Send a parcel to Kenya

Shipping to Kenya

What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping makes the best shipping to Kenya from the UK quick and easy. Not only do we help you find the cheapest shipping options for all your needs, but we also partner with the best Kenyan couriers to ensure you get great prices and the fastest delivery times.

Whether you’re sending gifts, a small package, or a large shipment of goods to Kenya, UK Kenya shipping offers a range of fast and affordable delivery options to suit any budget. We offer free cover on every shipment* and door-to-door tracking. So, with UK Kenya shipping, your parcel is in good hands.

The difference between UK-Kenya shipping

• Compare carriers – Save up to 60%
• Parcel tracking in real time
• £50 free full coverage*

Our courier in Kenya Services

• Door-to-door delivery
• Express or economy international shipping
• Large and heavy deliverers

Compare the prices of the best Kenyan couriers

Which is the best courier to use?

Use UK kenya shipping has the price comparison calculator to compare the rates of top Kenyan couriers. UK Kenya shipping has just been the best, and over the last decades, we have built solid and lasting relationships, which means we can offer the best Kenyan fares, with savings of up to 60% when you book direct.

1. Get an instant online quote for shipping to Kenya.
2. Compare the low prices of the best couriers.
3. Select Express Fast Delivery or Low-Cost Economy Delivery.

Kenya Shipping costs

With UK Kenya shipping, you get what you see. Our great prices include all applicable fees, so there are no surprises. Our rates are so low, we’re cheaper than regular mail, and you know your package will be delivered safely and quickly.

Our shipping services in Kenya

What are the shipping services?

Shipping services are the transportation of goods or cargo via air, sea, rail, or ground. The goods might be on pallets, in boxes, crates, or in other containers as they move from one location to another. Each form of transportation has its benefits, such as price, safety, or speed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sending a pallet, a large or small package, or airmail only; UK Kenya shipping makes finding a courier easy and that offers the perfect option for your budget.

And we offer more than just shipping to Kenya – you can also use our import services to send to Kenya from the UK. We can even collect your parcel on the same day from many locations in Kenya.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK
UK Kenya shipping Express – Delivery within 2 to 3 days
Economical – Delivery within a few days

express delivery
Fast delivery within 3 days

Cheap shipping to Kenya

Customs in Kenya

What is the customs policy in Kenya?

Customs duties can be levied at rates between 0% and 100%, with an average of 25%. However, sensitive items attract duty higher than 25% (the sensitive items are listed in schedule 2 of the EAC Common external tariff).

Any package entering Kenya must clear customs before it can enter. Anything shipped to Kenya from the UK or any other country will be subject to import duties and taxes when crossing the border. There are no import duties or tax exemptions for any package.

It is essential to correctly and complete the customs documents that UK Kenya shipping generates during the booking process – all this is necessary for your parcels to clear customs when shipped to Kenya. Be sure to include a complete description of your belongings and their value.

mail collection

Once you book, you can expect us to collect your parcel from most locations in the UK and Kenya on the same day.
However, this isn’t the case if you’re sending a large package; for parcels over 50 kg or over 180 cm, it is necessary to book at least 24 hours in advance and help your courier load the shipment at the time of collection.

If you are shipping a pallet and an item requiring a tail lift and pallet truck, please get in touch with our UK Kenya shipping customer service team before collection.

Delivery to Kenya

What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping is one of the chosen to ship with one of our delivery services, we will deliver it to you. If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, we will make two more attempts, after which the package will be returned to the sender.

Some couriers we work with, such as UPS, may leave a package in a secure location without a signature being required. If you need proof of shipment delivery, please use the ‘Signature Required’ upgrade option on our ‘Selected Service Page’.
Read more about collection and delivery in Kenya.

Please check Kenyan public holidays, as we are unable to deliver
Track your shipment to Kenya

UK Kenya shipping priority is to ensure our customers get the best price and excellent service, so we offer door-to-door tracking on every order.

It means you can keep an eye on your parcel throughout the shipping process, and in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you know exactly what’s going on.

And to ensure you get everything necessary, we as UK Kenya shipping will email you if there’s a delay. To track the delivery of your parcel, enter your parcel tracking number into our tracking tool.

Find out more about tracking your Kenyan parcel.

How do I track a parcel with a tracking number in Kenya?

Send gifts to Kenya.

We as UK Kenya shipping ship the gift from the UK to Kenya for import duties and taxes when sending a gift to Kenya. We help in tracking the system of the item for our customers. It means that even if the item you send is a gift, the recipient still has to pay duties and taxes before the package clears customs. However, indicating that the box is a gift is still essential.

