Air Cargo

What is Air cargo?

Air Cargo is another term for air freight. It is the transport or carriage of goods via an airline. Air freight services are the most valuable for moving express shipments worldwide and consist of air mail, air freight and air express. UK Kenya shipping is among the most convenient and affordable movers in Nairobi.

UK Kenya Shipping Air Cargo provides leading cargo service to Kenya and other parts of Kenya from the UK and Germany, which is affordable shipping to Kenya. We proudly offer door-to-door shipping to Kenya, and more, whether you require air or ocean freight for your belongings, online shopping, excess baggage or commercial cargo.

Air cargo: when does it make sense?

Air Cargo. In the world of e-commerce, it’s a big part of day-to-day business. However, it is much less common for freight shippers outside of e-commerce than in freight, rail and ocean shipping.

Some shippers depend on it daily, while others don’t even consider air Cargo as a transportation option. Depending on what you’re shipping and how quickly you need it to arrive, air shipping with UK Kenya Shipping might be a viable option.

UK Kenya shipping do African Freight Services like sending goods from the UK to Kenya.

Air freight: What is the speed quality cost?

The significant advantage of air freight with UK Kenya Shipping is speed. Once cargo arrives at an airport, it can usually be shipped anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

High speed means higher costs. Air freight typically costs than ocean freight. For this reason, air transport is generally reserved (always outside e-commerce) for products that are very urgent and whose value justifies the higher cost. Common examples of goods transported by air include high-end electronics, jewellery, haute couture, and drugs.

Due to high costs, many companies use air Cargo only sporadically as part of a multimodal solution. For example, UK Kenya Shipping may ship some cargo by air to meet immediate customer needs. Once emergency orders are fulfilled, the manufacturer will ship the rest of its payload via a more convenient method, such as sea or rail.

When does air travel make sense?

Businesses often need to pay attention to Air Cargo Germany to Kenya using UK Kenya Shipping as an option. This happens when the cost of lost sales far exceeds the cost of additional freight.

In general, the cost-benefit ratio is quite clear. However, many companies have formal approval processes for air shipments. This is usually done to curb unruly behavior outside the logistics group, such as the seller asking for “expedited shipping” on a non-essential shipment because they want to please a new foreign customer.

Airport cargo logistics.

While air and ocean freight can vary in speed and cost, the port logistics associated with each method are mainly similar. You still have to deal with containers, “leisure” and costs, and the logistics of getting your containers to Kenya from  UK the correct port terminal (in this case, the right airport terminal).

With  Air Cargo global Kenya review  from UK Kenya Shipping you can ship your parcel to Kenya from UK. However, your transport partner UK Kenya shipping can often unload outside the airport without the driver having to go through the strict control measures that apply there.

One logistical difference is the drying costs, often much higher with airfreight. This is mainly due to the short or urgent notice periods that logistics companies usually have to work with for air freight forwarding services.

What is the role of 3PL in air transport?

As with seaports, logistics service providers like UK Kenya Shipping are experts in managing airfreight-oriented supply chains, where speed is of the essence and also provides Air Cargo Kenya address. Many 3PLs, such as UK Kenya Shipping, offer transport and warehousing as part of an integrated service. This allows a company and a system to coordinate container movements from collection to delivery and back.

Weber can streamline the process and identify cost savings opportunities for air cargo shipments entering or leaving the West Coast. Air Cargo Kenya Contact today to learn how your business can benefit from our port, sea or air capabilities.

Air Cargo 

One of the most expensive and complex forms of cargo transportation in the logistics industry is airfreight, and if you think all is equal in airfreight, you are wrong. Various types of air transport are used in the logistics sector.

If an e-commerce player opts for air freight, the customer is expensive. Regarding international shipping like UK Kenya Shipping, there are huge differences between airmail and airfreight. This blog will discuss the difference between air freight and air couriers.

Air Cargo Salary in Kenya depends on the company you work for. UK Kenya Shipping ltd Pays higher than average.

Air Cargo, air transport

Air Cargo to Kenya with UK Kenya Shipping is the most established form of cargo in air travel, we have seen FedEx, and DHL do this many times but they are too expensive, always use UK Kenya Shipping which affordable shipping to Kenya.

UK Kenya Shipping not only transport supplies by air but also deliver door-to-door. If you order a product from an online store like UK Kenya Shipping, it will be delivered to your home, and you will have to pay the freight brokerage fee, which will be added to the product’s value, which will happen every time a product is shipped by air.

