What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya?

When shipping a package to Kenya, many combined factors must be considered. First and foremost, whether you’re shipping items for personal or business reasons, you want to ensure your delivery arrives safely and quickly.

This article looks at the most efficient ways to send a package to Kenya, including available shipping options, required documents, and delivery recommendations.

Shipping options
When sending a package to Kenya, there are many options. Air, ocean, and courier services are the most common methods.

1. Air shipping is the fastest and most reliable way to ship a package to Kenya. Also, it takes 2-3 business days for a shipment to arrive via a commercial airline. Therefore, this technique is ideal for packages containing perishable items, time-sensitive documents, or other items.

2. Sea Freight: Sea Freight is cheaper and slower than air freight. Depending on the shipping company and the route, the transit time of freight shipments can vary from one to two weeks. That is why sea transport is optimal for transporting bulky furniture and oversized goods.

3. Courier services are a popular option when sending packages to Kenya. Companies such as UK Kenya Shipping,  FedEx, DHL and UPS offer door-to-door delivery, and parcels usually arrive at their destination within two to three working days. That is why courier services are optimal for urgent shipments and small packages.


What export documents are required?

When sending a parcel to Kenya, a few documents are required including;

1. Commercial Invoice: This document is used for commercially shipped products. It contains information about the imported products, their value and the sender’s and recipient’s names and addresses.

2. Proforma Invoice: This form is used when sending products for personal reasons. Contains the same information as the commercial invoice but is used for non-commercial shipments.

3. This document contains a complete list of shipped items, including their quantities and weights.

4. This document is issued by a shipping company, such as UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, and acts as a receipt for the goods transported.

Tips for effortless delivery.

UK Kenya Shipping Ltd ensures your cargo is delivered to Kenya without problems.

1. Choose the correct shipping method: Select the best plan for your needs and budge

2. Use sturdy boxes and packing materials to ensure your items arrive at their station in good               condition.

3. Designate the package with the recipient’s name, address and contact information.

4. Please ensure all information, including the recipient’s address and telephone number, is                correct to avoid any delay or return.

5. Check if you carry any prohibited items, such as drugs, weapons or dangerous substances.

In short, sending a package to Kenya can only be smooth and hassle-free if you have selected the proper means of transport, included the necessary documentation, and properly packaged and labelled the package

. By following these guidelines and working with UK Kenya shipping, you can rest assured that your package will arrive safely and quickly.
Here are some considerations and additional details to keep in mind when sending a package to Kenya:

• Departure from customs

Customs clearance is a crucial aspect of sending parcels to Kenya. All products entering the country are subject to inspection and clearance by customs officials.

Depending on the shipment’s complexity and the documentation accuracy, this could take several days or even longer. This avoids delays and extra costs, and it is essential to ensure that all required documents are included with the shipment and that the information is correct.
• Customs fees and taxes

Packages sent to Kenya are subject to customs duties and taxes based on the declared value of the box. Therefore you must research any applicable charges and taxes and include them in the delivery postage cost. Still, you can also contact UK Kenya Shipping Ltd. to pay for these costs.

What are prohibited vs restricted items?

• Prohibited and Restricted Items

Some items are restricted or prohibited from shipping to Kenya. Restricted items must be shipped with additional paperwork or permits, while prohibited items cannot be shipped in full. Some prohibited items include firearms, explosives and narcotics.

In contrast, restricted items include specific foods, plants and animals, and restricted items can be shipped with additional documents that UK Kenya Shipping Ltd can help you obtain. Before sending a package, research the restrictions and prohibitions to avoid problems.

• Monitoring and coverage

When sending a parcel to Kenya from the UK, consider using a company that offers tracking and insurance for complete peace of mind. By doing so, you can follow the progress of your shipment while the insurance protects you in case of loss or damage to the package during transport, and you can choose UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

What are the factors to be considered in packaging?

• Factors to consider when packing

It is essential to use strong boxes and packing material when shipping a package to protect the contents during transit. When choosing the proper packaging, consider the weight and fragility of the items you are packing. Also, it is recommended that you place all papers or document in a separate envelope inside the Parcel to avoid any damage.
• Conclusion.

Sending a package to Kenya requires careful consideration of available shipping options, required documentation, and possible costs and restrictions.

