How long does it take to receive a package from the UK to Kenya?

As a UK-based business, you may at some point have considered shipping your products to customers in Kenya. E-commerce benefits companies from selling their products internationally to customers in Kenya.

In this guide, we will discuss the rules, rates, shipping options, and services that can help you start shipping your products to Kenya, whether you want to do it yourself or work with a logistics company. Let them pack and ship your orders.

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UK Couriers Shipping to Kenya

Many couriers offer shipping services to Kenya. This guide covers the four leading couriers: UK Kenya Shipping, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Below we provide an overview of the differences in service levels for shipping to Kenya, including prices and carrier transit times.

Note: These are general order shipping options for consumers. If you want to find out what UK Kenya Shipping offers for shipping to countries like Kenya, you can request a quote here.

Exact UK Kenya shipping rates to Kenya for customers vary as we charge a “full fulfillment fee”, including picking, packing, and shipping. UK Kenya Shipping work in hand with Amazon Kenya.

 Shipping from the UK to Kenya

1. UK Kenya Shipping

UK Kenya Shipping can ship to Kenya. They offer flat-rate shipping, a great way to budget shipping costs. As with other couriers, your rates depend on the weight of the package and the expected delivery time.

Shipping from the UK to Kenya may be cheaper than other couriers, but delivery to Kenya takes longer as parcels are forwarded to Kenya Postal Service. Transit time can delay shipments by days or even a few weeks.

UK Kenya Shipping also provides shipping to Kenya from Amazon.

Benefits of shipping from the UK to Kenya:

Flat rate shipping

• Generally cheaper than other carriers

• Ability to transport larger parcels economically

• No collection fees

2. UPS

UPS is an excellent option for shipping to Kenya as they have a vast logistics network from the UK to Kenya. They can collect parcels in the UK and deliver them to addresses in Kenya in just two days. UPS can also be a more expensive carrier if you’re shipping heavier items that weigh more than 10 lbs.

Advantages of the inverter:

• Extensive presence in the UK and Kenya

• Work with many shipping partners to reduce shipping costs like UK Kenya Shipping.

• Intuitive online interface to generate shipping labels

• Ability to carry parcels of any size

Disadvantages of the inverter:

• Rates may be higher for heavier parcels


Like UPS, FedEx is an excellent option for shipping to Kenya. Since the competition between UPS and FedEx is so fierce, e-commerce companies benefit from it. They can collect parcels in the UK and deliver them to addresses in Kenya in just two days. FedEx is generally more expensive than USPS and is competitively priced with UPS and DHL.

Advantages of FedEx:

• Extensive presence in the UK makes it easy to collect or deliver parcels

• Numerous shipping partners to reduce shipping costs like UK Kenya Shipping.

• Intuitive online interface to generate shipping labels

• Ability to carry parcels of any size

Disadvantages of FedEx:

• Rates may be higher for heavier parcels

4. DHL

DHL is one of the leading international shipping companies. DHL has many advantages for parcels sent by air or sea. But ground delivery is usually a little slower than UPS or FedEx.

Advantages of DHL:

• Significant international presence in approximately 220 countries and territories

• Efficient air and sea transportation services

• Ability to transport larger parcels economically

• No collection fees

Disadvantages of DHL:

• limited presence in the UK makes shipping parcels more time consuming

• Generally higher shipping costs

• Generally higher surcharges than other carriers

UK Kenya Shipping can help you ship from Amazon to Kenya.

What are VAT expenses?
VAT and other costs

VAT (Value Added Tax)

Value Added Tax is known locally as VAT in Kenya. There is a 16% VAT on all foreign products entering the country.

IEPS (unique products)

For products such as tobacco, food, medicines and other specialist services, a specific IEPS applies and is designated on arrival.

Customs, processing times and delays

As with international shipping anywhere, you may encounter a few other things that are different in Kenya than in the UK.

Customs delays

As in most international countries, your shipments must clear customs before reaching their destination. Sometimes it can take several weeks for businesses to process a package!

Processing time

Processing times vary from carrier to carrier. UK Kenya Shipping is usually faster. UK Kenya Shipping has to forward parcels to Kenya Postal Service so delivery may will not take time.

