When shipping goods from the United Kingdom to Kenya, choosing the right courier company been more crucial. 

The process involves navigating various logistical considerations such as cost, reliability, speed, and quality of the services.

 In this article, we will explore some of the best shipping companies that provide excellent services for shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

1. UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping Express is a shipping company which is recognized in many countries like in Kenya and is for its efficient and reliable services

With an extensive network in over 220 countries, UK Kenya shipping Express offers perfect shipping solutions for individuals and businesses. 

UK Kenya shipping Express provides door-to-door services for shipments from the United Kingdom to Kenya, ensuring that the customers’ convenience on a peace of mind.

 They offer an options for express and standard shipping, depending on your needs. United Kingdom to Kenya also provides online tracking ,in a proactive customer support and comprehensive customs clearance services.

2. FedEx

FedEx is another prominent player in the shipping industry, providing reliable services for international shipments

With a strong presence in the United Kingdom and in Kenya, FedEx offers excellent shipping options for individuals and for the businesses, but not more than UK Kenya shipping company that really offer the best services. Where it the best shipping company, including in the express shipping, in assistance with the customs clearance.

 FedEx’s is an online tracking system which allows the customers to the track of the progress of their shipments in the real-time, providing transparency and accountability throughout the shipping process.

3. UPS

UPS (United Parcel Service) is a reputed shipping company that provides a reliable services for shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya

With a wide variety of shipping options, including air and ground freight, UPS can meet in various shipping needs. They provide end-to-end solutions and ensure hassle-free shipping experiences.

 UPS also offers advanced tracking capabilities, but not more than the UK Kenya shipping has the best tracking method that is been used by allowing customers to track their shipments and receive it timely for the updates. 

In addition, UPS provides the efficient customs clearance services, which facilitate the delivery of the goods to Kenya.

4. UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping is a reliable option if you ship goods in large quantities, especially for business reasons. 

One of the most enormous container of shipping companies is the UK Kenya shipping which offers a complete cargo services from the United Kingdom to Kenya

They operate a large fleet of vessels and which provide customized shipping solutions for the businesses of all sizes. The experience in managing the complex and logistics which ensures the safety and timely delivery of the goods. 

With dedicated customer support and online tracking services, they provide a hassle-free and reliable shipping experience.

5. Kuehne+Nagel

Kuehne+Nagel is a logistics company offering comprehensive shipping solutions in the worldwide.

 With a global network and a strong presence in the United Kingdom and Kenya. , Kuehne+Nagel provides various services, including airfreight, sea freight and customs clearance

They specialize in managing complex supply chains and that provide custom shipping solutions which are tailored to business needs.

 Kuehne+Nagel’s commitment to sustainability and customer service makes them a trusted choice for shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya. .


Choosing the best shipping company from the United Kingdom to Kenya is crucial for the smooth and efficient shipping experience. 

While in other several shipping companies offer services on this route ,UK Kenya shipping, DHL Express, FedEx, UPS, Maersk Line and Kuehne+Nagel are notable for their reliable service, extensive networks and commitment to customer satisfaction.

 By considering cost, reliability, speed and quality of service, you can select the shipping company that best suits your needs.

 Whether you’re shipping personal effects, commercial goods, or other items, entrusting your shipments to a reputable shipping company ensures they reach their destination in Kenya safely and on time.

Best Shipping Company from the UK to Kenya:

When shipping goods from the United Kingdom to Kenya, choosing the right courier company is critical.

 The process involves navigating various logistical considerations such as cost, reliability, speed, and quality of service.

 In this article, we will explore some of the best shipping companies that provide excellent services for shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.


Do you ship to Kenya from the UK?

 At UK Kenya shipping, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, offering the international shipping and removals to Kenya from the United Kingdom for students, international travelers, families and individuals.

We provide cost-effective freight services for shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya. With over 30 years of experience transporting goods to destinations worldwide, your interests are in good hands with us.

We provide a bespoke service to people who ship parcels, belongings, excess baggage, luggage or cargo of any size to Kenya safely and reliably.

