UK Kenya Shipping and Freight Agency

UK Kenya Shipping is air shipping to Kenya from the UK. It is also a shipping agency freight forwarder based in Kenya. Our specialty is to provide air transportation from all over the world to Kenya from the UK.

We ship goods safely and on time to all continents. We thanks to our global connections, we collect your goods from every corner of the UK to deliver them to Kenya.

Shipping services

Airplane transport

It takes up to a just two to three working days to deliver the goods to their final destination, we still offer the airway tracking service. We have the weekly cargo delivery flights to Kenya and hence with the three-day duration.

 An air freight quote is generally preferred for non-bulky cargo and urgent cases. To start with this service, you only have to deliver the goods to our office, and we will offer the service of shipping them to their final destination.

 Merchandise delivered for shipment must be appropriately labeled with your name, telephone number, shipping method, and the final destination.


Box packing to Kenya for safety. We as UK Kenya shipping have the boxes for packaging for the safety of your goods in transit or by awaiting the loading. If you or your supplier need help packing your goods for freight properly, you can request packing services at one of our locations.

We understand how goods move from one point to another and can use that knowledge to choose the best packaging for different types of goods and modes of transport. 

Our packaging materials include wooden boxes, styrofoam, and other advanced technologies.

Collection and delivery

We as UK Kenya Shipping offer the best parcel service from the UK to Kenya. In this, the goods are delivered to our offices for shipment and collected from our offices at their destination. 

For your convenience, we have collection services where we can collect the goods at your door, for example, a hotel, and at your destination, we can deliver the goods to the recipient’s door, for example, a shop.

 We as UK Kenya shipping offer these services at an additional cost to cover costs and to make a profit. If you need to collect the goods for shipment, call the appropriate office and give them the necessary instructions.

 When you receive a call from our office informing you that your shipment has arrived, you can provide delivery instructions to your home at that time.

Online shopping and shipping

You can buy your Luggage shipping goods from any online shop in the countries where we as UK Kenya shipping can operate and ship with you.

Use our business address as your online shop address to deliver the purchased items to our office, and we will ship them to you in Kenya.

Transportation by sea

Best suited for volume loading

Sea transport takes about 40 days in most cases. Sea freight is more suitable for bulky cargo such as machinery and furniture. 

We ship both full-container loads and less-than-container loads. In the FULL Container scenario, you fill an entire container with your goods, and we ship them for you. We ship your interests at Less Than Full Container, even if they don’t fill the container.

Airplane transport

We are the best shipping company in kenya that offers Online Shopping in Kenya.


UK Kenya shipping provides and leading cargo service to Kenya from the UK which is convenient and safe. 

We proudly provide door-to-door shipping to Kenya whether you require air or ocean freight for your belongings, online shopping, excess baggage, or commercial cargo.

Our company is based in London, UK, and Kenya, Nairobi. We have a professional team dedicated to providing you with first-class air freight and shipping service to all locations in Kenya. Our rates are the cheapest in the UK, USA, and Kenya, and our prices include all customs clearance.


At UK Kenya shipping – Kenya, we provide express service to our customers. Shipping goods by air is the fastest and most efficient way to get goods to their destination. Air travel can include your items, business items, and many types of cargo. 

It is cheaper to send all your air freight with UK Kenya shipping than directly to the airlines. At UK Kenya Shipping, we have a professional team of employees dedicated to providing you with the best service and advice on all your air shipping needs from the USA to Kenya and from the UK to Kenya.




UK Kenya Shipping is an Air Shipping Division to open UK Air Shipping for our customers in Kenya and East Africa. Many East African residents need help in shopping overseas and shipping their cargo by air to Kenya and East Africa.

 We are happy to reveal that we can buy if you want from the UK in Kenya or East Africa, and we deliver it directly to your home.

Air Freight from UK has been a challenge for many years, mainly due to high costs and traditional shopping that requires going to a physical office.

 With UK Kenya shipping, you can do it at your home and pay with MPESA, and we will have it delivered to your home.


UK Kenya shipping it an Air Cargo Global in Kenya Shipment from the UK to Kenya and East Africa can handle all your sourcing and logistics from Kenyan manufacturers and suppliers. Delivered to the door of your shop or warehouse.

 We handle all the logistics, customs, and paperwork on your behalf. With our fast air freight networks worldwide, you can rest assured that all your air freight shipments will arrive without disruption.

