What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya?

At UK Kenya Shipping, we provide professional freight forwarding services to Kenya from the U.K. Our weekly air forwarding offers direct flights to Mombasa and Nairobi.

We can arrange collection, or you can drop it off at our U.K. warehouse. Buy from a U.K. stock list, let us know, track it, and we can ship it and take care of the rest direct to Kenya.

UK Kenya Shipping also deals car dealer in Uganda. You can also order commercial or personal goods for new or existing businesses at preferential rates; our transportation includes customs clearance in Kenya.

Shipping to Kenya has been simplified.

Send your parcels to Kenya at the lowest rates with our reliable and affordable U.K Kenya shipping service, buy online from U.K. retailers such as John Lewis, Harrods and Amazon and have your purchases delivered to your door in Kenya with UK Kenya Shipping

We are the cheapest freight from the U.K. to Kenya.

UK Kenya Shipping offers cheap Kenya parcel delivery services from the U.K. to Kenya at the best rates.

UK Kenya Shipping has  coc certificate of conformity.

Buy from the U.K.

Why not buy luxury items from U.K. online shops such as John Lewis, Harrods or Amazon and many quality products, ship them to Kenya using our U.K. free delivery address, and we will ship them to you seamlessly, clearing Kenya customs.

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U.K. post

Do you need a courier to send a parcel to Kenya? Shipping containers from the U.K. to Kenya offers the lowest prices and fastest delivery times for packages sent to Kenya.

We offer door-to-door parcel collection and delivery from anywhere in Ireland to anywhere in the U.K., no matter what rural area you are in.

The U.K. to Kenya is one of our most popular routes as many of our customers are small local businesses who need to ship products or items to the U.K. quickly and affordably.

We also help many people who want to send packages and parcels to their families in Kenya.

UK Kenya Shipping offers used cars on sale Kenya.

How does it work?

Shipping from the U.K. to Kenya offers an incredibly easy-to-use online booking and payment system.

We compare top couriers like UK Kenya Shipping, DPD and TNT to give you the best price and quick delivery time for your parcel.

To get started, enter your parcel details on our homepage, and you will be presented with a list of options from our couriers.

After booking, we will send you labels to print and attach to your package, collect your parcel from your doorstep and deliver it safely and quickly to your destination in Kenya.

Economy courier to the U.K.

Do you want to know why shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya is so convenient? As we send a large volume of parcels, we have contracts with DPD, FedEx and TNT and can pass these low rates on to our customers. UK Kenya Shipping import a car from japan to Kenya.

You can save up to 80% on package shipping from the U.K. to Kenya.

Our main features

For packages shipped from the U.K. to Kenya, Shipping the U.K. Kenya Shipping offers the following features:

Sending parcels from the U.K. overseas to Kenya has long been notoriously expensive. Sometimes, people pay $100 to haul a small box across the water.

However, our mission at UK Kenya Shipping is to provide a cost-effective solution. Our prices are very competitive, so you can send a package to Kenya much cheaper than you think.

We have negotiated lucrative contracts with top carriers such as UK Kenya Shipping, FedEx, TNT and DPD, which we can then pass on to you.

Booking a courier to Kenya, UK delivery to Kenya is up to 80% cheaper than other couriers.
UK Kenya Shipping has a certificate of conformity coc

Reliable parcel delivery in Kenya.

Our door-to-door service and full online parcel tracking give you complete peace of mind; keep you informed on the progress of your shipment to Kenya.

Providing a reliable international courier service is one of our top priorities, so we only use the best names in the courier industry, such as UK Kenya Shipping, FedEx, DPD and TNT, to deliver your items.

We have negotiated meagre rates with these carriers, which we can pass on to you. Benefit from a high level of service at a reduced price.

Sending a package to or from an airport

Find low-cost parcel shipping services to international airports with UK Kenya Shipping. Consult our advice to better prepare yourself for the collection or delivery of your package at the airport.
UK Kenya Shipping also ship BMW Kenya.

