Can I send a package by sea from the United Kingdom to Kenya?


When considering international shipping, many people contemplate air freight instinctively and by the help of UK Kenya Shiping Ltd , they will offer all help on both air and sea freights. 

However, sea transport is a reliable and cost-effective alternative, particularly for heavier and larger cargoes. This article examines the viability of transporting cargo by sea from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

Transportation Companies

Sea freight, also known as ocean freight, is the transportation of commodities via cargo ships across the ocean. 

It is a UK-Kenya shipping method of transporting goods globally, including to African countries such as Kenya. In addition, sea freight has some benefits, including reduced costs for bulky or weighty items and the ability to manage larger cargo volumes which may be hard when it comes to travelling them through air freight..

Shipping Options

When transporting cargo by sea from the United Kingdom to Kenya, there are two primary considerations:

1. UK Kenya shipping is appropriate for more oversized cargoes that require an entire shipping container.

 You can choose between a 20-foot and 40-foot container if you have a significant quantity of products. 

Because you will not share the container with other cargo, which provides less security and control over their shipment.

2. UK Kenya shipping is an economical option for shipments that do not require a full container.

If you select UK Kenya shipping, your shipment will be combined with others bound for the same destination. This option is suitable if you need more cargo to fill a container but still wish to take advantage of sea freight rates.

Times Required to Transport Shipped Items

Transit times by sea freight must be considered when transporting cargo by sea from the United Kingdom to Kenya

Due to the distances involved and the frequent pauses of cargo ships, sea freight transit times are typically longer than air freight transit times, though they are all best when it comes to transporting your luggage.

The average sea journey from the United Kingdom to Kenya is four to 2 to 3 days a week. However, remember that this is merely an estimate, and transit times may vary depending on the conveyance route and the weather.

Packaging and Documentation

Proper packaging is required for the safe transport of cargo by sea. Therefore, utilize transportable, moisture-and manipulation-resistant packaging and cartons.

 In addition, it is essential to provide complete and accurate documentation, such as a detailed packaging list, commercial invoice, and any necessary permits or licenses for specific products. 

Working with a reputable freight forwarder can assist in meeting packaging and documentation requirements and so does UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

Taxes and Duties

It would be best to abide by all applicable customs regulations, duties, and taxes when transporting cargo to Kenya by sea.

You must provide the required documentation to expedite customs clearance procedures for importing goods into Kenya.

It would be best to work with a freight forwarder or customs broker to assist you with the necessary paperwork and guide you through customs clearance.


Shipping luggage by sea from the United Kingdom to Kenya is possible and, for larger containers in particular, can be a cost-effective option. 

Although sea freight has a longer transit time than air freight, its costs are lower, and its capacity is more remarkable. 

If one is conversant with shipping options, transit times, packaging requirements, and customs procedures, it is possible to ship a package to Kenya via sea freight.

 Consult with a reputable freight forwarder to ensure shipment success like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

Certainly! Here are some further particulars you may find helpful:

Selecting a Cargo Forwarder

Working with a reputable freight forwarder is recommended to ensure a smooth delivery process. 

UK Kenya shipping is the international logistics of transporting products. They can assist you in selecting the most suitable shipping method, coordinate transport, facilitate customs clearance, and provide shipment updates, among other things. 

Conduct deep research and select a freight forwarder with experience shipping to Kenya for more dependable and effective shipping like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

Expense Considerations.

Cost-effectiveness is one of the most significant advantages of UK-Kenya shipping, when it comes to shipping with us, particularly for larger shipments.

 Generally speaking, air transport is less expensive per unit of weight same as sea transport of the UK Kenya shipping. 

However, it is essential to consider additional expenses such as packaging, insurance, customs duties, and any port or terminal handling fees at the destination. 

Multiple estimates from UK-Kenya shipping ltd will help you better understand the total costs and make an informed decision.

Monitoring and Security

It is essential to implement a tracking system when transporting shipments by sea

UK Kenya shipping offers tracking services that enable you to monitor the location and status of your shipment while it is in transit.

Consider purchasing with UK Kenya shipping for insurance to protect your products from loss or damage during transport. Consult your UK Kenya shipping regarding any available insurance options and select a policy that meets your requirements.

Prohibited and Restricted Objects

Before transporting a shipment by sea to Kenya, knowing any restrictions or prohibitions on particular items is essential.

Several countries impose import restrictions on specific products, including restricted items such as firearms, hazardous materials, and particular foods.

 By becoming familiar with London and Kenyan customs regulations, you can be rest guaranteed that your shipment does not contain any prohibited items.