To start shipping from the UK to Kenya. Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon are all e-commerce stores that we help customers to shop and ship to kenya through our UK Kenya shipping company. We will help you with our contact form which will help you with the air freight details and requirements, and we will work with you to deliver your Kenya or East Africa shipment direct to your door.



UK Kenya shipping company

We provide comprehensive air transport from the UK to Kenya.

We collect, ship, and deliver many supplies to businesses in Kenya and provide all-inclusive transport services in the UK people living in kenya who buy goods online, have them delivered to our office, and ship them on our weekly air travel to kenya

Our door-to-door airfreight to Kenya is weekly, with just 2-3 days of transit time.

We deliver to all cities and towns in kenya. Request an air freight quote here or fill out the form below.


You can use our UK address for all your online shopping and commercial shipping to kenya.

 UK Kenya shipping provides our customers with a free UK address on how to receive and send their goods to kenya. You buy from Aliexpress shipping and we as UK Kenya shipping help ship your goods to kenya without any problems, including customs and taxes.

It works for customers in kenya who shop online from UK stores like eBay, Amazon, and free Aliexpress shipping to Kenya and need their purchases delivered to kenya.

You can now shop online with us in the UK for all items. For more information contact us.

You can now buy online from the UK and have it delivered to your home in kenya, customs and taxes included.

It is straightforward to use this service, and three simple steps apply.

1. Buy online from the USA to kenya

2. Use our UK delivery address

3. We as UK Kenya shipping receive and deliver your orders to kenya from the UK

Buy online from kenya UK, home delivery.

You can buy groceries online for personal and business use to be delivered to you in kenya. We can also assist you in ordering and purchasing all of your online purchases on your behalf. 

Just fill out the form and find out how?

Our rates include all customs and import duties for your cargo, and you pay nothing else once you collect it from our office in kenya.


We at UK Kenya Shipping know that many of our customers in kenya like to shop online from shops and outlets in the UK and USA and need help getting their goods safely into kenya with all customs and taxes. You can also ship to kenya and ship with us.

Some shops in the UK and USA do not ship direct to Tanzania, and here, we essential you a UK address to use for all your online shopping in Kenya.

With UK Kenya shipping, you can shop online, and we can come in-store for you and get the best prices on the products we make sure that the product has the tagging for kenya before it is delivered to Kenya. You can use our secure London UK address to deliver your goods.

If you buy online from multiple stores, we as UK Kenya shipping will consolidate all your goods into one shipment to kenya to save costs. Receive emails and Facebook updates on when your goods are received in the UK office. If you don’t have a MasterCard or PayPal account to shop online, don’t worry. We’ll take care of it. 

If you wish to buy in bulk, we guide you to source products from the UK and deliver them to kenya.

Air Freight from UK To kenya with Personal effects delivered for the Air Freight in the UK to kenya.

Fill out the form for more information.


The following details should be filled in the contact form;

Your full name 

Access to the business center



United Kingdom.



Agents of the air transport company. Here we at UK kenya shipping provide fast and convenient airfreight services in and out of Kenya, and we aim to make your airfreight experience easier.

 Our experienced staff is always on hand to provide you with the best options for your airfreight needs, whether regular or oversized cargo. We are known for our excellent customer service and personal attention with every shipment.

 Our employees are always available to help you with document preparation. We also deliver the athi river postal code. We still provide the added convenience of combining international air freight services with our transportation services for additional savings and comfort for our valued customers.

In the market, we also deliver your goods to Bondo postal code, so we can follow the constant price changes of different airlines and are here to provide our customers with the best and most up-to-date competitive prices. We as  UK Kenya shipping also ensure that your air cargo is transported via direct flights, providing our customers with the shortest transit time.

We also handle domestic air transport within Kenya and across borders through East Africa. For shipments to Kenya, we offer our customers additional convenience by depositing the payload in our major warehouse.

 We can also collect your air freight from your business location or home for an additional fee.

General Goods, Perishable Goods (Food, Flowers, Dry Ice Deliveries), Personal Effects, Exhibition Goods, Oversize Cargo, Dangerous/Hazardous Goods, Human Remains/Ash, Valuables (Gold, Silver, Diamonds, etc.), pets (live animals), Full Container Service (FCL, Flat rack, Open top, Ro-Ro, LCL, Automobiles & Bulk), Pharmaceuticals & Medical Supplies

Different types of air transportation services?

In the article, we discussed how air freight is over freight might be optimal for the inbound supply of materials or components.

