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What is the cost of TYRE?

UK Kenya shipping can help you ship Yana tires which are the best tires in Kenya one would want to buy. Yana ribbons are popular in the country for their high quality, which makes them even more charming. There are several Yana Tire Centers in Kenya near you where you can access these quality tires.

Knowing the prices of Yana tires in Kenya is essential to have a good financing plan and avoid exploitation due to excessive costs. UK Kenya shipping has bees shipping Yana tires from the UK to Kenya.

This prompts me to explain the tire prices in Kenya that will work well for you in this article. Let’s start with the cost of Yana tires in Kenya.

The cost of Yana tires in Kenya range in Kenya is affordable. One hundred thousand depending on size.

I will introduce you to some Yana tire sizes and their respective costs.

Different sizes of Yana tires

What are tire sizes?

Yana tires size 17
Yana size 17 tires are available on the market today. They range around but if you want to know much about the price you can contact +447487554202

Yana tires size 16
You may also want to know the price of size 16 Yana tires in Kenya, Although this price may vary in different centers.

Yana tires size 14
The price of Yana size 14 tires in Kenya. You can contact +447487554202 This can vary depending on where you make your purchase. This is almost the smallest size Yana tire.

Yana Tire companies appreciate their customers by making them various offers. This offer mainly promotes sales of Yana tires. Most vehicle users stay with Yana Tires as it saves a lot of money.

The Auto Express Kenya tire prices range is cheap, depending on the tire type and size.

Purchase Yana tires in Kenya and enjoy their superior durability and strength in your vehicle. Visit a Yana Tire Center near you to access as many Yana tires as possible.

Send washing machines to Kenya by sea and by air.

You have landed on the right page if you are looking for the cheapest rates to ship washing machines to Kenya from the UK.

UK Kenya shipping offers first-class service at rates that won’t break the bank. Whether you send a single piece or a commercial shipment, we will ensure it reaches its destination in Kenya on time and in one writing.

UK Kenya shipping also has extra secure storage before shipping to protect your valuables. Contact UK Kenya shipping now for the lowest rates on washing machines imported to Kenya from the UK.

Features to look for when buying a dishwasher

What features are important when buying a dishwasher?

The dishes are usually a nightmare to clean at the end of a dinner. The grease, the words, not to mention the endless cutlery that will have to be washed and dried, plus the energy needed to prepare the meal.

In the local appliance market, a dishwasher is low on the list of necessities. Still, in recent apartments with kitchen appliances, a dishwasher is listed as one of the necessities in addition to a stove, oven, and microwave.

“The dishwasher is primarily a high-end product. The entry-level price range is from Sh75,000 to around Sh85,000 for our products. The use of this product was not a local fashion, but it was introduced for two reasons: practicality and luxury”.UK Kenya shipping is used in shipping the dishwasher machines from the UK to Kenya.

Buying a dishwasher for any beginner is a complex matter, especially for a small family where you can end up with a bulky and inefficient energy and water consumption gadget.

According to Charles, space is one of the main reasons dishwasher demand is low in traditional households. UK Kenya shipping, shipping rates are very affordable to our customers.

Older homes weren’t built with dedicated space compared to new-built apartments with built-in kitchens, which comprise 60% of the dishwasher market.

This means determining where to place the washing machine in the kitchen, usually under or next to the sink, measuring the available space, and getting a dishwasher that fits perfectly in height and width. Requirements

Tight pressure

Size is just one aspect of space. The inside of the dishwasher should also be able to accommodate hard-to-fit kitchen utensils. This includes trays and utensils that can get cramped if the washing machine drums don’t raise or lower.

Always check that the racks can be adjusted with some of the dividers on the frame being able to fold down to create more space. You can store large mugs, keg glasses, and even small glass carafes on the flexible top shelf. UK Kenya shipping makes sure while shipping your packages that’s it’s in good condition.

