Which is best for shipping UK to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping is the number one choice for fast Shipping to Kenya.
Thanks to our many years of international experience, we can ship a package to Kenya with minimum hassle and complete peace of mind. We help you manage Kenya customs requirements to ensure your package arrives promptly and in order.

Please note that when sending a parcel to Kenya, national holidays and non-working days (Saturdays and Sundays) may delay the arrival time of your property. Please bear this in mind when play to avoid disappointment.

At UK Kenya shipping, we strive to provide an outstanding postal service at an unbeatable price. Scroll  to learn more about the possible delivery costs, rules you may need to know before booking delivery, and other valuable customs information.

When sending a parcel to Kenya, please use our many years of delivery experience by sending it with UK Kenya shipping.

We have some of the best people in the business to move our shipments, and with a worldwide 3-day air service from collection or delivery, you can be rest assured it will arrive quickly and safely, in the same condition it was sent in.

To all cities and towns, including; Nairobi, Bungoma County, Mombasa, Kwale County, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Ruiru, Nyeri, Malindi and more.Looking for courier services to Kenya from the UK? Look no further than UK Kenya shipping for the best value for money, from booking to delivery.

You are free to book your package via our user-friendly website – it is so easy to use and allows you to collect it at your home or to work and delivery within a few days.

If you book online before midnight, one of our friendly drivers will collect your package the next day and deliver it to your destination within three days using our fast worldwide air service.

We offer free content coverage worth on all international deliveries as standard, free online tracking, and what we think are some of the best prices for delivery to Kenya.

Sometimes the products you wish to purchase are unavailable in local Kenyan shops. So you’re looking for ways to import it from countries like the UK, use UK Kenya shipping.

Foreign retailers also want to respond to this trend.
Luckily, as the world becomes more e-commerce friendly, you can conveniently have overseas orders shipped to Kenya within days.

This blog post will help you on how to quickly ship items like fashion, electronics and personal care from the UK to Kenya.

This guide provides information on sending a parcel from the UK to Kenya and advice on how e-commerce brands can better plan their international shipping logistics with UK Kenya shipping.

How to choose a courier?
Every e-commerce business has unique shipping needs. Some promise next-day delivery, while others prefer environmentally friendly shipping practices. Some companies also want to keep implementation costs low and pass the savings on to their customers. So, there needs to be an option to choose a carrier.

To make this screening process a little easier, here are the pros and cons of the top four vectors:

Shipping to Kenya from the U.K. with UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping

Its flat-rate shipping makes it a fantastic option for international exporters to Kenya. The British government imposes many tariffs on its citizens. In the UK .shipping rates vary depending on the weight and length of the shipment.

When a shipment leaves the UK it can be tracked using the term ‘cargo tracking’. Lead time can be measured in hours, days or weeks.

Shipping to the U.K. has several advantages.
First, we offer various shipping options, including air, ocean, and road freight, as well as courier and express services, so you can choose the best method that fits your budget and time constraints.

We take care of the customs clearance and shipping formalities so that you can carry out the installation in your new home.

The Uk Kenya shipping can help you relocate to Kenya for business, academic or personal reasons. Your shipment will be transported with care and efficiency.

One of the benefits of using the UK .The following goods include Uk Kenya shipping:

• Unique and predetermined delivery costs

• Delivery is offered to various locations in Kenya.

• Ability to transport bulky goods at a lower cost

• Free delivery

UK Kenya shipping is responsible for delivering the shipment the following day after receipt.
Keep looking for more resources in the UK. Businesses. Details about UK Kenya shipping.

However, the UK Kenya shipping Freight service is one of the most common and cheapest modes of transport.

The Uk Kenya shipping offers additional services, including Global Standard, Global Tracked and Global Signed with related rates and specifications.

You must use a reliable and affordable delivery service when shipping to Kenya. Please indicate which items can and cannot be shipped to Kenya and any other relevant details.

If you use Trustworthy UK, your shipment will arrive quickly with the courier service. UK Kenya shipping will deliver your shipment to Kenya within three days.

Shipping from the UK to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping can include express delivery to one of our domestic fulfilment center or the airport of your choice.

Uk Kenya shipping will walk you through our services, customs clearance and other details to ensure you control the entire process. With Uk Kenya shipping by your side, you can ship your parcel faster and cheaper.

At UK Kenya shipping, we deliver more than just parcels; we offer trust. Contact us today for all your transportation needs!

UK Kenya shipping is a renowned and trusted name in the logistics industry.

Want to ship?

UseUK Kenya shipping to ship from the UK to Kenya. Use UK Kenya shipping to ship to any country of your choice.

If you need to send a parcel of up to 2kg at the best price, UK Kenya shipping is perfect.