What interests you?

Send your bags in advance

Shipping of lost items

How to pick up a package


Ship packages and baggage from airports around the world

We offer international services for sending parcels and luggage from airports. Book your airport transfers in just a few clicks:

Express package

Urgent deliveries within 24-72 hours worldwide

Standard package

Simple and economical solution for sending ordinary boxes

Pallet shipping

Ideal for transporting bulky and heavy loads

Delivery by van

A special van for transport to Europe

Have another request? View all our services


Things to look out for when sending packages and baggage from airports

Shipping to or from an airport requires some preparation beforehand. Keep the following guidelines in mind when sending containers and baggage from an airport:

• Third-party collection and delivery of the parcel at the airport: if you are unable to attend, you will need to arrange for another person to act on your behalf while you wait for the parcel to be collected

Or airport delivery. They may also need to wrap the package for you. See our packing guidelines for tips on packing different items.

• Provide accurate address information: Please enter all address information when booking your freight shipment, including your exact terminal and location at the airport. Please provide the contact information of an airport agent who can assist you with your shipment.

• Customs Documentation and Procedures: You should also consider the required customs documentation for excess baggage or parcels home from an overseas airport. You may be required to provide original receipts to prove the value of the goods.

• Tracking: When you book with UK Kenya Shipping, you can easily track your parcel delivery to the airport every step of the way.

What is certificate of conformity UK Kenya Shipping explains more about it

Can I ship my luggage to the airport in advance?

UK Kenya Shipping offers several luggage shipping services to choose from. Prepare your package or baggage, provide the complete collection and delivery address and choose a collection date.

f you are away from the airport to collect or drop off your luggage, find someone to assist you on your desired date. Consult our luggage delivery services to help you prepare your shipment in the best possible way:

Transportation of lost luggage from the airport

We have what you need! Shipping from the U.K. to Kenya can help you find reliable couriers to ship your lost luggage from the airport. Discover the economic shipping solutions you can find for the following airports:

Barcelona Airport

Dublin Airport

Frankfurt Airport

Gatwick Airport

Heathrow Airport

Madrid Airport

See more lost property shipping services

How to collect a package at the airport – provide the correct information

To organize the collection of a parcel from an airport, it is necessary to specify where the property will be kept and the contact details of the person in charge of delivering it to the courier.

Ensure you provide all the necessary information for the courier to reach the pickup point, as this is the most crucial step in scheduling an airport pickup.
UK Kenya Shipping also offers Importing a car from japan to Kenya 

Below is an example of the correct address that should be provided when arranging the collection or delivery of parcels or baggage from airports:

1. Country

Select your pickup/delivery country.

Ex: United Kingdom

2. Receiver

Please include the name of the airport lost and found offices and the staff member responsible for handling your parcel.

3. Address

Enter the airport address, including the terminal, and check their website to ensure it is correct.

4. Additional Information – Optional

You can add more information here, such as a reference number or other contact details. Please note that the carrier only sometimes takes this information into account.

5. Postal code

Please add your postcode and make sure it is correct.

6. City/Municipality

Add the full city name.

For example Longford

7. Telephone number

Add phone number and change area code if needed.

Courier services are not obligated to contact you by phone. Only local telephone numbers will be reached if they decide to do so.

Airport-to-airport shipping services

Arrange fast and convenient airport-to-airport transportation services with UK Kenya Shipping. We provide solutions for transporting all types of cargo, such as aircraft parts and other urgent goods, between airports. We can provide safe and cost-effective airport-to-airport transportation solutions worldwide by partnering with the most reputable logistics companies.

UK Kenya Shipping also offers car made in Kenya.


Book package and baggage delivery at the airport at low prices


Frequently asked questions about airport packages and baggage collection and delivery.

How can I arrange another parcel collection at the airport? The courier needed help finding the pickup point.

