Send a parcel to Kenya.

Can you send a parcel to Kenya?

Book a parcel delivery to Kenya through UK Kenya shipping Express and save on carriers including DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Send to Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and more. We help you with imports and exports in Kenya. Get an instant online quote to compare services and prices. Book delivery in Kenya via UK Kenya shipping Express and save on DHL, FedEx, and UPS couriers. Send to Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and more.

Get an instant online quote to compare services and prices. Then booking is easy: we guide you step by step.

Export to Kenya

UK Kenya shipping Express Direct is our most convenient service to Kenya, operated by DHL, with collection arranged by us. You can also leave your package at one of our delivery points. we also offer tracking to kenya for your package.

With this service, you can ship parcels up to 70 kg and pallets up to 300 kg. You can book an air freight service for larger shipments such as shipping a used cars in kenya from UK and collect your cargo from Mombasa (MBA) or Nairobi (NBO) airports.

Transit time in Kenya

An UK Kenya shipping express courier from the UK to Kenya takes approximately two to three working days.

It may take longer if your pickup or destination address is in remote areas. You can use our transit time calculators to find out by entering your postcodes.

Customs information for UK Kenya shipping

What are the duties of customs?

Customs duties are charges levied on goods when they cross international borders. Customs duties are charged by special authorities and bodies created by local governments and are meant to protect local industries, economies, and businesses.

All parcels sent to Kenya from the UK are subject to customs clearance. We as UK Kenya shipping will generate a customs invoice for you as part of your booking detailing the contents of your shipment, or you can upload your invoice. especially while we ship car from UK to USA and for the isuzu Kenya.

Taxes and fees may be applied and are not included in the quote. You can check the Kenya Customs and Border Control website for more information. Also, check for the courier restrictions for Kenya.

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Import from Kenya to the UK

What can I import to Kenya?

Need to ship a parcel from Kenya to the UK? We also offer import services – choose UK Kenya shipping ,UPS or , which DHL operates for the importers in Kenya.UK Kenya shipping import vehicle for the shipment for tracking from UK to Kenya.

Select Kenya as your shipping address to get a quick quote.

Send the parcel to Kenya

It would help to have an international courier you can trust when sending a package overseas. At UK Kenya shipping, we have the experience and expertise to deliver parcel delivery services that reach over 99% of the world’s population. We can help streamline the process by guiding you through restrictions, customs fees and delivery options for each country.

You can book online, over the phone or in person, and we’ll collect or deliver it to any of our depots and over 11,000 post offices across the country. Our range of international services strikes the perfect balance of speed and price with every parcel delivery, and most services also include insurance as standard. When it comes to package delivery, we ship used cars in Kenya and deliver.

Parcel delivery information

• Customers without accounts

• Customer account

  Important information for exporting to Kenya

What are important exports in Kenya?

• To ensure prompt delivery, please ensure the package contains the complete and correct address, a correctly formatted email address, and the intended recipient’s mobile or landline number. It helps the courier like UK Kenya shipping to ensure the package is delivered correctly the first time. It must be indicated on the packaging.

• The times indicated above do not include delays caused by customs procedures in the country of destination. Please note that customs can add more time to the delivery of the package.

Product specific advice

What is product-specific guidance?

• The definition of “business days” and other important information can be found here

UK Kenya shipping express packages

• To avoid delivery/customs issues, our UK Kenya shipping been a couriers require that a full name is required for the express parcels.

• Shipments that require a pre-inspection report

UK Kenya shipping Express is a transit times are based on pickup times, sender and consignee locations.

• For more information, use the UK Kenya shipping express calculator (via the ‘delivery’ tab) here

[Awareness Note: The UK Kenya shipping express calculator illustrates the delivery rates for packages sent by account customers; parcels sent via retail channels may take longer and depend on the shipping method]

Customs, prohibitions and restrictions

• Export to Kenya requires customs documents for most items

• To check if your items are not prohibited or restricted, please visit our dedicated page here

• For specific customs consultancy

Send a package to Kenya.

How do I send a parcel with UK Kenya shipping?