 But is all air travel the same? 

No. There are a few main types of air cargo: expedited charter, inflight mail, commercial airline, and freight (cargo) airline. They vary in speed, risk of arriving late, and cost. Which one(s) you select depends on your specific business needs at the time.


When selecting an expedited charter, you often hire an air freight broker to locate an available aircraft and crew in the geographic location of your cargo, or at least one that can be moved to your area. 

If it is an aircraft and crew specific to your needs, they can fly directly from origin to destination, provided the plane which has the range. It is by far the most expensive option.UK Kenya shipping it An international charter flight which could quickly speed up, one second from the size of the aircraft, the distance from the flight, and some other details. It can also be the fastest way to get your much-needed cargo.

 An aircraft charter risk can only be found with a suitable aircraft and equipment in the right location and with flight times available to suit your needs. An airplane may be large enough to carry your cargo, but if the door needs to be more significant for your load and your shipment can’t be broken into smaller pieces, you must choose a giant airplane.

 Another risk is that the flight crew will be stranded hours before arriving at their final destination. I’ve seen cases where the cargo wasn’t ready to be picked up from the departure point as quickly as expected, the flight crew was overtime, and the plane needed to head to the nearest airport for the night instead of continuing to the airport, the initially intended destination.

Another risk concerns customs issues. An air charter is sometimes so expeditious that proper paperwork needs to be prepared, finalized, and submitted to US CBP before arrival, which can delay cargo release at its destination.

Post on board

An on-board UK Kenya shipping is a courier which has just checked your cargo as baggage on a passenger airline.

 They must seek to hold a passport from a country that allows for relatively easy entry to the land of destination and must have impeccable linguistic skills to pass customs control upon entry easily.

 This type of air shipment is mainly reserved for documents or small loads that fit in a carry-on bag, although I have seen several pallets of goods checked in as baggage and transported to their final destination.

 The availability of an onboard courier option for cargo shipment is often limited only to the availability of passenger flights from origin to destination and sufficient couriers to reach the origin airport in time to miss the flight.

Prices for an onboard courier are much cheaper than a full-fledged air charter but are more expensive than the other options below. Often a broker will only charge the cost of the airfare plus a fee for administrative costs and margin.

commercial airline

A commercial cargo plane is a cargo chartered from a passenger airline and placed in the cargo hold of the passenger plane. Cargo companies often book space with an airline to provide that they can meet the demand they receive.

  If you have a regular air load scheduled to a particular runway, this is an excellent option, as you can book that capacity with a high probability of success. The price could be much better as everyone wants a consistent revenue stream with a long-term contract.

We as UK Kenya shipping offer air travel which might be at the top priority on your list, but not necessarily of all your process partners. Many items, such as mail, money, horses, and full cartons, can be given priority over cargo, even if pre-booked.

 Eventually, the pilot has to sign on the logbook that the plane’s weight is correct, and if he’s faced with the choice between ringing his cargo and ringing a box full of a prince’s horse, you can guess which it will be. Selected.

Another risk associated with using this means of transport is the incorrect timetable. Passenger airlines are notorious for overbooked flights and inability to stick to flight schedules.

 Having planned transport schedules for some time, I understand their situation. Many airlines are very strict about when your cargo must be delivered to their terminal to operate the night flight. 

Sometimes a few minutes delay in handing over to the airline can cause doors to close and unladen cargo to be moved at night.

 Another risk associated with using this means of transport is the incorrect timetable. Passenger airlines are notorious for overbooked flights and inability to stick to flight schedules.

 Having planned transport schedules for some time, I understand their situation. Many airlines are very strict about when your cargo must be delivered to their terminal to operate the night flight. 

Sometimes a few minutes delay in handing over to the airline can cause doors to close and unladen cargo to be moved at night.


Many well-known freight forwarders own or lease their aircraft fleet for special cargo flights. Most of the world’s major cargo carriers use freighters, although this list also includes passenger airlines.

 It is a better option than a passenger airline if you have a constant flow of air cargo on a particular runway. Pricing can be more favorable, and more capacity is available.

Put it all together

If you read our article on some of the considerations when choosing air freight and read this article, you may need air travel for your business.

Titanium Consulting, LLC has years of experience handling overseas deliveries for various companies such as UK Kenya shipping across many industries, and valuable contacts in the airline industry. Contact us to discuss what we can do to streamline your decision-making process and help you optimize inbound delivery.

