Send a parcel to Kenya.

Book for delivery in Kenya via  Express and save on UK Kenya shipping, DHL, FedEx, and UPS couriers. Send to Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and more. Get an instant online quote to compare services and prices. Then book it in a straightforward: we guide you step by step.

Export to Kenya

UK Kenya Shipping Express is one of the direct and most convenient services to Kenya, it is operated by UK Kenya Shipping, with a collection that is arranged by us. You can also leave your package at one of our delivery points.

With this service, you can ship parcels up to 70 kg and pallets up to 300 kg. You can book an air freight service for the larger shipments and collect your cargo from Mombasa (MBA) or Nairobi (NBO) airports.

Transit time in Kenya

UK Kenya shipping express courier from the UK to Kenya takes approximately two to three working days.

It may take longer if your pickup or the destination address is remote. You can use our transit time calculators to find out by entering your postcodes.

Customs information for UK Kenya shipping.

All parcels sent to Kenya from the UK are door-to-door service subject to customs clearance

We will generate a customs invoice for you as part of your booking detailing the contents of your shipment, or you can upload your invoices.

Taxes and fees may be applied and are included in the quote.

 You can check the Kenya Customs and Border Control website for more information.

Also, check for the courier restrictions for Kenya.

Import from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

Need to ship a parcel from the United Kingdom to Kenya? 

We also offer import services choose UK Kenya shipping, UPS, or TG Express, which that UK Kenya shipping operates.

Send a parcel from the UK.

We all like to achieve something. And there was undoubtedly of the occasion where we had to send a gift to a friend, a product to a client, or documents to a business associate. 

Unfortunately, the shipping process isn’t always smooth. Sometimes you must search for information and compare who will provide the cheapest or fastest delivery service. 

Sometimes you are haunted by doubts about whether it is safe for delivery. Sometimes, when we have to send an urgent shipment, 

Even though it looks like a simple procedure, Shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya becomes a hassle. It is not the case with the UK-Kenya shipping package. 

A system that bothered you before is now straightforward. Enter your shipment details in the inquiry form, and you will immediately see the shipment methods and prices offered by UK Kenya shipping

The peculiarity of the UK-Kenya shipping platform is that the system independently finds the best that is offered in terms of the prices and delivery times for the shipments (urgent or not) from the United Kingdom to Kenya. It only takes a few days to be delivered.

Benefits of using UK Kenya shipping

Parcels from the UK to Kenya are shipped door to door.

All shipments from the United Kingdom to Kenya are insured.

We provide transportation services all over the world.

We can ship both large and small packages.

Registration is necessary!

Best Price Guaranteed from United Kingdom to Kenya

We provide a real-time tracking option.

Send a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya.


Please review the offers for delivery from the UK to Kenya and select the most acceptable option, then pay using your preferred payment method and wait for the courier.

 Door-to-door delivery shipments with UK-Kenya shipping are very simple.

 How does it work?

UK Kenya shipping is an online shipping platform that brings together thousands of international and local couriers whose vehicles from UK Kenya shipping scan for the available space and are used wisely.

 It allows you to send large and small shipments (even urgent if necessary). UK Kenya shipping is always looking for open space on vehicles from any carrier.

 The unique system of the UK-Kenya shipping platform allows us to offer you particularly favorable prices for shipping services from the UK to Kenya.

 Also, it will enable us to guarantee the quality of these services in case you need an urgent delivery from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

 Safety is especially critical in the delivery, whether you’re sending a heart-warming gift or goods for your business, Uk Kenya shipping got you covered.


It may take as little as 2 to 3 days, depending on where you are sending your shipment. 

The next time you need a delivery service, you won’t have to think twice before deciding who to entrust with your shipment.

 Some couriers like UK Kenya shipping offers fast shipping services from the United Kingdom to Kenya; others are known for their particular flexibility in their delivery methods. not to be mentioned for the modest postal service. 

What should those of us who merely want to get shipments from the United Kingdom to Kenya reach consignees quickly, safely, and understandably at an acceptable cost? 