Local holidays

Please check in advance if there are any local public holidays in Kenya during the shipping period.

Large geographical area and lack of infrastructure

Kenya has a large geographic region, making shipping to remote areas difficult. Some small towns in Kenya lack express delivery infrastructure

UK Kenya Shipping has experience shipping to Kenya

If you need help sending to Kenya, consider working with UK Kenya Shipping to make shipping to Kenya easier. Plus, you can offer your products to even more customers!
UK Kenya Shipping deals with shipping from Amazon to Kenya at a low price.

At UK Kenya Shipping, we store your stock, process your e-commerce orders as they arrive, offer shipping discounts, provide a more accessible infrastructure for customs forms and taxes, and connect you with other international partners while you expand to other countries.

With UK Kenya Shipping handling parcel handling logistics in Kenya, you can rest assured that your products will be delivered to your customers.

This is why the fastest growing e-commerce companies have UK Kenya Shipping handling shipments to Kenya and everywhere in the UK.
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Offer to ship to customers from Kenya.

Sending to Kenya for the first time means spending a few weeks preparing forms, complying with legal requirements, and learning the proper shipping procedures. But with UK Kenya Shipping, we can help you expand your Kenyan shipping network more efficiently.

UK Kenya Shipping offers comprehensive shipping services for which your business may need more resources. We ship orders from our UK warehouses to locations in Kenya with order updates and tracking numbers. You can view the status of your stock and charges at any time with our intuitive dashboards and reports.

Save time and money.

By partnering with UK Kenya Shipping, you eliminate the need to manage warehouses, logistics operations and hire a workforce. UK Kenya Shipping can turn logistics and warehousing into an income source as you can increase your sales and provide the shipping options, transit times, and delivery speeds customers in Kenya want.

You also save time by outsourcing your fulfilment activities to UK Kenya Shipping. Working with UK Kenya Shipping gives you time to focus on more strategic initiatives, such as customer service, product development and marketing.

Leverage industry expertise

Running an e-commerce business takes work. You need more time to become a certified warehouse and logistics expert. This is where UK Kenya Shipping comes in – made up of e-commerce professionals, we are well-informed and up to date with the latest industry trends and intricacies so that it can be different from this.

UK Kenya Shipping also has an extensive network of partners, including couriers, packing suppliers, agencies and more, enabling us to continuously streamline and improve our warehouse and logistics operations to contribute to e-commerce success.

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In summary

Shipping to Kenya from the UK can be a simple process, especially if you partner with a 3PL such as UK Kenya Shipping. By offering your products to customers in Kenya, you can build a solid foundation to grow your e-commerce business.

If you need help shipping to Kenya, find out how UK Kenya Shipping can streamline your shipping process by filling in the form below.

How much does it cost to ship from the UK to Kenya?

When shipping cargo to Kenya from around the world, it is essential to understand which service best suits your needs, such as whether you need express, air or ocean freight to Kenya.

You will benefit from reliability and affordability when you order international parcel delivery to Kenya from UK Kenya Shipping.

Through our extensive network of reputable airlines, such as Kenya Airways, British Airways, Qatar, Turkish Airlines, and DHL Express, we can get the same top quality at a fraction of the original price. Whether you are sending a package to Nairobi or Mombasa, send it with UK Kenya Shipping.

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What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya from the UK?

Nine tips for cheap shipping from the UK to Kenya

The first step in successful shipping from the UK to Kenya is determining the lowest cost for shipping. The cheapest shipping method is sometimes obscure. Finding a reasonable and reliable freight forwarder like UK Kenya Shipping is essential, as execution to Africa can sometimes be erratic.

The following nine tips will help you ship to Kenya in the most economical, convenient, and successful way:

Warn about fragile items.

Be sure to notify the shipper if you have any fragile products before transportation. This may increase shipping costs, but it’s best if the damaged goods arrive at the customer’s door.

Offer shipping options.

It’s essential to provide customers with accurate shipping alternatives during checkout. Customers can decide whether to save money or pay more for faster delivery or insurance.

Indicate your return policy.

