Amazon to Kenya:

Buy from Amazon and ship to Kenya 

Buying from Amazon and shipping to Kenya from the UK is a great way to purchase products you won’t find anywhere locally. However, the process can be complex, as many suppliers don’t ship outside the United Kingdom, and you may find using your preferred payment method challenging.

UK Kenya shipping can help you buy from Amazon and other vendors and consolidate your packages. We ship your items directly to you, or you can collect them from our Nairobi warehouse at no extra cost.

Why buy on Amazon?

Amazon is a trusted supplier of many products, and many retailers use the Amazon Sellers platform. These sellers must abide by Amazon’s rules, which is why they are held to the same high standards as other products on the site.

Amazon also has excellent customer service; you can often find products for much less than you can get locally in Kenya. While Amazon offers speedy shipping to kenya from UK., getting products to Kenya can take time and effort. Suppliers often do not allow international shipping, and some items you are looking for may not be permitted to shipment to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping can help you find and buy what you want on Amazon, and since we have a shipping address in the United Kingdom, you are not limited by-products that cannot be shipped internationally by the supplier.

We can guarantee that laws and regulations in Kenya prohibit no selected products, and we consolidate, pack and ship your order to streamline the customs process.

 With real-time updates of your order, you know immediately when your package arrives.

Create an account now and start hassle-free shopping in the United Kingdom from the comfort of your home or office.

Start sending now

Everyday products that our customers ship from Amazon to Kenya.

The standard products that our customers like to buy from Amazon to ship to Kenya are many kinds of electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers and laptops, digital cameras, lighting equipment, and video games.

These items are often much cheaper to buy through Amazon, even after shipping costs are factored in. Double-check and ensure the electronics you operate on the highest voltage in Kenya. You may need a voltage transformer or adapter to use your items.

Housewares are also popular with our customers who ship to Kenya by Amazon. We as UK Kenya shipping will help you ship from the UK to Kenya. You can choose decorative items, kitchen appliances and small appliances, bedding and bedding, curtains and decorations, and even furniture!

You can find clothes and shoes from all your favorite brands on Amazon and in any size you want. You will find the trends at affordable prices and accessories like sunglasses, watches, bags, and jewelry.

While we don’t have any restrictions on new clothing, wholesale/commercial shipments of used clothing and footwear, as well as tactical clothing, military or police clothing, boots, or related equipment, are all prohibited. If you are still determining the garment you want qualifies as ‘tactical’, please contact UK Kenya shipping so that we can help you. we help you ship.

Similarly, makeup, cosmetics, and other beauty products are often purchased from Amazon and shipped to Kenya. These lightweight products are easy to send by Airmail and can arrive in 2 to 3 business days. Unfortunately, we cannot ship hair dye, nail polish, or glue.

If you plan to buy perfume or cologne, body mist, aftershave, or body spray, you can do it every last Wednesday of the month. The products must be authentic, as we as UK Kenya shipping cannot ship counterfeit or dubious products. Each cylinder must be new and factory sealed. We cannot ship perfumes whose quality and origin cannot be easily verified.

How to shop on Amazon in Kenya?

If you want to shop on Amazon in Kenya, you can use Amazon Global to try and find products that ship directly to your location. However, products are often only available for shipping within the United Kingdom. To see what Amazon offers for shipping to the United Kingdom., go to their website and search for the items you’re looking for.

UK Kenya shipping can help you source your items, repack and consolidate your purchases to ship them more efficiently, and ship them direct to you, or you can collect your shipment for free from our Nairobi warehouse in Kenya. If you plan to make multiple purchases, we recommend purchasing several items simultaneously to save on shipping costs.