Request the quote now using the quote form/link at the top of the page, or if you would like to discuss your specific requirements for shipping to Kenya, contact our friendly team today at or call +447487554202.


I have used UK Kenya shipping company in few times to send things to Kenya and can 100% recommend them.

They are all a pleasure to deal with, and my goods that arrives on time without me having to chase them! I go to the company to send stuff home

I used UK Kenya shipping to ship some of my belongings to Kenya. Which may have always been great with communication and no hidden charges. I would 100% recommend it.

Door-to-door by air

• on the road

• from the sea

• By air

Air transport services for Kenya.

Air freight charges to airports in Kenya.


Lowest price)

Less than 100kg

More than 100kg

Mombasa (MBA)

£8.50 per kilo

Nairobi (NBO)

£8.50 per kilo

All shipments by air are subjected to and by UK security and administration that charge of £8.50 in addition to carriage costs.

The above charges only apply until you arrive at the airport. 

THEY DO NOT INCLUDE ANY costs that may incur in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, survey, quarantine or inspection fees, import duties, taxes or warehousing fees.

The recipient must pay any charges incurred at the destination upon collection.

 These fees are to be determined locally; we have no financial influence or interest in them.

UK Kenya shipping Freight has been shipping to Kenya for many years. Please get in touch with us if you have specific questions or want for further advice.

Air transport in Kenya – important information

• All quotes are subject to your parcels’ final weight and dimensions.

• All parcels must be packed securely for transportation or before collection.

• Your packages must not contain prohibited items, hazardous or dangerous goods, or valuables.

• The above quote is exclusive of insurance.

• Our prices are reviewed regularly and are subject to change with notice.

• All business is conducted under the UK Kenya shipping freight which are standard in the trading conditions (latest edition). Copies are available upon request.

Air transport in Kenya – country-specific requirements

• In a complete English postal inventory is required for shipping to Kenya from the UK.

Marine transport services in Kenya

Shipping charges to Kenya.


first cubic meter

Each additional cubic meter

Mombasa seaport

£ 8.50 per kilo

Please note that all sea shipments have a minimum charge of one cubic meter.

The above charges only apply until arrival at the port/depot. 

THEY DO NOT INCLUDE ANY costs you may incur in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, survey, quarantine or inspection fees, import duties, taxes or warehousing fees.

The recipient must pay any charges incurred at the destination upon collection.

 These fees are to be determined locally; we have no financial influence or interest in them.

UK Kenya shipping has been shipping to Kenya for many years. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want further advice.

Shipping to Kenya – Important information

  • All quotes are subject to weight and the dimensions of your packages.
  • All the packages must be packed safely and securely for transport before collection.
  • Your packages should not contain prohibited items, or hazardous goods, which are valuable.
  • The above quotation excludes the insurance.
  • Our prices are regularly reviewed and are subject to change without notice.
  • All businesses are undertaken subject to the Standard Trading Conditions of the UK Kenya shipping.


Sea Freight to Kenya – Country-Specific Requirements

 A fully completed Shippers Inventory in English is required if you ship to Kenya from the UK.

 We are not able to offer any road freight service to this destination.

 Please select an alternative Freight service.

 We are not able to offer a door-to-door service to this destination.

 Please select an alternative Freight service.


We regularly ship goods through air freight to Kenya. Our ‘ Air freight Services’ tab contains air freight costs and other necessary shipping information.



Please visit our UK Kenya shipping website and request for a quote for the pages to receive a quote for your business. More information on the range of freight services we provide for companies such as UK Kenya shipping which can be found on our business logistics page.


The shipping cost to Kenya from the UK will depend on your shipping method and package(s) size and weight.

Shipping costs to Kenya from the UK

All the air freight shipments are subject to a £8.50 handling and security charge in the UK in addition to the cargo costs.

We recommend reading the “important information” and “country-specific requirements” sections in the Air freight.

The costs do not include any charges incurred to Kenya, such as customs duties, taxes, examination, quarantine and inspection fees. 