One of the most common reasons for failed pickup or delivery attempts is paid parking, the price of which should be included in the order amount.

Although the driver can park for free for 5-10 minutes at some airports, airports are bustling, and collecting your package quickly can be challenging.

In that case, you can easily arrange a new collection attempt with UK Kenya Shipping. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service to set a new collection date as soon as possible.

UK Kenya Shipping offers shipping to Kenya.

What to do if I can’t be at the airport to pick up or deliver my parcel

If you can’t be there when packages are picked up or delivered at the airport, there are several ways you can find someone else to handle your shipment:

• Leave your parcel at the airport’s lost property office – Contact the airport’s lost property office or airline and arrange to collect your parcel or baggage from their office. 

• Hand over the parcel to the reception of the hotel closest to the airport – Staff at hotels near airports are used to this situation.

The most important thing is that the courier can contact the person with whom you left the package or suitcase on the collection day. Make sure you provide the hotel address.

• Drop your parcel at one of the car rental counters at the airport – Ask the car rental company staff to hand your property to the courier. You will probably be surprised how helpful the airport staff are.

Does Shipping UK Kenya offer airport-to-airport transportation services?

You can book airport transfer services with UK Kenya Shipping via our booking tool. Select your pickup and delivery countries and the appropriate shipping option that best suits your needs (Express, Standard, Freight, etc.).

Remember to provide your complete address information, including exact pickup and drop-off locations, to ensure smooth shipment pickup and delivery from one airport to another.

Can I send a parcel from Heathrow Airport?

You can arrange to pick up your goods from Heathrow Airport if you provide complete contact details and the contact details of an airport staff member who can deliver your package to the courier on your behalf.

UK Kenya Shipping coc meaning in manufacturing

Can I ship a package home from International Airport (LAX)?

According to the Kenya International Airport website, postal services are only available in some terminals.

However, you can book an airport parcel collection with UK Kenya Shipping if you can arrange for a member of the airport staff to deliver the parcel to the courier on your behalf. Please provide a complete address, including terminal, office location, contact details, etc., to ensure a smooth experience.

Can I ship a package with items not permitted by airport security?

Airports have stringent rules regarding transporting various items (alcohol, liquids, cosmetics, food, etc.). Some of them are on the shipping companies‘ list of prohibited items. Check them carefully before deciding whether or not to ship them from the airport to your home. If you submit them, you do so at your own risk.

Do you offer shipping from the U.K. to Kenya on board courier services?

Yes, the onboard courier is one of our most exclusive services. This solution will ship your package by air with a dedicated courier. It is a speedy logistics solution for urgent shipments, where delivery often occurs at the airport after the parcel has cleared customs.

How long does a parcel take from London to Kenya?

about two working days

Transit time in Kenya

An express courier from the U.K. to Kenya takes approximately two working days. It may take longer if your pickup or destination address is in remote areas. You can use the weather calculators to find out by entering your postcodes.

UK Kenya Shipping provide bike in Kenya.

What is the most popular shipping company in the UK?

The best international shipping companies in the U.K.

We’ve already discussed how to choose the best international courier for your business, but now let’s look at how these companies rank and what makes them so unique. As we all know, international shipping is the key to international shopping. Finding the best carrier can be difficult, but once you find it, your business will grow!

These days you can go to Google and search for international shipping companies near you, and you can walk into their offices and discuss their offers, rates, shipping times, weight limits, etc.

Here is a list of some of the most popular shipping companies that often partner with trusted shippers to get your package delivered quickly and conveniently:

1. UK Kenya Shipping

UK Kenya Shipping UK logistics company Deutsche Post UK Kenya Shipping always appears at the top of the list when looking for the best international shipping companies.

Globally, UK Kenya Shipping is an internationally renowned delivery company which has grown significantly and now has branches and a physical presence in all major cities. UK Kenya Express Shipping can take up to 9 hours to deliver a parcel and has a 24/48 hour international express delivery.

