With their vibrant fruit flavors and tart notes, Java drinkers worldwide adore Kenyan coffee.
From the best Kenyan coffee bean varieties on the market to the essential characteristics of a Kenyan brew, find out everything you need to know about coffee from this beautiful growing region below.


1. What is Kenyan Coffee?
2. What does Kenyan coffee taste like?
3. A brief history of Kenyan coffee

4. The best Kenyan coffee in the world
5. How to make Kenyan coffee
6. Frequently Asked Questions


Kenyan coffee is grown on the impressive and elevated plateaus of Mount Kenya, Aberdare Range, Kisii, Nyanza, Bungoma, Nakuru, and Kericho.

These coffee-growing regions are characterized by rich volcanic soil, high altitude, sun exposure, and high rainfall, creating optimal growing conditions for Kenyan coffee fruits and beans.

Due to the extreme size, Kenyan coffee beans grow approximately 2,000 meters above sea level, making them grow slowly, allowing for an abundant supply of nutrients from the volcanic soil.

The characteristics of Kenyan coffee are influenced by the acidic nature of the volcanic soil, resulting in a bright and vibrant cup with complex flavors, including berries and cocoa.

Loved for its intense depth and entire body, Kenyan coffee is an excellent choice whether you are an occasional coffee drinker or a true connoisseur.

Although it borders – where Arabica coffee comes from – coffee cultivation came late to Kenya.

missionaries imported Bourbon coffee plants from the UK. A few years later, British troops colonized Kenya and took control of the crops. Over the years, the colonialists exported the highest quality coffees internationally.

when Kenya became independent, Kenyans could fully own their coffee beans’ cultivation, processing, production, and marketing.

Today coffee is also produced in Kenya using a cooperative system that includes more than 150,000 small coffee farmers. These expert coffee farmers work with local roasters before selling the beans through an auction system.

This transparent supply chain, from coffee plantations to roasters, allows for rapid adjustments and improvements in roasting, ensuring the highest quality Kenyan beans.

The qualities of Kenyan coffee also determine coffee production in this area. This sorting system means green coffee beans are carefully sorted by type, determining quality, bean size/sieve size, and bean price.

These stringent standards, ranging from AA to UG2, are an excellent indicator of the caliber of bean you’re buying, with AA considered the highest rating for a coffee bean.

In addition to a cooperative production system, the Kenya Coffee Growers Association contributes to the welfare and equality of producers throughout the country. It supports numerous research and developments in the field.

Does Kenya have the best coffee in the world?


Regarding quality and price, our range of Kenyan coffee brands includes the best beans British coffee drinkers can buy.

Expertly roasted in small batches, with beans roasted to order, you will always receive the freshest possible Kenyan bean at your doorstep. When shipped to a UK address, eligible orders will not be charged for delivery.

From Kenyan AA Coffee to fruity Kenyan Pea Coffee, see our range below. Like all of our roasts, each coffee is available in whole or pre-ground beans (coming in the exact GrindGrind required for your chosen brewing method).

What is Kenyan Blue Mountain Coffee?


Grown in the Nyeri region of Kenya’s central highlands, our Kenya Pea Berry Coffee has a mild yet fruity flavour and fine acidity.

The “pea pod” bean occurs when a coffee pod produces only one instead of the usual two. The single bean has absorbed all the goodness of the cherry, resulting in a more flavorful brew.

What does AA mean in Kenya coffee?


Our Kenya AA coffee receives the highest “AA” rating for size and quality. Grown in Kenya’s fertile Nyeri region, the beans have a spicy flavor with rich cocoa notes that provide a firm head. Kenya AA coffee beans are admired for containing the most aromatic oils.

If you enjoy roasting your beans, you can also purchase our Kenya AA Green Coffee Beans to determine your roast profile and discover the different flavor notes you experience when brewing a light, dark or medium roast.


A harmonious blend of Kenyan peaberries and Central American beans, our Kenya Reserve coffee blends fresh acidity with nutty flavors. It’s a strong and beautifully balanced blend, ideal for everyday coffee.


