How long do you need on your passport to travel to Kenya from the UK?

Entry requirements.

You may have had questions on the cheapest shipping options to Kenya, from the UK, then this article will clearly highlight all you need.

This page reflects the views of the UK Government on the current rules for people traveling with full British passports for the most common types of travel.

The Kenyan authorities set and enforce access rules. If you are unsure how Kenya’s entry requirements apply, contact the British Embassy, High Commission, or consulate.

All travelers

Travelers with flu-like symptoms must undergo a US$30 rapid antigen test at their own expense. Those who test positive for the antigen must undergo a $50 PCR test at their own expense and self-isolate following Department of Health guidelines on isolation. People with severe symptoms can self-isolate under current isolation requirements for mild, moderate, and painful illness.

Any traveler entering Kenya with flu-like symptoms should complete the passenger search form and may be asked to undergo a rapid antigen test at their account, regardless of their age or vaccination status.

Full details of the Government of Kenya’s coronavirus eligibility requirements are available on the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority website.


The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) imposes strict controls on the import and export of drones to and from Kenya. You can only bring a drone into Kenya with prior permission from KCAA. If you plan to get a drone to Kenya, contact the KCAA before your trip.

Check your passport and travel documents before you leave

Passport validity

If you are visiting Kenya, your passport must be valid for another six months from arrival.

You must have at least two blank pages in your passport upon arrival.

Check with your travel provider that your passport and other documents meet their requirements.


It would be best if you had a visa to enter Kenya. Entry visas to Kenya are issued electronically only, with passengers needing to obtain their e-Visa before departure. You can apply for a single-entry and transit visa on the e-Visa website.

UK passport holders aged 16 and over in Kenya require a valid Kenya individual visa.

For more information, consult the website of the Kenyan High Commission in London.

Work permit

Before starting work in Kenya, you must have a work permit. It is illegal to work without it. You must apply before coming to work in Kenya. This also applies to volunteering and the self-employed. You can apply for a work permit on the Immigration Office website.

The Kenyan government has promised swift action against those who disobey, including deportation. The Government of Kenya prioritizes the availability of quality jobs for Kenyan citizens. It should not grant a work permit to a UK citizen if a Kenyan citizen can perform the job in question.

If you are already in Kenya and your work permit application has been approved, you must present your passport to the Immigration Office for the permit to be stamped. You should always carry a certified passport copy for identification during this period. A local attorney can provide it to you.

Requirements for the yellow fever certificate

You may need a yellow fever certificate to enter Kenya from specific destinations. Check if you need a yellow fever certificate by visiting the National Travel Health Network and the Centre’s TravelHealthPro website.

Return to the UK

When leaving Kenya, you must demonstrate that you meet the entry requirements for the UK and all transit countries.

Why do I have to pay for a parcel from the UK?

The UK became a so-called “third country” after leaving the EU, so it is no longer part of the European Customs Union. As a result, the free movement of goods is no longer possible, and export and import declarations must be submitted. VAT is still due on this. If the seller does not bear these costs, the buyer (the package recipient) must pay these costs.

The faster you pay the outstanding amount, the faster the package can be delivered. The final payment term is six days. In case of non-payment of the expenses within this term, the package will be returned to the sender.

The amount is made up of VAT and import duties. No import duties are required for most products. In addition, you pay 5 euros (excluding VAT) for administrative costs.

How much luggage do I need for 3 days?

Weekend trips seem the easiest to prepare for. But those are always the hardest.

Weekends should be easy. The journey is short, the weather won’t change much, and you probably already know what you’ll be doing.

But traveling light for a weekend can be a challenge. We all pack as much as possible, not just what we need to. Whether traveling for a weekend or a month, you’ll fill up your backpack or suitcase. If you have room, add things you’ll never need, like an extra pair of shoes or a dress, just in case.

Your stuff will expand to fill your bag.

To counter this trend, stick to a short weekend packing list and pack a small bag.

