Can I send gifts to Kenya?


Our customers often ask us about the laws relating to sending a package or gift to Kenya. Some other customers have told us horrible stories about their experiences sending gifts overseas to Kenya.

While many people blame customs in Kenya for non-delivery, international shipping problems and delays in Kenya are often associated with other issues.

This article describes these issues in detail and suggests other gift delivery options for Kenya, such as UK Kenya shipping in Kenya.UK Kenya shipping offers a range rover for sale in Kenya.

Need more time to search online for package delivery information to Kenya? Have questions about sending a gift overseas? Type your question into a simple form to get answers from our international customs and UK Kenya shipping experts.

What are some problems with delivery?
Problems with parcel delivery

First of all, it is unfortunate but true that thieves are working for the local post office. Some customers have reported that their gift boxes have been opened and partially removed, leaving only half of the contents with the recipient.

In other cases, the gift was completely missing, and only the wrapping paper or cardboard was delivered, or the box needed to be completely missing.UK Kenya shipping offers car shipping tracking.

This typically happens for parcels that don’t have tracking. So if you decide to ship yourself, purchase at least a primary shipment tracking option with UK Kenya shipping.

Secondly, the postal service in Kenya can lose small parcels. Again, having your package tracked and insured will help prevent your package from missing entirely.

The best way to save your cargo is to ship a large box of 1 kg (2 lb) or more. In many countries, these parcels are processed separately under the official stamp.

Thirdly, regarding customs in Kenya, their primary purpose is to prevent the entry of drugs, weapons, explosives and illicit products into Kenya.UK Kenya shipping also offers a car shipping tracker.

The list of products considered illegal should not be included here, as it is subject to change at any time, which would render this list obsolete.

To speed up the customs process as much as possible, the documents must be correctly completed and archived at the time of shipment.

The Customs has the right to open parcels and inspect them in detail. As you can imagine, this can affect the appearance of the gift and damage the gift wrap.

Customs does not normally open all parcels; these controls are somewhat arbitrary; however, their frequency increases when the declared value of the gift exceeds $100.

Your package will open even faster if it has an unusual appearance: “secret”-looking packaging (with a thick layer of polyfoam or several layers of tape visible); a large box with significantly reduced contents; shake or touch the contents of the gift; or parcels whose contents could be interpreted as dust may attract the attention of a curious customs officer.

Finally, you cannot send non-perishable items when you send a gift containing a gourmet item. Things such as cheese and fruit are therefore excluded.UK Kenya shipping also does coc shipping.

Additionally, items such as cakes or chocolates are also difficult to ship as they are likely to melt in hot weather or in shipping warehouses in Kenya which are only sometimes air-conditioned.

Fragile items containing glass or other delicate packaging should also be packaged discreetly. Still, even then, there is a risk that heavy packaging could result in the gift being rejected by customs and further damaged.

Is there a better way? Depending on the type of gift you want to send, you can use a gift delivery company such as UK Kenya shipping our online catalog for gift delivery to Kenya, or use the gift recommender tool that will help you find the gift to find one that fits your needs.

What is the customs duty in Kenya?


In most countries, it is taxable if the donation exceeds a particular value, and Kenya is no exception.

The non-taxable amount varies significantly from country to country and can be changed at any time (ironically, this can happen even after the gift has been shipped to the recipient).

It is disappointing to hear stories of gift recipients filling out lengthy paperwork and struggling to present it to the customs office in Kenya.

It is even more annoying for the sender to hear that the VIP recipient has to pay customs duties. Some recipients are forced to do this because they fear disappointing the sender and feel obligated to get the gift back, no matter how much time, effort, and money it takes.

Consider using a UK Kenya shipping service with a local presence in Kenya to avoid such disappointments.

What affects shipping times?

Shipping time considerations

Between filing the paperwork, packing, cross-border delivery, customs clearance, and local delivery in Kenya, for a package to be delivered to the recipient.

If you’re flexible and don’t need the gift to arrive by a specific date, you should not worry about that.

