What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya?

Finding a reliable, convenient and fast company to deliver your products to is essential for any online business.

But there’s plenty of competition, so if you’re wondering which airline is the best in the UK, read our roundup to help you find the right one for your small business.

What else? View the offers for delivery from the United Kingdom to Kenya and select the most acceptable option, then pay by your preferred payment method and wait for the courier. Door to Door: Delivering shipments with UK Kenya Shipping is so easy.

How does it work? UK Kenya Shipping’s online shipping platform brings together thousands of international and local couriers whose vehicles UK Kenya Shipping scans for available space and uses it wisely.

This allows you to send both small and large (possibly very urgent) shipments. UK Kenya Shipping is always looking for available space on vehicles from both carriers.

The unique system of the UK Kenya Shipping platform allows us to offer you particularly favorable prices for shipping services from the UK to Kenya. Also, it will enable us to guarantee the quality of these services in case you need an urgent delivery from the UK to Kenya.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK doesn’t have to be stressful. When you use UK Kenya Shipping, we make sure your delivery to Kenya arrives safely within your budget.

Before Shipping to Kenya, it’s a good idea to check customs regulations to ensure your package is not being held. And it would be best if you also thought about the day you ship the package to avoid Kenya’s public holidays and non-working days (Saturday and Sunday).

This way, you reduce the risk of your package being delivered to Kenya too late.

With UK Kenya Shipping, Shipping to Kenya is affordable and reliable. We’ll also send you all the forms you need to clear customs, so you don’t have to worry about your package ending up exactly where you need it.

Check out our cheapest Shipping to Kenya below and book your parcel from UK Kenya Shipping today.

At UK Kenya Shipping, we provide professional cargo shipping services to Kenya from the UK. Our weekly air forwarding offers direct flights to Mombasa and Nairobi.

We can arrange collection, or you can drop it off at our UK warehouse. Just buy from a UK stockist, let us know, track it, and we can ship it and take care of the rest direct to Kenya.

You can also order commercial or personal goods for new or existing businesses at preferential rates; our transportation includes customs clearance in Kenya.

Shipping to Kenya has been simplified.

Send your parcels to Kenya at the lowest rates with our reliable and affordable UK shipping service, shop online from UK retailers such as John Lewis, Harrods and Amazon and have your purchases delivered to your home in Kenya with UK Kenya Shipping.

We are the cheapest freight from the UK to Kenya.

At UK Kenya Shipping, we provide cheap Kenya parcel delivery services from the UK to Kenya at the best rates.

Buy from the UK

Why not buy luxury items from UK online shops such as John Lewis, Harrods or Amazon and many quality products? Ship them to Kenya using our UK free delivery address, and we will ship them to you seamlessly, clearing Kenya customs.

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Get a quote by filling in the form and learn more about our shipping services in Kenya by contacting us at UK Kenya Shipping.

Shipment is sent weekly by airmail

Why are we the best courier service in Kenya?

UK Kenya Shipping is rated as one of the best cargo and courier services as we provide a safe and cost-effective way to send parcels to Kenya. We offer a courier service from Kenya with next-day or same-day delivery.

We provide free door-to-door collection service with packing materials in Kenya. We are dedicated to ensuring that your expectations are exceeded every time you use our service to ship a package to Kenya.

We have a global presence with an extensive logistics network in Kenya. Our local parcel delivery services allow us to provide our customers with the fast and reliable same-day delivery they need.

How do we send a parcel to Kenya?

Door-to-door courier service to Kenya: We collect a package directly from your door in Kenya and deliver it anywhere in the world.

Free Kenya Parcel Collection: Don’t worry if you are short on time or live far from our delivery location in Kenya; we offer a free Kenya parcel collection service for worldwide shipments.

Free packing material for your parcel when shipping to Kenya: Upon collection from your address in Kenya, we will ensure that your property is well packed; we are responsible for loading your parcel well before sending it to Kenya.

Correct paperwork for Shipping to Kenya: If you are shipping to Kenya, we need your instructions before Shipping.

