Does eBay operate in Kenya?

Customers in Kenya choose to shop on eBay to gain access to a wide variety of products they may not come across otherwise.

With the multinational marketplaces, eBay provides opportunities to shop for goods in the  UK, which can then be shipped to customers in Kenya through UK Kenya shipping.

How to ship from eBay to Kenya?

One of the best-known e-commerce marketplaces, eBay is a multinational consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer selling platform. eBay has a huge user base from all over the world.

It sells everything from new and used electronics to designer clothing brands to unique collectibles, making it more appealing to sellers and buyers.

However, finding great products without shipping can be devastating for buyers who aren’t on one of eBay’s 190 marketplaces.

Fortunately, freight forwarding services such as UK Kenya Shipping can help ship parcels to Kenya and goods that customers have ordered on eBay to Kenya, allowing customers to purchase personal and business interests and deliver them to their homes.

UK Kenya Shipping also offers cargo to Kenya

Why buy on eBay?

Customers in Kenya shop on eBay to access various products they might not otherwise find. With multinational marketplaces, eBay allows purchasing goods in the UK to be shipped to customers in Kenya.

eBay also has many benefits for all buyers, including top-notch customer service and buyer protection features, competitive pricing, a money-back guarantee, and a large selection of rare, vintage, and high-end items.UK Kenya shipping offers to ship from Australia to Kenya

Sellers can list anything on eBay, so buyers have an exceptional variety. Like Amazon, you can find everything from auto parts and new and used electronics to rare books and clothes.

eBay operates in multiple countries and offers international shipping options for sellers through UK Kenya shipping which offers shipping companies from China to Kenya.

Another advantage of eBay is buying used products. With a money-back guarantee, buyers can rest assured that the products they purchase are in the condition described.

 In the event of an error or defect, if the item never arrives or if it differs significantly from what was advertised, buyers can submit a refund request.

However, sourcing and shipping products from the UK or other markets to Kenya can take time and effort. You may encounter obstacles, such as excessive shipping costs and delivery problems. Also, you may need to learn how to shop in another country’s market and ship it to Kenya. UK Kenya shipping also offers the advantages of rail transport

Shipping from the UK to Kenya can help you buy products from the various eBay marketplaces and have them shipped to Kenya.

How to shop on eBay in Kenya?

Here are the steps to buy on eBay from Kenya. This uses the UK marketplace.

1. Create an eBay account

Log in to or search for eBay in your search engine.

Once you find the site, go to the top left corner and see “Hello!” Log in or Register”. Click “Register” to get started.

You need to enter your account name, email address, and password. Register using your Facebook or Google account to save time and streamline registration.

While you can shop without an eBay account, you can’t save products you find for later. It’s best to create an account in advance to view and protect items as you go.

2. Search for products or browse product categories

Now that your account is ready to use, you can start shopping! You can find the products you want via:

Shop by Category: Includes all products that belong to a specific category, such as women’s clothing or electronics.

Search: You can search for a product by name and get relevant results and partial matches for most keywords.

3. Use product filters

Some categories and products on eBay generate pages and pages of possible results. You can spend hours browsing them or narrow your search results using search filters.

Product filter options can narrow your search by price, brand, condition of the item, color, or product specifications. You can also sort the results by best match, newest offers, first ends, low to high, high to low, and more.

4. Select the product

When you see a product you like among the filtered product results, click on the list to read more details and browse the photos.

The listing should include all pertinent information, including sizes or measurements, seller policies, and detailed images.

Please read the listing description in detail to ensure it meets your needs and has all the desired features.

Pay close attention to any faults or defects the seller mentions and the condition. If you make a purchase and have not recorded this information, you may not be eligible for Buyer Protection.

You should also check reviews from other buyers to learn more about the seller’s reputation, delivery times, customer service, and more.

A 95% or higher rating indicates the seller is generally good but looks for the highest possible rating.

5. Make your purchase

If you still want the product after reading the product description and reviews, you can add it to your Cart or buy now to complete your purchase.

Add to Cart can consolidate all your assets onto one invoice, while Buy Now only applies to this single product.

6. Enter your delivery address

When you are ready to purchase, it includes your shipping address. You would like your parcel to be delivered here.

You can use UK Kenya Shipping parcel forwarding service with a UK address to ship to Kenya if the seller ships to Kenya, your postal address in Kenya may be used.

