UK Kenya shipping is an end-to-end freight service provider that delivers all your items to specific destinations.

 When you let us know what items you need to move, we’ll get them to your home as soon as possible. We provide customized one-stop freight services by land, air and sea.

 These freight services are available for individuals with small and large businesses.

As one of the leading shipping companies in the United kingdom, UK Kenya shipping prides itself on its fast, safe and reliable cargo services. We have a highly skilled and meticulous team to provide you with all cargo services competently.

We ensure all packages are correctly and consistently picked up all and delivered to your doorstep. You can also contact us for quick purchase advice and contextual shipping.

 Shipments from United kingdom to Kenya.

With UK kenya shipping it a large shipment, you pay only a fraction of what you would pay the competition. Especially compared to what you usually pay for freight services to companies like FedEx, DHL, USPS/Kenya Post/Posta Kenya and UPS etc. 

If you are shipping from the United kingdom to Kenya, we are here to help.

We confirm each package received or collected, check that they are in good condition and pack for shipment if necessary. We will also keep you updated every step of the way with timely notifications and our tracking system. Clearance of all your items is our responsibility. 

At UK Kenya shipping, we ensure you get the best and cheap shipping services.

We continue to work; you can buy online at any time from your favourite stores, so at the time of payment, choose to ship these items to your unique UK Kenya shipping address, which you can find under your profile when you access our platform.

 YES! You can get a free United kingdom address to shop with us. You can then log into your UK Kenya shipping account online or in the app to let us know what items to expect on your behalf.

We will ensure prompt delivery to your desired location after receiving your items and paying the shipping charges. Shopping online from us will be an excellent experience for you.

We purchase items for you on your behalf when you provide us with the URL and specific details. You pay only after confirming the product you wish to purchase. 

Once we have received your item after your purchase, we will deliver it to your door . This service lets you focus on other essentials while we shop for you. 

Air freight

In the meantime, we have covered you for shipping to Kenya from the United kingdom or air freight from United kingdom to kenya.

If you are located in the United kingdom and would like to save on shipping from your state to our london location, but the store ship products, and please provide us with your shopping list.

We also offer this convenient service to our international customers.

UK Kenya shipping Parcel Delivery Services, United kingdom, sends/receives parcels from family, friends and other businesses.

 With this, you provide us with the address to pick up your package and where we have to send it.

Only then will we organize and collect your parcel at your address?

weight and dimensions of each package

 To schedule a pickup service from a location in the United kingdom, we also need the weight and dimensions of each package to be picked up.

The convenience of this door-to-door service from the United kingdom to Kenya , and it an ideal for busy individuals or businesses who prefer to focus on other priorities.

You can contact UK Kenya shipping for the best selection and packaging services. We are a well-known pick and pack company in the United kingdom and Kenya. You can store your goods in our Nairobi warehouses for shipment. 

And then, you can fulfil your customers’ online orders through our shipping services.

 If you’re outside then and want to sell your products internationally, please tell us about your fulfilment requirements.

Pack generic products from UK Kenya shipping

With the pick & pack service, we store your parcels in our warehouse; whether your orders go through our built-in software or a tool that works for you, we have the pickers that work on your orders.

 They will then pick, pack and seal your goods for shipment to your customers, with timely updates on the status of those orders for you and the quality of your stock with us.

 It helps you keep track of the vital aspects of your business. Download and install our free UK Kenya shipping mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. 

It will help you contact us quickly to submit your freight service request. We will get back to you immediately to respond to your freight service request.

 With this app, you can track your shipments wherever you are. The latest updates and all notifications from the customer service team are also available on the UK Kenya shipping app.

Air and Sea Freight

UK Kenya shipping was started to provide air and ocean freight services.

The head office of the company is located in Nairobi, Kenya, where goods are received from all over the world and are shipped to their respective destinations. us

We operate total weekly charter flights from UK to Nairobi, Kenya and sea transportation to the port city of Mombasa.

UK Kenya shipping was established as an international cargo forwarding company with a long-term strategy to provide comprehensive and integrated material handling and logistics services for sea and air transportation.

 The company’s entire infrastructure – its systems, services, facilities and people – was developed primarily in direct response to the transportation needs of the commercial sectors in the Kenya region.

 We provide comprehensive logistics services, including international cargo forwarding, customs clearance and transportation to Kenya

Our mission is to provide a wide range of reliable and efficient freight forwarding services to our customers, and our vision is to be the best freight-handling solutions provider in the world.

