How do I get a free Uk address?

Open a UK Kenya shipping account!

UK Kenya shipping provides customers in Kenya with a free UK address to shop on various Uk websites.

You save money compared to other services because UK Kenya shipping offers the most shipping options to Kenya. Customers in Kenya love that their Uk address with UK Kenya shipping allows them to get great deals on electronics, clothing, makeup, auto accessories, cell phones, perfume, and more.

Customers in Kenya who choose a premium account can access our Uk duty-free warehouse in Nairobi. It is an additional saving on your purchases because you don’t pay UK sales tax on UK websites.

Use the UK Kenya shipping address as your mailing address when buying items from Uk websites. Work with carriers like DHL, UPS and USPS to deliver your packages quickly in Kenya. All you need to do is log into the UK Kenya shipping website, select a page, fill out the UK Customs form, and pay to have your items shipped to Kenya. It’s that easy.

Rights and taxes

Do I have to pay duties and taxes if I buy from the UK and ship to Kenya?

Each country has different rules regarding import restrictions and taxes. Please check with your customs office for the specific management and limits for personal entry.

Does UK Kenya shipping offer fast shipping to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping offers the most choices for fast package shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

Buy in the UK Ship your purchases to your free UK address on UK Kenya shipping. Log in, fill out the customs form and select the courier you want to use to ship to your home or business.

Make sure you declare your items correctly for faster processing at customs. Customers can also make a special request to take photos of their items in the box upon arrival so they can inspect the item to make sure it is what they ordered or to examine for damage.

We as UK Kenya shipping offer many expedited shipping options from the UK to Kenya, including UK Kenya shipping exclusive couriers. It is the only service that provides more choices for sending a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya!

With your UK Kenya shipping account, you can buy the latest shoes, clothes, apparel, electronics, makeup, auto parts, or anything you need from UK websites.

How long does it take to ship to Kenya from the UK?

Buy from the UK and ship to Kenya in 2-3 business days!

How do I get a UK address?

Open a free UK Kenya shipping account.

Shipping options and delivery times

Services designed for you

Do you have staff who can help me with my language?

Yes, at UK Kenya shipping, we have customer service agents ready to help you shipping in Kenya. We can answer any questions you may have about how long it will take to ship your package from the UK to Kenya, how much UK goods you can export, what import taxes you may need to pay for shipping from the UK to Kenya, what Is it legal to ship to Kenya?

Can I buy the perfume and cologne from the UK and ship it to Kenya?

It is cheap and easy to ship perfume or cologne to Kenya for gifts or personal use with UK Kenya shipping. Please see our fragrance page for country-specific information.

Can I ship mobile phones with lithium batteries to Kenya?

Mobile phones and electronic devices with lithium batteries can be shipped to most countries. See our Prohibited and Restricted page for the latest requirements for Kenya.

Can I ship shoes and sportswear to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping offers super convenient ways to ship trainers, clothing and the latest fashions to Kenya, including brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, New Balance, Reebok, ASOS, Fabletics and many more.

Over one million parcels have shipped.

UK Kenya shipping customer reviews

Can I use UK Kenya shipping to buy from UK retailers and ship parcels to Kenya?

 Signing up for a UK Kenya shipping address is accessible. Enter your name, country, email address and password in the registration form and click Submit. If you will receive an email asking you to verify your account. After verification, you will receive a UK Kenya shipping address and can start shopping.

Then go to any shopping site, like Amazon, Walmart or eBay. Purchase the items you want and enter your new UK Kenya shipping address and suite number as your shipping address during checkout.We then ship it for you to your doorstep.

Do I have to pay sales tax on the items I buy?

Items shipped to our UK warehouse which are subject to UK sales tax. However, if you sign up for a Membership, you will get access to our Nairobi Warehouse. Due to the packages shipped to this warehouse are exempt from Uk sales tax.

How much does it cost to ship to Kenya from the US?