Air Freight & Air Freight:

Air Freight Costs, Rates, Costs & Estimates

If you need your goods, air freight is your best choice.

Read on to find out how air travel works when to use it, and how to find the best price.

• Air freight charges and international air freight: rates per kg

• Prices and costs of air transport

• The advantages of air transport

 When can’t I ship by air?


Explosives of any kind including fireworks and detonating fuses. Gases such as compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguishers, gas lighters, and aerosol cans. Flammables; both solids and liquids. Biological products and waste such as medical waste, or dangerous pathogens.

 What goods are usually shipped by air?

• Air freight services, shipping rates, and surcharges

• Will international air travel quotes and prices change?


Air freight quote has its costs and international and express air freight rates per kg

Global importers and exporters use air freight to move goods quickly and reliably worldwide.

 While 90% of imports and exports are transported by sea, air transport connects the world faster, reducing the time for shipping goods between the UK and Kenya from 2 to 3 days by air to just three days..

International air transport and express transport are different.

UK Kenya shipping express company offers air freight which has typically been handled by a single company (such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx) that manages the entire shipment to the lifecycle and ships door-to-door within three days. 

UK Kenya shipping company is an Express air cargo shipment that is generally preferred by the customers to ship goods, as they buy goods from ASOS and we ship them for you to Kenya.

International air cargo shipments can be significantly more extensive and may be carried by multiple carriers when shipping.


Do you want to calculate the cost of air transport?

If you would like a transport quote for your next shipment, enter your details below to receive an instant transport quote!


Where do you ship from?

we ship from the UK to Kenya and from the USA to Kenya.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver the packages for our customers from the UK to Kenya and give free delivery to their home place.

What do you ship?

we as UK Kenya shipping mostly ship machinery and transportation equipment, petroleum products, motor vehicles, iron and steel, resins, and plastics.

Prices of air transport and shipping costs

Our UK-Kenya shipping does weigh the volume of the most critical factors in air transport. Airlines charge by dimensional weight (also called dimensional weight) or actual weight, whichever is less expensive.

To calculate the unit weight for airfreight, multiply the volume items in cubic meters by 167. Suppose you have a package with the following dimensions: W: 40cm, H: 40cm W: 40. This means that the volume is 0.064 (the product of all sides divided by a million). Multiply that by 167, and you get a volumetric weight of 10.67 kg.

If the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight of the product, the volumetric weight becomes the chargeable weight.

For light air shipments, you can use the chargeable weight calculator to determine whether your freight will be charged by actual or dimensional weight.

If you book freight on UK Kenya shipping, there is no need to calculate your chargeable weight – our platform calculates it automatically.


What are the advantages of air transport?

There are three main advantages to shipping by air:

Speed –

Airplanes are about 30 times faster than ocean liners. Passenger aircraft travel at 575 mph, while slow steamers travel at 16-18 mph. It means an air shipment can take as little as five days from a factory in the UK to a warehouse in Nairobi, Kenya. Based on recent shipment data, use this transit time calculator to estimate air transit time.

• Reliability:

We UK Kenya Shipping offer the best airway tracking system that is used in Air freight. Shipping by air offers better traceability and more excellent guarantees that the goods arrive in the right place at the right time.

• Protection

Goods are more susceptible to damage when transported by sea rather than by air. It makes air travel a good option for fragile items. Once you buy from amazon global shipping to Kenya, we as u ship it for you. We then pack your parcel well. so it is well covered.

When can’t I ship by air?

Here are some of the disadvantages of air travel:

• Cost –

Air freight has a high price compared to sea freight. But by use of UK Kenya shipping company, we are the best shipping company in Kenya that offer a low price for importing goods. We offer an average-pound box from the United Kingdom, which has a low-cost price in the air. However, this may be more negligible for price changes due to supply chain disruptions.

• CO2 Emissions –

Air cargo generates significantly more emissions. For example, according to a UK government study, 2 tonnes transported 5,000 kilometers across the ocean will cause 150 kg of CO2 emissions, compared to 6,605 kg of CO2 from the air. Not the greenest way to ship.

• Heavy Shipping –

Since then, freight transportation has revolved around air containers, ideal for transporting bulky and heavy items. Air freight pricing is based on size and weight, which can cause the price to go up very quickly.

What goods are usually shipped by air?

Because air freight is less expensive, it is usually limited to smaller, high-value cargo or urgent items, such as:

• Electronics.