· Pick up and delivery service available especially if you shipping a tractor.

Get package coverage or a range rover limousine once you buy we as UK Kenya shipping import it for you.

Protect your parcel  to upto a certain additional cover.

· Send up to 70kg on certain services.

Ship from UK to USA Ship UK to KENYA

Whenever you need a parcel delivered to Nairobi, you can rely on UK Kenya shipping.

Courier Kg Type of service Transit time Price

Express services: exchange

World Express 3-5 working days

If you need to deliver a package in Nairobi, you can rely on UK Kenya shipping. Customers who use UK Kenya shipping do so for an excellent reason. When you depend on the reliability of your delivery service, you want to be one hundred percent sure that your parcel delivery driver in Nairobi will arrive precisely where and when he is needed.

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is one of Africa’s most politically and financially essential cities, with companies. The central business district has a skyline that wouldn’t be out of place in London, with many skyscrapers built during the last decade’s construction.

A foreign office may require hard copies of a contract to be read and signed in person, or a significant foreign sale may depend on the buyer’s ability to see and examine a physical sample of the product.

 The company like UK Kenya shipping offers importers and exporters in kenya that you work with an only process manually entered invoices, or you can send gifts as a thank you for a great job done on your behalf. Whatever your specific circumstances, if you need to deliver a package in Nairobi, our courier comparison and booking website is the best place to start your search.

Outstanding Commercial Facilities Commercial facilities available for your Nairobi delivery include:

  • A bulk download facility.
  • Multiple parcel tracking.
  • Competitive commercial pricing.
  • A commercial credit facility for approved customers.

Your parcels are in safe hands. All of these features make using UK Kenya shipping as easy as possible, but the feature you’ll appreciate most when your income depends on safe delivery is the reliability of our service.

We only use the best couriers,such as UK Kenya shipping and as we have been working with them for years and have built a relationship of mutual trust and understanding, we know how committed they are to all of our customers. Your delivery in Nairobi is in safe hands from when we collect it until it is delivered to Nairobi such as ship car from UK to US for the importers in Kenya.

Reliability is the most crucial feature of our UK Kenya shipping service. Still, the dedicated customer service agent we make available with a business account will make it easier to achieve your delivery goals every time.

 Your customer service representative is there to help you select the best services and rates and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Booking your parcel delivery in Nairobi has always been challenging as we have streamlined our processes to save you time, paperwork and money. So, when arranging the delivery of your package in Nairobi, compare the rates of our different couriers instantly and book your collection. UK Kenya shipping is the best courier comparison and booking website, no matter what you are shipping to Nairobi.

What is the easiest and cheapest way to ship?

UK Kenya shipping is the number one choice for fast shipping to Kenya. We can book a reliable courier in Kenya with our trusted postal partners like TNT, DPD and UPS.

With our many years of international experience, UK Kenya shipping can help you if you want to ship car to china in case for a package to Kenya with minimum effort and complete peace of mind. We will help you with Kenyan customs requirements to ensure your parcel arrives promptly and in order.

Please note that when sending a package to Kenya, national holidays and non-working days (Saturdays and Sundays) may cause delays in the package’s arrival time. Please take this into account when booking to avoid disappointment.

At UK Kenya shipping, we strive to offer excellent postal service at an unbeatable price. Scroll down to learn more about possible shipping costs, rules you may need to know before booking delivery, and other valuable customs information. Or click the button below for a quote.

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Our best cheap prices for Kenya

Express (delivery within 1-3 days)

What else do you need to know?

Do I have to deal with customs when shipping to Kenya from the UK?

It would help if you prepared for international customs when shipping to Kenya, but luckily we are here to help. We will send you all the application forms you need with your label when you place an order with us. It’s our way to relieve the stress of shipping overseas.

How much does sending a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya cost?

Delivery costs to Kenya start at just with UK Kenya shipping Express, exclusively when you book through us. And with a fantastic range of options available across all of our bookings, you can send cheap parcels the way you want.We help you tracking to kenya.

How should I address my parcel for delivery to Kenya?