Also, check the cutlery slots in the baskets to place spoons, forks, and knives without falling on each other, resulting in semi-clean utensils.

An essential check for the dishwasher is whether it can wash full or half loads. Some have up to three charging options: full charge, medium charge, or high charge and low charge.

Charles adds that they’re suitable for anything used in and around the home, but not items like large sulfuric.
A dishwasher without load options would mean you’d use the same amount of energy, water, and time to wash, no matter how many dishes.UK Kenya Shipping is the best shipping company in kenya.

Your dishwasher should allow you to set when you want to start cleaning.

What setting is best for cleaning the dishwasher?

Run the hottest cycle on the dishwasher. Skip the drying cycle and open the dishwasher door to let it air-dry. You can also sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda on the floor of an empty dishwasher and run a short cycle on the hottest setting to clean the interior and kill odors.

UK Kenya shipping ship the dishwasher for the customer from the UK to Kenya.Once loaded, By setting it to wash at your preferred time, whether immediately, in an hour, or even the next day.

The handy gadget features temperature control and water jets and can even double as a storage compartment until you’re ready to dump it. The temperature option, usually up to 70 degrees, offers better cleaning of very greasy dishes

High temperatures are the reason for having dishwasher-safe utensils. According to Charles, at a temperature of 70 degrees, there are glass and plastics that, like in microwave ovens, cannot enter. A lower temperature setting is used for these dishes.

Double glass

What is double glass called?

This window is sometimes referred to as a double-glazed window. An insulating glass unit (IGU) is a type of double-paned (or multi-paned) window.

Energy is getting more and more expensive. Double glazing is a great way to keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also keeps noise levels down. Double glazing has quickly become one of the world’s most popular and valuable forms of glazing.UK Kenya shipping offer the best shipping rate for our customers.

Double glazing has two layers of glass placed in a window frame and sealed with special chemicals. There is a gap between the two layers of glass, which reduces heat transfer through the glass.

They are known as double glazing when the glasses are pushed together. Double glazing has thermal and acoustic properties, making it an excellent insulation source whilst still allowing light into your home and office. It can significantly reduce your electricity bill.

Impala Glass Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of double glazing. We manufacture eyewear from St Gobain, Guardian, AGC, and Pilkington. If you are looking for the best shipping company in Kenya worry no more cause UK Kenya shipping offers the best shipping rate from the UK to Kenya.


What are the functions of glazing?

Wide range of clear, tinted, solar control, and Low E (high-performance lens) glass options.
Filled with air or argon
Excellent solar and thermal control, which reduces heating and cooling costs
Spacers range from 6mm to 16mm
Maximum size: 3M⨯2M
Acoustic glass

More and more buildings are being built following the trend of open architectural environments with increasing use of glass for exterior and interior walls and windows.

Architects, engineers, and interior designers prefer laminated glass to deaden sound in such constructions.

External noise is a significant nuisance for buildings in busy metropolises along main roads and highways. In crowded spaces, indoor noise can make concentration difficult and interfere with intimacy.

A wise choice

This is why Impala Glass Industries laminated glass is a favorite product used by top architects, engineers, and interior designers in their projects in Nairobi, Kenya.

Laminated glass has a higher acoustic insulation value between 125 Hz and 4000 Hz frequencies than monolithic glass of the same thickness.

The shear damping efficiency of PVB makes laminated glass an effective noise control product. This acoustic damping is due to the low elastic property of the PVB interlayer. Are you looking for the best company in Kenya? You should choose UK Kenya shipping with our amazing shipping rates.

A perfect fit
Corporate offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, booths or retail stores, and commercial spaces use high-quality and dynamic laminated glass in windows, walls, and partitions as it reduces external noise, better energy saving, and reduces UV fading from carpets and upholstery.

From hotel and restaurant areas where privacy is a specification, acoustic laminated glass from Impala Glass in Kenya is valued for its aural appeal and the security provided by the spacer in the laminated glass to hold the glass fragments together in case of flu.