Cost considerations

Generally, items imported to Kenya should be overpriced in the local market. This is the case with imported alcohol, some brands of chocolates, and electronics; these items can cost double or more than in your country.

However, the sender of the gift must also consider the costs of international Shipping, packaging, insurance, and, in some cases, customs duties/levies associated with the risks described above.

In summary, using UK Kenya shipping service are affordable, but the gift is guaranteed to be delivered to the recipient within 1-3 business days; there will be real people handling your specific estate, as opposed to faceless customs officers and international mail services on both sides of the border.

UK Kenya shipping offer cost in shipping.

Do you need clarification on international shipping rules to Kenya?

We are here to help – fill out the form below with questions about the countries you would like to ship to, and our international shipping specialist will contact you via email.

Do you need a courier to send a parcel to the UK?

UK Kenya shipping offer the lowest prices and fastest delivery times for packages sent to Kenya from the UK.

We offer door-to-door parcel collection and delivery no matter what rural area you are in.
The UK to Kenya is one of our most popular routes as many of our customers are small local businesses who need to ship products or items to the UK quickly and cheaply.

How does it work?

UK Kenya shipping offers an incredibly easy-to-use online booking and payment system.

To get started, enter your parcel details on our homepage, and you will be presented with a list of options from our couriers. You can choose the option that best suits you and book directly online.

Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you labels for you to print and attach to your parcel, then collect your parcel from your doorstep and deliver it safely and quickly to your destination in Kenya.

What is economy delivery UK?

Economy courier to the UK

Want to know why UK-Kenya shipping is so beneficial? As we send large parcels, we have contracts with DPD and can forward them to our customers.

Our main features

For parcels sent from the UK to Kenya or worldwide, UK-Kenya shipping offers the following features:

1, Convenient door-to-door delivery.

2. Full online parcel tracking.

3. Easy online booking and payment.

4. Express delivery (1 working day).

5. Excellent customer service via phone, email, and live chat.

How fast is economy delivery?

Economy courier to the UK

Sending parcels from the UK to overseas countries has long been notoriously expensive. Sometimes, people pay $100 to haul a small box across the water.

However, our mission at UK Kenya Shipping is to provide an affordable solution. Our prices are incredibly competitive, which means you can send a parcel to Kenya for much cheaper than you think.

We have concluded profitable contracts with the best carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL, which we can then pass on to you. UK Kenya shipping also imports cars from Kenya.

Which courier service is most reliable in the UK?

Reliable parcel delivery within the UK

Our door-to-door service and full online parcel tracking ensure peace of mind; keep you informed on the progress of your shipment to Kenya.

Providing a reliable international courier service is one of our top priorities, so we only use the best names in the courier industry, such as DHL, FEDEX, DPD, and UPS to deliver your items.

We have negotiated meager rates with these carriers, which we can pass on to you. So you get a high standard of service at a discounted price because UK Kenya shipping is up to 80% cheaper than booking direct with the courier.

We often hear a popular dropshipping FAQ: “How do I sell products from UK Kenya shipping if shipping takes two to three weeks or longer?” To find the answer, I decided to do my research and ordered several popular items with different delivery times to my home country Kenya.

Experience has taught me how fast or slow delivery times are for UK-Kenya shipping products. It also motivated me to write this UK Kenya shipping guide, where I will walk you through the platform’s shipping methods and speeds.

Where does UK Kenya shipping ship from?

When it comes to UK Kenya shipping, most of the sellers are based in the UK. However, non-UK seller registration is available on UK-Kenya shipping.

This means you can find retailers who offer to ship items from a local warehouse or store in your home country. To receive UK Kenya shipping products from a location of your choice, select the country in the “Ship from” field.UK Kenya shipping offers UK cars for export.

How long does delivery from the UK to Kenya shipping take?

We experimented with a mix of UK Kenya shipping free shipping and premium shipping services for this case study. In particular, we have tried the following shipping methods:
• UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping 

UK Kenya shipping is a convenient shipping method. It is usually one of the cheapest. In some cases, it may be one of the most affordable shipping couriers in Kenya.