By working with a reputable shipping company and following the advice in this article, you can rest assured that your freight will arrive in Kenya successfully and without loss or damage.
Methods to send a package to Kenya

Do you need parcel delivery in Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping are  professional shippers and couriers serve the Kenyan market. They deliver your international cargo quickly, safely and in the same condition you sent it to Kenya.

Additionally, they provide an instant quote for your international shipping needs, even before you book their services. Based on the estimate, you will know what and when to expect delivery.

Services available

Shipping only on those who already have a parcel and want to deliver it to Kenya are entitled to the shipment.
Here are the steps:-

• Indicate the origin and destination of the Parcel
• Provide shipment information (size, shape, and description of contents).
• Request a quote from the shipping company
• Booking services
• Receive and pay for shipment

If you want to buy abroad before using the shipping-only service, you must:

• Shop and pay with international merchants
• Indicate the courier’s shipping address as the place of delivery of the products.
• The shipping company accepts and ships the cargo to Kenya.

As for shipping companies from the UK to Kenya, we accept returns for orders that include shipping only.

what is are the advantages of shipping from UK to Kenya?

• If you buy and ship goods, you can take advantage of discounts and special offers while browsing.
• If you work with a shipping company with multiple delivery points, you can purchase products and ship them to a delivery point with the lowest shipping costs. You can get this service from UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

How does buy and ship work?

Buy and ship

Follow the abbreviated steps above once your product is packed and ready to ship. However, suppose you are in another country in Kenya; this might be a question for you, so don’t worry anymore because in that case, you can always use the UK to Kenya shipping company to send a parcel to Kenya as follows buy: you are in Kenya or any other country, you can always use a UK-Kenya shipping company to buy and send a package.

• Select the “buy and ship” option the shipping company provides.
• Get the product link and send it to the UK-Kenya shipping company, requesting that the item be purchased on your behalf.
• Generate and approve a revised estimate of product purchase price, service charges and shipping costs.
• Book the services by paying the purchase price
• Accept and pay for shipping

The Purchasing and Shipping Department offers full refunds if the delivery company delivers the wrong item. However, they do not accept returns on items delivered to the exact specifications of the customer’s order.

Review online retailers before providing the UK Kenyan shipping company with a link to their products. However, if you are returning a product for warranty or repair, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

Advantages of shipping with UK Kenya shipping?

• Allows you to purchase items from sellers who do not ship to Kenya. You can contact the shipping company to manage the shipment and purchase.
• A safer and more convenient alternative if the online merchant doesn’t accept your local credit card.
• No need to register for unnecessary money transfer services
You will not incur additional costs for the purchase.

1. UK Kenya Shipping Express Ltd is the best option to ship parcels of any size.

UK Kenya Shipping is a well-known international shipping specialist and courier service in Kenya and over 220 other countries. Ship a parcel to Kenya using UK Kenya Shipping and reliable tracking systems to ensure safe delivery.

UK shipping to Kenya has no size or weight restrictions, making it the perfect option for large-volume shipments. It also leverages land, air, and ocean freight logistics to service standard and custom shipments around the globe efficiently.

• Services offered: parcel delivery, mail and e-commerce.
• Delivery time: 2-3 days
• Package tracking updates: Emails and customer service calls
• Modes of transport: land, air, sea

What we like

• No delivery costs or volume obligations
• 24/7 customer service, no waiting
• Offers door-to-door international parcel delivery
• Immediate refunds for all service failures

2. UK consignment shop in Kenya – best for fast and affordable shipping from the US to Kenya.

UK Kenya Shipping Store buys and ships items and parcels from the UK to Kenya. This is your best option to import goods from the UK to Kenya. The shipping company provides a quote that includes all customs clearance costs.

Furthermore, this price consists of an added value of the items. Therefore you pay extra for package insurance. Also, cash on delivery applies only to transportation. However, you must pay the total amount using the shopping and shipping service.

Services available: parcel delivery (buy, ship and ship only)
• Weight and size restrictions: No minimum or maximum quantity requirements
• Delivery times: 2 to 3 working days
• Package tracking updates: Customer service emails and phone calls
• Modes of transport: air and water

What we like

• Simplified and transparent tariff policy; no surprises in delivery
• Real-time updates on sourcing, shipping and delivery
• Combine bulky products to save costs
• Shipments to other major Kenyan cities except Nairobi upon request.