As mentioned above, Air Cargo Kenya is cheap with UK Kenya Shipping, especially when shipping to specific countries. But there are other forms of air travel besides couriers, such as UK Kenya Shipping airfreight, which is much cheaper.

How much cheaper is air Cargo?

We now know that air Cargo is cheaper than air couriers, but how much cheaper is it? Let the question come to everyone’s mind as you edit it.

Airfreight cargo is only half the cost of air couriers, which is why smaller operators are adopting airfreight. The best way for an importer to make his deterrent even more profitable is to separate imported goods from veterinary stocks. As UK leading logistics service provider, UK Kenya Shipping provides flawless Air Cargo service to Kenya to its customers.

How does air travel work?

Airfreight stock is transported in a completely different way than airmail. Air Cargo services to Kenya use separate commercial flights to transport shipments, while air cargo transports inventory on domestic flights.

This means the list travels with the passenger’s baggage on the domestic flight. Also, the air cargo transportation is from airport to airport, and the shipping company like UK Kenya Shipping involved in this logistics business needs to arrange the transportation themselves or pay additional fees to transport it to the relevant address or a destination hub.

Air couriers have several advantages over air freight, but one of the few drawbacks is the cost, a primary concern for several players in the industry. In real-time, if you want to transport more than 200kg by air, you’d better choose air freight.

Some experts may say that the average weight should be 300 kg and above but UK Kenya Shipping has ships unlimited weight. So if the weight is between 200 and 300 kg, you can safely opt for air transport. Businesses can also opt for display mode, which needs to be faster to maintain operational speed.

Air freight has been a lifesaver for small and medium-sized enterprises for shipping products at critical times involving minimal cost and quick delivery. As a leading logistics service provider in India, we at UK Kenya Shipping offer our diverse industrial clientele the best air freight service.

What are the different types of air Cargo?
People who don’t experience air Cargo service often may have two main assumptions; the first is that air freight is costly, and the second is that air freight is a simple type of airport-to-airport service for goods with special handling or short duration, such as gold, human tissue, blood samples, etc.

Well, the answer is YES and NO. Air travel can be expensive sometimes, but it can even save you money in others. You can also ship a lot with UK Kenya Shipping by air, although this is usually needed for fast-moving consumer goods, we can also find other types of goods.

UK Kenya Shipping offers Air Cargo tracking Kenya airways when shipping goods from UK to Kenya.

Air freight services, rates and shipping costs.
Air transport is a complex service based on loading the aircraft with the items needed to reach the destination airport. There are two main branches of air cargo services.

1. General Goods:

This type of service is generally cheaper than the Special Cargo service. Transit time can sometimes be longer. Classifying the cargo as “General Cargo” requires no special requirements, such as temperature control or short shelf life. It also shouldn’t be too big or have odd dimensions (such as too long).

Example General Cargo: clothes (in boxes and on pallets), computers and computer parts (excluding battery), books, etc.

UK Kenya Shipping offers Air Cargo tracking track trace when shipping goods from UK to Kenya.

2. Special Cargo:
Items that fall under this service should generally be treated with care. The air freight bill for this service is higher than for general freight. Some airlines could be more open about accepting certain products regarding special cargo services. Some types of cargo that fall under the particular cargo category are:

Temperature Controlled: This service is for items that need to be stored at a specific temperature due to the particular nature of the cargo, such as fruits, vegetables, medical kits, etc.

Dangerous/Hazardous Cargo: A few categories fall under perilous cargo. Some types are flammable, toxic, radioactive, explosive etc. These items must be well packed and loaded in a particular space in the aircraft. For this reason, the rates should be higher than those for general goods, especially by plane.

Live animals: The service is usually used for pets. The shipment of live animals (dogs, cats, turtles, etc.) requires a well-ventilated area, and they must be placed in a special box that allows them to stay comfortable during the flight. The fee is based on the billable weight of the cage (with the animal inside).

Is air cargo cheaper?

Air Cargo costs

UK Kenya Shipping Air freight charges  to Kenya when shipping from UK to Kenya is the cheapest to use.

Moving human remains and tissue (or organs) always requires special handling and packaging. In many cases, it will also be necessary to adjust the temperature. Therefore, when shipping such items, the price is very high compared to standard freight  but with UK Kenya Shipping it is cheap and less expensive.

