Kenya is the largest and most developed transport and logistics hub in East and Central Africa, with JKIA being the largest aviation hub in East Africa and hosting several airlines, local and international, which use Nairobi as their main entry point into Africa.  UK Kenya shipping also ships Aircraft equipment shipping

Kenya has 11 airports, of which four are international, and 468 other airports and runways. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is responsible for policy oversight, and the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) is the sector’s regulator.

The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) manages all airports and airports and manages resources, including security oversight.

Sales of aircraft and aircraft parts have continued to experience a significant decline in market size over the past three years due to massive multi-year losses suffered by national carrier Kenya Airways, leading to reduced investment in aircraft and parts.

As part of its restructuring plan, the airline leased and sold some of its most expensive aircraft as part of a cost-cutting and fundraising plan that ended a previously ambitious fleet expansion plan. Aerospace equipment export with UK Kenya shipping

The losses of the flag carrier appear to have stopped, and the situation is under control. The airline is betting on new routes, such as the long-awaited Nairobi-New York route, to boost growth.

Private operators, companies, and individuals continue to invest in new and second-hand imported aircraft for the national and regional markets. Kenya has no domestic production of aircraft or aircraft components.


UK Kenya shipping is Kenya’s most prominent independent shipping company. We are 100% employee-owned, making it our top global priority to serve you, our suppliers, and our customers effectively. Shipping from the UK to Kenya with UK-Kenya shipping.

UK Kenya shipping we are more than just parts. We are a customer-oriented airline shipping company. Relationships keep planes in the air. We strive to form deep and rewarding relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Our goal is simple: to be the world’s leading aircraft parts shipping company. It starts with listening to our clients, learning their unique goals, and working together to deliver customized solutions and services to ensure their success. Aircraft parts shipping done by UK Kenya shipping.

We were born out of a partnership with the world’s largest supplier of aircraft components. With over three years of experience in the aviation industry and a shared vision of what an airline distributor can be, we work daily to add value to our suppliers’ and customers’ supply chains. aerospace components export shipped by UK Kenya shipping.

UK Kenya shipping provides reliable transport and logistics services to all aerospace industry sectors, including OEMs, MROs and airlines. Our supply chain works quickly to ensure minimal asset downtime for Aviation Support and Aircraft Ground (AOG). International shipping to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.
Time is of the essence in aviation operations, and UK Kenya shipping understands the practical limitations of transporting aerospace and aviation parts or equipment. Aircraft equipment’s logistics with UK Kenya shipping .
We manage an efficient service, assist in all sectors, and have the solutions to avoid delays. Our bespoke logistics service can minimize the waste of time and cost of AOG situations.
UK Kenya shipping can help you at all levels of the supply chain, from shipping small parts to arranging the delivery of particular aircraft engines. UK to Kenya freight forwarding with UK Kenya shipping.
Our cost-effective multimodal systems use specialized shipping techniques that deliver all aircraft components intact and on time, with tracking and tracking at all delivery points.
The combination of experienced multilingual logistics planners, state-of-the-art technology and dedicated transport staff ensures delivery times are met.
Shipping to Kenya from the U.K.
UK Kenya shipping has made weekly shipments to Kenya from the U.K. straightforward. We provide an all-inclusive service for your cargo in Kenya, whether commercial cargo, personal belongings, or even online shopping.  Air cargo services to Kenya are done by UK-Kenya shipping.

• We provide reliable weekly air freight services to Kenya.
• You can buy from any online retailer in the U.K., including Amazon, John Lewis, eBay, and ASOS, and use our U.K. address as your delivery address.
UK Kenya shipping offers the fastest and easiest way to ship your excess baggage and personal effects to Kenya.
• We provide an outsourcing and procurement service for me when buying on behalf of our customers.
• We offer the best price and service for shipping to Kenya from the U.K. Aerospace parts shipments by UK Kenya shipping.