Shipping costs from the UK to Kenya generally depend on the carrier, service, weight and size of the package. For example, shipping a 1 pound small package from the UK to Kenya costs . Larger packages usually cost more, but UK Kenya shipping offers many shipping options to Kenya to suit your budget and schedule.

Please enter the information below into our UK Kenya shipping shipping calculator to determine the estimated cost of shipping a package from the United kingdom to Kenya. Handling fees, duties, and taxes are in addition to the shipping costs.

See below for some example frequencies.

Estimated shipping cost from the Uk to Kenya:

You can ship all your favourite electronics to your door at our discounted prices.

Package Value for the shipment.

Estimated shipping cost from the Uk to Kenya

If you’re as fashion-conscious as we are, you can save with UK Kenya shipping when you shop at your favourite UK stores and bundle your items.

Want to buy your baby everything in the world? We want to help you with this. Buy premium baby products and have them shipped to your home.

Shipping cost calculator

For more information about our Nairobi warehouses, visit our locator page to find the right warehouse.


Can I use Shipito to buy famous US brands from Kenya online?

Customers in Kenya can use their UK Kenya shipping address to shop at popular retailers in the United kingdom. Use your free UK mailing address to receive packages, then choose from UK Kenya shipping many shipping options to have packages sent directly to your home or business. Shipito lets you buy from popular UK websites, including:

We work with carriers to offer you the best prices for your shipping needs. It doesn’t matter where you live in Kenya. Shipito can send packages to you.

Sign up for a free UK address with Shipito and start shopping today. Shop for the latest shoes, clothes, fashion, electronics, phones, auto parts and makeup from your favourite United kingdom websites.

Does a shoebox fall into the category of small packaging?

• Courier services, delivery, parcel dimensions, packaging, parcel services, and shipping costs

• / By UK Kenya Shipping

Shoe boxes are the perfect packaging for sending small parcels. Should it make sense that a shoebox is automatically considered a small package?

The answer is more complex. For what?

Shoebox dimensions must meet guidelines for small packaging

Not all shoeboxes are the same size. The manufacturer of the box, the brand of the shoe, or the target gender of the product all influence the size of an individual box.Our UK Kenya shipping import shoes from UK to Kenya for the customers.

Generally, men’s shoeboxes are usually slightly larger than women’s shoeboxes.

The average size of a women’s shoe box:

The average size of men’s shoeboxes is a few centimetres larger than that of women’s shoeboxes:

So does it matter? When it comes to sending a small package, it is possible.

What is a “small package”?

UK Kenya shipping states that a small parcel maximum dimensions are 45cm long, 35cm wide and 16cm deep. It means a small package is about twice the size of a medium shoebox.

However, if you use your local post office, your item must also weigh at most 2kg.

More is needed to focus on size; weight is also a factor. If your small package is heavier than the limit, it may be upgraded to a higher price tier.

How do couriers measure parcels?

Many carriers base their shipping costs on the dimensional weight of a package.

To start calculating, multiply the three-dimensional dimensions of the package. If you use centimetres as a unit of measure, divide the result by 5000 or 4000, depending on the courier you use like UK Kenya shipping measure the parcel for the parcel perfectly and correct.

However, you must still provide your packed item’s weight and dimensions to get a quote. It means packages of the same size but different weights may be classified differently and cost different amounts to ship.

Also, UK Kenya shipping offers the best packages of the same size and weight may cost different amounts to ship with varying carriers due to differences in the dimensional weight calculation method.

Pay the best shipping costs for your small parcels.

Choice of packaging

How do I choose the best packaging?

 Factors to Consider When Choosing Packaging.
  1. Security and Durability. While all packaging should be reasonably strong, the amount of protection needed will of course, depend on the fragility of your product.
  2. Affordable and Easy to Use.
  3. Always Widely Available.
Reduce the package size by using less packaging or placing the items closer together in the box. You should always ensure that the item in your parcel is well protected. However, careful packing and clever UK Kenya shipping use of bubble wrap which that can save valuable cubic inches of space. If you use a men’s shoe box, replace it with a smaller box designed for women’s shoes.