Multiple payment options for your courier charges to Kenya: You need to pay in advance before shipping to Kenya; we have numerous payment options to get paid by you for your shipment.

Express delivery to Kenya: Yes! This is our UK Kenya shipping service; we deliver fast, within 3-5 days to Kenya. We provide overnight courier service from Kenya

Kenya Courier Money Back Guarantee: If we are unable to deliver your package within the promised working time, we are responsible for a full refund

Ship everything to Kenya: We ship almost everything to Kenya. However, there are some restrictions according to the regulatory body of the Government of Kenya

 Kenyan Courier Service Email Alert: After you apply online for Kenyan Courier Service, we will send you a pickup confirmation email, including your order ID and agent pickup information

 Text Notification for Kenyan Courier Service: You will receive an SMS/SMS alert on your mobile phone as a real-time update until your product is successfully delivered to Kenya.

 Kenyan Courier Online Tracking: We are a fully trackable courier from Kenya; you can check or trace your shipment location and leave comments or instructions anytime.

Cheap and Affordable Rates for Kenyan Courier Service: We are the most reasonable courier service in Kenya; we offer some of the most competitive prices in the courier industry; in other words, we can say that we are the price leader for Kenyan Courier Service

Safety is especially crucial in delivery, whether you’re sending a heartwarming or costly gift. All shipments sent from the UK to Kenya via the UK-Kenya Shipping platform are covered by standard insurance and UK Kenya Shipping insurance.

Once you have used UK Kenya Shipping, you will find it a hassle-free and easy way to ship your shipment. Duration? It may take as little as a day, depending on where you are sending your shipment.

Next time you need a delivery service, you won’t have to think twice about who to entrust with your shipment. Some couriers provide fast shipping services from UK to Kenya; others are known for their particular flexibility in delivery methods.

In contrast, other couriers are cheap, not to mention the humble postal service. What are those of us to do who want shipments from the United Kingdom to Kenya to reach the consignee quickly, safely and, of course, at an acceptable price?

By bringing their unmatched shipping system into play, UK Kenya Shipping has solved this problem and made it a reality. The UK Kenya Shipping platform brings together many local and international shippers and always selects the best shipping routes. This means you can save time searching for information and comparing prices in search of the cheapest service.

With just a few clicks on the UK Kenya Shipping platform website, you can access shipping information regarding the final freight price of the shipment and the selected carrier. You will know when the couriers will pick up and deliver your shipments from the United Kingdom to Kenya. UK Kenya Shipping asks a question: What are you shipping today?

How much does shipping a parcel from the United Kingdom to Kenya cost?

To view the UK Kenya Shipping price list, you must enter your destination, the place from which the package will be shipped, and the weight and dimensions. Then the valid prices for the route our company offers will be displayed.

For comparison, we also show how much you must pay with other carriers so customers can make an informed choice. Importantly, we also do express packages on interstate routes. We treat it as a priority and deliver it as soon as possible.

The cost of this service also appears in the list. However, express delivery methods are more expensive. All prices include fuel costs and €25 insurance. If you want the cheapest offer, order a UK Kenya Shipping courier and send your parcel with us.

How long does delivering a package from the UK to Kenya take?

However, we remind you that you can always opt for expedited delivery. So delivery times are even reduced to a few hours. Expedited Shipping is usually delivered to the recipient within 1-2 business days.

Anyone sending a parcel via our platform can also track their location regularly. This makes it easier to determine the exact date of delivery of the property to the addressee and find it if it is lost.

What is not allowed to go to Kenya?

Every carrier has rules and a list of the goods it doesn’t carry. This list was drawn up for various reasons, including international regulations, the relatively frequent use of air travel, and simply for convenience.

Like most other carriers, UK Kenya Shipping does not carry dangerous materials and substances, including munitions, weapons, acids, mercury, bacteria or viruses. These goods may damage other parcels.

Additionally, our carrier does not accept packages containing prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, perishables, or original artwork.

