what type of pallet is the cheapest?

Select a shipping pallet based on the price

UK Kenya shipping has the pallets that you can get it less expensive. We understand that. You must use them on all your shipping units and pay the additional return shipping costs if you want them back. We import to Kenya.

They eventually break or deteriorate over time, and the replacement costs can feel like a recurring bill. Fortunately, there are many options for selecting a shipping pallet based on price but once you choose UK Kenya shipping we will make you meet your specific budget or duration needs. If you’re choosing a shipping pallet based solely on price, here are our recommendations:

There are several shipping pallets, each with advantages and disadvantages in terms of durability, longevity, and price. The two categories of pallets are:

1) wooden shipping pallets

2) plastic shipping pallets.

Wooden shipping pallet

Wood pallets are ideal for selecting a shipping pallet based on price, as they are considered the cheapest pallet type. It depends on the type of wood and the treatment it has received (if any).

The two most common types of wood used for shipping pallets

  • southern yellow pine
  • Oak.

UK Kenya Shipping offer Southern Yellow Pine as Shipping Pallets which are incredibly popular due to their low price. You will be hard-pressed to find pallets cheaper than pine. Pine wood is so commonly used due to its wide availability and low cost. However, pine has been known to wear down and break down quickly under pressure and frequent use.

On the other hand, Oak is a considerably more durable type of wood, but its price is slightly higher. Harder woods will pay off in the long run due to their construction and longevity, but the initial cost of buying used or new oak pallets will be higher than pine.

In addition to the type/species of wood used, several factors contribute to the price of a pallet. The most popular variable determining the price is whether or not the pallet has been treated. Then if you want to import a car to Kenya you can use UK kenya shipping.

Are shipping pallets treated?

Treated wooden pallets

Many pallets are heat-treated (HT) or fumigated with methyl bromide (MB). It is often necessary to ship goods internationally, as it indicates that the wood is free from pesticides and pollution.

If you select a shipping pallet based on price. We as UK Kenya shipping offer the best price,so expect to pay less for treated wood pallets. A treated pallet costs you can contact +447487554202 . The price difference is slight but adds up to large volumes.

Raw wooden pallets

Untreated wooden pallets (not heat-treated or fumigated) are slightly less expensive than treated wooden pallets. On average, used untreated wooden pallets cost. But remember that if you ship goods internationally, it is common to use treated wooden pallets.

Many companies reject shipments that arrive with untreated wood, as this increases the risk of spreading wood-borne pests, diseases, and infections.

Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets will carry a much higher face value than wooden pallets, but there’s a good reason. Unlike wooden pallets, which can crack from spills, leaks, loose nails and natural breakage, plastic pallets hold up incredibly well.

The ability to wash the pallets easily and their resistance to pesticides and pathogens make them durable and versatile for international shipments.

However, more sustainable alternatives can rang for recycled plastic pallets and up for new plastic pallets. Remember that replacing broken, damaged and weakened wooden pallets adds up quickly – costs you don’t have to worry about with plastic pallets.

Choosing plastic pallets when selecting a shipping pallet based on price may be a good idea considering their longevity. There are also different types of plastic pallets, each contributing to the differences. Then unto this UK Kenya Shipping has the car importers in Kenya and once a customer buyer we import.

Make a choice

Finally, this is the main feature that corresponds to the total price of a pallet:

• Pallet type:

wood versus plastic.

UK Kenya shipping has wooden pallets which are cheaper but last less long, while plastic pallets are more expensive but last much longer and generally have a lower cost per trip than wooden pallets.

• Pallet handling:

Treated vs not treated. Wood pallets that have been heat treated or disinfected with methyl bromide cost for the pallets that have not been treated. It is usually worth the extra cost as thickly untreated pallets are not permitted in most international shipments due to the risk of possible spread of pesticides or disease.

• Plastic Pallet Style:

Nestable vs. stackable. Nesting pallets use less material and are slightly less durable but come at a lower price. Stackable pallets are more durable but come with a higher price tag.

• Used/recycled versus new.

The rule of thumb for wood pallets is that a used pallet will cost between 1/4 and 1/2 the price of a new pallet. It is a little different with plastic pallets. Poached plastic does not break easily when spilt or handled; used plastic pallets are often only 20% cheaper than new ones.