Parcel shipping is helpful if you plan to make multiple purchases from the UK, as you don’t need to worry if a seller ships to Kenya. We will provide you with a UK address that you can use to send your parcels.UK Kenya shipping offers ship from US to Kenya

7. Enter your payment information

eBay accepts many payment methods, including major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and eBay gift cards. Kenyan debit cards from local banks with Visa or Mastercard are accepted.

While eBay is generally safe and protects customer information, it’s best to use a prepaid Visa or Mastercard debit card or PayPal for an extra layer of protection.

8. Complete the purchase

After entering all the information, you are ready to place your order! Just click on ‘Confirm and Pay’.

9. Order confirmation and delivery

If your payment was successful, eBay will confirm this and send you an on-screen message saying, “Your order has arrived! “You should also receive a confirmation email to your eBay registered email address.

eBay will now prepare your order for shipping to Kenya. Processing time may vary by seller, but most sellers process and ship orders quickly.

The sellers will also provide a tracking number allowing you to track the package in transit, provided you have selected a shipping option that includes tracking.

eBay usually sends email notifications letting you know your parcel has been dispatched and another once delivered.UK Kenya shipping offers pallet meaning.

What are the costs?

Shipping directly to Kenya from eBay is an option, but depending on the shipping service, it can be expensive. Shipping by couriers such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL is also costly for international assistance.

At UK Kenya shipping our shipping rate is based on the actual or dimensional weight of the package, whichever is greater.

This includes shipping costs, all customs clearance costs, and no surprise costs. You can get an exact quote for your shipment in advance. UK Kenya shipping offers the advantages of railway transport 

How long will it take?

Most eBay sellers use UK-Kenya shipping to ship to Kenya. It may take 2-3 using air freight. Upon arrival in Kenya, you face astonishing customs clearance costs, often exceeding the cost of purchasing the item.

On the other hand, you can ship with us at a flat rate, including customs clearance. When shipping to a UK address, parcels are delivered within 2-5 days using eBay’s Fast  Shipping program.

Then you can use our UK address when making payment, and UK Kenya shipping ship the package to you. You will usually receive the package within 2-3 business days by air freight. UK Kenya shipping does Amazon ship to Kenya?


When you sell on eBay, you get paid directly to your bank account. Payouts are simple and secure

Are shipping costs included with eBay?

The fees sellers pay to eBay don’t cover shipping costs, but a commission does.

eBay charges sellers two standard fees per listing: an ad placement fee and a final price fee. The last price commission is a percentage of the final sales amount, including shipping costs. 

How much are eBay shipping costs?

It depends on how an eBay seller ships their items and where. Domestic ground transportation is much cheaper than international air transportation.

eBay sellers can handle the shipping using a third-party template or drop shipping. These factors affect all eBay shipping costs. See our section above for more information on these options and what they mean to your benefits. UK Kenya shipping offers rail transport advantages

How much does the eBay Global Shipping Program cost?

The worldwide shipping program does not have separate specific costs. International sales may incur fees, but for GSP-eligible items, the Buyer’s import and customs fees will be reflected on the listings, paid by the Buyer, and repaid by eBay.

Does eBay charge a fee on the final shipping price?

The commission on the final price does not concern only the shipping costs. It considers an item’s final selling price, including shipping costs. Depending on the item and the seller, the cost can vary from 2% to 12%.

Keep your e-commerce shipments afloat with UK-Kenya shipping.

The transaction data sellers get from eBay only gives them some of their needs.

While the numbers add up, the line items aren’t separate for you. So knowing how much you’ve spent on miscellaneous charges, shipping, taxes collected, or commissions received requires regular manual calculations.UK Kenya shipping offers pallet meaning.

That’s a long way to do business, and then there’s the possibility of human error.

UK Kenya shipping is a login application that sits between eBay and your accounting software.

It downloads information about your transaction from eBay, breaks it down into the different components of each deposit for you, and feeds them into statements in your accounting software.

With the click of a button, you can see your stakes, any changes that have occurred, and if everything matches.

Organize your accounts through the accrual method, which allows orders to span several months and gives you a more accurate and dynamic view of your cash flow.