Our UK Kenya shipping team enables us to achieve our goals and vision. It means men and women are passionate about shipping and committed to ensuring your cargo arrives safely and on time from the origin to the final destination.

Shipping to Kenya From the United kingdom.

UK Kenya sipping makes sure to reach customers worldwide with a fantastic brand experience. Selling internationally can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

 However, with UK Kenya sipping, you get everything you need to serve customers worldwide while saving logistics time. 

We not only take care of the picking, packing and shipping your orders in Kenya, but we also provide pre-fulfilment costs, including customs duties, import duties and additional taxes.

Partnering with UK Kenya sipping eliminates the need to manage retail order fulfilment, logistics operations, and labor hiring.

 Working with UK Kenya sipping can turn logistics and warehousing into a revenue stream because you can grow in sales and provide the shipping options, transit times, and delivery speeds your customers desire. 

The best thing about working with UK Kenya sipping is that you have time to focus on more strategic initiatives, like customer service and marketing.

UK Kenya shipping is an international shipping which is essential to us in terms of cost and customer experience. When I heard about UK Kenya sipping expansion, I knew we wanted to increase our physical footprint. 

It would give us the “opportunity to reduce the taxes and fees which are associated with international shipping. Shipping inventory to the UK Kenya shipping distribution center which has been dramatically streamlined. 

UK Kenya shipping has helped us immensely throughout the process, and we look forward to continuing to grow beyond.

UK Kenya shipping has been providing a high and quality, affordable service to individuals and businesses for over ten years. 

Our specialty is to provide air and sea transportation from the United kingdom to Kenya

Located at our headquarters in London, our primary operating facility is conveniently located near and to many major seaports and airports, providing you with a centralized point of contact covering the United kingdom.

 Our distribution point in Kenya’s capital Nairobi also serves as the perfect epicentre for delivery to all other cities in Kenya. Our locations are within the representatives who can help improve your shipping experience. 

To be a market leader and most trusted company domestically and internationally in United kingdom online shopping and Kenya air and sea shipping. We aim to ship your cargo safely and on time from the United kingdom to Kenya

Our mission is continually exceeding customer expectations by providing a superior shipping experience.

UK Kenya shipping is committed to provide the highest level of service and innovative solutions to meet customers’ changing shipping needs seamlessly and cost-effectively through lasting commitment and long-term relationships with its customers and to building partners. 

In our pursuit of service excellence, we have identified critical criteria to ensure service expectations are met and exceeded. 

UK Kenya shipping take a proactive approach to acting as a good corporate citizen by incorporating the best practices of companies that promote social and environmental responsibility into our model. 

The following principles in our way of thinking and acting guide us.

Honesty is the foundation of our business and our commitment to you.

We promote honesty, transparency, integrity and a willingness to listen, learn and grow. UK Kenya shipping motivate new ideas, creativity and innovative approaches to improve our services and how we work continually.

 We also foster cooperation and respect and strive to leverage each other’s expertise to benefit the company. We deal with every need of our customers with maximum flexibility because we don’t focus on the processes but on the result, which is the correct shipment delivery. 

To be a market leader and most trusted company domestically and internationally in Uk online shopping and Kenya air and sea shipping. We aim to ship your cargo from the United kingdom to Kenya quickly and safely.

Kenya has always been a popular shipping destination; it has some of the most beautiful natural areas, attracting many people all year round. 

Wandering people and cultures also contribute to the wonder and beauty of Kenya. Located in East Africa, shipping pallets to Kenya by sea is simple and convenient as it has its port in Mombasa and  warehouses in Nairobi.

Door to door Services

 We can arrange door-to-door and, in some cases, door-to-door shipments. 

Our dedicated shipping company has been in operation for many years, so you can rest assured that we provide you with the best pallet delivery service.

 We will contact our customs broker and ask you for the required documentation after the pallet reservation is complete so that everything is on track with shipping.

 If your shipment is urgent or urgent, we can direct use UK kenya shipping air cargo to your door anywhere in Kenya

From the bustling capital to remote villages, local experts work with our major courier companies to deliver your packages on time.

 Both services are trackable and require signatures on delivery. 

When you are ready to finalize your booking or need an online quote, enter your details on our website, and if the price is not visible, enter a particular section, and a member of our UK-Kenya shipping team will get back to you.