If you ask for table selection, you’ll need to know the specific situation; a member of the Interlog UK team will be happy to help. We as UK Kenya Shipping will then Palette selection can get tricky, and dozens of other variables not listed in this article are easier to discuss in conversation. We can’t wait to talk to you! We still do the car importation to Kenya.


Amazon recently changed how pallet deliveries are booked in its fulfilment centres in the UK and Europe.
This change has led to thousands of businesses asking how much it costs to ship a pallet to Amazon and what these changes mean for them as Amazon sellers.

Sellers need help using the old CARP (Carrier Appointment Request Portal) system to note their deliveries with Amazon. Instead, all Amazon sellers like UK Kenya shipping who help the customer deliver,so they must arrange for FBA pallets to be delivered to their FC of choice via a trusted Amazon Preferred carrier.

It naturally leads to whether the new booking process means extra costs for businesses nationwide.This article explains how much it costs to ship a pallet to Amazon and how it works. It should help you relax as you prepare for your next Amazon pallet delivery!

How much do pallets cost?

If you’re in the transportation and logistics industry, you already know how valuable pallets are for shipping and storing goods. These standardized platforms are generously designed for compact and secure shipping at a reasonable cost.

But how much do pallets cost? It is essential to include the price of the pallets used in the shipping costs. This guide will give you a better understanding of pallet pricing so you can ship efficiently. If you want to know much about pallet you can +447487554202. We can help you import car to Kenya.

How much does Amazon cost to ship a pallet to the UK?

Many factors influence the price of pallets. These include:

• Material:

While wooden pallets are the most popular option, there are also plastic pallets, paper pallets, pressed wood pallets and metal pallets.

• Quality:

We UK Kenya shipping offer high-quality pallets generally cost more than basic options.

• Availability:

You may be limited by the palette choices available in your region. In addition, different countries use different sizes of standard pallets, which may affect the price of the pallet as well.

• Dimensions:

Pallet dimensions are generally influenced by what you are shipping and can affect costs.
Depending on these and other factors, the price of the pallets will vary. Therefore, it is challenging to estimate the cost of pallets without considering a company’s shipping. Here at  UK Kenya shipping has the car importation in Kenya.

Types of pallets

What are the type of pallets?

There are main types of pallets used in global shipping. Pallets can be made of wood, plastic, paper, pressed wood and metal. The choice of material largely depends on what is being shipped.

Wooden pallets

When most of us think of pallets, we as UK Kenya shipping usually think of standard wooden pallets. Wood pallets are durable, easy to repair, and cheap to purchase. It’s no wonder that wooden pallets are the most popular choice of pallets on the market.

You can buy a standard 40-inch by 48-inch pallet when new . If you want heat treatment, add a dollar to this price range. For recycled wood pallets, an eco-friendly and economical option, expect to shell out .
Geographical and commercial factors such as labour, wood costs and production times can also affect the price of wooden pallets. Here there is importation of car from UK to Kenya.

Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are another commonly used type of pallet. These solid pallets can be used for a long time but come at a higher cost. Unlike wooden pallets, plastic pallets can be disinfected, which means they meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. They also have a high strength-to-weight ratio making them ideal for shipping food and beverages.

Plastic pallets can also be custom-made in different shapes and sizes. While this can further increase costs, they are an excellent choice for hard-to-ship items. New standard plastic pallets range in price. Unique or custom designs.

Paper pallets

UK Kenya shipping has a corrugated paper pallets which are an excellent choice for lighter loads and environmental friendliness. It’s helpful to remember that the actual cost of a pallet isn’t just the pallet itself but also the cost of shipping that pallet’s dead weight with your products. You can avoid some unnecessary costs by using paper pallets where needed.

Paper pallets range But if you want to know much about the cost of the paper pallet you can contact +4474554202, with the price directly related to its sturdiness. You can also reduce costs by recycling paper pallets to get recycling income. These pallets are much easier to recycle because they are relatively clean and don’t have nails or strings. They do the car importers in Kenya.

Pressed wooden pallets

Pressed wood pallets, or composite wood pallets, are made from natural wood chips bonded together using high-temperature moulding. These wood chips are usually waste from the sawmills or wood recycling industry, which makes these pallets a greener option than traditional wooden pallets.