3. Kenya Shipping to the UK – Best service for shipping from the UK to Kenya.

Need to ship a package from the UK to Kenya?

So choose UK Kenya Shipping for a hassle-free experience.
If you prefer shipping only, UK Kenya Shipping offers free parcel inspection once the international online merchant has delivered the products to the UK shipping company’s warehouse in Kenya.

This reduces the possibility of returning the product due to anomalies, defects or inaccuracies. In addition, UK Kenya Shipping charges additional costs for insuring appraised items.

• Services offered: parcel delivery, postal service and e-commerce support
• The shipping rate per kilogram both by air and by sea
• Delivery times: 2 to 3 working days.
• Tracking Updates: Regular real-time tracking and email and phone notification alerts.
• Modes of transport: air and water

What we like

• Real-time monitoring and alerts
• Handles all customs clearance, complex logistics and documentation for volume shipments
• Free inspection of the shipment to verify its correctness, irregularities and damages
• Combine shipments to reduce shipping costs

4. Box Kenya Limited is one of the leading shipping companies in the UK and Kenya.

Box Kenya will deliver if you send a parcel to Kenya from eBay, Amazon or any other UK online shop.
Gold Box Kenya has one of the lowest shipping costs per kilogram.
Additionally, they offer storage of your purchases in their warehouses. The products are then consolidated and repackaged to eliminate unnecessary packaging and reduce weight and shipping costs. Plus, you can browse the UK stores directly from the Box Kenya website and take advantage of the seasonal sales.

• Buy and Send and Send only are available services.
• Transit time: UK 2-3 days.
• Package Tracking Updates: Email and SMS notifications
• Delivery method limited to air freight only

• Receive a free address in the UK and Kenya when you register
• Assists with purchasing and consolidating packages
• Free shipping insurance for valuable shipments.
• Delivery the next day after arrival in  for final destinations other than Nairobi
• There are no hidden costs or surprises
• Excellent communicator

5. United Parcel Service (UPS) Kenya – First choice for same-day delivery.

UPS Kenya is a British-owned international transport company. This company assists individuals and companies intending to ship luggage to Kenya with international expedited shipping. It can also help when it comes to sending parcels to the Nairobi branch.

Also, the company categorizes its transportation services into six packages.

(UPS Express Plus

UPS Express

Savings UPS Express

Expedited UPS

UPS Worldwide Express Freight

UPS Worldwide Express Freight noon)

Urgent and urgent shipments.

For this reason, you can have your baggage delivered the day after delivery or agree on a specific date and time for your luggage to arrive in Kenya. UPS guarantees delivery on the specified date.

• Services available: international shipping, contract logistics and money transfer
• Shipping rate per kilogram: N/A. Prices vary based on service plan, country zone number, weight,

content, and specific additional costs.

• Maximum weight and dimensions: per shipment
• Delivery times: 2 to 3 working days
• UPS website, SMS and email notifications for package tracking updates
• Modes of transport: air and water

What we like

• Various shipping options for urgent shipments
• Delivery attempts up to three times
• Convenient distribution points in the city centre
• Exceptional tracking capabilities

7. Shipping from the UK to Kenya – For flexible shipping methods.

Planet Express are a packaging and shipping specialist who uses DHL, USPS, FedEx, UK Kenya Shipping and Postal Service to ship parcels to Kenya.

Also, consider having multiple parcels in one box to reduce shipping costs. Then choose a delivery method based on your budget and time frame. Additionally, the UK Kenya Shipping Express warehouse offers duty-free storage.

Shipping, consolidation, fulfilment and package buying services are available.
Shipping rate per kilogram start
• Delivery times: 2-3 working days
• Package tracking updates: Email and SIMS notifications
• Modes of transport: air, land, sea

What we like
• Also offers up to 10 days of free storage in the warehouse
• Save up to 80% by bundling packages
• Responsive and accommodating customer service

8 Shipping from the UK to Kenya – For cheap delivery options.
UK Kenya Shipping is a shipper of choice similar to other Expresses. Contract with shipping companies like UK Kenya Shipping and United Kingdom Postal Service to send your luggage and parcels to Kenya through various delivery options offered by UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

Moreover, it combines them all and delivers your Parcel from your work or home at a reasonable price. Shipment from the UK will be sent to Kenya via the specified delivery method selected by you. The mail is then handed over to Kenya Postal Service staff for final delivery.