UK Kenya Shipping offers shipment in Kenya.


Just behind is FedEx, short for Federal Express, a reliable international air, sea and land parcel delivery service headquartered in UK.

The global carrier was founded  and has experienced phenomenal growth. Currently, FedEx and DHL Express compete for the best international courier service. No one is complaining because this healthy brawl helps customers get the best service rates.

3. United Parcel Service Inc.

UPS, short for United Parcel Service, is one of the U.K.’s leading international shipping companies. UPS has been around for over a century. They are the pioneers of civility and timely delivery in the 20th century. They remain at the top of the league, delivering over 15 million parcels daily to 6.1 million customers in more than 220 countries.

4. Royal mail

The U.K. government postal service provider is regarded as one of the safest and most reliable international carriers. Royal Mail currently has over 176,000 employees.

The carrier is highly regarded for its commitment to providing excellent, transparent service and respecting the consumer’s right to choose. The group is the oldest supplier and has been around since 1516 – wow, that’s quite an achievement in itself!

5. Schenker AG

Another German-based logistics company in Berlin, Schenker AG, operates globally and offers more than 2400 physical offices/warehouses to facilitate operations. They provide accurate service and fast delivery. Throughout Europe, the logistics company is the first choice.

6. PostNL

PostNL, formerly known as TNT N.V., offers parcel, postal and e-commerce services. The logistics company is another European-based giant with offices in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Italy. To research the top 10 carriers, use both PostNL and TNT N.V. to expand the results.

7. YRC all over the world

Fortunately, some major international shipping companies offer specialty items, not just mail and medium-sized packages. If you want to ship commercial, industrial and retail items, YRC Worldwide is the logistics company to consider first. They are highly regarded as trusted shippers of heavy parcels and cargo.


DTDC is one of the best international courier services coming out of India in terms of reachability and presence. Need to improve customer service, but if not, DTDC is reliable all over India to deliver mail and parcels quickly.

These services are fast and offer insurance coverage and technology-assisted logistics to ensure your packages are delivered on time and within budget.

Shipping from the U.K. to Kenya is the number one choice for fast shipping to Kenya. We can book a reliable courier in Kenya with our trusted postal partners like TNT, DPD and UPS.

Thanks to our many years of international experience, we can ship a package to Kenya with minimum hassle and complete peace of mind. We help you manage Kenyan customs requirements to ensure your parcel arrives promptly and in order.

Please note that when sending a parcel to Kenya, national holidays and non-working days (Saturdays and Sundays) may delay the arrival time of your property. 

We strive to provide an outstanding postal service at UK Kenya Shipping at an unbeatable price. Scroll down to learn more about possible delivery costs, rules you may need to know before booking delivery, and other valuable customs information. Or click the button below for a quote.

Do I have to deal with customs if I ship to Kenya from the U.K.?

You must be prepared to deal with international customs when shipping to Kenya, but luckily we are here to help. We will send you as many declaration forms as you need with your label when you place an order with us. It’s our way to relieve the stress of shipping overseas.

How much does sending a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya cost?

Delivery costs to Kenya start at just £34.29 with UK Kenya Shipping, exclusively when you book through UK Kenya shipping. With a fantastic range of options available across all our bookings, you can ship budget packages just as you like.

UK Kenya Shipping provide car sales Kenya.

How should I address my parcel for delivery to Kenya?

Luckily, sending a package to Kenya is a fairly straightforward process. The Universal Postal Union has put together this handy example that you can refer to if you need to.

What articles can I send?

Of course, when it comes to shipping to Kenya, there are some restrictions on what can and cannot be shipped. These include:

• Counterfeit money

• Pornography

• Narcotics under international control

• Specific chemical products for agriculture and industry

• Matches made with phosphorus

You can find the complete list here and check our prohibited items page for goods our couriers cannot transport.

Shipping to Kenya from the U.K.