Make it easy for customers to read and apply your return policy if they are unsatisfied with the delivery.

Describe your return procedure.

Make it easy for customers to read and use your returns policy if they are unsatisfied with the delivery.

Compare prices:

It can be challenging to find the cheapest shipping method from Kenya. Compare prices and delivery times different shippers offer to find the best deal for you and your customers.

Determine taxes and duties.

To calculate the total shipping costs for you and your customers, please refer to the online UK Kenya Shipping Calculator. This allows you to offer flexible and convenient delivery options that satisfy potential customers.

Simplify shipping.

You can quickly find the lowest prices in Kenya using an all-in-one shipping agency like UK Kenya Shipping. Plus, it automatically displays these accurate real-time prices at checkout to drive more sales.

How long does Amazon take to ship, it takes many days to ship with Amazon choose UK Kenya Shipping for fast and cheap shipping.


Finding the cheapest shipping method to Kenya can be challenging. Please compare the carriers. Considerations such as package size, import taxes, and customer delivery expectations must be considered. We recognize the volume. UK Kenya Shipping is here to assist you accordingly.

How long does it take to ship something from UK to Kenya?

It takes a few days to ship from the UK to Kenya by air using UK Kenya Shipping.

An express courier from the UK to Kenya takes approximately two working days.

How long does DHL take to deliver from the UK to Kenya?

Not only do we offer some of the cheapest couriers from the UK to Kenya, but they’re also fast – even to the east coast of Africa, you can still expect delivery to take just three days. Please note we always aim to deliver your items within these times, sometimes your parcel may take longer to arrive, especially in more remote areas of the country.

Remember that to ensure the quickest possible delivery, you also need to know what you can and cannot ship – all items must clear customs, so make sure you label everything clearly and correctly to avoid delays and unnecessary costs. See below for more information on Kenyan businesses.

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How much is DHL Shipping?

How does DHL calculate shipping costs?

DHL shipping costs are calculated considering several variables, including shipment size, average handling costs and speed of delivery.

Understanding DHL shipping rates is essential for resellers who must budget for a customer’s needs. Retailers need to think about the impact of changes on customers.

You are likely to lose a customer to a competitor if you charge less. On the other hand, low rates are reasonable to generate less revenue to support your business.

A quick way to determine costs is to use UK Kenya Shipping’s free shipping calculator. In such situations, shopping carts provide real-time DHL quotes before payment. In this case, resellers must choose their location and shipping method before requesting a quote.

This allows e-commerce stores to achieve maximum transparency, which builds customer loyalty. That said, DHL rates fall into three categories;

Shipping costs calculated

Calculated shipping is a primary method for calculating shipping costs. Take into account the size or dimensions of the products. Therefore, measuring the outcomes and weighing the package is necessary to obtain the UK Kenya Shipping estimate, which is calculated based on these parameters and the customer’s location.

UK Kenya Shipping offers international end-of-day delivery for 70kg and 1000kg shipments.

How long does it take Amazon to ship, it take some weeks to deliver while UK Kenya Shipping take 1-2 days.

Ship cheaper with any carrier, guaranteed

Save up to 91% on all shipping costs. UK Kenya Shipping offers the cheapest guaranteed volume discounts from UPS, FedEx and over 250 global carriers.

Flat rate shipping

Unlike calculated shipping, flat-rate shipping is independent of the shipment’s shape, size, and weight. Retailers can put anything they want into a packing box and have to pay pre-determined shipping costs. Small businesses should take advantage of the flat-rate shipping option, which is reliable and affordable.

Free delivery

Customers benefit significantly from free shipping. But the entrepreneurs will pay the price. While this will undoubtedly increase sales and help build customer loyalty, you’ll need to find a way to include shipping costs in the product price to make a profit. Free shipping also simplifies the entire checkout process.

Please note that taxes and duties may also be added to the total UK-Kenya Shipping cost. Fortunately, UK Kenya Shipping can arrange direct billing to the shipper or third-party shipper for taxes and duties levied on the shipment. These charges often apply when the shipper requests that taxes and duties be charged outside the destination country.

Does Parcel Force deliver to Kenya?