Luckily, routing your package in Kenya is a fairly straightforward process. If needed, the Universal Postal Union has put together this practical example.

What items can I send?

Documents Cameras Phones
Clothing, Fabric Shoes
cloths Photos Passport


When it comes to shipping to Kenya, there are naturally a few restrictions on what can and can’t be sent.

  • fake money
  • Pornography
  • Narcotics under international control
  • Specific chemical products for agriculture and industry
  • Matches made with phosphorus

You can find the complete list here and check our prohibited items page for goods our UK Kenya shipping couriers cannot transport.

Well, not yet, anyway! Keep adding details above, and we as UK Kenya shipping will find the best prices for you.

What can you send?

Suitcases and bags

We ship luggage every month to over 100 countries worldwide.

If you are a heavy lifter, ensure your bag is designed to support the weight and attach all straps and handles. All the quotes are based on size and weight. Check if your suitcase fits within our large standard allowance.We also ship large shipments through roro ship.


YES! We also ship boxes but only use sturdy double-walled cardboard boxes.

If a 5kg express fare is available on your route, only cartons and parcels that can be accurately measured are allowed on this service. Small hand luggage, rucksacks, or other items with straps or protruding parts are prohibited on the 5kg express service. All quotes are based on height and weight. Check if your box fits our generous standard allowance.



Sorry, we cannot accept plastic bags (including laundry bags) or plastic boxes. There are also some things, like aerosol cans, that we can’t take in your luggage. Our grooming rules vary by route; check our list of prohibited items for your destination.

Lead the change.

We invest in the growth of our business to improve your experience.

Track an order:

Track a shipment of LTL freight

Returns management.UK Kenya shipping allows the return of unwanted or broken goods from an unsatisfied customer 

Forget the hassle of returning from the UK to Kenya to track car shipments.

Brand loyalty and returns management. We accept the return of the product.

Returns management goes far beyond cost reduction. If it’s done right if it can be an effective driver of brand loyalty and an essential part of the customer

Contact us +447487554202

Reverse Logistics: Your Competitive Differentiator

What is the meaning of competitive differentiator?

Competitive differentiation is how a company’s product or service is distinct from what its competitors offer. It is based on what customers value, such as functionality, brand, pricing, or customer service.

  • More excellent self-service technology and 24/7 access.
  • UK Kenya shipping can offer unmatched speed
  • Reliable service that means faster refunds for your customers.
  • We offer labeling for the package. Especially while we import and export in kenya.
  • Print return labels with a QR code at select locations.*


Drive green initiatives with a fleet of zero-emission vehicles.

Restock and resell faster.

Label-free solutions support faster delivery to customers and streamline business.

Flexible returns solutions

A range of flexible returns options that businesses can offer their customers.

Convenient locations

Several malls across the country for easy returns.

Our data predict that by 2023, 75% of Europe will be within 2 miles of a Purolator delivery location, making it easier for your customers to complete their returns. Over 2,200 locations across Europe.

With innovative self-service options, 24/7 access, and an extensive retail network, a Purolator branch is always close. Please choose from our ever-growing network of locations and for the partnerships and enjoy quick and easy returns for you and your customers.

Store locations

 Approved carriers

Delivery boxes

 Rapid arrest officers

 Quick stop bollards

 Mobile quick stops

 Seamless returns wherever your customers are. We have the integration and experience to get your returns into stock quickly. Sustainable return that we can tailor your returns process specifically to your product needs.

By sorting, repackaging, or refurbishing as needed, we as UK Kenya shipping can help companies that would otherwise be trying to manage complexity independently, streamlining and reducing costs (and avoiding waste!). We may also recycle, donate or dispose of unusable returned goods.

E-commerce Partnerships

What is an eCommerce partnership?

A brand partnership is when two eCommerce companies join forces and work together. They share resources, brainstorm marketing solutions, and create campaigns that no one company could do on their own.

UK Kenya shipping supports and integrates with various shipping platforms to enable e-commerce for your business. It means ensuring your returns flow seamlessly from the customer to your operational facilities. The company offers a 2010 Toyota land cruiser Prado. 