UK Kenya shipping offers the right fast and secure solution to deliver your commercial cargo from the U.K. to Kenya . We use our extensive network such as UK Kenya shipping air freight to deliver your cargo to Kenya. We have handled healthcare, manufacturing, wholesale, retail apparel, telecommunications, oil and gas commodities.

We collect your pallets from your supplier in London, Germany or in the U.K.  and have them delivered to Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru or anywhere in Kenya. Shipping cost to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

Our commercial shipments are sent to Kenya from the U.K. A weekly service which means faster deliveries in Kenya. All goods are checked for safety; our security screening network can handle any cargo size to ensure a smooth process to ship your goods for faster delivery in Kenya. Best shipping companies to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

How can I ship goods to Kenya from the U.K.?

UK Kenya shipping specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses in Kenya locate and transport commercial cargo to customers’ doorsteps. Kenya customs regulations done by UK Kenya shipping.

As a result, many of our clients have seen the benefits of our service with higher profit margins through cost-effective freight service in Kenya combined with the best in-house product sourcing team.

How long does cargo take from the U.K. to Kenya?

When it comes to shipping cargo to Kenya, you have two options. Option 1: Air Freight to Kenya:- This is the fastest way to send your shipment to Kenya.

It takes about 4-5 business days, including customs clearance. At UK Kenya shipping , we offer all-inclusive cargo to Kenya from the U.K to name a few of our central locations. Aviation equipment import to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

Option Two: Ocean Freight to Kenya (Shipping to Kenya) from U.K. It’s longer (6 weeks on average) but more profitable.

How to send a package to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping all-inclusive service is the easiest way to send a package to Kenya from the UK.

We have a fast and secure weekly service. We have sent over a million parcels to Kenya. You can also buy from any online retailer in the U.K and deliver it directly to your door. You acknowledge we ship – to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

Does DHL ship to Kenya?

DHL ships to Kenya, but it is expensive, and when it comes to customs, it can be slow and painful. That’s when UK Kenya shipping door-to-door service for Kenya steps in and handles all your freight needs for Kenya. We organize everything ourselves and can even deliver the package to your home.  Kenya import duties on Aircraft parts with UK Kenya shipping

How much does Amazon cost to ship to Kenya?

Amazon Prime does not ship to Kenya, so we have UK Kenya shipping You Shop We Ship service. We give customers a local delivery address in the U.K. and USA to receive their Amazon products. UK Kenya shipping will receive, process and ship your goods in Kenya and deliver them to your home. Airfreight services to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK
UK Kenya shipping has been shipping weekly from the UK. to Kenya for over ten years. We provide an all-inclusive service for your cargo in Kenya, whether commercial cargo, personal belongings, or even online shopping. Documents for shipping to Kenya are done with UK-Kenya shipping.

Our customers have benefited from our reliable weekly air freight services to Kenya from the UK. With UK Kenya shipping you can shop at any online retailer in the UK including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Best Buy, and use our UK address as your shipping address. Aerospace shipping time to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

Shipping excess baggage and personal effects to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping is fast and convenient. We also provide outsourcing and purchasing services where we buy on behalf of our clients. Our customers are our number 1; it is up to you to provide the best price and service for shipping to Kenya from the UK.


Once aircraft parts are purchased new or sent for repair, they must be sent for installation. While shipping aircraft parts may seem daunting, it’s a simple and cost-effective process with the correct information. Reliable shipping methods to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

Believe it or not, thousands of aero plane parts are available at any one time on eBay, Craigslist, and other retail and e-commerce sites.

Although aircraft parts are listed on the Internet, they must be more significant and lighter to send by regular mail. For this reason, freight is your best bet for shipping aircraft parts. Packaging guidelines for aerospace equipment.

UK Kenya shipping has helped many airline seat buyers, sellers, owners, and repair centers save time and money by finding the best shipping solution.