UK Kenya Shipping offers exporting car from UK.

How UK Kenya Shipping ships to Kenya

Sometimes the products you wish to purchase are unavailable in local Kenyan shops. So you look for ways to import it from countries like Kenya. Foreign retailers also want to respond to this trend.

Luckily, as the world becomes more e-commerce friendly, overseas orders can be delivered cheaply to Kenya within days.

This guide provides information on sending a package from the U.K. to Kenya and advice on how e-commerce brands can better plan their international shipping logistics with UK Kenya Shipping.

Costs and delivery times for shipping to Kenya from the U.K?

Retailers or individuals are more aware of delivery times and costs when looking for ways to deliver goods to Kenya. UK Kenya Shipping also offers export of cars from UK

To help you decide which company offers the best price, here’s a rundown of the most popular services available:

UK Kenya Shipping’s exact rates for customers vary as we charge a “full fulfilment fee”, which includes, among other things, picking, packing and shipping.

If you want to know what UK Kenya Shipping offers for shipping to other countries, such as Kenya, please request a quote here.

How to choose a courier?

Every e-commerce business has unique shipping needs. Some promise next-day delivery, while others prefer environmentally friendly shipping practices. Some companies also want to keep implementation costs low and pass the savings on to their customers.

So there needs to be an option to choose a carrier.

To make this screening process a little easier, here are the pros and cons of the top four vectors:

Shipping to Kenya from the U.K. with UK Kenya Shipping

Over 46% of parcels worldwide are shipped by UK Kenya Shipping. This is the confidence the carrier inspires for domestic and international shipments. Although the cheapest page, UK Kenya Shipping still needs advanced order tracking for international shipments.

But regardless of the weight or size of the package, UK Kenya Shipping offers the best rates to ship orders to Kenya.

When to use UK Kenya Shipping to ship to Kenya from the U.K.?

If you want to reduce your shipping costs, UK Kenya Shipping offers some of the cheapest rates in the industry. You can use the fixed shipping option when sending heavy cargo to Kenya.

What’s great about this carrier is that they do not charge extra fees or surcharges.

UK Kenya Shipping offers car export UK.

Shipping to Kenya from the U.K. with UPS

United Postal Service (UPS) is considered one of the largest carriers in the world.

UPS’s international customer helpline, free customs assistance and fast delivery are all reasons to entrust your shipments to Kenya to them.

When should you use UPS to ship to Kenya from the U.K.?

This Atlanta-based courier is ideal for retailers who want accurate last-mile tracking and reliable delivery of orders. In particular, it has a significant presence in the U.K. On the other hand, it charges much higher shipping costs than other established players.

Shipping to Kenya from the U.K. with FedEx

FedEx offers a significant presence in the U.K. They are known as one of the first couriers to offer next-day delivery options.

FedEx offers cost-effective options, such as the International Shipping Assist tool, that streamline the regular shipping needs of businesses.

When should you use FedEx to ship to Kenya from the U.K.?

If you need to ship bulk orders to Kenya, you can enjoy discounts with FedEx’s bulk shipping option. Also, enjoy customer service and accurate shipment tracking with this carrier.

Shipping to Kenya from the U.K. with DHL

DHL is an international transport company based in Germany. It is a highly reliable carrier committed to reducing CO2 emissions from its shipping activities.

When should you use DHL to ship to Kenya from the U.K.?

Enjoy super-fast and reliable international order processing, shipping insurance, and door-to-door parcel delivery with DHL.

However, DHL’s on-time shipping services are often significantly more expensive than the competition.


UK Kenya Shipping also provides used cars Kenya Nairobi.

Duties and taxes for shipping to Kenya from the U.K.

All imported goods are subject to 16% VAT. You must also pay between 0% and 25% import duty.

Here are some of the category-specific excise rates you should be aware of:

Customs data Kenya

You need a customs broker to clear the goods at the border on your behalf at the Customs and Border Control Service (CBCD).