By bringing their unprecedented shipping system into play, UK Kenya shipping has solved this problem and made it a reality. The UK-Kenya shipping platform brings together many local and international couriers and will always be selected as the best transportation route for shipments.

 It means you can save time in researching information and comparing prices for the cheapest service.

 With just a few clicks on the UK Kenya shipping platform website, you can access our shipping information on the final transport price of the shipment and then select the courier and know when the couriers will pick up and deliver your shipments from the UK.

 Also, being able to choose the most convenient payment method for the services. You will get an email shortly with the shipping information you need. UK Kenya shipping asks only one question: 

How much does shipping a parcel from the United Kingdom to Kenya cost?

To view the UK Kenya shipping price list, enter the destination, the place of departure of the parcel, and the weight and dimensions. 

The valid prices for our company’s indicated route will then be displayed. For comparison, We also show how much you must pay with other carriers so customers can make an informed choice. 

Delivery cost will vary on the size and weight of the parcel, as the distance between cities. It is important to note that UK-Kenya shipping also offer express packages on interstate routes. We treat it as a priority and deliver it as soon as possible.

 The cost of this service also appears in the list. However, express delivery methods are less expensive to shop and ship with us. All prices include fuel costs and insurance.

 If you want the cheapest offer, order from UK Kenya shipping courier and send your package with us.

How long does delivering a package from the UK to Kenya take?

Our low-cost courier usually takes over two to three days to deliver the goods between these countries. The delivery time mainly depends on the distance taken from the United kingdom to Kenya.

However, we remind you that you can always opt for expedited delivery. So delivery times will even be reduced to a few hours. Expedited Shipping is usually delivered to the recipient within 2- 3 business days.

 Anyone sending a package through our platform can also track your location regularly. It makes it easier to determine the exact delivery date of the box to the recipient and to find it in case of loss.

What not to ship to Kenya?

Each carrier has regulations and a list of goods they do not carry. This list has been compiled for various reasons, including international principles, the frequent use of air travel, and which will simply be practical reasons.

UK Kenya shipping, like most other carriers, does not carry dangerous materials and substances, including ammunition, weapons, acids, mercury, bacteria, or viruses. 

These goods may all damage the additional parcels. Also, Our UK-Kenya shipping carrier will not accept packages containing prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, perishables, or original artwork. 

 It’s worthwhile familiarizing yourself before submitting. The parcel can be checked at the border. Once you’ve used UK Kenya shipping, you’ll immediately notice that it’s a convenient and hassle-free way to ship your shipment.

To adapt. If in doubt, read the sheet that you will answer, send us a question using the form, or contact us by phone. Finally, each country has its own legislation and customs regulations

It’s worth familiarizing yourself before submitting. The parcel can be checked at the border.

For the Shipping to reach the recipient unscathed, it should be packed in the best way, minimizing the impact of any that shocks and may occur during the transport.

 The most essential element is the correct box, which will be stiff. So it is better to secure the product with bubble wrap, which will always help you with adequate cushioning. 

If there is still free space after leaving the item inside the package, fill it with a soft material so that nothing inside can be moved loosely. Remember to attach the bill of lading in the visible place when sealing the parcel. 

We send such a label to an email address and provide it in the client’s printable panel.



1.    UK Kenya shipping

2.    International

3.  DHL Parcel UK


When you need to send a parcel to Kenya, sending it with UK Kenya shipping, DHL Parcel UK means you’ll benefit from our many years of delivery experience.

 We have some of the best people in the industry transporting our consignments, and within 2 to 3 days worldwide air service from the collection or drop off, you can be sure to have it arrive quickly and safely, in the same condition as it was sent.

To all cities and towns, including; Nairobi, Bungoma County, Mombasa, Kwale County, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Ruiru, Nyeri, Malindi, and more.

What courier does the UK use?

Look no further than UK Kenya shipping, DHL Parcel to the United Kingdom for the best price and convenience, from booking for the delivery.