The creation of such a list is also motivated by the fact that we work with different carriers, such as UPS, IMX, InPost FedEx, DHL, DPD, TNT, ASM or TRANSIMEKSA, which have their own rules that we try to respect. Suited.

If in doubt, read the sheet at the bottom of the page, send us a question using the form, or contact us by phone. Finally, we remind you that each country has its customs, laws and regulations. It’s worth familiarizing yourself with yourself before submitting. 

Fast Shipping from UK to Kenya – facts

The distance between these countries is exactly 7202 kilometres. Our economy courier service always tries to deliver parcels as quickly and cheaply as possible. So far, 1402 people from the UK have decided to use our service.

The most used payment methods were Paysera – 58%, PayPal – 32%, credit cards, and e-wallet – 10%. It should be noted that while all parcels sent via UK Kenya Shipping come with a free insurance, it is possible to increase this amount to £5000.

This service is widely used by those who send valuables, so the customer does not have to worry about damage during transport because, in case of problems, he will receive a refund. So far, the purchase of such insurance has been decided by 27% of UK customers.

Packing and labelling

To ensure that the shipment reaches the recipient intact, it must be packaged in the best possible way, minimizing the impact of any shocks during transport.

Secure the product with bubble wrap; this still provides sufficient cushioning. If space is left in the package after you go the item, stuff it with a soft material so that nothing inside can move freely.

Remember to attach the waybill in a visible place when closing the box. We send that label to an email address and insert it into the customer’s printable panel.

Reasons why you should book our courier service in Kenya?

Kenya Online shipping

Live Tracking

24/7 Support Kenya

On Call Pick Up Schedule Kenya

100% Free Packing in Kenya

Free Home Pickup in Kenya

Free Cancellation in Kenya

Paper Work Assistant in Kenya

Kenya Local Delivery Service

Next Day Delivery from Kenya

Email Notification Alert 

Kenya SMS Alert 

Kenya Same day overnight courier delivery from Kenya

Kenya courier insurance

Kenya collection and delivery

Kenya Online Payment Options

Kenya Online Invoice

Kenya Cheap Courier Service

Kenya Document Courier

How to choose a courier?

Some delivery services have better reputations. Many of these companies also offer in-store parcel delivery, making the process easy for your customers.

To help you decide what’s best for your online store, consider these questions first:

• how many parcels do you ship per day or week?

• How fast do you need parcels?

• Do you want a seven-day delivery service?

• Which is more important: cost or reputation?

• if you ship internationally

• How is the company’s customer service?

Can you reach them quickly in case of problems?

What is the best courier service in the UK?

Compare the pros and cons, pricing, and features to find the best courier for small business owners below.

UK Kenya Shipping

If you send parcels to the UK regularly, UK Kenya Shipping services will likely be one of the most affordable and reliable options. 

Plus, if you have an online marketplace like Etsy, you can buy and print shipping labels from the platform. Then hand the package to the post office to get proof of posting.

Most important features:

• delivery within 24 or 48 hours with online tracking (excluding Sundays and public holidays)

• Standard parcel delivery rates from £4.35

• competitive rates if you send 20 parcels per week (holders of a parcel delivery account)

• parcel collection service

Amazon fulfilment

Do you sell your products on Amazon? Amazon Logistics is often counted among the best carriers due to its reliable and fast delivery service.

Most important features:

• Delivery service in 7 days (including Sundays and evenings)

• fast one-day delivery with Amazon Prime when you use their fulfilment services

delivery throughout Europe


DPD offer a next-day delivery service in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

While not the cheapest service, it was voted 2nd in a survey of users in 2021 and even ranked 1st seven years earlier.

DPD is also promoting ‘clean and green delivery’ in the UK with a growing fleet of electric vehicles and a push to do more for the environment.

Most important features:

Delivery service within seven days with online tracking

• Parcel delivery rates from £3.59 (two-day delivery)

• business account if you ship 15 or more parcels per week

• parcel collection service

• possibility of in-store delivery for customers

• Bulk package delivery tools integrate with online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon

DHL Parcel UK

DHL delivers to the UK and internationally. They offer multi-pack discounts, and there is no minimum order requirement, so you don’t have to worry about meeting specific order quantities to have an account with them.