Create an account now and start hassle-free shopping in the United Kingdom. from the comfort of your home or office.

we are the best shipping company from the UK to Kenya. Still offer the best air cargo to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping offers two services to help you shop on Amazon:

1) Shipping only

Our UK Kenya shipping offer shipping service can only ship products from Amazon to Kenya via our U.K. address. This option can be used for air or ocean shipping, and we can consolidate your shipments or ship them one by one as they arrive at our warehouse, depending on your preference. We still do the shipping to Kenya from the USA, by helping the customer in sending a parcel to Kenya from the UK.

It’s straightforward to buy from Amazon and ship to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping option, even if you live outside our delivery area. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Create a UK Kenya shipping account and log in. It will give you access to your UK Kenya shipping payment address in the United Kingdom.

2. Create and log into your Amazon account to search for your items.

3. Buy your items from Amazon. Use your UK Kenya shipping address in the U.K. at checkout. Please note your tracking information once your order has been shipped.

4. Provide UK Kenya shipping with tracking information for all your items. If items are being shipped in multiple packages, determine if you would like UK Kenya shipping to consolidate and repackage your shipment to reduce costs.

5. UK Kenya shipping consolidates, ships, and delivers the items directly to your location or our Nairobi warehouse for collection.

2) Purchase and ship

What is the ship sale and purchase?

If you would like UK Kenya shipping to help you purchase your products from Amazon or multiple suppliers, we are happy to do so. Our checkout and shipping option makes it easy for you to choose what you want without having to figure out different payment options and shipping costs separately, and you can use multiple suppliers to place a single order.

All purchases made through our Buy & Ship option are fully insured. You don’t have to worry about anything except choosing the items you want, which makes UK Kenya shipping Buy and Ship option the easiest for those who want a stress-free shopping experience.

1. Choose online the items you want to purchase that are available in the United Kingdom and have not been banned from shipping to Kenya from the UK(you can find our list of prohibited and restricted items here).

2. Visit the UK Kenya shipping website to request quotes for items you wish to purchase for yourself from Amazon and other trusted vendors you want to buy from.

3. Make payment with us.

4. We can help you purchase the required items and have them shipped to our address in the United Kingdom.

5. We consolidate, pack and deliver your order by air cargo to Kenya or sea.

What is the cost of shipping goods from Amazon to Kenya?

The cost of sending parcels to Kenya from the UK and Amazon cargo to Kenya via UK-Kenya shipping varies greatly depending on what you are shipping and the shipping method. The cost includes the cost of the items you wish to purchase plus the total cost of shipping from the U.K. to Kenya. Shipping costs to Kenya vary depending on weight, volume, and whether you are shipping by air or sea.

If the products on Amazon do not offer free shipping to Kenya, you may also need to pay for shipping the items to the UK Kenya shipping U.K. location. Additionally, all sales of goods in Kenya are subject to VAT at 16%.

If you use UK Kenya shipping Buy & Ship service, there is also a service fee, but for orders with a value, you can pay 50% at the time of order and the last 50% when the order arrives in Kenya.

It is always best to contact us at +447487554202 for the most accurate quote on shipping goods from Amazon to Kenya.

How long does it take to deliver the goods to Kenya?

While we can only estimate an accurate delivery time by knowing what you’re shipping, Amazon products shipped through SUK Kenya shipping usually arrive within 2- 3 business days by Airmail and 6 – 7 weeks by sea.

We recommend ordering urgent shipments, such as gifts and unique event products, well in advance. This way, you are prepared for unexpected delays due to uncontrollable variables such as bad weather or high volume (like during the holidays).

While delays are rare, we want to ensure our customers always get the shipments they need in time for an important day. They ship from the UK to Kenya.

Your shipment is safe with UK-Kenya shipping.

How do you ensure safe shipping?

UK Kenya shipping works hard to ensure that we provide only the best customer service and shipping experience for customers looking to buy from Amazon and ship to Kenya. We provide updates every step of the way so you always know the status of your package and complete all necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth customs process.

How long does it take to deliver Amazon Shopping to Kenya?

It takes 2 to 3 business days to deliver the shipment. This applies from when we receive your parcels in our U.k. warehouse until they arrive in Nairobi.