Ensure you do not ship your wrapped gifts, which will be discarded during customs clearance. Also, note that your donation must be declared as such, but your documents must specify the exact nature of the content.

Large parcel and air transport to Kenya

Send parcels with a maximum length of 270 cm or a maximum weight of 1000kg with UK Kenya shipping. If you need to ship a large or heavy package to Kenya by air, UK Kenya shipping can find you a great deal with a courier you can rely on.

Make sure you book at least 24 hours in advance and try to be there to help if your courier needs help loading or unloading your shipment.

Learn more about sending large parcels to Kenya.

Send food to Kenya

Nothing beats the taste of home, even when surrounded by Kenya’s beautiful sights and sounds. Food is also a popular gift, so follow UK Kenya shipping simple advice, and you can send food to Kenya from the UK worry-free.
So whether you’re shipping food to Nairobi or sending a gift to Mombasa, UK Kenya shipping makes shipping food to Kenya easy.

What can you send?

Non-perishable foods

Store-purchased foods with an expiration date of over six months.
Items must be in the original manufacturer’s packaging and unopened.
Food labels must list all ingredients.
The expiration date must be indicated on the package

Examples of perishable foods:

Crisps and savory foods, Chocolates and sweets, Preserves, Herbs and spices in airtight containers, Tea bags, Jams, and other preserves

What you can’t send?

perishable foods
• Foods with a shelf life of less than six months.
• Homemade foods or foods not in the original manufacturer’s packaging.
• Foods that may deteriorate in transit.
• Food products in open packages.
• Foods that do not have ingredient food labels.

Prepare your package

How do I prepare a package to deliver?

It is a long journey for your parcels on their way to Kenya, and they will be handled by man and machine many times during the shipping process. You must pack your goods correctly to ensure that your shipment completes its long journey in the best condition it was when it departed.UK Kenya shipping offer and prepare the package.

If you want your goods to arrive safely, there are three essential parts of the packaging process to consider:


UK Kenya shipping uses new boxes that contain the items you’re shipping and the packaging you’ll need to keep it safe. Used boxes may seem sturdy but can break or get crushed during shipping. If the contents weigh more than 10kg, use a double-walled tube.


We wrap the customer’s items and add another layer of wrapping around them so they don’t move inside the box and are at least 6 cm from the sides. A quick shake should show if your goods are safe.


Triple-wrapped with heavy-duty tape in a Union Jack flag pattern, covering all corners and seams. Ensure the shipping label is the only thing on your box and that it’s attached so it won’t fall out during shipping.

Can I send food to Kenya?

Yes, you can ship food to Kenya with UK-Kenya shipping. However, there are several essential rules for shipping food internationally that you need to remember: All food shipped must be store-bought and have a shelf life. Homemade food cannot be sent.

Who charges customs fees?

If customs and import duties are applied to a shipment, this will be done by Kenya Customs as part of the customs clearance process. UK Kenya shipping has no control over this part of the shipping process.

Is there anything I can’t ship to Kenya?

Yes, there are goods you cannot ship to Kenya. Some goods, such as perfumes and colognes, are carried by someone other than a courier.

You can see what UK-Kenya shipping doesn’t have in the prohibited and restricted items list. Similarly, Kenya has its list of things it prefers to avoid being brought into the country. In this case, the list of specified goods is covered by two sections – the second and third annexes.

Do I have to pay import duties and taxes when sending my luggage to Kenya?

NO. There are no specific customs exemptions for personal items such as luggage, so you will generally need to pay duties and taxes for luggage shipments.

Do I have to pay extra to send a gift to Kenya?

NO. There is no gift exemption for gifts shipped to Kenya, which means they are treated as a standard package and, therefore, subject to import duties and taxes as usual.

Why shop with UK Kenya shipping?

UK Kenya Shipping has built a reputation for excellence and outstanding customer service over our three decades in the courier industry, and we pride ourselves on offering the best price without compromising on service. That’s why we offer free door-to-door tracking and a courier of your choice, all for over 60% less than booking direct.

Can I ship very bulky items to Kenya with UK-Kenya shipping?

YES. UK Kenya shipping offers airfreight and pallet delivery services that can handle shipments up to 1,000kg. And if your parcels are more minor, our large and heavy services can ship packages up to 270 cm long and up to 70kg in weight.

Which couriers can I find on UK Kenya shipping?

We only work with the world’s most reliable couriers, covering over 220 countries worldwide, with rates up to 60% cheaper than booking direct. Our delivery partners are DHL, DPD, FedEx, TNT, and UPS.