These fees are applicable and must be paid by the consignee before the delivery.


It takes about a 2 to 3 business days to ship from the UK to Kenya by air.


• Personalized service.

• Competitive prices.

• Fast transit times, with deliveries taking few days instead of weeks.

• All parcels are wrapped in plastic for added security.


You must know local import restrictions when shipping to Kenya from the UK. For more information on import restrictions for Kenya, visit the Kenya Revenue Agency website.

Stringent rules govern what goods you can and cannot ship across international borders. Before shipping, please check that your items are not classified as “dangerous” or “valuable” goods. 

Many everyday items are classified as “dangerous” goods for air cargo, such as cell phone and laptop batteries, perfume and deodorant containers.

 We are dangerous to Goods for the pages for many information.


How long it takes to ship goods from the UK to Kenya?

When shipping by air, it usually takes about a week.

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Kenya from the UK?

For most people who only have a few boxes or suitcases to ship, air freight is the cheapest option.

How much does it cost to send a package to Kenya?

The final cost depends on the number of packages, their weight and size and the shipping method. 

You can view our rates and the various services we provide in the tabbed section above.

Which companies ship to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping freight offers convenient freight services for shipments to Kenya from the UK.

 With over some years of experience transporting goods to destinations, your interests are in good hands with us.

We provide a bespoke service to people who ship parcels, belongings, excess baggage, luggage or cargo of any size to Kenya safely and reliably.

Nine tips for cheap UK to Kenya delivery.

The first step to successfully shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya is identifying the lowest shipping costs.

 Meanwhile, the cheapest shipping method can sometimes be clarified.

 Finding a good and reliable freight forwarder like UK Kenya shipping ,Salinity Cargo & Shipping Agency is essential, as performance in Africa can be erratic at times.

The following nine tips will help you ship to Kenya as conveniently, efficiently and successfully as possible:

Report fragile items.

 Be sure and be able to notify the shipper of any fragile products before transportation. It may increase shipping costs, but showing damaged goods at the customer’s door is best.

Offer shipping options.

It’s essential to provide customers with accurate shipping alternatives during checkout. 

So customers can decide whether they want to save money or pay more for faster delivery or insurance.

Indicate your return policy.

Make it easy for customers to read and apply your return policy if they are unsatisfied with the delivery.

Describe your return procedure.

Make it easy for customers to read and use your return policy if dissatisfied with the delivery.

Compare prices:

Finding the cheapest shipping method from Kenya can be challenging, but UK Kenya shipping company it the best option to use while transporting your parcel. Compare the prices of the delivery times of different couriers,which offer the best deal for you and for the customers.

Determine taxes and duties.

To calculate the total shipping cost for yourself and your customers. It allows you to offer flexible and convenient delivery options to keep potential customers safe.Simplify shipping.

You can quickly find the lowest prices in Kenya with the help of an all-in-one freight forwarding company like the UK Kenya shipping, SALIHIYA Cargo & Shipping Agency. It also appears automatically shows these actual, real-time rates at the checkout to increase sales.


Finding the lowest shipping method to Kenya which can be challenging. But It would be the best if you contrasted couriers.

 Package dimensions, import taxes, and customer delivery expectations must be considered. We acknowledge the volume.

Pallet delivery and shipping to Kenya

Kenya has always been a popular destination for expeditions; it has some of the best nature reserves that draw crowds all year round.

 Wandering people and cultures also contribute to the wonder and beauty of Kenya.

 Located in east Africa, shipping pallets to Kenya by sea is simple and convenient as it has its port in Mombasa and CFS warehouses in Nairobi.

As UK Kenya shipping we will arrange for door-to-door and, in some cases, door-to-door shipments. 

Our dedicated shipping company has been in operation for many years, so you can rest be assured that we provide you with the best pallet delivery service.

 We will contact our customs broker and ask you for the required documentation after the pallet reservation is complete so that everything is on track with shipping.

If your shipment is urgent , we can direct air cargo to your door anywhere in Kenya

From the bustling capital to remote villages, local experts work with our major courier companies to deliver your packages on time.

