In our interconnected world, online shopping has become integral to our day to day lives and we cannot run away from that reality.

With the ability to order products worldwide, it’s essential to understand the shipping times involved. Germany, known for its high-quality products and efficient logistics, is a popular destination for international parcels. 

In this aricls, we look at the factors that influence delivery times and give you an overview of how long it takes to get a parcel from Germany.

1. Shipping Method: 

The shipping method you choose is vital in determining the delivery time.

Germany offers several shipping options, including standard mail, express shipping, and courier services.

 Standard mail, the cheapest, usually takes the longest to deliver, anywhere from 5 business days and this can be offered by UK Kenya Shipping Ltd. 

Express shipping and courier services are faster alternatives, with parcels often delivered within 1-5 working days.

2. Distance and location: 

The distance between Germany and the destination country will affect the shipping time.

 If you are located in Europe, delivery times are usually shorter than in other continents. For example, neighbouring countries can expect parcels within 2-5 business days.

 However, it takes longer if you are in North America, Asia or other remote destinations due to the longer distance and potential customs clearance.

3. Customs Clearance:

 Customs clearance is an essential step for all international parcels. 

The package must pass through customs in Germany and the destination country when shipping from Germany.

 The customs process includes inspection, document verification, and assessment of all applicable duties and taxes. 

The time required for customs clearance can vary greatly depending on the efficiency of the customs authorities and possible delays. 

On average, customs clearance can take from several hours to several days.

4. Holidays and peak season:

 Holidays and peak seasons may affect the delivery time and of course leading to delays.

 During busy periods, such as Christmas or significant retail events, the number of packages shipped increases significantly, leading to potential delays. 

Furthermore, local public holidays in Germany and the destination country may affect the delivery time, as many logistics services may be unavailable or operate with shorter hours.

5. Tracking and Reporting:

 Most reputable shipping providers offer parcel services. Once your package has been shipped from Germany, you can track its progress online. 

Tracking lets you track the package’s location and the estimated delivery date and this makes it easier to track.

 In case of delays or unexpected problems, contacting the carrier or its customer service is recommended for assistance.


 While there is no definitive answer on how long it takes to receive a parcel from Germany, the factors listed above give a general idea of the delay. 

It’s essential to consider shipping methods, distance, customs clearance, and possible delays during peak seasons. 

Understanding these variables will help you set reasonable expectations for the arrival of your package. 

Remember to track your shipment and communicate well with the carrier for a smooth and satisfying delivery experience. 


 Delivery times mentioned in this article are based on general observations that may vary depending on various factors.

 It is always advisable to contact the courier for specific information about your package.

Shipping Service Provider: 

Your choice of shipping service provider may affect delivery times. 

Different carriers have different shipping networks and service levels.

 Some well-known international courier companies, such as UK Kenya shipping, DHL, UPS, FedEx, and Deutsche Post, have extensive networks and efficient delivery systems, which can result in faster delivery times.

 You should research and choose a reputable courier service like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, known for its reliable and fast deliveries.

6. Package size and weight:

 Package size and weight can also affect delivery time. 

Larger and heavier packages may require additional handling and be subject to specific shipping restrictions or regulations. 

In such cases, checking with the courier like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, for any restrictions or requirements affecting delivery times is advisable.

7. Weather conditions and natural disasters: 

Unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather or natural disasters may disrupt transportation and logistics operations, causing delivery delays which you may not like.

 While Germany is generally well prepared for severe weather conditions, storms, heavy snowfall, or flooding can still affect your overall sailing schedule.

 Likewise, if the destination country experiences extreme weather conditions or natural disasters, this can still contribute to delays.

8. COVID-19 Pandemic: 

 Restrictions, stricter health and safety protocols, and reduced staff capacity have led to delays and supply chain disruptions. 

It was essential to the consideration of the impact of the pandemic on shipping times as it may vary depending on the current situation in Germany and the country of destination.

9. Individual Circumstances: 

Finally, it is essential to remember that individual circumstances can affect delivery times.

 Factors such as incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses, customs issues or inspections, holidays, strikes, or unexpected logistics issues can all contribute to delays.

 Therefore, we recommend you provide us with accurate and complete address information when ordering and be patient during delivery and we will make sure that your delivery is at home.

In conclusion, although several factors affect the delivery time of parcels from Germany, taking into account the shipping method, distance, customs clearance, peak season, tracking and communication, and other factors mentioned above will help you better understand the estimated time that your luggage will take to reach your destination. 

Delivery time. 

Please note that while it is normal for your package to arrive earlier, there may be occasional delays due to circumstances beyond your control.