Global importers and exporters use air freight to move goods quickly and reliably worldwide. While 90% of imports and exports are shipped by sea, air transport connects the world faster, reducing the shipping time between Kenya and the UK from 20-30 days by sea to just three days by air. hazardous material shipping to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

International air transport and express transport are different.
Express air freight is typically handled by a single company (such as UK Kenya shipping, DHL, UPS, or FedEx) that manages the entire shipment lifecycle and ships door-to-door in less than five days. Express air cargo shipments are generally smaller than air freight.

International air cargo shipments can be significantly more extensive and may be carried by multiple carriers when shipping. Indeed, the largest cargo plane, the Anatov 225, can take an entire train. Kenya import taxes and tariffs with UK Kenya shipping.


UK Kenya shipping, we understand the business challenges facing the aerospace industry. That’s why we tailor our solutions to manage and control all transport flows, regardless of size, and offer a range of industry-specific solutions, including:

1. Planning and multimodal heavy, oversized and oversized transportation

2. The leading transporter set up control towers

3. AOG service and office, critical and urgent shipments

4. Parts assembly program

5. Engine management program


Import duties are levied at various rates on an ad valorem basis on the customs value of the goods following the East African Community Customs Management . Ocean freight to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

The import duty depends on the nature and description of the goods as set out in Annex I of the Protocol Establishing the Customs Union of the East African Community (EAC) (known as the Common Code of External Tariffs).

The value for the import duty is usually based on the cost, insurance and cargo value of the imported goods. However, other valuation methods, such as the transaction value of identical goods, are applied when the import is from a non-resident-related party. courier services to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

Aircraft and aircraft parts are subject to zero percent import duty under the EAC Common External Tariff Code.
As mentioned in question 1 above, the importation into Kenya of aero planes and other aircraft with an unladen weight exceeding is exempt from VAT.
• Excise
Excise must be paid on excise goods produced in Kenya by an approved manufacturer on excise goods imported into Kenya
Aircraft and aircraft parts are not listed as excise goods in the first list of the Excise Act 2015, and therefore, their importation into Kenya is not subject to excise duty.


Import airworthiness approval

Documentation required to import an aircraft, aircraft engine, or propeller from a foreign country into the UK
An Export Airworthiness Approval (or equivalent certification statement) must be obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of the land of manufacture. Export licenses to Kenya are done with UK-Kenya shipping.

The UK and the government of production must have a bilateral agreement. This airworthiness approval for export from the land of manufacture confirms it. Kenya air transport regulations with UK Kenya shipping.

• the product complies with the UK-type certificate; Airfreight

• is in safe operating condition;

• was subjected to a final functional check by the manufacturer.

Documentation accompanying materials, parts, and equipment imported into the UK from abroad
Export Airworthiness Approval must be obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of the country of manufacture for materials, parts and appliances. Customs clearance to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

The UK and the government of manufacturing must have a bilateral agreement covering their acceptance. The Export Airworthiness Approval certifies that applicable requirements have been met and that materials, components, and devices are suitable for installation on a product for which the UK has issued design approval. The best route to ship to Kenya done by UK Kenya shipping.


Will the importation of an aircraft into your jurisdiction and the sale or lease of the plane be subject to VAT, sales or use taxes, import duties, or excise duties? Handling oversized equipment to Kenya using UK-Kenya shipping.

• VAT: on importing a helicopter of any weight or an aircraft with an empty weight .
Customs: On importing a helicopter of any weight and an aircraft with an empty weight not exceeding a rate
Import declaration rate: when importing an aircraft with an empty weight not exceeding 2,000 kg or a helicopter of any significance, with a rate of 3.5%.
• Railway improvement fee: when importing an aircraft, payment of a railway improvement fee is equal to 2% of the customs value of the plane.


Every time a commercial aircraft is grounded, it costs the airline money due to high lease or purchase costs. Yet commercial services, both passenger and freight, are only one facet of a bustling business. Kenya avionics equipment shipping using UK Kenya shipping.