Most important features:

• deposit and collection services

Parcel delivery rates from £2.79

• discounts for multiple packages

• integrated with a range of e-commerce platforms

• Online tracking

• Standard free contents insurance up to £25

delivery to 160 countries

Parcel force

Parcelforce delivers throughout the UK and over 240 countries worldwide. They recommend opening a business account if you ship packages more than once a week, saving you 45% off standard prices.

Most important features:

• next day or two-day service

• Parcel delivery rates start from £4.80 (two day delivery)

• Indemnity cover of at least £100

• guaranteed delivery times included in the quote


Regarding Shipping with UPS, you can choose a service based on how often you ship packages. If you need to send multiple weekly shipments, UPS recommends opening a checking account. This way, you will be billed weekly, have access to tracking information and make returns easier for your customers.

Most important features:

• connect your eBay or Amazon account

UK delivery from £4.79

• Online tracking

• automatic follow-up notifications and easy returns (bank account holders)

Ever (Hermes)

Hermès rebranded as Evri in March 2022, though the timing has been questioned as it followed negative press about poor customer service and parcel handling.

But with prices starting at £2.69, it’s also one of the cheapest carriers, so it’s a popular option with online sellers. If you ship parcels several times a week, you can take advantage of personalized rates and signatures for delivery by opening an Evri business account.

Most important features:

• Next-day delivery in the UK, including Sundays

• shipping to 190 countries internationally

• integrate with other marketplaces, such as Etsy

• Easily manage bulk package shipments


Yodel Direct allows you to send parcels to customers’ homes or designated stores. However, a who? A survey of shoppers last year found that Yodel had the lowest customer satisfaction score. Prices start at £2.32, so it may be a matter of balancing cost and quality of service here.

Most important features:

delivery in-store or directly to your customer

• Online tracking for Yodel account holders

• Free label printing in selected stores

• Manage bulk orders with an online account

You may have heard of Collect Plus, but they no longer deliver themselves. However, they still offer pickup and delivery services for other delivery companies.

There are other smaller carriers as well. But whichever service you choose, getting feedback from your customers about their delivery experience is always helpful, so you keep them happy every step of the way.

Are you looking for self-employed insurance?

With Simply Business, you stipulate an independent insurance contract in which you group the guarantees that concern you. Whether it’s liability insurance, professional liability, or anything else you need, we’ll quickly provide you with an online quote and let you decide if we’re the right choice.

Do I have to deal with customs if I ship to Kenya from the UK?

You must be prepared to deal with international customs when shipping to Kenya, but luckily we are here to help. We will send you as many declaration forms as you need with your label when you place an order with us. It’s our way to relieve the stress of shipping overseas.

How much does sending a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya cost?

Delivery costs to Kenya start at just £36.95 exclusively when you book with us. 

How should I address my parcel for delivery to Kenya?

Luckily, sending a package to Kenya is a fairly straightforward process. The Universal Postal Union has put together this handy example that you can refer to if you need to.

What can I send?

Of course, when it comes to Shipping to Kenya, there are some restrictions on what can and cannot be shipped. These include:

• Counterfeit money

• Pornography

• Narcotics under international control

• Specific chemical products for agriculture and industry

• Matches made with phosphorus

You can find the complete list here and check our prohibited items page for goods our couriers cannot transport.

Where can I find more information?

You’ll find lots of helpful information in our online help center if you need more information. You can browse our FAQ guides, which cover everything from packing to international shipping tips, or speak to one of our friendly advisors via the chat window.

Why is my package stuck at customs?

There are many reasons a shipment may be held up at customs; these reasons can range in severity from high (your goods are banned) to low (having the wrong paperwork).

• If you believe a shipment is stuck in customs, contact the seller who shipped the goods. The shipping company often only talks to the seller about the load.