How long does UK-Kenya shipping take from Germany to the Uk?

Looking for fast shipping with UK-Kenya shipping Tracking from Germany to the USA?

 Find out what factors affect delivery times and how to find the best rates.

UK Kenya shipping offers guaranteed delivery within 1-3 working days.

• Alternatively, UK Kenya shipping can take up to 5 working days.

• Instantly compare international shipping rates and delivery estimates of over 250 carriers with UK-Kenya shipping.

Do you want to ship UK Kenya shipping to the UK?

This article continues to offer you with an overview of the services offered by UK Kenya shipping, the main factors affecting shipping times, and tips for faster delivery. 

Plus, find out how to find the best shipping rates and fastest delivery times with UK Kenya shipping.

Why choose DHL?

The shipping company Post of UK Kenya Shipping is one of the largest international carriers in the world, delivering over 1.8 billion parcels annually.

international Express shipping

DHL freight transport

• Supply chain management

• Storage solutions

• Reliable shipment tracking events

• Serves over 220 countries and territories.

If you want to deliver customers across the Atlantic, shipping with UK Kenya shipping to the Uk is a natural fit. 

Many online shops and private individuals rely on courier companies such as UK Kenya Shipping due to its efficient and reliable reputation and fast turnaround services and this is why you should choose them.

How long does UK-Kenya shipping take from Germany to the Uk

To answer this question, we must analyze some of the key factors influencing delivery times. 

These include the type of service you select, package size and weight, customs, destination, and time of year.

Type of service

UK Kenya shipping offers shipping services for international orders, such as UK Kenya shipping Express in Kenya, UK Kenya shipping is International same as DHL Global Mail.

 The type of service you select directly impacts delivery times, with express services usually being the fastest option.

 For example:

uk Kenya Shipping Express Worldwide offers guaranteed delivery within 5 working days.

DHL Paket International can take up to 14 working days

Shipment weight and dimensions.

Shipment weight and dimensions can also impact delivery times, as larger and heavier packages may require additional processing and handling time.

 It can then lead to further delays, resulting in delayed deliveries. In addition, if your parcel is too large or irregularly shaped, please note that this can be extremely difficult.

Destination in Kenya

The end customer’s destination in Kenya can determine the factor in the final delivery time of your package. 

Shipping to a major city can be much faster than shipping to a remote location or outside the 48 states that comprise contiguous Kenya.

 Due to customs regulations, some locations may require additional processing time, delaying delivery significantly.


Incorrect documentation, unpaid duties, or prohibited items can significantly delay international shipments arriving in Kenya.

 But even if everything is in order, customs clearance can take 12 to 48 hours and even longer in busy periods.

 If the package is held for over three business days, the tracker status may change to “Detained by Customs“.

 In this case, it may be necessary while contact UK Kenya shipping and customs to identify the problem.

Avoid delays and deliver your orders quickly with UK Kenya shipping using advanced shipping tools.

 Automatically generate all your shipping labels, delivery notes and customs documents in just a few clicks and print what you need.

The time of year

Finally, the time of year can also significantly impact delivery times.

 High shipping volumes during the peak season can quickly cause delivery delays from mid-August through Thanksgiving.

 Also, Christmas and weather-related issues such as snowstorms can seriously affect and delay shipping times from Germany.

Tips for faster delivery

If you need to deliver in-store orders, there are a few tactics to streamline the shipping process:

• Choose an express service like UK Kenya shipping and DHL Express Worldwide for shipments that require fast processing.

• Make sure your shipment is adequately packaged to avoid processing delays.

• Verify your end customer’s delivery details with an address validation service.

• Avoid shipping during busy holidays.

• Consider using an automatic label generator to save time and reduce errors that can cause shipping delays.

• Research customs requirements specific to your customer’s destination.

Find the fastest option with UK-Kenya shipping.

Based on the above factors, providing an exact delivery time for shipments from Germany to Kenya may take much work. 

We can make Calculated estimates based on typical UK-Kenya shipping delivery times and quotes.

If you choose UK Kenya shipping Express Worldwide, you can expect your order to reach your end customer in the Uk within 5 business days.

 UK Kenya shipping service offers online tracking, customs clearance, and door-to-door delivery, making it a popular choice for shipments that must arrive as mentioned factors.

 Get an up-to-date delivery estimate for your specific store’s shipping with UK Kenya shipping FREE shipping cost calculator. 

Plus, instantly compare exclusive pre-negotiated prices from over 250 carriers worldwide with just a few clicks.

Tax and Excise Calculator:

 Avoid customs delays and receive your shipment as quickly as possible by paying Tax and any Excise Duty. 