Send a parcel to Kenya. It would be best to have an international courier you could trust when sending a package overseas. At Parcel force Worldwide, we have the experience and expertise to deliver parcel delivery services that reach over 99% of the world’s population. but the cheapest of them all is UK Kenya Shipping.

How much does it cost to ship a 20 kg package?

If you want 20kg delivery for a single parcel or ongoing shipments, get a quote from UK Kenya Shipping today. We ship packages in bulk, reducing our cost per parcel, and we pass these savings on to our UK customers in the form of lower prices. UK Kenya Shipping can accommodate your request to send something to a loved one in Kenya.

Amazon faster shipping, it takes a lot of days to ship with Amazon choose UK Kenya Shipping for fast delivery.

How to send a package to Kenya?

There are dozens of professional couriers and couriers serving the Kenyan market. They deliver your parcel from overseas quickly, safely and in the same condition you sent it to Kenya.

Plus, they give you an instant quote for your international shipping needs before booking the services. That way, you know what and when you can expect your package based on the price listed.

Doe Amazon ship to Canada, yes but very expensive, ship with UK Kenya Shipping which is cheap and fast.

Service options

1. Shipping only

The shipment is valid only for those who already have a package and want to send it to Kenya.

The steps are as follows:-

• Indicate the origin and destination of the parcel

Provide shipping details (size, shape, and description of contents)

• Get an estimated quote from the shipping company

• Book for services

• Receive and pay for the parcel

If you don’t have a parcel but would instead shop overseas before using the postage-only service, then;

• Purchase and pay for products from international sellers

• Indicate the courier’s shipping address as the delivery point for the products

• The shipping company receives and sends a parcel to Kenya on your behalf

Most shipping companies do not accept returns for shipping-only orders.

UK Kenya Shipping does shipping to multiple addresses amazon from UK to Kenya.


• When buying and shipping products, you can take advantage of discounts and promotions by shopping yourself

• If you are dealing with a transport company with multiple delivery points, you can buy the products and send them to a delivery point with the cheapest delivery costs.

• You know for sure what is in the package for Kenya.

2. Purchase and ship

The simplified steps above apply if your package is ready to ship. If you are located in Kenya or any other country, you can always hire a transport company to buy and ship a parcel to Kenya as follows: –

• Choose the “buy and ship” option offered by the shipping company

• Get the product link and forward it to the shipping company, asking them to purchase the product on your behalf

• Generate and accept a revised estimated quote that includes purchase price, service charge, and product shipping costs

• Book the services by paying the purchase price

• Receive and pay for the parcel

With the purchase and shipping service, you will receive a 100% refund if the courier delivers the wrong item. On the other hand, they do not accept returns of items delivered according to the customer’s exact order.

Therefore, you should look into the online sellers before providing the link of their products to the shipping company. However, if you are returning a product for warranty service or repair, you will only be responsible for the shipping costs.

What is an amazon delivery agent, UK Kenya Shipping is the main delivery agent


• Allows you to purchase products from sellers who do not ship parcels to Kenya. You can contact the shipping company to do the shipping and the shopping for you.

• A safer and more convenient option if the online merchant does not accept your local bank cards

• You don’t need to sign up for unnecessary money transfer services

• You do not pay any additional costs for shopping.

Our top picks

1. UK Shipping to Kenya – Great for sending any size parcel

UK Kenya Shipping is a renowned international shipping specialist and courier service operating in Kenya and over 220 other countries worldwide. Ship a parcel to Kenya via UK Kenya Shipping and use their robust tracking systems to ensure safe delivery.

Also, UK Kenya Shipping has no size or weight restrictions, making it the best option for bulk parcels. It also uses land, air and ocean freight logistics to handle standard and custom shipments worldwide seamlessly.


• Services available: parcel delivery, postal service, and e-commerce support

• Shipping cost per kg: $1-2 per kg

• Maximum weight and dimensions: 300 kg per package, length 300 cm (based on custom quote)

• Delivery time: 1-3 days

• Package tracking updates: Emails and customer service calls

• Delivery method: land, air, sea

What we like

• No collection fees or volume obligations

• 24/7 customer service, no waiting

• Has international door-to-door parcel delivery

• Fast refunds for any service interruptions

2. FedEx 

FedEx is a reputable international shipping company with regional offices in Kenya. Partner with TNT to quickly ship a package to Kenya. Here you open a FedEx account and then receive your shipping packages (10kg or 25kg), depending on the weight of your package.

