

Kenya’s expedition to the United Kingdom must be smooth. When you use UK Kenya shipping online, we assure you that your delivery to Kenya is safe as you get along with your budget.

Before sending it to Kenya, it is a good idea to check the customs rules to ensure the package is continued. And you must also think about the day you send your parcel to prevent Kenya’s holidays and working days (Saturday and Sunday).

It means reducing all the opportunities to deliver packages to Kenya is possible, which is postponed.

With UK Kenya shipping online, the expedition to Kenya is both convenient and reliable. We also send you all the modules you must go through customs, so you don’t have to emphasize that your package will come precisely where you need it.

Consult our cheapest shipment in Kenya below and book your package on UK Kenya shipping Online today.

What else do you have to know?

Do I have to face customs when I send the United Kingdom to Kenya?

You must be ready to face international customs when you publish in Kenya, but fortunately, we are here to help you. We will send you all the declaration modules you need with your label when you book an order with us. It is our way of shooting stress by sending it abroad.

How much does sending a package from the UK to Kenya costs?

Shipping costs for Kenya from the UK by contacting +447487554202, exclusively when you book. In addition, with a fantastic number of options, you can send cheap packages like wishes with a tremendous number of options.

How should I get closer to my delivery package in Kenya?

Fortunately, taking the package from the UK is a relatively simple process. Universal Postal Union has compiled this helpful example to refer to you if you need it.

Which items can I send?

As for shipping in Kenya, there are some restrictions about what can and cannot be sent. These included:

• False money

• pornographic materials

• Drug drugs under international control

• Specific agricultural and industrial chemicals

• Making competitions with phosphorus

You can find the complete list here, and you can refer to our page for prohibited articles for goods that our UK-Kenya shipping couriers cannot wear.

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