Let UK Kenya shipping do the tedious work for you and start shipping confidently, knowing there are no disappointments .

Do you ship from Germany to the Uk?

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International Delivery Services:

 Shipping and Parcel Delivery Rates

UK Kenya Shipping is a renowned mail and logistics company based in Germany, part of the DHL group.

 In this sub-section, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about UK Kenya shipping courier services, including domestic and international shipping rates, parcel delivery services, and delivery times.

Before booking local or international parcel delivery with UK Kenya shipping, check our rates using the booking tool.


Why choose UK-Kenya shipping?

Controlled post

The extensive network of global logistics service providers

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Instant quotes for parcels, express, and UK Kenya shipping.

real-time help

Dedicated logistics experts to help you every step of the way

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Transport insurance is included in the price.


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Our goal is to make shipping more accessible and faster. 

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Our shipping services.

UK Kenya shipping works with trusted logistics service providers to find the best shipping solution for each route.

Is UK Kenya shipping the same as DHL?

UK Kenya shipping and DHL are identical. Both are subsidiaries, UK Kenya shipping is one of the largest courier companies.

 In Germany alone, the postal division is responsible for delivering more than 60 million letters a day.

 Meanwhile, the UK Kenya shipping Express division, While DHL, delivers millions of packages annually to around 220 countries and territories.

UK Kenya shipping local and international shipping rates

UK Kenya shipping has a strong network throughout Germany, and customers can book postage and express parcel delivery with UK Kenya shipping on domestic and international routes. 

UK Kenya shipping’s rates depend on three main factors: 

Package size

  1. Weight,
  2. Destination,
  3. Type of service.

UK Kenya shipping collection and delivery points

Senders will find UK Kenya shipping and DHL branches throughout Germany and Europe

Pickup and delivery services are also available at kiosks and supermarkets.

 With 32,000 delivery points in Germany alone, this service enables customers to conveniently ship and deliver parcels internationally with UK-Kenya shipping.

 Packaging and shipping labels are also available on the site. 

UK Kenya shipping courier service delivery points are particularly advantageous for e-commerce shippers, where retailers can arrange deliveries to their customers quickly.


Frequently asked questions about UK Kenya shipping international delivery services.

Does the UK Kenya shipping courier deliver on Saturdays or Sundays?

UK Kenya shipping delivers throughout Europe between 08:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Saturday. 

They do not deliver to the delivery location on Sundays or public holidays.

What are the latest delivery times offered by UK Kenya shipping?

In Germany, the UK Kenya shipping couriers can collect or deliver until 10 pm. 

Internationally, UK Kenya shipping latest delivery times may vary by region, from 18:00 to 20:00. 

Delivery times may vary depending on whether you receive the package at a residential or business address, as most couriers can deliver to business addresses late in the day. 

If you choose the express service offered by UK Kenya shipping, they can also deliver at later times.

How long does it take for UK Kenya shipping to deliver in Germany?

Domestically, UK Kenya shipping Post has fast transit times of 3 days.

 Approximately all domestic letters sent within Germany are delivered the next day, while they are dispatched within five days.

 Approximately the parcels are delivered the next day.

How long does UK-Kenya shipping take to deliver internationally?

With UK-Kenya shipping, international parcel delivery to an EU country can take 5 days.

 Delivery time takes 1 week from Germany to a country outside the EU. In addition, UK Kenya shipping offers the express delivery experience your customers love today.

Does UK Kenya Shipping International provide delivery services for private customers?

No, UK Kenya Shipping International’s delivery services are specifically for EU businesses and e-commerce companies who regularly send large volumes of mail or small parcels to international destinations.

If you are a private customer needing to ship internationally, book your delivery in our booking tool on our website.

Is UK Kenya shipping active in the UK?

UK Kenya shipping does not offer international delivery to the UK but it operates in the UK to Kenya.

 They have a sorting center in London operated by their UK branch Global Mail. 

Deutsche Post uses the Royal Mail delivery network for last-mile delivery within the UK. It means items sent to the UK with Deutsche Post will be delivered via Royal Mail.

Does UK Kenya shipping ship to the United Kingdom?

UK Kenya shipping sends mail and parcels to the UK as part of its international network. 

They compete in the Uk with world-renowned carriers such as FedEx and UPS.

Who delivers Deutsche Post shipments in the USA?

Deutsche Post has a partnership with USPS, the United States Postal Service. 

USPS provides last-mile delivery and package return services for Deutsche Post in the United States.

What are the most common UK-Kenya shipping parcel tracking statuses?

The parcel tracking number is one of the most critical pieces of information when shipping with UK Kenya shipping.