Three-day weekend packing list

Let’s start with a quick checklist for a three-day, two-night weekend getaway. The packing list below assumes you depart Friday, stay Friday and Saturday night, and return home Sunday.

As for clothing, we’ve included your daytime travel (or flight) clothing in the packing list.

• one pair of shoes

• three outfits

• three sets of underwear

• three pairs of socks (1-2 pairs if you wear Merino wool socks)

• one pajama

• Toiletry bag

Bottle of water

• Phone, charger, and headphones or earphones

• Book or Kindle

Consider at least one “nice” dress, depending on your plans. Dressing well, especially if you don’t have to, can turn a nice dinner into a special traveling occasion.

Optional additions

• Jacket

• Eye mask and earplugs

• Hat, scarf, and gloves for winter outings

Travel backpacks

Pack everything you need without checking a bag.


Dimensions of hand luggage

• Easy to pack

• Comfortable to wear

• Sustainably built

Travel day outfit

The clothing you wear to travel should be the bulkiest clothing on the trip, especially if you’re flying. Put on your most significant, heaviest clothes (jeans, sweater, boots, jacket) to save space in your bag. If you get too hot, you can permanently remove a layer after take-off and stow it in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

If you’re traveling by plane, your attire should include a light jacket with zip pockets. Pockets provide extra space for storing items such as your wallet, phone, lip balm, boarding pass and other travel essentials. Zippers keep your belongings safe through airport security.


Shoes are always a challenge when packing. It’s easy to convince yourself you need a second pair, even for a three-day trip. Resist this temptation. Instead, pack a pair of shoes you can wear all weekend long. Your shoes should be comfortable and beautiful to walk all day to wear to dinner.

In winter, choose warm and comfortable boots. Sandals or sneakers are delicate in nice weather. You can always add flip-flops for the beach or pool as needed. Most fit in the water bottle pocket of your backpack.


Be careful not to overpack electronic devices. You can leave your work computer at home for such a short trip. Since you’ll be driving or taking a short flight, skip the tablet. However, your flight may need to be longer to watch a movie.

A Kindle is my favorite in-flight entertainment for short trips. You also have your phone and headphones if you prefer listening to music or a podcast.


As for toiletries, pack only the essentials. Leave it at home if you can live without it, or survive a day or two on another brand.

Choose a hotel or Airbnb that provides the basics, so you don’t have to bring soap or shampoo.

• Toothbrush and toothpaste


• If necessary, contact the solution

• Basic makeup, if needed

• Soap, shampoo, and conditioner (only if not provided by the accommodation)

Ask yourself if you can pool your resources and share the burden of packing with your fellow travellers. Do you all have to bring your bottle of sunscreen, or can one person bring one bottle for everyone to share?

If you forget something, take a budget option to your destination. You can take the leftovers home so you don’t waste them.

General FAQs on baggage allowance for a hassle-free travel experience

Traveling is fun, adventurous, and exciting. It fills you with excitement and refreshes your body and mind. You will explore new places and learn about their culture, authentic cuisine, language, and traditions.

However, everything is fun and engaging as long as you plan everything right. Cleartrip guarantees the best travel experiences with huge deals and flight and hotel bookings discounts. It’s your one-stop platform to gather all the information about your destination and plan an unforgettable trip.

One of the most crucial parts of any traveler’s life is clearance at the airport. Knowing all the baggage rules is essential, whether this is your first solo travel experience or your first time traveling by plane.

As a new traveler, you must determine what to pack and how much weight you can carry. Because of this, you may experience difficulties at the airport. You may need to undergo several security checks and remove your restricted items to board your flight. Worst case scenario, you could be delayed at the security desk and miss your flight.

To ensure a smooth travel experience, we have compiled a detailed list of frequently asked questions about baggage regulations. This list of frequently asked questions clears up all your doubts and prepares you for your first flight experience.

How much baggage is allowed in Kenya domestically?

Each airline has its own baggage rules and weight limits. You usually carry all of your belongings in checked baggage. Checked baggage is baggage you hand over to airport staff at the check-in desks when you collect your boarding pass. They write down the weight of your checked baggage and then hand you your boarding pass.