UK Kenya shipping also offers a cost of goods sold feature that helps you ensure you’re only investing in profitable products.UK Kenya shipping offer ship to Kenya from Amazon.


Due to the nature of eBay’s global marketplace, eBay listings can be viewed, purchased, and shipped to buyers worldwide.

Depending on the seller’s shipping settings, these listings may appear on the same site or in a different location where the seller has listed the item.

If your item is sold, you are bound by the terms of service and policies, including buyer protection policies, of the site where the item is being sold and possibly the laws of that site’s country.

If you want to keep your item from being sold to international buyers, you can exclude the countries or regions you don’t want to ship to by changing your shipping settings

 Buyers who meet your requirements will still be able to view your listings but won’t be able to bid on or purchase your items.UK Kenya shipping offers Kentex cargo rates.

To exclude international shipping costs for all of your listings:

1. Go to Manage Shipping Settings

2. If available on your eBay site, next to International Shipping Program, change the setting to Unlisted

3. Select Edit next to Exclude Shipping Locations

4. Check the boxes of all the countries and regions you want to exclude

5. If you want these settings to apply to current active ads and future ads, check the Also apply to current ads box

6. Select Save

Set buyer requirements: You can also set your preferences by setting buyer requirements. These preferences will be used by default for all your future advertisements. If you use the company registration tool, you can make these advertisement-specific changes at the time of registration.

Individual listings: If you sell using the Business Listing Tool, you can exclude or include international shipping costs for individual listings. UK Kenya shipping offers lcl meaning shipping

When creating your listing in the Delivery Details section, customize your international shipping preferences and a list of excluded countries, if applicable:

1. In the International Shipping subsection:

• if you are referring to scheduled global shipping, clear the Sells Abroad with the scheduled global shipping check box; 

• in the drop-down menu of other shipping options, select None

2. In the Exclude Shipping Locations subsection: Create an exclusion list for the countries/regions you do not want to ship to Kenya.

Shipping cost from China to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping is cheap.

4. Prohibited Items

Sellers and buyers are responsible for verifying that their transactions comply with the laws applicable to the item’s purchase, sale and shipment, including export and import laws. Read more about our international trade policy.

5. Sales tax and other similar consumption taxes

In any jurisdiction where eBay is required to collect sales tax or similar excise taxes on sales or purchases made using eBay Services (for example, goods and services (GST) in Australia or Internet Sales Tax, you consent to eBay collecting such taxes. UK Kenya shipping also offers personal effects meaning

6. Purchaser’s obligations: Customs Fees and Duties and Delegation of Power

Buyers are responsible for customs fees and duties on items shipped internationally, following local laws and regulations.

Whether these charges are due at the time of purchase or upon delivery of the article is determined by the shipping method offered by the seller or chosen by the buyer and local laws and regulations.

Suppose the Buyer makes an international purchase from a UK seller, and the Buyer or Seller chooses to ship the item via eBay Standard International Shipping.

In that case, the Buyer understands and agrees they are the official importer. eBay standard international deliveries require the Buyer to agree to authorize UK Kenya shipping or its subcontractors, to act as the Buyer’s agent on the Buyer’s behalf.UK Kenya shipping offer the cheapest shipping from the USA to Kenya.

The Buyer allows such importation of Goods on its behalf and further agrees that UK Kenya shipping may delegate the duty to import the Goods to a subcontractor (e.g. customs broker).

If you are a buyer buying from international sellers to import the goods into a country of the European Union, you, as a result of this designate, authorize and authorize the postal operator, courier service, or similar carrier which will administer, endorse, and authorize your import and delivery in the EU acts as your direct customs representative according to which establishes the Union Customs Code. The legal measures of the permit have been duly confirmed.

For items purchased through the Global Shipping Program, all customs duties and taxes are the Buyer’s responsibility at the time of purchase. Learn more about the global shipping program for sellers and buyers.

How do you pack an eBay parcel?

After you’ve sold your item, it’s important to pack it securely, in the right type of packaging, to make sure it gets to your buyer in perfect condition.

Pack the sold items

• How to pack oddly shaped items

• eBay branded packaging

Once you’ve sold your item, it’s essential to pack it securely, in the correct packaging, to ensure it reaches your Buyer in perfect condition.

Here are some tips for packing your items:

Choose a container slightly larger than your item to protect it on all sides with packing material.