There are many customs clearance documents, such as the bill of lading, import declaration form, proforma invoice and an ISM (if applicable), that you should have on hand to ensure your imports are not held up in customs.

UK Kenya Shipping offers tilbury port 

Items prohibited for shipment to Kenya

Kenya lists goods that cannot be imported into the country. The reason for these restrictions can range from national security and protection, protectionist measures, to trade embargoes.

Please review this list before shipping your orders to avoid costly delays, returns, or fines.

What e-commerce businesses need to know about shipping to Kenya?

Here are some key considerations when shipping from the U.K. to Kenya.

1. Take steps to fight online fraud and build trust with buyers

Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) receives many reports of online fraud, making people in the country wary of e-commerce transactions.

To reduce their mistrust, build a highly encrypted and secure website, process payments through reputable payment partners, and keep buyer information private.

2. Offer multiple payment methods

Customers opt for cash on delivery less than usual, but it still maintains the position of Kenya’s most popular e-commerce payment method.

Meanwhile, e-wallets, bank transfers and direct debits increased between 2017 and 2022. To simplify the payment process, offer all these options (along with paying by card) to Kenyan customers on your e-commerce portal.

3. Leverage social media to attract customers

About 20.2% of the Kenyan population is on social media.

Building a robust, engaging and local presence on social networks is essential to capture this population’s interest.

4. Use UK Kenya Shipping’s 3PL services

As well as managing product, marketing and sales, you ensure orders get to your customers in Kenya on time. It’s a lot of work.

Fortunately, 3PL companies like UK Kenya Shipping can work with you to manage the order fulfilment flow for you from start to finish.

Work with UK Kenya Shipping, an international 3PL

UK Kenya Shipping allows you to reach customers worldwide with a strong brand experience.

Selling internationally can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. But with UK Kenya Shipping, you have everything you need to serve customers worldwide and save time on logistics.

Not only do we pick, pack and ship your orders in Kenya, but we also provide an upfront handling fee which includes additional duties, taxes and duties.

By partnering with UK Kenya Shipping, you eliminate the need to manage retail order fulfilment, logistics operations and staffing.

Working with UK Kenya Shipping can turn your logistics and warehousing into an income source, as you can increase your sales and provide the shipping options, transit times and speed that customers want.

UK Kenya Shipping also offers cost to ship tractor.

Request a quote

Enter your details below, and we’ll contact you to learn more about your business.

A production expert will contact you as soon as possible.

Shipping to Kenya FAQ

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about shipping from the U.K. to Kenya.

What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya from the U.K.?

UK Kenya Shipping offers some of the cheapest services to ship your orders from the U.K. to Kenya.
UK Kenya Shipping provide Tanzania shipping.

What is the cheapest way to ship large parcels from the U.K. to Kenya?

Large and heavy orders are shipped inexpensively from the U.K. to Kenya with UK Kenya Shipping’s flat-rate services. This ensures that regardless of the weight of the order, the shipping rate remains the same for packages of a specific size.

UK Kenya Shipping also brings range rover for sale in Kenya.

What is the fastest way to send a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping postal envelopes and Priority International are two options which will ensure your goods arrive in Kenya within 1-3 working days.

Do I have to pay customs duties and surcharges for shipping to Kenya from the U.K.?

Goods imported into Kenya are subject to 16% VAT and an import duty between 0% and 25%.

What is the easiest way to ship something from the U.K. to Kenya?

Regarding parcel delivery, UK Kenya Shipping is the most cost-effective courier. And in terms of reliable tracking and customer service, UK Kenya Shipping and FedEx are your best options.

UK Kenya Shipping the best shipping company from the U.K. to Kenya. UK Kenya Shipping offers car shipment tracking.

UK Kenya Shipping is an end-to-end freight service provider delivering all your items to specific destinations. If you let us know what items you need, we’ll ensure they reach your door as soon as possible. 