Please note that non-Amazon Prime items purchased from Amazon always take longer to ship. Delivery can also take up to a month. Avoid these items, even if they seem cheaper.

You can do it with the UK Kenya shipping Air Cargo to Kenya. Where You Shop We Ship Service. Send the links to the products you are looking for to and you will receive a quote. It’s as easy as 123. Better yet, you pay for shipping once your goods are in Kenya.

Can I shop on Amazon without a credit card in Kenya?

While we can’t give an accurate delivery time estimate without knowing what you’re shipping, Amazon items shipped via UK Kenya shipping Air Cargo to kenya typically arrive via Airfreight within 2 to 3 business days for shipping to Kenya from the U.k. and 3-5 business days working days for shipping to Kenya from the U.K.

How long does it take to deliver the goods to Kenya?

If you have Amazon Prime through Amazon, almost all your orders are eligible for free shipping in the U.K. It means that our orders can be delivered free of charge to UK Kenya shipping depot in the U.K. and USA, then shipped to Kenya by UK Kenya shipping Air Cargo to Kenya and even offered to your door.

How to ship from Amazon to Kenya?

Interested in shipping from Amazon to Kenya? You will learn how to buy any product from and we as a UK Kenya shipping ship to Kenya from the UK. So today, I will show you the cheapest way to ship from Amazon to Kenya Using UK Kenya shipping In order to order several items from Amazon.

Why shop on Amazon while in Kenya?

Something to know about

Amazon – The world’s leading online store. Amazon is the superpower of online stores in the world. Millions of goods are sold every day from this shop alone. Once you order we as UK Kenya shipping will ship it for you. We ship from the UK to Kenya for the shipment.

Amazon ships to kenya It is one of the famous and multinational e-commerce companies in the United Kingdom and was one of the first companies to start selling products over the Internet. Besides Amazon itself, many other stores and sellers sell through Amazon’s online store. These shops and sellers are well recognized on the site as Amazon sellers.

Sellers sell new or used products from the Amazon site. They are subjected to strict controls and can’t just store the products. They will have to ship everything to Amazon’s warehouse and sign a warranty agreement, and only then will they be able to sell on the Amazon site.


 Amazon guarantees you security, so you don’t have to have a headache because you don’t have to stay online and check the seller’s reputation. You can buy and ship goods from Amazon to Kenya for items that are not locally available in Kenya.

It could be because things are expensive here in Kenya, and you have seen a cheap product on Amazon, and there is free shipping for this product. Another good reason to buy from Amazon concerns the quality of the products. I’m not saying the produce in Kenya isn’t good, but the American crop is.

Why not buy on Amazon from Kenya?

• If you need the product urgently, go to a local shop and buy it there, and you will be sorted.

• If you want to buy groceries, Amazon is one of the best options.

Otherwise, if you are okay with importing products from Amazon to Kenya.

Shipping from Amazon to Kenya.

What is the easiest way to ship to Kenya?

Now let’s see how Amazon shipping to Kenya works. We’ll take a hands-on approach here, and I’ll show you the steps to follow.

Now go to Amazon and browse the platform to familiarise yourself. Don’t let the simplicity of the home page fool you; this site is enormous. It has millions of products.

Find out what you need and wait to buy anything yet.

Buy on Amazon in Kenya and ship.

Amazon has a program, Amazon Global, that allows for international shipping to countries like Kenya.

The Amazon Global program offers customers a unique service: estimate duties and taxes at the checkout and clear customs on your behalf for eligible countries. But once the customer buys we help them do the shipment to kenya from the UK.

An import tax will be charged and collected when the products are shipped to Kenya using eligible shipping options included in Amazon’s Global Programme.

With your consent, these funds will be used by the carrier or other agent to pay import duties on your behalf (or on behalf of the consignee) to the proper authorities in the destination country.

How to ship from Amazon to Kenya?