Also, their prices include insurance and customs clearance costs. In addition, you will benefit from discounts ranging from 6 to 20% on shipping costs. This option is excellent for B2B packages.


• Services available: express courier, courier, and shipping services

• Shipping rate per kg: adjusted rates

• Maximum weight and height: 150 lbs.

• Delivery times: 2-6 working days

• Package tracking updates: FedEx Mobile Tracking

• Method of delivery: air, sea, land

What we like

• Accurate delivery times or your money back

• Free packaging with simplified paperwork

• Reliable mobile application to track and trace your parcel

• Has weekend deliveries

3. United Parcel Service (UPS) Kenya 

UPS is a UK-owned international shipping company. This company helps individuals and businesses move parcels around the world quickly. It can ship packages to the Nairobi branch.

It is also consolidating its six-pack shipping solutions (UPS Express Plus, UPS Express, UPS Express Saver, UPS Expedited, UPS Worldwide Express Freight, and UPS Worldwide Express Freight Midday) for urgent and less urgent shipments. So you can have your parcel delivered the next day or agree on the time you want your property in Kenya. UPS guarantees this delivery on a defined day.


• Services available: international shipping, contract logistics, money transfer

• Shipping rate per kg: N/A. The price depends on the service package, country zone number, weight, content and specific additional costs.

• Maximum weight and dimensions: 70 kg per package

• Delivery times: 1-5 working days

• Package Tracking Updates: On the UPS website, SMS and email notifications

• Method of delivery: air, sea

What we like

• Wide choice of shipping options for urgent deliveries

• Make a maximum of three delivery attempts

• Convenient downtown shipping locations

• Excellent tracking capabilities

4. Parcel Monkey 

Parcel Monkey is another courier that works similarly to Planet Express. Contract with other shipping companies like DHL and USPS to send packages to Kenya through versatile delivery options.

Indeed, it picks up your container and delivers it to your workplace or home at an affordable rate. Your package from the UK will arrive in Kenya with the shipping method of your choice. Then it goes to Kenya Postal Service handlers for final deposit.


• Services available: parcel shipping

• Shipping cost per kg: from $49.21/kg

• Maximum Weight and Height: No height or weight restrictions

• Transit time: 11-22 days

• Package tracking updates: Email and SMS notifications

• Delivery method: land, air, sea

What we like

• Has convenient pick up and drop off services

• Protective cover available as an option

• Offers collections for the weekend

• Provides access to discounted shipping costs

5. Kenya Expedited Mail Service (EMS).

EMS is a courier specializing in the transport of documents and parcels all over the world. Partners with a worldwide network of 178 other postal companies. In Kenya, EMS cooperates with the Postal Corporation of Kenya. Also, EMS Kenya’s pricing policy is indexed based on distance traveled, not package weight or size, making it a more affordable option.


• Services available: letter mail and parcel post

• Shipping rate per kg: not applicable

• Maximum weight and dimensions: 50 kg

• Delivery time: 1-7 days

• Package tracking updates: SMS and email notifications

• Delivery method: land, sea, air

What we like

• Fastest cross-border postal service

• Ship a package to Kenya from 3,000 destinations worldwide

• It has 285 acceptance centers in Kenya

• Convenient shipping options

6. Online stores

Finally, there are online stores that ship directly to Kenya. They understand: –





• Objective


Best buy

New egg

• Hoe

• Do-it-yourself shop

• Excess inventory

Here are more tips to ensure the safety of your parcel directly from online stores:-

• Ask your bank to register your card for international payments

• Call or send a message to the online store’s support department before completing the shipping transaction

• Read previous customer reviews on supplier support and post-sales communication

• Focus on multiple gold suppliers with verified locations and recent transaction history

• Check the return policy

• Apply for buyer protection or pay through an escrow account

Frequently asked questions about sending a package to Kenya.