Find out what’s going on with the shipment by contacting the seller and if they’ve lost any of the essential documents needed to get your shipment across the border smoothly. The seller can contact the sender for more information about the shipment and any problems.

• The second option is to contact your courier but ensure your shipment is held up at customs. By getting the shipper, you can determine if there is anything you can do to speed up your customs shipments.

• Find out if there are any outstanding taxes you need to pay. Many countries impose tariffs on shipments above a specific value. If these taxes are due on your shipment, they will be withheld until the balance owed is paid. If you use a standard express or postal service, they will pay the fee for you (DDU) and release your goods. If your products have high commercial value.

• Check for missing or incorrect documents. Missing documents are one of the most common reasons for shipping delays.

Depending on the size and value of the shipment, the required documentation may vary. Even simple mistakes, such as the seller forgetting to include an invoice or a CN22 customs form, can cause significant delays in Shipping.

Incorrect documents can cause many headaches at customs; please ensure your documents are in order and not in the wrong language or alphabet.

• Finally, wait. Unfortunately, clearing customs in many countries is a slow and stressful process if you’ve chosen to use a slower form of Shipping, such as airmail. Shipments are often held in customs to verify that the contents of the package and the value of the goods have been correctly declared.

There’s little you can do to stop or speed up these random checks, and trying to do so can be a waste of time. Parcel tracking can sometimes be inaccurate; parcels can disappear somewhere and reappear somewhere else, wait, it will arrive.

Fortunately, the postal system is excellent for customs: your shipment will be automatically cleared and cleared through customs; wait and pay the tax to be paid as you approach; it is a straightforward process but also very slow.

Why is my parcel stuck at Kenyan customs?

Customs clearance for a shipment can take 20 minutes to several days, depending on the circumstances. Once your customs broker completes customs registration and submits your details, it will take Kenya approximately 20 minutes to receive them.

Now that your import has been obtained from Kenya, it is now up to an agent to review the importance and accept or reject the shipment. Of course, this step can take from several minutes to several hours, depending on the number. Available customs staff and congestion at the port of transit.

However, the shipment may be held for inspection before release. Once your shipment has been inspected, it will be placed in a bonded warehouse as soon as possible and inspected by customs officials. 

Typically, customs officers visit various locations during the day and process their releases in the afternoon. The process can take anywhere from 12 to 48 hours and even longer during busy periods.

Customs clearance is also not guaranteed. There are several reasons why a shipment may be refused:

• Soft Rejects: This can happen when the entered information does not match the shipping documents. Customs informs the broker, and an import change is implemented

• Permanent Rejects: There are several reasons why a shipment from the UK may be rejected. Mis declaring (declaring apples when crossing oranges) undervalued goods or not being allowed at Kenya due to health and safety reasons. In that case, you must either return the goods to the supplier or have them destroyed by Kenya at your own cost.

Why is my parcel stuck at UK customs?

Customs clearance usually takes minutes or hours, but it can take days or weeks if something goes wrong or your goods need to be inspected. From your interests arriving in the UK, you will receive them at your door in around seven days, and customs clearance is only a fraction of that time.

UK Customs is a border control unit that checks and controls what is allowed to leave the country; when the goods arrive, customs also charge UK import duties and taxes. Customs is a protective measure to ensure that nothing harmful to the UK can enter.

Why do customs block the goods? What to do if your interests are held up

Make sure customs hold your interests. The goods can be delayed, and you have to wait. Unfortunately, the shipping process can sometimes be delayed.

There are many reasons why your goods may be held up in customs. Most of these reasons are because Customs (from their point of view) cannot safely clear your goods through Customs.

If the consignor still needs to provide the necessary certificates (such as safety or test certificates) or the consignor still needs to prepare his documents (e.g. an EORI number), the customs authorities will detain the goods until the consignor can provide these documents.

However, sometimes you can have everything, and customs will still hold your goods. This often happens because they want to test products for quality or compliance with British standards.

Customs clearance process

Here’s what happens when your shipment arrives at customs.