 All you need to do is register with us, which only takes a few minutes, and then you’re free to book your parcel via our simple-to-use website – it’s so easy to use and allows you to arrange for the collection from your home or work and delivery in just two to three days.

If you book online before midnight, one of our friendly members will collect your parcel for the next day – or on a day that suits you – and we’ll deliver it to its destination in 3 days with our speedy worldwide air service.

  UK Kenya shipping gives free content that covers the value of the standard on all international deliveries, free online tracking, and what we believe are some of the best prices for delivery to Kenya.


Uk Kenya shipping is proud of the prices for international parcel delivery. Keep your shipping rates to Kenya as low as possible, with collection and delivery charges starting from just £8.50*. 

You can also drop off your package at one of our 50+ nationwide depots and save more than on our package delivery costs. See the current courier costs for the small and medium-sized parcels below.

Parcel Weight delivered to Kenya Air prices worldwide.


Not only do we offer some of the cheapest couriers from the United Kingdom to Kenya, but they are also fast – even on the East Coast of Africa, you can still expect delivery to take as little as three days*. 

Please note that we always aim to deliver your items within these times; sometimes, your parcel may take a shorter time to arrive, particularly in more remote areas of the country.

Remember that to ensure the quickest and most possible delivery, you must also know what you can and cannot ship. 

All items must be cleared through customs, so we label everything clearly and correctly to avoid unnecessary delays and costs. check for more information on Kenyan businesses.


No, UK Kenya shipping will clear your custom goods. In this way, the customs officers in every destination country know the contents of the packages they will in the process that is correct.

Using most international shipment, there are sometimes additional customs duties and all the imported taxes you must pay when sending a package to Kenya from the United Kingdom, depending on the contents.

 When you prepare your package, attach an inventory describing all the contents that comply with this regulation.

Sending personal effects to Kenya you require some of the additional declaration using a proforma invoice with a detailed list of contents with individual values. This invoice must be written in English.

 It has the exact requirements as the commercial invoice but doesn’t have to be on letterhead. 

Please note that all new items declared as personal effects are subject to import duties, and the recipient’s passport that are required for approval.

If that sounds like a challenge, don’t worry – when you book delivery with UK Kenya shipping Parcel from the UK, we’ll provide you with all the forms you need to get your parcel through UK and Kenya customs.

HM Revenue & Customs has more information on tax and customs considerations for Kenya.

What is a prohibited item on the ship?

Before booking your courier service to Kenya, please check all the items you wish to send which are permitted; Sometimes, everyday products for us in the United Kingdom are restricted or banned from being shipped to other countries.

 Kenya has several items that fall into this category, so we recommend that you will check the regulations every time that you send a package, as the rules which are subject to change.

For more information here are some of the restricted and prohibited items in Kenya, visit the Kenya Revenue Authority website.

Goods such as alcohol and narcotics can not only be shipped to Kenya but are also on UK Kenya shipping Parcel in Kenya which are Prohibited List – check the complete list before ordering. 

In the meantime, here are some examples of items you cannot send to Kenya:


Illegal and dangerous foods Other

Meat, poultry, and fish Drugs and chemicals Most bones, horns, teeth and other animal by-products

Eggs and dairy products Hazardous waste Soaps or cosmetics containing mercury

Perishable goods, Weapons, and explosives. Counterfeit banknotes; banknotes and coins.

How do you secure a package?

UK Kenya Shipping is proud of the excellent courier services that we always offer worldwide, from the initial quote to when the package arrives at the recipient.

 We also take the responsibility of delivering packages very seriously, so don’t worry; your package will arrive safely in Kenya; it is in good hands. You have to complete the visibility of your parcel during its journey for free with our online tracking service, and we offer £8.50 free extended cover on all international items, with the option to upgrade to any additional cover if your parcel is worth more than that.


We are the leading logistics company with global offices in the UK and Kenya.Regional offices in major economies such as the United Kingdom and Germany.UK Kenya Shipping Cargo is one of the most successful independent air freight, ocean freight, customs clearance, and road freight agencies and end-to-end holistic logistics service providers.