The production and maintenance of large commercial aircraft are supported by an extensive chain that requires parts and materials to be on time.

Delays in parts or equipment failures delay aircraft delivery dates, impacting airlines and passengers. This is where the speed, expertise and experience of’s freight services can make a difference across the aviation and aerospace chain. Kenya aircraft shipment tracking with the best company UK Kenya shipping.

Whether by air or on the ground, Airfreight. com’s freight services can get you back in the air with fast delivery of parts and equipment anywhere in the UK. Here are some of the ways serves and supports the aerospace industry. Kenya aircraft engines import with UK-Kenya shipping.


Includes import documentation and other requirements for the U.K. exporter and foreign importer.
To import goods into Kenya, an importer must use the services of a customs broker who processes import documents electronically through Kenya Customs on the Simba 2005 system and clears the goods on your behalf.

An Import Declaration Fee of CIF value is payable. Customs assesses the duty payable based on the item’s value and the applicable rate. The Common External Tariff of the East African Community, which sets import duties on imported items, is available. Air cargo rates to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

Kenya has a pre-shipment inspection requirement for exports destined for Kenya. Exports to Kenya must also receive an additional Import Standards Mark (ISM), which must be placed on a list of sensitive imported products sold in Kenya.

Import permits are required for many health, environmental and safety-related imports. Imports of machinery and equipment classified as stock or loan purchases must be received before stock exchange approval; local banks will only issue shipment guarantees for customs clearance with such consent. Shipping safety to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

All imports purchased from Kenya-based importers must be insured with companies licensed to do business in Kenya. The importance of animals, plants, and seeds is subject to quarantine regulations. shipping sensitive aerospace equipment.

All Kenyan imports must be accompanied by the following documents: Import Declaration Forms (IDF); a Certificate of Conformity (Coc) of the Pvoc agent for regulated products; an import standard mark (ISM) if applicable; and valid proforma invoices from the exporting company. sea freight to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.


Shipping processing times are subject to product availability, processing times, business hours, and other conditions. In-stock items usually ship same day if posted during business hours. Orders placed outside office hours are typically shipped the next working day. reliable freight forwarder to Kenya using UK-Kenya shipping.

Boeing is committed to meeting the same-day shipping times indicated in the cart. Please note that the times shown are estimates only.UK Kenya shipping does not guarantee same-day shipping on orders placed within the cut-off period. Shipping terms are not available for all warehouses. If available, the closed times displayed are localized concerning the time zone of the selected warehouse. export restrictions to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.


Send a package to Kenya? There are dozens of professional couriers and couriers serving the Kenyan market. They deliver your parcel from overseas quickly, safely, and in the same condition you sent it to Kenya.

Plus, they give you an instant quote for your international shipping needs before booking the services. That way, you know what and when you can expect your package based on the price listed.  Kenya shipping companies for aircraft parts with UK Kenya shipping
Service options

1. Shipping only

The shipment is valid only for those who already have a package and want to send it to Kenya.
The steps are as follows:-

• Indicate the origin and destination of the parcel

• Provide shipping details (size, shape, and description of contents)

• Get an estimated quote from the shipping company

• Book for services

• Receive and pay for the package

If you don’t have a parcel but would instead shop overseas before using the postage-only service, then

• Purchase and pay for products from international sellers

• Indicate the courier’s shipping address as the delivery point for the products

• The shipping company receives and sends a parcel to Kenya on your behalf

Most shipping companies do not accept returns for shipping-only orders


• When buying and shipping products, you can take advantage of discounts and promotions by shopping yourself

• If you are dealing with a transport company with multiple delivery points, you can buy the products and send them to a delivery point with the cheapest delivery costs.

• You know for sure what is in the package for Kenya.