Can I use UK Kenya shipping to ship eBay items?

As long as you’re not shipping prohibited items, UK-Kenya shipping is excellent for eBay shipping. Use our eBay shipping calculator to find a deep shipping discount for your listing.

Does UK Kenya shipping offer a professional shipping service?

UK Kenya Shipping works with many companies to help them deliver on their shipping promises. Our sales department offers additional discounts and premium support in the UK.

Does delivery time vary in remote areas of Kenya?

Whether you are shipping to the Mount Elgon area, Machakos County, Kendu Bay or Magagua, sending to remote parts of Kenya may take a few more days. However, we consider this when providing your quote and confirming a specific delivery date, depending on where you ship to.


How do I send cargo from the UK to Kenya?

Your best forwarder for shipping from the UK to Kenya by sea.

You will benefit from our extensive experience and low-cost shipping rates to ship from the UK to Kenya by sea.
Click to receive your quotes within 8 hours.

UK Kenya Shipping is a well-known all-in-one international shipping company in the UK that can help you with your shipments, including ocean freight to Kenya and Mombasa.

UK Kenya Shipping has extensive experience in shipping products from the UK to Kenya. Our dedicated market team closely monitors market developments in UK and Kenya, including shipping costs.

Please get in touch with us with your requirements, and we will give you essential shipping details and a lower price.

We also have a customs department, which reviews and monitors customs regulations in Kenya and UK. Customs for compliance that one of our operational pillars. Because of this, shipping from the UK to Kenya and Kenya will always be hassle-free, just like container shipping to Kenya Nairobi.

Our in-house developed logistics system manages, monitors, and tracks all your shipping orders online. The system has no hidden costs as the shipping costs are calculated, including container shipping to Kenya. You will always have a great experience because the procedure does not depend on a human being.

Click to view China to Kenya shipping rates

Our services for shipments from the UK to Kenya

Airplane transport

UK Kenya shipping offer Air Freight Service is one of our fastest delivery options for you. Shipping from UK to Kenya takes about 2 to 3 days, and we ship the products to Kenya for you with low shipping costs.

FCL shipping

We prioritize the needs of the importer. If you want to ship via FCL, we can help you cost-effectively send a 40ft container from China to Kenya. We carefully load your products into a container and transport them to their destination.

LCL shipping

UK Kenya shipping ships the heavy parcels through LCL, we can arrange a shared container at a lower cost than sending a 20ft container from the UK to Kenya. Importing products from the UK via container to Kenya Nairobi conveniently at lower freight costs is convenient.

Door-to-door shipping

We have included door-to-door shipping service in our quotes resulting in cheaper shipping rates from China to Kenya. We offer door-to-door shipping via any mode of transport, including container shipping in Kenya.

Express services

We can provide express services through DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT courier systems. With this technique, we can transport your items from the UK to Kenya in 2 to 3 days at a reasonable freight rate. Don’t worry about the delivery.


Our UK-Kenya shipping team is dedicated to analyzing Kenyan customs policies and strong relationships with local brokers. It ensures the customs process goes smoothly and your package arrives in Kenya on time.


Whether you need it for short-term or long-term storage services for shipping from the UK to Kenya, our UK-Kenya shipping has an advanced system that gives you various options. After consulting our estimates, send a delivery note.

Collection and delivery

What does delivery and collection mean?

A service that involves getting goods from a place and taking them to the person who wanted them or back to the place they came from after they have been repaired

One of our advantages is we as UK Kenya shipping offer door-to-door pickup and drop-off service from the UK to Kenya Cargo. Please provide us with addresses in UK and Kenya, and we will send you a vehicle to pick up and deliver the items.

Why choose UK Kenya shipping to ship to Kenya from the UK?

Focus concentration is the basis of professionalism. We as UK Kenya shipping specialize in specific markets and know everything about them. We then focus on uniformity and systematization to reduce transportation costs without compromising service.

Economy shipping rate

Long-term contracts have been entered into to reduce operating costs. We are constantly improving our working techniques and efficiency to provide you with the best service with the cheapest way to ship from the UK to Kenya.


UK Kenya shipping has its own standardized shipping solutions, in-service techniques, and cargo handling enabling us to respond quickly to your queries while providing a high-quality service at a lower cost via sea shipping in Kenya.


We as UK Kenya shipping have created a dedicated support system with the guidance of our Nairobi warehouse software that has the development team. It allows you to work paperless online and control and monitor your cargo.

Complete self-control

The nodes of the supply chain are autonomous. We as UK Kenya shipping have also hired someone the track the entire shipment of your items using our warehouse software system. It gives us complete control over everything.