What we offer

UK Kenya shipping simplifies logistics management and executes mission-critical tasks so our customers can focus on what they do best.

Owners, charterers, customers, and carriers enjoy an exceptional experience based on UK Kenya shipping with a mission to provide excellent service.

• Air transport services

Our services operate as a global provider of premium air cargo from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

• Marine transport services

This service offers a collection of unique items for customers who prefer Shipping by sea.

• Collection Services

we offer the best door-to-door shipment for our customer’s services. We store their packages in our Nairobi warehouse for the collection of our customers.

• Customs clearance

We take care of the customs clearance of your shipment in Kenya.

• Delivery in Kenya

Once your goods have arrived, we can deliver them to your home in Kenya and collect them.

• Transportation of vehicles

We can source any vehicle and help you ship any vehicle from the United Kingdom to the port of Mombasa.

Who we are

Our UK-Kenya shipping company was formed to manage and facilitate the growing trade between the United Kingdom and Kenya.

We simplify logistics management and execute mission-critical tasks so our customers can focus on what they do best. 

Owners, charterers, customers, and carriers benefit from an exceptional experience based on UK Kenya shipping express company to provide an excellent service that inspires our customers to become leaders in their respective markets.

UK Kenya Shipping is one of the most successful independent freight agencies and end-to-end holistic logistics service providers.

We offer very competitive air freight rates to all destinations. We have established relationships with major airlines to ensure that you get the necessary time at the right price to our customers.

All shipments are handled with the same care, dedication, and enthusiasm.


UK Kenya shipping provides a complete ocean freight service for less for the container loads and full container loads (FCr all types of commercial, household, and personal effects cargo.

UK Kenya Shipping has the best people in the shipping industry; our teams are energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable logistics professionals committed to providing the highest quality service to experience. 

With excellent coverage, UK Kenya shipping helps you provide your goods to reach where and when you need them, whatever the mode of transport.


Our charges include all customs clearance costs; you must collect the goods from our warehouse in Nairobi in Kenya, East Africa. 

Roll-on roll-off (RORO) vehicle shipments from the UK to Kenya and from the United Kingdom to Germany to the destinations are also available.


Accessible Collection Services Goods or documents can be collected from residential or business addresses anywhere in the United kingdom and European countries.

 Collections can be held after two to three business days on an hourly or untimed basis.

Buy anywhere; UK Kenya shipping will ship for you.

 We provide an online platform that allows Kenyan shoppers to shop from any location in kenya and have their goods delivered.


FAQs on Shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya

How much does it cost to send a package from the UK to Kenya?

• The cost of sending a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya mainly depends on the shipment size and the weight of the items. On worldwide routes, the best shipping option is UK Kenya shipping express service. Check the price to send your item directly from the United Kingdom to Kenya on our booking tool.

What is the customs duty rate in Kenya?

 The amount of customs duties you have to pay for Shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya depends on the items you are shipping, their declared value, and the regulations of each of the countries.

 Upon arrival at its destination, the shipment will need some clear customs, where the authorities will check the contents and for the attached documents to determine the cost of any customs duties.

 Customs charges are to be paid by the consignee directly to the selected logistics service provider.

How long does shipping from the UK to Kenya take?

• Shipping transit time from the UK to Kenya it usually takes 2 to 3 business days for parcels to be shipped. Most deliveries are made with our UK Kenya shipping express service, but the estimated time does not include the time required for customs clearance.

 Other services may have different estimated times, but we will always inform you how long your shipment from the UK to Kenya will take.

Send a parcel to Kenya.

International from the UK to Kenya

Need two to three days delivery Parcels.

Send multiple parcels

1. UK Kenya shipping

2. International Shipping

3. Kenya

Send a parcel to Kenya

From £8.50

Save time and money by shipping to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

 You can find the cheapest way to send a package to Kenya by comparing prices and booking a discount courier through our courier price for comparison to the service.

Rates for sending a parcel to Kenya

Here are some examples of prices for sending a package to Kenya. We have many options, so for a personalized quote, please enter the weight of your item in the quote box below.