The weight limit for your checked baggage depends on two factors:

  1. The destination you are traveling to. The weight limit for checked baggage is different for domestic and international flights.
  2. You also have other weight limits for different international destinations.
  3. The amount of luggage you are carrying.

local flights

Generally, most airlines allow a maximum weight of 15kg per person in checked baggage. These airlines are SpiceJet, Indigo, Go Air, Jet Airways, and others. An exception is Air, which allows a maximum checked baggage weight of 25kg per person. For First and Business Class passengers, this is 40kg and 35kg, respectively, per person.

If you are not carrying hand luggage, the staff can grant you a weight reduction of 1 to 2 kg on your checked baggage. However, this is not specified in the rules. This is entirely up to the airport staff.

Which items cannot be transported in checked or hand luggage?

You should never carry some items in your carry-on or checked baggage. The checklist will help you navigate security without a hitch and make your first flight experience easier.

1. Never carry personal items such as lighter or sharp scissors in your hand luggage.

2. You should never carry replica guns in your purse or luggage.

3. Bringing sharp objects, such as razors, blades, knives, etc., is also not allowed in hand luggage.

4. Firearms, firearms, and sports equipment are also prohibited in carry-on baggage.

5. Do not put electronic items and batteries in checked baggage.

6. never carry flammable, toxic, and chemical liquids in checked baggage.

7. You can take toiletries up to 100ml in your hand luggage.


Knowing the baggage rules and regulations is wise, whether it’s your first solo travel experience or flight. This will help you get a hassle-free customs clearance at the airport and save you packing time. If you know how much and what you can carry, you can fill your things accordingly.

Baggage weight limits at check-in and in the cabin are essential to know in advance so you don’t run into problems or pay extra fees at the airport.

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How long does it take for airlines to deliver luggage?

bag delivery service

Bypass baggage claim

Our service provides your suitcases directly to your home

Baggage delivery makes your journey quick and easy. For your next trip, sign up for the delivery service and let the experts take care of your luggage for you.

Delivery service is available within 100 miles of the airport, and you don’t have to be there to sign for your bags.

Sign-up for Bag Delivery Opens another site in a new window that may not meet accessibility guidelines

Here’s how it works:

1. Before your flight: Register for baggage claim service at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.

2. At the airport: Check your bags at the counter. A particular indicator is printed on the luggage tags so a luxury courier can identify your bags.

3. After Landing: Bypass Baggage Claim and go straight to your destination. Your baggage will arrive at its destination within 4-6 hours.

How much luggage for international flights?

Guide to international baggage standards

International flights differ significantly from domestic flights. For starters, while you can often travel with just one carry-on bag domestically, most travelers require a minimum of two suitcases for international travel.

Each airline’s policy determines the fees for international baggage, the baggage allowance for international flights, and the baggage weight limit for international flights.

Your destination and departure point also play a role in determining your baggage allowance and fees, as does your frequent flyer status and whether you’re traveling first class, business class, or economy class.

Below is a general overview of how airlines handle baggage for international flights. Before traveling, it’s best to check with your airline and confirm their baggage policies, as airline baggage rules change frequently.

Baggage weight limits

Baggage weight limits for international flights differ from US domestic, which can become problematic if you switch between domestic and international flights to reach your destination. Check airline regulations carefully and carry the minimum weight allowed for hand and checked baggage on all flights.


Weight limits for hand luggage for international travel differ significantly from national rules for hand luggage. Most domestic flights limit hand luggage, bags, and backpacks to £35.

The weight allowance for carry-on baggage varies from airline to airline, but your carry-on bag should generally weigh 16-18 pounds for international flights. British Airways is an exception, setting the cabin weight limit at 51 pounds.


The weight limit for checked baggage for international flights is generally the same as for domestic flights: 50 pounds. Most airlines set a weight limit of 50 pounds to reduce the risk of injury for baggage handlers.