While Kenyan coffee is versatile and suitable for all brewing methods, there are a few things to remember when perfecting your Kenyan coffee brew.

As a delicate and complex coffee, the sweet-salty notes are best brought out through a soaking rather than a drip method. A percolator or Aero Press is ideal to use, and in terms of Grind Grind, opt for a finer grind and brew a little stronger coffee to maximize flavors.

Kenyan beans are best for a cold brew if you like iced coffee. This method of preparation retains the floral and fruity notes of a Kenyan bean, which are numerous. Soak your ground coffee in cold water for 18-24 hours before straining and serving.

Frequent questions

In Kenya, coffee is made from wet-processed Arabica coffee beans. Here you can buy Kenyan Arabica coffee.


Kenya AA coffee beans are the biggest and best coffee beans in Kenya. The “AA” rating is a benchmark assigned by the Kenyan coffee industry to indicate the superior quality of the beans. You can buy the best Kenya AA coffee beans on our website.

If you enjoy roasting your beans, why not try our Kenya AA Green Coffee Beans? Exploring these beans through different light, dark, or medium roast flavor profiles is a great way to experience this high-quality single, original coffee.


In Kenya, coffee is grown by farmers in the East African coffee-producing highlands of Mount Kenya, Aber Dares Range, Kisii, Nyanza, Bungoma, Nakuru, and Kericho. These areas provide optimal growing conditions for Kenyan beans.


When buying the best Kenyan coffee prices to match the quality of the beans, we recommend buying Kenyan coffee from Coffee Direct.

All coffee, specialty tea, and equipment orders on our site may include free delivery to UK addresses. You can accept our specialty single-origin beans from Kenya on our website.

Best Coffee Beans UK 2023 (New Experts Choice)

Did you know? 85% of the coffee produced worldwide is sprayed with pesticides and stored to encourage heap growth.

All factors that lead to long-term health problems.

Sourcing the highest possible quality of naturally clean specialty coffees to support your longevity, all backed by science.

Many roasters now see coffee as an authentic culinary experience that connects them to different places and cultures rather than just a quick, energetic response.

But the only downside to the recent emergence of specialty coffees is that choosing the ideal caffeine dose has become more challenging.

With so many burners to choose from, it can be a minefield. Combine that with the fact that the types of coffee can be overwhelming. For example, when I wrote about single-origin coffee versus blends, I tried to show readers that that was another way to classify coffee.

Don’t worry; I’ve compiled this list of the best specialty coffee beans in the UK so you can make a better decision.

Where to buy the best coffee beans online in the UK?

With over 100 online coffee shops in the UK, finding one that suits your needs can be complex.
That’s why I took the initiative to share my recommendations based on many years of experience in the coffee industry.

These top 3 brands offer FAST delivery and FREE delivery of their excellent coffee beans.

Discover the magic of espresso and unleash your productivity potential! Save £5 AND up your brewing game with our top 3 brands. Improve focus, energy, and mental clarity for a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Don’t miss out – join hundreds of happy customers and energize your day now!

Best of all, I’ve even included offline and online stores to make your decision easier. I’m not kidding; the above brands are the top 3 best places to buy coffee beans in London, UK.

For coffee lovers, the best espresso beans are like a secret handshake or an exclusive club that you can only access if you have a personal password.

Indeed, distinguishing between different roasts and blends is a delight for most coffee lovers. However, that’s easier said than done!

If you want to find the perfect coffee bean, you need to know what to look for in a good roast and how to know when you’ve found it.

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That’s why we’ve created this guide to the best online coffee beans in the UK to help you decide which coffee bean is right for you. Buy online and ship with UK-Kenya shipping.

Which coffee brand is best in the UK?

Top 10 best coffee beans in the UK.

It’s difficult to say what makes British coffee excellent compared to other countries.

This list is dedicated to showcasing the best coffee beans in the UK and explaining why they are the best in the country. Here are 10 of the UK’s best coffee beans.

What does coffee balance mean?

1. Balance the coffee

Balance Coffee is a unique London brand roasting the best coffee beans the UK offers coffee lovers.

In doubt?
You’d change your mind if you read my blog post on the best medium-roast coffee beans and chose a brand.