The Buddha figurines, one of the ordered products, were delivered via UK-Kenya shipping. They arrived in 26 days.

The heart necklace also arrived via UK-Kenya shipping. The product arrived in 3 days. The estimated delivery time by UK Kenya shipping on the product page was 4-5. Cost:
UK Kenya shipping was the seller’s shipping method for the false eyelashes you ordered. They were delivered in just in time.

UK Kenya shipping was the preferred shipping method for bow tie shoes. They were delivered in 2 days. The delivery time from UK Kenya shipping for the product was 3 days, proving that they were delivered within this time.


EMS is one of the cheapest shipping methods in the UK and Kenya shipping and reaches customers faster than traditional shipping methods in the same price range.

UK Kenya shipping was used for the lady’s watch. The watch was delivered within 18 days. The delivery time indicated by UK Kenya shipping was estimated at 16-28 days.

The bracelet set is also sent via UK-Kenya shipping. It was delivered within 15 days. The product page says it’s one day short of the 16-26 day minimum guideline.

Sun You Economy Airmail
The calendar keychain is shipped with UK-Kenya shipping. It was delivered in 1 week. The estimated range for UK-Kenya shipping was 7 days.


FedEx is one of the premium shipping options for UK-Kenya shipping. With one of the largest fulfillment networks, FedEx offers some of the fastest e-commerce shipping times. Unfortunately, it also has one of the highest costs.

The stone bead bracelet ships via UK-Kenya shipping. It had the fastest turnaround time of just three days. The estimated delivery time on the site was between 7 and 15 days.

Which UK-Kenya shipping method is the best?

The best shipping method depends on the purpose of the order. If you ship to yourself for QC, you can order via UK Kenya shipping to get your products quickly.

However, if you ship to customers, your best options are UK Kenya shipping, which offers consistently fast shipping. This can be another good alternative, but the estimated delivery time is extended.UK Kenya shipping also deals with car import duty calculator.

What packaging are UK Kenya shipping products delivered in?

Despite using different AliExpress shipping companies, all packages arrived in similar plastic solid packaging.

Of the 11 parcels ordered, only one came in a yellow envelope. Reputable shipping companies like FedEx, UK Kenya shipping, and UPS had their branding on the package.

However, smaller shipping methods like ePacket, AliExpress Standard Shipping, and China Post usually ship in discreet, unbranded packaging.

All but one parcel had two layers of packing protection. Bubble wrap or foam was used for fragile products such as figurines, watches, or shoes. The supplier has done this to protect the product from damage in transit. Other products were packed in a plastic bag or bag.

Is UK Kenya shipping worth waiting for?

UK Kenya  Shipping is the most recommended shipping method to get the products. Here are some reasons:

1. Offers the best price

The best product prices are not on UK Kenya shipping; I’m usually on UK Kenya shipping. Since the products are made in the UK, and most of the UK Kenya shipping suppliers are Kenyans, it makes sense that they offer the best prices on their country’s most popular e-commerce platform. Entrepreneurs can then provide affordable prices to their customers who research a lot.

Lower shipping costs make customers more likely to wait patiently for the product. All you have to do is set realistic expectations for them.

You can include UK Kenya shipping times on your product page or listing to select the right expectations for your customer.

2. You can track the parcel

Ordinary Shipping does not provide package tracking outside of the UK. But  UK Kenya Shipping provides an international tracking number, which gives you an idea of how and when your shipment will be delivered. Improve the customer experience after the purchase package’s current status.

3. Profit is good

UK Kenya  Shipping is good for business. It doesn’t eat into your margins as UK Kenya shipping does; you don’t have to raise the product price to absorb shipping costs. With non-standard Shipping Shipping, the charge is so high that you are forced to price above the retail value, which means you may get fewer sales.

UK Kenya shipping deals with roro importers.

What shipping method should I choose?
Please choose the shipping method.