As with cabin baggage, there are exceptions to the weight limits for checked baggage. International flights within the United States and the European Union have a weight limit of 70 pounds for checked baggage, but a fee may be required if you exceed the 50-pound limit.

Individual airlines may also establish lower weight allowances for international checked baggage. Again, check with all airlines on your flight route to verify baggage weight limits.

International suitcase dimensions

International baggage dimensions are as important as weight limits when choosing travel luggage. International baggage size restrictions can be expressed in inches or centimeters for height, width, and depth, or all three dimensions are added together for a single dimension conveyed in linear inches or cm. Please note that most airlines outside the US measure bags in inches.


Most airlines allow you to board with one personal item besides your hand luggage. A “personal” item is vague, but it usually means a purse, laptop bag, camera bag, purse, or other small thing you can stow under the seat in front of you.

The exact limit for personal items varies from airline to airline. Most UK-based airlines limit the size of individual items to 40 linear inches or 18 x 14 x 8 inches. British Airways allows the exact dimensions, while Air limits personal items to 17 x 13 x 6 inches.


International carry-on baggage generally exceeds the UK national. Carry-on luggage for international flights is typically between 22 and 15.7 inches in height, with varying depth and width limits. Be aware that this can cause problems at the gate, as the hand baggage accepted on international flights is too oversized for domestic flights and will most likely be checked at the gate.

How long does it take to deliver your baggage in Kenya?

Shipping a package of suitcases or bags from the UK to Kenya can take several days. Shipping will depend on the distance between the original collection address in the UK and the delivery address in Kenya.

Since these addresses are close to major roads across the country, our carrier has many more facilities to carry your bags to their domestic hubs. To get a better idea of delivery times, check our booking system to see how many days it will take to ship to Kenya.

How much does sending suitcases from the United Kingdom to Kenya cost?

Thanks to our booking system, you can quickly and easily get a quote and prices for your delivery from the United Kingdom to Kenya. All you need to do is enter your UK collection address, collection date, and UK delivery address.

You will receive a price list with several options: low cost for an economical way to send your luggage to Kenya, plus Premium options if you want your luggage delivered as quickly as possible. Due to short transportation time, express delivery from the UK to Kenya is always more expensive. Our prices include the insurance of your baggage.

Check the prices for luggage delivery to Kenya

What are the different ways to ship to Kenya from the UK?

You can ship your luggage door-to-door in several ways. After all, our carriers have different modes of transportation, from ocean freight to air freight. Depending on the destination country, you’ll likely choose one of these options for shipping your bulky baggage, whether for an occasional necessity or an international move.

Sea freight is generally used to transport substantial items to Kenya. It is common knowledge that sea transportation takes longer than air transportation. At Eelway, we work with fast couriers who take your luggage from the UK to Kenya by air or road.


Send a parcel to Kenya? There are dozens of professional couriers and couriers serving the Kenyan market. They deliver your property from overseas quickly, safely, and in the same condition, you sent it to Kenya.

Plus, they give you an instant quote for your international shipping needs before booking the services. That way, you know what and when you can expect your package based on the price listed.

Service options

1. Shipping only

The shipment is valid only for those who already have a package and want to send it to Kenya.

The steps are as follows:-

• Indicate the origin and destination of the parcel

• Provide shipping details (size, shape, and description of contents)

• Get an estimated quote from the shipping company

• Book for services

• Receive and pay for the parcel

If you don’t have a parcel but would instead shop overseas before using the postage-only service, then;

• Purchase and pay for products from international sellers

• Indicate the courier’s shipping address as the delivery point for the products

• The shipping company receives and sends a parcel to Kenya on your behalf

Most shipping companies do not accept returns for shipping-only orders.

United Parcel Service (UPS) Kenya – Ideal for same-day deliveries

UPS Kenya is a UK-owned international shipping company. This company helps individuals and businesses move parcels around the world quickly. UK Kenya Shipping can ship packages to the Nairobi branch.

It is also consolidating its six-pack shipping solutions (UPS Express Plus, UPS Express, UPS Express Saver, UPS Expedited, UPS Worldwide Express Freight, and UPS Worldwide Express Freight Midday) for urgent and less urgent shipments.

