In today’s interconnected world, receiving parcels from overseas is easier and more convenient than ever. 

If you are waiting for a container from Germany to Kenya, you are in luck! This will guide you through receiving a package, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. 

Whether it’s a personal item or an important document, you can obtain your parcel successfully.

Step 1: 

Confirm your shipping details. Before going into the logistics, please ensure you have all the information about the package.

Don’t hesitate to contact the courier in Germany and get the tracking number, courier details and estimated delivery time.

Having this information handy will help you stay informed during the shipping process.

Step 2: 

Understand the customs and import regulations. It would be best to familiarise yourself with your country’s customs and import regulations

Like many other countries, Kenya has specific rules and requirements regarding importing goods

Visit the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) website or contact their offices for detailed information.

 Understanding these regulations will help ensure a smooth customs clearance process and avoid delays or unexpected costs.

Step 3: 

Choose a reliable shipping service. 

Choosing a reliable shipping service is essential for a smooth delivery experience. 

Many established international couriers operate between Germany and Kenya. Popular options are UK Kenya shipping,DHL, FedEx, UPS and EMS. 

Research these services to find the one that meets your needs in terms of cost, delivery time and reliability.

Step 4: 

Track Your Package Once it’s on the way, use the tracking number provided to track its progress.

 Most couriers like UK Kenya shipping offer online tracking systems, allowing you to see your parcel’s status in real time. 

By regularly checking your tracking information, you can stay informed and anticipate the arrival of your package.

Step 5:

 Preparing for customs clearance.

 When the parcel arrives in Kenya, it goes through customs clearance

To facilitate this process, ensure you have the necessary documentation, like a copy of the shipping invoice, proof of payment, and any permits or licenses required for specific goods. 

Feel free to contact your carrier or customs for a complete list of required documents.

Step 6:

 Pay customs duties and applicable cups.

 Depending on the value of the nature of the goods, you may be required to pay customs duties and cups.

 These charges are determined by customs and based on the package’s declared value. Please note that customs duties and taxes are the recipient’s responsibility.

 Therefore, calculate the costs in advance and be prepared to pay them on Delivery to avoid surprises.

Step 7:

 Receive the package. Once the package has cleared customs, it is ready for Delivery.

 UK Kenya shipping ensure you or an authorized person is at the delivery address to receive the package. Sometimes, you may be notified to collect your parcel from your local post office or designated collection point.

 Follow the courier’s instructions for a smooth transfer.

 Receiving a package from Germany to Kenya involved several essential steps to ensure successful Delivery. 

By confirming your shipment details, understanding customs regulations, selecting a reliable shipping service like UK Kenya shipping, tracking your package, preparing for customs clearance, paying applicable duties, and being available for Delivery, you can ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

 Following this step-by-step guide, you can receive your package without unnecessary complications. 

So get ready to receive your package and enjoy the convenience of international Shipping!

1. Communicate with the Shipper: 

Maintain clear and open communication with the Shipper throughout the shipping process. 

They can provide updates on the package, help you troubleshoot any issues, and resolve any concerns.

2. Packing and Insurance

Ensure the Shipper packs the items securely, especially if they are fragile or valuable.

 If necessary, consider opting for insurance coverage to protect against possible damage or loss in transit. 

Don’t hesitate to contact the UK Kenya Shipping Department to learn about available insurance options and associated costs.

3. Restricted and Prohibited Items: 

You must familiarize yourself with a list of restricted and prohibited items for import into Kenya

Some items, such as weapons, drugs and hazardous materials, are strictly regulated or prohibited. 

Please ensure the contents of the package comply with import regulations to avoid complications or confiscation.

4. Delivery times and options:

 Please note the estimated delivery times of the shipping service. 

Please note that international shipments may experience unexpected delays due to customs clearance or other factors beyond the carrier’s control.

 If you have specific time requirements, please consider discussing this with the Shipper and opting for an expedited shipping service.

5. Communication with customs authorities:

 If your package encounters any customs-related problems or requires additional information, be prepared to communicate with the customs authorities.

 Respond immediately to any questions or requests to facilitate the approval process.

6. Track and Confirm Delivery: 

Once the package has been delivered, confirm its arrival and status. 