 The UK Kenya shipping can advise you on restricted items and assist you in complying with applicable regulations.

Alternatives for Regional Logistics and Transport

You are responsible for local distribution and delivery once your shipment arrives in Kenya.

 Depending on the nature of your shipment, you can hire a local logistics provider or a customs clearance agent to manage the procedure.

 They will assist with customs clearance, shipping, and ultimate delivery within Kenya. Given the available options, consult with UK Kenya shipping to determine the most efficient shipping method for your shipment, and in this case, is sea shipping.


It is impossible to ship larger packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya by sea.

 You can successfully navigate the sea freight process by knowing the shipping options, transit times, packaging requirements, customs procedures, and associated costs. 

Working with a reputable UK-Kenya shipping will provide you with the assistance and expertise necessary to guarantee a smooth and efficient shipping process.


Sea freight is one of the best and most economical methods of international transport. 

Container ships transport more than ninety percent of all non-bulky cargo. Additionally, it is suitable for international relocation and sizeable shipments to Kenya.


If you wish to send bulky items internationally at a low cost and time is not a concern, you should consider sea freight

Occasionally, transporting heavy items by air is not cost-effective; therefore, UK Kenya shipping transporting goods by sea from the United Kingdom is often a viable alternative for many of our customers.

If your cargo is not time-sensitive, shipping it by sea will save you substantial money.


International cargoes by sea are cheaper same as international shipments by air

We ensure you receive the most value from your shipments by utilizing UK Kenya shipping.

This international sea freight service involves consolidating your shipment with those of multiple other carriers before transporting it via our network of select shipping lines.


Taking a full container for your sea cargo may be the best option if the volume of your shipment is substantial, regardless of whether you are shipping as an individual or a business.

We will also coordinate customs clearance and delivery if you need this service.

Our UK-Kenya shipping sea shipping service is suitable if you ship large quantities of equipment by relocating abroad and require an international removal service.


You are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of your products during international sea transport by how you package them and the shipping company which you use to ship your luggage and this is why you should choose UK Kenya Shipping Ltd to help you out.

With sea freight, your items are in transit for an extended period; consequently, you must employ a dependable packaging service Our area of expertise is transporting artworks, antiquities, information technology apparatus, and computers.

We build timber containers according to your specifications. Our Foam-in-position system prevents injury by securing an object in place with a foam cushion. We provide a safe and dependable service for transporting any item by sea, regardless of size.


We will ensure the safe delivery of your shipment at PACK & SEND. Our international sea freight services are available to both individuals and enterprises. 

Our services are optimal whether you deliver a single object or a large quantity. 

Moreover, we provide comprehensive coverage against loss or damage for your shipments, allowing you to ship confidently.

A Complete Analysis of International Oceanic Sea Freight with Instructions

This article continues to equip you with an overview of Ocean or Sea Freight and specific instructions for arranging ocean freight and receiving your products.

UK Kenya shipping

The first factor to consider when contemplating Ocean Freight is whether air freight or air courier transport is more advantageous.

 This subsection will help you compares and contrast air cargo and air courier services.

However, for shipments weighing less than 200 kilograms, air freight is typically less expensive and faster than sea freight. 

The rates for air freight range between $8.50 per kilogram but do not incur the exact high fixed costs of freight.

What is the expense of ocean freight?

When transporting cargo weighing over 200 kilograms, ocean freight is typically the most cost-effective option.

The total costs of ocean freight are relatively costly, but they scale exceptionally well.

UK Kenya shipping entails placing one or more pallets in a container with the merchandise of other businesses. 

When a container is filled, you will have exclusive access to it. Simple, correct? 

Any freight forwarder can coordinate containers such as UK Kenya shipping transportation in its entirety.

The overwhelming majority of essential ports can accommodate cargo transported by sea.

Do you reside in a landlocked area similar to Denver?

 No problem; you can still ship a container there, but it will be placed on a train and railed into your city; however, inland delivery costs are slightly higher (though still extremely low).

When should a full container be shipped as opposed to a partial container?

When it comes to the question of how to use UK-Kenya shipping for ocean transport, The obvious solution is to ship full containers when enough goods exist to occupy them and UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping incurs a 25% prorated surcharge, so it is typically less expensive to transport a container. 

However, there are two additional crucial factors to consider. First, UK-Kenya shipping transit periods are one to two weeks longer for the transit times. 

It is because the freight forwarder must transport and discharge your shipment alongside other clients’ shipments.

Due to this additional administration, UK Kenya shipping cargo is less susceptible to loss and injury, To this occurrence is infrequent. 