To buy from Amazon, follow these steps to order any product from Amazon. Note: Amazon automatically detects your location. If you use a VPN, turn it off.

Type on your computer or mobile phone to view the online platform. Once you through the UK Kenya shipping helps you import.

How often does Amazon update tracking?

Your tracking status and order location will update each time an Amazon Delivery Partner scans the barcode on the package–usually when it reaches a new facility or is out for delivery.

Track your package

You can find the tracking information in your order details. Each order must be separated for the delivery date and tracking information if an order contains multiple items. We at UK Kenya Shipping help you ship in Kenya. The company has been the cheapest way to ship from the UK to China. It offers a tracking system for the customer’s item.

Do you want to track a package?

Find your tracking information, your tracking I.D., and order details from

Your commands

1. Go to Your Order.

2. Go and order what you want to track.

3. Select Track Parcel next to your order.

4. Select View all updates to view delivery updates.

Depending on your chosen shipping method, tracking information may take time to be visible.

Sometimes, third-party sellers may also track items shipped from Amazon Marketplace. The seller has to be shared this information with Amazon, and you have chosen a trackable shipping method.


 Some parcels, such as standard international deliveries, are not trackable. Other reasons why tracking information may not be available are listed in Tracking Information Missing.

If your package estimated delivery date has passed and your tracking information has stayed the same, please allow an extra day or two to deliver your package. Read more about our UK-Kenya shipping recommended actions for late deliveries.

If your package shows as delivered, but you have yet to receive it, go to Finding a missing package showing as provided for more information on what to do. If you wish to contact the courier who delivers your parcel, please use the contact details listed in the courier’s contact information.

What to do if a package is stolen?

If your mail has been stolen, follow these steps for a refund or a replacement item.

Step 1: Track the parcel

If you believe your package has been stolen, please check your purchase confirmation email for tracking information. Usually, you will receive a tracking number that you can use to track the shipment to the status of the item.

 Sometimes just clicking that number or button is enough, but sometimes you need to copy the number and enter it on the retailer or shipping company’s website such as UK Kenya shipping. Where the company does the shipment from UK to Kenya.

It is common for shipments to be delayed, especially during busy shipping periods, such as holidays. The shipment status indicates where the package was last checked in or when it was delivered.

If the item is listed as delivered.

Step 2: Check if your neighbors have seen it or saved it for you

After verifying that the item has been delivered, check with your neighbors.

 It’s embarrassing to take your anger out on a customer service rep only to find that the friendly neighbor saw your package and took it to prevent it from being stolen or rained.

 Your neighbors may have seen your package earlier today, even if they don’t have your package.

Step 3: Contact your seller or reseller

If your package appears to have been stolen, please get in touch with the seller like UK Kenya shipping as we are the ones who have shipped you the item. Retailers have different policies and procedures for handling stolen items, but you’re usually entitled to a refund or replacement.

Amazon covers most stolen packages with its A-to-Z warranty protection. Sometimes “Fulfilled by Amazon” purchases come from business partners known as “Amazon sellers”. (You should find out if this is the case when you order the item.)

If this is the case with your purchase, Amazon requires you to contact the Amazon seller first and try to resolve the issue with them.

 But if you waited two and more business days for a response and the seller is uncooperative, you can file a complaint with Amazon, and they will likely refund you.

In many cases, retailers readily agree to send you a replacement item. But if they don’t take responsibility and refuse to issue you a replacement, you can still take a few steps to get a refund.

Step 4: File to claim with the shipping company

Sometimes retailers try to pin the blame on the courier or ask you to file a claim and wait a few days to make sure the package doesn’t get delivered.

If you encounter this scenario, you can file a claim with the shipping company.UK Kenya shipping, UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL give all offer an online claim process for reporting a missing item, and you can also contact through phone especially UK Kenya shipping gives the best shipping company from the UK to Kenya.

