Discover a seamless online shopping experience at Next UK for Kenyan customers. Explore a wide range of fashion, electronics, home goods, and more. Learn about Next UK’s international shipping options, delivery times, and return policies for Kenya. Shop with confidence and convenience, knowing you can order from Next UK and have your favorite items delivered to Kenya. Find exclusive deals and discounts tailored for Kenyan shoppers. Enjoy hassle-free online shopping at Next UK and make the most of your Kenya delivery process

  How can I shop at Next UK for delivery to Kenya?

Does Next UK ship internationally? Next, the UK ships to the UK only. If you want to shop for products from Next UK, use a package forwarding company like Planet Express.

It works in 3 simple steps:

 #1 Step: You get a free UK address to receive orders from Next UK in the Planet Express warehouse.

 #2 Step: You will get a notification email once Planet Express receives your package.

 #3 Step: You can select the shipping method from the UK to almost any country worldwideincluding the USA, Germany, Australia, India, Russia, Japan, and more! It is easy and surprisingly cheap.

2. What are the delivery options for Next UK orders to Kenya?

You can choose from delivery to a Next store, delivery to your home address, or delivery to a local Parcelshop. Free same-day collection ready in under 1 hour. (Available for collection during store opening times).

· Choose your item and size online

· Click ‘Stock Check & Reserve’,

· Enter your postcode and click ‘Find Stock’.

· A list of your nearest stores will be displayed. Click ‘Add To Bag’ on your desired store.

· Place your order, and we will text you when your item is ready to collect.

Please do not journey to the store until you have received confirmation from us that the item is ready to collect. You will need to bring confirmation of the order with you when you come to collect the item.

 How long does it take for Next UK to deliver to Kenya?

It takes approximately one week to ship via air freight from the UK to Kenya. 

Does Next UK offer international shipping to Kenya?

Next is one of the most popular online stores with fashion in the UK. Next, the UK doesn’t offer international shipping. However, some shoppers outside the UK can benefit from their global store.

But what if you want to shop from Next UK directly? How can you do that? We will explain it on this page because it is easier to get international shipping from Next UK.

. Are there shipping fees for Next UK orders to Kenya?

A delivery charge of £4.95 will be applied, or free with nextunlimited. When you place your order, you can deliver it to an alternative address. Order by 11 pm** for next-day delivery to parcel shops around the UK. A delivery charge of £3.50 will be applied, or free with nextunlimited.

When you place your order, a choice of Parcelshops will be displayed during checkout.

. Can I track my Next UK order to Kenya?

You can track Royal Mail parcels at or our unique integrated parcel tracking service. Our service lets you track domestic and international deliveries for Royal Mail Great Britain.

. What’s the process for returns and exchanges for Next UK orders in Kenya?

To return any items you no longer wish to keep, follow one of the steps below.

It’s completely FREE to return your items to one of our 500+ stores! 

There is no need to bring a returns note; bring your items along, and our team will do the rest. It’s also the quickest way to get credited/refunded for your returns.

Click here to find your nearest Next store and check opening times.

. Can I create a Next UK account for Kenya online shopping?

To sign in to your account, click ‘My Account’ from the top right menu.


To fully access your account, enter your registered email address or customer number (this can be found on your delivery note or statement).

Enter your password and click ‘Sign in’.

It is straightforward to sign up to nextpay online; click here for more information. All applicants must be over 18 and a UK resident. Applications can also be accepted to a British Forces Post Office (BFPO) address.

 What payment methods does Next UK accept for Kenya deliveries?

We accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express. The card must be registered to the address where your Next Account is held.

We cannot accept cards that are due to expire within the next five days. Card details are checked and verified by a third party, and goods are dispatched once authorization has been obtained. Please note that some customers may have issues when paying using a new card on an iOS device version 10-14. Other payment methods will work fine.

10. How do you find Next UK products for delivery to Kenya?

To find Next UK products available for delivery to Kenya, you can follow these steps

1.   Select Your Location: On the Next UK website, there should be an option to select your location or country. Look for a dropdown menu or a location selector on the website. Choose “Kenya” as your delivery destination.

2.   Browse Products: Once you’ve set your location to Kenya, you can browse the products on the website. Use the search bar, categories, or navigation menus to find the products you’re interested in.

3.   Check Product Availability: As you browse products, consider availability information. Some products may be available for international delivery, while others may be limited to the UK. Look for indicators such as “International Delivery Available” or “Delivery to Kenya.”