1. A customs officer checks your customs documents. These documents must be correct and complete, especially the shipping label and commercial invoice. The Commercial Invoice is the most important, as it contains the data of the sender, the recipient, the export date and the air waybill number.

2. Customs documents determine import duties and taxes. Import duties vary according to the type of goods, their value and the specific import regulations of the country of destination. Import duties are levied on goods that exceed the minimum value or minimum tax threshold for imported goods.

3. Customs requires payment of any taxes and duties. If your shipment exceeds the tax threshold, the customs officer will verify that the duties and taxes have been paid. In addition, certain Restricted Goods may be subject to charges, regardless of their value. The choice between Deliver Duty Unpaid (DDU) and Deliver Duty Paid (DDP) becomes relevant.

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) means that the duties and taxes have already been paid. Most express carriers, such as FedEx, have customs agents who will process this payment through customs on your behalf. With DDP, the price paid for Shipping covers all import costs, as indicated on the enclosed shipping label. 

Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) means that import duties and taxes are unpaid. In this case, the customs broker forwards the shipment to an independent broker to collect the necessary amount.

Customs brokers are intermediaries who charge fees to facilitate the customs clearance process. These variable fees can be expensive because they include brokerage, storage, and late payments.

The broker will contact the recipient with outstanding customs charges to collect payment.

4. Your shipment will be cleared once all import duties have been paid. Once customs clearance is complete, your chosen carrier will transport the cargo from customs to its final destination. Shipments are rarely held up at customs. When they do, it’s usually due to faulty paperwork.

Who should I contact to determine if my parcel is stuck in customs?

If your package is held in customs, you must contact the courier responsible. They should generally be able to help you with the settlement process or even identify the problem. Before getting it, please ensure you have the tracking number you can provide to the courier to check its status.

What costs apply if my package is stuck at customs for a long time?

The carrier may charge the following:

Customs clearance fees or customs fees for processing all necessary documents

• an advance payment of duties and VAT on your behalf

• a deposit fee for the inspection or x-ray of the goods, a fee for the preparation of the customs declaration or other

Do your parcels get “Detained in Customs” status?

“Detained in customs” means that officials at the importing country’s customs office hold the package you send to the destination country. These government agencies have packages until they ensure that only permitted items cross the border and taxes (duties and excises) are paid for importation.

You may receive the “Detained in Customs” message for several reasons. Some of the most important are:

• Incomplete documents

Customs duties not paid

• Sending prohibited or prohibited items

If these documents have minor errors or unpaid import duties, you could save weeks trying to get your package through customs.

Definitions of VAT, customs duties and shipping costs

import duties. A tax levied by a government on goods from other countries.

GST. Goods and services tax. This fee is collected in stages and then refunded to all but the final purchaser. It differs from VAT in that it is a fixed percentage of the total transaction rather than a percentage of the value added.

VAT. Also known as value-added tax. The consumer collects this tax when he buys a good or service.

Commercial invoice. A document required for international Shipping describing the items in the shipment and their value. 

Customs clearance costs when shipping within the UK.

The European Union is a free zone. Goods produced in EU member states or any other country with specific contracts for free movement are not subject to customs duties. In most cases, there are no additional customs clearance costs for Shipping within the European Union.

What is customs clearance?

If the package is shipped internationally across borders, the shipment will go through customs. Customs ensures that it complies with the regulations of the importing country. This means they check if the senders have provided all the required documents and if the customs fees for international Shipping have been paid.

Who pays customs fees for international shipments?

Customs duties are generally paid by the recipient unless otherwise agreed with the shipper. The amount to be paid by the consignee depends on the details in the customs declaration, supporting documents or additional information that customs officials may request.

Can I refuse to pay customs fees for an international shipment?

Yes, but please note that there are two possible scenarios if you refuse to pay customs fees:

• You may refuse to pay customs fees for your shipment, and the package will be destroyed.

• The package is returned to the sender. If you refuse to pay the customs fees for the international shipment, the sender must pay the shipping costs.

Why is my package stuck at customs?