 We accept shipments of any weight and size. Shipping small parcels to container loads; we can accommodate small and large or bulky boxes, single and multiple pallets, oversize/custom pallets, and partial and complete container loads; Optional insurance is available on the website. 

Most services are fully traceable for services to and from Kenya. Businesses and individuals can send a pallet to any address in Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping company

We only work with the largest and most reputable international shipping providers.

The association is open to shipping in Kenya representing Kenyan/East African companies, shipping lines, shipowners and charterers. 


The overall objective of UK Kenya shipping is to promote ethical business practices and best practices and facilitate sea trade and economic growth in Kenya and the from Uk. 

Comply with and promote its code of conduct and ethics and encourage best practices, act as guardian of the future of the industry by actively promoting training programs, and consult with government agencies and non-governmental organizations to agree on a standard policy to reduce import and export costs of goods in Kenya.

Help to improve the supply chain systems’ efficiency in Kenya, thereby reducing overall costs for Kenyan consumers and our neighbours. Promote Kenya, especially the port of Mombasa.

UK Kenya shipping  provide convenient, reliable and safe export cargo services from United kingdom to Kenya.

With our Kenyan office in the major port city of Mombasa, we expedite export cargo clearance efficiently and effectively and provide door-to-door delivery to any location in Kenya.

 We also coordinate door-to-door shipments of export goods from domestic destinations in Kenya.

Sea and Air transport

At the Port of Mombasa, we handle the customs clearance of your export cargo, transhipment cargo and import cargo shipments in an accurate and timely manner to various destinations.

 We organize marine transport insurance on behalf of our clients. At Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and Moi International Airport in Mombasa, we coordinate all customs clearance for export cargo shipments by air. 

Door-to-door transport logistics is our speciality. Manages and coordinates shipments of export goods to their final destination. To reserve space for your cargo, contact us; you can check our shipping schedule to get the correct shipping date. 

To be the most reliable, efficient and effective international and logistics service provider, committed to providing seamless transportation and quality services in total logistics, focusing on customer satisfaction. We go beyond shipping and logistics to serve you better. 

Freight Shipping from UK to Kenya 

We have developed an extensive network of specialized air cargo carriers, offering daily and weekly departures from major UK airports to any air destination worldwide.

UK Kenya shipping airfreight service

offers safe and reliable solutions for all your airfreight needs, including high-value and urgent cargo. 

Our air cargo services include airport-to-airport, door-to-door, airport-to-door and door-to-airport services.

With our service, we take care of every step of the journey and ensure your goods arrive at their destination when needed. The average transit time for air transportation from UK to Kenya is about 2-3 days. 

It may vary due to seasonal requirements and freight market traffic at certain times of the year. Our many years of experience can provide expert knowledge in this area for your logistics needs.

The charter service offers you peace of mind, personalized services, and a long list of goods for shipment.

 We can organize this service for you and ship goods such as consumables, high-value goods, sensitive goods such as dangerous, fresh or perishable goods, urgent goods, medical supplies and humanitarian aid, heavy loads and oversized equipment.

Parts for cars, planes and boats. 

Door to Door Shipping

 Import from UK to Kenya.

Regarding UK Kenya shipping, you have two main options:

  1.  Air Shipping
  2.  Sea Shipping.

We can collect the goods from your factory to transport them to the port or airport with your permission. Customs duties. 

Additional charges may apply if customs require further inspection of the cargo. Transport costs Transport insurance (This is essential. Only ship your products with having them covered!)

What is the cheapest way of shipping from UK to Kenya?

For more information on delivery times, fill out our form in less time and receive a reply from one of our member experts within 2 to 3 business days.

The cheapest option for shipping to Kenya from UK, whichever you choose, is through a reputable freight forwarder like UK Kenya shipping, which can guarantee you the lowest freight rates and costs for container shipping from China.

Do I have to pay customs duties for a package sent from China to Kenya?

At UK Kenya shipping, we can pass on our high volume rates and offer the best price guarantee for all modes of transportation. Get started now and get an estimate of shipping costs from UK

All goods you bring to Kenya from UK are subject to customs duties (import taxes), while goods from other countries may be excluded due to various international trade agreements. 

Customs regulations are enforced by Uk Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Navigating the waters of customs documentation and ensuring that goods are transported in the most cost and time-efficient manner can be a daunting task for importers.

 That’s why it makes financial sense to employ the services of our freight forwarder, who takes care of the details and brings their wealth of knowledge, and we will contact you to negotiate the best deals for your transportation needs.