Steve Jobs is known to have purchased all available airfreight capacity along significant routes between kenya and the United Kingdom to ship the first iMac before the holidays.

• Clothes.

Seasonal clothing trends can change quickly. As a result, companies are generally needed to move garments from factories to stores as soon as possible. The small size and high value of clothing also make air travel a worthwhile expense. We as the UK Kenya shipping then import them to Kenya once the customer buys the garment

• Medicines.

Due to their small size and weight, medical products are often transported by air.

• Documents and samples.

UK Kenya shipping is a Global Forwarding that has begun shipping Air freight in documents by air to expedite release along to a new shipping line. Air transport is the most convenient method for sending documents.

• Seasonal shipments.

Regardless of the product, if there is high international demand for a product that needs to be supported in a supply chain, it is usually shipped by air.

Rates and shipping costs for air transport

 In addition to the cost of air travel, calculated based on the costs above, the total cost of air travel will likely include:

• Fuel surcharges

• Security costs

• Freight terminal management costs per station/container

• Airport transfers

In addition, the price of door-to-door rates also includes air transportation services, including:

Customs clearance.

• Collection and delivery.

• Cargo insurance

• Additional costs.

Are the quotations and prices of international air transport changing?

According to Transport Intelligence, international air transport has been growing slowly, with less than 1% growth among the world’s top shippers. 

The International Air Transport Association has the air cargo growth was just 1.6% in 2019, up from 5%.

One reason was the increased reliance on shipping. However, with long delays and unstable transit times affecting ocean freight, more and more importers and exporters are turning to air freight.

UK Kenya shipping offers air travel fares have doubled due to limited capacity, limited passengers that travel due to restrictions, increased consumer demand, and other factors.

The top five benefits of air travel

Air freight forwarders are known for providing fast and flexible transportation services for anyone shipping cargo internationally. International air travel benefits urgent or time-sensitive goods that would lose value if not delivered on time.

However, air transport services have some disadvantages compared to sea or land transport, such as the costs of air transport, limits on the types of goods, dimensions and weights, and the role that weather conditions play in the timetables.

Read on to learn more about the top five benefits of air travel services.

1. Speed and reliability

The biggest benefit shippers get from air freight shipping is speed, which can be as fast as two to three delivery. This mode of transportation offers the quickest shipping but to this UK Kenya shipping offers the best air shipping to Kenya.

Its time is reliable to the arrival and departure times for shippers carrying time-sensitive cargo such as perishables, air-only or ocean-to-air service (a Crowley program combining sea and air transportation of perishables from Central America to Asia and Europe via southern Florida) offers the best options.

2. Security

While using airport security can be problematic for those who fly, air cargo shippers benefit from strict rules and controls. Cargo receiving areas and airports are carefully monitored and secured, minimizing the risk of theft or damage. In addition, minimal handling and less time are required for transport.

3. Locations served

Even the most remote places can be served by air. With a sizeable operational footprint, airlines can offer air cargo services to nearly any location on the planet. Additionally, air travel consolidators can provide two-way connections between many areas. It allows you to move cargo quickly and frequently.

4. Follow

Most prefer using UK Kenya shipping air freight service which provides and offers web-based airway tracking, allowing you to track your freight’s status in real-time from destination to arrival.

5. Packing cost

Since the luggage shipping cargo is transported in very light packs, there is less need for packing materials and containers.

Grow your business with air freight services.

Shippers seeking fast and efficient air freight services can also take advantage of logistics solutions elsewhere in their supply chain, such as distribution, warehousing, and many more, available through a freight forwarder like UK Kenya shipping company with various solutions and expertise.

For more information on how to get the most out of air freight services and other supply chain solutions, click here to contact the  specialist, who can advise you to make the right shipping decisions through our Air freight to Kenya from the UK or from the USA to Kenya

 Delivered to your home or at the airport

UK Kenya shipping has a Logistics understanding in the international and fast-paced world of logistics. We take care of the entire booking, including paperwork, customs clearance, and packing if needed. We offer the best parcel service from UK to Kenya as a piece of personalized advice and competitive rates.

Our agents are officially certified by UK Kenya shipping. Contact our UK Kenya shipping logistics office for professional advice or a quick airfreight quote for your urgent transport.

Request a quote

Count on your air transport team:

Each UK Kenya shipping is a Logistics airfreight office which that offers a complete set of air freight services. We provide personalized advice on import and export, charter, and consolidation shipments. Our delivery services include door-to-door delivery and personal escort with an onboard courier, ensuring the fastest possible delivery.