Please inspect the package upon receipt to ensure it meets your expectations and that there are no damages or anomalies.

 If there is a problem, please get in touch with the UK Kenya shipping department immediately to resolve the issue.

7. Leave Feedback: 

Once you receive your package, please consider leaving Feedback for the shipping service

Your Feedback can help others make informed decisions when choosing a carrier and provide valuable information to the service provider for future improvements.

Receiving a package from Germany to Kenya combines careful planning, communication and following customs regulations. 

These additional tips can further streamline the process and ensure a positive and satisfying experience.

Send a package from Germany to Kenya.

We all like to receive something. 

And there was undoubtedly an occasion when we had to send a gift to friends, a product to a client, or documents to a business associate. 

Unfortunately, the shipping process isn’t always smooth.

 Sometimes you must search for information and compare who will provide the cheapest or fastest delivery service. 

Sometimes you are haunted by doubts about whether it is safe Delivery. 

Sometimes, when we have to send an urgent shipment, we are shocked by the price of this service, which, considering the distance of 6250, seems way too high. 

Even though it looks like a simple procedure, Shipping from Germany to Kenya becomes a hassle. Unfortunately, it not the case with the custom package. 

A system that bothered you before is now straightforward.

 Enter your shipment details in the inquiry form, and you will immediately see the shipment methods and prices offered by UK Kenya shipping

The peculiarity of the UK Kenya shipping platform is that the system independently finds the best offer in terms of price and delivery times for shipments (urgent or not) from Germany to Kenya.

 It only takes a few seconds.

Benefits of using UK Kenya shipping

Parcels from Germany to Kenya are shipped door to door.

All shipments from Germany to Kenya are insured.

We provide transportation services all over the world.

We can ship both large and small packages.

Registration is not necessary!

Best price guaranteed from Germany to Kenya.

We provide a real-time tracking option.

Send a package from Germany to Kenya.


UK Kenya shipping it offers the Delivery from Germany to Kenya and select the most acceptable option, then pay by your preferred payment method and wait for the courier


 Delivering shipments with UK Kenya shipping is very simple.


How does it work?

 UK Kenya shipping online shipping platform brings together thousands of international and local couriers whose vehicles UK Kenya shipping scans for available space and uses wisely.

 It allows you to send large and small shipments (even urgent if necessary).

UK Kenya shipping is always looking for open space on any carrier’s vehicles. In addition, the unique UK Kenya shipping platform system offers us attractive prices on shipping services from Germany to Kenya

Also, it will enable us to guarantee the quality of these services in case you need urgent Delivery from Germany to Kenya

 Safety is an especially critical aspect of Delivery, whether you’re sending a heartwarming or costly gift. 

Therefore, all shipments sent from Germany to Kenya via the UK Kenya shipping platform are not only covered by the standard insurance but also by the UK Kenya shipping insurance.

 Once you’ve used UK Kenya shipping, you’ll immediately notice that it’s a convenient and hassle-free way to ship your shipment. 


Depending on where you send your shipment, it takes as little as a day.

 The next time you need a delivery service, you won’t have to think twice before deciding who to entrust with your shipment. 

Some couriers such as UK Kenya shipping offer lightning-fast shipping services from Germany to Kenya; others are known for their particular flexibility in their delivery methods. 

Still, others are cheap, not to mention the modest postal service. 

What should those of us who want shipments from Germany to Kenya to reach consignees quickly, safely and in an understandable way at an acceptable price?

 By bringing their unprecedented shipping system into play, UK Kenya shipping has solved this problem and made it a reality. 

The UK Kenya shipping platform brings together many local and international couriers and always selects the best transport routes for shipments. 

It means you can save time researching information and comparing prices for the cheapest service.

 With just a few clicks on the UK Kenya shipping platform website, you can access information about the shipment, the final transport price of the freight and the selected courier, and know when the couriers will pick up and deliver.

The shipments from Germany to Kenya will also be able to select the most convenient payment method to pay for the services.

 You will receive an email shortly with all the shipping information you need. 

Parcel ABC asks only one question: what will you be shipping today?

To view the price list of the UK Kenya shipping package, indicate your destination and the place from which the package will be sent and enter the weight and dimensions.