Delivery times are set at 2 to 3 working days for most options when shipping to Kenya from the U.K.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK with USPS

Over 46% of the world’s mail is shipped by the USPS. This is the confidence the carrier inspires for domestic and international shipments. Despite being the most convenient carrier, USPS still needs advanced order tracking for international shipments.

But regardless of the weight or size of the package, USPS delivers the best rates to ship parcel to Kenya.

When to use USPS to ship to Kenya from the UK

If you want to keep shipping costs low, USPS offers some of the lowest rates in the industry. You can use the fixed shipping option when sending heavy cargo to Kenya.
What’s great about this carrier is that they do not charge extra fees or surcharges.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK with UPS
United Postal Service (UPS) is considered one of the largest carriers in the world. This Fortune 500 company employs more than 495,000 people and delivers packages to many countries.

UPS free customs assistance and fast delivery are all reasons to entrust your shipments to Kenya to them.

When should you use UPS to ship to Kenya from the UK?

This Atlanta-based courier is ideal for retailers who want accurate last-mile tracking and reliable delivery of orders. In particular, it has a significant presence in the UK. On the other hand, it charges much higher shipping costs than other established players.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK with FedEx

FedEx offers a significant presence in the UK. Kenya is also one of the 220 countries it ships to internationally.

They are known as one of the first couriers to offer next-day delivery options.
FedEx offers cost-effective options, such as the International Shipping Assist tool, that streamline the everyday shipping needs of businesses.

When should you use FedEx to ship to Kenya from the UK?

If you need to ship bulk orders to Kenya, you can enjoy discounts with FedEx’s bulk shipping option. Also, enjoy customer service and accurate shipment tracking with this carrier.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK with DHL

DHL is an international transport company based in Germany. It is a highly reliable carrier committed to reducing CO2 emissions from its shipping activities.

When should you use DHL to ship to Kenya from the UK?

Enjoy super-fast and reliable international order processing, shipping insurance, and door-to-door parcel delivery with DHL.
However, DHL’s on-time shipping services are often significantly more expensive than the competition.

Costs and delivery times for Shipping to Kenya from the UK.

Retailers or individuals are more aware of delivery times and charges when they look for ways to deliver goods to Kenya.

To help you decide which company offers the best price, here’s a rundown of the most popular services available:

Exact UK Kenya shipping rates for customers vary as we charge ‘full fulfilment costs’, which include picking, packing and postage, amongst other factors.

If you want to find out what UK Kenya shipping offers for Shipping to other countries, such as Kenya, you can request a quote here.



Not only do we offer some of the cheapest couriers from the UK to Kenya, but they are fast, too – even on the East Coast of Africa, you can still expect delivery to take just 2 or 3 days.Sometimes your parcel may take longer to arrive, especially in more remote areas of the country.

Remember, to ensure the fastest possible delivery; you also need to know what you can and cannot ship – all items need to be sorted, so make sure you label everything clearly and correctly to avoid delays and unnecessary costs. See below for more information on Kenyan customs.

Nine tips for cheap Shipping from the UK to Kenya

The first step in successful Shipping from the UK to Kenya is determining the lowest cost for Shipping. The cheapest shipping method sometimes needs to be clarified.

Finding a good and reliable freight forwarder such as the UK Kenya shipping is essential as African performance can sometimes be erratic.
The following nine tips will help you ship to Kenya in the most economical, convenient and successful way:

Warn about fragile items.

Be sure to notify the shipper of any fragile products before transportation. This may increase shipping costs, but it’s best if the damaged goods arrive at the customer’s door.

Offer shipping options.

It’s essential to provide customers with accurate shipping alternatives during checkout. Customers can decide whether to save money or pay more for faster delivery or insurance.

Indicate your return policy.
Make it easy for customers to read and apply your return policy if they are unsatisfied with the delivery.
Describe your return procedure. Make it easy for customers to read and use your returns policy if they are unsatisfied with the delivery.

Compare prices:
Finding the cheapest shipping method from Kenya can be challenging. Compare prices and delivery times different shippers offer to find the best deal for you and your customers.

Determine taxes and duties.
Check the UK Kenya shipping online calculator to calculate total shipping costs for you and your customers. This allows you to offer flexible and convenient delivery options that satisfy potential customers.

Simplify Shipping.
You can quickly find the lowest prices in Kenya with the help of an all-in-one freight forwarding company like the UK Kenya shipping. Plus, it automatically displays these accurate real-time prices at checkout to drive more sales.

Finding the cheapest shipping method to Kenya can be challenging. Please compare the carriers. Considerations such as package size, import taxes, and customer delivery expectations must be considered. We recognize the volume. UK Kenya shipping are here to help.

We are proud of our international parcel delivery rates and keep our delivery rates to Kenya as low as possible, with collection and delivery from the UK.