Not only are pressed wood pallets an eco-friendly option, but they are also an excellent choice for international shipping. Because the material is four times lighter than wooden pallets, mildew resistant, and fumigation-free, you can use them for international shipments without needing heat treatment.

While pressed wood pallets haven’t become as popular as in Europe in the United Kingdom, they are still a great low-cost option for shipping, starting around per pallet.

Metal pallets
Though rarely used, metal pallets are popular in the hospitality and chemical industries due to their ability to withstand harsh conditions while remaining hygienic. They are also very suitable for heavy loads.

Thinly rolled steel and mesh pallets are the lightest and cheapest option costing , making them competitive with reusable plastic pallets. Meanwhile, stainless steel paddles are more expensive, cost.


Palletized shipping – How to ship pallets abroad (Infographic)

Pallet shipping involves carefully packing, loading and stacking goods on wooden pallets for overseas transport. It is one of the safest and most proven methods of safely transporting containerized cargo.

Packing and securing bulk items on pallets ensures that the goods are moved only once and not need to be loaded separately into shipping containers.

You can further protect the pallet with shrink wrap and strapping, preventing the movement of palletized goods within the container and significantly reducing the loss or theft of goods during shipping. Using international pallet shipping services, you ensure safe door-to-door shipping of commercial goods, personal effects or household items.

what are the advantages of pallet shipping?


Whether you’re an independent seller or a business with hundreds of customers, shipping goods on time is crucial to maintaining a good reputation. We do the car importation in Kenya for our customers.

UK Kenya shipping has a reliable pallet delivery services are the most convenient way to transport goods and have many other benefits!
Here are the proven benefits of shipping pallets with a pallet carrier.


If you’re tasked with moving heavy boxes until your arms hurt, pallets are your unsung hero!
As pallets contain objects of all shapes and weights, they are considered the safest way to move goods from UK  to Kenya.

Furthermore, pallets are customarily handled with equipment such as pallet trucks and tail lifts; Transporting goods on pallets is much easier!

When your goods are secured on a pallet and ready to ship, you only need to arrange a collection with your pallet haulier. It’s that easy!

The carrier of choice handles all the heavy lifting; you must load everything onto pallets and know how to pack your goods correctly.


Since pallet carriers handle thousands of pallets daily, they need enough space to store everything.

Think of pallets being loaded into a van and pallets that still have nowhere to go; Their warehouses are efficient!
In less busy times, pallet shippers with relatively empty warehouses may opt to rent out storage space to people who urgently need to store their goods safely.

Let’s say you move house, and storing your stuff at home is not an option; Warehouse storage is the cheapest and safest solution.

All pallet delivery companies like UK Kenya Shipping that have high security on their premises, so the chances of your pallets being left out of sight are nearly impossible. Your pallets are always in good hands!

And with your assets already in their capable hands, moving everything to your new site would be much faster.
All you have to do is make sure they ship from their warehouse to your new location!


We at UK Kenya Shipping there’s no one you can trust more to handle your goods than the Pallet Experts!
These companies are trusted to pick up and deliver thousands of pallets safely.

Not to mention that the pallet networks are highly secure, and all pallets are subject to rigorous checks and inspections before reaching the point of delivery.

These checks help identify damaged pallets so the carrier can alert you to the following action if your pallets are damaged.


When running a business, you’re constantly looking for ways to track what you ship and what arrives locally, don’t you agree?
Of course, shipping pallets make inventory management more accessible and give you more time to focus on other important day-to-day tasks.

With streamlined inventory management, you can monitor stock levels, decide which products are the most popular, and know exactly when to restock.Using a trusted pallet transporter, like UK Kenya Shipping that you can easily track each delivery and receive all relevant updates as soon as they arrive



When shipping multiple items, consider using pallet shipping instead of arranging multiple one-time deliveries.
Thousands of businesses are often torn between shipping a single box or shipping on a pallet, but luckily we’re here to help you make the best decision.

To start with, the difference between pallet shipping and single-box shipping is that pallets are usually designed to hold multiple boxes.

So if you frequently ship multiple items, pallet delivery services are your best bet.