1. What factors should I consider when choosing the best shipping solution for sending a package to Kenya?

Consider pricing, list of available services, customer support, reputation and reliability of the shipping company, and efficiency in providing services.

2. How will Kenyan Customs clear my parcel?

It would be best to have customs clearance when you send a package to Kenya from countries like the UK. This is where you fill out your home country’s customs forms to provide a detailed listing of the contents of your package.

This facilitates further processing by Kenyan customs officials. This way, you pay the correct import and customs fees depending on the content. Work with a reputable parcel service provider who oversees this customs clearance process for you.

3. What products are banned or restricted in Kenya?

Kenya has several articles banning or restricting entry into the country. These products include fresh or perishable foods, alcohol, and drugs. Avoid any inconvenience by checking the complete list of restricted and prohibited items in Kenya on the shipping company’s official website.


When choosing the courier or online shop that sends a package to Kenya safely and reliably, compare each company’s quotes and additional benefits. Ultimately, you want to take advantage of loyalty programs and other offers for loyal customers.

IS Parcel force cheaper than DHL?

Compared to Parcel Force, DHL is generally preferred for international express deliveries due to its global presence and brand awareness in the logistics industry. Conversely, Parcel force can offer you lower rates for UK deliveries or non-urgent international shipments.

Is Royal mail or DHL better?

Royal Mail and DHL are reliable couriers. Royal Mail is very reliable in providing door-to-door delivery within the UK, whilst DHL has extensive experience delivering goods to commercial customers worldwide. Follow courier updates to avoid shipping errors.


Regarding international shipping, DHL and Evri collect and deliver worldwide. However, DHL may have the edge over Hermes as it has the most substantial global logistics network and even offers deliveries to sanctioned countries like Kenya.

Is DPD better than DHL?

The exclusive DHL Envelope service, only for documents, guarantees the rapid delivery of documents to around 220 countries worldwide. DPD offers a variety of international services, both budget and luxury.

Which courier is better for international?

UK Kenya Shipping, DHL, FedEx, DV Schenker, and UPS are some of the most popular shipping services when sending items overseas. Connect with UK Kenya Shipping and instantly save up to 91% on discounted shipping costs on over 550 courier solutions, including international ones.

What is the maximum parcel size for DHL UK?

Our giant box measures 48 x 40 x 39cm, with a recommended maximum weight of 25kg. Please find out more in our size and price guide. If you book a collection with DHL It Now or DHL over the phone, the maximum weight per parcel is 70kg, and the maximum dimensions are 120 x 80 x 80cm.

What is the cheapest way to ship a 30kg parcel?

Choose UK Kenya Shipping and its extensive network of reputable global couriers to send a 30kg package domestically or abroad. We compare the offers of the best couriers for you to find the ideal solution for shipping your 30 kg package.

Which courier takes large parcels?

UK Kenya Shipping offers extensive parcel courier services for collection and collection, giving you control over how and when you ship your large parcel. Our services include next-day, two-day and Saturday or Sunday options, meaning that we have an opportunity to suit you no matter your schedule!

What is considered a heavy parcel?

Official regulatory authorities classify any package over 23kg as a heavy shipment. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be on a pallet. Shipments under 70kg can generally be transported without, although this varies by region.

What to Consider When Shipping Heavy Items?

Finding the cheapest way to send 50 lbs takes a lot of effort. It would be best to decide how you want to ship them and who you want to ship your heavy items with. Here are some factors to consider to help you make an informed decision about this.

• Volumetric weight

Dimensional weights come into play if you have bulky, awkwardly shaped packages. They are generally lightweight items, but their shape and size mean they occupy much space in vans.

The shipping rate is calculated based on the volume occupied by the package compared to the box size. You will be charged whatever is greater, the actual or the dimensional weight.

To find the most cost-effective way to ship heavy items and reduce costs, pack your items as best you can to keep them small.

• The vulnerability of your package

Sometimes finding the cheapest way to ship heavy items goes beyond price and transit time. When shipping heavy and fragile items, choosing a carrier that can handle fragile shipments may be necessary so that the packages arrive in perfect condition.