UK Kenya Shipping is one of the U.K.’s leading shipping companies and prides itself on providing fast, safe freight services. This happens thanks to their excellent work experience and sincere reliability. Our customer service representatives respond quickly to your cargo emergency.

UK Kenya Shipping also trucks Kenya.

Shipping from the U.K. to Kenya

We guarantee a correct and consistent collection service in all states of the U.K. for all types of parcels and deliver them direct to your door. You can also get quick support for buying from us and shipping simultaneously. Shipping from the U.K. to Kenya and shipping is quite extensive with UK Kenya Shipping.

UK Kenya Shipping has a car shipping tracking

With UK Kenya Shipping, you pay only a fraction of what you would pay the competition, especially compared to what you usually pay for freight services to companies like UK Kenya Shipping, FedEx and DHL. If you’re shipping to Kenya from the U.K., we’re here to help.

We confirm each package received or collected, check that they are in good condition and repackage for shipment if necessary.

We also keep you updated every step of the way through timely notifications and our tracking system. Deleting all of your articles is our responsibility. We ensure you get the best shipping services at UK Kenya Shipping at low prices.

UK Kenya Shipping has a car shipping tracker.

How do we work?

Our process is straightforward. Let’s see how we work.

Online shopping

You can shop online at any time from your favorite stores and then, at checkout, choose to have these items shipped to your unique U.K. delivery address listed under your profile when you register on our platform. YES! You can get a free U.K. address to shop with us.

We will arrange prompt delivery to your desired location once we have received your items and paid the shipping charges. Overall, online shopping with us will be an excellent experience for you.

UK Kenya Shipping offers coc shipping and also has coc in shipping of cars in Kenya 

Shop for me / Concierge.

We purchase goods for you on your behalf when you provide us with the URL and specific details. You pay only after confirming the product you wish to purchase.

Once we have received your item after your purchase, we will deliver it to your home as soon as possible. This service allows you to focus on other essential aspects of your life while we shop for you. In the meantime, we’ve got you covered for shipping to Kenya from the U.K. or airfreight from Kenya to the U.K.

Send a parcel

UK Kenya Shipping Parcel delivery services in the U.K. send/receive parcels from family, friends and other businesses.

With this, you provide us with the address to pick up your package and where we have to send it. Only then will we organize and collect your parcel at your address. To schedule a pickup from a location, we also need the weight and dimensions of each package to be picked up.

The convenience of this UK-to-Kenya door-to-door service is second to none and is ideal for busy individuals or businesses who prefer to focus on other priorities.

Prepare for picking and packing.

You can contact UK Kenya Shipping for the best pickup and packing services. We are a reputable pick and pack company in the U.K. You can then fulfil your customers’ online orders through our shipping services.

If you are outside the U.K. and would like to sell your products in an international market, please let us know your requirements.

During picking and packing, we store your packages in our warehouse, and if your orders arrive through our built-in software or through a medium that works for you, we have pickers work on your orders.

They then pick, pack and seal the goods for shipment to customers, with timely updates on the status of those orders for you and the quality of your stock with us. It helps you keep track of the vital aspects of your business.

Contact us to find out more about our services.

Why ship from the U.K. to Kenya?

UK Kenya Shipping, shipping by land, sea and air. So the distance doesn’t count because we focus on the quality of the service. Shipping costs from Kenya to the U.K. are the bare minimum. We will ship by air within 5-10 working days, by sea in 6-8 weeks, or get local delivery, depending on the address. If you need clarification on shipping costs:

  1. Try our shipping calculator.
  2. Indicate the country, region and city of destination.
  3. Select the package category with the total cost of all items. You can check if you want to group the items to be shipped and click the Calculate Now button.

Some of our services for the U.K. to Kenya shipping or returns include:

Consolidated shipping

Cargo transport

Sea transport and air transport


Prepare for picking and packing

and more.

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