There are also two main types of cargo aircraft:

Passenger Aircraft (PAX): This aircraft is used more commercially; airlines also usually carry passengers with room on the plane for cargo. However, an aircraft’s hold has cargo priority; for example, the focus is diplomatic mail, passenger luggage, courier shipments, and general cargo. So don’t be surprised if your load is unloaded due to a lack of capacity while you have a reservation.

That is why it is advisable to ask for the price of a flash or express service in urgent cases and see if this is a better option for you.

Cargo Aircraft Only (CAD):

But it’s essential to remember that CAD service is more expensive than PAX, even when shipping general cargo but using UK Kenya Shipping is cheap..

Some countries, classify “known” and “unknown” shippers based on their export history. If the sender is “Unknown”, air shipment is unacceptable on PAX regardless of the transport description.

What can be shipped by air?

General cargo can be transported by air without any problems. Previously classified special loads may also be accepted. However, some items cannot be shipped by passenger plane or philosophy, such as illegal goods,
fireworks, dry ice (large quantities), fire extinguishers, etc.

How long does air freight take from UK to Kenya?


UK Kenya Shipping provides cheap, fast and reliable air freight services to Kenya from the UK. Our air transportation service is available for both individuals and companies at very competitive rates.

UK Kenya Shipping airfreight service from the UK to Kenya is weekly. It usually takes 4-5 working days for cargo to arrive in Kenya from the UK. We use the 1st flight from the UK to Kenya for urgent goods to expedite transit time and process.

Be it personal belongings, excess baggage or commercial cargo from the UK to Kenya by air; UK Kenya Shipping is your trusted partner. 

Types of air cargo services in Kenya

We offer the following services:

• Door to Airport Service: We can collect your cargo from you in the UK, whether commercial or private and deliver your cargo to the airport.

Airport to Airport Service – You arrange the delivery of your goods; we are based in Crawley and arrange air transport to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport!

Door-to-door service: we organize the collection of the goods from your location and direct delivery to the recipient in Kenya

UK Kenya Shipping deliver goods from the UK to the following destinations in Kenya. Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kitale.

What are the types of cargo we transport by air?

UK Kenya Shipping is the only forwarding company able to ship all types of cargo from the UK to Kenya. These include books, personal and household effects, and commercial goods classified as dangerous or dangerous, such as perfumes, aerosols, lithium batteries, and flammable liquids. We can ship urgent and mission-critical goods with our expedited business-to-business service.

UK Kenya Shipping can ship urgent cargo by air. Such as spare parts for automobiles, trucks, buses and machinery factories. Do you have excess baggage? Let UK Kenya Shipping transport your extra luggage to Kenya by air.

UK Kenya Shipping can provide air freight services for special cargo. These can be goods that are transported in a conditioned environment. Or it could be the moving of pets and not limited to the repatriation of human remains.

We can pick anywhere in the UK to deliver to Kenya.

Our other freight services

UK Kenya Shipping pride ourselves on being the best freight forwarding company. Be it air, sea, vehicle or container transport. UK Kenya Shipping ships to many destinations in Africa and other parts of the world.

At Air Cargo Global and Air Freight Kenya to UK, we provide industry-leading cargo service to Kenya, which is cost-effective and safe; we provide door-to-door service in Kenya. Our company is based in London, UK and Kenya, Nairobi. At Air freight companies in Kenya, UK Kenya Shipping  is the leading courier.

Air Freight & Air Freight: Air Freight Costs, Rates, Charges & Quotes

If you need your goods yesterday, air freight to UK is your best choice.

Read on to learn more about how air travel works when to use it, and how to find the best price.

Air freight charges to Kenya and international air freight: rates per kg

• Prices and costs for the transport of goods by air

• The advantages of air transport

• When can’t I ship by air?

• What goods are usually transported by air?
with UK Kenya Shipping you can ship any thing with air.

• Air freight services, rates and shipping costs

• Do international air travel quotes and prices change?


UK Kenya Shipping 90% of imports and exports are made by sea, air transport connects the world faster, reducing the time it takes to ship goods to the UK from 20-30 days by sea to just three days by air.

UK Kenya Shipping International air transport and express transport are different.

UK Kenya Shipping air cargo shipments can be significantly more extensive and may be carried by multiple carriers when shipping. Indeed, the largest cargo plane can take an entire train.

International air freight rates generally ranged per kilogram, depending on the type of cargo and available space.

How to calculate air freight costs?

Do you want to calculate the cost of air transport? If you would like a transport quote for your next shipment, enter your details below to receive an instant transport quote!

what is the Prices of air transport and shipping costs?