Consider the weight first.

You can only sometimes choose the weight of your package. Consider alternatives that make shipping lighter and cheaper. For example, if you need to transport a prototype or demo product to a client, the type of hardware used for the mockup can play a role.

Never assume that because your package is small, it will be cheaper to ship it especially UK Kenya shipping is the best.

Choose a reliable courier

Which is the most reliable courier service?

It is essential if you regularly ship packages.

As an experienced and by using UK Kenya shipping as a reliable courier service provider, Impact Express can offer competitive domestic and international shipping rates, regardless of package size or weight. We also provide a fast and efficient quoting system and comprehensive online tracking, so you always know where your package is at every stage of its journey.

If you would like more information or would like to receive an accurate quote, please get in touch with us today.

Check out our other blog posts for more parcel logistics tips and tricks.

Reviews of the best shipping service in Nairobi

Shipping service

UK Kenya shipping cargo:

Shipping from the UK to Kenya with more reviews

UK Kenya shipping Cargo has made it easy to shop and ship fashion items I usually only see online. Crystal packed my shoes efficiently, and I received them within two weeks of purchase and in perfect condition. I trust them for all my shipping needs.

UK Kenya shipping 

It was an excellent experience dealing with them. They were very kind, efficient and professional. My package was handled well, and the transfer process was smooth. I highly recommend visiting their office for all your shipping needs.

Rolling Cargo Limited

It is the worst shipping/transport you should ever use; a small parcel from UK to Nairobi took three weeks.

could you quote me?

We are proud to be partners with work with especially those we ship with for their item.

Send a parcel to Kenya.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel?

Parcel shipping to Kenya from  UK

Parcel delivery in Nairobi

Parcel delivery in Mombasa

Shipping to Kenya

UK Kenya shipping  makes shipping to Kenya from the UK quick and easy. Not only do we help you find the cheapest shipping options for all your needs, but we also work with the best Kenyan couriers to ensure you get competitive prices.

Whether you’re sending gifts, a small package or a large shipment of goods to Kenya, UK Kenya shipping offers a range of fast and affordable delivery options to suit any budget. We offer free cover on every shipment* and door-to-door tracking. So, with UK Kenya shipping, your parcel is in good hands.

The difference in UK Kenya shipping

• Compare carriers – Save up to 60%

• Parcel tracking in real time

• free full coverage*

Our courier in Kenya Services

Door-to-door delivery

• Express or economy international shipping

• Large and heavy deliverers

Shipping the parcel by tracking every shipment and we will send you an email once delivered

UK Kenya shipping delivers in many areas but delivel with 2 to 3 days.To up to 220 country of the world.

send with Trusted courier service such UK Kenya shipping been the best.

We exchange Approved standards for the free cover on each shipment* *excluding Hermès deliveries

Compare the prices of the best Kenyan couriers

Which is the best courier to use?

Use our UK Kenya shipping  price in comparison calculator to compare the rates of top Kenyan couriers. UK Kenya shipping has been there for the Over the last three decades, we have built solid and lasting relationships, which means we can offer the best Kenyan fares, with savings of up to 60% when you book direct.

1. Get an instant online quote for shipping to Kenya.

2. Compare the low prices of the best couriers.

3. Select Express Fast Delivery or Low-Cost Economy Delivery.

Kenya Shipping costs

With UK Kenya shipping, you get what you see. Our great prices include all applicable fees, so there are no surprises. Our rates are so low, we’re cheaper than regular mail, and you know your package will be delivered safely and quickly.

Check our prices for popular African destinations:

• Economy shipping to Kenya from UK

• Send a package to Germany from UK

• Shipping to Kenya

• Delivery to Kenya from UK

Our shipping services in Kenya

It doesn’t matter if you’re sending a pallet, a large or small parcel or airmail only; UK Kenya shipping makes it easy to find a courier and offers the ideal option for your budget.