Innovations to manage your returns

How do you handle customer returns?

  1. Minimise losses. We as UK Kenya shipping minimize the losses due to returns by adding certain prerequisites to the process.
  2. Keep records of all returns, exchanges, and refunds.
  3. Providing stellar customer service.
  4. Analyse return data.

As the demand for more return options grows, we are committed to expanding our infrastructure and service offerings to help you provide a smoother returns process for your customers. Label less QR code functionality

The returnee can print the shipping label using a QR code at the nearest participating in the UK Kenya shipping office!*

Success story: rethinking returns

By consolidating returns at UK Kenya Shipping International’s facility, The Orthotic Group,

leading manufacturer of B2B footwear products has significantly reduced shipping and brokerage costs and increased customer satisfaction by optimizing their reverse logistics processes. Look at the case

How does efficiency lead to competitive advantage?

Talk about your logistics needs today.

Contact us +447487554202.

Service Alerts and Updates. Stay up to date on service outages with up-to-date service alerts while shipping

Choose from flexible shipping solutions to, from, and within Europe.

Send a parcel

Ship to the Uk or overseas

Create a freight shipment we help with the shipping cost of a tractor.

Submit as a small business

Fast shipping critical for urgent shipments


Easily track and manage your UK Kenya shipping deliveries unto a track car shipment.

Track order for the Management of the deliveries

Find a location of the car dealers 

Mobile app tracking your parcel for the importers in kenya.

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UK Kenya shipping » Your first guide to mastering and middle-distance logistics

In recent years, unexpected changes in consumer demand and the availability of raw materials have catalyzed the innovation and digitization of shipping. Last-mile delivery was a significant optimization goal in the past, but today companies are looking for ways to improve efficiency at all stages of the logistics process.

With more emphasis on inventory forecasting and overall supply chain strategy, shippers are looking to prevent rather than react to delays. To improve their earning goals, some businesses are using decentralized warehouses, inventory-picking technology, and even automated warehouses or distribution centers and streamlining the logistics process.

Understanding how to optimize distribution and streamline the initial and medium-term logistics process can help you take advantage of shortened lead times, increase visibility, increase cost savings, and ultimately improve the customer experience.

In this eBook, we define first-and-a-half-mile delivery, then break down the actionable optimizations, including:

UK Kenya shipping offers Inventory management and storage facilities

• Path and process optimizations

• Communication and tracking of shipments.

• Loading and unloading speed

• Visibility of warehouses

Supply Chain Strategy: Anticipate future trends in logistics operations and management

How supply chain innovations are shaping your logistics strategy today and tomorrow.

UK Kenya shipping» Supply Chain Strategy: Ahead of Logistics Operations and Future Management Trends.

In a battle to manage the massive influx of volume and demand of recent years, transportation and logistics companies have looked to investments in digital innovation to boost capacity and improve all aspects of the supply chain. The good news? Many companies now have more options to improve supply chain logistics. The danger lies in falling behind consumer trends and needing more income opportunities.

How do you know which trends fade and which ones stay?

The trick is to get the complete picture by looking at different angles of procurement and supply chain management, supply chain strategy, and logistics management. With the help of one of the UK Kenya shipping strategy experts, we identified the top three emerging supply chain trends that business leaders need to pay attention to high customer expectations, the need for sustainability, and supply chain efficiency.

In each section, we’ve looked at the emerging supply chain strategies and solutions available to help you create an intelligent logistics strategy to grow and scale your business.

Download our whitepaper and discover the latest logistics and supply chain management trends. We answer your most important questions, such as:

• How can I prepare for the logistics trends of automation and digitization?

• What are micro-distribution centers, and how can I use them in my logistics strategy?

• What are the most urgent delivery options I can offer my customer?

• How can shipment tracking and visibility help my business keep up?

• How can I benefit from an omnichannel fulfillment strategy?

• What are the latest logistical trends in data security and privacy?

• What are the main freight forwarding strategies?

• How can I use just-in-time delivery strategies?