That’s why you can have the package delivered the next day or agree on a day and time when you want the parcel in Kenya. UPS guarantees this delivery on a defined day.

What we like

• Wide choice of shipping options for urgent deliveries

• Make a maximum of three delivery attempts

• Convenient downtown shipping locations

• Excellent tracking capabilities

Planet Express.

Planet Express is a package shipping specialist that hires DHL, USPS, FedEx, Planet Mail, and Postal Service to ship a package to Kenya.

Here you can ship 0.5kg, 4.5kg, or 20kg boxes. Therefore, you can combine multiple parcels into one box to reduce shipping costs. Then choose a delivery method based on your budget and urgency. Planet Express offers duty-free storage in its Oregon warehouse.

What we like

• Up to 10 days of free stock

• Save up to 80% with package consolidation

• Get a free UK address

• Responsive and helpful customer service

8. Parcel Monkey – For convenient delivery methods

Parcel Monkey is another courier that works similarly to Planet Express. Contract with other shipping companies like DHL and USPS to send packages to Kenya through versatile delivery options. Indeed, it picks up your container and delivers it to your workplace or home at an affordable rate. Your package from the United States will arrive in Kenya with the shipping method of your choice. Then it goes to Kenya Postal Service handlers for final deposit.

What we like

• Has convenient pick up and drop off services

• Protective cover available as an option

• Offers collections for the weekend

• Provides access to discounted shipping costs


Royal Mail

Royal Mail is a courier specializing in the transport of documents and parcels all over the world. Partners with a worldwide network of 178 other postal companies. In Kenya, Royal Mail cooperates with the Postal Corporation of Kenya. Also, Royal Mail Kenya’s pricing policy is indexed based on distance travelled, not package weight or size, making it a more affordable option.

What we like

• Fastest cross-border postal service

• Ship a package to Kenya from 3,000 destinations worldwide

• It has 285 acceptance centers in Kenya

• Convenient shipping options

Finally, there are online stores that ship directly to Kenya. They understand: –





• Objective


Best buy

New egg


Do-it-yourself shop

• Excess inventory


Here are more tips to ensure the safety of your parcel directly from online stores:-

• Ask your bank to register your card for international payments

• Call or send a message to the online store’s support department before completing the shipping transaction

• Read previous customer reviews on supplier support and post-sales communication

• Focus on multiple gold suppliers with verified locations and recent transaction history

• Check the return policy

• Apply for buyer protection or pay through an escrow account

Frequently asked questions about sending a package to Kenya

1. What factors should I consider when choosing the best shipping solution for sending a package to Kenya?

Consider pricing, list of available services, customer support, reputation and reliability of the shipping company, and efficiency in providing services.

2. How will Kenyan Customs clear my parcel?

It would be best to have customs clearance when you send a package to Kenya from countries like the UK and Kenya. This is where you fill out your home country’s customs forms to provide a detailed listing of the contents of your package.

This facilitates further processing by Kenyan customs officials. This way, you pay the correct import and customs fees depending on the content. Work with a reputable parcel service provider who oversees this customs clearance process for you.

3. What products are banned or restricted in Kenya?

Kenya has several articles banning or restricting entry into the country. These products include fresh or perishable foods, alcohol, and drugs. Avoid inconvenience by checking Kenya’s complete list of restricted and prohibited items on the shipping company’s official website.


When choosing the courier or online shop that sends a package to Kenya safely and reliably, compare each company’s quotes and additional benefits. Ultimately, you want to take advantage of loyalty programs and other offers for loyal customers.

Hand baggage allowance

*All cabin bags must have a “KQ Approved Cabin Baggage” tag following cabin baggage standards.


1. In addition to the cabin allowance, passengers can carry 01 Duty-Free piece in the cabin as accessories in the column above.

2. Children under two who DO NOT occupy a seat are entitled to 1 piece of hand baggage of MAX 12 kg and dimensions MAX L55 x D25 x H35.