Wrap your item in bubble wrap, peanut wrap, foam, or paper (so there’s no room for moving things).

Use clear or brown packing tape, eBay branded tape, reinforced packing tape, or paper tape, which should be at least 2 inches (5cm) wide.

Do not use duct tape, cord, twine, or twine.

Tape the opening of the box and reinforce all seams and edges.

If you’re reusing a box, cover up all previous labels and erase all earlier addresses with a black Sharpie.

Pack irregularly shaped items.

Some things are more challenging to ship than others. Here are some ideas for packing oddly shaped items:

Metals: Stick the address label directly to the item and cover any sharp or protruding edges with cardboard.

UK Kenya shipping does fcl shipping

Fabrics and wallpaper:

 Rolled products travel best in corrugated boxes. If you send a roll of material in a bag, ensure it is securely wrapped and sealed to prevent tearing.


 Apply a wide strip of pressure-sensitive tape in the center and around the tire’s body. Attach the address tag to the strip of tape where it overlaps the tread and covers it with clear tape.

UK Kenya shipping also deals with pallet world Kenya.

eBay branded packaging

You can make your packages look more professional with eBay-branded packaging. Visit our Postal Supply Store to purchase various eBay-branded materials, including boxes, bags and envelopes, gift boxes, packing tape, and other shipping materials. UK Kenya shipping offer lcl shipment meaning.

Who ships eBay parcels?

You’ll find helpful links to articles on everything from setting up shipping options on your listing to printing labels and tracking the item after it’s shipped to the Buyer. 

Shipping and delivery services

Configure your shipping options

Learn more about the range of shipping options you can offer buyers.

Delivery date options for sellers

UK Kenya shipping measures the pallet size.

Offer local pickup

If you offer local pickup, you can make an appointment with the Buyer so they can pick up the item in person.

eBay Standard Envelope

Use eBay’s standard envelope to send items as light as 3 ounces, such as trading cards, stamps, or coins.

Delivery of your parcels to sea carriers

Explore your packages’ delivery options to UPS, and FedEx.

Shipping costs and discounts

Shipping costs for sellers

Learn more about shipping costs and how to calculate delivery costs.

Using our shipping calculator

When you use calculated shipping costs, we use our shipping calculator to update the shipping automatically costs a buyer sees based on her location and your shipping services.

Kentex cargo ship from USA to Kenya works with UK Kenya shipping 

Offer combined shipping

Combined shipping allows you to combine shipping for your Buyer before or after payment.

Maximum shipping costs

Please find out the maximum shipping costs in each category and how they are determined.

Shipping discounts

You can offer shipping discounts to your buyers using flat rates or calculated shipping rules. Learn how shipping discounts work and how to apply them to your listings.

shipping insurance

Learn more about UPS, and FedEx Ship Cover shipping insurance options.

Sell internationally

International shipping for sellers

Grow your business by making your items available to international buyers. Find out how to get started.

eBay international shipping

With eBay International Shipping, you can reach more buyers around the world. We will handle international shipping, returns, and refunds on your behalf.

eBay International Standard Shipping

Use eBay’s standard international shipping labels to ship your items to buyers in over 210 countries. Print the brand, and we will arrange international shipping for you. 

Parcels, labels, and tracking

Print and void shipping labels

Learn how to create, print, reprint, and void a shipping label, ship an order in multiple packages, print packing slips, and more.

Keep track of the items you’ve sold.

Learn how to download tracking information for items you’ve shipped to a buyer.

Pack the sold items

Read our packing tips and learn how to pack oddly shaped items.

UPS package types

Learn more about the UPS shipping options available for your package.

Return shipment

Return costs for sellers

Learn how to send an eBay shipping label to your Buyer, provide your designation, or otherwise arrange for a return.

UK Kenya shipping offers cheap shipping from China to Kenya.

Manage returns, missing items, and refunds for sellers

If a customer has a problem with their order, or if they change their mind about a purchase, they’ll get in touch with you and ask for help. Once the buyer tells you there’s a problem, you have 3 business days to resolve it

How to manage a return request as a seller?

You can choose whether to accept returns if a buyer changes their mind about a purchase. However, if an item arrives damaged, doesn’t match the listing description, or if the buyer receives the wrong item, you’ll generally need to accept the return.

Can you collect parcels from eBay?