There are many reasons why a parcel can be stuck at customs:

• The customs of the country of delivery will ask for more information.

• Paperwork not completed as requested.

• The package contains prohibited or restricted items.

• The mode of transport used to ship the package (air, road, rail, sea).

How long does it take for customs to clear my parcel?

It depends specifically on each case, but it can take from several days to several months. How long customs will hold your package depends on whether you paid taxes and duties, provided them with all required documentation, whether the box contains prohibited or restricted items, or how it was shipped.

What to do if your shipment gets stuck at customs?

When you order something from abroad, there is always a risk that your goods will be blocked at customs. Some ways to mitigate this risk are to ensure that all documentation is correct and that duties and taxes have been paid before shipment. But even if everything is well organized, there is a possibility that your shipment will be blocked at customs.

The documents were submitted with transmission errors. Most countries require at least one commercial invoice showing the value of each item for shipment to clear customs.

With a commercial invoice, businesses can determine the value of the shipment and import duties and taxes to pay. Also, if the invoice is sent to a residential address or to an address that does not match the importer’s customs database, this may lead to delays in customs clearance.

Customs has marked the shipment, and it needs to be inspected. Random inspections are standard in international shipments, especially those Shipping to countries with stricter import controls.

The shipment’s declared value does not match the accepted prices that customs has on file. One problem you may encounter when importing into more regulated countries is how their local businesses evaluate the goods.

When an item is imported, Customs may find that its declared value does not match what it has seen in the past. If the claimed matter is outside a range of values that customs consider acceptable, the shipment will not be cleared, and new documents of higher value will have to be presented.

Why is my shipment stuck in customs, and what should I do to resolve the delay?

Most customs clearance delays require no action on your part. Reasons your package may be held in customs include:

• Physical Inspection – Your documents are inspected, and your package is cleared. However, sometimes the package contents are also checked, which takes longer. This may take a day or two longer than usual.

Customs Backlog – Sometimes, when customs is busy, customs clearance is delayed, and packages are lined up waiting to be cleared.

When your package is being shipped to another country, the contents of the box and the customs documents you submitted with the parcel will be checked to determine whether any import duties or taxes are due.

After the shipment has been inspected, Customs may request additional information from the sender or recipient.

What should I do if my shipment gets stuck at customs?

If your shipment is stuck in customs, please get in touch with your carrier first and make sure there are no outstanding taxes. If you encounter unpaid taxes, pay them.

If that doesn’t work, your next point of contact is the sender. The shipper, therefore, has two people to contact: the carrier and, if he has one, his processor.

The sender may be required to provide additional information to complete the documents. The forwarder is responsible for customs clearance in both cases, provided you have paid the taxes.

That said, patience is often all you can do. International Shipping is only sometimes fast. Sometimes the customs may hold parcels for a long time. You will likely receive your package at some point. Sometimes customs drag their feet. Periodically the tracking information needs to be updated, and the box is shipped to you.


1. What items can I ship to Kenya from Kenya using UK shipping services?

UK Kenya Shipping helps you send your important documents, groceries, electronics, stationery and gifts via courier. You can also use our freight service to ship large and heavy shipments.

2. What items can’t I ship by courier from Kenya?

According to the government regulatory agency, there are some restrictions as we cannot assist you in shipping harmful items such as flammable, drugs, magnetic materials, liquid or semi-liquid and gas, etc.

3. Can I get same-day or next-day delivery from Kenya?

UK Kenya Shipping Same-day delivery is only available to domestic couriers. However, we do offer next-day delivery to most locations. If you ship the product from Kenya before noon, it will be delivered to your site the next day.

4. What is the cost of using a courier service to Kenya?

See our rate table above for courier costs from Kenya, as the price depends on the type of service you have chosen; a courier service takes less time than an economy service, although local courier deliveries are billed on a job basis.

5. How can I track my package shipped from Kenya?

We provide an online tracking system to trace your parcel from Kenya. Visit our online tracking page, and then click the status button after the current status of your package is displayed.

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