Sourcing through UK Kenya shipping allows you to build a profitable business over time because shipping costs don’t affect your margins. As you can see from the results above, many shipping methods allow you to receive or deliver products for free.

However, UK-Kenya shipping is often associated with longer delivery times, although in some cases, the customer may receive the package much earlier than the estimated delivery date.

The best way to find out about product quality and delivery times is to order a certain number of products yourself. On average, you’ll find that suppliers meet or exceed the estimated delivery times on their product page.

UK Kenya shipping  FAQ

How long does delivery from the UK to Kenya shipping take?

The shipping method you choose determines how long it takes for UK-Kenya shipping sellers to deliver the products. Options include:

• EMS: 7-14 days

• Fedex: 7-14 days

• UPS: from 0 to 14 days

• DHL Express: 10- days

Will UK Kenya shipping let you know when your order will be delivered?

UK Kenya shipping does send alerts about order status changes, so sellers don’t have to check the current order’s status manually. UK Kenya shipping deals with car dealers in Mombasa.

Can I cancel the order if UK Kenya shipping is taking too long?

UK Kenya shipping only allows you to cancel an order if the seller still needs to ship the package. If you have made the payment and the package has been shipped, the cancellation of the order is only possible with the seller’s acceptance.

Send parcels from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

View the offers for delivery from the United Kingdom to Kenya and select the most acceptable option, then pay by your preferred payment method and wait for the courier. Door-to-door – Delivering shipments with UK-Kenya shipping is very simple.

How does it work?

The UK Kenya shipping online shipping platform brings together thousands of international and local couriers whose UK Kenya shipping vehicles seek out the available space and use it wisely.

This allows you to send both small and large (possibly very urgent) shipments. The UK-Kenya shipping package is always looking for available seats on vehicles from either carrier.

The unique system of the UK-Kenya shipping platform allows us to offer you particularly favorable prices for shipping services from the UK to Kenya.

Also, it will enable us to guarantee the quality of these services in case you need an urgent delivery from the UK to Kenya.

Safety is crucial to delivery, whether you’re sending a heartwarming gift or a costly item. All shipments sent from the UK to Kenya via the UK-Kenya shipping platform are covered by standard insurance and UK-Kenya shipping insurance.

Once you’ve used UK Kenya shipping, you’ll find it convenient and hassle-free to ship your shipment. Duration? It may take as little as a day, depending on where you are sending your shipment.

Next time you need a delivery service, you won’t have to think twice about who to entrust with your shipment. Some couriers offer fast shipping services from Italy to Kenya; others are known for their particular flexibility in their delivery methods.

In contrast, others are cheap, not to mention the humble postal service. What are those of us to do who want shipments from the United Kingdom to Kenya to reach the consignee quickly, safely, and, of course, at an acceptable price? UK Kenya shipping deals with roro ship.

By bringing their unprecedented shipping system into play, UK Kenya shipping has solved this problem and made it a reality. The UK Kenya shipping platform brings together a multitude of local and international couriers and always selects the best shipping routes.

This means you can save time searching for information and comparing prices in search of the cheapest service.

With just a few clicks on the UK Kenya shipping platform website, you can access information about the shipment, the final transport price of the freight and the selected courier, and know when the couriers will pick up and deliver the loads from the UK to Kenya, and you can also set the method cheaper payment method to pay for services.

You will shortly receive an email with all the shipping information you need. UK Kenya shipping asks only one question: what will you be shipping today?

How much does shipping a parcel from the United Kingdom to Kenya cost?

To consult the UK Kenya shipping price list, enter your destination, the place of shipment of the parcel, and the weight and dimensions.

Then the valid prices for the route our company offers will be displayed. For comparison, UK Kenya shipping also shows how much you must pay with other carriers so customers can make an informed choice.

Delivery costs depend on the size and weight of the package, as well as the distance between cities. Importantly, we also do express packages on interstate routes.

We treat it as a priority and deliver it as soon as possible. The cost of this service also appears in the list. However, express delivery methods are more expensive.