 The valid prices for the suggested route offered by UK Kenya shipping company will then be displayed. 

For comparison, we also show how much you must pay with other carriers so customers can make an informed choice.Delivery costs depend on the size and weight of the package, made up of the distance between cities. 

It is important to note that UK Kenya shipping also offer express packages on interstate routes. We treat it as a priority and deliver it as soon as possible.

 The cost of this service also appears in the list. However, express delivery methods are more expensive. All prices include fuel costs on insurance. 

If you want the cheapest offer, order UK Kenya shipping courier and send your package with us.

How long does it take to deliver a package from Germany to Kenya?

Our low-cost courier takes more than three days on average to deliver the goods between these countries. 

The delivery time mainly depends on the distance. However, we remind you that you can always choose fast Delivery.

 Then the delivery times will even be reduced to a few hours. UK Kenya Shipping is usually delivered to the recipient within 5 business days.

 Anyone sending a package through our platform can also track your location regularly.

 It allows both to determine the exact delivery date of the box to the recipient and to find it in case of loss.

What not to ship to Kenya?

Each carrier has regulations and a list of goods they do not carry. 

There are several reasons for such a list, including international laws, the relatively frequent use of air travel, and convenience.

UK Kenya Shipping, like most other carriers, does not carry hazardous materials and substances, including communities, weapons, acids, mercury, bacteria or viruses. 

Composite goods may damage other packages. 

Except for our carrier, packages containing prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, perishables or originals are not accepted. 

The creation of this list is partly inspired by the fact that we work with different carriers, such as UK Kenya shipping,UPS, IMX, InPost FedEx, DHL, DPD, TNT, ASM or TRANSIMEKSA, which have their regulations that we try to comply with passengers. 

If in doubt, read the sheet at the bottom of the page, send us a question using the form, or contact us by phone. 

Finally, each country has its own legislation and customs regulations. It is worth familiarizing yourself before receiving it. 

The package can be checked at the border. 

If it contains a prohibited item, the shipment will most likely be returned to the sender and, in extreme cases, customs may seize it once you know what you can ship in the package, order shipping.

Fast Shipping from Germany to Kenya – facts

The distance between these countries is exactly 6250 kilometres. 

Our economy courier always tries to deliver parcels as quickly and cheaply as possible. 

So far, 695 people in Germany have decided to use our service. The most used payment methods were Paysera – 57%, PayPal – 36%, and credit cards and e-wallets – 7%. 

It is said that although all parcels sent via UK Kenya shipping have free insurance, it is possible to increase this amount. 

This service is often used to send valuables, so the customer does not have to worry about damage in transit because if something goes wrong, they will be refunded. 

To date, 23% of German customers have decided to take out this insurance. 

The average price paid by customers was EUR 28, USD 29.99, GBP 24.0859, PLN 125.7802, UAH 1107.7926, RUB 2429.1851, AUD 45.3933, DKK 208.539, BYN 75.7235, 10354, HUF 2939, CAD 40.3 105.

To ensure that the shipment reaches the recipient in good condition, it must be packaged in the best possible way, minimizing the impact of any shocks during transport.

 The most essential element is the correct box, which must be rigid. Next, secure the product with bubble wrap, which provides enough cushioning.

 If free space is left in the package after you go the item, stuff it with a soft material so that nothing inside can move freely. 

Finally, remember to affix the waybill at a visible point when closing the box. 

We send that label to an email address and provide it in the customer’s printable panel.

Ship your luggage from Germany to Kenya.

Do you want to ship at the best price from Germany to Kenya? 

Please request a free quote and send your personal effects, suitcases and bags with our home delivery service from Germany to Kenya.

By sending your luggage to Kenya or a package with Kenya, you can rest easy regarding international Delivery. 

UK Kenya shipping delivery service in Kenya is a simple, safe and fast process.

UK Kenya shipping organize the collection and Shipping of your luggage from A to Z from Germany to Kenya.

Shipping your luggage from Germany to Kenya can be summarized in 4 simple steps:

1. Request an instant quote using our search engine below.

2. Compare the prices between the standard and premium options for shipping your luggage to Kenya.

3. A courier will carefully collect your luggage from your home in Germany

4. Travel light in Kenya! We deliver it to the desired address in Kenya.

Shipping your luggage from Germany to Kenya is super easy!