It is a durable and versatile laminated glass of choice as an outstanding noise barrier in educational institution classrooms and lecture rooms, recording studios and broadcast facilities, concert halls, theatres, auditoriums, and museums. UK Kenya Shipping is the best shipping company in Kenya.

Access the Impala Glass website to view our range of architectural and automotive glass products, including laminated glass, Vanceva tinted laminated glass, digitally printed glass, and bulletproof glass, to name our top products used in exterior, interior, flooring, and skylights. In Nairobi, Kenya

Double glazing in Kenya

what is double glazing?

The demand for double glazing in Kenya has increased in recent years. As more and more people explore ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes in Kenya, more and more resources become available while UK Kenya shipping has been shipping from the UK to Kenya.

Double glazing in Kenya is more effective at retaining heat in the cooler months and circulating fresh air in the warmer months.

This reduces heating and cooling system usage, saving you money on monthly energy costs with double glazing in Kenya. An added benefit of double-glazing in Kenya is that it can help reduce noise pollution.

If you live in a noise-sensitive area, such as near a busy road, installing double-glazing in your home can help limit the amount of noise entering your double-glazed home from outside.

As double glazing in Kenya can help you sleep better at night and feel more peaceful during the day, it can be a great method of improving your quality of life, as double glazing in Kenya can help you feel more relaxed during the day to fish.

Last but not least, installing double glazing in Kenya is another step towards securing your home. If you live in an area with a lot of criminal activity, investing in double-glazing in Kenya can make it more difficult for intruders to enter your home.

Knowing that this makes your home safer will help relieve some of your stress. There are a few considerations to take into consideration before you can proceed with installing double glazing in Kenya.

As well as reducing noise pollution in your home, installing double glazing is an efficient use of energy that will There are many benefits to having double glazing in Kenya.


Ksh 146 K electric motorcycles are now in the Kenya market

A chain of electric motorcycles from the Opibus company.
Copied to clipboard
Electric motorcycles are gaining popularity on the local and global scene, which has led local electric company Opibus to bring them to the Kenyan market.

Unlike regular electric motorcycles, which can cost Ksh 4.5 million on average, Opibus motorcycles cost around Ksh 146,081.

According to the company, the reason for introducing bicycles to the Kenyan market is to improve electric mobility.

“Our mission is to implement electric mobility in emerging markets,” reads an excerpt from the company’s website.

To cut costs, the company has focused on features rather than the flashy looks that many manufacturers have chosen to sell. The bikes can reach a top speed of 90 km/h in just five seconds.

Furthermore, the bikes have a maximum torque of 12PS (BHP) and can travel up to 201 kilometers on a full charge.

The bike’s capacity is powered by two 2.9 kilowatt-hour batteries that fully charge from a 240-volt outlet for about four hours.

Also, the battery can be replaced with a fully charged device in about ten seconds. Ahead is a lockable container that looks like a fuel tank. The box is practical for carrying heavy loads weighing up to 150 kilograms.

Aside from the functional aspect, the motorcycles still incorporate some elements of modern technology, using a light-emitting diode (LED) headlight and digital instrument cluster.

According to Opibus, the bikes are expected to be rolled out to other African countries in 2022.
Electric vehicles are gaining popularity in the Nairobi market, with surveys indicating that over 300 electric cars arrived in Kenya.


We as a UK Kenya shipping company have prepared simple and effective procedures for you to import the car you dream of owning. Procedure for importing a vehicle.

What are some rules for importing a car into Kenya?

The vehicle must meet the requirements of the Kenya Bureau of Standards of Legal Notice (Verification of Conformity to Kenya Import Standards, ) and to Kenya Standard Code of Practice for Inspection of Road Vehicles. In particular, the imported vehicle;

• Must be under 8 in the year of first registration.
• Subject to technical inspection by an inspection agent appointed by KEBS in the country of

• Must be right-hand drive
The NEW Motor Vehicle Valuation Template is available to you during import.
Taxes applicable to the importation of motor vehicles

The following taxes/duties are payable for importing motor vehicles on a customs value basis.
Import duties (25%)
Ambulances and hearses (0%)

We as a UK Kenya shipping ship the motorcycle but if you want to know much about the cost you can contact +447487554202.