I have also covered these articles below, and they are also must-read:
 The best light roast coffee beans in the UK
 The best dark roast coffee beans in the UK

 Best ground coffee for Espresso UK

James, our founder, has been in the coffee industry for over a decade and wanted to start a roastery focused on healthy coffee to inspire people to enjoy quality coffee at home by making a healthy choice.

The coffee we roast is for those who want to become a home barista and recreate the local coffee experience in their home. In other words: the best coffee!

Our striking watercolor design provides a (quality) visual aid for customers into the type of coffee we roast and ship to Kenya from the UK with UK Kenya Shipping.

Plus, we pride ourselves on our unique provenance and may have the perfect bag of specialty coffee you’ve been looking for.

Libra also focuses on sustainable business. Our goal is to make a positive impact by strengthening the livelihoods of original coffee farmers.

By focusing on generating a sustainable coffee supply, we help make the industry more sustainable, which is currently facing many challenges for the future.

Balance espresso tasting set.

Buy the Express Sample Pack now and ship with UK Kenya Shipping

We have been ranked as one of the UK’s Best Coffee Beans, featured by BBC Good Food, The Metro, Olive Magazine, Evening Standard, and many more.

We only source specialty quality coffee from the world’s top 5% farms so that you can experience the great taste of some of the best coffee beans in the world.

They’re so delicious you’ll want to sip them every day.
Bursting with flavors like fresh citrus, chocolate fudge, and sweet stone fruit, our coffees are just what you need to enhance your morning brew.

With hundreds of verified customer reviews and the award for best specialty coffee, you will surely be in for an experience.

Among the options available to coffee fans in London and the UK, some popular coffee bags include Espresso Coffee Taster, Level Blend, and Stability Blend. you can buy from them and ship with UK-Kenya shipping.

The brand’s sustainable and eco-friendly coffee roasting plant spice things up with its unique coffee subscription.

As a customer, you get quality coffee delivered to your door with UK Kenya Shipping, plus additional benefits – perfect if you’re a coffee fanatic.

What does stir coffee mean?

2. Stir the coffee

Assembly is a premium coffee roastery based in Brixton, London. They are one of a handful of UK roasters and push the business’s boundaries in every possible way.

The Assembly roastery is located in a 19th-century firehouse in central London. The Loring roastery, combined with a state-of-the-art coffee sensory laboratory and premium coffee machines, shows how seriously these people take specialty coffee.

Founded in 2015 during the annual London Coffee Festival, Assembly showcases its high-quality specialty coffees worldwide.

One of the most notable changes to their in-store cafe is the packaging. Not only is the bag made from a very unusual organic rice paper material, but the beautiful graphics showcase the coffee flavors the development team appreciates.

These guys also made it to the best roasters in Manchester UK’s list at number two. This is another reason why they are among the best in England.

You can buy the brand’s high-quality coffee in the online shop and ship with UK Kenya Shipping. Some of the coffees you’ll find there are single espresso, blended espresso, Sao Silvestre (Brazil), Joyser Ramirez, William Cruz, and Jemima, to name a few.

This coffee brand sources coffee from different parts of the world, such as Brazil, Panama, Colombia, and Peru. Once you have your order, whip out the coffee pot and brew and then ship with UK Kenya shipping.

Some coffee beans are also costly, labeled as “limited edition” in their online shop. These include Finca Deborah Echo Geisha and Ali Alsuwaidi Yemenia, which cost £50 and £60, respectively.

They do not compromise on quality, and the rigorous quality control these experts adhere to is why they create some of the best specialty coffees in the world.

What is volcano coffee?

3. Volcano coffee

Kurt Stewart’s passion for coffee led to Volcano Coffee Works, founded in 2010.

Growing up in coffee mad New Zealand, Kurt founded Volcano to bring great coffee to the UK and ship to Kenya by UK Kenya Shipping. He did it by helping the communities that grow and create it.

Volcano started as a coffee cart on the streets of West Norwood and has since grown to a team of 30 enthusiastic coffee shop owners operating out of their Brixton roastery.