4.   Add Products to Cart: Add them to your shopping cart when you find products available for delivery to Kenya.

. Are there size guides for clothing and shoes on Next UK for Kenyan customers?

We want you to love your new clothes, so we’ve created a sizing guide on clothing for women.

To choose the correct size for you, measure your body as follows:


Our dress lengths are given at a worn size and are taken by measuring from the top of the collarbone to the hem or the longest point.


Measure around the fullest part.


Measure around the natural waistline. (Find the natural crease by bending to one side.)


Feet together, measure around the fullest part.


Run the tape measure from the top of the inside leg at the crotch to the ankle bone.

. Can I order fashion items from Next UK and ship them to Kenya?

We can forward products from the UK to the rest of the world, including the EU, Australia, the USA, and other countries. Sign up for free to get your UK address Today to order products from Next UK. …or calculate the price of the shipping with our postage calculator

 Does Next UK offer a mobile app for Kenyan shoppers?

Following Official Fashion & Home App | iPhone, iPad, Android & Tablet.

This chart provides a near real-time look at Google Play’s top chart rankings for shopping Apps in the United Kingdom. A flag icon marks all British Apps.

Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire is the top British shopping App in the United Kingdom.

 What’s the selection of clothing and accessories on Next UK for Kenyan customers?

Accessorise with essentials such as jewelry, watches, and handbags, and complete your look with new shoes, boots, and heels. Stay fashionable with seasonal styles with our jumpsuits, tops, and skirts, and be on trend in the office with our range of workwear, all available in vibrant colorways and patterns.

. How do you search for specific products on Next UK for Kenya delivery?

 Searching for specific products on the Next UK website for delivery to Kenya can be done by following these steps:

1.   Visit the Next UK Website: Go to the Next UK website. You can do this by entering “” in your web browser.

2.   Create an Account (If Necessary): If you still need to create an account on the Next UK website, you may need to create one. This usually involves providing your contact and delivery information.

3.   Set Your Delivery Location: Ensure your delivery location is set to Kenya. This is usually done on the website by selecting your country or changing the delivery location in your account settings.

4.   Browse or Search: You can browse through the website’s various categories or use the search bar to find the specific products you want. To use the search bar, enter keywords related to your desired outcome.

5.   Use Filters (Optional): Once you’ve performed a search or are browsing a category, you may use filters to narrow down the results. You can filter by product type, size, color, price range, and other criteria.


. Can I find the latest fashion trends and styles on Next UK for Kenya online shopping?

Find the latest trends in women’s fashion and update your wardrobe, whatever the weather. Discover stylish dresses that take you from brunch dates to occasion dresses for a night out. Our jeans edit offers a makeover with comfortable, well-fitted denims in on-trend washes and styles.

17. What’s the gift wrapping and personalization process on Next UK for Kenya orders?

  1. Fold the paper on each side of the present. Starting on one end, fold down the top flap onto the side of the box, creating two little wings at the side. Flatten those against the box, then fold the remaining paper triangle against the chest. Fasten it in place with tape. Stand the box up and repeat folding to the other side. Set your TV on the end, with the side you just worked on facing down, and repeat step 6 on the opposite end. Add finishing touches. Add any ribbon, gift tags, or decorative bows to your gift. For gift-wrap extra credit, learn how to make curling ribbon bows. Tada: You’ve just wrapped a present perfectly.

. Does Next UK provide customer support for Kenyan customers in local time?

If you need to contact us, our team is here to help. You can contact us over the phone, via chat, or write us an email or letter. Just include all the details so we can help you best.

. Can I purchase electronics or home goods from Next UK for Kenya delivery?

You can choose from delivery to a Next store, delivery to your home address, or delivery to a local Parcelshop. Free same-day collection ready in under 1 hour. (Available for collection during store opening times)

· Choose your item and size online

· Click ‘Stock Check & Reserve’,

· Enter your postcode and click ‘Find Stock’.

· A list of your nearest stores will be displayed. Click ‘Add To Bag’ on your desired store.

· Place your order, and we will send you a text message when your item is ready to collect

. How do you browse customer reviews and ratings on Next UK for Kenya products?

1.   Search for the Product: Use the search bar or browse the categories to find the specific product you are interested in. Enter the product name or description, and select the appropriate category.