Both services are trackable and require signatures on delivery.

When you’re ready to complete your booking or need an online quote, enter your details on our website, and if the price isn’t visible, enter a particular section, and a member of our sales team will get back to you.

 Shipping to Kenya from the UK

UK Kenya shipping offers the following pallet services in Kenya:

By plane

Door-to-door express delivery of pallets

• Door-to-door express delivery of parcels

From the sea

• Delivery of pallets to the port

• Home delivery of pallets [business addresses only]

What you need to know about our pallet services in Kenya:

UK Kenya shipping accept shipments of any weight and size

• Sending a small package with loaded containers, we take care of:

  1.  Small and large or bulky parcels
  2.  Single and multiple palettes
  3.  Extra large/suitable palettes

• Optional insurance is available on the website.

• Most services are fully traceable to and from Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping Company and other individuals can send a pallet to any address in Kenya.

• We only work with the largest and most reliable international shippers.


5+ planes every two weeks


UK Kenya shipping provides an excellent parcel shipping service for the Kenyan community living in the UK.

 It is happy to provide in a relevant shipping advice for those wishing to send goods to family and friends.

UK Kenya shipping services suit import/export businesses and individuals who want to ship items to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping handles the delivery of your parcels with the professionalism and thoroughness you expect from the world’s largest freight forwarder.

Order your items from your favorite courier services, and we guarantee fast and safe delivery.

No matter the size of your shipment, UK Kenya shipping is committed to getting it where it needs to go.

 We treat the delivery of your package like any other shipment of essential goods, thoroughly and professionally.

When shipping items overseas, knowing which service best fits your needs and verifying that the item you’re sending is authorized in the destination country is essential.

 You’ll also find other helpful information to ensure your item arrives quickly and safely.

    • We provide door-to-door shipping services in Kenya, including all customs clearance.
    •  We provide reliable air freight services to Kenya every week.
    •  Buy from all UK online shops, including Amazon, eBay, and ASOS and use our UK address as your delivery address.
    • UK Kenya shipping is the fastest and most convenient way to ship your excess baggage and personal effects to Kenya.
    • We provide outsourcing and procurement services on behalf of our clients.

    Our commercial air transport to Kenya is a weekly service which means it faster in deliveries within Kenya.

     All goods are subject to security checks; our security control network is capable of handling shipments of all sizes to ensure a smooth process of loading goods for faster delivery to Kenya. 


    We collect your parcel from your Kenya supplier or online shop and deliver it to Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru or anywhere in Kenya within 5 business days.


    Stay safe and shop from your lazy chair in 3 easy steps.

      Visit UK Kenya shipping, Amazon, eBay or any other online store and place an order.

      Have the items delivered to our address in Kenya.

     Sit back and relax. Let our professional team take care of the rest and deliver your package to your home in Kenya

    UK Kenya shipping orchestrates the flow of products, partial or complete, throughout the supply chain to ensure customer satisfaction.


    At UK Kenya shipping, we know that the experience matters. That’s why customers trust uses guarantee the safety of your packages and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

     Safe, fast delivery.

     Transporting goods from a distribution centre (DC) to the final point of sale involves logistics.

    UK Kenya shipping controls the flow of products, in whole or in part, through the supply chain up to and including.

    The cheapest courier service from United kingdom to Kenya.

    If you are looking for the cheapest courier service from united kingdom to Kenya, we are here to help,we offer the most and affordable way to send a package from United Kingdom to Kenya.

    UK Kenya shipping ship many things from United Kingdom to Kenya daily, and for the people need a safe and reliable shipping service for couriers in Kenya to deliver their parcels from United Kingdom to Kenya

    We offer free pick up and packing within United Kingdom with the proper paperwork, including safe transport when Shipping to Kenya.

    We provide online parcel tracking after shipment from United Kingdom to Kenya.

    We are happy to introduce UK Kenya shipping Courier, an online parcel booking portal for courier services from United Kingdom to Kenya, designed to provide express delivery for your courier from United Kingdom to Kenya.