2. Purchase and ship

The simplified steps above apply if your package is ready to ship. If you are located in Kenya or any other country, you can always hire a transport company to buy and ship a parcel to Kenya as follows:-

• Choose the “buy and ship” option offered by the shipping company

• Get the product link and forward it to the shipping company, asking them to purchase the product on your behalf

• Generate and accept a revised estimated quote that includes purchase price, service charge, and product shipping costs

• Book the services by paying the purchase price

• Receive and pay for the package

With the purchase and shipping service, you will receive a 100% refund if the courier delivers the wrong item. On the other hand, they do not accept returns of items delivered according to the customer’s exact order.

Therefore, you should look into the online sellers before providing the link of their products to the shipping company. However, if you are returning a product for warranty service or repair, you will only be responsible for the shipping costs.


In a previous article, we explained how to prepare your plane for road shipment. For today’s post, we’ll discuss how to pack it properly when shipping internationally. shipping charges to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

When you send aviation parts, you don’t just put them in a box and have them shipped. This requires some knowledge of using specialized processes or procedures, such as the following:

• HAZMAT marking according to required regulations

• Create and post documents for import or export

• Content markings such as “Do not stack”, “This side up”, magnetized material, etc.

• Type of wood for pallets or containers suitable for shipping

• 2D or 3D barcode positioned on the outside of the package

• RFID confirmation on the outside of the package

• Creating and compiling shipping labels

• Other specific requirements for the construction of the sea container

As you can see, many things have to be done before any aviation part is shipped, and it has to be done by the crew in the shipping department.  import clearance to Kenya is done with UK-Kenya shipping.


Dangerous goods can be shipped by air provided packing personnel are specifically trained, and the goods themselves are adequately packed, labeled, and declared under the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air  Air transport security to Kenya.

The regulatory body responsible for dangerous goods transported by air is ICAO. However, IATA is the International Air Transport Association which applies to specific member airlines; members follow IATA rules where applicable.  shipping fragile aerospace equipment with UK-Kenya shipping.

When dangerous goods are transported by air, it must be ensured that they are packed in a container that is not only safe for the particular hazardous goods being transported but also in packaging capable of withstanding the pressure of high-flying aircraft and that a valid dangerous goods declaration form (for air transport) has been completed. air and sea freight to Kenya using UK Kenya shipping.


UK Kenya shipping has provided the aerospace industry with global and domestic third-party logistics (3PL) solutions for some years now. Kenya aerospace import regulations are done by UK-Kenya shipping.

We understand the unique requirements of the aviation industry and their shipping needs. From recreational flyers to large commercial aircraft and aircraft parts suppliers, we provide logistics services to deliver the parts you need when you need them. shipping temperature-sensitive equipment with UK Kenya shipping.

Whether you’re shipping aircraft parts, subassemblies, or raw materials, we have the experience and knowledge to provide a logistics solution that meets federal shipping regulations and deadlines.

Our team of experts will work with you to ensure your aircraft parts arrive safely and quickly and provide you with the level of service you deserve. Kenya custom documentation using UK Kenya shipping.

UK Kenya shipping offers various services to meet your needs when shipping aerospace components. We can provide customizable solutions to streamline your supply chain or deliver that part of the aircraft when you need it most. Our aerospace services include, but are not limited to:

• Fast and urgent shipments

• National and international shipments

• Nice Shot

Ships the next day or two days

• Paper

• Timely delivery

• Fast and urgent shipments

• LTL and FTL shipping options

Air and sea transport


• Oversize, Oversize (OOG), or Oversize Shipment

• Supply chain management


If you need aircraft parts shipped fast, we’re here. Our specialist courier services, Same Day Aircraft On Ground (AOG), operate to towns, cities across the U.K. and beyond.  aircraft landing gear with UK-Kenya shipping.

We know that every second counts. That’s why we can deliver emergency aircraft parts quickly to help you avoid hefty fines associated with flight delays and cancellations. Book an air courier now for UK to Kenya logistics services.


A hassle-free solution for clearing aircraft parts has always been a priority for airlines. Customs clearance, a fundamental part of the supply chain, is essential in regulating and controlling international trade.  Air and Sea freight to Kenya from UK using UK Kenya shipping.