When shipping items, you should always consider size, weight and quantity before choosing the best couriers such as UK Kenya Shipping . At present, carriers offer different delivery options for cartons and bulk pallets. It is always best to weigh the pros and cons of each mode of transportation before choosing one.

When you send a pallet, the carrier offers additional services to help you handle larger and heavier shipments.

For example, some pallet delivery services can narrow down the items on the pallet for added security, while others offer specific delivery times, such as 2 to 3 days delivery. Especially for you a car importation to Kenya.

There are many different paddle sizes, from a quarter to a full paddle and even an oversized paddle; most pallet couriers work around you and your needs.


If you had to calculate the shipping costs for several parcels, booking a pallet shipment would be much cheaper.

You can research the cheapest pallet delivery rates in your area and almost always get a quote for pallet delivery before you book anything. This way, you can get the best pallet courier services in the UK and Europe.


Whenever you import or export goods, shipping via a pallet carrier provides extra protection and security for your items.
These companies such as UK Kenya shipping are experts in handling items carefully and are equipped to tow and transport pallets without causing damage.


The cheapest way to send a package:

With the rising cost of everything right now, you must research before making any costly decisions, especially if you’re a small business developing your shipping strategy for the first time.UK Kenya shipping do the importation of car from UK to Kenya.

Today’s customers expect fast and cheap (or free!) shipping options at checkout, so finding the most efficient and cost-effective way to ship a package can take a lot of time and effort. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a simple guide to shipping rates, types, and carriers so you can easily compare the rates and find the best deal for your business plan and shipping strategy.

What is the difference between a pallet and a package?

What is Standard Shipping – Parcel Shipping?

Standard shipping is The most common method when the items are placed in a package or suitcase. A package is a single shipment, or parcel, shipped in a cardboard box or other sturdy container.

Things you also want to send can be placed in a suitcase, wrapped in plastic wrap that covers the handles and wheels. Please note that some couriers may only collect your package if placed in an external container. We as UK Kenya shipping do car importation to Kenya.

Standard shipping with UK-Kenya shipping

Depending on the carrier you have agreed to ship with, but in general, the standard shipping service with UK Kenya shipping for parcels up to 40kg is a maximum of 175cm in length and no more than 300 cm in length + 2x width and 2x height.

What is a pallet shipment?

Suppose you want to ship not one but several packages to another location. You can import them all individually, but save costs if you stack the boxes on a pallet and send them in one shipment. This way, the parcels travel as a single shipment and are not separated anywhere during transport.

Send a pallet with UK-Kenya shipping.

Individuals and companies can book a pallet shipment via our platform at the best prices. Please note that pallets differ in size and weight, so it is essential to specify shipping details when ordering. Through the “pallet booking tool” you can see on this page, you get the prices when shipping as a private individual, but businesses take full advantage of them due to large and frequent shipments.

Pallet Wrapping Directive

More attention to organization and stacking is required when preparing the pallet for shipping, as this is quite a different shipping method than standard shipping. When placing boxes on the pallet, it’s important to remember to put the heaviest items on the bottom first and build from there.

Do not stack goods too high, as they may fall during transport. Pallet shipping is not necessarily just about stacking boxes on top of each other but also about other larger shipments that can be safely placed on the pallet.

The pallets are handled with a forklift or transparent. If you don’t have one, you can ask the courier handling your shipment to provide one on the collection day. Please note that additional charges for hiring a forklift from the UK Kenya shipping as a courier company may apply. The company helps you in the car importation from Japan to Kenya.

What are most shipping pallets made of?

Shipping pallets are usually made either from hardwoods like hickory, mahogany, maple, oak, teak, and walnut, or from various types of pine, which are softwoods. There are lots of pros and cons to consider when deciding to ship your pallets on one of these woods.

Choose between price and quality.

When comparing hardwoods and softwoods, it’s essential to understand the difference between them on a fundamental level. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees that shed their leaves yearly, while softwood comes from evergreen trees.

Shipping pallets are typically made from the hardwoods such as hickory, mahogany, maple, Oak, teak, walnut, or various types of pine, which are softwoods. There are many pros and cons when shipping your pallets on one of these packages.

Advantages and disadvantages


• Durable:

Hardwood to a higher density than other types of wood, so it lasts longer, even in adverse conditions.