You can drop off your package at one of our  depots nationwide and save extra money on package delivery costs. See below for an overview of current courier costs for small to medium-sized parcels.


As with most international shipments, when sending a package to Kenya from the UK, there are sometimes additional customs duties and import taxes you need to pay, depending on the contents.

When preparing your package, include an inventory detailing the contents to comply with these regulations.

Sending personal effects to Kenya requires additional declaration using a proforma invoice with a detailed summary of individual values. This invoice must be written in English.

It has the exact requirements as the commercial invoice but doesn’t have to be on letterhead. Please note that all new items declared as personal effects are subject to import duties, and the recipient’s passport is required for customs clearance.

If that sounds like a challenge, don’t worry – when you book your delivery with UK Kenya shipping, we’ll provide you with all the necessary forms to help you get your parcel through UK and Kenya customs.i

What e-commerce businesses need to know about Shipping to Kenya
Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when shipping from the UK to Kenya.

1. Take steps to fight online fraud and build trust with buyers
The Kenyan Criminal Investigation Directorate (DCI) receives many reports of online fraud, making people in the country wary of e-commerce transactions.

To reduce their mistrust, build a highly encrypted and secure website, process payments through reputable payment partners, and keep buyer information private.

2. Offer multiple payment methods
Customers opt for cash on delivery less than usual, but it still maintains the position of Kenya’s most popular e-commerce payment method.

To simplify the payment process, offer all these options (along with paying by card) to Kenyan customers on your e-commerce portal.

3. Leverage social media to attract customers
Building a robust, engaging and local presence on social networks is essential to capture this population’s interest.

4. Use UK Kenya shipping services
As well as managing product, marketing and sales, you ensure orders get to your customers in Kenya on time. It’s a lot of work.

Fortunately, UK Kenya shipping can work with you to manage your order fulfilment workflow from start to finish.



Before booking your courier to Kenya, check that all the items you want to ship are permitted; sometimes, ordinary and everyday products for us in the UK are restricted or banned from exporting to other countries.

Kenya has several items that fall into this category, so we recommend that you check the regulations every time you ship a package, as the rules are subject to change.

For more information on restricted and prohibited items in Kenya, visit the Kenya Revenue Authority website.

Goods such as alcohol, fresh food (perishables) and narcotics can not only be shipped to Kenya but are also on the UK Kenya shipping Prohibited List – check the complete list before shipping your package.

Items prohibited for shipment to Kenya
Kenya lists goods that cannot be imported into the country. The reason for these restrictions can range from national security and protection to protectionist measures to trade embargoes.
Please review this list before shipping your orders to avoid costly delays and returns or fines.



How do I label a package?
Depending on where you are from  the UK, your pack’s journey to Kenya is quite a distance! This is also why we advise you to take extra care when preparing your packages for transport.

All parcels pass through a series of manual handling depots, and automated sorting machines, not to mention road and air freight routes enroute to East Africa.|

We carry parcels up to 25kg and with a maximum size of 70x70x70cm, but regardless of size or weight, always use a sturdy outer box to ship your items and do not overfill. Also, remember to use light padding to prevent the contents from moving too much in transit and getting damaged.

How to correctly label a parcel?
If you want to know how to label a package properly, remember the magic word: clarity. The tags are the blueprint for how a packet gets from UK to Kenya and instruct the team who will handle your parcel throughout its journey.

What is the best way to label a parcel?
There are essentials when it comes to knowing how to label a package. In the most straightforward format, you will need the following:

• The recipient’s name
• Recipient’s address (including street number, house number, city and zip code)

• The sender’s name
• The sender’s address

You want to put the (expected) recipient address in a prominent place on the package to clarify that this is where the box should go. Print the address clearly in the bottom center of the label to avoid typos and confusion, and place the tag on the longer side of the package.

If you want to put a return label on a package, ensure a large enough return label. The return address may be printed in the upper left corner of the brand and should be marked as sender.

If you’re shipping a package internationally, you’ll need additional information, such as package weight, shipping class, and a barcode or electronic tracking number. You can request them from your courier or generate them online and print your shipping labels.

Why it is essential to label packaging correctly

So why do you need to know how to label a package properly?

Properly labelling a box has many benefits, especially if you’re shipping something for Shipping.

Not only is an adequately labelled package more likely to be delivered smoothly and arrive exactly where it needs to be, but it can also improve efficiency. If your item or parcel is lost in transit, proper packaging, especially with return labels, can prevent it from being lost forever.

A label is additional information and security and, when done correctly, helps people and machines get the package precisely where it needs to be. This also has an advantage for the recipient because he can see that the parcel is for him.

Why Choose Smith Packaging Labels?
Now that you know how to label a package properly, it helps to have everything you need to make that happen.