Customs clearance service

Our employees work with local customs experts in selected locations to ensure smooth customs processes. The compliance team reviews various customs policies to ensure smooth customs clearance.

Wide coverage

We as UK Kenya shipping offer a wide range of covers. As a result, we have branches and warehouses in more than 20 countries. Each checkpoint is developed with experienced and knowledgeable employees to tackle any challenge.

Highly qualified team

We attach such importance to our staff training that we regularly provide it to all our employees. They offer a timely Kenya Sea Freight summary and replay to ensure they continue providing excellent service.


What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya?

Deliver your parcel to Kenya from the UK by AIR and SEA. Importing groceries online to Nairobi, Kenya, from the UK has always been challenging, faster, and more convenient. UK Kenya Shipping offers world-class, secure air and ocean shipping at some of the most economical rates on the market.

We offer shop and shipping in Kenya through our free assisted shopping service. We want it to be as easy as possible to buy from any store worldwide and have it delivered to your door in Kenya.

Our wealth of experience has made us experts at troubleshooting and solving cargo-handling challenges from start to finish.

Whether you want to ship a small, large, or heavy item, we will advise you on options based on your needs. Shipping to Kenya has always been less challenging. Contact us for more information.


  •  Get your free address
    Click UK  in the address tab and call +447487554202 to get your free warehouse address.
  • Purchases and shipments
    Buy online from one of your favorite stores and ship from one of our UK warehouses.
  •  Collection and delivery
    Arrange for the package to be picked up or delivered to your home for a small bodaboda fee.
  •  Purchases and shipments
    Buy online from one of your favorite shops and have your items delivered to one of our UK warehouses.
Purchase and ship to Kenya

 Get your free address

Click UK in the address tab and call +447487554202  to get your free warehouse address.

 Consolidate packages

We as UK Kenya shipping will inform you immediately when your package arrives at our warehouse address in Nairobi.

 Collection and delivery

We ship to Kenya in 2 to 3 days from the UK. Arrange for collection from our warehouse in Nairobi or have us deliver to your door for a small bodaboda fee.

We shop for you and ship to Kenya

 We are looking for you

Please tell us what you want, and wait for us to buy your products for free.

Consolidate packages

Once we receive the products in one of our Nairobi warehouses, we ship them to your doorstep.

 We buy for you

We check availability, share product photos, and buy after you approve the products.

Collection and delivery

We ship in between 2 to 3 days from the UK to Kenya. Arrange for collection from our offices in Nairobi or have us deliver to your home.

Why choose UK-Kenya shipping?


We as UK Kenya shipping offer weekly airfreight service from the UK to kenya.


We continuously focus on value, cost reduction, and supply chain optimization to offer competitive pricing. We offer discounted volumetric pricing for retail and shipping from the US and UK with a minimum charge per pound and no rounding.


UK Kenya Shipping offers fast delivery times, usually taking 2 to 3 days from the UK.
Over the years, we have built a network of reliable partners.


UK Kenya shipping offer Ocean freight which is one of the ideal ways to transport large quantities of goods at a lower cost. Seagoing vessels are built to carry vast amounts of cargo and raw materials compared to aircraft capacity. Furthermore, maritime transport allows for handling liquids, gases, and dangerous goods.


We as UK Kenya shipping offer free assisted shopping from the UK to Kenya. Please tell us what you want and wait for us to buy your products for free.


We have secure and free parking. Our team provides efficient customer service, support, and a feedback box at


Our UK-Kenya shipping shipments meet high safety requirements and are certified according to the highest local standards. With the tracking number, we offer security and fast and easy transportation of your cargo.


Pallet delivery and shipping to Kenya

Kenya has always been a popular destination for expeditions. It has some of the best nature reserves that draw crowds all year round. Wandering people and cultures also contribute to the wonder and beauty of Kenya. Located in East Africa, shipping pallets to Kenya by sea is simple and convenient as it has its port in Mombasa and CFS warehouses in Nairobi.

We as UK Kenya shipping can arrange door-to-door and, in some cases, door-to-door shipments. Our dedicated UK-Kenya shipping company has been in operation for many years, so you can rest assured that we provide you with the best pallet delivery service.

We will put you in touch with our customs agent and ask you for the required documentation after the pallet reservation is complete so that everything runs smoothly. Everything happens to track whether the shipment is urgent or urgent. We can ship air cargo direct to your door anywhere in Kenya.

From the bustling capital to remote villages, local experts work with our major courier companies to deliver your packages on time.
Both services are trackable and require signatures on delivery.