You may incur extra charges, which is better than damaging your valuables.

• Destination of the parcel

In addition to the weight and dimensions of shipments, couriers use the origin and destination address of the package to calculate the shipping rate. This means that the destination of your parcel will affect your ability to find the cheapest way to ship over £50.

The farther away the shipping area is, the more you will have to pay to have your heavy items delivered to you.

• Shipping courier

Different carriers have shipping standards, rules, and rates for heavy items. These will affect the cost depending on what you are sending.

Here you have to work with a more user-friendly and flexible carrier in terms of weight, size, and vulnerability. Using a carrier comparison tool is a great way to compare different pages and see what services each offers for shipping heavy items.

• Speed of delivery

Shipping speed depends on the time it takes to deliver the package. Want to choose Next Day Delivery, Next Day Dispatch, 2 Day Dispatch, or Ground Shipping?

While you have less control over the other factors determining your shipping costs, you have complete control over how fast you want it delivered.

Here you have to pay to play. The faster you want your items delivered, the more you have to pay. For the cheapest way to post over £50, consider choosing slower delivery options to reduce postage costs.

• Limits

As we have already seen, the carrier has weight and dimension restrictions for shipping heavy items. Before preparing to send, you should contact the airline to find out the limits on the type of heavy items they can and cannot ship.

What happens if my parcel is overweight?

If the parcel weighs more than the weight class you paid for, the courier will either return it to the sender’s address or charge extra to deliver the excess package to the recipient.

Does DPD deliver heavy items?

At DPD Online (formerly DPD Online), sending a heavy parcel should be as easy for you as sending a letter. That’s why we offer various services to meet all your serious parcel delivery needs.

How much does it cost to ship large items?

How much does it cost to ship 300 books?

The cost of shipping heavy items varies, but one person said UPS would charge them $720 to ship £300. And notably, another person on Reddit reported that an item weighing nearly 300 pounds (240) would cost $600 to send a copier-type item from Texas to Tennessee.

That item would have to be palletized for shipping. Shipping costs add up significantly once an item weighs more than 70 pounds.

What is a 25kg FedEx box?

Internal dimensions: 54.8cm x 42.1cm x 33.5cm. • Maximum weight allowed: 25 kg.

Does FedEx go by weight or box size?

We calculate prices based on the dimensional weight (low weight) or the actual weight of the package, whichever is greater. Duration.

How big is FedEx 10 kg box?

Internal dimensions: 15.81″ x 12.94″ x 10.19″ (40.16cm x 32.86cm x 25.88cm). Maximum weight allowed: 22 lbs (10 kg); to qualify for a tariff flat rate, the weight must not exceed 10 kg.

What is the maximum weight of a FedEx Large Box?

With the services of FedEx Express U.K., you can ship parcels weighing up to 150 lbs (68 kg), up to 119″ (302 cm) and 165″ (419 cm) in length and circumference. FedEx Express international services allow you to ship packages up to 68 kg (150 lbs), up to 274 cm (108″), and 330 cm (130″) in length and circumference.

Are FedEx boxes waterproof?

FedEx box 10 kg

Sturdy, water-resistant boxes to ensure your shipments arrive in good condition.

What is an oversized box for FedEx?

FedEx Oversized Package Guidelines

FedEx considers a package oversized when the length exceeds 96 inches in height or 130 inches in length and circumference.

Does FedEx charge by weight?

Once your package arrives at a FedEx location, it will be weighed. Total weight and other factors determine shipping costs, including origin, destination, and desired delivery date. This amount will then be charged to your FedEx account or credit card.

How do I ship a large amount of clothing?

If you ship multiple items, stack or box them, so they use the box space efficiently. Use packing materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts to keep your things from shifting in the box during shipping. This will help protect your clothes and prevent creases.

Can I ship a suitcase full of clothes?

You can pack a suitcase for shipping as you usually would for travel. When loading a bag for shipping, ensure no free space in the baggage. Fill gaps with soft items, wrapping paper, or bubble wrap to keep your belongings from shifting in transit.


Contact us at the moment, If you have any luggage or item which needs to be shipped from the UK to Kenya and you will surely enjoy our services.


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