As a leading supplier of all things packaging, we can help you connect the dots and get clear, high-quality shipping labels for your packages.

We have everything you need to pack your parcel: from the most substantial sustainable cardboard boxes to eco tape, protective packaging and cushioning material, and a range of envelopes and labels.

Our labels come in various sizes with a strong adhesive backing and are suitable for many different printers and copiers thanks to their glossy, opaque white and reassuring 70gsm weight.

Like most of our packaging products, these are made from recycled materials as we do everything we can to keep the planet as clean as possible.

What are the 3 different factors points to consider in packaging?

Now that we understand the package size let’s look at how and why they significantly impact shipping costs.

Dimensional Weight (DIM)
Dimensional weight refers to the amount of space a package takes up, not the weight. This means your shipment can be light but take up more space.

A package may be heavy, but on the other hand, it takes up less space. Therefore, when calculating your DIM weight, use the following formula:

(Packaging length x width x height) / Divider DIM
First, you need to multiply the package’s length, width and height. Then divide that number by the DIM divisor. Every inch counts regarding DIM weight, so choose the proper packaging for your items.

Additional administrative costs
The size determines additional surcharges. Couriers often charge extra for packages requiring other handling based on size. These charges vary and are based on the length and weight of the box. However, an additional administrative fee will be charged.

Extra large package supplement
As mentioned, the cost of sending a package is partly determined by the box size. This means senders should assume they would pay more if they were shipping an enormous container, such as a guitar, furniture, or other similar item.

For UK Kenya shipping and UPS, a large package surcharge will be applied to your shipment if the package is larger than the following:

UK Kenya shipping Packages must not exceed it inches in total length and circumference and no more.

UPS: Packages cannot exceed 165 inches in total length and 150 pounds in weight.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) charges an additional $100 for packages that exceed the shipping limit. On the other hand, UPS charges between $95 and $115 for large parcels over the shipping limit.

Take advantage of all our time and money-saving features!

Discover innovative features used by merchants to ship more brilliant, not more complex. Shipping automation. Prices are in real-time at checkout. Actual import duties and taxes.


How much does it cost to ship a package?

You must understand the common shipping factors that affect costs when shipping a package. In any case, the cost of sending a parcel depends on the following factors:

• Inform
• Speed of delivery
• Package weight

• Transmission distance
• Packing dimensions

Shipping with UK Kenya shipping
Instead of paying retail shipping costs, UK Kenya shipping saves users up to 70% on retail discounts for over 250 couriers. Our shipping cost calculator allows sellers to get instant rates on all domestic and international shipments.

Shipping with USPS
As we can see,USPS allows merchants to save on shipping costs. For example, instead of paying $17.60 for USPS retail shipping, merchants can pay $16.45 for the same £3 shipment with USPS. Also, sellers can enjoy faster 2-3 business days delivery times with pickup and delivery services.

Shipping with UPS

As we can see, UPS sellers in the UK save a lot on shipping costs. For example, instead of paying $31.08 for UPS Ground service retail shipping, you can  ship cheaper with UPS delivery services.

Four tips for managing package sizes
As shipping costs rise, both sellers must learn to optimize package size to avoid unexpected shipping costs.

Use the correct size packaging.
Choosing the right size for your product is the best way to save on shipping costs. Use plans that suit your needs, and you’ll protect yourself by paying extra for spaces you don’t use.

Also, consider optimizing your shipping packages by placing as many items as possible. This way, you can avoid spending more on bulky or oversized packages.

Talk to your operator representative.
If you have a question about your package, please remember to contact your courier representative Such as uk kenya shipping. This will help sellers understand how to create a seamless shipping experience.

Check your bills
Rates change regularly, and it is essential to be aware of changes. That’s why we recommend checking your invoices to ensure your shipping charges are up-to-date and accurate. This will save you unnecessary costs in the future.

Check the carrier for parcel restrictions.
Always check with the courier about package size limits before starting the shipment. This way, you avoid having to face unexpected costs.

The billable weight and calculation method are recorded and visible in the shipment details, allowing users to refer to this information for previous shipments.

So what exactly does that mean?
“Volume weight” and “Actual weight” are the main methods carriers use to calculate shipping costs.
• Actual Weight or Deadweight:

This is simply the weight of the shipment measured in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb.).

• Dimensional Weight:

A measurement method that uses length, like actual weight, is measured in kilograms or pounds

The calculation method is determined by how billable weight is calculated. Based on the shipping rules established by the carrier, E uses one of three different calculation methods to calculate chargeable weight:

• Current weight
• Volumetric
• USPS cubic

In general, the fact that UK Kenya shipping indicates the chargeable weight provides additional shipment transparency.