• Services available: parcel shipping
• Delivery time: 2-3 days
• Package Tracking Updates: Email and SMS notifications
• Modes of transport: land, air, sea

What we like
• Provides door-to-door services
• Protective cover is also available if you choose, and we, as UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, also offer the

protective cover.
• Stocked weekend assortment
• Provides access to discounted shipping cost.

9. Shipping to Kenya from the UK is ideal for documents and small parcels.

UK Kenya Shipping is a courier service specializing in international shipping documents and parcels. Partners with 178 other postal companies worldwide. Additionally, UK Kenya Shipping cooperates with the Postal Corporation of Kenya in Kenya.

Also, as far as UK Kenya Shipping Kenya’s pricing policy is concerned, it is not a part of the weight or dimensions of the delivery, making it a cheaper option.


• Services available: door-to-door services
Shipping costs per kilogram: not applicable.
• Transit time: 2 to 3 days.
• Package tracking updates: SMS and email notifications
• Modes of transport: land, sea, air

What we like
• Fastest international mail service
• Ships parcels to Kenya from 3,000 locations worldwide
• Kenya has 285 acceptance centres
• Economical shipping options

10. Online stores.
Several online retailers ship directly to Kenya. They consist of the following:-
• Amazonia
• eBay
• Etsy
• Objective
• Walmart
• Best buy
• New egg
• Hoe
• Do-it-yourself shop
• Excess inventory

Below are some additional guidelines that will help you ensure that your online shipments and packages reach their destination safely and without damage. You can trust UK Kenya Shipping Ltd to do everything for you in your home.

• Ask your bank to register your card for international transactions
• Before concluding the shipping transaction, you should make an effort and call or even text the support department of the online store.
• Read testimonials from some previous customers regarding customer service and communication with suppliers, and it will convince you to continue your shipping process with the help of UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.
• Focus on gold suppliers with confirmed locations and recent transactions
• Study the return policy
• Apply for a consumer protection policy or pay with an escrow account
Sending a parcel to Kenya Frequently Asked Questions.

What should I consider when choosing the optimal shipping method for sending goods to Kenya?
Consider the UK to Kenya shipping company prices, list of available services, customer support, reputation, reliability and efficiency of their services.

How do I clear my shipment through Kenyan customs?
Customs clearance is mandatory when shipping parcels from the UK to Kenya. You fill out the customs forms in the country of origin to provide a detailed inventory of the package contents.

UK Kenya Shipping Ltd coordinates any further customs procedures by the Kenyan authorities. As a result, you need to pay the appropriate customs duties and import taxes depending on the content. Work with a reputable parcel service provider such as UK Kenya Shipping Ltd when handling customs clearance on your behalf.

What items are banned or prohibited in Kenya?
Kenya bans or restricts the import of certain products. Village. These items include fresh or perishable foods, alcohol and controlled substances. To avoid inconvenience, you can also view the complete list of restricted and prohibited items in Kenya on the shipping company’s website.

Taking advantage of regular consumers’ loyalty programs and other offers is best.

How UK Kenya Shipping transports cargo to Kenya?
Sometimes the items you wish to purchase are available outside Kenyan shops. Therefore, it may need to be imported from countries like the UK. Overseas retailers are also eager to respond to this trend.

With the world becoming increasingly more e-commerce friendly, international orders must be shipped to Kenya quickly and cost-effectively within days and on schedule.

This article also provides an in-depth summary of how to ship a parcel from the UK to Kenya and how e-commerce companies can better plan their international shipping logistics with UK Kenya Shipping. Costs and transit times for shipping to Kenya from the UK.

Resellers or people looking for delivery options in Kenya are primarily concerned with cost and delivery time.

Here is an overview of the most popular services offered:
UK Kenya Shipping Ltd charges an all-inclusive ‘full cost of fulfilment’, which includes picking, packing and shipping, amongst other factors, when determining actual customers rates.

It is also helpful to request a quote on this page to see what deals are available for international shipping to countries like Kenya .