All prices include the cost of fuel and insurance. If you want the cheapest offer, order from UK Kenya shipping courier and send your parcel with us.UK Kenya shipping offer the cost to ship a tractor.

How long does delivering a package from the UK to Kenya take?

Our low-cost UK-Kenya shipping usually takes 3+ days to deliver goods between these countries. The delivery time mainly depends on the distance.

However, we remind you that you can always opt for expedited delivery. So delivery times are even reduced to a few hours.

UK Kenya shipping is usually delivered to the recipient within 1-2 business days. Anyone sending a parcel via our platform can also track their location regularly.

This makes it easier to determine the exact date of delivery of the property to the addressee and find it if it is lost.

What is not allowed to go to Kenya?

Every carrier has rules and a list of the goods it doesn’t carry. This list was drawn up for various reasons, including international regulations, the relatively frequent use of air travel, and simply for convenience.

UK Kenya shipping, like most other carriers, does not carry dangerous materials and substances, including ammunition, weapons, acids, mercury, bacteria, or viruses.

These goods may damage additional parcels. Additionally, our carrier does not accept packages containing prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, perishables, or original artwork.

The creation of such a list is also motivated by the fact that we work with different carriers, such as UPSFedEx, DHL, and  DPD which have their own rules that we try to respect.

Suited. If in doubt, read the sheet at the bottom of the page, send us a question using the form, or contact us by phone. Finally, we remind you that each country has its customs, laws, and regulations.

It’s worth familiarizing yourself with yourself before submitting. The package can be checked at the border.

If it contains a prohibited item, the shipment will most likely be returned to the sender and, in extreme cases, seized by customs once you know what you can ship in the package, order shipping.

How long does shipping from the UK to Kenya take?

Fast Shipping from the UK to Kenya 

The distance between these countries is exactly 7202 kilometers. Our economy courier service always tries to deliver parcels as quickly and cheaply as possible. UK Kenya shipping offer shipping to Kenya from the UK.

So far, 1402 people from the UK have decided to use our service. The most used payment methods were Paysera – 58%, PayPal – 32%, credit cards, and e-wallet – 10%. Although all parcels sent via UK Kenya shipping have free insurance of 25 euros, increasing this amount to 5000 euros is possible.

This service is widely used by those who ship valuable items, so the customer does not have to worry about damage during transport, because, in case of problems, he will get his money back. So far, the purchase of such insurance has been decided by 27% of UK customers.

What do you mean by packaging and Labelling?

Packing and labeling

To ensure that the shipment reaches the recipient intact, it must be packaged in the best possible way, minimizing the impact of any shocks during transport.

The most essential element is the correct box, which must be sturdy. Secure the product with bubble wrap, and this still provides sufficient cushioning.

If space is left in the package after you go the item, stuff it with a soft material so that nothing inside can move freely.

Remember to attach the waybill in a visible place when closing the box. We send that label to an email address and insert it into the customer’s printable panel. UK Kenya shipping import motorbikes in Kenya.

Our Same Day products are the best choice for your critical mission.

UK Kenya shipping Same Day collects a shipment of any size or weight and delivers it to its destination within hours in the UK. UK Kenya shipping Same Day features include:

 Upcoming flight service to over 220 countries and territories means you will receive your shipments in the shortest time possible

Door-to-door service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, means fast and flexible service for you

 Proactive tracking and tracking from pickup to delivery lets you always know where your shipment is

 Standard collection during holidays or weekends allows for quick resolution of emergencies and continuity in the supply chain throughout the year.

What is the need for customs clearance?

Customs clearance: the essential

When goods move from one country to another, there’s one step your international shipment can’t avoid: customs clearance. Dedicated experts usually handle customs operations.

Still, proper preparation can help you avoid unnecessary delays and frustrations: Shipping experts share some best practices you can adopt today to make the process go smoothly.

Shipper’s guide to container types and sizes.