Kurt, the beating heart of the coffee industry, always roasts the day’s first batch. Volcano consistently produces some of the best coffee in the UK at such a high volume.

This coffee brand believes in full transparency, meaning it insists on knowing where its product comes from and visits several of its growers yearly.

Volcano Coffee Works does a lot of work to provide coffee for coffee lovers. These include Fullsteam Espresso, Mount Blend, Firehouse Blend, Decaffeinated Coffee, Sul de Minas, and Kadamai.

This award-winning coffee brand offers 16 different blends of specialty coffee beans from Brazil and Ethiopia.

Like most coffee brands, Volcano Coffee also offers a subscription service where coffee lovers get great coffee delivered to their door. Food critics rate Volcano’s coffee bags for providing one of the best specialty coffee beans in the UK.

4. Union Coffee

When you enter the coffee roastery Union in East London, you can see their master roasters standing over roasters Loring and Probate, tending to every small batch. Their experts are skilled at extracting unique flavors from each coffee.

From the UK’s finest light-roasted coffee beans to the UK’s finest dark-roasted coffee beans, Union has it all.

They’re called Union because they can only make great coffee with their partners, the farmers who grow the rare gems they share with you. In return, Union offers them a reasonable salary so they can invest in their farm, family, and workers.

They work with their partners over time to continuously improve the quality of the coffee beans.
Today they work with over 42 growers in 14 countries to bring you an ever-expanding variety of unique coffee beans in the UK, ranging from house blends to unusual origins and exciting micro-batch.

Union offers some of the best coffee beans in the UK. The brand’s specialty coffee is available in many cafes and independent shops across the UK. They offer ever-changing coffee blends available for purchase online and a great coffee membership club.

5. Cafe Blak Nektar

Black Nektar is a recent development from Glasgow’s Matthew Algie, one of the oldest distilleries in the country.

Matthew Algie founded this coffee company based on decades of coffee research and roasting expertise, focusing on premium quality beans roasted in small batches.

However, he maintains the same commitment to supply chain integrity and certifications as the rest of his line.

One of the perfect blends comes from the Guji Plateau, originally from Ethiopia, a few miles south of Addis Ababa.

In addition, they naturally prepare coffee. This means they dry the beans in the sun with the cherries still attached.

This process allows certain fruit flavors to permeate the bean, resulting in a more prosperous, robust head with a distinct profile. Typically Ethiopian, in this case, with broad, rich berry notes and balanced, tea-like acidity.

6. Old Spike Cafe

Old Spike was born in early 2015 in a small pub in Peckham. Their mission was simple: to use coffee as a change catalyst and offer customers more than good coffee.

Whether working in their café, helping with coffee production, or distributing coffee to their wholesale customers, every bag of coffee you buy helps end homelessness in the UK.

This brand is one of the best roasters in London for its passion for coffee and its motivational focus on giving back to the community. They only buy coffee beans that encourage sustainability and ethical practices.

Like many of the best cafes in the UK, the Old Spike offers a variety of coffee beans to choose from.

If you’re looking for some of the best coffee beans in the UK, you can’t go wrong with this brand of coffee. Some available options are Gelena, Gesha clouds, Triyono; Benedict blends, and Trenggiling, to name a few.

The coffee beans come from different parts of the world, such as Indonesia, Colombia, Guatemala, Rwanda, and Burundi.

It’s also safe to say that they offer some of the best competitive prices in the UK regarding excellent coffee sachets.

7. Coffee of redemption.

The social impact of coffee often focuses on people at the beginning of the supply chain. It is the farmers and workers who grow and process the beans.

Redemption Roasters, on the other hand, make a difference in a whole different way by focusing on reducing recidivism among minors.

While they serve their sentences, the company trains them to be roasters and baristas and places them in a pipeline upon release. The goal is to help people released from prison get back on their feet.

Redemption is based in HM Prison Aylesbury and has barista training centers in three other prisons. They have helped over 160 lawbreakers and have over 100 wholesale customers.

The Aylesbury blend, named after the prison where the roast is held, comes from farms in El Salvador, Brazil, and Guatemala. Although this blend is roasted for espresso, it is also great as a filter coffee.