How to select a shipping company?
Every e-commerce business has its shipping requirements. Some companies emphasize next-day delivery, while others prefer environmentally friendly shipping methods, just like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd focus on the whole range and all these aspects. Some companies also want to keep implementation costs low and pass the savings on to their consumers.

That is why there is no ready-made solution for selecting a carrier.
The pros and cons of the four major airlines to make your decision a little easier:

Shipping from the UK to Kenya with UK-Kenya shipping.
Over 46% of the world’s mail is delivered by the UK Postal Service. The carrier provides this level of trust regarding domestic and international shipments.

Despite being the cheapest courier, UK Kenya Shipping does not offer complicated order tracking for international shipments, so you should choose UK Kenya Shipping Ltd for all your shipments.
However, regardless of the weight or size of the package, shipping from the UK to Kenya offers the cheapest shipping cost in Kenya.

When to ship from the UK to Kenya via UK Kenya Shipping?
UK Shipping to Kenya offers some of the cheapest rates in the overall shipping industry, and either way, if you want to reduce your shipping costs, then UK Kenya Shipping Ltd. You can ship heavy items to Kenya using the flat rate. Possibility of shipment.

However, the great thing about UK Kenya shipping ltd is that we do not charge any extra fees or surcharges.

Shipping from the UK to Kenya with UK-Kenya shipping.
Shipping from the UK to Kenya is one of the largest sea freight carriers.
Shipments from the UK to Kenya operate around the clock to provide you with international customer service, free customs support and timely delivery – these are all reasons to entrust your shipments to Kenya.

When to use shipping from the UK to Kenya to send parcels from the UK to Kenya.
Ideal for retailers who need specific last-mile tracking and reliable deliveries. In particular, it has a notable presence in the UK. On the other hand, the shipping costs are significantly cheaper than established competitors.

FedEx shipments to Kenya from the UK
FedEx has a widespread presence in the UK. Kenya is one of 220 countries where FedEx ships internationally.

They are known as one of the first couriers to offer next-day delivery options.
FedEx has excellent options, like the International Shipping Assist tool, simplifying shipping requirements for frequent shipping businesses.

When to ship with FedEx from the UK to Kenya?
With the FedEx bulk shipping option, you are not eligible for steep discounts if you need to ship multiple packages to Kenya. This carrier also offers customer service and accurate shipment tracking.

3 DHL Shipping to Kenya from the UK
DHL is a global transport company headquartered in Germany. It is a reliable shipping company committed to reducing CO2 emissions from shipping activities. This carrier is also environmentally conscious and is dedicated to green logistics.

When should you use DHL to ship to Kenya from the UK?
DHL offers fast and reliable international fulfilment, shipping insurance and door-to-door package delivery. However, DHL’s on-time delivery services are generally much more expensive than its competitors.

What is the import duty tax in Kenya?

Duties and taxes for shipping to Kenya from the UK.
All imported products are subject to 16% VAT. In addition, you usually have to pay import duties ranging from 0% to 25%. You should be aware of the following category-specific import duties:
The tax exemption threshold set by Kenya Customs is $0.

Regarding customs information for Kenya, you will need a customs broker to assist you with certain products at the Customs and Border Control Department at the border.

Various customs clearance documents such as Bill of Lading, Import Declaration Form, Pro Forma Invoice and ISM (if applicable) must be at hand to avoid imports being detained in customs, which is made possible by UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

How can one send a parcel from UK to Kenya?

These are vital factors when shipping from the UK to Kenya.
1. Take steps to fight online fraud and build buyer confidence.
The Criminal Investigation Directorate of Kenya receives many complaints of online fraud, which makes people suspicious of e-commerce transactions.

To reduce their mistrust, you need to build a highly encrypted and secure website, process payments through reputable payment partners, and protect the privacy of consumer information.

2. Offer multiple payment options.
In recent years, customers have been less likely to choose cash on delivery, but it is still the most popular payment method for e-commerce  in Kenya.

To make the checkout process easier for Kenyan consumers on your e-commerce site, UK Kenya Shipping Ltd offers all these options (as well as paying by card).

3. Use social media to engage with consumers
Around 20.2% of the Kenyan population is active on social media. It attracts the attention of this segment of the people. Therefore, you must establish a significant, engaging, local presence on social networks.