Shipping company online complaint form

UK Kenya Shipping file a complaint

UPS File a complaint

USPS File a complaint

DHL Submit a complaint

Step 5: Use the purchases for protection features on your credit card

Many credit cards offer purchase protection that refunds stolen items, provided the article was to be purchased entirely with the credit card, and the card issuer is notified within a specific time frame.

 Visit your credit card company’s website to check this coverage and file a claim.

Unfortunately, some credit card companies exclude valuables coverage (usually between $500 and $1,000). Some may be required you to file a police report before offering a refund.

 Finally, credit card purchase protection is often called secondary coverage, meaning it only kicks in after you’ve already had primary coverage, such as home or renter’s insurance.

Step 6: Claim high-value items from your home insurance policy

Most homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies will cover stolen packages. Unfortunately, this is only useful for purchases worth more than your deductible.

 Even if the lost property exceeds your deductible, you’ll need to consider having your home insurance company raise your premiums because of your claim, not to mention the hassle of filing the claim itself.

How to prevent parcel theft?

Having a package stolen is frustrating, and the claims process can be even worse. If you want to minimize the risk of parcel loss, consider these options for protecting your parcels while away from home.

In-person delivery schedule

The best way to prevent mail theft is to receive your packages personally. You can do this by informing your postal company like the UK Kenya shipping company that you need a signature for delivery or by having mail delivered to an address where someone is always present. 

If you’re away often, see if a neighbor is willing to take over. Or, if your employer agrees and your parcel is small, indicate your place of work as the delivery address.

Use a mailbox service.

A second way to prevent mail theft is to have packages delivered in a safe via a service like Amazon. Some supermarkets have convenience stores that offer this service, or you can have your parcel delivered to your local UK Kenya shipping, UPS or USPS office and pick it up there. But the help you ship to Kenya from the UK. 

If you want to avoid the trip to the post office, get a combination safe that will protect your packages until you get home.

Ensure your parcels

If you order a valuable item online, like a new iPhone or tablet, you’ll pay a little cash to more for insurance. You can do this through the supplier or delivery service.

Install a security camera.

Inexpensive home security cameras are easy to install around the perimeter of your home. Most cameras sync with your Wi-Fi and a phone app so that you can track packages throughout the day. The mere presence of cameras may be enough to keep would-be hackers away, but even if they don’t, at least you’ll have evidence for a police report.

Bonus: If you install security cameras, you may qualify for a home insurance discount.


Airplane transport

• Ground Transportation

• Special offers

Buying goods from Amazon in Kenya has always been challenging, thanks to shipping companies like UK Kenya Shipping that offer  Air Cargo to Kenya from the UK. Through freight forwarding and logistics services, such as UK-Kenya shipping, you can buy anything from Amazon and have it delivered to your home at incredible prices. Would you like to know more?

Buying from Amazon ship to Kenya takes a lot of work. However, shipping services make shipping much more accessible, safer, and cheaper than ever. Countless Kenyans are eager to buy products from Amazon and send them to Kenya as most products are reasonably priced and usually have a higher value.

Many retailers source much of their products for sale in Kenya, such as clothing and electronics, from Amazon before reselling them to you in a physical store for a profit. If you have ever wanted to start a retail business in Kenya, consider buying your products from Amazon or any other reputable online store like eBay or AliExpress.UK Kenya Shipping will help you ship.


Amazon is one of the largest online stores in the world. Thousands of people buy Amazon products daily, as this online retailer is highly regarded and respected for its service. Then UK Kenya shipping ships them.

 In short, Amazon gives you the security of buying online without worrying about the status of your goods. 

The best thing about purchasing goods from Amazon in Kenya is that you can choose from a wide variety of goods, many of which are unavailable in Kenya. Additionally, products on Amazon are often cheaper than products of the same caliber sold here. we ship from the UK to Kenya.

Buying goods from Amazon in Kenya can be a little confusing and a little difficult for many because to purchase goods from Amazon in Kenya successfully, you need the following:


Unlike before, credit cards aren’t just for the rich. Introducing prepaid credit cards in Kenya has enabled thousands of people to shop online. Banks like I&M and KCB provide customers with prepaid credit cards to buy products on Amazon.