When you’re ready to complete your booking or need an online quote, enter your details on our website, and if the price isn’t visible, enter a particular section, and a sales team member will get back to you.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK

UK Kenya shipping offers the following pallet services in Kenya:

By plane
Door-to-door express delivery of pallets.
• Door-to-door express delivery of parcels

From the sea

• Delivery of pallets to the port
• Home delivery of pallets [business addresses only]

What do you need to know about our pallet services in Kenya?

• We as UK Kenya shipping accept shipments of any weight and size
• Sending a small package with loaded containers, we take care of:

o Small and large or bulky parcels
o Single and multiple palettes
o Extra large/suitable palettes
o Partial and complete container loads

• Optional insurance is available on the website.
• Most services are fully traceable to and from Kenya.
• Companies and individuals can send a pallet to any address in Kenya.
• We as UK Kenya shipping only work with the largest and most reliable international shippers.

Receive deliveries from NAIROBI to Mombasa quickly, cheaply, often quickly, and safely. It’s something that is required by anyone who sends documents, belongings, clothes, books, equipment – whatever you need at one time or another. Let’s say you’ve traveled and made so many purchases that airfreighting those items back home will be too expensive.

Or you stay in NAIROBI for a while, for example, to study, and you need to send something to your place of residence (Mombasa) occasionally.

For many of us, shipping processes are not associated with pleasant memories – often, this is not easy to do: sometimes there is a lot of paperwork to fill out; sometimes, in the case of classic post offices or shippers, long queues are unavoidable; and while it’s of the utmost importance that the shipment reaches the recipient as quickly as possible, you need to look for a reliable and cost-effective, time-consuming solution.

Sending parcels from the UK to Kenya, Moving to Kenya. Immigrate to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping, ship all your luggage and suitcases to Kenya with the best couriers, USPS shipping to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping, and send gifts to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

Benefits of using UK Kenya shipping

Parcel from NAIROBI to Mombasa is delivered door to door.

All shipments from NAIROBI to Mombasa are insured and as per we as UK Kenya shipping shipped for you we deliver it.

We provide transportation services all over the world.

We can ship both large and small packages.

Registration is not necessary!

Best price from NAIROBI to Mombasa

We provide a real-time tracking option

Send parcels from NAIROBI to Mombasa

However, once you switch to UK Kenya shipping, you can remember these and similar problems. Shipping from NAIROBI to Mombasa, where the distance is 1000 km., has always been more complex. UK Kenya shipping has reduced the issue to a simple task that takes up only a tiny part of your precious time.

We offer an unmatched innovative solution worldwide:

we as UK Kenya Shipping have collected many local and international couriers and selected the best transport route. It means you can save time researching and comparing service prices and looking for information.

With just a few clicks, selecting countries, entering cargo details – and on the UK Kenya shipping platform, you will see the transport options of the shipment (delivery can be “Express” or not). It sends from NAIROBI to Mombasa, where the distance is 440 km.

It has never been easier. All you have to do is select one of the most acceptable options, enter the address, and be available at the agreed time for the courier to collect your shipment.

Your shipment(s) from Mombasa to NAIROBI will be delivered cheaply, reliably, and swiftly. Not a day passes, and the recipient will rejoice in the shipments received.

When do we usually ship?

Usually, the occasion is unplanned, which means we are looking for who can provide a cheaper, faster, and above all, safer delivery service, so we usually go with a courier.

UK Kenya shipping takes an innovative approach to shipping services:

We use the available space on the vehicles of various reputable couriers. Shipments are transported quickly, reliably, and safely. Couriers selected by UK Kenya shipping deliver loads daily to recipients around the world.

Your chosen mode will deliver urgent and not-so-urgent shipments from NAIROBI to Mombasa from door to door. And then all that remains is to wait unperturbed for the message from the shipment’s recipient confirming that the delivery has been received on time, thank you, instead of wasting time looking for the cheapest service or couriers.

The unique system of the UK Kenya shipping platform allows us to offer you excellent prices for shipping services and also allows us to guarantee the quality of these services. All shipments sent by UK Kenya shipping from NAIROBI to Mombasa are covered by standard insurance and with the additional UK Kenya shipping insurance.

Therefore, with just a few clicks, you can see the price and when shipments from NAIROBI to Mombasa will reach the consignees. We won’t bother you with complicated paperwork and signing papers; the time previously spent on these questions can now be used more productively.

After selecting the courier on the UK Kenya shipping platform and paying for the service, you will receive all the shipment details and shipment tracking codes at the email address you provided.

Anyone can use shipping services:

Who to use to ship packages?