 If you are transporting cargo from UK to Kenya, choosing the right freight forwarder can make a big difference to the success of your business.

Not only do you save money, but you also save time, which can be just as crucial for businesses.We strive to stay current with the details and fine print of import laws and regulations.

Of course, every country has different rules and expected standards for importing.Using UK Kenya shipping service you can saves from learning all the different backgrounds and required documentation.

It is our job, and we will be able to make sure your goods travel as smoothly as possible while you can better spend your time serving your bottom line elsewhere.

What we do

UK Kenya Shipping offers a full range of transportation and logistics services focusing on efficiency and reliability at a competitive price and, of course, the assurance of personalized service.

 Our tactical services include import/export freight forwarding, ocean and air freight, ground transportation, customs brokerage and regulatory compliance, project transportation services, warehousing and distribution, supply chain management and information management.

Where we are

The company is headquartered in London.With our agents in some countries worldwide, we can extend our logistics, knowledge and experience to serve our customers.

How we do it

Recognizing our strengths benefiting our global client UK Kenya shipping, it found, together with its long-standing business partners, an international network.

 Over the years, the company has become a sizable medium-broadcast network with remarkable success due to the binding “exclusivity” rule, which is the key that distinguishes us from other networks.

Why we do it

UK Kenya shipping business philosophy focuses on honesty, integrity and total commitment to our customers.

Our operational and management employees follow these principles with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

 In addition to providing excellent customer service, we are committed to knowing what matters most to our customers by listening, learning, understanding and delivering tailored solutions.

Cross-functional teams of professionals from every unit of our organization work closely with our customers and constantly seek process improvement and savings opportunities.

Ready to pay attention to every detail of every shipment, every time?

Our intense customer focus is complemented by a solid and mature global agent network that enables us to handle our customers’ most complex shipping challenges, adding even more value to their supply chain.

At UK Kenya shipping, we have been helping our customers grow for years while maintaining two core values: We care. Also, we keep our promises.

shipping from uk to kenya

We have developed an extensive network of specialized air cargo carriers, offering daily and weekly departures from major UK airports to any air destination worldwide.

We provide shipping services from the Uk to Kenya. We ship goods by sea to Kenya every two months, and transporting goods by sea takes about 6 to 7 weeks.

 Ocean freight rates are based on dimensional weight (dimension of shipment) and cost $18.00 per cubic foot from our shipping terminal in london, to Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru and Bungoma.

Online Shopping from the uk: 

UK Kenya shipping facilitates Uk online shopping for online shoppers in Kenya.

Uk products can be purchased online from your laptop or smartphone in Kenya; you will receive your items in Kenya within 2 to 3 days by Air Cargo. When you buy items from different websites, we combine them and ship them when you’re ready.

Items of merchandise purchased online should be shipped directly to our address in the Uk warehouse below on your behalf, provided by UK Kenya shipping.

So when you buy items online from the Uk, please ask your sellers to ship your items directly to our address in the Uk warehouse below on your behalf.

Important Shipping information

Important shipping information in air freight rates is based on actual dimensions with weight, whichever is greater. Shipping rates from the UK to Kenya.

Customs Clearance Fees: 

Customs Clearance Fees are not included in air and ocean freight rates; our office in kenya provides customs clearance and door-to-door delivery services anywhere in kenya.

Customs clearance charges or kenyan import taxes are charged depending on the type of item being imported, its value and quantity. Some things pay more import duties than others.

If our customer fills out a detailed packing list on our website (shipping forms) and submits it online or emails us a detailed packing list, we can give him a reasonable estimate of the customs fees he has to pay for his shipping.

Our Uk customers can also pay customs clearance and shipping costs here in the Uk after receiving an itemized packing list.

However, rest assured that we will do everything possible to ensure it is delivered on time and in good condition.

Home Delivery:

 Our UK Kenya shipping office offers home delivery anywhere in kenya for a nominal delivery charge.

UK Kenya shipping is a reliable international freight forwarding company led by a management team with decades of experience in providing quality services in the shipping and logistics industry, ensuring time and cost-efficient results for our clients.

 At competitive prices, we provide air freight, Kenya freight, commercial freight, door-to-door, online shopping, parcel delivery, belongings and ocean freight services.

 We also take care of all shipping documents and customs formalities for you. UK Kenya shipping offer very competitive freight rates, the best bargain price in the UK.