• Own customs service

 • UK Kenya shipping Certified Air Freight Agents

 • Competitive rates

 • Global network for door-to-door shipping.

Customs clearance and customs warehousing

As part of our UK-Kenya shipping airfreight service, we also provide customs clearance and advice to avoid subsequent problems that take your time and money. Shipments are handled in our bonded (transit) warehouses to reduce transit times.

Global air transport network

 UK Kenya shipping offers a Logistics global network and has qualified agents and integrators, we can select the right supplier for the fastest transit time or the most competitive rate for your destinations in Kenya.

Fast and safe transport by UK Kenya shipping air transport agents.

By creating secure chains of ‘accredited air transport agents’ and ‘known consignors’, goods can be shipped and loaded as quickly as possible. Most of our offices in the UK network are officially certified by UK Kenya shipping.

Air Freight vs Ocean Freight: 

Which is Right for Your Cargo?

• Make decisions all day, every day. And if you work in logistics, one of those decisions is probably how you want to transport your goods. Sometimes that decision is easy, but when global shipping needs and tight deadlines collide, the choice can get more complicated.

Airfreight and sea freight, the two most popular transportation methods across continents, have advantages you should consider before opting for one or the other.

Air transport versus sea transport

Determining the ideal mode of transportation for the cargo requires constant analysis. More than a one-time assessment of your supply chain needs is necessary to keep your supply chain efficient and profitable.

Whichever method you choose, To our customers, you can buy your package from amazon global shipping to Kenya, where we ship to you through UK Kenya shipping, By partnering with a provider that offers a full range of global logistics and technology services, you can ensure that the process you want is available when you need it most.

Consider the following when evaluating whether air or ocean freight is the best option to meet your current transportation needs.

The costs are based on the characteristics of the transport. While it may seem like ocean freight is always cheaper than air freight, understand how each is charged first.

Air freight is charged based on chargeable weight, in a measure calculated by combining the weight and dimensions of the shipment. In home, the importance shipment’s weight is usually not considered.

 Instead, shipping is charged per container: a flat rate is set for a full standard container (20′ x 40′). Less than container loads (LCL) are charged per cubic foot.

For large and heavy shipments, shipping by sea is often much cheaper. But as shipment sizes decrease, so does the margin between air and sea prices.

But actual shipping costs are just the beginning. It would help if you also calculated inventory costs. Storage costs associated with shipping are usually higher than airport warehousing costs.

Please note that both modes of transport will incur destination and there is no barrier in shipping to Kenya for customs fees when shipping internationally.

 The speed varies greatly depending on the mode.

Air transport is significantly faster than sea transport. Sea shipments can sometimes take weeks to arrive. UK Kenya shipping offer Air cargo where you can reach its destination in as little as a day or three. While ships are getting faster and shipping routes are constantly optimized, air travel is still the best speed.

Faster delivery times are fast becoming an expectation in many industries, but before shipping anything directly by air, take the time to plan your shipping strategy strategically. It guarantees long-term efficiency and saves you money.

 Reliability can be achieved in both modes.

UK Kenya shipping offers the airlines which generally handle schedule changes better than ocean carriers. Factors such as the weather can disrupt airline schedules much more quickly than sea travel, but flights are often rescheduled and rescheduled promptly and efficiently. Also, there are usually several flights between significant cities daily, while ships generally depart weekly.

It does not necessarily mean air transport is always more reliable than sea transport. When ships are delayed, they usually need a few days to resume their operations.

 However, long-term alliances between shipping carriers can ensure the reliability and integrity of the shipping service, making shipping an attractive option even for some time-sensitive cargoes such as perishables, fashion and auto parts.

 The complexity of ocean alliances can affect service

While partnerships between carriers offer more excellent reliability, these same alliances can lead to complications. For example, if three ocean carriers are operating.

Each carrier has its own set of rules about what commodities are allowed. So even by shipping the same product on the vessels every week, if a different page is in charge, your outcome could be denied because the rules have changed.

Do you opt for air or sea transport?

Usually, Amazon offers free shipping to Kenya the delivery speed is the main reason for choosing air shipping. Cargo transportation by air allows for a shorter schedule than ocean service. It is instrumental when shipping short-lived items.

However, the price of faster services is often higher than the shipping costs. Determining what makes sense for your shipping strategy is up to you.

So which one to choose?