2.   Select the Product: Click on the product you’re interested in to view its details and options.

3.   Check for Reviews and Ratings: a. On the product page, look for a section that provides information about customer reviews and ratings. This section is usually located below the product description and images. b. If reviews and ratings are available, you will typically see star ratings (out of 5 stars) and comments from customers who have purchased and reviewed the product.

4.   Read Customer Reviews: Click on the review or rating section to read individual customer reviews. Here, you can find valuable insights into the product’s quality, performance, and overall satisfaction of customers who have already bought it.

Are there special deals or discounts for Kenyan customers on Next UK?

When you’re shopping in the UK, there are several ways that you can look to save money in addition to using these great sites. Below, we’ve compiled our top tips for saving money when shopping on UK sites, from price tracking to mailing list subscriptions.

Regularly check Money Saving Expert. 

Money Saving Expert is a well-known and trusted resource in the UK. It offers free advice on several financial issues and collates live voucher codes that it knows are live and usable to help people save money. Check their discount voucher code page for more details about current live offers.

 Watch out for UK sales.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but shopping in the sales can make some huge savings, so it’s worth watching for when these happen. While the sales were historically limited to Boxing Day, January, and a summer sale, many brands and industries now have sales at different times of the year. It’s always worth checking your favorite brand to see whether they have a mid-season deal or are running a clearance sale.

 Use a price tracker website.

If you’re in it for the long haul and have your eye on one particular item, then price tracking can be highly effective. Monitoring for price fluctuations will let you see when a product drops in price so you know when to buy.

Find the cheapest prices.

Rather than just tracking the price of a product on one particular site, some websites are designed to check the cost across several retailers. These will let you know the absolute cheapest place to buy that product in the UK.

. Can I shop for eco-friendly and sustainable products on Next UK for Kenya delivery?

Sustainable consumption means choosing products responsibly, with the environment in mind. Eco-friendly products have a lower impact on the environment throughout their life cycle, i.e., from the raw materials used in their manufacturing to their design, transport to the end-user, length of use, and capacity to be recycled.

There is no set standard in Europe of what makes an eco-friendly product, but here are some criteria that can assist in establishing products that, though sometimes more expensive, are likely to be more viable and will save you money in the long run.

 What’s the process for changing or canceling orders on Next UK for Kenya shipments?

You must inform us of your wish to cancel in writing either by letter, email or by using the cancellation form on the website or call 0333 777 8000# within 14 days beginning on the day after the day you receive your goods. It would help to take reasonable care of the goods and not use them.

. How do you find the best deals and promotions on Next UK for Kenya customers?

Here are some of the top recent Next discount codes & promo codes

  • Next Promo Code: Save 20% off Orders Today. GET COUPON.
  • Get 20% off Your Online Purchase at Next. GET COUPON.
  • VOUCHER. Significant Savings: Free Delivery on Orders. GET COUPON.
  • £10. VOUCHER. …
  • Get 15% off on Orders at Next. GET COUPON.
  • £5. VOUCHER. …
  • 75% DEAL. …
  • 10% VOUCHER.

. Does Next UK offer expedited or express shipping options for Kenya deliveries?

You need assurance that your most urgent shipments arrive at their destination when you need them to come.

Choose from a variety of express delivery services depending on your needs. Tracking and a money-back guarantee are constantly involved with any time and day-definite delivery service so you can take care of your business (or sit back and relax!) while we take care of your most urgent shipments.

If you want to send a time-sensitive parcel, the morning delivery service is your best option. A lot is delivered by 10:30 a.m. the next business day to most business areas within the UK.


. Can I access customer reviews and ratings for Next UK products in Kenya?

Accessing customer reviews and ratings for Next UK products in Kenya would depend on Next’s policies and the availability of their online services in your location. Here’s how you can try to access customer reviews and ratings for Next UK products in Kenya:

1.   Visit Next UK Website: Go to the Next UK website ( and browse for the product you are interested in. Usually, product pages on e-commerce websites include customer reviews and ratings. If Next allows access from Kenya, you should be able to see this information.

2.   Use a VPN: If Next’s website restricts access from Kenya, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to mask your location. Connecting to a UK server lets you access the Next UK website as if browsing from the UK.

3.   Check Third-Party Websites: Sometimes, customer reviews and ratings might be available on third-party review websites or e-commerce platforms like Amazon. You can search for the product on these websites and see if reviews are available.

4.   Contact Next Customer Support: You can reach Next’s customer support if you cannot access the reviews and ratings through the above methods. They can provide you with the information you need or offer alternative solutions.