UK Kenya shipping

Delivery within 2 to 3 business days.

£8.50 per kilo

All collected

Global Priority

Delivery within 4-7 days.


Global priority deposit at deposit

Delivery within 4-7 days.


Helpful information to send a package to Kenya

As e-commerce and the use of mobile devices expand across the globe, so does the need for reliable courier services to handle goods. 

With big names, couriers can charge low prices, so we as UK Kenya shipping aim to provide customers who book online through our quote engine with the best courier services at the best prices. 

We help thousands of customers to book a delivery service every day, not only for goods purchased online but also for gifts, personal effects, and more, which is why the couriers we work with offer us lower rates than a single sender could obtain directly.

Kenya is a growing e-commerce market, so if you’d like to ship an item to this destination, ensure you get an accurate quote with our simple quote tool.

Which couriers can I book online to send my package to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping offers a range of low-cost courier services so you can ship a package with full tracking at a great price.

If you are looking for the cheapest way to ship a package there, our UK-Kenya shipping courier services will suit your needs. Slightly fast than an Express option but perfect for those on a budget or for goods that aren’t urgent or urgent.

 The convenient services we offer include door-to-door services and cheap prices for our customers.

The other convenient service we offer the express shipping, Our service is designed to meet the needs of customers who require urgent shipping, typically with a delivery time of 1-3 days. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific shipping requirements, including the size and weight of their goods, the destination, and the desired delivery time.

Cheapest express delivery

You will find the best of both with our UK Kenya shipping Air Express service. 

It is fully tracked, by delivering your parcel in three days to cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, and the rest of the country! UK Kenya shipping will collect your property to your home or work address if the goods are large, then they are sorted and shipped via our UK Kenya shipping freight forwarder to Kenya airport.

 They are then delivered to the recipient by UK-Kenya shipping.

Now this service is hugely popular as you can book it for just £8.50 at the time of writing, and it’s an Air Express service that takes just two to three days for UK Kenya shipping but at half the price.

This product lets you ship large or bulky boxes and save even more. A heavy parcel will cost you just £8.50 compared to the other Express service, which costs over £500.

Of course, we as UK Kenyashipping Air Express, have global coverage, so we help our customers ship our discounted rate with them starting from £8.50 and delivering within two to three days.

UK Kenya shipping is another courier where we handle parcels out from the UK, their International service starts, and you can opt for collection from home or work or leave your property at your local Post Office, with a prepaid label printed and attached from our website.

How do I start a quote?

Saving on parcel shipping has always been challenging. We can find the various courier services that suit your delivery times and budget expectations within seconds.

 Enter your package dimensions into the quote engine and the destination you want to ship and from. Then choose a courier to deliver the goods like UK-Kenya shipping

Once you select this option, you can set a collection day for your best courier, and we will take care of the customs formalities in an easy-to-complete booking process so that you can complete the step-by-step process in minutes.

 UK Kenya shipping will then send you the shipping labels and customs documents to print and stick on the box. A courier will collect it for you, and you can track it on our website via your PB order number.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via our live chat tool or leave a message of our UK Kenya Shipping account, and we will be happy to help!

What are the restricted goods?

While some of the countries struggle to distinguish precisely which products can and cannot be shipped across their borders, Kenya publishes a clear and easy-to-understand list of prohibited and restricted imports.

 This list is made available by their tax authorities.

 Prohibited items include counterfeit currency, pornography, certain types of matches, certain essential oils, narcotics, certain industrial and agricultural chemicals, hazardous waste, and counterfeit goods.

In addition to the prohibited products, there are restrictions on other types of imports

These restrictions apply to shipments containing:

• wild traps,

• precious metals or rough gemstones,

• different types of weapons,

• ammunition,

• bones,

• horns,

• ivory from different types of game,

• coral,

• natural sponges,

• endangered plants,

• genetically modified products and manufactured goods.

The complete and informative list of Kenyan restrictions.