Weight and volume are the most critical factors in air transport. Airlines charge by dimensional weight, whichever is more expensive.

If the dimensional weight exceeds the actual product weight, the dimensional weight becomes the billable weight. For light air shipments, you can use this billable weight calculator to determine whether your freight will be charged based on actual or dimensional weight.

When you book cargo on, it is optional to calculate the billable weight; our platform calculates it automatically.


What are the advantages of air transport?

There are three main advantages to shipping by air:

• Speed – Planes are about 30 times faster than ocean liners. Passenger aircraft travel at 575 mph, while slow steamers travel at 16-18 mph. This means an air shipment can take as little as five days from a factory in UK to a warehouse in Kenya. Using this transit time calculator to get estimated air transit times based on recent and up-to-date shipping data.

• Reliability: Shipping by air offers better traceability and more excellent guarantees that the goods arrive in the right place at the right time.

• Protection: Goods are more susceptible to damage when transported by sea than by air. This makes air travel a good option for fragile items.

When can’t I ship by plane?

Here are some of the downsides of air travel:

CostAir freight has a high price compared to sea freight. Comparing air and sea freight, a box weighing. However, this difference may be minor with price fluctuations due to supply chain disruptions.

CO2 EmissionsAir cargo generates significantly more emissions. For example, according to a UK government study, 2 tones transported 5,000km by sea results in 150kg of CO2 emissions, compared to 6,605kg of CO2 emitted by air. Not the most environmentally friendly shipping method.

Heavy Shipping – Since the 1960s, trucking has revolved around containers ideal for transporting large, heavy items. The price of air travel is calculated based on dimensions and weight, meaning the price can change quickly.

What goods are usually shipped by air?

Because air freight is expensive, it is usually limited to smaller, high-value cargo or urgent items, such as: 

Electronics. Steve Jobs bought all available airfreight capacity along significant routes between Kenya and the UK to ship the first iMac for the holiday season and Shipped with UK Kenya Shipping.

Clothes. Seasonal clothing trends can change quickly. As a result, companies generally need to move garments from factories to stores as soon as possible. The small size and high value of clothing also make air travel a worthwhile expense.

Pharmaceutical products. Due to their small size and low weight, medical products are often transported by air.

Documents and samples. The atmosphere remains the most convenient method for sending documents.

Seasonal shipments. Regardless of the product, if there is strong international demand for a product that needs reinforcement.

How to rate and surcharges for the carriage of goods by air?

In addition to the air freight costs, which are calculated based on the above costs, the total air freight costs also include:

• Fuel surcharges

• Security extras

• Freight station/container terminal operating costs

• Airport transfers

In addition, the price for door-to-door rates also includes air transportation services, including:

Customs clearance

• Collection and delivery

Cargo insurance

• Additional surcharges

Do the quotations and costs of international air transport change?

According to Transport Intelligence, international air transport has been growing slowly, with less than 1% growth in 2015 among the world’s top shippers. With UK Kenya Shipping Air Freight Shipping to Kenya is fast and cost efficient.

One reason for this was the growing dependence on shipping. However, with long delays and unstable transit times affecting ocean freight, more importers and exporters have turned to air freight.

Sea, air and port-to-port transit time calculator

What is shipping time and transit time?

The Kenya UK Kenya Shipping, Shipping Time Calculator, provides estimated shipping times for global multimodal shipping along selected routes. Instantly estimate FCL, LCL, air, sea and truck transit times. Enter your source and destination address, city, postal code or country, and shipping type to see overall transit times and estimated delivery.

UK market estimate for shipping to Kenya,


Where do you ship from?


Where do you ship?


What do you send?

Calculate the results

Embed this calculator

Driven by

International shipping can be tricky, especially when you have to choose between different shipping methods. This International Cargo Transit Time Calculator helps by providing an estimated shipping time for Mixed Domestic Cargo, Air Freight to Kenya from UK and Sea Cargo to give you a complete estimate of your cargo shipping time.

Using the UK Kenya Shipping transit time calculator, transit time for your shipments. It enables you to make informed decisions, optimize your logistics planning and ensure that your goods are delivered on time to your planned destinations.

What is the transit time of the shipment?

Transit time is when a shipment is delivered to its final destination after being collected from a designated collection point. The time it takes to move goods from one point to another varies widely, so it’s essential to get this information before booking a shipment. UK Kenya Shipping saves time.