4. Use UK to Kenya shipping services
In addition to managing product, marketing and sales, you are also responsible for delivering orders to consumers on time in Kenya. It’s quite an effort.

Companies like UK Kenya Shipping can handle the entire order fulfilment workflow on your behalf, so why not partner with UK Kenya Shipping and let them help you with all your shipping needs? You really won’t be disappointed.

UK Kenya Shipping can reach global consumers with outstanding brand experience. Selling internationally can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. However, UK Kenya Shipping offers everything you need to serve international customers and save time on logistics.

We pick, pack and ship your orders in Kenya and take care of the initial fulfilment costs, including customs duties, import duties and other taxes. By partnering with UK Kenya Shipping, you no longer need to manage retail distribution, logistics operations and human resources.

Thanks to the collaboration with UK Kenya Shipping, logistics and storage can become a source of income. You can increase your sales by giving customers desired shipping options through transit time and speed of delivery.

The most beneficial aspect of working with UK Kenya Shipping is that you save time which can be spent on more important activities such as customer service and marketing.

When I heard that UK Kenya Shipping‘s rates would increase, I knew we needed to expand our tangible footprint. Also, this would allow us to reduce the duties and tariffs associated with international shipments.

The method of sending goods to Kenya’s UK shipping processing centre has been dramatically simplified. UK Kenya Shipping has assisted many clients during this process and plans to accelerate our development.

Frequent questions
Are you ready to ship to Kenya from the UK?
You can take the first step by using the services of UK Kenya Shipping.

What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya from the UK?
Shipping from the UK to Kenya is a priority. Mail International is one of the most convenient ways to send a package from the UK to Kenya.

What is the cheapest way to ship large parcels from the UK to Kenya?
Flat-rate shipping services from the UK to Kenya are the most convenient way to transport large and heavy parcels from the UK to Kenya. It also ensures that the shipping rate remains the same regardless of the weight of the order for boxes with specific dimensions.

What is the fastest way to send a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya?
UK Shipping to Kenya and FedEx International Priority are two options to ship items to Kenya within two to three business days.

Do I have to pay customs duties and taxes for shipments from the United Kingdom to Kenya?
Goods imported into Kenya are subject to a value-added tax of 16% and an import duty ranging from 0% to 25%.

How do I ship something from the UK to Kenya?
Shipping from the UK to Kenya is the most efficient courier for parcel delivery. And regarding tracking reliability and customer service, UPS and FedEx are your best options. In short, by choosing UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, you are sure of the safety of your luggage and the absence of damage.

Helpful information to send a package to Kenya
With the increase in e-commerce and the use of mobile devices globally, so does the need for reliable courier services for handling goods.

Prices can be high with the big names, so we aim to provide customers who book online through our quoting engine with the best courier services at the best prices.

We help thousands of customers to book a delivery service every day, not only for goods purchased online but also for gifts, personal items and more. Hence, our couriers offer us lower rates than a single shipper could obtain directly.

Kenya is a growing e-commerce market, so if you’d like to ship an item to this destination, ensure you get an accurate quote via our simple quote tool.

Which couriers can I book online to send my package to Kenya?
We offer a range of low-cost courier services so you can ship a package with full tracking at a great price.

If you are looking for the cheapest way to send a parcel there, our affordable courier services will suit your needs. Slightly slower than an Express option but perfect for those looking to stay within their budget.

The other convenient service we have is TrakPak, a product designed to break the boundaries of cross-border shipping for the e-commerce world. You can book them online via our quote engine for under £26, and they’ll have their package in 9-11 days.

What is the fastest cheapest shipping?

Cheapest express shipping
You will find the best of both worlds with our UK Kenya Shipping Air Express service. This fully-tracked hybrid service delivers your Parcel in just three days to cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, and the rest of the country!

Your Parcel will be collected from a home or work address by UK Kenya Shipping or DX if the goods are bulky, then sorted and sent via a forwarder to Heathrow. They are then delivered to the recipient by DHL.

Now this service is hugely popular as at the time of writing you can book it for just £32.42, and it’s an Air Express service which takes just a day or two longer than DHL but at half the price! Not only that, you can ship large or bulky boxes with this product, and it will save you even more money. A heavy 40kg parcel will cost you just £186.57 compared to the DHL Express service, which costs over £500.