Useful information

Everything shipped must comply with the labeling laws which is administered by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

Cheapest courier service from the United Kingdom to Kenya

If you are looking for the cheapest courier from the United Kingdom to Kenya, UK Kenya shipping is here to help, yes! We provide the most and the best and most affordable way to send a parcel to kenya from the United Kingdom. 

We ship many things from the United Kingdom to Kenya daily; people need safe and reliable shipping service from a UK courier company such as UK Kenya Shipping which can deliver their parcels from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

 We offer a free collection and free packing in Kenya with proper documentation, including a secure transport when shipping to Kenya. We provide an online parcel tracking system after shipment from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

We are happy to introduce UK Kenya shipping Courier service, an online UK-Kenya package booking portal designed to provide courier services for your courier from the United Kingdom. You are just one click away from shipping your package from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

Affordable courier charges from the United Kingdom to Kenya

Express courier services

High-priority delivery from the United Kingdom to kenya.

Our UK-Kenya shipping express services deliver parcels from the United Kingdom to kenya on time. We have a national or international logistics network from the United Kingdom to kenya. It is an urgent 3days delivery service from the United Kingdom to kenya.

Cheap courier services

From the United Kingdom to kenya – Free collection

UK Kenya shipping company provides the cheapest courier service.

 You can schedule a free collection service to ship of your parcel from the United Kingdom to kenya. Get overnight courier service from the United Kingdom to kenya at the cheapest cost.

Online parcel tracking

From the United Kingdom to kenya – Free collection

Ship your parcel from the United Kingdom to kenya and track its every move online using our real-time tracking system.

 We also provide customer service in Kenya to handle your shipment.

Free pick up and packing

From the United Kingdom to Kenya – Pack and Ship.

Ship or sell an online from the United kingdom using our UK Kenya shipping and packaging service. We also provide warehousing services for your products at our distribution centers in Kenya, pick, pack, and deliver to you or your customer in the kenya.


Why UK Kenya shipping is the best courier service from the United kingdom to kenya?

UK Kenya shipping Courier Service is considered as one of the best shipping and courier services, providing a safe and cost-effective way to send a parcel to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping offers a courier service from the united kingdom within 2 to 3 days of delivery within Kenya. We offer a free collection service with packaging materials in Kenya

We are dedicated to ensuring your expectations are exceeded every time you use our service to ship parcels from the united kingdom.

We are present worldwide with an extensive logistics network from the United Kingdom. Our local parcel delivery services allow us to provide our customers with the fast and reliable same-day delivery they need.

How do we ship a parcel from the United Kingdom to kenya?

 Door-to-Door Courier Service from the UK  to kenya: 

We collect your parcel in the United Kingdom and deliver it to any location in kenya.

 Free parcel collection directly to your door in kenya for Shipping from the UK:

 Don’t worry if you are short on time or live far from our delivery location in kenya; UK Kenya shipping offer a free collection service for your parcel in Kenya on Shipping from the United Kingdom.

 Free packing materials for your parcel for shipping from the UK  to kenya.

 When you collect from your address in the United kingdom, we ensure that your property is well packed; we are responsible for filling your property well before shipping from the United kingdom to kenya.

Adequate documentation for Shipping from the UK  to kenya.

 If you are shipping from the United kingdom to kenya, we need sufficient instructions before sending it to kenya.

 Multiple payment options for courier charges from the United Kingdom to kenya – Payment in advance is required before shipping from the United Kingdom to kenya. We have several payment options for paying for your shipment to kenya.

Express delivery from the UK  to kenya.

Yes! It is our UK-Kenya shipping; we deliver fast from the UK  to kenya. within 2-3 days. We provide overnight courier service from the United Kingdom to kenya.

Ship anything from the UK  to kenya.

 We ship almost everything from the UK  to kenya. However, there are some restrictions according to the Kenyan and UK regulators. Check the list of restricted items for Shipping from the United Kingdom to kenya.

Email alert for Kenya to UK courier service: 

After you apply while in Kenya with the UK kenya shipping courier service online, we will send you a collection for the confirmation email with your order number and pickup agent information.