Use UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping is cheap. Save big on our shipping costs reduced by up to 89% and save time with intelligent automation. Registration is fast and free.

Parcel shipping prices are lower with UK Kenya shipping.
You should know by now that package size significantly impacts shipping costs. First, let’s look at the effect of package size on shipping costs:

Dimensional Weight (DIM)
• Extra Management Charges
Surcharges for parcels that are too large or bulky

In general, understanding the impact of package size on costs is essential for keeping sellers in check when paying for shipments.

To help reduce the rise in shipping costs,UK Kenya shipping comes in handy with its low  volume discounts. In addition, UK Kenya shipping offers unique features and benefits, such as:

Shipping cost calculator

UK Kenya shipping:

access deep discounts from over 250 couriers. Plus, you can access the best shipping rates available, ranging from ground express to critical service.

• 24/7 Customer Support:

Get 24/7 access to our team of shipping experts to create a smooth shipping experience with no shipping delays

• Global Distribution Network:

Access our global network of warehouses to improve transit times, reduce shipping costs and reduce your exposure to tariffs.

Before you begin Shipping, always research and understand all the shipping charges required for your shipment. This helps sellers better understand the impact of package size on shipping costs.


What does expedited Shipping mean?
When standard shipping speeds aren’t fast enough, Expedited Shipping offers quick delivery. There are pros and cons to expedited Shipping, which means they can have higher shipping costs, but they often provide the predictability of delivery guarantees.

Alternatives to expedited Shipping include services like UK Kenya shipping express , two- three day delivery, or depending on the carrier.

There is no “firm and fast” definition for expedited Shipping, but it generally means shipping faster than usual, but not necessarily as quickly as possible.

In other words, expedited Shipping implies that your package will be delivered to the recipient faster than if it had been sent via cheaper standard shipping methods.

What is the difference between expedited Shipping and Standard Shipping?
There are two differences: speed and cost. But different online stores may define standard Shipping and expedited Shipping differently.

Standard Shipping is usually the slowest and least expensive delivery option offered. Most stores also provide faster shipping options for customers willing to pay a little more to get their purchases delivered quickly.

Is there a difference between expedited and express Shipping?
In a word, yes. UK Kenya shipping Express is faster and costs more than expedited Shipping. Usually, UK Kenya shipping express (also known as overnight Shipping) is delivered within two and three days. Expedited Shipping takes a little longer, about two to three days.

Is next-day (or two-day) shipping considered expedited Shipping?
So these are two relative terms, depending on the retailer and the shipping options offered. If the retailer’s standard shipping option is delivered within three days, any faster option offered may qualify as expedited Shipping.

What is the difference between expedited shipping and same-day delivery?
Same-day delivery is the fastest possible shipping option, while expedited Shipping is any delivery method that is faster than another, such as ground shipping.

Therefore, same-day delivery may be considered a form of expedited Shipping when another, slower delivery option is offered.

How does expedited shipping work?
Expedited delivery allows e-commerce shippers to get orders out to their customers faster without the much higher cost for the three days Shipment. When you offer expedited Shipping, you reduce the total shipping time from 1-5 days to 2-3 days, depending on the carrier and shipping service.

To shorten delivery times, express delivery requires delivery times in working days. Parcels must be in the hands of the courier such as UK Kenya shipping (picked up or delivered to the post office or courier shops) at a specified time to reach their destination on time.

(Cut-off times vary by carrier and location, so confirm them beforehand). This means that only orders placed at a specific time (determined by the time it takes to process an order and collect, pack, weigh and label the parcel) are eligible for rush delivery.

How does expedited Shipping?
All three major carriers – UK Kenya shipping, UPS and FedEx – offer expedited shipping services. While the benefits are similar, the details can differ significantly.

UK Kenya shipping expedited 
UK Kenya shipping Express offers guaranteed two to three days for delivery at a discounted flat rate for packages weighing less.

(domestic shipments only). UK Kenya shipping Express includes free package pickup, UK Kenya shipping Tracking, insurance (for most shipments), and proof of delivery signature recording (if required at the time of purchase). In some markets, delivery on Sundays and public holidays is available at an additional cost.

UPS Expedited Shipping Service
UPS 2nd Day Air offers a convenient and affordable next-day delivery alternative with coverage to any address in Kenya. Parcels can weigh up to 150 kilograms. And arrive at the end of the second working day from Monday to Friday.

A surcharge applies for delivery on Saturdays. Price includes free UPS-branded packaging, free pickup (daily or upon request), and up to $100 declared value.

FedEx Express Shipping Options
FedEx Two-Day Shipping combines the speed your customers want with the low prices your business needs. Drop off your package at a FedEx location, or you can schedule a pickup service for an additional fee.