When time and care are of the utmost importance, it may be prudent to transport an empty container.

Ocean Freight Has Less Expensive Fixed Rates and a Small Number of Additional Fees.

Numerous unanticipated expenses are incurred when ocean freight cargo arrives in your country. When you receive an invoice from the UK Kenya shipping, the number of non-ocean freight-related fees may startle you.

 The following are examples of possible expenditures:

Freight Forwarder Administration 

• Security 

Customs Clearance 

• Final Truck Transportation from the warehouse to your front door.

Technically, Customs Clearance Fees and Final Truck Transportation can be performed independently. However, in reality, they need help to accomplish this and this is where UK Kenya Shipping comes in to help.

These expenses are only incurred when the cargo reaches its final destination. 

They do not include costs incurred within London (which can vary significantly depending on your intercoms) or the actual cost of the freight.

Ocean Freight Differs (Relatively) From What You’re Used To.

Most of us are acclimated to sending packages via UK-Kenya shipping, United States Postal Service, FedEx, etc., and other minor parcel carriers. 

When compared to these other service categories, ocean freight is quite a fare.

You are aware that if you send an item through the United States Postal Service, it must be delivered to a post office. Likewise, Ocean Freight must be shipped via mail

Most freight forwarders are willing to coordinate the retrieval of your goods from the supplier’s factory. Despite this, the price will rise. Intercoms are, therefore, indispensable.

If you and your supplier agree on the shipping terms of UK-Kenya shipping, your supplier will cover the cost of transporting your goods to the Port of London.

UK Kenya shipping will be responsible for payment if you consent. 

Always remember that transporting goods across hundreds or thousands of miles by vehicle is expensive in any country.

Once your goods reach the port, they are transferred into a shipping container, and you should only hear from them again once they arrive in your home country while all this time you will be at the comfort of your home.

How is UK Kenya shipping therefore scheduled?

 Air freight also requires a freight forwarder such as UK Kenya shipping. A freight forwarder is a middleman who acquires container space on ocean vessels.

 On ships, this space cannot be reserved directly; a freight forwarder is required.

The freight forwarding industry is extremely competitive, as there are thousands of freight forwarders such as UK Kenya shipping

It is possible to obtain a cost estimate for any type of cargo and this will be offered by UK Kenya Shipping LTD.

However, the easiest method to ship your products is to have the overseas manufacturer coordinate shipping.

How long does it take to convey a shipment by sea?

You can use sea as your primary resource for estimating transit times and obtaining air estimates.

When Your UK Goods  Arrive National Wide.

When your shipment is near to arriving in your city, your freight forwarder such as UK Kenya shipping will notify you by phone or email of the amount you owe them, the estimated date of delivery, and the location where you can pick up your shipment (more on this later).

You know you will be responsible for retrieving your parcel from the post office if the courier cannot deliver it.

Except for the fact that they will never attempt a delivery to your residence, the same regulations apply to ocean freight. Always retrieve from a port or storage facility nearby.

If you requested a full container, it would be available for pickup at the port. 

Container at the Vancouver Port

Remember that if you order with UK Kenya shipping, you would share the container with multiple other shippers. 

Your belongings may be located in the very rear of the container; therefore, they must provide you with a means to retrieve them.

They will transport your container to a nearby warehouse (nearby could be 30 miles away) and stuff it, remove your products from the container, and store them in a warehouse to make pickup more convenient and cost-effective.

In any incident, You understand that the post office cannot hold your parcel indefinitely, then this means that they will eventually return it to the sender. The same applies to ocean transportation. In general, complimentary storage for five days is accessible. They will then begin charging for storage.

You may not desire to collect your goods from the port physically, then what does this mean, it means that you can provide your freight forwarder such as UK Kenya shipping which will finalize deliver to the address (preferably before the order’s departure), and they will coordinate shipping to the final destination.

Be aware that overland freight for even short distances can frequently cost almost as much as ocean freight for thousands of miles.

There are three persons:

• Your Supplier

• Your forwarding agent or shipping agent

• Duties

Paying Your Vendor

You should have already paid your supplier at this juncture. Like possessing a vehicle, you must include the title to claim ownership of your products.

 A Bill of Lading’s original form is a title to the products.

Original Waybills must be presented to the freight company in your native country (typically in the port city, though this is not always true). 

Original Waybills must be presented to the freight company in your home country (typically in the port city, but only sometimes).

In addition, your supplier may Telex Release the goods to you by contacting the business and stating “Please release the goods to UK Kenya shipping Company.