Automobiles and other motor vehicles are designed primarily for the transportation of people. We deliver different kinds of motor vehicles.

• other vehicles equipped with reciprocating piston engines with positive ignition, with a cylinder capacity exceeding 1,000 cc but not exceeding 1,500 cc, equipped (20%)

• other vehicles equipped with a positive ignition engine with reciprocating pistons, with a cylinder capacity exceeding 1500 cc but not exceeding 3000 cc, equipped (25%)

• Other vehicles equipped with a spark-ignition piston engine with a displacement greater than 3,000 cm3, equipped. (35%)

• Other vehicles equipped with a piston engine with compression ignition (diesel or semi-diesel), with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 1,500 cm3. (25%)

• Other vehicles, with compression-ignition piston engines (diesel or semi-diesel), with a cylinder capacity exceeding 1,500 ccs but not exceeding 2,500 ccs, equipped (25%)

• Other vehicles equipped with compression-ignition piston engines (diesel or semi-diesel) with a displacement greater than 2,500 cm3. (35%)

• Other vehicles equipped with both reciprocating piston positive-ignition engines and electric motors and propulsion motors, other than those that can be recharged by connecting to an external electrical power source (25%)

• Other vehicles equipped with both a compression-ignition piston engine (diesel or semi-diesel) and an electric motor as a propulsion engine, other than those (25%)

• Other vehicles equipped with both spark-ignition piston engines and electric motor and propulsion motors, which can be charged by connecting them to an external power source (25%

• Other vehicles equipped with both a compression-ignition piston engine (diesel or semi-diesel) and an electric motor as propulsion motors, which can be charged by connecting the power supply.

• Other vehicles equipped only with an electric motor for propulsion (10%)

Value Added Tax (16%)

Import declaration rate (3.5%)

Railway Development Tax (2%)

What documents are required?

Proof of import must be attached, including but not limited to:
• Original commercial invoice
• Original logbook from the country of entry canceled by the government of origin as required by the National Transport and Security Authority to provide you with an original Kenyan logbook
• Original waybill
• Certificate of pre-shipment inspection. (certificate of technical control)
• Copy of proof of your PIN / Copy of articles of incorporation (valid for companies)

Car import process

What is the process of importing a car in Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping import through this process for motor vehicles is similar to that for other goods. This is how importing a motorcycle from the UK differs from importing a car.

Many readers have asked how importing motorcycles from Japan works.
I have about a week left before going west to pick up my newly imported Honda Beat from Washington.

Until then, I’m still answering your questions about importing burning vehicles.
Many readers have asked how importing motorcycles from the UK works.

The UK motorcycle export industry is very similar to the automobile export industry. Search the internet for sites to buy motorcycles from the UK, and you should be inundated with exporters, trading sites, and even auctions.

And if importing a motorcycle yourself sounds less fun, some importers here in the Uk also deal in motorcycles.

Relative content
Honda wants zero fatalities by 2050, and I’m skeptical
Ford’s new 7.3-liter Blue Bird V8 school bus proves that maintenance is essential
The other good news is that the basics of importing a motorcycle are the same as importing a car.

Motorcycles typically still need to be at least 25 years old, and buyers still have to deal with shipping and a mountain of paperwork. But one thing can be very different: shipping.
When I began my quest to import vehicles, I had more than pocket kei cars in mind. I also wanted a small engine that sounded like a Formula 1 car. That engine is the Honda CBR250RR MC22.

The MC22 is a 250cc motorcycle that fires four pistons. Sometimes referred to by fans as the little Fireblade, the MC22 was a rigid bike that could still go faster than today’s 250cc bikes.