Anyone can apply for a credit card if they are over 18, have a national identity card, and are responsible for monthly payments. Most credit cards work by using the card to buy products on Amazon until you reach your limit.


To purchase goods from Amazon in Kenya, you will also need a postal address to which the items you buy will be sent. If you prefer to receive your goods via Kenya Post, apply for a postal address at your nearest post station. Opening a postal address initially costs around KES 2500, but you must pay a fee of KES 1000 per year to keep your address.

A postal address is ideal for purchasing a small item from Amazon. Please note that things will not be delivered directly to your mailbox. Instead, you’ll find a card in your mailbox when your item arrives in the post advising you to collect it. UK Kenya shipping ship the package for you.

Once your package reaches we as UK Kenya shipping contact you. To avoid asking for a postal address, ask a transport company to help you. While sending a parcel to Kenya from the UK.

The best way to shop on Amazon is with the help of a shipping company like UK Kenya shipping. While buying goods from Amazon without using UK-Kenya shipping is possible, getting your items to Kenya is much more complex and expensive than most people realize.

A shipping company will ensure you get your goods from Amazon ship to Kenya without worrying about tracking your order or paying exorbitant shipping costs to have your goods delivered to you.


Step 1: Log in to Amazon to find the items you need to buy from Amazon in Kenya

Let’s say you need to buy a smartphone from Amazon. All you must do is log into Amazon and search for unlocked cell phones. Browse Amazon’s list to find the best smartphone for your needs. Remember to research the best phone for your needs and budget thoroughly.

Step 2: Copy your Amazon links

Copy and paste the link from the phone you purchased into your email. If you buy more than one item from Amazon, please copy the product links directly to your email. You can also copy and paste into a Microsoft Word document to attach to an email.

Step 3: Send cargo links to

Send the link of the item you wish to purchase to so you can get a quote from the UK-Kenya shipping team. When you send your email, be sure to include the following information:

• Your legal names as they appear on your passport or I.D. card.

• Your phone number where you can be easily reached.

• Specify the number of items required for each link sent. For example, if you need two smartphones, indicate that you need two.

Step 4: Check your quote email

After receiving the quote email from UK Kenya Shipping, you should review the quote. You will also receive a request in the email with the link to create a password for the customer portal. 

You can track invoices, payments, purchase history, and overviews through the customer portal. If you need help understanding the content of the quote email, please feel free to contact our UK Kenya Shipping customer service team will assistance.

Step 5: Make a payment

After viewing and accepting the quote email, UK Kenya Shipping will send you a final invoice for the items you wish to purchase. 

You can pay the goods’ total by M-Pesa or bank transfer on the final invoice. You pay the shipping costs of sending the item directly once UK Kenya Shipping delivers the goods. If you want to ship from the UK to Kenya.

Step 6: Check your Amazon confirmation of purchase and receipt email

Once you have made all necessary payments for goods purchased from Amazon, UK Kenya Shipping will start processing your order.

UK Kenya Shipping can help you buy and ship the items and sends you a purchase confirmation email. Try to keep the enclosed Amazon purchase confirmation receipt safe.

Step 7: Wait for your item to be delivered.

Once your item is in the country, UK Kenya Shipping will email you to let you know when you can collect your order or how the items can be delivered to your home. They help in shipping cargo to Kenya.

If you need assistance purchasing goods from Amazon in Kenya, don’t hesitate to get in touch with UK Kenya Shipping with an email regarding your inquiry. The team will get back to you quickly.

Is there Amazon delivery in Kenya?

Our shipping-only service is available to send products from Amazon to Kenya through our U.K. address.

Does Amazon Prime work in Kenya?

Yes, If you are a regular Amazon shopper, consider signing up for Amazon Prime. It will cost you a little cash in a month, and Amazon Business Prime will cost in a year.