Purchase with local pickup

• How to arrange a local pickup

• Search ads with local collection

Many sellers offer free local pickup, especially for large, hard-to-ship items. You can collect the item in person, inspect it before taking it home and save money by not paying shipping costs.

When you purchase an item that can be picked up locally, you will receive information about the item’s location during checkout. To find out more before purchasing, select Contact Seller from the list.

How to arrange a local pickup?

After making your purchase, contact the seller to arrange a time and place to pick up the item and arrange a payment method.

The seller will tell you which payment methods they accept. In addition to credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal, you can pay for locally collected items by online banking, check, or money order in advance or when you collect the thing. Merchants can also accept cash for local takeaway purchases.

Once your purchase is complete, we will email you a local pickup code (a QR code and a 6-digit code) in your messages.

When you collect the item, you can print your email or show the message to the seller in the app. The seller scans or enters the code into the eBay app to confirm that you’ve picked up the item.


EBay’s money-back guarantee still covers items collected in person.

Search ads with local pickup

Select Free Local Pickup on the left side of the search results page when searching for items on eBay to view local pickup offers.

You can also use the advanced search to filter your search results for local pickup listings only. That’s how:

How long does it take to receive a package from eBay?

E-commerce companies like eBay have reduced order fulfillment times over the past decade due to competition from Amazon. Today, most online shoppers can expect to receive their items within 2-3 days of placing their order.

However, they may be delayed due to factors on the seller’s side. eBay sellers treat shipping times differently despite the trend described above. Sellers have up to 30 business days to ship items after placing an order on their eBay store.

eBay’s shipping policy requires sellers to ship items within the processing time stated in the listing, and the Buyer selected shipping method. This article explains how long it takes for eBay sellers to send orders and why some orders may take longer to ship than others.

How long do eBay sellers take to ship orders?

On average, it takes eBay sellers about 1-3 business days to ship an order. However, per eBay guidelines, charges may have maximum shipping or “handling” time of 30 business days. 

This means buyers can expect to receive their items between 0 and 30 business days after placing their order. The good news is that processing times are usually shorter. Most sellers ship the order the next business day.

While long processing times are rare, they can occur due to payment, order fulfillment, or seller issues.

How long do eBay sellers have to ship?

How long do eBay sellers have to ship your purchased items? It’s a common concern for many eBay buyers, and with good reason. You want to get your items to you as quickly as possible but also ensure the seller follows eBay’s shipping policies.

EBay’s policy is that sellers should ship items within the processing time specified in the listing, using the shipping service selected by the Buyer during checkout.

This means that sellers have a specific time frame within which they must ship your item. However, the exact time may vary depending on the seller’s processing time and the shipping service offered.

So how long do eBay sellers have to ship? Let’s take a closer look at the details.

How long do eBay sellers have to ship?

When buying an item, essentials essential to know how long you can expect it to arrive; the seller determines the shipping time, which may vary depending on the processing time and shipping service used. Here’s what you need to know about shipping times on eBay.

National delivery

For domestic shipments, eBay sellers are required to ship items within the processing time listed on the listing.

This is the time it takes for the seller to pack and ship the item after receiving your payment. Processing time is usually 1-3 business days, but some sellers may offer longer processing times.

Once the item has been shipped, you will be notified of the estimated delivery date. This date depends on the seller’s shipping service and the package’s destination. 

. If you need the item by a specific date, please check the estimated delivery date before purchasing.

International shipments

The delivery time may be longer for international shipments due to customs clearance and other factors. Processing time for international orders is usually longer than for domestic orders and can range from 3 to 10 business days.

Once the item has been shipped, the estimated delivery date depends on the shipping service selected by the seller and the destination country. It is important to note that international shipments may be subject to customs duties and taxes, which are the Buyer’s responsibility.

In summary, shipping time on eBay varies depending on the seller’s processing time and the shipping service used. When purchasing, please check the estimated delivery date and be aware of any customs duties or taxes for international shipments.

How to buy and ship from eBay to Kenya?

Buy and send anything from eBay UK to Kenya.

If you want assisted buying or shipping-only options on eBay, this article will show you how to buy and ship from eBay UK to Kenya.

This short article will show you how to shop and buy on eBay from Kenya and have everything shipped and delivered to your door.