• Robust:

Due to the density of the hardwood, it has too high dynamic load capacity, and less wood is needed to make a pallet. • Cost: Hardwood pallets are more expensive than pine pallets, and supply can be inconsistent.

• Poor Durability:

UK Kenya shipping make sure the customer get the best of Hardwood that does not increase. When a hardwood tree is felled to make a pallet, the pallet is unlikely to last long enough for a new tree to grow in its place.

• Heavy:

Because hardwood has a higher density than softwood, it is also heavier, making these pallets more difficult for workers to handle and increasing wear and tear on warehouse equipment.


• Low Cost:

Pine is an abundant and efficiently worked wood, so pine pallets are often inexpensive and easy to obtain.

• Lightweight:

Pine is not as dense as hardwood, so these pallets are much easier to handle.

• Less deforestation:

Softwood grows much faster than hardwood, so softwood pallets will likely be more durable.

• Rejected Cargo:

Pine is often used to make single-use sleeper pallets, which many retailers reject.

• Limited durability:

Due to its low density, the pine is more likely to warp and break, leaving splinters that can damage your equipment and product.

• Lower load capacity:

Generally, more lumber is used to make a pine pallet to compensate for the lower density. However, softwood pallets often have a lower maximum load capacity than hardwood pallets.

Pallets made from both types of wood can warp and break, damaging equipment when nails and screws come loose from a pallet.
Comparing hardwood and pine pallets shows that while each has its advantages, they share many disadvantages.

Ultimately, pallets made from both types of wood can warp and even crack hardwood, and both can damage equipment when nails and screws come loose from a pallet.

And no matter what kind of wood block pallet is made of, it will always be heavier, up to 30 pounds. For these reasons, those looking for a lighter, cleaner, more durable pallet may consider an alternative material rapidly gaining popularity: plastic.

What is the size of a pallet for UK-Kenya shipping?

UK Kenya shipping Pallet Collection and Delivery:

Size and Weight Limits

Any pallet delivery service agreed with UK Kenya shipping must comply with size and weight restrictions in the origin and destination countries. As UK Kenya shipping operates through local subsidiaries in most European countries, shippers must consult the limits applicable to their specific location.

Referring to Kenya guidelines, the size limit for UK-Kenya shipping pallets is 120 x 100 x 200 cm (w-w-h). The maximum permitted weight per pallet is 1,000 kg each.

If you need to ship pallets of different sizes and weights, contact us via the chat on the bottom right.
What is the size of a pallet?

Standard pallet dimensions with table

Standard wood pallet sizes are based on a region’s most common (and popular) pallets.
The most common pallet size in the United Kingdom is the 48×40 pallet, also known for the pallet. Then come the 42×42 and 48×48 pallets.

The history of the standard pallet

The standard 48×40 pallet was introduced by Grocery Manufacturers Association, now known as Consumer Brands Association. The purpose of the standard pallet was to allow goods shipped to the United Kingdom to move efficiently and quickly from one distributor to another.

Supermarkets and retailers can standardize their shipping and distribution by having an agreed standard size. Having a standard pallet size also reduces the amount of wasted space while allowing you to move forklifts and pallet jacks quickly. It makes it the go-to palette for groceries.

What is the standard pallet size?

The standard pallet size in the United Kingdom is 48×40 inches. Typically, each decking board is 3″ wide and 5/16″ thick. Approximately 30% of all new wood pallets produced in the United Kingdom fall into this category. The 48×40 pallet is also widely used in general warehouses and deposits. Below is a photo of an absolute standard wooden pallet.

Other common pallet sizes
The other two popular standard pallet sizes in the United Kingdom are:
• Pallet 42×42
• Pallet 48×48
Both paddles can be bidirectional or quadridirectional. It determines the type of entry for the forklift or fire engine. To this, it helps in the importation of cars from the UK to Kenya.

How to pack pallets?

The steps below outline some useful packing tips for palletised items.
  1. Choose the right pallet. Use a pallet that is large enough so that your shipment does not overhang the edges. …
  2. Stack in columns.
  3. Do not overhang.
  4. Keep it flat.
  5. Label.
  6. Secure the shipments on the pallet.