The medium-dark roasted style offers plenty of chocolate richness while providing a pleasant acidity and a hint of candied orange in the finish. It’s an excellent choice for griddle lovers and its thick, creamy texture pairs beautifully with milk.

The coffee beans come from small farmers in Peru, Colombia, and Brazil. Some popular coffee choices include Yard, Block, Santo Antonio Pea Berry, and Bale Mountain.

8. Origin of the coffee.

Origin Coffee Roasters has made a name for itself from Cornwall to the bustling streets of Shore Ditch. The Origin crew includes some of the best baristas, roasters, and distributors in the country, and they ppa, especially if you follow the directions on the package.

They buy most of their coffee in Colombia. Colombian coffee has different flavor combinations due to the country’s different natural microclimates.

This region is known for producing coffees with tangy, fruity, and creamy flavors, and this offering is no exception.

The medium-light roast helps increase the coffee’s acidity while enhancing the cup’s dark caramel flavor.

While this coffee is excellent poured, you can enjoy it as a coffee brew. Creates a slightly heavier but equally vibrant beer.

The black vibe in the packaging reveals you are dealing with a brand that makes excellent coffee.
Origin offers a variety of choices, such as La Pila, Lichia, Barokah, Aqi Badu, Beija Flor, Pathfinder, Stronghold, Resolute, and more.

9. Clifton Cafe.

Yemen has a long and storied history in the coffee industry and has been the leading exporter of coffee to Europe since the 16th century. Mocha Port owes its origins to one of coffee’s most popular beverages, a vivid reminder of its former role in the coffee trade.

While coffee is no longer a significant export product, many families continue to depend on it as their primary source of income. That’s why Bristol-based Clifton Coffee Roasters has prioritized long-term relationships with Yemen’s farming communities since its founding in 2001.

While Yemen may now be one of the most challenging places in the world to grow and sell coffee, Clifton has invested in this origin for the benefit of all.

Farmers receive a fair price and market access. Clifton offers a unique product, and customers enjoy a rare beer.

Yemeni coffee is freshly brewed and dried in the sun. This technique contributes to an exceptionally indulgent, flowery, and rich cup.

Anything less than a squirt would risk diluting subtle flavors. This coffee lover’s cup is well worth the money for a truly unique experience.

Clifton offers some of the best street coffee in the UK. Some popular options available in their online shop include East Timor, House Filter, E1 Project Espresso, and others.

What is the biggest coffee roasting company?

10. Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Square Mile Coffee, an award-winning brand, was founded in 2008 by specialty coffee pioneers Anette Moldvaer and James Hoffmann.

They have grown into a dynamic team of 22 exceptional coffee experts who share a wealth of experience and love for what they do and have become synonymous with London’s coffee culture.

They collaborate, learn and support like-minded companies who want to serve their carefully selected and expertly roasted coffee to the highest possible standard.

Square Mile is constantly evolving, measuring its impact and looking for better solutions for its day-to-day operations.

Working together and supporting their supply chain partners strengthens their relationships, builds their knowledge, and puts London’s specialty coffee on the map.

They have many blends, including a seasonal filter blend and a rotating selection of single-origin coffees. Also, they offer a subscription service.

They have a lot of great coffees up for grabs, like Red Bricks, Sweetshop, Decaf Espresso, Inza, Coronado’s, and Filter Blend.

Top 20 best coffee beans in the UK 2023

Coffee lovers know nothing is more enjoyable than a delicious cup of coffee in the morning. The right beans can differentiate between a great cup and a great cupper.

You’re more likely to have found your coffee pick among the ten we’ve reviewed. But if you want to explore your options, check out the top 20 coffee beans the UK offers.

1. Mission Coffee

Mission Coffee Works was founded to bring the best beans to the best people and ensure they know what to do with them.

The mission began in 2012 as a van delivering coffee to the good people of Peckham before moving permanently to the London roastery and deciding to focus entirely on the beans.

They buy them green, roast them brown, deliver them to you, and ensure you know what to do with them. They don’t just ship beans from Mission Coffee Works to coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, homes, and offices across the country (and throughout Europe).