 What’s the availability of fashion accessories and jewelry on Next UK for Kenyan shoppers?

Packed with the latest styles and designs, you will find the right accessory to update your look.

  • Bags & Purses.
  • Hats.
  • Scarves.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Watches.
  • Hair. Accessories.
  • Belts.
  • Socks & Tights.

. How to handle returns and exchanges for clothing and shoes on Next UK for Kenya?

Set transparent and fair policies

Your return and exchange policies should be communicated to your customers before, during, and after the purchase. They should also be fair and reasonable, balancing your customers’ needs and expectations with your operational and financial goals.

You can also limit the number of returns or exchanges per customer or charge a restocking fee for particular items. Whatever your policies are, ensure they are consistent across all your channels and platforms and that your staff are trained to follow and explain them.

. Can I find gifts and gift cards online shopping on Next UK for Kenya?

The following Gift Cards can be purchased at participating Next stores or online at

 Gift Cards are accessible in various denominations, from £10 to £200.

A maximum of 5 gift cards can be ordered per customer per online session/order.

There are two types of delivery options:

· Standard Delivery, 2-4 working days.

· Selected Delivery Date: you can specify when delivery is required (an additional cost will be charged)

. What’s the process for customizing and personalizing orders on Next UK for Kenya?

  • To ensure delivery on time, please ensure that your parcel has the full, correct address, an email address in the valid format, and a mobile or landline number for the intended recipient. This will help the delivery partner ensure the parcel is delivered correctly. This should be marked on the field.  
  • Timescales shown above do not include delays caused by destination country customs processes. Please be aware that customs could add additional time to your parcel delivery.

 Does Next UK offer wedding and bridal items for Kenyan customers?

With wedding season well and truly in full flow, it is hard to know where to start when looking for the perfect wedding guest dress. Online shopping has made things more accessible, but sometimes the choice can be too much… After going to two weddings recently, Robyn wanted to do this write-up covering the top 9 Zara dresses for weddings.

High-street fast fashion brands will compete for your attention as they bring out their wedding dress collections. However, Robyn is a big Zara fan and is convinced that the only shop you need is next up. Next UK always brings out trends and unique styles with something for everyone. So whether you want floaty, short, sexy, or girly, next uk is guaranteed to pull through. 


. How do you locate unique and handmade products on Next UK for Kenya delivery?

Promoting or selling your crafts online with an established craft website, marketplace place, or online directory is a fantastic way to increase your profile and generate sales throughout the year. Here, you can find a quick & straightforward overview of the five main options for selling craft & design online. 

Please note that we always suggest you do your own (thorough) research before paying any organization or signing a contract. Check if your product would suit these websites and if your price point and ideal client visits and buys from the site. Ensure you understand the contract and how to stop the agreement if necessary.

. Can I shop for art, collectibles, and fine art on Next UK for Kenyan customers?

Seller and buyer are free to agree when ownership passes. It is common practice to decide that ownership passes when payment is received by the seller (reservation of title clause).

Unless otherwise agreed by way of contract, or unless the circumstances point to the parties having agreed that ownership will pass at a different point in time, ownership passes from seller to buyer when the contract is concluded, regardless of whether payment has been made or delivery has occurred.

. What’s the process for ordering tech gadgets and accessories on Next UK for Kenya?

 Can I Click and collect my product?

· Almost all products on are available to Click and collect.

· Look for the Click & Collect icon to see if your product is eligible.

· If you can’t Click and collect a product, it will be available for UK delivery.

Where can I Click and collect?

· Select Click & Collect from any of our stores.

· Select a collection date most convenient to you.

· In nearly all cases, place your order before 10 p.m., and collection will be available from noon the next day.

When will my order be ready to collect?

· You will receive a ‘Ready to Collect’ email to confirm that your order has arrived in-store; please wait for this confirmation email before you come in to collect your order.

· Your order will be ready to collect from noon on your chosen collection date and will be available for seven days. Alternatively, you can pre-book your collection date and time slot ahead, allowing you to beat the queues. Just follow the link in your ‘Ready to Collect’ email for details.

– How do I collect my order?

· Bring your ‘Ready to Collect’ email – this can be printed or displayed on your phone.

· Bring a valid passport, photo driving license, or payment card to purchase the order. Note — You must bring a passport or photo driving license for PayPal, Alipay, and Gift Card orders. 

 Can I purchase books, magazines, and literature from Next UK for Kenya delivery?