Saturday delivery is available in some areas at an additional cost. Parcels can weigh up to 150 kilograms. FedEx packages are free of charge, and each package type has its minimum billable weight.

If you use your packaging, shipping charges are based on dimensional or actual weight, whichever is greater. Explore the FedEx options in this Next Day Delivery blog post for even faster Shipping.

How much does expedited shipping cost?
Expedited Shipping is fast: You can expect expedited Shipping to take two or three days. However, the actual expedited shipping time varies depending on the carrier and the expedited shipping service used.

While the fastest shipping option is only sometimes available, expedited Shipping can provide a cost-effective solution when you can’t wait a long time for delivery.

Is Expedited Shipping faster than Standard, Express, and Priority Shipping?
Expedited Shipping is fast, but there are other possible delivery options. All three major carriers offer faster express shipping options, such as UK Kenya shipping,UPS and FedEx provide the opportunity to specify delivery earlier in the day.

Is expedited Shipping faster than standard Shipping?
In a word, yes. Expedited Shipping is faster than standard Shipping. That’s the whole point of an expedited delivery service. can vary by carrier, but the speed of delivery is always the most significant differentiator. Standard shipping time for most runners is 3-5 days, while Expedited Shipping arrives in 2-3 days.

Is expedited Shipping faster than express Shipping?
Expedited Shipping is slower than Express Shipping. Express service is generally the quickest shipping method: parcels are shipped overnight, and shippers can choose between two or more delivery times.

The faster the delivery, the higher the costs. For example, in addition to FedEx , which delivers before 4.30 pm, FedEx also offers FedEx 2Day A.M., which has to businesses before 10.30 am and to residential addresses by noon. The fastest FedEx delivery option is FedEx First Overnight, which allows next-day delivery by 10:30 am.

Does Expedited Shipping ship on weekends?
Expedited Shipping is often available on weekends, but only sometimes. The USPS delivers Priority Mail Express shipments on Saturdays and accepts packages to be shipped to post offices on Saturdays. FedEx 2Day offers Saturday pickup and delivery in select areas for an additional fee.

UPS 2nd Day Air delivers on Saturdays for an additional charge, but a Saturday delivery label must be attached to the package.

Is expedited Shipping faster than priority shipping?
The terms priority shipping and expedited Shipping are often used interchangeably and mean the same thing. USPS calls its expedited shipping service Priority Mail Express: however, this is not USPS’s fastest shipping option; that would be Priority Mail Express Next Day Delivery.

UK Kenya shipping is a Expedited Shipping take 3 Days Air, while FedEx Expedited Shipping is called FedEx 2 Day. Both carriers also offer the option of scheduling for the delivery for an additional fee.

Is it worth it to ship quickly?
If your package arrives in a tight timeframe, the higher shipping costs can be an excellent investment. For example, you can choose an express shipping service such as UK Kenya shipping when you want to ship:

• Food, flowers or other perishable items
• Birthday or wedding gifts
• Urgent legal documents

• Just-in-time inventory replenishment for production
• Emergency supplies for disaster relief

For e-commerce shippers, expedited Shipping can help reduce cart abandonment because it gives consumers the fast delivery they want at a relatively low cost.

Using expedited Shipping with UK Kenya shipping.
Shipping is integral to your business and can consume much of your budget. Therefore, choosing the correct delivery speed and the suitable courier like UK Kenya shipping for your parcels is essential. Expedited Shipping offers a quick and convenient alternative to less expensive express Shipping.

Once you’ve established that expedited delivery makes sense.

how do you decide which courier to use?

Comparing the introductory rates of multiple carriers online can take a lot of time and effort.

Hence, you must factor in additional costs or surcharges for services like parcel pickup, fuel surcharges, or Saturday delivery.

While you’re willing to pay a premium price to get your package delivered within three days, you only want to spend what you need to. And with a multi-carrier shipping software solution, you don’t have to worry about excessive shipping costs.

They also show you additional costs so you can see the total cost and make an intelligent decision every time.


What is Shipping Insurance?
And why does your business need it?
Consumers and businesses are no strangers to lost, damaged or illegal packages. And with the continued growth of the e-commerce space, parcels in transit carry greater risk.

  1. What can your company do to mitigate these risks?
  2. What is shipping insurance, and what are the benefits?

In this, you will find all the answers you need.

What is Shipping Insurance?
Shipping insurance can be purchased from your business and can provide coverage for lost, damaged, or violated packages in transit. Shipping insurance may cover loss or damage up to the insured value of the goods, plus shipping costs.

Your policy can be tailored to your business needs based on the interests you ship, the way you send and the carriers you use, and cover for high value, fragile, time-sensitive or perishable goods. Your business such as UK Kenya shipping can even let customers decide which purchases they want to protect.