Shipping luggage from Germany to Kenya, how does it work?

A 3-step process to have your luggage delivered door to door, from Germany to Kenya!

1. Book online

Find the best offer online for shipping such as UK Kenya shipping your luggage from Germany to Kenya

2. We ship

Our couriers transport your luggage from Germany to Kenya.

3. Receive your bags

Our Germany to Kenya flight from Germany to Kenya went smoothly! Take your luggage to your desired address in Kenya.

Why ship a suitcase from Germany to Kenya?

Germany to Kenya might consider shipping bulky luggage from  Germany to Kenya for several reasons.

 There is no doubt that if you are going abroad for a semester as a student or moving to  Kenya with your family, your airline’s baggage allowance will be too limited. 

For this, UK Kenya shipping helps you. There can be several situations in which you would like your baggage to be carried for you:

• You want to send your luggage to study in Kenya.

• You want to ship your belongings while moving to Kenya with your family

• You want to send a substantial gift to a family member in Kenya.

• Need shipping cost for international sports matches in Kenya.

How long does it take to deliver luggage in Kenya?

UK Keenya Shipping while sending a package with suitcases or bags from Germany to Kenya may take a few days.

 It is because Shipping depends on the distance between the original collection address in Germany and the delivery address in Kenya

If these addresses are close to major roads in the country, our carrier has many more options for sending bags to their rural hubs. 

To better understand the delivery time, you can check in our booking system how many days it will take to ship you to Kenya.

How much does it cost to send suitcases from Germany to Kenya?

Thanks to our booking system, getting a quote and prices for a shipment from Germany to Kenya is quick and easy.

 All you have to do is enter your collection address in Germany, the collection date and the delivery address in Germany.

 You will get a price list with several options: 

Low cost for an economical way to ship your luggage to Kenya and Premium possibilities if you want your luggage delivered as soon as possible.

 Express Delivery from Germany to Kenya is always more expensive due to the short transport time. 

Our prices include the insurance of your luggage.

Check the rates for a bag drop in Kenya.

What are the different ways to ship from Germany to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping can ship your luggage door-to-door in several ways. Indeed, our carriers have different transport modes, from sea to air transport

Depending on the destination country, you may choose one of these options to ship your bulky baggage, whether for an occasional need or an international move.

 Sea freight is generally used to transport substantial items to Kenya. However, it is common knowledge that sea transportation takes longer than air transportation.

 At Eelway, we work with fast couriers who ship your luggage from Germany to Kenya by air or road.

Do you want to send heavy luggage from Germany to Kenya? 


 We ship your bulky items for you.

No weight limit

Follow in real-time

your baggage

Your baggage it easily sealed

and insured

As we took care of their luggage

Thanks to the UK Kenya shipping who helped us from the booking to the actual pick up.

They are accurate and punctual at a very affordable price considering the service they provide. Advised. I experienced it yesterday. Book quickly and easily. Constant information.

What can you ship from Germany to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping Ship heavy suitcases and holdalls from Germany to Kenya. Your trip to Kenya will be so relaxing without being cluttered with luggage and personal belongings.

 You ship unaccompanied baggage from Germany to Kenya and pay no excess baggage fee to your airline. 

Our country’s economy courier service is quick and easy.

Parcel shipping from Germany to Kenya to Kenya.

Easily send your package from Germany to your loved ones in Kenya

Please request a quote and book our fast courier service from Germany to Kenya to ship any item. 

Whether your package is a large box, a parcel or a small package, we negotiate with the best and cheapest carriers, such as UK Kenya shipping, FedEx, DHL or UPS, for fast and affordable Shipping from Germany to Kenya

And, of course, track your shipment with our delivery services. 

Your logistics control tower

Shipping services from Germany to Kenya in just 24-72 hours! UK Kenya shipping it one of the best couriers UK to provide reliable and fast solutions. 

Book delivery online. Shipments are completely door-to-door, including primary insurance. Live support is always available via chat.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international shipping services.Our team will be happy to answer any question you may have and guide you through  the process.


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