 Some common UK-Kenya shipping parcel tracking statuses are:

• Processed at transit center:

 Your parcel has been scanned at a UK Kenya shipping sorting center and is coming to its destination.

• The shipment was delivered incorrectly.

 The shipment is forwarded to the recipient – the delivery address was incorrect, or there was a processing error, so the package must be redirected to the correct destination.

• The shipment has been cleared through customs in the destination country – the customs authorities in the destination country have inspected and removed the package for delivery.

Learn more about how parcel tracking works.

Why is my UK-Kenya shipping parcel tracking not updating?

If the tracking status of UK Kenya shipping parcels has been updated for over a few days, don’t hesitate to contact us, UK Kenya shipping courier, for more information. 

There may be delays in tracking updates due to long transport distances or large volumes of parcels in sorting warehouses.

How to contact UK Kenya shipping in English?

UK Kenya shipping provides two contact numbers for support in English.

Private customers can contact them at +447487554202 between 8 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday or 8 am and 2 pm on Saturdays.

Business customers can call +447487554202 Monday to Friday.

We all like to achieve something. And there was undoubtedly an occasion when we had to send a gift to a friend, a product to a client, or documents to a business associate, Unfortunately, the shipping process isn’t always smooth.

 Sometimes you must search for information and compare who will provide the cheapest or fastest delivery service. Sometimes you are haunted by doubts about whether it is safe delivery. 

Sometimes, when we have to send an urgent shipment, we are shocked by the price of this service, which, considering the distance of 6250 km, seems way too high. 

Even though it looks like a simple procedure, shipping from Germany to Kenya becomes a hassle. 

It is not the case with the UK-Kenya shipping package. A procedure that bothered you before is now straightforward under the help of UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

 Enter your shipment details in the inquiry form, and you will immediately see the shipment methods and prices offered by UK Kenya shipping

The peculiarity of UK-Kenya shipping is that the system independently finds the best offer in terms of price and delivery times for shipments (urgent or not) from Germany to Kenya

It only takes a few seconds.

We get it, Probably;

  •  You’re busy, and so are your customers! You don’t have time to spend half a day figuring out how to ship a package and wait to stay in line at the post office to send it, while your customers have better things to do in the office to go somewhere that takes it.
  •  Ship your products directly to your home and office with our convenient door-to-door delivery starting at just €9.54, including VAT
  • We come to you to collect your parcels and deliver them to customers anywhere in Germany.

If your shipment is not urgent, you can choose our standard service, which takes one to five working days in most postcodes in Germany

The morning delivery service is the best option for sending an urgent package.

 A parcel is delivered within 5 working days before noon in most of Germany

For a cheaper express option, choose delivery within 1-2 working days before the end of the day.

Flexibility for you and your customers.

Your customers may value flexibility and want to pick up their goods on the way home from work, the gym, or the grocery store.

If convenience is more important than speed and you need to save on shipping costs, choose our collection and delivery points network. 

These are convenience stores in your area, such as convenience stores or grocery stores, where you can drop off or pick up packages.

When you choose UPS Access Point for UPS Access Point delivery, you deliver the package to the nearest delivery point when it’s convenient for you, and your customer picks it up when it’s convenient. 

These stores typically offer extended hours, which means more flexibility for you and your customers.

Check out our infographic to find which shipping option is best for you!

1. We collect your packages from your location and deliver them directly to your customer’s address.

2. We collect your packages from your office and deliver them to a conveniently located collection point, also known as a UPS Access Point, where customers can order them conveniently.

3. Drop your parcel at a delivery point, and we deliver it to your customers’ homes so they don’t have to leave their offices/homes.

4. Leave the package at a delivery point near your home; your customer will collect it at a collection point near his home.


Declare your shipment to Germany.

Always up to date, we do not charge extra costs with our step-by-step tracking.

You can rest assured that your parcels are tracked every step of the way, from the moment they leave until when they arrive at the customer.

You always have complete visibility, at no extra cost, wherever you are. 

Enter your parcel number (they all start with ‘1Z’), and you will see the latest status of your shipment.

You can easily share the details with the customers so they can track your shipments themselves and get an overview of the estimated arrival time.

Put your customers in control with UPS My Choice ®

Today’s customer wants to be in control: 

He wants to decide where and when to receive his parcels – and better if he has control.

 With UPS My Choice, they receive up-to-date delivery notices and can track multiple packages at once.

 Accessible from desktop and mobile, they can gain complete visibility into their shipments and reroute or schedule home and on-the-go deliveries.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international shipping services.Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process of shipping your luggage from Germany to Kenya.

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