All international trade, be it air, sea, or road transport, involves a lot of paperwork or digital equivalents. There is no escaping the reality of manifests, airway bills, customs duties, import/export fees, VAT, excise duties, taxes, and tariffs. It’s a complex business: Get it wrong, fines will dig a hole in the bottom line. Shipping aerospace technology to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.


At UK Kenya shipping, we understand the business challenges facing the aerospace industry. That’s why we tailor our solutions to manage and control all transport flows, regardless of size, and offer a range of industry-specific solutions, including:

Planning and multimodal heavy, oversized, and oversized transportation.

Leading transporter set up control towers

AOG service and office, critical and urgent shipments

Parts assembly program

Engine management program


When you ship your item LTL, it typically gets unpacked and repacked at least six times before it reaches its final destination. It is usually moved when it is…

1. picked up to be taken to the originating cargo terminal

2. unloaded at the originating cargo terminal

3. loaded onto the LTL freight trailer, where it remains for the entire duration of the transport

4. unloaded at the destination cargo terminal

5. loaded onto a delivery truck

6.  unloaded at the final destination

It is important to note that when goods are moved, there is a potential for them to be damaged. For this reason, you should consider purchasing additional shipping insurance and carefully packing your item with Kenya aerospace industry shipping services. 

As you know, aircraft parts are a costly purchase. It is, therefore, even more important to protect your investment. With this in mind, cases provide the best protection for aircraft components. shipping aircraft spare parts to Kenya using UK-Kenya shipping.

By packing your shipment in well-designed crates, you reduce the chance of damage from accidental bumps that always happen between pickup and delivery. In addition, efficient compartments prevent cargo from shifting during transport. Kenya aerospace industry shipping services with UK Kenya shipping.

If you need help building a custom crate, UK Kenya shipping freight forwarding experts can point you in the right direction. Call them at +447487554202 for more information.


Whether or not you’re new to shipping inventory internationally, it can take time to remember all the documents you need. And you may have already learned that even one missing copy can cause significant delays and prevent you from leaving your home port. exporting aerospace parts to Kenya by UK Kenya shipping.

UK Kenya shipping, we have been helping customers ship their goods internationally for some years and understand the challenges that come with it. air cargo shipping to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

To ensure you’re better prepared, we’ve rounded up ten international shipping documents you might need.
To ensure your shipments leave on time, you will want to have the following documents required for international shipping:

• Commercial and proforma invoices


• Packing list

• Sender’s Letter of Instruction (SLI)

• Automated Export System (AES) archiving.

• Certificate of Origin (C.O.)

• Inco conditions

• Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

• Operating instructions

Shipping by letter of credit

We will explain in more detail what each document is and why having them on hand during international shipments is essential. shipping aircraft wings to Kenya using UK-Kenya shipping.


In light of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recommendation that operators are now required to know the position of each of their aircraft at least every 15 minutes, this article focuses on the Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS), the real-time monitoring framework for aircraft, a topic that has become increasingly important in recent years. Kenya aerospace parts logistics with UK Kenya shipping  courier.

We look at needs because it is always important to stay close to needs when looking for solutions; there will also be an overview and an update on the current status. Shipping aviation parts to Kenya using UK-Kenya shipping.

We live in a connected society: even when you walk down the street, you see people looking at their smartphones, connecting worldwide, communicating with whoever they want to join.
And that’s the experience the traveling public expects on an airplane, which also connects to the world. In this context, it is unacceptable today to say, “We don’t know where an aircraft is”.
But how united is this aircraft from an air traffic services (ATS) perspective? The answer is “It depends “…there is a gap.

With the recent rise in oil prices, fuel accounts for about half of an aircraft’s annual operating costs for cargo and passengers.