And we UK Kenya shipping offer more than just shipping to Kenya – you can also use our import services to send from UK to Kenya. We can even collect your parcel on the same day from many locations in Kenya.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK

Express – Delivery within 2 to 3 days

Economical – Delivery within few days

Ship from Kenya to the UK

Express – Delivery within 2/4 days

Economical – Delivery within five days

express delivery

UK Kenya shipping express delivery in 2 to 3 days

Cheap courier to shipping to Kenya

Economy delivery in 2 to 3 days

Customs in Kenya

What is the customs duty in Kenya?

Depending with the item to be imported, the Import tax rates vary between 0%, 10% and 25% as provided by the East Africa Community Common External Tariff (CET). However, Sensitive items Attract duty higher than 25%. The sensitive items are listed in the schedule 2 of the EAC Common External tariff.

Any package entering Kenya must clear customs before it can enter. Anything shipped to Kenya from the UK or any other country will be subject to import duties and taxes when crossing the border. There are no import duties or tax exemptions for any package.

It is essential to correctly complete the customs documents that UK Kenya shipping generates during the booking process – all this is necessary for your parcels to clear customs when shipped to Kenya. Be sure to include a complete description of your belongings and their value.

Learn more about customs clearance.

Learn more about restricted items in Kenya

Official website of Kenya Customs.

Collection and delivery

mail collection for the shipment.

Once you book, you can expect us to collect your parcel from most locations in the UK and Kenya on the same day.

However, this isn’t the case if you’re sending a large package; for parcels over 50 kg or over 180 cm, it is necessary to book at least 24 hours in advance and help your courier load the shipment at the time of collection.

If you are shipping a low cost pallet shipping from UK to Kenya or an item that requires a tail lift or pallet truck, please get in touch with our customer service team before collection.

Delivery to Kenya

Unless you have chosen to ship with one of our UK Kenya shipping delivery services, we will deliver your order.In the first delivery, attempt is unsuccessful, we will make two more attempts, after which the package will be returned to the sender.

Some couriers such UK Kenya shipping work with, UK Kenya shipping, which may leave a package in a secure location without a signature being required. If you need proof of shipment delivery, please use the ‘Signature Required’ upgrade option on our ‘Selected Service Page’.

Read more about collection and delivery in Kenya

Please check Kenyan public holidays, as we are unable to deliver.

Track your shipment to Kenya.

How can I track shipment?

Use UK Kenya shipping has priority that ensure our customers get the best price and excellent service, so we offer door-to-door tracking on every order. It means you can keep an eye on your parcel throughout the shipping process, and in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you know exactly what’s going on.

And to ensure you get everything necessary, we’ll email you if there’s a delay. To track the delivery of your parcel, enter your parcel tracking number into our tracking tool.

Find out more about tracking your Kenyan parcel

Send gifts to Kenya

There is gift allowance for import duties and taxes when sending a gift to Kenya. It means that even if the item you send is a gift, the recipient still has to pay duties and taxes before the package clears customs. However, indicating that the box is a gift is still essential.

Ensure you do not ship your gifts wrapped, as they will be discarded during customs clearance. Also, note that your donation must be declared as such, but your documentation must specify the exact nature of the content.

Large parcel and air transport to Kenya

Send parcels with a maximum length of 270 cm or a maximum weight of 1000kg with UK Kenya shipping. If you need to ship a large or heavy package to Kenya by air, UK Kenya shipping can find you a great deal with a courier you can rely on. Make sure you book at least 24 hours in advance and try to be there to help if your courier needs help loading or unloading your shipment.

Send food to Kenya.

Nothing beats the taste of home, even when surrounded by Kenya’s beautiful sights and sounds. Food is also a popular gift, so follow UK Kenya shipping simple advice, and you can send food to Kenya worry-free.

So whether you’re shipping food to Nairobi and sending a gift to Mombasa, UK Kenya shipping makes shipping food to Kenya easy.

What can you send?