 We beat all the other quotes that offer the same service. We have the logistical support you need during your shipment. We use the latest information management systems, provide the customer with complete shipping information and ensure that your goods or effects arrive in Kenya.

 An essential element of our UK Kenya shipping cargo handling service is the ability to transport simple or complex air shipments at any time at a meagre rate. 

We provide the most flexible and customer-oriented shipping services to Kenya from the UK for all business and personal needs. 

From the moment we collect your goods until they arrive at your chosen destination, we care for everything, giving you complete peace of mind.

Furthermore, we offer and provide our customers with:

24/7 Cargo Pickup and Delivery Service in Kenya.

Document management and insurance of your shipment

Shipping documents and customs clearance

We take care of all export documentation, including the export entry for your shipment.

UK Kenya shipping provide all necessary documents to your suppliers, including export certificates, for VAT purposes.

We take care of all the necessary paperwork for customs clearance in Kenya and the delivery of the goods to your doorstep. The best rates for all destinations in Kenya.

All packing materials and supplies. UK Kenya shipping has made weekly shipments from the UK to Kenya straightforward.

Shipping To Kenya from UK.

 We provide an all-inclusive service for your goods in Kenya, whether for commercial interests, personal effects or online purchases. 

We provide reliable air freight services to Kenya every week. You can shop from any UK online retailer, including Amazon, John Lewis, eBay and ASOS and use our UK address with your delivery address.

UK Kenya shipping offers the fastest and most convenient way to ship your excess baggage and personal effects to Kenya. We provide outsourcing and purchasing services for me.

UK Kenya shipping has been shipping weekly from the Uk to Kenya for over ten years. 

We provide an all-inclusive service for your goods in Kenya, whether for commercial interests, personal effects or online purchases. Our clients have benefited from our reliable weekly air freight services to Kenya from the Uk.

 With UK Kenya shipping, you can shop at any online shopping in the Uk, including UK Kenya shipping,Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Best Buy, and use our Uk address as your shipping address. Shipping excess baggage and personal effects to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping is fast and convenient. 

We also offer outsourcing and purchasing services for me when purchasing on behalf of our clients. 

Our customers are our #1 priority; it’s you. We provide the best price and service for shipping to Kenya from the United kingdom.


UK Kenya shipping has been shipping weekly from United kingdom to Kenya for several years. We offer an all-inclusive service for your goods to Kenya.

We can handle any load, whether commercial goods, personal belongings or online purchases.

 Join our customers who have benefited from our reliable weekly air freight services to Kenya from United kingdom. Shipping excess baggage and personal effects to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping is fast and convenient.

 We also offer outsourcing, consultancy, purchasing, shipping and logistics services from United kingdom to Kenya. Our customers are our #1 priority; it’s you. 


How do you send items in cargo?

We provide the best price and service for shipping to Kenya from United kingdom. UK Kenya shipping offers the right fast and safe solution to deliver your commercial cargo directly to your doorstep in Kenya from the United kingdom.

 We use our extensive network of airlines, such as Kenya Airways, British Airways and American Airlines, to deliver your cargo to Kenya

We have handled healthcare, manufacturing, wholesale, retail apparel, telecommunications, and oil and gas commodities. 

UK Kenya shipping collect your package from your supplier in London,  and anywhere in the UK, and we deliver them to Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru or anywhere in Kenya.

 Our commercial shipments are sent to Kenya from the UK. It is a weekly service, which means faster delivery within Kenya. 

All goods are subject to security checks; our security control network can handle shipments of all sizes to ensure a smooth loading process for faster delivery to Kenya.

Container shipping to Kenya is by ocean freight. You have two options to transport your goods by sea. These include the below container loading and total container loading. 

Shipping with less than one container is best for small loads or small quantities. With this shipping method, you share the space of a standard container with other carriers. Your goods are bundled and shipped together. 

Therefore, LCL is a budget option. However, it may take longer for your goods to arrive in Kenya, and total container shipping does not require the consolidation process. 

The forwarder’s goods are isolated in a full container and enjoy exclusive shipping. This shipping option may be more expensive since you own the space in a full FCL container. 

The cost of shipping a container to Kenya varies from case to case. 

Several factors come into play, including the type of cargo you are shipping, choice of shipping service (LCL or FCL), cargo weight, cargo volume, the distance between origin and destination ports, and the type of traffic (door-to-door, port-to-port, etc.). 