Companies and individuals. If you are a representative of a company and have a daily need to ship something, UK Kenya shipping is an excellent solution.

cheapest courier services in Kenya

We have compiled a list of some of the top best cheap courier and delivery services in Kenya. Some are characterized by delivery, customer service, technology, and profitability.

Below is a list of some of the international courier services in Kenya.

Which are the best courier for delivery?

1. UK Kenya Shipping Ltd

UK Kenya Shipping is a global specialist in international shipping and courier services. The company provides a wide range of express and parcel services and shipping and tracking solutions.

Today, UK Kenya Shipping is the world’s largest logistics company, with over 380,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories. It has branches in Kenya which are spread all over the country.

2. G4S messaging services

G4S couriers have a 1-hour express service that delivers urgent parcels within the hour. It also offers same-day delivery parcels that must be returned within the day.
Part of their offer also includes dedicated messengers that deliver to their customers, with messengers that focus only on your day-to-day shopping.

3. United Parcel Service (UPS)

United Parcel Service (UPS) is an American multinational package delivery company and one of the largest providers of supply chain management companies.

UPS has grown into a multi-billion dollar company that focuses on enabling commerce worldwide. The company manages the flow of goods, funds, and information daily in more than 210 countries and around 8 million customers daily.
UPS is headquartered in the UK, with a Nairobi branch located at the SDV Transami Complex, Airport North Road, Embakasi.

4. Seabourne Express worldwide.

Seabourne International Limited is a licensed clearing and forwarding company in Kenya. The main objective is to ensure that a customer is satisfied through excellence in delivering courier and freight services and their solutions.

The company has a large customer base around the world. It provides real-time information about your shipments and is considered one of Kenya’s leading brokers and shippers.

5. TNT Express Worldwide Kenya

TNT Express Worldwide (K) Limited provides courier, postal, and logistics services. TNT Express offers door-to-door shipping to over 200 countries. Connect people and businesses around the world.

The company offers road, air, and water delivery services. Through many years in business, it has been able to tailor its services to provide customers with good value for money.


Mombasa, Kenya


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):


DHL EXPRESS MOMBASA is a Mombasa, Coast Province, Kenya post office.
We as UK Kenya shipping can help you find the best one according to your needs:
Compare and book now!


You can use Google Maps to navigate the app:
Get directions to DHL EXPRESS MOMBASA

Where are the coordinates of DHL EXPRESS MOMBASA?
Latitude: -4.06250758322
Longitude: 39.6762082835
You may be interested in:

1. Mkomani mail
Mombasa, Coast Province, Kenya
2. After Kilindini
80107, Mombasa, Coast Province, Kenya


FedEx Headquarters – Nairobi
• FedEx Station
Closed Opens at 08:00 on Mondays
Also, Business Park, Airport North Road
KE extension
0800 222 237


Track Kenya Post shipments.

UK Kenya shipping has some tracking for the shipment from the UK to kenya.

How to track shipments of Kenya Post?

To track a UK Kenya shipping shipment product, enter the tracking number in the field above, click the Courier button, and select ‘Kenya Post’. If you need to know which courier will deliver your shipment, exit the system to choose the courier automatically.

On your behalf, click the “Track” button, and then you will be directed to the tracking that results in the page, where you will find detailed information about your shipment, including locations and dates.

What do Kenya Post tracking numbers look like?

We as UK Kenya shipping have Kenya Post tracking numbers which consist of 13 characters long and start with two letters A-Z followed by nine digits that they offer to their clients. followed by Kenya’s 2-letter country code “KE,” e.g. CA971482414KE, CP534737175KE, RA400528431KE.

Track Kenya Post EMS shipments

To track Kenya Post EMS parcels, enter your tracking number in the field above and click the track button. Then you will get the tracking results of your shipment.
Kenya Post EMS gives you to send international parcels to over 220 countries worldwide for packages up to 30kg.

How long does Kenya Post take to deliver your shipments?

UK Kenya shipping has Kenya Post which takes 2 to 3 business days for domestic shipments to deliver.
It takes about a few days to deliver your shipments for international shipments.

The delivery time depends on the destination country’s location; for example, sending parcels from the UK to Kenya will be delivered faster than sending them to other countries.


Motorbike delivery services in Nairobi. Especially in Kenya, through the UK Kenya shipping company and the help in delivery using motorbikes or motorcycles are an efficient means of transportation. We use motorcycles for your pickup or drop-off services in the Nairobi area. Motorcycles are very flexible to get from one point to another, which makes pick up and drop off easier.