Evaluate when your goods should arrive, your budget, and how each mode of transportation will impact your crucial business needs.

If your shipments have a hard and approaching arrival deadline and your budget allows, ship by air. If you have more flexibility on the arrival date or want to save money, please ship by sea.

 Final thoughts

Choose a 3PL that can consolidate your air and ocean freight with others for better profitability. The best global suppliers bring their experience working with the largest and most advanced shippers and apply it to your success.

Find out how an expert 3PL can help your business optimize global shipping processes, whether you choose ocean or air shipping.

How to buy and ship from AliExpress to Kenya?

The customer ship and shops from free Aliexpress shipping to Kenya and we as UK Kenya shipping to Kenya and we offer door-to-door services for your is a retail subsidiary of Alibaba Group.

Why is UK Kenya shipping such an attractive partner for air transport?

We have good working relationships with all the airlines. Thanks to these partnerships, we as UK Kenya shipping  provide you with a global network. We ship products direct from UK and Nairobi whenever possible. As a result, we guarantee the shortest possible delivery times.

Our specialists know how to load your shipment safely to get the most out of the product  and stow it safely on the lower and in the main deck in workhorses.

We have state-of-the-art cargo receiving and storage facilities. In Nairobi, for example, we have 12 closed rooms and at least 4200m2 of refrigerated storage space.

Does your shipment require different controlled temperature conditions?

No problem; we have two unique rooms to regulate the temperature and keep it at the desired value. We as UK Kenya shipping use these spaces for storing herbs, pelargonium cuttings, and poinsettias, among others.

We use our insulated trucks in Kenya to cover the short distance between our Nairobi warehouse and the airport. It avoids the risk of a sudden increase in temperature, which could lead to the formation of condensation. It’s a real threat to perishable foods, especially spices. Furthermore, our refrigerated trucks meet the stringent requirements of some airlines, such as British Airways.

We submit your shipment to the Kenya Plant Health Inspection Service (KEPHIS) for mandatory plant health inspection in Kenya. Inspectors from this department are stationed at our headquarters. It is, therefore, a win-win situation for all parties.

We are also authorized to carry out aviation safety analyses in Kenya. Our X-ray scanner is capable of inspecting fully loaded pallets in one go. It saves all the work of removing products from pallets and reloading them.

Our customs specialists are familiar with all the rules and restrictions regarding importing and exporting perishable goods. We can handle most of the paperwork and legal requirements for you.

We can arrange air freight from the UK and Kenya.

Are you looking for transport and logistics services from the UK to Kenya?

Essential a wide range of services tailored to your needs. Whether air or ocean freight, our team will strive to provide you with the best shipping companies and most cost-effective air transportation solutions from the UK to Kenya and from the USA to Kenya

This country guide dedicated to Kenya provides all the essential details regarding your shipment from the UK to Kenya: deadlines, prices, procedures, duties, and taxes.

Shipping by tin and container from the UK to Kenya

Air freight is one of the most popular shipping options and is a significant resource for goods from UK to the United States.

Air Freight is the best deal for you if:

• Your suppliers are located near a significant Chinese port

• Thanks kills exceed 2 CBM

• You are not in a hurry to receive them

In UK, we can arrange for your goods to be exported from all major ports.

What does the shipping offer?

We offer various services ranging from comprehensive door-to-door, entry-to-door, and door-to-door.

With door-to-door service, your goods are in our hands from the factory/dealer in Kenya to your address in the UK

Our UK Kenya Shipping from UK to Kenya airfreight service offers safe and reliable solutions for all your airfreight needs, including high-value and urgent cargo.

Our air cargo services include airport-to-airport, door-to-door, airport-to-door, and door-to-airport services. With our service, we take care of every step of the journey and ensure your goods arrive at their destination when needed.

The standard transit time for air transportation from UK to Kenya is about 2-3 days.

It may vary due to seasonal requirements and freight market traffic at certain times of the year. Our many years of experience can provide expert knowledge in this area for your logistics needs.

The charter service offers you peace of mind, personalized services, and a long list of goods for shipment. We can organize this service for you and ship interests such as:

  1. Consumer goods
  2. High-quality goods
  3. Sensitive goods such as dangerous, fresh, or perishable goods
  4. urgent cargo
  5. Medical supplies and humanitarian aid
  6. Heavy and oversized equipment
  7. Parts for cars, planes, and boats

As for weight, we as UK Kenya shipping offer the best options ranging from 10,000 lbs (5,000 kg) to 45,000 lbs (22,000 kg) which can be shipped in crates or boxes, on pallets, or in bulk.