. You can also explore Kenyan online bookstores like  Connect with brick-and-mortar bookstores and see if they will carry your book or even bookmarks directing people to your site. Run an ad on Facebook/Instagram to see how many people know about your work. Remember that you are the PR team, and share your work constantly. Be encouraged if one idea doesn’t work; return to the drawing board and explore another.

. Are there any restrictions on shipping food and beverages from Next UK to Kenya?

Shipping regulations can vary and change over time, so checking with the relevant authorities or shipping companies like UK Kenya shipping for the most up-to-date information is essential. However, as of my last update, UK Kenya shipping can provide some general insights into shipping canned goods to Kenya from the UK.

When shipping canned goods for the sea freight food shipping UK to Kenya or any other country, you typically need to consider the following aspects:

1. Customs Regulations: Each country has its own importation customs regulations for the canned goods shipping to Kenya. Canned goods might be subject to specific laws, import duties, taxes, and inspections. To understand the requirements, you should check with the Kenyan Customs Authority or a customs broker.

2. Import Restrictions: Some countries restrict importing certain food products, including canned goods. These restrictions could be related to health and safety concerns and protecting domestic industries. Check the Kenyan government’s official websites or contact their relevant agencies to understand any conditions that might apply.

  Labeling and Packaging: Canned goods must be labeled and packaged according to international standards. The Packaging should include clear information about the product’s contents, ingredients, nutritional information, and expiration dates. Non-compliant Packaging might lead to delays or rejection at customs.

. How to ensure product warranties and guarantees for Kenyan customers on Next UK?

On the other hand, a guarantee is a promise or assurance from the manufacturer or seller that the product will work as described or meet specific quality standards. If it doesn’t, the manufacturer will fix or replace it. Guarantees are of no cost to the buyer and can be offered for both products and services.

 Can I explore the home and kitchen section on Next UK for Kenya online shopping?

To explore the home and kitchen section on Next UK’s website for online shopping from Kenya, you should visit the Next UK website and check for international shipping and delivery options. Look for information on whether they ship to Kenya, associated shipping fees, and estimated delivery times. Remember that the availability and terms for international shipping can change, so it’s essential to look at their website or contact customer service for the most up-to-date, relevant

you may want to consider alternative online retailers or local

options for home and kitchen products to ensure that you can access the items

you need from Kenya.

 What’s DIY and home improvement product availability on Next UK for Kenya?

One of the leading retailers in the United Kingdom (UK), coming right after the country’s biggest grocery retailers, is in the DIY and home improvement sector: Kingfisher plc. The company owns two of the UK’s most popular DIY retail stores, B&Q and Screwfix. While B&Q focuses more on home improvement, gardening, and home furnishing products, Screwfix manufactures hardware tools and building materials. The UK’s DIY and home improvement retail landscape is, in fact, host to many more DIY and home improvement chains. HomebaseArgos, and B&M are among some of the household names, to name but a few.

 Can I shop for office and school supplies from Next UK and have them shipped to Kenya?

If you do not have a package but instead want to shop abroad before using the shipping-only service, then

· Shop and pay for the product from the international sellers

· Quote the courier service shipping address as the drop-off point for the products

· The shipping company will receive and send a package to Kenya on your behalf

Most shipping companies do not accept returns for any shipping-only orders.


· If you are buying and shipping products, you can take advantage of discounts and promotions by doing the shopping yourself

· When dealing with a shipping company with multiple drop-off points, you can buy the products and ship them to a drop-off point with the cheapest shipping costs

. Does Next UK offer wedding and gift registries for Kenya customers?

In modern times, though, it has become far more necessary to create an online or in-store registry where couples can choose items that may help them get set up for married life together, including things for their new home or funds for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Finding the best gifting options can save the drama of guests worrying about what to gift you on your special day. We’re sharing our Top 5 Wedding Registries in the UK to help you create the perfect gift list as you head into an exciting new chapter as newlyweds.

42. How do you find fashion deals and clearance items on Next UK for Kenya delivery?

Finding fashion deals and clearance items on Next UK for delivery to Kenya can be a big way to save money on stylish clothing. Here are some steps you can follow:

1.   Visit the Next UK Website: Go to the Next UK website ( and browse their extensive collection.

2.   Select the “Sale” or “Clearance” Section: Typically, Next has a dedicated section for sale and clearance items. Look for these sections on the website. They often have a “Sale” tab at the top or a “Clearance” category in the navigation menu.