Non-perishable foods

•  Store-purchased foods with an expiration date of over six months.

•  Items must be in the original manufacturer’s packaging and unopened.

•  Food labels must list all ingredients.

• The expiration date must be indicated on the package

 Examples of perishable foods:

Crisps and savoury foods, Chocolates and sweets, Preserves, Herbs and spices in airtight containers, Tea bags, Jams and other preserves

What you can’t send?

perishable foods

• Foods with a shelf life of less than six months.

• Homemade foods or foods not in the original manufacturer’s packaging.

•  Foods that may deteriorate in transit.

• Food products in open packages.

• Foods that do not have an ingredient food labels

Prepare your package

It is a long journey for your parcels on their way to Kenya, and they will be handled by man and machine many times during the shipping process. UK Kenya shipping make sure that the package are well packed correctly to ensure that the shipment completes its long journey in the best condition it was when it departed.

If you want your goods to arrive safely, there are three essential parts of the packaging process to consider:


When UK Kenya shipping are shipping the packages they make sure they use a new box containing not only the items you’re shipping but also the packaging you’ll need to keep it safe. Used boxes may seem sturdy but can break or get crushed during shipping. If the contents weigh more than 10kg, use a double-walled tube.


Wrap your items and add another layer of wrapping around them so they don’t move inside the box and are at least 6 cm from the sides. A quick shake should show if your goods are safe.The package reaches while safe been not damaged.


Triple-wrapped with heavy-duty tape in a Union Jack flag pattern, covering all corners and seams. Ensure the shipping label is the only thing on your box and that it’s attached so it won’t fall out during shipping.

Can I send food to Kenya?

Yes, you can ship food to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping. However, there are several essential rules for shipping food internationally that you need to remember: All food shipped must be store-bought and have a shelf life. Homemade food cannot be sent.

Who charges customs fees?

If customs and import duties are applied to a shipment, this will be done by Kenya Customs as part of the customs clearance process. UK Kenya shipping has no control over this part of the shipping process.

Is there anything I can’t ship to Kenya?

Yes, there are goods you cannot ship to Kenya. Some goods, such as perfume and cologne, are not carried by courier – you can see what UK Kenya shipping does not carry in the list of prohibited and restricted items. Similarly, Kenya has its list of things it would prefer to avoid being brought into the country. In this case, the list of prohibited goods is covered by two sections – the second and third annexes.

Do I have to pay import duties and taxes when sending my luggage to Kenya?

YES. There are no specific customs exemptions for personal items such as luggage, so you will generally need to pay duties and taxes for my luggage in shipments.

Do I have to pay extra to send a gift to Kenya?

No. There is no exemption for gifts shipped to Kenya, which means they are treated as a standard parcel and, therefore, subject to duties and taxes as usual.

Why shop with UK Kenya shipping?

UK Kenya shipping has built a reputation for excellence and outstanding customer service over the three decades we have been in the courier industry, and we pride ourselves on offering the best price without compromising on service. That’s why we offer free door-to-door tracking and a courier of your choice, all for over 60% less than booking direct.

We still offer the best service while shipping your package from UK to Kenya.

Can I ship very bulky items to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping?

YES. UK Kenya shipping offers airfreight and low cost pallet delivery services that can handle shipments up to 1,000kg. And if your parcels are more minor, our large and heavy services can ship up to 270 cm in length and up to 70kg in weight.

Which couriers can I find on UK Kenya shipping?

We only work with the world’s most reliable couriers, covering over 220 countries worldwide, with rates up to 60% cheaper than booking direct. Our delivery partners are DHL, DPD, FedEx, TNT and UPS.

Can I use UK Kenya shipping to ship eBay items?

As long as you’re not shipping prohibited items, UK Kenya shipping is excellent for eBay shipping. Use our eBay shipping calculator to find a deep shipping discount for your listing.We as UK Kenya shipping helps you ship to Kenya.

Does UK Kenya shipping offer a professional shipping service?