Packing tips for pallet transport

How do you pack a pallet for moving?

For your first shipment, there are essential things to know about shipping with UK Kenya shipping, such as adequately labeling your goods.
If you send goods often, you want to do it as pleasantly as possible. You still want everything to go smoothly, without extra costs, and you want the cargo delivered to the right place in good condition.UK Kenya shipping helps car importers in kenya.Once the pallets are packed they are delivered with a vehicles

That’s why we’ve compiled this handy guide with all the information at a glance!
Whether you are shipping Euro pallets, blocks or mini pallets, UK Kenya shipping is there to help you move your goods.

Choose the correct palette. Also, only use pallets in good condition.

Distribute the weight evenly across your pallet and stack your items in columns.

Choose a pallet large enough so that your cargo doesn’t extend beyond the edges of the pallet.

Pack the goods with the top of the pallet to prevent the load from loosening.

Ensure the top of the packed pallet is flat to reduce the risk of damage or loss of goods.

Please remember that your label must be placed outside the stretch wrap to be scanned properly.

What is a Pallet Courier?

Pallet delivery is when a pallet is loaded with goods, secured, and transferred to a pallet carrier. Once picked up, your pallet travels the network until its final destination.

How are Amazon pallets delivered?

Our partner, Palletline, is a preferred courier for Amazon across the UK.

When you ship goods directly to fulfilment centres, you can book an Amazon pallet delivery with Pallet Online, as usual.
Book your collection, and request a delivery date, and our UK kenya Shiping has a dedicated reservations team that will always do their best to secure your earliest delivery date with Amazon. like once we have the car importation to Kenya. 

All you have to do is go to your Seller Central account on Amazon and select the merchandise that will go to Amazon; They will provide you with an Amazon Reference ID, your PO number, and an FBA number.They will help you in importing cars from the UK to Kenya.

They will also tell you which Amazon fulfillment center your goods are going to.
After that, all you have to do is book a retreat and prepare your palette. We are a preferred carrier for Amazon and take care of the rest for you.

What is the maximum weight to ship with DHL?

Can it be a little more? At UK Kenya Shipping Express, we like a few extra grams. We cater to the big ones too!

The UK Kenya Shipping Express network offers you the best international urgent service worldwide at an all-inclusive price known in advance. Our network is not only designed for envelopes and small parcels; we also deliver heavier consignments up to 3,000 kg quickly and safely to their destination.

How long can a shipping pallet last?

Standard shipping dimensions for pallets

What is the size of a pallet?

There is no one answer, as they come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are targeted at particular industries or product types. The most common standard pallet size is 40 x 48 inches.

The now renowned Grocery Manufacturers’ Association (GMA) advanced and popularized this standard size. This standardized size, used primarily in UK, continues to influence the size of shipping pallets worldwide.

Dimensions of a standard shipping pallet include:

• 40″ x 48″: As the most common size, 40″ x 48″ pallets are commonly used to transport groceries and have many general industrial applications.
• 42 x 42 inches: The 42 x 42-inch option is often called the color palette. It is also commonly used in the telecommunications industry to ship equipment.
• 48 x 48 inches: The most extensive standard pallet is 48 inches square, making it the right size for transporting oil and other liquids in 55-gallon drums.
• 48 x 42 inches: Chemical and beverage industries often use 48 x 42-inch pallets.
• 40 x 40 inch: The dairy industry uses 40 x 40-inch plastic platforms for food safety reasons.
• 48″ x 45″: 48″ x 45″ pallets are commonly used in the automotive industry and are large and sturdy for transporting automotive parts and large machinery.
• 44″ x 44″: 44″ x 44″ pallets are commonly used to transport chemicals, especially in 55-gallon drums.
• 36 x 36 inches: The beverage industry often uses 36 x 36-inch pallets to transport sodas, water, and other bottled beverages.
• 48″ x 36″: Another pallet size commonly used in the beverage industry, 48″ x 36″ platforms are also used to transport clapboard and stationery.
• 40 x 24 inches: Because the standard deck is cut in half lengthwise, this size is known as a half pallet. Half pallets, which are excellent for getting shipments through tiny openings. They are often used in retail to display products in narrow aisles.

What standard pallet sizes are the most common?