3. For infants and toddlers who sit in a passenger seat and need to be secured on board for their comfort with an approved device, such as a car seat, the car seat used on board can be accepted in addition to the standard free-hand baggage.

When booking, the guide is informed that he is responsible for installing the car seat on board, following the manufacturer’s safety and installation instructions.

4. Some airport authorities or airlines may restrict hand luggage’s number, size, and weight further. In such cases, your free baggage allowance will be checked free of charge, provided that the dimensions and weight are within the weight of your hand baggage allowance. Otherwise, standard excess baggage fees will apply.

How long does it take to export a car to Kenya?

Sending cars from the UK to Kenya takes 25-29 days. It comes from the British port of Mombasa. Shipping from the UK to Mombasa usually takes 33 days. Onward transport to Nairobi can be made within 3-4 days, depending on the carrier’s schedule.

For more information, please read our blog post on how long it takes to import a car from the UK into Kenya or watch the accompanying video for a full explanation. Or watch the short video on CIF export times.

How much does it cost to export a car to Kenya?

As well as the cost of your car, you will need to factor in UK freight, QISJ inspection, postage to Mombasa, marine insurance, buying agent fees, customs clearance charges, including airport charges, your customs clearance agent, import duties, VAT, levies, tax registration and transportation in Nairobi.

Please read the details of these costs in our blog on the cost of importing a car from the UK into Kenya, or watch the video on the cost of importing a vehicle into Kenya.

How much import duty do I have to pay?

Our KRA Car Duty Calculator explains how car tax is calculated in Kenya. Use the Prestige Car Duty Calculator to get an accurate estimate of the import duties you will have to pay for the export of your car.

What is QISH?

Quality Inspection Services (QISJ) is the motor vehicle inspection company contracted by KEBS to carry out pre-shipment inspection of vehicles exported to Kenya from countries such as the UK. They carry out the mandatory technical control for export. Our QISJ inspection page explains how it works and how much it costs.

How do payments for cars exported to Kenya work?

The easiest way to import a car into Kenya is to do this C&F. Pay the agreed deposit to secure your vehicle; the balance is due 7-10 later. Read about other payment options in our story about Kenya car import payments or watch the Kenya car import payments video.

How do payments for cars delivered in Nairobi work? (PDD)

Cars exported to Nairobi from the UK or Japan work the same way as C&F payments. The agreed deposit is required to secure your vehicle, and the balance is due 7 and 10 days before despatch.

How do asset-based finance car payments work?

Payments for imported cars in Kenya with asset financing are pretty straightforward. Pay a minimum 20% deposit to secure your vehicle, and then loan payments start one month after you receive your car in Nairobi. This video on car import payments explains the details.

How do I get equity financing for my export car?

Equity financing for an export car is easier than you think. Choose your perfect car with our team and opt for funding from NCBA, Stanbic Bank, or I&M Bank. We take care of the import of your vehicle from the purchase, shipping, and import of your car in Mombasa and Nairobi. Our Asset Finance page explains how the process works, or watch our Asset Finance video for more details.

Can I import my car tax-free into Kenya?

If you are eligible to import duty-free cars into Kenya, we will be happy to assist you. Tax-exempt status generally applies to diplomats, expatriates, and returning residents. See our page on importing duty-free cars for more information on how importing duty-free vehicles works.

Can I export a car without VAT?

We search for VAT-registered cars for our customers and calculate the VAT savings so you can save 20% off the purchase price. If you’ve found a UK VAT-eligible car, that’s no problem.

We are happy to step in and complete your purchase so we can save you UK VAT. Find out more about UK VAT-eligible cars and how importing a VAT-eligible vehicle can save you 20%, or contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I recover VAT on a car exported to the UK?

There are several ways to recover VAT on exporting your car to the UK.

Options 1-4 carry significant risk, so read more in our VAT recovery blog before proceeding with any of these options.


Contact us today if you have any shipment which you need help shipping from the UK to Kenya with us as the UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

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