UK Kenya shipping Small Business Grant winners pay upfront

UK Kenya shipping » UK Kenya shipping Small Business Grant winners pay upfront

We are proud to share the ways Purolator and the winners of the 2022 True North Small Business Grant Competition are taking this forward in communities across Europe.

Send a parcel to Kenya

Save time and money by shipping to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping. You can find the cheapest way to send a package to Kenya by comparing prices and booking a discount courier through our courier price comparison service.

Rates for sending a parcel to Kenya

How much would it cost to send a package to Kenya?

Here are some examples of prices for sending a package to Kenya. We as UK Kenya shipping has for UK Car exporters that have many options, so for a personalized quote, please enter the weight of your item in the quote box below.

Helpful information to send a package to Kenya

What information is needed for a parcel?

As e-commerce and by use of the use of mobile devices expand across the globe, so does the need for reliable for UK-Kenya shipping as a courier service to handle goods. With the big names, high prices can come, so we aim to provide customers who book online via our quote engine with the best courier services at the best prices. 

We help thousands of customers book a delivery service for goods bought online, gifts, personal belongings, and more, so the couriers we work with give us lower rates than a single shipper could get directly.

Kenya is a market primed for growth in e-commerce, so when you have an item to send to this destination, be sure to get an accurate quote via our simple quote tool. 

Which couriers can I book online to send my package to Kenya?

We offer a range of low-cost courier services so you can ship a package with full tracking at a great price.

If you are looking for the cheapest way to ship a package there, our economy courier services will suit your needs. Slightly slower than an Express option but perfect for those on a budget or for goods that aren’t urgent or urgent. The convenient services we offer include tracking car shipments to Worldwide Parcels and UK Kenya shipping.

The other convenient service we have is UK Kenya shipping, a product created to break down the boundaries of cross-border shipping for the e-commerce world. You can book these online via our quoting engine, and your parcel will be delivered in 2 to 3 days.

Cheapest express delivery

What is the cheapest delivery courier?

You will find the best of both worlds with our UK Kenya shipping Air Express service. It is a fully tracked hybrid service, delivering your parcel in just three days to cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, and the rest of the country! UK Kenya shipping to collect The property from a home or work address if the large goods are sorted and shipped via a freight forwarder to Heathrow. They are then delivered to the recipient by UK-Kenya shipping.

Now this service is hugely popular as you can book at the time of writing, and it’s an Air Express service that takes just a day or two longer than DHL, but at half the price! This product lets you ship large or bulky boxes and save even more. A heavy 40kg parcel will cost you just £186.57 compared to the DHL Express service, which costs over £500.

Of course, we offer DHL Air Express, and they have global coverage, so we help our customers ship all over Africa. Our discounted rate with them starts from £64.57 and delivers within two days.

UK Kenya shipping is another courier that handles parcels out of the UK, their Priority International service starts, and you can opt for collection from home or work or leave your property at your local Post Office, with a prepaid label printed and attached from our website.

How to get a quote?

Saving on parcel shipping has always been challenging. Within seconds, we can find you a range of our UK-Kenya shipping courier services to suit your delivery times and budget expectations. Enter your package dimensions into the quote engine and the destination you want to ship a car to China.

Then choose a courier to deliver the goods. Once you select this option, you can set a collection day for the courier, and we will take care of the customs formalities in an easy-to-complete booking process so that you can complete the step-by-step process in minutes.

We will then send the shipping label and customs documents to print and stick on the box. A courier such as UK Kenya shipping will collect it from you, and you can track it on the website via your PB order number.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us via our live chat tool or leave a message on your UK Kenya shipping account; we will be happy to help!

What are the import restrictions?

While some countries struggle to distinguish which products can and cannot be shipped across their borders, Kenya publishes a clear and easy-to-understand list of prohibited and restricted imports. This list is made available by their tax authorities. Prohibited items include counterfeit currency, Pornography, certain types of matches, certain essential oils, narcotics, certain industrial and agricultural chemicals, hazardous waste, and counterfeit goods.

In addition to the prohibited products, there are restrictions on other types of imports.