What standard pallet sizes are most commonly used? According to the National Wooden Pallet and the Container Association, 35% of all newly manufactured pallets measure 40 x 48 inches, with most manufactured in one size.UK Kenya Shipping delivers the pallet of such size.

By a slightly higher margin, 39% is to non-standard size, which indicates that custom sizes are still popular. It is important to note that the percentage decreases. In 2011, 60% of shipping pallets were non-standard dimensions.

According to the most recent industry data,+ the second most common size after 40 x 48 inches is 48 x 48 inches. The third most popular size is 42 by 42 inches.

In its ISO 6780:2003 standard, the International Organization for Standardization specifies six standard pallet sizes, and most are measured in millimeters for international use.

After 40 x 48 inches, the other standard ISO pallet size used in UK is 42 x 42 inches or 1,067 square millimetres. While ISO doesn’t have the 48 by 48-inch rig on its list, it is often used to transport oil and chemical drums.


Pallet delivery and shipping to Kenya

Kenya has always been a popular destination for expeditions; it has some of the best nature reserves that draw crowds all year round. Wandering people and cultures also contribute to the wonder and beauty of Kenya. Located in east Africa, In this UK Kenya shipping the shipment of pallets to Kenya by sea is simple and convenient as it has its port in Mombasa and CFS warehouses in Nairobi.

We can arrange door-to-door and, in some cases, door-to-door shipments for the car kenya importers Our dedicated shipping company that is UK Kenya shipping has been in operation for many years, so you can rest assured that we provide you with the best pallet delivery service.

We will contact our customs broker and ask you for the required documentation after the pallet reservation is complete so that everything is on track with shipping. This company do the importation of car from Japan to Kenya. 

If your shipment is urgent or urgent, we can direct air cargo to your door anywhere in Kenya. From the bustling capital to remote villages, local experts work with our major courier companies to deliver your packages on time.

Both services are trackable and require signatures on delivery.
When you’re ready to complete your booking or need an online quote, enter your details on our website, and if the price isn’t visible, enter a particular section, and a member of our sales team will get back to you.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK

What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping offers the following pallet services in Kenya:

By plane
• Express door-to-door delivery of pallets
• Door-to-door express delivery of parcels

From the sea
Delivery of pallets to the port
• Home delivery of pallets [business addresses only]
What you need to know about our pallet services in Kenya:
• We accept shipments of any weight and size
• Sending a small package with loaded containers, we take care of:

we as UK Kenya shipping do away with the importing of cars from UK to Kenya.

o Small and large or bulky parcels
o Single and multiple palettes
o Extra large/suitable palettes
o Partial and complete container loads

• Optional insurance is available on the website.
• Most services are fully traceable to and from Kenya.
• Companies and individuals can send a pallet to any address in Kenya.
• We only work with the largest and most reliable international shippers.


“In the project, Kenya, which has about 17 naval vessels, tries to save $6,800 million per ship every ten years in maintenance costs. Since independence, all Kenyan ships have been serviced and maintained overseas, in UK. Each ship has a life span of 10-15 years before undergoing a restyling.UK Kenya shipping company do the car importation in Kenya through a cargo.

Kenya has already assembled a comprehensive national blue economy department, indicating that to share its vision, the blue economy will require specialized vessels, such as deep-sea fishing, in the exclusive economic zone where much of our fishing resources are untapped marina.

Can you ship pallets internationally?

International pallet shipping

Yes, you can trough UK Kenya shipping.The pallet service is the cheapest for shipping abroad. Find a pallet, load and secure it and we will collect it from you and ship it to your new residence abroad. It is the perfect service for shipping clothing and non-fragile items.

If you have more fragile objects, such as musical instruments, photos, kitchen utensils, or glass, for example, then we recommend our UK Kenya shipping for importing cars in Kenya.


How far is it from London to Nairobi?

London is located in the United Kingdom with the coordinates (51.5085,-0.1257), and Nairobi is situated in Kenya with the coordinates (-1.2833,36.8167).UK Kenya shipping does the importing of a car from the UK to Kenya. The calculated flight distance from London to Nairobi is 4237 miles or 6819 km.

Contact us tofay if you need us to ship any luggage from the UK to Kenya, while you are at the comfort of your home.

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