I know a 250cc engine doesn’t sound great, but listen to this Formula 1 soundtrack:
In January, an imported motorcycle owner told me that even though his motorcycle was cheap, he spent many times the motorcycle’s value just for shipping.

I need clarification. Motorcycles are smaller than cars, so they ship cheaper.
I decided to check with a few importers before I shut the door on the idea of a small imported bike.

Where cars are often attached to a ro-ro vessel, bicycles are placed in crates in a container. Container shipping can be costly, but bikes can still be cheaper than a car.

The Moto2 Imports rep says that while a 40-foot container may only hold a few cars, it can hold 20 or more motorcycles. Shipping is significantly cheaper than a car if you have 20 or more motorcycles sharing the price. Motorcycles can also be mixed with other cargo transported in containers.

I also spoke to the UK-Kenya shipping who handled the import of my Honda Beat, The Import Guys. His rep explained that while importing motorcycles, they rarely ship a container of motorcycles to be full.

Here’s the catch: Shipping a single motorcycle in a container by itself (or with very few other motorcycles) is expensive, so ensure the container is as complete as possible. Also, an imported motorcycle is very similar to a car.

Once you get to the UK, you’ll have to navigate the maze to make it legal or have an importer or customs broker do it

.Getting through customs and legislation in Kenya is the hardest part, and you’ll learn more about it once I get into my game by filling out my first customs form.


Currently, only 5% (1,350) of newly registered vehicles in Kenya are electric, of which 844 are electric motorcycles and 153 tricycles, according to the Kenya Power Electric Mobility Conference report.

UK Kenya shipping company ships the motorcycle for the Roam will produce over 50,000 electric motorcycles yearly at a new factory in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. The company considers the 10,000m² facility, Roam Park, to be the largest factory of its kind in Africa. It also forms the new Roam headquarters and the Battery Lab.

We’ve heard of the UK before. Previously called OpiBus, the company announced a deal for electric buses made in Africa in the summer of last year.

At that time, Roam already had big plans for electric motorcycles and concluded a deal with the African financing platform M-Kopa.

So now it’s time to make (more) electric motorcycles called Roam Air.

The new Roam Park in Nairobi has an annual production capacity of more than 50,000 motorcycles, which Roam says will be reached within a few years. As an operations manager, Brett Mangel runs the factory and previously worked at Tesla.

“Making progress with this new manufacturing facility is a major step forward in bringing sustainable mobility solutions to Kenya,” said Mangel. “With some of the brightest talent, key partners, and access to a large infrastructure and logistics network, Roam is confident this new location is a step in the right direction.”

The new factory and headquarters are located on Mombasa Road, overlooking the Nairobi National Park. According to Roam, the site hosts manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing operations, creating a “technology hub,” It employs more than 150 design, engineering, and manufacturing workers.

Electric motorcycle market in Africa

What is the most popular motorcycle in Africa?

Electric motorcycles are most popular in Africa. Until we know what will happen with the planned bus launch in Nairobi, the market potential for electric motorcycles is enormous. With around 200,000 motorcycles registered on Kenya’s roads yearly, the so-called “boda-boda” industry is big business for low wages.

Motorcycles are used for taxi services and logistics and remain the primary mode of transportation for many people.

And Roam is by no means the only company supplying electric motorcycles in Kenya; these include Fika Mobility and AlterNet Systems (ALYI) with Revolt motorcycles while UK Kenya shipping is used for shipping from the UK to Kenya

However, Mikael Gång, co-founder and chief commercial officer of Roam, explaining his purpose, said he wanted to provide a “compelling environmental and economic solution” for markets not touched by electric mobility.

The Roam Air starts and the electric motorbike can be reserved online.

While prices appear steep, Roam signed a large-scale supply deal with African financing platform M-Kopa for its electric motorcycles last August.