These restrictions apply to shipments containing:

• wild traps,

• precious metals or rough gemstones,

• different types of weapons,

• ammunition,

• bone,

• horn,

• ivory from different types of game,

• coral,

• natural sponges,

• endangered plants,

• genetically modified products and manufactured goods.

The complete and informative list of Kenyan restrictions can be found here.

Useful information

Is it useful information or helpful information?

Everything shipped must comply with the labeling laws administered by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. As the UK is a vital trading partner, the appropriate accreditation can be obtained locally.

Kenya grants two British companies a license to inspect the products and issue the proper certificates for import. The main objective of this program is to ensure that no substandard products enter the country.

Apart from these requirements, Kenya remains relatively open and easy to work with, especially for strong trading partners like the UK. The country has a strong relationship with UK Kenya Shipping as a British company, both in terms of imports and investments. It makes importing here relatively easy.

Cheapest courier service from the UK to Kenya

What is the cheapest shipping to Kenya from the UK?

If you are looking for the cheapest courier to Kenya from the UK, we are here to help, yes! We provide the most affordable way to send a parcel to Kenya from the UK especially since we ship used cars in Kenya. There are many things we ship to Kenya from the UK every day. People need a safe and reliable UK courier shipping service to deliver their packages from the UK to Kenya.

We at UK kenya Shipping offer free collection and free packing in Kenya with proper documentation, including secure transport when shipping to Kenya. We provide online parcel tracking to the kenya system after shipment to Kenya from the UK.

We are happy to introduce uk kenya Shipping as a Courier, an online UK-Kenya courier package booking portal designed to provide courier services for your courier from the UK. You are just one click away from shipping your package to Kenya from the UK.

 Affordable courier charges to Kenya from the UK


Express courier services

High-priority delivery to Kenya from the UK.

Our uk kenya shipping express services deliver parcels to Kenya from the UK on time. We have a national or international logistics network to Kenya from the UK. It is an urgent next-day delivery service to Kenya from the UK.

Cheap courier services

What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya?

to Kenya from the UK. – Free collection

We as UK Kenya Shipping provide the cheapest courier service to Kenya from the UK. You can schedule a free collection service to ship your parcel from Kenya to the United Kingdom. Get overnight courier service from Kenya to the UK at the cheapest cost.


From UK to Kenya – Free collection

Ship your parcel to Kenya from the UK and track its every move online using our real-time tracking system. We also provide customer service in Kenya to handle your shipment. especially for the Isuzu kenya.

Free pick up and packing

to Kenya from the UK – Pack and Ship

Ship or sell online to Kenya from the UK using our shipping and packaging service. We also provide warehousing services for your products at our distribution centers in Kenya, pick, pack, and deliver to you or your customer in the UK.


Why are we the best courier to Kenya from the UK?

UK Kenya shipping is a Courier Service it is considered one of the best shipping and courier services, providing a safe and cost-effective way to send a parcel to the UK. We offer a courier service to Kenya from the UK with next-day or next-day delivery within the UK. We offer a free collection service with packaging materials in Kenya. We are dedicated to ensuring your expectations are exceeded every time you use our service to ship parcels to Kenya from the UK.

We are present worldwide with an extensive logistics network to Kenya from the UK. Our local parcel delivery services allow us to provide our customers with the fast and reliable same-day delivery they need.

How do we ship a parcel from Kenya to the UK?

 Door-to-Door Courier Service to Kenya from the UK:

We collect your parcel in Kenya and deliver it to any location from the UK.

Free parcel collection directly to your door in Kenya for shipping to the UK:

How can I send a parcel from the UK to Kenya?

Don’t worry if you intend to send a parcel in kenya use UK Kenya shipping. if you are in short on time or live far from our delivery location in Kenya. We as UK Kenya shipping offer a free collection service for your parcel in Kenya. If importers and exporters in kenya. 

Free packing materials for your parcel shipping to Kenya from the UK: When you collect from your address, we ensure your package is well packed. Our responsibility is to fill your property well before shipping to Kenya from the UK.

Adequate documentation for shipping to Kenya from the UK:

If you are shipping to Kenya from the UK, we need sufficient instructions before sending it to Kenya.