Motorcycle delivery services:

We as UK Kenya shipping use motorcycles for all mail, documents, parcels, gifts, cakes, electronics, agricultural inputs, and collections and deliveries.

Motorcycles designed for delivery services are generally equipped with transport boxes for the safety of customers’ goods while traveling on the road. More than hundreds of daily pickups and delivery are done by motorcycle. Thus the bike is gaining popularity daily, and it’s online shopping and delivery.

At Nairobi Fast Groceries, we as UK Kenya shipping use motorbikes with transport boxes to pick up and deliver in and around Nairobi.
Motorcycle deliveries are the future of deliveries in Nairobi and Kenya.

home delivery company Kenya

The most trusted home and office healthcare companies in Kenya

Today you can enjoy almost everything from the comfort of your home. With multiple delivery services in Kenya, you can’t control what to order. All you have to do is call and place an order of what you want and specify a destination. Many office and home delivery service companies ensure your items reach you in good condition.

Best web hosting companies in Kenya

Both physical and online shops have benefited from the development in Kenya.. Here are the home delivery services you can take advantage of.

1. UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping has been operating in Kenya for over a decade, providing some services. Their offices are located in most major cities across the country, with their own branches to choose from.

The company employs people to ensure customers get the best service. Confident about your needs, you can get many of the different services that the UK Kenya shipping company specializes in. The services provided are archiving, logistics, and storage.

2. UPS Kenya

United Parcel Services (UPS) has been part of the most extensive UPS in the world for many years. The company has offices in more than 200 countries and has an extensive network for better service. It is essential to its customers with a wide range of services, the most important of which is sending parcels throughout the country and abroad.

It serves individuals and businesses that need parcel delivery into the country from across the border. With integrated UPS technology, you can track your package with your smartphone from shipment to destination.

3. Glovo Kenya

Thanks to a rigorous marketing campaign, Glove Kenya is known by many people in the country’s urban centers. It is a significant player in food delivery services but is unlimited. You only need to order food or drinks from your favorite restaurant and request delivery via Glove.

Customers need to download the Glove app on their mobile devices and use it to place an order. All restaurants utilizing this service and their full menus are listed in the app. The service is not only reliable but also convenient.

4. Timeless messaging services limited

Timeless Courier Services has grown tremendously, with a great history of starting as a small delivery service. It was then known as the Petty-errands Company but has expanded to include other services.

The company offers many services, including affordable office and home care packages. The motorbike or bodaboda couriers locate you and deliver the package on time.


Customs clearance procedures for your courier parcels.

UK Kenya Shipping has a postal service that delivers packages or boxes handled by the Postal Corporation of Kenya.

Customs clearance procedures for insured postal parcels.

In the case of personal importation, the importer will present his identity card, passport or residence permit and tracking number to the Post Office to collect the package. Once collected, the customer will open the box for the customs officer to evaluate the taxes. Prohibited goods cannot be seized. Restricted Items Permits and approvals from official authorities are held until the permits are presented to Customs.

The customer submits the package invoice for customs review, and if no invoice is available, other customs valuation methods will be used to determine the values. The valuation is carried out and recorded on the postal letter (P195). The F147 is generated, and the customer pays the tax with mobile money, bank, or card.

Payment of the taxes due, paid by the customer of processing and storage costs at the Post Office. (Usually Ksh. 175 if the parcel has no extra storage fee). So now you can pick up your shipment.

For items over many in cash. One hundred thousand items weighing more than 70 kg are required to enter. The receipt has been completed, and the entry has been confirmed and processed. The customer has received the shipping costs and has completed the shipment.

For parcels to be sent to the customer’s address (other postal agencies where there is no customs officer), the check is carried out, and the tax declaration is sent together with the parcel. The customer picks up the shipment at the indicated address and pays the due taxes plus the shipping costs to the post office, which delivers the taxes to KRA monthly.


Send money to Kenya.

Send money to friends and family in Kenya today. Convert GBP to Kenya shilling within Western Union and then transfer money from the UK to Kenya in minutes.

€0 transfer fee on your first transaction FX earnings apply.

To be informed. Attention. Protect yourself from fraud.

We encrypt your transfers.
We do everything possible to protect your data
We’ve been sending money around the world for over 150 years.

How to send money to Kenya?

Western Union can help you send money to your loved ones in Kenya quickly and reliably.

Here are the four main steps you need to follow:

 1 Free registration

Log in or register for a free profile. Click “Send Now” to send money.

 2  Start your transfer

Select Kenya has been one of as your destination, and then choose the amount you want to send to your loved one.

 3  Select payment and recipient

Select a receiving option, enter the recipient information, or select existing knowledge if you’ve already sent it.