Since fuel consumption is roughly proportional to aircraft weight and distance flown, the marginal cost of freight is calculated based on weight and destination. air cargo transport to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

For bulk cargo, space is offered on an “as available” basis, as passengers and their baggage are given priority. Because the rate is usually determined based on marginal cost and then adjusted according to the level of service.

For charter services, rates are typically higher, reflecting the additional distance traveled, including empty runs, and the balance between demand and available capacity. Shipping aircraft propellers to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

For shorter distances, airfares per mile are higher because most of the journey is spent on the ground and more time in the air for getting on and off. When traveling between the domestic source or destination and the transshipment hub, it is, therefore, often preferable to use road transport.


Aerospace is a delicate process that requires logistical support. Thanks to our advice, you can transport your equipment anywhere in the country Kenya aircraft and aerospace logistics.

Transportation of space equipment is a complicated task for everyone. From choosing your mode of transportation to preparing your equipment for shipping, there are many factors to consider shipping aviation parts to Kenya.

As a logistics service provider who has helped many customers move aerospace equipment and other types of cargo, we know how important it is to have a good transportation plan.

Transporting aerospace equipment is a much easier task if you follow these simple steps:

1. Determine the Mode of Transportation

2. Inspect the equipment before shipping

3. Verify compliance requirements

4. Manage customs regulations

5. Obtain permits if necessary

6. Insure shipments

Transporting aerospace equipment will be much less complicated once you know the ins and outs of each step.


Instruments have been children of avionics for many years. While instruments don’t always include avionics, they are always grouped into the same category. Kenya aircraft engines import regulations with UK Kenya shipping.

However, they are crucial to flying and navigation and have a history dating back to the “seat of the pants” flyers of the early. UK to Kenya aircraft parts export to Kenya using UK-Kenya shipping.
It is also essential that service personnel understand how to handle and maintain tools. UK to Kenya aircraft parts shipping with UK-Kenya shipping.

While many instrument repairs must be performed under controlled conditions in an authorized repair shop, there are many possibilities of damage to the instrument during the installation and removal of this often delicate piece of equipment.


According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the U.S. air transportation supply chain handles more than 50,000 tons of cargo daily, of which 7,500 tons (15%) are destined for domestic passenger carriers and the remaining 85% for all cargo carriers. Kenya air transport regulations with UK Kenya shipping.

Over some years now  UK Kenya shipping has provided a means to quickly move cargo from manufacturing and manufacturing locations to distribution and retail outlets.

Significant events of the past decades have led to increased security measures for the air cargo supply chain, as we can learn more about potential additional security threats and how to avoid them. shipping aircraft fuselage to Kenya by UK kenya shipping.

Moving products quickly by air is especially important for perishable products, as timing is one of the main benefits of shipping goods by air. So how do we protect against these threats and maintain the quality of our products?


If you’re like most people, you’ve had to deal with the hassle of shipping fragile items at some point. Aircraft component shipping breakable items, whether a work of art, a delicate instrument, or a family heirloom, can be daunting.

But with some planning and the proper packaging, it doesn’t have to be that stressful. In this blog post, we share some tips for shipping fragile items so they arrive safely at their destination shipping sensitive aerospace components.

Choose a suitable container.

The first thing to consider when shipping your fragile item is choosing a suitable box or container. The size and shape of your item will determine the container you use. Ideally, use a sturdy, rigid box or case that fits snugly inside your item and any packaging or padding. sea freight to Kenya from UK using UK Kenya shipping.

Ensuring your package is the right size dramatically reduces the risk of unwanted movement. This is also where craft kits come in handy. Crating is the production of customized wooden boxes for transport. air cargo rates to Kenya from UK with UKK Kenya shipping.

John Pipe can provide expert advice to help you determine which type of container is best suited for your goods. As well as many of our container designs, we can also recommend cases used by the U.K. military.


Airport regulations may give you a speed advantage but prevent you from carrying goods such as gases, flammable substances, toxic or corrosive objects, and magnetic materials. Then sea shipping is the best option for you as seaports have fewer safety regulations.