UK Kenya shipping is the cheapest way to transport your cargo. Installed on ships, trains, and trucks, the humble container redefined international transportation and allowed global trade to grow to the level we know it today. UK Kenya shipping offers shipping to Kenya for the UK.

Which type of container is best suited for your cargo?

 Shipping experts analyze the most common types of equipment so you can make the right decision.

What is the size of the cargo vessel?

Shipper’s guide to types and sizes of cargo vessels

Most of the world’s cargo is shipped in a container ship. Ships vary in size and shape, which dictates where they may or may not sail.

That’s not all; different types of boats are dedicated to specific cargo and types of cargo. Our shipping experts share a quick summary of the world of Shipping today.

Shipping to Kenya: The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce
This guide will show you everything you need to know about setting up your shipping strategy in Kenya. Unleash your growth using our tools and experience, serving millions of shipments in Kenya and beyond.UK Kenya shipping deals with port tilbury.

Shipping rates and couriers in Kenya

UK Kenya shipping offers a wide range of couriers and services that ship to Kenya. Link your courier account or use our pre-negotiated rates to view every customer’s fastest, cheapest, and most convenient delivery options.

Tips and information on Shipping to Kenya
Get valuable tips and information about shipping to Kenya. Learn more about public holidays and non-working days for Shipping.

We are experts in Kenya.

The UK-Kenya shipping platform makes Shipping seamless. Get started today with our pre-negotiated rates. UK Kenya shipping deals with bikes in Kenya.


The best couriers for shipping to Kenya are UK Kenya shipping, FedEx – International Priority, Aramex – Parcel, and Hong Kong Post – Airmail Tracking.

When shipping to Kenya, be sure to package shipments securely. Check out our guide.
Popular e-commerce platforms in Kenya are  UK Kenya shipping,eBay, Shopify, and Magento.

The payment methods used by Kenya are credit card and cash on delivery
Consumers generally don’t expect free delivery in Kenya.
Saturday and Sunday are considered non-working days. Your shipments may be delayed these days.

Holidays are also considered non-working days. Please refer to your country’s official holiday page for specific holiday dates.

Import taxes and customs duties in Kenya?

Kenya charges according to the CIF method, which means import duties and shipping costs.

What documents are required for import in Kenya?

Shipping documents in Kenya

International Shipping requires a lot of documentation which can be confusing and time-consuming. UK Kenya shipping automatically generates these documents based on your shipping information, simplifying the process.

Commercial invoice

Battery statement

Tax documents and shipping labels

Kenya Customs: Shipping Restrictions and Prohibited Items

Need help with Kenyan customs and regulations?

Before Shipping to Kenya (or any country), it is essential to know if any special arrangements need to be made during Shipping or even if they are legal. Get shipping rules for Kenya and other countries on UK-Kenya shipping.
Prohibited items
• Alcohol
• Animals
• Chemical products
• Cash
• Drugs
• Explosives
• Weapons
• Fresh food
• Installations
• Seeds
• Tobacco
The list of restricted items changes regularly, before sending your goods.


When goods move from one country to another, there’s one step your international shipment can’t avoid: customs clearance.

UK Kenya shipping offer Kenya shipping.

Dedicated experts usually handle customs operations. Still, proper preparation can help you avoid unnecessary delays and frustrations: Shipping experts share some best practices you can adopt today to make the process go smoothly.

Download the infographic Request a quote.

Customs clearance and the payment of duties can be complicated to manage. But whether you’re the sender or the recipient, chances are you’re responsible for your shipment’s import or export clearance.

Depending on the Incoterms chosen, you may deal with both:  Customs Incoterms indicate who has to take care of customs clearance at the destination with your foreign trading partner as quickly as possible.

First things first: identify your merchandise

Proper customs clearance begins with accurately describing the goods you are shipping. This is achieved through an internationally standardized commodity code, the Harmonized System (HS), which ensures customs charge the correct import duties and taxes.

Please note that HS codes vary from country to country, so it is essential to ensure that you classify products correctly for the government of export and import.UK Kenya shipping offers to ship from Kenya.