 4  Make your payment

Select a payment method (expected transaction times are displayed) and transfer your money to Kenya.
Convenient ways to send and then receive the money

How to receive money in Kenya?

Find out how to send money to Kenya from the UK with Western Union. Please choose the best way to transfer the money b with our reliable and flexible payment methods.

•Send money to Kenya online.

Register for free or log in to transfer money to Kenya from your online account.
Send money online

•Send money to Kenya via the app.

Transfer money from the UK to Kenya, wherever you are, with our app. Save time by initiating a transfer on your phone and completing it in-store.
Download our mobile app.

•Send money to Kenya personally.

Visit your nearest branch, with thousands of choices across the UK, to transfer money to Kenya in person.
Find an agent location

Choose your payment method.

Use of your bank details
Cash at the branch
With a credit or debit card 2
Register today to send money to Kenya

Local locations
Send money from the UK to Kenya from the nearest branch for friends and family to withdraw cash from the nearest Western Union branch, from Meru to Nairobi.

Resend with ease

For repeated money transfers to Kenya, save recipient information for easy sending next time.
Track your transfers in Kenya. Use the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) of the email to you after arranging a transfer when sending money to Kenya, and share it with the recipient to track the money.

Reasons to choose Western Union®

Send as you like

Transferring money from the UK to Kenya couldn’t be easier – with Western Union®, you can pay via our app, website, or in person.

Committed to Safety

Our encryption and fraud prevention measures protect every money transfer to Kenya. Also, you can track each transfer with the provided MTCN.proud heritage
At Western Union®, we’ve been proud to help people send money worldwide for over 150 years.

Free registration

Create a free profile to send money to Kenya from the UK. Send British Pounds to Kenyan Shillings and choose from receiving options to send money online today.

Create an account

Send money to Kenya in just a few clicks with our UK-Kenya shipping app.

Download and use an app to send money to Kenya wherever you are.

Do you regularly send money to Kenya?

Save recipient information to resend in just a few clicks.
Start your money transfer to Kenya in the app and complete it in the shop for a quick process.

Learn more about sending money to Kenya.

•Get a free quote before shipping.

Calculate fees before transferring money to Kenya from the UK with a free quote. Request at anytime, anywhere, with no obligation to send money later, Change currencies

•Review and collect recipient information.

Whether sending money to Kenya directly to a bank account or cashing out, ensure the recipient’s information is correct. Please have the agent’s name, account number, bank code, and location ready, depending on how you want to transfer.
Log in to your account.

•Transfer money to bank accounts.

Money can be sent directly to the bank account at Sidian Bank, National Bank, Equity Bank and others to support a loved one in Kenya.

Ready to send money to Kenya?
If you’re ready to sign up to set up all about the first money transfer to Kenya, you can do so now or check out our FAQs below to learn more about the best way to send money to Kenya.


Popular courier services in Nairobi.

Living in Nairobi often means transporting goods from one place to another. You could order online from your favorite Store and want an item delivered to your door. Or you’re sending a package to a loved one and need a reliable company like UK Kenya shipping to move the items.

You may have an online business that wants to create a system for getting your products to customers nationwide. Whatever your needs, many courier companies in Nairobi can provide the service. Check out the following list if you’re wondering which one to pick.

1. UK Kenya shipping

This company provides temporary helpers, pickups, errands, and delivery services in Kenya. With their courier and delivery services, they have a team of professionals to pick up what you need and deliver it to your door in no time.
They also ensure the package is delivered on time without damage or dents.

2. Fargo Limited Courier

Fargo Courier is part of the Wells Fargo Security Department. Kenya has more than 100 branches nationwide, as well as depots and depots. They pride themselves on providing excellent quality control of their services and regular innovation.

3. Sendy limited

It is an African-built platform that picks, packs, and ships business orders. They also collect and ship inventory to retailers and offer flexible inventory financing, enabling enterprises to run their business. They also include road transport for large deliveries.
Headquarters: Marsabit Plaza, Ngong Road, Nairobi

4. DHL Kenya

DHL needs no introduction, thanks to its position as a global leader in logistics. You can create a business account and get regular shipping and discounts as a business owner. DHL has an online portal and other tools to facilitate its customer service.
Headquarters: International House, Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi

5. East African mash

Mash is one of the most popular bus services connecting Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. In addition to passenger transport, they provide parcel services for goods transported within East Africa. They are known for providing excellent services, good value for money, and timely arrivals.


Contact us today, If You are in need of shipping any of your luggage from the UK to Kenya, We as UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, will help you in the whole process.

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