 SMS Notification for Courier Service from the United kingdom to kenya You will receive an SMS/SMS alert on your mobile phone as a real-time update until your product is successfully delivered from the United kingdom to kenya.

 Online Tracking for Kenya to UK Courier Service: 

We are fully trackable from the United kingdom to kenya Courier Service; you can check or track your shipping location anytime or leave feedback or instructions anytime.

 Cheap & Affordable Rates for Kenya to UK Kenya Shipping Courier Services – We are the most reasonable courier service to kenya from the United Kingdom. 

We provide some of the most competitive prices in the courier industry; in other words, we are the price leaders for couriers from the United kingdom to kenya.

Courier to the UK from Kenya

UK Kenya shipping delivery time for your courier to the kenya from United Kingdom can take up to 2-3 working days by express Shipping and 3 working days by economy shipping service; with UK Kenya shipping, you always have the option to select a type of Shipping according to your needs.

   UK Express Courier

UK Kenya shipping offers the fastest delivery time to kenya from the United Kingdom, just 2-3 working days for parcels. This service is operated by our 24/7 delivery partner with a free collection service.

 Economy post-UK

UK Kenya shipping is one of the most and cheapest ways to ship from the united kingdom to kenya. Our UK delivery partner provides this service within 2 to 3 working days for parcels up to 100kg.

Apart from delivering parcels and documents from the UK to Kenya, we also provide special items like spices, pickles, sweets, groceries, and other food items, which are difficult to send to kenya via another postal service.

Insurance plan

  We provide an insurance plan to protect your shipment in transit from the United Kingdom.

Ten best ways to Send a Parcel to Kenya

How do I send a parcel from Uk to Kenya?

There are dozens of professional couriers serving the Kenyan market. 

They deliver your package from overseas quickly, safely, and in the same condition you sent it to Kenya.

 Plus, they give you an instant quote for your international shipping needs before booking the services. That way, you know what and when to expect your package based on the price listed.

Service options

 1. Shipping only

The shipment is valid only for those who are already have a package and want to send it to Kenya.

The steps are as follows:-

  •  Indicate the origin and destination of the package.
  • Specify shipping details (size, shape, and description of contents)
  •  Get an estimated quote from the UK Kenya shipping company.
  •  Book for services.
  •  Receive and pay for the package.
  • If you don’t have a parcel but would like to shop overseas before using the shipping service, then;
  •  Purchase and pay for products from international sellers.
  •  Indicate the delivery address of the courier as the delivery point for the products.

 The UK-Kenya shipping company receives and sends a parcel to Kenya on your behalf.

Most shipping companies do not accept returns for shipping-only orders.


• When you buy and ship products, you can take advantage of discounts and promotions by making your purchases

• If you are dealing with a transport company with multiple delivery points, you can buy the products and ship them to one delivery point with the cheapest shipping costs.

• You know for sure what is in the package for Kenya.

 2. Purchase and ship

The simplified steps above will apply if your package is ready to ship. If you are in Kenya or another country, you can always hire a UK-Kenya shipping company to buy and send a package to Kenya as follows:

• Choose the shipping company’s “buy and ship” option

• Get the product link and forward it to the shipping company, asking them to purchase the product on your behalf

• Generate and accept a revised estimated quote, including purchase price, cost of service, and product shipping charges

• Book the services by paying the purchased price

• Receive and pay for the package.

As part of the shopping and shipping service, you get a 100% refund if the courier delivers the wrong item. 

However, they do not accept returns on items delivered following the customer’s order. Therefore, you should consider online sellers carefully before providing the link of their products to the UK-Kenya shipping company. 

However, if you return a product for warranty or repair, you only have to pay the shipping costs.


• Allows you to purchase products from sellers who do not ship to Kenya. Here you can contact the UK Kenya shipping company to do both the Shipping and the purchases on your behalf.

• A safer and more convenient option if the online merchant does not accept your local bank cards

• You don’t need to sign up for unnecessary money transfer services

• You do not pay extra costs for groceries.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international services. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process of shipping from the UK to Kenya.


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