     You are just one click away from sending your package from United Kingdom to Kenya.

Shipping companies in Kenya ensure that shipping goods from the United Kingdom to Kenya is feasible.

Below is a list of reputable companies offering fast air and ocean freight services for all UK and Kenya parcels.

1). UK Kenya shipping.

UK Kenya shipping is the leading shipping company in Kenya eager to provide fast, safe and reliable freight services from the UK.

 The company is a complete freight service that ensures that all goods are delivered to predetermined locations.

Their freight forwarding services and purchasing advice are offered to individuals and small to large businesses. The company has a diligent and highly skilled crew who can provide all-cargo services. 

They also validate each package delivered or picked up, check that it is in good condition and repack it for shipment if necessary.

This UK Kenya shipping company also regularly informs you about the progress of the cargo using the tracking system. As all of your items must clear customs, the company assumes this responsibility.

UK Kenya shipping ensures that you receive the best shipping services at a reasonable price.


Auto Kenya is one of the leading container shipping providers to Mombasa, Kenya, from the UK

They provide reliable, fast, friendly, honest service and offer affordable container rates in Kenya.

Auto Kenya has partner companies to provide excellent services if you need car clearance in Mombasa.



Horizon World Cargo is a renowned and leading international freight forwarding company that guarantees its customers fast and profitable results but it not as widely as UK Kenya shipping.

 UK Kenya shipping Provide as the organizations and individuals with the most customizable and customer-centric shipping services from UK and Europe to Kenya.

The management team has decades of experience in shipping and logistics. They provide customers with 24/7 support to ensure they are happy with you.


Pallet shipping is an inexpensive method of shipping your goods safely worldwide and to the UK.

 Pallet2ship has its port in Mombasa. Sea shipping transports goods from port to port. At commercial addresses, on the other hand, they deliver door-to-door. Air transport door-to-door delivery.

In the UK and around the world, Pallet2ship has been working successfully with businesses and individuals for over a decade. It is known to offer the following services.

• Door-to-door monitoring

• Convenient pallet delivery

• Fast and quality service with reliable couriers

• Free estimate and immediate online booking

• All delivery sizes are shipped, including containers and non-palletized goods

• Deliveries of engines and gearboxes at no extra cost, shipping of personal items

• Advice on shipping goods by air, land or sea for international trade, export and import.


UK Kenya shipping is one of the most successful independent freight forwarders providing comprehensive end-to-end logistics services. 

The company was formed to manage and support the growing trade between East Africa and the UK.

They offer very competitive air transportation to all destinations. 

Additionally, they offer a website that allows Kenyan customers to ship from a UK website and have their purchases delivered to their doorstep.



This shipping company is the best option for quickly and safely transporting your products and goods from the UK to Kenya. They help you ship packages or parcels of any size.

Their services include Kenya customs clearance, free warehousing, and reliable weekly express air service to Kenya, plus they provide proof of export to your supplier for VAT purposes.



Eon Logistics is an international freight forwarder to Kenya from the UK. This company can ship oversized loads or difficult-to-handle cargo to locations many shippers may need help handling.


UK Kenya shipping is a freight forwarding that specialists operate from the UK to the entire East African region. 

They provide an online platform that allows customers in Kenya to ship to any website in the UK and have their shopping delivered to their doorstep.

The company offers the best and safest shopping services, and you can shop from well-known online retailers such as UK Kenya shipping,Amazon and eBay, pay with MPESA and receive the items directly to your home.



Sheffield Cargo Logistics is one of Kenya’s leading freight forwarding and supply chain management services providers.

 They provide their customers with logistics solutions that support their trade and benefit how they do business, wherever they are in the world.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Sheffield Cargo Logistics provides complete end-to-end solutions for maritime and air freight logistics. The company ships from the UK, China, Turkey, India, Thailand, the US, Somalia and Hong Kong.



Morgan Cargo Logistics provides logistics solutions to a diverse range of international clients.