Multiple payment options for courier charges to Kenya from the UK – Payment in advance is required before shipping to Kenya from the UK. We have several payment options for paying for your shipment to kenya.

Express delivery to Kenya from the UK:

Yes! It is our UK-Kenya shipping. We deliver fast to Kenya from the UK within 2 to 3 days. We provide overnight courier service to Kenya from the UK.

Money-back guarantee for couriers to Kenya from the UK: If we cannot deliver your parcel to kenya within the promised working time, we are liable for a full refund.

Ship anything to Kenya from the UK:

 We ship almost everything to Kenya from the UK. However, there are some restrictions according to the Kenyan and UK regulators. Check the list of restricted items for shipping to Kenya from the UK.

Email alert for Kenya to UK courier service:

After you apply online from Kenya to our UK Kenya shipping courier service, we will send you a collection confirmation email with your order number and pickup agent information.

SMS Notification for Courier Service from Kenya to the UK – You will receive an SMS/SMS alert on your mobile phone as a real-time update until your product is successfully delivered to Kenya from the UK.

Online Tracking to Kenya from the UK Courier Service:

We are fully trackable in Kenya from UK Courier Service. You can check or track your shipping location anytime or leave feedback or instruction anytime.

 Cheap & Affordable Rates to Kenya from the UK Courier Services – We are the most reasonable courier service to to Kenya from the UK. We provide some of the most competitive prices in the courier industry. In other words, we are the price leaders for couriers from Kenya to the UK.

Courier from the UK to kenya

Which courier is best for the UK?

UK Kenya shipping delivery time for your courier to Kenya from the UK can be up to 2-3 working days by express shipping and 9-12 working days by economy shipping service. With UK Kenya shipping, you always have the option to select a type of shipping according to your needs.

UK Express Courier

What is UK express delivery?

If you are looking to send a time-sensitive parcel, the morning delivery service is your best option. A parcel is delivered within 3  days for the business day to most business areas within the UK.

UK Kenya shipping offers the fastest delivery time to Kenya from the UK, just 2-3 working days for parcels up to 100kg. The service is operated by our 24/7 delivery partner with a free collection service. especially when dealing with the Uganda car dealers while importing to kenya.

 Economy post UK

UK Kenya shipping is one of the best and cheapest ways to ship to Kenya from the UK. This service is operated by our delivery partner to the UK in 2 to 3  business days for packages up to 100kg.

In addition to delivering parcels and documents to Kenya from the UK, we also have specialty items such as condiments, pickles, sweets, groceries, and other food products that would be hard to send through the other postal service to kenya.

Insurance plan

What are the benefits of insurance?

Insurance is a financial safety net, helping you and your loved ones recover after something bad happens — such as a fire, theft, lawsuit, or car accident. When you purchase insurance, you’ll receive an insurance policy, which is a legal contract between you and your insurance provider.

 We as UK Kenya shipping provide an insurance plan to protect your shipment in transit from the UK.



We UK Kenya shipping provide comprehensive air transport from the UK, Europe, and Kenya. We collect, despatch and deliver many supplies to businesses in Kenya as well as all-inclusive freight services to diasporas in the UK and Europe as well as people living in Kenya who buy goods online, have them delivered to our office and pass them on to them on our weekly air travel to Kenya.

Our door-to-door air transport in Kenya is weekly. The transit time is only 2 to 3 days. We deliver to all cities and towns in Kenya. Request a quote here or fill out the form below.


You can use our UK address below for all your online shopping and business shipping to Kenya.

We as UK Kenya shipping provide our customers a free UK address to receive and ship their goods in Kenya. You shop, and we ship your goods to Uganda hassle-free, all customs and taxes included.

It works for customers in Kenya who shop online from UK stores like eBay, Amazon, Argos, ASDA, and TESCO and need their purchases delivered to Kenya.

You can shop online with us in the UK for all items. For more information contact us. You can now buy online from the UK and have it delivered to your door in Kenya with import duties and taxes included.