Our barrier in shipping to Kenya is part charter and full charter options range from 10,000 lbs (5,000kg) to 45,000 lbs (22,000kg), loadable on skids, pallets, crates or just in bulk.

To receive a personalized airfreight quote, complete our form in less than 5 minutes and receive a response from one of our logistics experts within 24 hours.

Door-to-door quotes include the above, plus:

Customs duties. Additional charges may apply if customs require further inspection of the cargo.

Transport costs

Shipping Insurance (this is a must. Do not ship your products uncovered!)

  air transport

First step: air transport

Shipping Type: LCL Shipping

Delivery time: 10-15 days

Export Declaration: Your factory is not the Reportable Exporter.

Destination: We can ship to your business or home and Amazon FBA warehouses.


Buy online from  and shop and ship with and ship to our UK address. We as UK Kenya shipping consolidate and deliver to you.

How is our air freight service different?

Excellent visibility

Track every package and item inside using our powerful home management platform.

Real-time tracking

Get to it real-time updates when your packages arrive at our UK warehouse and when they’re on their way to Kenya.


We check the asset in Kenya engaging and report any discrepancies in your shipment before shipping it to you.

How our air service to Kenya works.

Step 1

Get your UK address

Create an account to get your UK  shipping address.

2nd step

Start shopping

Buy from all our air shipping from the USA to Kenya.US stores and ship to your new Uk address and provide us with your tracking information.

Step 3

Pay the shipping costs

After receiving the invoice, make the required payment.

Step 4

We ship and deliver

We ship it by air from the USA to Kenya and from UK to Kenya and then deliver it to your destination within 2-3 business days.

Request an airfreight quote for an airship from the United States to Kenya and from the UK to Kenya

Please request a quote based on our shipping rate.

What is included in the total cost?

• Transport costs

• All customs clearance costs.

• No surprise delivery fees

Dimensions (inch)

Actual weight (kg)

actual weight:

Volumetric weight:

All-inclusive rates with no hidden costs:

*Our air freight shipping to Kenya is based on the actual or dimensional weight of the parcel, whichever is greater.

Our address is in the United Kingdom.

 Start shopping on websites like UK Kenya shipping ,Amazon and Alibaba shipping to Kenya and we as UK Kenya shipping now ship to your custom address in the United Kingdom. Our Nairobi warehouse is open Monday through Friday to take your deliveries.

How do we calculate shipping costs?

We charge, whichever is greater than the actual or volumetric weight of the parcel.

Actual weight =4kg delivery time

We will send you an invoice for your order before shipping it. Full payment is required before we ship your order. Once payment has been received and your order has been dispatched, you can expect it to arrive within 2 to 3 working days.

• We ship from the USA to Kenya and from the UK to Kenya every Week . You can expect an invoice between the shipping date and the arrival date.

• Closing is Monday at 11:00.

How do we pack your orders?

We always make every effort to pack your goods as efficiently as possible. We reserve the right to pack the goods at our discretion. We are required to follow specific packing protocols.

Whilst we strive to group all of the items in your order efficiently, we may only sometimes be able to fit all of the items in your order into one box, especially if this is against airline packaging guidelines.

If your order arrives in a torn or damaged box at our Nairobi warehouse, we will automatically use another box for shipping.

Fragile goods made of glass, ceramic, porcelain, earthenware and stoneware are shipped at your own risk. It also applies to goods containing liquids that may leak or melt in transit.

We ship perfumes by air weekly to Kenya.

While our general delivery time is 2 to 3 days, we had promised business days for these products. They must be new and factory sealed (never used or opened). Please note that we cannot ship counterfeit perfumes, body care products, or those of questionable (unverifiable) origin and quality.

We recommend purchasing these types of products from well-known and reputable stores. If you have any questions or need advice on where to buy these products, write to customer care UK Kenya shipping, and we will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

In compliance with aviation and transport regulations, the fragrances are packaged separately from all other products but with the same UK Kenya shipping offer Store order number. There is no minimum or maximum amount required.

We reserve the right to refuse shipment of products whose authenticity is not easily verifiable. Due to the inherent risk of damage caused by pressurizing the aircraft cabin during transit, please note that we do not cover the shipment of liquids, including perfumes.

So just contact us now and we will help you ship all your goods to Kenya from the comfort of your home and You will be proud of our services.

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