The fintech company provides loans and digital financial services to African non-bank consumers.

The agreement with Roam allows the company to sell electric motorcycles on credit, lowering barriers to entry for customers through affordable payment plans.


Motorcycles are subject to import duties and taxes at the rate of 45% + Value Added Tax (VAT) of 16%. Motor vehicles must be registered within 90 days of the consignor’s last arrival date. Confirmation of any exemptions. Up to the latest date of arrival in Kenya.

Motorcycle prices will increase after the tax rules change.

Motorbike taxi drivers wait for customers at the Luanda market in Vihiga province. A new tax rule will likely put motorcycles out of reach for many Kenyans.

Motorcycle mechanics have been hit with a new tax that it fears could make locally assembled motorcycles more expensive and slow industrialization.

Until last month, mechanics enjoyed a 15% tax exemption on imported motorcycle parts, commonly known as complete scrap kits (CKD), as part of the government’s policy to encourage local bike assembly to save foreign currency and create jobs.


What is an example of an announcement?

Automakers will now be forced to pay the full 25% tax for importing spare parts, equivalent to the tax paid for finished motorcycles under the Customs Union Protocol.

UK Kenya shipping help in the low import tariffs will likely for the motorcycles out of reach for many Kenyans due to high prices and dampen hopes of significant job creation from investors setting up assembly plants in the country.

The political declaration was announced in the East African Community Gazette on 30 June and went into effect on 1 July.

However, the regulation ensures that manufacturers can continue to benefit from the 15% exemption only if they buy engine parts from one of the EAC member states and turn away from imports from the UK to Kenya.

The message identifies the various nearby CKD parts, such as the main frame, suspension, seat frame, fender, wheel rim, handbrake, and exhaust pipe.

The new development, which also affects other Kenyan producers under the rebate scheme paying complete import duties in other East African Community (EAC) states, will discourage new investors from establishing themselves in Kenya due to the high cost of import of CKD kits.

It also comes as two automakers – Honda and TVS – set up motorcycle assembly plants in the country after being lured into the local market in part by the tax credit.

The two companies say the government should reverse the EAC secretariat’s decision as there is no CKD factory in East Africa, only handicrafts that produce some pieces.

Even then, these companies said they weren’t comfortable sourcing CKD (spare parts) locally, citing poor quality.

UK Kenya shipping will continue to import CKD due to quality issues, but at a higher price per regulation,” Isaac Kalua, president of Honda Motorcycle Kenya Ltd, said on Friday.

Honda says the regulations could hurt their efforts to produce affordable motorcycles in the country, even as they target lower-end customers with the construction of an assembly plant in Nairobi due to open in October.

Which are exempt from import duties in Kenya?

Education, Educational Articles, and Materials. Inputs for use in the manufacture of agriculture. Relief goods imported for emergency use in specific areas where natural disaster/calamity has occurred for emergency relief purposes by organisations such as the UN or a relief agency.

Import exemptions

• Materials used for cleaning preparations for dairy equipment – Surfactant and detergent preparations, including those containing soap, specially prepared for cleaning dairy equipment.

UK Kenya shipping import the mosquito nets and materials for making mosquito nets.

• Seeds to sow.

• Chemically defined compounds used as fertilizers.

• Museums, exhibitions, and equipment.

• Input for horticulture, agriculture, or floriculture.

• Education, articles, and educational materials.

UK Kenya shipping Inputs the intended use for the manufacture of agricultural products.

• Relief supplies brought in for emergency use in specific areas where a natural disaster/disaster
has occurred for emergency relief by an organization such as the United Kingdom or a humanitarian agency. The import must be done within six months and not exceed 12 months.

• Hotel equipment or goods imported for hotel use are engraved, printed, or marked with the hotel logo.

• Speed regulators.

• Computer software, any media containing computer software.

• Energy-saving lamps for lighting with a connection cap on one side.

• Specialized solar equipment and accessories.