The brand needed the help of farmers, pickers, factory workers, green shoppers, and importers to roast the specialty coffee.

They use fair and transparent prices, long-term relationships, and environmentally friendly activities. Furthermore, they always pay particular attention to each supply chain step. Make sure everyone benefits from the coffee they consume.

Their online store has many options, including drip coffee, espresso, and sample packs. You can also try some of its brilliant specialty coffee bags such as Bells, Pivot, Sans Decaf, Ruby Hills, and Tariku Mengesha.

2. Cafe raves

The founders of Rave started making coffee without problems in the small town of Cirencester in Gloucestershire.

The team has an open-door culture supported by the ethical sourcing program. They have simple packaging and the goal of making affordable and sustainable coffee.

Rave is like a local coffee roaster, except they deliver right to your door. Additionally, it offers various beans, brewing guidelines, and bartender kits that can be accessed online.

The Rave’s Masterpieces collection features small, rare decaffeinated coffee beans – packaged in 80g gold tins – that allow the typical coffee lover to sample blends that would otherwise be expensive for everyday consumption.

It’s a seasonal offer. A Brazilian blend of the rare Acaua coffee plant. They prepare it using a brewing technique that brings out the sweetness and acidity of the beer.

The result is a Brazilian taste of caramel and chocolate combined with more exotic mango, pineapple, and cardamom notes.

This percolator coffee’s creamy texture and milder acidity make for a balanced cup.

3. Carnival cafe

Carnival Coffee Roasters, London is an eco-friendly roastery based in Penge, South East London.

You might recognize them by their colorful packaging, which reflects their Latin American style, and was created by local artist Rosie Lovelock. Carnival is an inspiring team that has quickly become one of London’s best coffee roasters.

Carnival Coffee Roasters’ focus on creating an eco-friendly product is an excellent example for future roasters. Their values extend from Columbia, where they help support café projects, to South East London, where they provide local bike delivery.

Their journey began in Medellin, Colombia, on the family farm, where they grew and produced Coffee.

Orange groves and banana plantations line the coffee farm, and a waterfall separates it from neighboring farms. They continue to use traditional drying methods.

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Carnival’s coffee is hand-roasted in small batches in their garden workshop in Penge. They are passionate about good coffee and spend much of their time roasting, tasting, and practicing to ensure you receive the best coffee beans possible.

4. Terrone coffee.

Terrone has done more than follow the crowd. They wanted to change it after getting tired of the over-roasted, under-stocked Italian coffee.

Terrane is at Tottenham today. They roast a carefully chosen variety of the best specialty coffees in the world, sourcing the best fresh crops.

Like Italian pizza, Italian coffee has always been considered the industry’s gold. In recent years, however, Italian coffee has taken second place in the third wave. Terrane is here to change that.

All of their coffee is roasted using a state-of-the-art Giessen W15. With a maximum weight capacity of just 15kg, each set is crafted with the utmost care and craftsmanship.

People argue that Italian coffee should never be considered a specialty. It should be saved for the rich, smooth coffee you’d expect from a stovetop espresso machine. Terrane is not convinced.
Their coffee is distinctive and excellent.

They blatantly believe that the best roasting practices preserve the coffee’s inherent flavors, aromas, and textures. That’s why they want you to taste the coffee instead of the roast.

5. Trailer cafe.

Caravan Coffee Roasters are based in Lamb Works, a redeveloped warehouse on North Road in Islington, London.

The green quality control laboratory, innovative roastery, coffee school, bakery, event space, roaster company headquarters, and catering companies are all on-site.

Caravan Coffee Roasters believes in pushing and raising the bar for the UK coffee scene. Their ultimate goal is to offer coffee lovers a premium product in their coffee cups.

They buy the best beans in the world. Furthermore, they roast them according to precise and consistent profiles to guarantee the unique qualities of each coffee.

Caravan is a ground coffee expert and one of London’s most popular roasters. They often have lovely, full-bodied options for those with home espresso machines.