We also show you our savings and why you should only use other senders if you hate saving money.

Before I go into the details of buying and shipping from eBay in Kenya, we can help you buy what you need even if you don’t have a credit card, credit card, or PayPal account.

eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, serving nearly 190 countries through third-party carriers such as UK Kenya shipping.

In Kenya, shipping from eBay is a detailed experience if you try using the post office option.

It is expensive, slow, unreliable, and dangerous, not to mention the many extortions related to the bribery of Kenyan postal workers to receive these goods.

…but don’t worry, UK Kenya shipping, we can help you ship anything from any store in the UK, including shipping from Amazon to Kenya and only takes 7 to 14 business days, and your delivery is insured and guaranteed.

Why ship from eBay to Kenya with UK-Kenya shipping;

We know you have a choice, but we do our best to ensure we are the best option for shipping from the UK to Kenya.

We recognize that we have competitors, but not all of these competitors will provide you with a UK tax-free address.

In the UK, every state has a sales tax, similar to VAT in Kenya, which is added to everything you buy.

For example, a state like California charges up to 10% sales tax, depending on the country your items are delivered to. If you buy a $2,000 laptop on eBay and use a shipper in California, you’ll pay up to $200 in sales tax.

You will lose until… look again, 28,000 KSH at today’s exchange rate.

At UK Kenya shipping, we allow you to use a tax-free shipping address where you pay sales tax at an affordable price.

Would you use a shipper in California and lose 28,000 KSH?

A state like New York – and we have competitors there – has a sales tax of almost 9%. If you buy a $2,000 item on eBay or in a store and use a New York shipper, you lose $180 or KSH 25,200.

With these insane savings that anyone could use, UK Kenya shipping should be your clear choice for shipping from eBay to Kenya and any UK store.

  1. Create a free eBay account

Creating an eBay account is free and easy to do. eBay recognizes your location, and Kenya is one of the supported countries.

In this case, choose between a personal or business eBay account. In this case, choose the personal business account and enter the requested information.

You need to verify your email address and phone number before you can use your new eBay account.

2. Link your eBay account to your PayPal account:

eBay and PayPal are sister companies; in most cases, you need a Paypal account to buy on eBay.

Equity Bank in Kenya has a reciprocal relationship with PayPal, so this should be fine.

Sometimes, eBay allows you to use your credit card without a PayPal account, but your payments may be declined for security reasons.

3. Sign up for a free Kentex Cargo Free UK address

Now that you’ve created your PayPal account and linked it to your payment methods, it’s time to sign up for a free UK warehouse address where all your purchases are received on your behalf and shipped to Kenya.

With your UK Kenya shipping Free warehouse address, you can:

• Ship packages from any UK store (not just eBay) directly to our warehouse

• Buy and ship when you want from the comfort of your home: we do the donkey’s work for you.

• Get notified when we receive your package at the UK warehouse

• Request for consolidation and reconditioning

• Send gifts to your friends and loved ones – surprise them

• Pay your purchase requests and shipping costs in one place

Buy on eBay with your Paypal account or credit card:

You may be one of the few Kenyans with PayPal accounts and credit cards linked to your eBay account.

The main thing you will notice is that Paypal’s fees and exchange rates are very high.

This explains why our assisted purchase option could be a safer, more accessible, and cheaper option for you.

Use UK Kenya shipping to shop on eBay and ship to Kenya.

Ultimately, most of our clients use this method because most prefer to leave online fraud and its risks to us.

This method is also safe. We investigate the eBay seller and sometimes call to verify that the eBay transaction is secure.

From your side in Kenya, you must send us your eBay buying link using our recruitment form.

We can only buy from the eBay link you sent us to avoid complaints that we purchased something you didn’t request.

Using your order page, we may keep track of the eBay link you have sent us for future reference.

Once your eBay purchase is complete, your package will be delivered to our address in the United Kingdom.

We will inform you that your eBay item/package has been received and is coming to Kenya.

Once your eBay shipment has arrived in Kenya, we will call you to make an appointment to pick up your package or schedule a delivery.

Pay for your purchase on eBay and ship the parcels to Kenya.

As you would on eBay, we ask that you pay in advance for your purchase.

There is no way around this, or we cannot purchase eBay items that have yet to be paid for.

We may also require you to pay delivery charges before delivery, particularly for things we consider to be high-risk.