• Vehicles specially designed for the collection and disposal of household waste/refuse imported or purchased from

Exemption and remission regime

The Duty-Free Scheme, launched by the Department of eCommerce and Industry, allows for the duty-free import of inputs required for manufacturing for export. Under the relief scheme, post-export duties are increased on inputs used in export products.

What are duty exemption and remission schemes?

Different categories of exemption and remission regimes

The following are the different regimes covered by the exemption and remission regimes:
Tax exemption regime
• Duty-Free Import Authorization Program (DFIA)
• Prior Authorization Program
Tax rebate scheme
• Tax Refund Scheme (DBK)
• Customs Books Regulation (DEPB)

Highlights and Benefits of the Exemption and remission scheme

What is the duty exemption scheme for import?

Duty Exemption Schemes like Advance Authorisation and Duty-Free Import Authorisation enables exporter to import duty-free inputs required for goods to be exported. The exporter can also purchase domestic inputs under this scheme by obtaining an Invalidation letter.

The main highlights and benefits of the exemption and remission scheme are listed below:

UK Kenya shipping has an Issuance of an advance license that allows duty-free import of inputs physically present in the exported product.

• The program awards benefits for catalysts, energy, oil, fuel, etc., needed to get the product.

Prior authorization is granted for the exports and deliveries listed below:

• Deemed Export:

The license is issued to the main contractor who imports products used to manufacture goods. However, the goods must be delivered in the categories set out in the policy.

• Intermediate delivery:

The license is granted to a manufacturer-exporter to import products intended to manufacture goods. However, the manufactured goods must be handed over to a reputable exporter with an advanced license.

• Physical Export:

The license is granted for the physical export of goods to a commercial exporter. However, the exporter must assist the manufacturers in importing the inputs necessary to export the products.


Do we have electric motorcycles in Kenya?

Electric motorcycle market in Africa

Roam is by no means the only company providing electric motorbikes in Kenya; these include Fika Mobility and Alter Net Systems (ALYI) with Re-Volt motorcycles.UK Kenya shipping will help the company ship the Electric motorcycle from the UK to Kenya.

Price, production, and distribution of electric motorcycles in Kenya. Roam Electric has launched an electric bike, Roam Air, If you want to know more about the price for the electric motorcycle you can contact +447487554202.

The company has opened a new production site in Kenya, the largest in East Africa, and has been partnering with UK Kenya shipping to deliver from the UK to Kenya with an annual production capacity of 50,000 motorcycles.

Fire and alarm system shipped from UK to Kenya Nairobi,

Who we are?

UK Kenya Shipping is Kenya’s leading supplier of firefighting equipment and fire alarm systems.

 UK Kenya shipping has designed, installed, and maintained firefighting equipment and fire alarm systems to protect its customers, employees, assets, and buildings.

The company is managed by a highly efficient team of professional administrative staff and supported by qualified engineers with extensive experience in fire protection.

UK Kenya Shipping has established itself as a trusted fire safety delivery company partner with customers in diverse industries, including hospitality, oil, and gas, banking and insurance, embassies, education, industrial and automotive, hospitals and medical facilities, construction, agriculture, and shipping.

From the beginning, UK Kenya shipping has provided its customers with exceptional standards of service and the highest quality in shipping fire fighting equipment. Nimrod’s service proposition includes a fleet of branded and licensed vehicles with fully trained and qualified technicians performing fire services nationwide.

Best Fishing Tackle Shipping from the UK to Kenya.

We are one of the UK’s largest independent shipping companies and continue to grow yearly with over 60,000 items shipped for all types of fish, bait, game, sea, predator, and carp.

Our branches have been around for a long time and have grown and developed every year to become one of the largest shipping companies in the UK and Kenya.

Our online growth has been tremendous, and we now ship thousands of orders worldwide every month. We have built a strong reputation as one of the best shipping specialists with industry-leading customer service and the best pricing.



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