The packaging of the caravan is simple yet captures the brand ethos. Some popular coffee beans on their website include Organic Market Daily Blend, El Romerillo, and Burundi Ishurwe.

They also offer a subscription for their espresso and filter coffee. You’ll probably get a free trailer mug when you first sign up.

6. Perception of coffee.

Perception Coffee is a clever new roaster with fantastic coffee from their roastery in Brixton, London.

Ali is the inventor and roaster of coffee. Born and raised in Brixton, his journey to specialty coffee was a sip of this beautiful blend of complex flavors he had never tasted before to become addicted.

The perception of the name emphasizes that everyone has different coffee preferences. I can relate to this as I am drawn to coffees with sweet and floral notes, but many prefer a deeper flavor profile.

Perception also comes on a more intimate note. Growing up in South London, seeing someone in a hoodie and tracksuit (Ali’s dress code) can be attributed to the drug gang lifestyle. Ali wants to change this perception through the use of coffee.

Perception’s Ibanda coffee comes from the Ugandan village of Ibanda. It is located in the northern part of the Kasese district, in one of the many valleys at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Coffee is the main cash crop for farmers in Ibanda village, who usually own 1-2 hectares of land. During the harvest season, the ripe red coffee beans are harvested daily and transported to Abanda.

Perception offers just six different types of coffee beans for anyone to try. These beans come from five countries; Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Rwanda. Unfortunately, they don’t even have a subscription service for their coffee beans at the time of writing.

7. Scarlett Coffee
Scarlett Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery in the heart of London, on the border between Islington and Angel.

This brand’s name comes from the coffee’s cherry color when it is fully ripe and ready to be harvested.

Their signature logo is a scarlet ibis, which appears in various guises on all cafés.
They wanted to use one of their favorite feathered friends because they are bird lovers. The Ibis Scarlett has exquisite coloring and is native to some of the best coffee-growing regions in South America.

Their catalog is constantly growing and changing to reflect the different seasons for specialty coffee. When a familiar name appears in the following year’s crop, it may taste different due to changes in growing conditions.

A constant sense of discovery is part of the excitement of coffee.
These men are serious about taste, with a background in wine and spirits. Their enjoyment of coffee comes from their passion. Especially their understanding of the richness of flavors, broad, robust, delicate, and refined.

Scarlet has no variety of blends. They put all their energy into three coffees. They have De Beauvoir Espresso, Ibis, Le Beau Monde and Ibis Decaf.

8. Finely grind the coffee.

With ten locations across the city and more on the way, Grind Coffee is a morning staple for many caffeine lovers in London.

Opened in 2011, Grind Grind has rapidly expanded to include a range of locations and features. What holds it together is a resolutely cosmopolitan artisan culture with an endlessly joyful vibe.

The house blend of Grind Grind is simple and sophisticated. It comes in a reusable light pink box that you can refill anywhere.

The coffee focuses more on sweet flavors with the perfect mix of acidity to spice things up. This medium roast is suitable for a wide range of coffee lovers as it echoes other house blends’ bitter or carbonated flavors.

We’ve found it a powerful all-rounder, performing in various beer styles and looking great.
You’ll also appreciate their lighter blend. It’s a fruity, delicate coffee that works well as a light-filtered brew and a rich espresso.

9. Roast.

Roasting Plant is a London-based coffee roastery with a distinct twist on what is typically seen in a roastery. It all started in a garage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The founder, Mike, came up with making coffee in the shop. Mike, an engineer by trade, invented a prototype machine that could mechanically roast and dispense coffee in a business using air pressure in clear tubes using his grandmother’s old vacuum cleaner.

The innovation has gone from an old vacuum cleaner to a network of grates and pipes visible in every shop. Each café has a roastery aptly named java bot, where customers can buy freshly roasted coffee.

The roastery uses fluidized bed burners, which use high-velocity hot air to levitate the beans. It’s nice to watch them because you can see the coffee burning before your eyes. This is only possible with some UK roasters using traditional drum roasters.

The coffee brand offers various coffee beans on its website from different countries. They source their coffee from Hawaii, Jamaica, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia, and Peru.
Some of her favorite options include cold brew mix, roasted spice mix, and winter trail mix.