Using these services is straightforward and easy, and three simple steps apply.

1. Buy on UK Kenya shipping online between UK and Kenya

2. Use our UK delivery address

3. We receive and deliver your orders to Kenya from the UK


You can buy groceries online for personal and business use to be delivered to you in Kenya. We can also assist you in ordering and purchasing all of your online purchases on your behalf. Just fill out the form below and find out a comment.

Our rates include all customs and import duties for your cargo, and you pay nothing else once you collect it from our office in Uganda.


We at UK Kenya Shipping offer Air Cargo that is known that many of our Kenyan customers enjoy shopping online in shops and outlets in the UK and need assistance getting their goods safely into Kenya, with all customs and taxes. You can also send and ship cargo to Kenya with us.

Some shops in the UK  do not ship directly to Kenya. Here, we as UK Kenya shipping provide a UK address for all your online shopping in Kenya. With UK Kenya shipping, you can shop online, and we can come in-store for you and get you the best prices on any goods you may have delivered to Kenya.

Or you can use our secure London UK  address to deliver your goods. If you shop online at multiple stores, we consolidate all your goods into one shipment to Kenya to save you on shipping costs. Receive emails. The updates on when your goods are received in the UK office. If you don’t have a MasterCard or PayPal account to shop online, don’t worry. We’ll take care of it. 

You can pay cash in Kenya exclusively through us for all your online purchases in the UK. If you wish to buy in bulk, we advise you to source products from the UK and deliver them to Kenya for the kenya tracking.

UK Kenya shipping offers Air Cargo UK To Kenya Personal Belongings Delivered by the Air Cargo UK To Kenya Online Shopping Delivered the UK Kenya shipping from the UK To Kenya Business Shopping Delivered Air Cargo UK To Kenya Commercial Cargo Delivery. Fill out the form for more information.


UK Kenya shipping

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UNIT 2398,145- 147 BOSTON ROAD 


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Benefit from our experience in providing efficient freight solutions through destinations’ complex global procurement processes worldwide.


What is a fast delivery?

Express delivery is the fastest form of shipping. The customer pays an extra shipping cost for this type of delivery, as the shipment will get transported to him anywhere between 24 to 72 hours. Delivery by express is the fastest delivery method, especially for car dealers in Uganda.

Benefit from every innovation, whether expanding our air and ocean freight products or warehouse development.


It explains why UK Kenya shipping offers Air Cargo with an excellent support team that is ready to apply its passion for solutions to support your business.

From the UK to your front door in Nairobi. |

in just seven days.

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Marine transport service

Advanced tracking

What is an advanced tracking system?

It is a provider of fleet vehicle tracking systems that provides a high-quality tracking system at competitive prices. Our system helps business owners lower the cost of doing business, and better manage their employees driving habits and routing.

Our UK Kenya shipping platform provides real-time, step-by-step, city-specific, and timely tracking information for the tracker in kenya.

Free product check

We inspect, verify and report any discrepancies in your orders before shipping them to you.

Free consolidation

We as a UK Kenya shipping service consolidate all your items as much as possible to save you on shipping costs.

Shipping to Kenya services


 • Shipping cost: shipping 

• All customs clearance charges included.

• Delivery: 2 to 3 working days after departure

• Free Insurance

• Responsive monitoring and reporting


 • Shipping cost: in cubic foot

• All customs clearance charges included especially for the importers and exporters in kenya.

• Delivery within 6 to 7 weeks by sea. We import to our Warehouse in Nairobi.

• Free Insurance for the one dealing with the UK car exporters

• Responsive monitoring and reporting


We as UK Kenya shipping can make purchases on your behalf from online stores and suppliers in the United Kingdom and deliver them to your door by air or sea. Especially we work with the Uganda car dealers importing their cars from the UK to Uganda.

What is included in the total cost?

• Transport costs

• All customs clearance costs.

• Delivery within 2 to 3 working days

• Free Insurance

• Guaranteed delivery

• Responsive monitoring and reporting

How long does it take?

Once your order ships from our UK warehouse, you can expect it to arrive within 2 to 3 business days.

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