For an accurate quote, ask your freight forwarder for a quote like UK Kenya Shipping.There are fewer restrictions on the type of goods you can transport by sea

You can ship anything from groceries to bulky cargo like cars, machinery or manufacturing items. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to shipping. 

However, you should note that Kenya may have specific bans or restrictions on the goods you can import. Please consider this so that you do not have any problems with the shipment.

 If the cargo you wish to ship is limited, you must provide additional documents, licenses or certifications.

 The transit time of your container shipment to Kenya depends on several factors, including the shipping mode you have chosen (LCL or FCL), whether your vessel is direct or has multiple calls, and the distance between your port of origin and destination port in Kenya. 

You can expect your shipment to be completed between 2 to 3 weeks days.

Sea Containers are available in the following sizes:

20 ft – 33.2 cm

40 foot normal – 63.5 CBM

12m high cube – 76.4 CBM

14m high cube – 86 CBM

The suitable capacity for you depends on the volume and size of your load. If you choose LCL shipping, we recommend that you only occupy up to half of the container space with your goods.

 Otherwise, the shipping cost would be relatively the same as you would pay if you select FCL shipping. If FCL shipping is your preferred ocean freight option, you don’t need to worry about the size and volume of your cargo. It is because you own all the space in the container. 

That’s why you also ship small items or large loads. Choosing the correct shipping method can be difficult, but you need to consider your priorities and the specifics of your cargo. We give you tips that can help you make an intelligent and thoughtful decision.

 LCL Shipping to Kenya

It is best to load less than one container if your cargo is: small in size or quantity, suitable for frequent movement or movement, consolidate well with shipments from other sellers, is not fragile, delicate or perishable, and is not urgent.

Full Container Load (FCL) shipment to Kenya

Instead, you might consider shipping a full container if your cargo is:

Fat, heavy, bulky or overweight

Transient, delicate or fragile

Not suitable for frequent handling and moving

Safer if shipped separately

Expect in Kenya on a specific date or time

Generic goods

our UK Keny shipping  may recommend bulk shipping if your cargo fits into a different container size.

 With this option, your goods are shipped separately and transported in several containers.

Customs clearance in Kenya

All imports into Kenya go through the customs clearance process. Customs authorities will ask you to prepare and submit certain documents before your goods can enter the country. 

Here are the documents you need to provide:

  1. Commercial invoice
  2. Letter of Credit/Other Payment Terms
  3. Packing list
  4. Certificates of origin
  5. License

Bill of lading or air waybill provided by UK Keya shipping.

For more information and examples of these documents, see our complete list of documents.

Incoterms help dictate your obligations and responsibilities as a shipper during the shipping process. Therefore, choosing the right one is crucial to protect your interests.

 Here are the best Incoterms to use:

The best Incoterms for exporters

UK Kenya shipping.

The seller must deliver the goods to the agreed destination and enter into a contract of carriage. The seller is responsible until the delivery of the goods to the carrier.

CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To):

 Liabilities similar to CPT, but with the additional requirement on the seller to carry insurance.

DAP (Delivered At Place):

 The seller has to deliver the goods to the place the buyer selects and is responsible for most of the shipping process.

DDP (Delivery Duty Paid):

 As sellers, we are responsible from the beginning to the end of the shipping process. It leaves the buyer with a minimum of responsibility.

FCA (Free Carrier):

 The seller offers the deliver the goods to the carrier and bear the customs duties.

The best Incoterms for importers

FCA (Free Carrier): 

The seller delivers the parcel to the carrier and bears the customs duties.

EXW (Ex Works):

 Primary responsibility lies with the buyer, from picking up the goods from the seller or warehouse to arranging transportation.

Process for shipping a container to Kenya

Shipping a container to Kenya can be an extremely complex experience. UK Kenya shipping recommend using a forwarder who can walk you through the details of the process and ensure a successful shipment.

If you select LCL as your shipping mode, your product will be consolidated with other shipments in the container freight yard. 

FCL shipments do not go through this process but join the LCL cargo in fumigation. Fumigation eliminates pests, insects and other harmful organisms that can contaminate the load. 

The ship can start its journey to Kenya at the end of this process. Upon arrival in Kenya, all goods go through customs

As long as you have the correct documents, this process shouldn’t be a problem and should be completed relatively quickly. Once your goods have cleared customs for import, you can collect them at the destination port.