How long does it take to ship the goods?

The transit time of goods is affected by distance, shipping method, itinerary and season. In very rough estimates: express may only take 1-3 days, air transport is usually 5-10 days, and sea transport maybe 20-45 days or more.

The complexity of customs procedures and potential delays in crossing borders can also affect the transit times of goods. Factors such as the number of shipments processed, documentation accuracy, and unscheduled inspections or regulatory requirements can contribute to longer transit times. Additionally, severe weather conditions, such as storms or extreme temperatures, can disrupt transportation networks, extending the delivery schedule.

Therefore, shippers and receivers must consider these variables when estimating the arrival time of their freight shipments and plan accordingly to minimize potential delays.


Compare rates in seconds

Port-to-port transit time and ocean transportation transit time

Why is there such a difference in shipping time when shipping by sea? Because there are many ways to send. Serious.

When would you use this transit time calculator?

After you’ve gathered the critical shipping documents from UK Kenya Shipping you need from your supplier and calculated your billable weight, use this calculator to help you select a mode of transportation. Whether you choose air or ocean freight, balancing cost and transit time is generally a matter.

Average transit times 2023

UK Kenya Shipping transit times for freight shipments experienced extreme delays in 2021 but returned to near pre-pandemic levels in 2022. The most recent average transit times for port-to-port and door shipments door-to door from the UK. in Kenya based on data from UK Kenya Shipping.

How does air travel work?

If speed is your priority, air freight is the solution

In this world of ‘need it in the past’, UK Kenya Shipping air freight is the ideal solution to move goods quickly and safely across the country or the world. UK Kenya Shipping allows shippers to respond promptly and efficiently to customer and market demands.

This is the service manufacturers turn to when an assembly line breaks down and needs immediate replacement. And it’s what retailers use to quickly get high-quality, in-demand electronics on their shelves.

Air transport is an essential part of running an efficient supply chain. UK Kenya Shipping also ship Air Shipping from UK to china and to Kenya.

How does air travel work?

From pickup to delivery, the process is simple. UK Kenya Shipping service provider will coordinate with a local courier for collection from your warehouse or depot. Once the cargo is loaded, the carrier delivers the shipment to the airport, where it is loaded onto an aircraft. 

National versus international

The travel process for domestic and international air shipments is the same, but key differences exist. If you are importing or exporting air freight to Kenya, you will have to deal with more complicated paperwork, and you will need to clear your items through customs. Other differences include the closing times for sending a shipment and delivery options.

How are air freight rates calculated?

What you ship, the carrier and airline you use like UK Kenya Shipping , and the billable weight of the shipment affect the rate. Billable weight is gross weight (including freight, packing and pallet) or dimensional weight, whichever is greater.

Dimensional weight is calculated using a formula that divides cargo dimensions (LxWxH) by a dimensional weight factor. More oversized items that weigh less take up more space than smaller, heavier items. That’s why air carriers use the billable weight formula.

Equipment options

While cargo planes are the standard aircraft for carrying cargo, commercial jets and air charter services are also options. Check out the descriptions below for more information on each:

cargo plane

Cargo planes are specifically designed to carry cargo. They come in various sizes, and interior space is maximized to accommodate all types of cargo, from small cargo pallets to massive machines.

One of the giant planes cubic feet of cargo. Because these planes don’t take people, they have fewer restrictions from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which means they can also carry hazardous materials (HAZMAT).

Commercial aircraft

UK Kenya Shipping, If you are carrying small shipments, placing the cargo in the cargo hold of a passenger aircraft may be more economical UK . Two types of aircraft, narrow-body and wide-body, are designed to transport cargo on pallets or containers. As the goods travel with the passengers, further restrictions apply. Size and weight limits are also based on aircraft type, airline, and whether goods are shipped locally or internationally.

Air charter services

UK Kenya Shipping services is the best option for critical cargo meeting tight delivery deadlines. Get exclusive use of an aircraft with direct service to your destination.

What are the advantages of air transport?

Advantages of air travel

Speed is one of many benefits. You also get:

Access anywhere in the world

Most air forwarders like UK Kenya Shipping have an extensive network of airlines serving both domestic and international destinations. So wherever your customers are, you can quickly ship goods to them.

Capacity at your fingertips

 Even if a flight is missed, UK Kenya Shipping can usually catch a flight later in the day and arrive on time. You and your customers can count on fast and reliable service, even with minor delays.

If you want to ship anything from UK to Kenya don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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