 The company has built a reputation as an efficient supplier of cargo space, supplying goods and services to exporters and agencies. That handles all aspects of air, sea and road logistics.

Morgan Cargo focuses on specific niches and offers complete logistics solutions for perishable, general and live animals.



Worldwide Air Freight Kenya provides convenient, safe, and state-of-the-art cargo services to Kenya from the UK. 

It offers door-to-door shipping to Kenya from the UK, whether you need air or ocean freight for your goods, online shopping, extra baggage or commercial cargo.

They have a team of experts dedicated to providing you with a first-class freight service to any location in Kenya.



This company provides safe, hassle-free, convenient and cost-effective cargo to Kenya from the UK and logistics solutions from anywhere in the world at your doorstep.

They offer air freight from the UK, China, Dubai, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand and Europe.



 Freigh the  is a shipping company that significant corporations depend on to safely, quickly and securely transport their goods across international borders. 

Provides affordable freight services to Kenya from the UK.

It also has an experienced team that works with businesses of all sizes to provide cost-effective, customized solutions to keep global supply chains flowing.



Globeflight Kenya is an international courier and logistics company established in 2004. 

Globeflight Kenya’s subsidiary, Union Green Logistics Limited, Is licensed as an Authorized Economic Operator and manages all its customs brokers.

Email: sales


Anja express cargo is a retail and forwarding company providing weekly air cargo from the UK to Kenya.

 They carry goods for £6.65 per kilo plus a £20 handling charge for each shipment (all inclusive)

Contact: +254789700162


The idea for FGC services was born in the 1990s when the current Chief Executive Officer travelled between Kenya and Dubai with imported goods in a suitcase which he then resold to a select group of clients.

 He then realized that there was a vacuum in the logistics sector.

The company offers individuals and businesses of all sizes a consistent, high-quality logistics solution at an affordable price.



Parcel2kenya offers the most reliable, economic and convenient parcel and pallet shipping to Kenya from the UK.



Rolling Cargo is a logistics company that helps you buy, purchase and deliver cargo to Kenya from the UK and other countries. 

They provide the fastest transit times with the most convenient and cheapest routes.

It also offers the following services: handling, packaging, customs clearance, import and export and cargo consolidation.



With different shipping companies, you may wonder which is the best shipping company to get to Kenya from the UK.

 Product type, shipping cost and delivery speed are the main factors that help you choose the right shipping company.

Shipping to Kenya from USA, UK and Germany


UK Kenya shipping offers the right fast and safe solution to deliver your commercial cargo directly to your doorstep in Kenya from the UK and in Germany. We use our extensive network of airlines, such as Kenya Airways, British Airways and American Airlines, to deliver your cargo to Kenya. We have handled healthcare, manufacturing, wholesale, retail apparel, telecommunications, and oil and gas commodities.

Our commercial shipments are sent to Kenya from the UK  and in Germany It is a weekly service, which means faster delivery within Kenya. 

All goods are subject to security checks; our security control network can handle shipments of all sizes to ensure a smooth loading process for faster delivery to Kenya.


We take care of your package


How can I ship goods to Kenya from the UK?

UK Kenya shipping specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses in Kenya locate and transport commercial cargo to customers’ doorsteps. As a result, many of our clients have seen the benefits of our service with higher profit margins through affordable freight service to Kenya combined with the best in-house product sourcing team.

How long is the transport from the UK to Kenya?

When it comes to shipping cargo to Kenya, you have two options.

Option 1: Air Freight to Kenya:- This is the fastest way to ship your cargo to Kenya.

It takes about 2 to 3 business days, including customs clearance.

At UK Kenya shipping, we offer all-inclusive shipment to Kenya from the UK to name a few of our prime locations.

Option Two: Ocean Freight to Kenya (Shipping to Kenya) from the UK. It’s longer (1 weeks on average) but more profitable.

How to send a package to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping all-inclusive service is the easiest way to send a package to Kenya from the UK. We have a fast and secure weekly service.We have shipped over a million parcels to Kenya. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international services.Our team will be happy to answer any question you may have and guide you through  the process.


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