 Instead of mailing you an official Bill of Lading, it is likely that your supplier will fax you the shipment release.

Reimbursing Your Freight Broker

The freight forwarder will also request a nominal fee to cover ocean freight costs and other surcharges.

Confirm with the freight forwarder, at the time of payment, the warehouse location where your UK Kenya shipping shipped, self-collected goods are stored.

 Additionally, inquire about the Cargo Control Number which is very important in in identification of the shipment. It is the shipment’s unique identification number, this means that the warehouse can only locate your possessions with it. 

When the freight forwarder informs you that your shipment will arrive shortly, they should send you a document with the shipment’s final destination and cargo control number.

levying customs duties

Customs duties will be the final incurred expense. If your products have a 0% tariff, you may not be required to pay customs duties, but you must still clear customs.

Customs clearance is a complex subject. Generally speaking, countries require documentation for all imported products.

The majority of products, particularly those from the UK, are subject to tariffs/duties ranging from 1 to 15%, while the vast majority of other products are exempt. 

Regardless of the quantity of duty due, a customs declaration must be filled out.

A customs broker can manage all this for a fee, plus any applicable duties. Pacific Customs Brokers is my customs broker, who can work with Canadian and American clearance

Your freight forwarder may also hold a customs merchant license.

Once you have cleared customs, local customs officials will notify the warehouse holding your products, like for example “Dave Bryant has cleared customs; you may release his goods.”Now that the ransom has been paid, you can retrieve your belongings.

After paying the three ransoms, the products can be recovered in the end. You retrieve your products from the facility UK Kenya shipping where they were stored.

If you pick up UK Kenya shipping freight, the warehouse may charge a dock fee typically only payable in cash; therefore, you should carry some money with you. Also, consider the possibility that your merchandise will be transported on a pallet.

Cargo transfer onto a vehicle like a pickup truck is straightforward. 

It is the optimal configuration. However, if you have a compact vehicle, disassembling the pallet and loading the containers inside may be necessary.

Are you interested in shipping your products directly from China to Amazon via ocean freight?

 The good news is that several articles will make your life easier.

• How to ship to Amazon  from UK

• How to ship UK Kenya shipping  to Amazon  directly from UK

It is not difficult to ship UK Kenya shipping cargo, but you must know their labeling requirements to avoid rejecting your shipment.

Should Your Business Depend on a Third-Party Logistics  Firm?

Your warehouse would be classified as a first-party logistics provider.

 Importers must have a relationship with a third-party logistics provider, and almost every major city has THOUSANDS of it

If you need more space to store and ship your products at home or in a warehouse, you will likely need the services of a third-party logistics provider.

Even if you intend to sell on Amazon and ship directly to Amazon, you will likely need a 3PL due to limited storage space, returns, etc.

Other factors to consider when selecting a 3PL include:

• You need a logistics alternative to Amazon (don’t get caught with your trousers down!)

Who can foretell pandemic outbreaks?

It is preferable to be well-prepared instead of storing one’s possessions in a single container.

Amazon’s storage limitations will always be a concern, no matter the season. However, the warehouse of a 3PL is less costly than Amazon’s, so shipments can be stored there.

• Obtain inexpensive storage rates – Since Amazon Inventory is one of the priciest alternatives during selections, you can lose significant money. 

You should consider this option.

• Handling returns

• Prevent stock-outs; a third-party logistics provider allows you to reduce inventory and improve profit margins.

Consult our guide on how to choose an exceptional from UK Kenya shipping company.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Ocean Sea Freight

Ocean Sea Freight Shipping Benefits

• Cost-efficient

• Ability

• Adaptability

• Stability

• Environmentally friendlier than air freight

Ocean Sea Freight Transport Negatives

• Extended transit delay duration

• reliant on meteorological or marine conditions

Customs regulations

• Poor accessibility


Hopefully, you can now have a clear understanding of how international sea freight operates after reading this article.

Importing from the UK for the first (or second) time can be hair-rasing. However, once you comprehend the complexities of freight, it will be second nature.


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Sea Freight offers door-to-door, port-to-door, and port-to-port transport options for all shipments.

 When cargo is booked, the specified option will appear in the booking system and can be tracked.


We can transport a variety of shipments using our Sea Freight service. 

Because we do not operate our cargo vessels, we are not required to consider specific departure times or transportation companies.

 It gives us more shipping options for your products. In addition, we can transport the vehicle according to your exact specifications.


You can use our competitive UK-Kenya shipping rates to ship less ocean cargo. 

Do you require a comprehensive container for transport?

Our UK Kenya shipping company is the best shipments.


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