Weigh all factors

There are many aspects to consider when choosing between air and ocean freight. You have to think about:

• Capacity: Shipping uses larger containers than air shipping

• Cost: Sea freight is the cheapest option (especially for heavy goods)

• Speed: Airfreight is the fastest option (essential for perishable goods and express shipments)

• Sustainability: Air travel leaves a more significant ecological footprint

• Sensitivity: Airfreight containers offer greater comfort, protection, and temperature control.

• Delays: Air travel is less likely to cause delays

• Regulations: Sea transport can transport products that do not comply with airport regulations

By weighing these factors, you should decide which option is best for your cargo, business, and customer. If you conclude that Airfreight is the right choice, we will be happy to help you with your next decision: Which charging device is best for my cargo?


Does your business rely on critical deliveries of valuable aerospace systems and components? Are production delays putting pressure on your supply chain? Kenya aerospace industry logistics using UK Kenya shipping.

You seek a logistics partner to cover competencies throughout the aircraft’s life cycle. Our logistics professionals are certified in specific industry requirements and respect the value of spare parts, engines, and systems. kenya aviation equipment shipping by UK Kenya shipping.

We have worked closely with our customers in the aerospace industry for some years now developing bespoke solutions to minimize downtime and safely transport vital components.

Regularly audited and fully compliant.
With our knowledge and experience, we can support your organization in all the challenges you face. Whether you need help managing spare parts visibility or technical support bringing new engines or aircraft to market, UK Kenya shipping is ready to help.

At UK Kenya shipping, we offer a portfolio of aviation logistics services and solutions to support manufacturers, leasing companies, airlines, catering and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) companies.

• Passenger to Cargo is a new, reliable end-to-end solution for managing the conversion of retired passenger aircraft into sustainable cargo aircraft.

UK Kenya shipping Logistics, your reliable source for strategic logistics.

• Production Logistics is a complete logistics solution for your aerospace manufacturing environment.

• Inflight services and logistics include everything you need to ensure the comfort of your passengers during the flight.

• Aviation Leasing Logistics: Our complete solution ranges from customs clearance, shipment of spare parts or engines to assistance in case of seizure.


Whether you’re an auto parts dealer, hobby mechanic, or hot rod enthusiast, there are several ways to move or ship engines and transmissions around the country.

UK Kenya shipping experts are here to help. Read our comprehensive shipping guide for more information on shipping engines and transmissions, or skip to special considerations and other necessary packaging guidelines for aircraft engines tips and guidelines by clicking the menu below.

Because of their weight and the hazardous materials they contain, engines and transmissions can be complex for many suppliers to ship. Fortunately, they’re sturdy machines that can quickly handle the shipping process. Kenya aerospace industry transport with UK Kenya shipping.

Whether you ship auto parts for personal reasons or you’re a business that sends details to customers in other states, there are two shipping options you can choose from.

The correct method depends on your circumstances – the number of engines and transmissions you ship, their weights and dimensions, and their value all affect which type of shipping method is best for you. These methods include:

1. Carpool or peer-to-peer broadcasting
2. Combined shipping
Let’s take a closer look at each of these methods:

I. Carpooling or Peer-to-Peer Broadcasting
Ridesharing or peer-to-peer shipping services involve paying someone to travel in the same direction as your stuff, with plenty of extra room in their vehicle to carry your stuff. With ridesharing services, you often have several providers to choose from. The person picking up your equipment can be:

• A large logistics company
• Owner/driver of a truck
• An ordinary person traveling across the country

To connect with a peer-to-peer shipping partner, you must first list your shipment on an online marketplace like Roadie or uShip. Potential partners then submit offers, which you approve, reject, or negotiate further.

This process allows you to gauge their experience and expertise, negotiate a lower price, and determine the details of packing, loading, and unloading your equipment.

Because anyone can sign up for peer-to-peer shipping, sellers may or may have yet to experience handling items of commercial value or dangerous items.

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