 The goods will be delivered to the selected location if you choose a specific courier service, such as door-to-door or door-to-door shipping.

Main ports of the arrival of containers in Kenya.


The port of Mombasa serves as a significant entry and exit point for goods to and from Kenya

It has 12m deep moorings and can accommodate many vessels.


Why ship a container to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping where we Ship a container to Kenya easily using your reliable digital freight forwarder, UK kenya shipping

 Our UK Kenya shipping digital platform allows you to track and manage your entire shipment.

 Our platform allows you to request a quote, place a shipment, pay for your shipment, manage your shipments, track your cargo, access customer support, and get started with a hassle-free and more cost-effective shipping option.

If you still pay too much in Kenya for products imported from United kingdom, you will only pay a little now because UK Kenya shipping is here to save you money.

Buy through your UK Kenya shipping address from UK online shopping.

 Register with UK Kenya shipping, and you will get the UK Kenya shipping address, which you can use when shopping on our websites.

 Combine your package as you wish, and we will send you a single shipment via our delivery options, namely UK Kenya shipping, DHL Express and UPS Express to Kenya.

We can check many options by looking at what people buy while living in Kenya from United kingdom

Clothes, home textiles, accessories, luxury items, jewellery, United kingdom designer products, and so many other products are favoured by the people of Kenya

From UK Kenya shipping, you will buy high-quality products at low prices. 

UK Kenya shipping works with several courier companies to send your parcels from United kingdom to Kenya. Choose the one that’s right for you. Get an extra 20% off with a Premium membership account. Saved

We envision ourselves as a company that provides innovative customs clearance and ocean freight solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. 

Constant attention to speeding up the handling or shipping of your ocean freight is part of our office routine. We provide advice, technical assistance and supervision to ensure the safe delivery of goods to the complete satisfaction of our customers. 

UK Kenya shipping company can handle all logistics needs of shipping worldwide.

 Whether you’re sending small or large shipments anywhere, you must rely on us to quick so that you can get to your freight to the designated location.

Without restrictions on the size and weight of goods, UK Kenya shipping offer a full range of sea freight forwarding and customs clearance services, such as door-to-door collection and shipping document management.

 We are very flexible with alternative delivery methods during strikes, bad weather, and riots.

We also transfer the shipment details to the respective destination before the ship arrives so that the goods can be cleared timely after customs clearance.

 Clients are also provided with quotes on freight charges, port charges, consular charges and special documentation, insurance and forwarding charges. 

As an efficient international shipper and customs broker, UK Kenya shipping provide comprehensive services to almost all seaports

For this, we have an excellent network with different shipping companies all over the world. Our experienced professionals also provide customized solutions to clients’ needs, avoiding unnecessary delays. 

Our customized ocean freight services include the following:

   Comprehensive Container Consolidation (FCL)

» Consolidation of fewer containers (LCL)

» Multimodal sea/air/road transport

» Global consolidation service.

» Shipments in dry or liquid bulk.

» Refrigerated services for perishable products

» Shipping and packing insurance options

» Automated documentation.

» Cargo tracking system

» National and international shipments.

Door-to-door service


Also, with many international sea freight forwarding services, UK Kenya shipping provide the best and possible rates to our customers.

 Throughout the process, our professionals stay in touch with customers and ensure that their shipments are delivered to the carrier on time and reach their desired destination.

The shipping company. We take good care of the import and export of goods. We provide full service and focus on cost-effective solutions from factory/house to a final consignee in the destination country.

 International air travel is often less expensive, but it’s hardly a must.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can tackle every project in the best possible way. 

At UK Kenya shipping , we like short lines. You then have a permanent contact who will work with you to find the most suitable shipping method, saving you much time and money. 

Furthermore, your regular contact person is ready to help you throughout the project. We can process quotes, reservations and documentation information on UK Kenya shipping online contact page.

Our office is located in the leading logistic port in London. From there, we carry out almost all transport in Kenya for you. 

Every day we export and import all types of goods for our customers in every imaginable way. We need more than transportation alone, and we go even further.

 UK Kenya shipping is happy to take care of your customs documentation and assist you in clearing all your products.

 We are happy to assist you in establishing the commercial invoice, packing slip, export permits or waiver (authorization to import goods into the destination country).

We treat every shipment and every transport with the utmost care and precision. In short, we offer you tailor-made transport. Together with you, we look for the best logistics solution.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international services.Our team will be happy to answer any question you may have and guide you through  the process.

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