MPESA, wire transfer or wire transfer can make payments.

For capital goods such as medical and construction equipment, we need to obtain a bank check or wire transfer before processing the transaction.

For ocean freight of your eBay items, payment for shipping and insurance must be received before the shipment leaves the United Kingdom.

We also can’t avoid it because we need to pay import duties, import duties, and taxes.

eBay shipping to Kenya

eBay is a leading online shopping site like Amazon, Asos, and Mark & Spencer that offers great deals to its customers.

But finding profitable deals on eBay without knowing if the goods can be shipped outside the UK is devastating.

And this is where freight forwarding services like UK Kenya shipping come into play. We assist in dispatching goods ordered on eBay by customers in Kenya from the UK.

We help customers purchase personal or commercial merchandise and have it delivered directly to their homes.

With this article, you will learn what eBay is, if eBay ships to Kenya, and if you can order your goods on the site. We also explain how to shop online on eBay if your card is declined. Read on to find out all about it.

What is eBay?

eBay refers to an online shopping website that serves customers all over the world. It sells various products, including electronics, clothes, computers, auto parts, etc.

Most Kenyan customers like to shop on eBay and then have the goods transported to Kenya. That’s because eBay offers outstanding customer service, a money-back guarantee, a large selection of products, and fast shipping, primarily if you use the services of UK Kenya shipping among others. We help Kenyan customers to ship their goods by air from the UK via eBay.

How to ship eBay to Kenya from the UK?

Without in-depth knowledge of shipping goods from eBay to Kenya, you will encounter problems. For example, you may experience high shipping costs, and your goods can be shipped, but there may be delivery problems at the post office. Also, you may need to learn how to shop online on eBay and transport goods to Kenya.

Learn how to buy and ship goods from the UK to Kenya.

You need to follow specific steps to buy on eBay and then ship to Kenya. Here’s what you need to know;

1. Step 1: Search for eBay in your browser and log into or

2. Step 2: Create an eBay account. You will need your name, email address, and password.

3. Step 3: Use the search box to find the products you want to buy.

4. Step 4: Read customer reviews, listing descriptions, and seller ratings and view product photos.

5. Step 5: Purchase the product – sometimes your card needs to be accepted. In this case, ACG can assist you by emailing your order links to

6. Step 6: Enter the delivery address; When you’re ready to place an order on eBay, you must add your shipping address (the package’s destination). Use your unique UK  address assigned to you by UK Kenya shipping.

7. Step 7: Add your payment information. eBay accepts several payment options, including significant cards or PayPal. Please note that eBay offers a money-back guarantee if you are still waiting to receive your item or if your goods are damaged before being delivered to your UK  address. Sometimes eBay will not accept your payment. Email us your order immediately, and we can buy it on your behalf.

8. Step 8: Place your order; after adding all the necessary information, you can place your order and pay.

9. Step 9: Confirmation of order and delivery; you will receive an email to confirm your orders and another once the seller has shipped the product to your UK Kenya shipping delivery address for delivery.

10. Step 10: eBay order shipped to Kenya from the UK  by UK Kenya shipping. Once your order has been received at our UK  depot, it will be shipped with our weekly air freight shipments to Kenya.

Buy goods on eBay if your card is declined.

UK Kenya shipping will cover you if eBay declines your debit or credit card. We can buy for you and then ship from eBay to Kenya.

Here’s what to do; Log into eBay, check the products you wish to buy, and send them to Kenya. Copy the eBay product links and send the link to UK Kenya shipping Include your full official name and telephone number and state the number of products required for each link and all other variations such as color, size, pattern, etc.

UK Kenya shipping will email you a quote, which you can review and accept. You will receive a final invoice from UK Kenya shipping for the items you wish to purchase. You can pay by bank transfer or M-Pesa. You pay  UK Kenya shipping charges once your products arrive at our warehouse in Kenya. Finally, you need to confirm the purchase and delivery of your parcel to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping starts processing your order immediately after payment. Once you have purchased the products, you will receive a confirmation email from UK Kenya shipping. And you will also be notified when the products reach Kenya, so you can pick them up or deliver them to your home.


Contact us today, If you need any of your luggage shipped from the UK to Kenya, and we, UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, Will guarantee you a good shipping experience.

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