What is the alternative to transport insurance?
Many businesses rely solely on Declared Value/Carrier Liability to protect their goods. Unfortunately, many companies fail to realize that declared value/carrier liability is not real insurance.

Carrier liability is the standard liability the carrier offers for a shipment in case of loss or damage (for example, for a small package or for LTL). Excess liability is coverage for surplus value (for example, more than the carrier’s standard liability) up to the cost of the shipment.

Carrier liability is based on small print and a web of government laws. The rules allow carriers to limit their exposure and exempt various situations from liability.

Regarding carrier liability, it is up to the sender to prove that the loss or damage occurred while the goods were in the physical control of the carrier. The carrier’s liability does not cover hidden damage. Also, the complaints process can be lengthy and tedious.

Below are the key points that distinguish between carrier liability, additional liability, and Insure Shield shipping insurance offered by UK Kenya shipping Capital Insurance Agency.

5 Benefits of Shipping Insurance
Full coverage
With UK Kenya shipping insurance, you no longer have to wonder if your packages are covered and for how long. Additionally, you can select coverage rules based on SKU, order value, or location. Your packages are protected even if you’re shipping valuable, fragile, time-sensitive or perishable goods.

Full refund and expedited reshipment
small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) said one of their biggest challenges was the financial loss caused by shipping substitute goods. Customers expect that if there’s a problem, companies address it and fix it quickly.

consumers will likely blame the company they bought from for shipping issues. The good news is that with shipping insurance, you can ship replacement goods quickly or give your customer a refund or credit with more confidence that the associated costs can be offset with less risk to your bottom line.

Quick and easy complaints
The claims experience can be a big deal for businesses regarding the shipping experience,  saying a lengthy claims process is an immense frustration. With Insure Shield shipping insurance, you can easily file a claim online and, if approved, get your money back within days instead of weeks

Peace of mind
Shipping insurance not only allows your business to benefit from a simple claims process but also allows you to ship with confidence, knowing your items are covered up to their total retail value.

Insurance can help them provide better customer support. Retain loyal customers by providing an excellent shipping experience. You get the best of both worlds: peace of mind for your business and customers.

Protection of results and safety of reputation
Many of consumers will likely stop buying, if they experience shipping issues, potentially resulting in lost revenue annually.

But companies like UK Kenya shipping can recoup billion in potential lost sales by improving the shipping experience for consumers. Shipping insurance helps your business protect profits and reputation.

What is a shipping quote?

A shipping estimate is a documents that lists the rates for a shipment and any surcharges that cannot be accounted for in transit. The documents generally contains information about the pickup and delivery point, the means of transport used, and cargo details.

Shipping, varies depending on the period, distance and region. Considering this factor, most companies such as UK Kenya shipping usually give the shipping quote an expiration date and specify the validity period of the quoted rate.

What is a quote, and how do you write one?
A quote is a documents issued by a business to a customer that sets the price for a sale before the customer commits to buy. It lets customers know exactly how much your products or services will cost and helps them decide whether to continue your business.

When to send a quote
We as UK Kenya shipping send quote as early for the sales when a customer initially requests your prices. The customer is probably shopping to find the best deal.

Quotes are not binding agreements. Once customers receive a quote from our UK Kenya shipping it shows that they can accept it and proceed with the purchase or choose not to These prices must be accurate, as they should remain the same after the customer has accepted the quote. Once the estimate has been obtained, it can be converted into an invoice.

What information should be included in a quote?
Quote and invoice templates generally have the same structure, and your quotes should have a similar format. While there is no legal requirement for quotes, the section should tell the customer exactly how much the requested product/service will cost.

A quote must include the following:
• Your company name and address
• The customer’s name and address

• A unique offer number
• The date of issue of the estimate
• The expiry date of the quote

• The description and prices of the products/services
• The total amount of the sale

If your business is subject to VAT, you must also include the VAT in your quote. It’s also helpful to mark “Quote” at the top of the document to distinguish it from other sales documents.

If discounts are included in the sale, they should also be reflected in the quote. we as UK Kenya shipping offer our customers a small discount if they accept the quote quickly. This would then work like a cash discount: by providing small customer savings if they get the quote quickly, you can often incentivize customers to take action and generate more business.

we as UK Kenya shipping want to make each quote as appealing as possible to the customer. Therefore, it can sometimes be advantageous to change the language of the section for the customer or issue it in the local currency. If you do so and the quote is accepted, you must also invoice in foreign currency for consistency.

What is the difference between a quote and a quote?
Quotes and estimates are very similar, but there is a crucial difference. Both documents are sent to a customer who inquires about your products or services. However, the price of a quote can change.

Estimates must contain clear parameters and a fixed price which should not change if the customer accepts the estimate. On the other hand, the estimates give a rough estimate of the costs.