Are the items in your shipment identified correctly, but can they leave the country or enter their destination? For importation, some goods may be subject to specific ministerial regulations and may require licenses or other permits depending on their nature.

For example, health-related products may require authorization from a health authority. It is essential to know the specific shipping requirements before importing or exporting.

 Are my goods subject to government regulations? 
These are goods that can be used for both civilian and military purposes. These include artifacts, machine parts, software, and technology.

National authorities control these items’ export, transit, and generally international trade. In some cases, export to certain countries may be prohibited – this is an embargo.

Agricultural products – To protect their rural economy, countries have adopted specific measures that limit or ban imports – these are quotas.

Excisable products – some products will be subject to high import duties depending on the quantity imported and their value – alcoholic beverages, tobacco, fuel, and mineral oils. UK Kenya shipping offer shipping from USA to kenya.

Your cargo may also be subject to specific procedures, regardless of its nature. If your goods are only being exported or imported temporarily, such as when they are being transported across the country to their final destination, a transit procedure or ATA carnet may be required to avoid customs charges.

With the correct documentation, export clearance can proceed smoothly. The freight forwarder shares the necessary documentation  with their broker, who submits a compliant customs clearance form to the customs office.

The customs office may decide to release the goods immediately and will share the export license of the shipment you are good to go!

Simplify customs clearance – your ideal commercial invoice

A correctly formatted invoice makes it easier for the customs, your business partner abroad, and your customs agent to check the shipment. Here’s what it should contain: UK Kenya shipping offers 2010 Toyota Prado.

The HS code for each item for both importing and exporting countries

A total amount, excluding VAT

The currency in which the transaction took place

An invoice number

The name and address of the sender  and the recipient (the buyer)

A VAT number – it is not mandatory for sender and recipient, but showing both can speed up the

process considerably

For export and import to Kenya, an EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) so that your customs agent can do the necessary work.
An indication of the total weight and number of packages corresponding to all other shipping documents.

In detail: the other information your real estate agent needs
Inspection can take place physically or be limited to the documentation of the shipment, with customs authorities applying various control procedures to ensure that the export complies with national and international laws and regulations.

They may require that the container and its products be inspected or that the use of the products is demonstrated before the export is authorized.UK Kenya shipping offer car sales in Kenya.

Here’s our suggestion: Consult your customs broker before exporting and provide sample documentation and information about the nature of your goods and possible uses. This way, your customs experts can avoid unnecessary delays or fines.


When using the services of a customs broker, the import process and checks are similar to export clearance. It is essential to share the delivery plan with your broker, together with all the necessary documentation; they will, in turn, prepare a compliant customs declaration.

The primary documents remain the same as above, focusing on import permits and proof of origin.UK Kenya shipping offers motor hub Kenya.

Based on the documentation provided by the broker, the customs office decides whether to release the goods or inspect the transaction. In the latter case, your customs broker will coordinate additional actions with you.

Pay customs duties

Unless exempt, all imported commercial goods are subject to customs duties and taxes according to their tariff classification in the HS Code. In general, it is the importer of record who pays the import duties and taxes.

Some assets are also tested against other taxes. This includes excise and anti-dumping duties, which can be levied on goods priced significantly below their value in their import market.

Set up payment: your checklist

The documentation from the customs clearance process must be kept for a fixed period, which varies according to the country but can be up to 10 years or more.

For compliance check purposes. UK Kenya shipping offers filing services so that customs authorities respond to requests efficiently, without delays or risk of prosecution.

Customs clearance,  and import duties paid? It’s time for your shipment to reach its destination. Experience a smooth import or export journey with UK Kenya shipping.

Customs services Customs services

Our wide range of customs brokerage services ensures the smooth and timely passage of shipments without bureaucracy, delays or fines. UK Kenya shipping offers 2010 land cruiser prado.


Contact us today If you need to import any car from the UK to Kenya, we will help you with all the necessary process of importation.

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