3.   Filter by Your Preferences: Once in the sale or clearance section, you can use filters to narrow your search. You can filter by categories (e.g., men’s, women’s, kids), sizes, and price ranges. Make sure to select “International Delivery” as the delivery option.

4.   Check for Discounts: Pay attention to the discounted prices, usually displayed alongside the original prices. You can often find substantial discounts on clearance items.

5.   Add Items to Your Cart: When you find items you like, add them to your shopping cart.

Top of Form

. Can I order fresh food and groceries from Next UK for Kenya online shopping?

UK Kenya shipping does ship most fruit and vegetables that need a phytosanitary certificate before they’re exported from the UK to a non-EU country. You can save time by simultaneously applying for a phytosanitary certificate and a certificate of conformity.

. What’s the selection of beauty and grooming products on Next UK for Kenyan shoppers?

Indulge in an exotic experience with beauty and grooming products from our latest collection. There are many options, from mesmerizing fragrances to makeup gift sets and skincare kits. Or cosmetic bags and bath & body options to stow in your travel bag, making great birthday gifts.

45. Are there seasonal sales and promotions for Kenyan customers on Next UK?

Next up is a cheeky brand that never offers random discounts. Instead, they save their generosity for seasonal sales. Every year, their sales fall on relatively similar dates, making it easy to predict, which is excellent for other brands so that they can plan their launches more effectively. New fashion brands could take a leaf out of Zara’s book regarding deals. The brand ensures that the most exclusive deals are shared on the app, even before physical sales begin. This is a great strategy to capture a more extensive clientele, especially as more people shop online.

46. How do you check the availability of products on Next UK for Kenya delivery? Thanks to the option Check in-store availability, you can check the stock in our stores. Select the item you are interested in and the location, and we will show you the nearest stores where it is available. Please remember that the stock information in our stores is for guidance only.

If you are in one of our Zara stores and the garment you are interested in is unavailable, our staff can help you make an online purchase using an in-store device.


. Can I order personalized items on Next UK for Kenya online shopping?

Some items can be embroidered, engraved, or stamped with personalized text. To identify them quickly, a button on the garment page will enable you to edit the item. 

 With embroidered items, you can choose the text, the font style, the part of the garment to be embroidered, and the thread color.

If the word you choose is unavailable, we will indicate this during the purchase process or after the order is finalized. In the latter case, we will let you know that the purchase of the item that cannot be customized has been canceled.


. What’s the process for gift registries and wedding items on Next UK for Kenya?

Next UK does not typically offer wedding-related products or gift registry services. However, please keep in mind that companies’ services and product offerings can change over time.

Suppose you are looking for wedding items or gift registry services in Kenya. In that case, consider other online and brick-and-mortar retailers that specialize in wedding-related products and services.

To find information on gift registries and wedding items in Kenya, you can search online, visit wedding planning websites, or contact local wedding planning services and stores. It’s essential to check with businesses in Kenya for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding their wedding-related offerings.

. Does Next UK provide customer support in Kenya’s local languages?

Next UK also takes a multichannel approach to customer engagement, communicating with customers via seven channels, including five social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Lately, the Inditex group has focused on delivering customer service for customers of Next UK and its other brands through its apps. Mobile payments are now available in 15 markets, including Spain, the UK, Italy, and France, via individual brand apps or a group InWallet app.


. How to browse eco-friendly and sustainable products on Next UK for Kenya customers?

1.   Use the Search Function:

· Visit the Next UK website.

· Use the search bar to look for specific keywords such as “sustainable,” “eco-friendly,” “organic,” “recycled,” or “green.”

2.   Filter by Category:

· After searching, you can filter the results by category (e.g., clothing, home, accessories).

· Check for specific categories or sections related to sustainable or eco-friendly products.

3.   Read Product Descriptions:

When you click on a product, read the description and look for any eco-friendly or sustainability-related information. Some products might have details about the materials used or eco-friendly practices.

4.   Check for Eco-Certifications:

Look for eco-certifications or labels on products. For example, products may be certified organic, Fair Trade, or have other sustainability certifications.

5.   Contact Customer Support:

If you can’t find the necessary information, consider contacting Next UK’s customer support. They may be able to direct you to eco-friendly product options or provide more information.

Having equipped you with all the above information, we have been the best in the game of shipping; why don’t you task us with handling all your luggage from the UK to Kenya?? Just contact us.

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