UK Kenya shipping works with many companies to help them deliver on their shipping promises. Our sales department offers additional discounts and premium support in the UK. Learn more here.

Does delivery time vary in remote areas of Kenya?

Whether you are shipping to the Mount Elgon area, Machakos County, Kendu Bay or Eldoret, sending to remote parts of Kenya may take a few more days. However, we consider this when providing your quote and confirming a specific delivery date, depending on where you ship to.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK

What do you want to learn?

Shipping options to Kenya.

How UK Kenya shipping ships to Kenya.

Request a quote

Sometimes the products you wish to purchase are unavailable in local Kenyan shops. So you’re looking for ways to import it from countries like the UK. Overseas retailers are also eager to cater to this trend.

Fortunately, as the world becomes more and more e-commerce friendly, it is possible to have foreign orders delivered to Kenya conveniently within days.

The advantage of this carrier is that it does not charge additional fees or surcharges.

Shipping to Kenya from the United Kingdom with UK Kenya shipping.

UK Kenya shipping is touted as one of the most extensive courier services in the world. Founded in this Fortune for More company employs more than 495,000 people and delivers packages to more than 220 countries.

UK Kenya shipping is 24/7 for customer service line, free customs assistance and on-time delivery are all reasons to entrust your shipments to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.

When should you use UK Kenya shipping to ship to Kenya from the UK?

This Atlanta-based carrier is ideal for retailers interested in accurate last-mile tracking and reliable order delivery. In particular, it has a significant presence in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, it charges significantly more for shipping than other established players.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK with UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping has a significant presence in the United Kingdom. Kenya is also one of the 220 countries it ships to internationally. They are known as one of the first couriers to offer next-day delivery options.

There are helpful options from UK Kenya shipping, such as the International Shipping Assist tool, which streamlines the shipping needs of regularly operating businesses.

When should you use UK Kenya shipping to ship to Kenya from the UK?

If you need to ship bulk orders to Kenya, you can get significant discounts with UK Kenya shipping bulk shipping option. Also, enjoy customer service and accurate shipment tracking with this carrier.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK with UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping is an international shipping company based in United kingdom. It is a reliable carrier committed to reducing CO2 emissions from its shipping activities.

The United kingdom carrier is also committed to green logistics and is environmentally conscious.

When should you use UK Kenya shipping to ship to Kenya from the UK?

Enjoy super-fast and reliable international order processing, shipping insurance, and door-to-door parcel delivery with UK Kenya shipping.However, United Kingdom on-time shipping services are often slightly more expensive than the competition.Duties and taxes for shipping to Kenya from the United Kingdom.

16% VAT is applied to all imported goods. Usually, you also have to pay import duties ranging between 0% and 25%.

Here are some of the category-specific customs duties you should be aware of:

Customs duties % Description

25% Health and Beauty

25% Dry foods and supplements

25% Appliances

0% computers

Note: The duty-free threshold the Kenya Customs Authority sets is $0.

Customs data of Kenya

You will need a customs clearance agent to help you clear the goods at the border with Customs and Border Control (CBCD) on your behalf.

There are many customs clearance documents, such as bills of lading, import declaration forms, proforma invoices and ISM (if applicable), that you should have on hand to make sure your imports don’t get stuck in customs.

For more information on shipping goods to Kenya, here is the link to the official website of the country’s customs authorities.

Items prohibited for shipment to Kenya

Kenya lists goods that cannot be imported into the country. The reason for these restrictions can range from national security and protection, protectionist measures, to trade embargoes.

Check this list before shipping your orders to avoid costly delays, returns, or fines.

Items you cannot ship to Kenya from the United Kingdom

  • Coins, bills, banknotes, travelers checks
  • Platinum, gold or silver (wrought or unwrought), gemstones and jewellery
  • Firearms and items similar to lethal weapons
  • Indecent by obscene materials
  • Radioactive materials
  • Previously worn clothes
  • Bedding and other similar items
  • All fabrics and textiles

What e-commerce businesses need to know about shipping to Kenya

Here are some essential considerations when shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

1. Take steps to fight online fraud and build trust with buyers

Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) receives many reports of online fraud, leaving people in the country wary of e-commerce transactions.