Depending on the industry, creating a fixed-cost quote may be challenging. You may need to make a quote with estimated costs. For example, if you work in the construction industry and create construction invoices, you may need specific dimensions before providing an exact price.

It doesn’t matter if you provide a quote or a quote; your documents should be clear to the customer. If a quote is issued, it is necessary to indicate on the record that the price may vary.

What is the difference between a proforma invoice and an estimate?
A proforma invoice is issued at a different stage in the sales process. This is effectively a draft invoice provided to the customer after confirming that the sale will occur but before the final details are confirmed.

Neither proforma invoices nor estimates are legally binding documents.
Once a quote has been agreed upon, your billing and quoting software will usually allow you to convert the document into a proforma and final invoice without re-entering the information.

A quote is sent when a customer requests your prices but has yet to commit to buying. A proforma invoice is sent after a customer commits to a purchase, but the sale details are subject to change.


How much cargo can an international shipping container hold?
Unless you’re shipping small packages, international Shipping is all about space and finding the most efficient and cost-effective ways to send large volumes of cargo overseas.

Unfortunately, capacity can become an issue when it comes to international Shipping. If you plan to ship large volumes of freight, you may encounter the limitations of some (or all) standard international shipping containers. If so, you should be well aware of your options.

The capacity of international sea containers:

how much cargo can be transported?

If you’re planning to ship internationally for the first time shortly or have been shipping for a while and are wondering what the maximum capacity is, here’s a high-level overview:

Capacity is defined in two ways in international shipments. First, container capacity can be satisfied through volume, i.e. container size. A container has a specific scope; if your cargo falls outside those dimensions, you’re still looking for a larger container or bulk carrier.

Secondly, the container capacity can be satisfied by weight. Different containers have different weight capacities (Fun fact: Larger containers often have a lower weight capacity than smaller containers because structural integrity is more lacking in larger containers than smaller ones).

Containers have limited ability for several reasons. Of course, the container structural integrity is part of it: You don’t want a container to fold in half when it’s loaded onto a ship.

But container capacity is also limited by weight to avoid overloading ships such as trains, steamers and engines.
Here are some general guidelines for international shipping container capacity:

Size Restrictions:

Standard international 20ft and 40ft containers
While there are many different types of containers, as highlighted in this document, two of the most common container sizes are the standard 20′ and 40′ shipping containers.

Standard 20-foot international shipping containers are the most popular option, as they are readily available and often used for domestic rail transportation. The size limits of standard 20-foot international shipping containers are as follows:

You won’t be able to use all of the space, however, as you’ll have to fit it through the door, and a standard 20-foot international shipping container door limits entry dimensions to 92″ (W) x 90″ (H).

A 40-foot international Shipping container has the following dimensions:

But again, the international 40ft container loading size will be different considering the thickness of the door. Like the 20′ container, the door has entrance dimensions 92″ (W) x 90″ (H).

Weight restrictions:

International standard 20ft and 40ft containers
The weight restrictions on standard 20′ and 40′ containers for international Shipping are generous – most people will only be able to reach them if they carry weighty equipment/materials.

The weight limit for a standard 20-foot international shipping container is 62,236 lbs or 28,230 kg. That’s enough for a 20-foot shipping container, so there’s a good chance you won’t reach it!

The weight limit for a 40-foot international shipping container is 58,863 lbs or 26,700 kg. Oddly, the larger the container, the lower the carrying capacity because the container structural integrity decreases as the container’s length increases.

What about other types of shipping containers?
There are so many different types of international shipping containers that we understand the frustration of finding summaries of each type of container’s size and weight limits.

That’s why we created this guide to international container shipping. We’ve highlighted many of the most common types of shipping containers and their size/weight limitations to help you determine the correct container for your business!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We’d love to discuss your shipping needs and help you find a suitable container for future shipments from your company!

10. FAQS

Frequent questions
Shipping to Kenya FAQ
Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Shipping from the UK  to Kenya.

What is the cheapest way to ship large parcels from the UK to Kenya?
Large and heavy orders are shipped inexpensively from the UK to Kenya using UK Kenya shipping flat-rate services. This ensures that regardless of the weight of the order, the shipping rate remains the same for packages of a specific size.

What is the fastest way to send a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya?
UK Kenya shipping envelopes is the options that will ensure your goods arrive in Kenya within 2-3 business days.

Do I have to pay customs duties and surcharges for Shipping to Kenya from the UK?
Goods imported into Kenya are subject to 16% VAT and an import duty between 0% and 25%.

What is the easiest way to ship something from the UK to Kenya?
In terms of package delivery, UK Kenya shipping the most cost-effective carrier. And in terms of reliable tracking and customer service, UPS and FedEx are your best options.

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