If you shop on Amazon only a few times a month, think twice about those monthly payments.

 How long does it take to deliver Amazon Shopping to Kenya?

It takes 2 to 3 business days to deliver the shipment. This applies from receiving your parcels in our U.K. warehouse until they arrive in Nairobi. Please note that non-Amazon Prime items purchased from Amazon always take longer to ship. Delivery can take up to a month. Avoid these items, even if they seem cheaper.

 Does Amazon ship and deliver goods to Kenya?

Amazon does not ship to Kenya, but third-party couriers do. For example, Amazon may send to Kenya using third-party services such as UK Kenya shipping, DHL, or UPS.

They are much less expensive than UK Kenya Shipping, and their rates do not include customs clearance. You have to pay extra for customs clearance at the port of entry.

Only use their DHL/UPS method if you pay up to 90% less than UK Kenya Shipping charges per kilo.

Traditional carriers like UK Kenya Shipping, and DHL have air cargo to kenya planes that deliver within 2 to 3 working days. We can return within seven working days at 90% less cost than UK Kenya Shipping, DHL, UPS, and FedEx, and our charges include customs.

How do you import Amazon products into Kenya?

It is easy to buy and import products from Amazon to ship to Kenya. Here are the simple steps to follow.

• Create a free UK Kenya Shipping account and receive a free U.K. address.

• Go to Amazon and add all the items you need to your cart and proceed to checkout

• Use the UK Kenya Shipping warehouse address as the delivery address and complete the order on Amazon

• Amazon will send you the tracking number within 24-48 hours.

• Log back into your UK Kenya Shipping account and add your tracking number.

• We will receive your package and ship it to you in Kenya within 3 working days.

Does Amazon accept MPESA?

Amazon does not accept M-PESA, but UK Kenya Shipping Assisted Purchase Program (Store and Shipping) allows you to pay all purchase and shipping costs from Amazon to Kenya with M-PESA.

Here are the steps to buy from Amazon using M-PESA:

• Go to our assisted purchase page (shop and shipping) and submit your order request

• We will send you a quote in USD and KES options

• The quote also shows the pay bill number 

• Go to the MPESA pay bill option and enter 

• Enter the invoice or quote number for the invoice

• Pay

• You will receive an order purchase confirmation within 12 hours

What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya from the U.K.?

1. UK Kenya Shipping transport. 2 to 3 business days. 

2. EMS Parcel Post. 14-21 business days. From $32.

3. Pitney Bowes Booth. 10-18 business days. From $50.

4. Expedited global shipping. 2-5 business days. From $71.

5. Fast worldwide deposit. 6-7 business days. From $78.

6. Express pickup worldwide. 6-7 business days. From $83.

Is Amazon Prime available in Kenya?

Amazon Prime works in Kenya if your account has an active credit card. After subscribing to Amazon Prime, you must add your UK-Kenya Shipping warehouse address as your default shipping address.

Enjoy shopping on Amazon and buy products marked as Amazon Prime. We as UK Kenya shipping will help you receive them in 2 to 3 days and ship them to Kenya in business days.

How long does it take for a ship from the U.K. to Kenya?

It takes 2 to 3 business days to ship to Kenya using UK Kenya shipping Air cargo to Kenya. Our weekly break is every weekend. Your shipment will leave on Monday, and from that day, you should receive it within 2 to 3 working days.

Does Kenya have Amazon?

There is no Amazon shopping in Kenya. What most people confuse when they hear about Amazon in Kenya is their technology branch called Amazon Web Services. But UK Kenya shipping will help you ship to Kenya.

For example, Amazon CloudFront launched in Kenya, among others, providing faster and easier access to data hosted by AWS in those regions. It doesn’t mean the Amazon stores are in Kenya.

Contact us, If you want any of your shipment or luggage to be shipped from the UK to Kenya. We, as the UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, are the best in the Game.

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