To reduce the feelings of mistrust, you must build a highly encrypted and then secure website, process payments through reliable payment partners, and maintain the privacy of shoppers’ data.

2. Offer multiple payment methods

Customers opt for Cash on Delivery less than usual, but it still holds the position of the most popular payment method for e-commerce in Kenya.

At the same time, the use of e-wallets, bank transfers and direct debits increased between 2017 and 2022. To facilitate the payment process, you should offer Kenya customers all these options (along with card payment) on your portal. -trade.

3. Use social media to attract customers

About 20.2% of the Kenyan population is on social media.

If you want to capture the interest of this population segment, building a robust, engaging and localized presence on social networks is essential.

4. Use UK Kenya shipping 3PL services

As well as managing product, marketing and sales, you ensure orders reach your customers in Kenya on time. It’s a lot of work.

Fortunately, 3PL companies like UK Kenya shipping can work with you to manage the order fulfilment workflow for you from start to finish.

 Partner with UK Kenya shipping, an international 3PL

UK Kenya shipping helps you reach customers around the world with a fantastic brand experience.

Selling internationally can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. But with UK Kenya shipping, you get everything you need to serve customers worldwide and save time on logistics.

We not only take care of the picking, packing and shipping your orders in Kenya, but we also provide pre-fulfilment costs, including customs duties, import duties and additional taxes.

Partnering with UK Kenya shipping eliminates the need to manage retail order fulfilment, logistics operations, and labour hiring.

By partnering with UK Kenya shipping logistics and warehousing can become a source of revenue because you can grow sales and provide the shipping options, transit times, and delivery speeds customers want.

The best thing about working with UK Kenya shipping is that you have time to focus on more strategic initiatives, such as customer service and marketing.

“There are a few Ombraz on every continent, so international shipping is essential to us in terms of cost and customer experience. When I found UK Kenya shipping was growing, I knew we wanted to expand our physical footprint, which allowed us to reduce the taxes and fees associated with international shipping.

Sending inventory to UK Kenya shipping fulfilment centre has been dramatically simplified. UK Kenya shipping has been very helpful throughout the process, and we are looking forward to accelerating our growth outside East Africa.

Ready to start shipping to Kenya from the UK? Get started with UK-Kenya shipping.

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Shipping to Kenya FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya from the UK?

UK Kenya shipping International provide some of the cheapest services for shipping your orders from the UK to Kenya.

What is the cheapest way to ship large packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya?

 Light and heavy orders are shipped inexpensively from the UK to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping flat-rate services. It ensures that regardless of the weight of the order, the shipping rate remains the same for packages of a specific size.

What is the fastest way to ship a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya?

 UK Kenya shipping and FedEx International Priority envelopes are two options that ensure your goods arrive in Kenya within 1-3 business days.

Do I have to pay customs duties and taxes when shipping to Kenya from the United Kingdom?

 Goods imported into Kenya are charged 16% VAT and import duties between 0% and 25%.

What is the easiest way to ship something from the UK to Kenya?

 In terms of package delivery,  UK Kenya shipping is the cheapest carrier. And in terms of tracking reliability and customer service, the best options are UPS and FedEx.

Kenya Post parcel and shipping tracking

 Track Kenya Post goods using a waybill and postal and courier shipments from USA, the UK, and Kenya.

Kenya Post Tracking API

Create a free API account and track every shipment, freight, ocean freight and air waybill.

Receive detailed information with the maximum possible characteristics about your shipments, the latest status and location.

Please create your tracking page for your online store or integrate our shipment tracking API into your professional email like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Designed for developers to integrate Kenya Post tracking functionality easily

Plans on iPhone and Android

Download the Parcels app for iPhone and Android always to know where your parcels are and receive push notifications when parcel tracking changes.


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