10. Monmouth Café.

Monmouth coffee is sourced and roasted from individual farms, estates, and cooperatives.
Throughout the year, the Monmouth Coffee Company crew travels frequently. They visit the farmers and co-ops they are currently doing business with. At the same time, searching for intriguing coffee varieties and new farms to buy.

In 1978, Monmouth began roasting and selling coffee. Initially, they burned down in the basement of their Covent Garden business on Monmouth Street. They started with reasonably old-fashioned direct flame equipment, first a little UNO and then a 1930s Whitmer.

After opening another shop in Borough Market and outgrowing the Covent Garden basement, they moved into three refurbished railway arches in Bermondsey in 2007. After ten years, they moved their roastery to Spa Terminus in Bermondsey, where they converted five turns into a roastery.

Monmouth Coffee is famous worldwide and rightfully considered one of the best roasters in London. They offer ever-evolving coffee that you can buy online, and their monthly coffee subscription lists different areas, techniques, and roasts.

Frequent questions.

We understand that you have many questions that you would like answered on our review or something more general.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the most common questions, and I’m sure you’ll find them helpful.

What is a coffee bean?

A coffee bean is a seed of a coffee plant. Contains caffeine and is roasted before being ground into a powder. There are two types of coffee beans, Robusto and Arabica. Robusta beans are more bitter than Arabica beans because they contain less sugar. However, the Arabica bean is superior because it tastes better and sweeter.

Which brand of coffee is the best in the UK?

Balance Coffee is the best coffee brand in the UK. It is known for its rich flavor and mild taste. The beans come from different regions of South America, Africa, Asia, and Central America.

Balance Coffee is an award-winning brand, winner of Best Specialty Coffee in the UK in 2021.
The blends offered here are ethically sourced without compromising on quality. They also provide some of the best coffee kitchen equipment, so you always have great coffee.

What is the best quality coffee bean?

Quality is an essential factor in choosing coffee beans. For example, Arabica coffee beans are famous for their smooth and mellow taste.

Robusta beans, on the other hand, are more bitter because they contain less sugar. It’s also important to consider your budget.

Some brands offer affordable coffee beans, while others are more expensive. If you are looking for a brand that stands out, check out Balance Coffee, as they provide coffee at home at an affordable price.

What is the most famous café in the UK?

A survey shows that Balance and Union coffee are trendy in the UK. The online poll examined metrics such as brand loyalty, preferred brand, and other quality factors. These brands are known for their unique blends of high-quality coffee beans worldwide.

What is the UK’s favorite coffee?

There are many brands of coffee in the UK, but one is unique: Balance Coffee. It’s not just a brand; it’s a philosophy. It is a quality-oriented company committed to offering you an affordable product with great taste.

Balance Coffee has something for everyone, and they also have some of the best coffee equipment in their online shop if you want to make coffee at home. It stands out from other brands because they always keep your budget in mind by offering a premium product.

Why do Brits drink instant coffee?

While there are different types of coffee in the UK, instant coffee is more common in Britain. Mintel’s research shows that around two-thirds of Britons prefer instant coffee to freshly ground coffee.

This is due to its practicality and convenience. Instant coffee has a longer shelf life than newly ground coffee. Make instant coffee more convenient and cheaper by buying it in bulk.

How do you find coffee brands in the UK?

If you love good coffee and want to try some of the best coffee beans in the UK in 2022 but need help figuring out where to look, consider checking out expert review sites like Eating in London or Timeout. Websites like this provide detailed reviews of the UK food and wine scene.

Can you buy freshly roasted coffee beans in the UK?

If you want freshly roasted coffee beans in the UK, consider buying Balance Coffee. They offer a wide variety of blends delivered to your door. You can also take advantage of their monthly subscription.


I’ve helped you find coffee beans to make your mornings more enjoyable. But not all roasts are created equal, and there are several options you should try before you settle on your favorite roast.

Suppose you like strong coffee, experiment with different brands and blends until you find the perfect one. And if you’re new to specialty roasts, start with lighter brews and build up the intensity as your taste buds adjust.

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