Of course, we offer DHL Air Express, and they have worldwide coverage, so we help our customers ship anywhere in Africa. Our discounted rate with them starts from £64.57 and delivers within two days.

UK Kenya Shipping is another courier that handles parcels from the UK, their Priority International service starts from £65.19, and you can opt for collection from home or work or drop off your package Parcel at your local post office, with a prepaid label printed and attached from our website.

How to get a quote?
Saving on parcel shipping has always been challenging. Within seconds we can find you a range of courier services to suit your delivery times and budget expectations. All you need to do is enter your package dimensions into the quote engine and the destination you want to ship to.

Then choose a courier to deliver the goods. Once you select this, you can set a day for the courier to collect it, and we will provide you with the customs form in an easy-to-complete booking process so you can complete the step-by-step process within minutes.

We will then send you the shipping label and customs documents to print and stick on the box. A courier will then collect it from you, and you can track it on our site via your MP order number.
If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our live chat tool or leave a message on your Parcel Monkey account; we will be happy to help!

What are the import restrictions?
While some countries struggle to distinguish precisely which products can and cannot be shipped across their borders, Kenya publishes a simple and easy-to-understand list of prohibited and restricted imports.

This list is made available through their tax authorities. Prohibited items include counterfeit money, pornography, some types of matches, some essential oils, narcotics, industrial and agricultural chemicals, hazardous waste, and counterfeit goods.

In addition to the banned products, there are restrictions on other types of imports. These restrictions apply to shipments containing:
• wild traps,
• precious metals or gemstones,

• different types of weapons,
• ammunition,
• bone,

• horn,
• ivory from different types of game,
• coral,

• natural sponges,
• endangered plants,

• genetically modified products and manufactured goods.
The complete and informative list of Kenyan restrictions can be found here.

Useful information

Everything shipped must comply with the labelling laws administered by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. As the UK is a vital trading partner, the appropriate accreditation can be obtained locally. Kenya allows two British companies to inspect products and issue relevant certificates for import. The main objective of this program is to ensure that no inferior goods enter the country.

Apart from these requirements, Kenya remains relatively open and easy to work with, especially for strong trading partners like the UK. The country encourages a strong relationship with British companies regarding imports and investments. This makes importing here relatively easy.
Nine tips for cheap shipping from the UK to Kenya

Leave a Comment / Shipping Tips
The first step in successful shipping from the UK to Kenya is determining the lowest cost for shipping. The cheapest shipping method sometimes needs to be clarified. Finding a good and reliable freight forwarder like UK Kenya Shipping is essential, as execution to Africa can be erratic at times.

The following nine tips will help you ship to Kenya in the most economical, convenient and successful way:

What does fragile warning mean?

Warn about fragile items.

Be sure to notify the shipper of any fragile products before transportation. This may increase shipping costs, but it’s best if the damaged goods arrive at the customer’s door.

Offer shipping options.
It’s essential to provide customers with accurate shipping alternatives during checkout. Customers can decide whether to save money or pay more for faster delivery or insurance.

Indicate your return policy.
Make it easy for customers to read and apply your return policy if they are unsatisfied with the delivery.

What is the return process?

Describe your return procedure.
Make it easy for customers to read and use your returns policy if they are unsatisfied with the delivery.

Compare prices:
Finding the cheapest shipping method from Kenya can be challenging. Compare prices and delivery times different shippers offer to find the best deal for you and your customers.

Determine taxes and duties.
To calculate the total shipping costs for you and your customers, please refer to the online UK Kenya Shipping Calculator. This allows you to offer flexible and convenient delivery options that satisfy potential customers.

Simplify shipping.
You can quickly find the lowest prices in Kenya with the help of an all-in-one freight forwarding company like the SALIHIYA Cargo & Shipping Agency. Plus, it automatically displays these accurate real-time prices at checkout to drive more sales.

Finding the cheapest shipping method to Kenya can be challenging. Please compare the carriers. Considerations such as package size, import taxes, and customer delivery expectations must be considered. We recognize the volume. UK Kenya Shipping and Shipping Agency is here to help.

Leave a comment