What are the ocean freight options for shipping to Kenya from the UK?


By use of sea freight from the UK to Kenya we as UK Kenya Shipping offer ocean freight, also known as ocean freight. It is used for heavier parcels and is the oldest form of freight transport in many countries. It is also the cheapest means of transportation. If you want to save money and time is not so important, Use uk kenya shipping sea shipping is Kenya’s most affordable shipping option.

You can use our full range of dynamic and reliable ocean freight forwarding services designed to meet your delivery needs. We as UK Kenya shipping can ship goods from the UK to any part of Kenya by sea.

Our ocean freight UK to kenya services are fast, flexible, and cost-effective. HWC Sea Cargo is second to none, providing a reliable and flexible way for any individual or business to ship their cargo to the Port of Mombasa in Kenya. We can tailor a parcel to suit your needs, and you can be sure you are getting the cheapest deal online.


Custom sea transport.
Best rates
24/7 support
Single freight service

If you have any questions or want to know more about our UK-Kenya shipping services, please email www.ukkenya and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Shipping containers from the UK to Kenya

• We as UK Kenya Shipping provide shipping services from the UK to Kenya shipping time by sea.
• We ship goods by sea to Kenya which take about 6 to 7 weeks, and the transit time of goods by sea.
Ocean freight rates are based on dimensional weight (dimension of shipment) and cost per cubic foot from our UK Kenya shipping terminal in Boston, UK, to Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru, and Bungoma.
• Our UK Kenya shipping ocean freight services allow you to ship 2 or 10 packages, but the minimum weight chargeable is ten cubic feet.
• We have over 80 recipients in the Uk where you can leave your shipment.
• Ground freight from our agent closest to our shipping terminal in Boston per lb everywhere. Depending on the distance.
• We also offer pick-up services from several major cities.

For a quote for a 20ft or 40ft shipping container, please provide us with the city, state, and zip code where you plan to load the container and the type of items you would like to pack in a shipping container.


Sea freight to Nairobi from the UK rates per kg
Except for cumbersome goods, most LCLs are priced based on the volume of goods, not weight.

For most products, use these rules of thumb to select the cheapest mode:

• Shipments over 500 kg become uneconomical for sea freight.
• Sea freight costs for our UK Kenya shipping you can contact +447487554202 for more information about the shipment.
• For about a package per kg, a shipment with more can be shipped between the UK and Kenya can be shipped cheaply by sea.
• Express shipping is a few weeks faster but less expensive.
• Parcels weighing less than kg can be transported inexpensively by courier (express transport).

Common ocean and ocean freight costs, rates, and surcharges in your freight quote:

You can expect these items on ocean freight quotes and invoices:
• Customs security surcharges (AMS, ISF)
• Container Freight Station (this is the consolidation cost and only applies to LCL)
• Terminal Handling Fees (Port Authority Fees)
Customs clearance
• Collection and delivery.
• Warranty
• Additional costs (fuel surcharges, hazardous material handling, storage, etc.)
• Route costs (e.g. Panama Canal, Alameda Corridor)


The best shipping companies in Kenya

Shipping companies are essential for companies that need to transport goods around the world. The problem is that so many options are available, making it challenging to decide which company is right for you. So we have compiled a list of some of Kenya’s most famous shipping companies and what they offer their customers.

The top 5 shipping companies in Kenya based on reviews and customer satisfaction are:

According to this article, shipment means transporting goods from one place to another. It can be done by air, road, or sea. Therefore, shipping can be within or from one country to another.

1. UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya Shipping is a freight forwarding company with sea freight to kenya from London, UK. The company’s services have been praised by many customers who have already used it. According to most customers, this is one of the shipping companies in Kenya with excellent customer service and fast delivery.

The company serves Kenya. This company can help you better if you need sea transportation. It specializes in personal effects, online purchases such as Amazon, excess baggage, and commercial goods by contacting us at +447487554202

2. UPS transport

UPS ships cargo from the USA to Kenya by sea or air. The urgency with which this company delivers goods to Kenya is one of the reasons why Kenyans love it. In most cases, it takes up to 14 business days for the goods to be delivered to Kenya from the United States. With over seven years of experience, UPS ship has mastered what it takes to satisfy customers regarding customer service and cars.

Whether you want to ship goods purchased from online stores such as Amazon and eBay or wish to receive a gift from the US, UPS will serve you well. The company has affordable rates. For example, if you ship an item weighing 1 kg or less, you will only pay, approximately Ksh. 1500.

If you want to transport heavy and bulky goods, you can use the sea freight option. At UPS Cargo, the container is loaded every last Friday of the month. It would help if you always planned, as delivery takes 90-120 days. The minimum cost for this option or around Ksh. 30,000 Finally, the delivery of your package is insured and guaranteed.

3. DHL Express

DHL Express is a world-famous shipping company. It serves more than 220 countries, Kenya included. You can ship your goods via air, sea, or road with DHL Express. The company boasts efficient and timely delivery of business and personal interests.

For excellent service delivery, the company has an onboarding questionnaire. Therefore, you must complete the questionnaire the first time you create an account at DHL Express. Through this questionnaire, the company understands your needs and how to serve you better.

4. Aircom Cargo Logistics Limited

Aircom Cargo Logistics Limited is a Kenya-based company providing international logistics services. It is one of the shipping companies in Kenya offering air, road, and sea transportation services.

The company has been around for over ten years. The company has grown significantly by providing excellent shipping services for many countries. Aircom Cargo Logistics excels in providing punctual door-to-door cargo services.
Location: Fortis Industrial Park, Road to Syokimau Airport at Mombasa Road, Block 26

5. States Duke

States Duka is an online shopping and air freight company in Kenya. The company serves Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, and South Sudan.

The advantage of this transport company is that they deliver shipments weekly, so you can be sure your package will arrive on time. You can ship your product from the US to Kenya for as low as $15 per kilogram.


UK Kenya shipping will NOT accept the following items shipped via SEA FRIGHT:

• Flammable liquids such as lighter, gasoline, paint thinner, kerosene, and varnish.
Flammable solids, including matches, firelighters, duct tape, oiled rags, and old fuel cans.
• Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides include hair dyes, household sprays, disinfectants, swimming pool acids, and bleach.
• Poisonous (poisonous) and infectious substances such as blood and urine samples.
• Items that carry or have an unpleasant smell or odor.
• Corrosive materials such as paint strippers or paint removers and rust inhibitors.
• Drugs and Prohibited Substances.
• Pornography or other pornographic material.
Firearms, ammunition, and war material.
• Automotive parts (car and motorcycle parts and the like).

UK Kenya shipping also restricts certain items classified as Dangerous Goods, Liquids, Aerosols, Gels, Electronic Items, and Security Valuables that may not be listed above.


Railway container

UK Kenya shipping has a container tracking system that cab lets you know where your ocean freight is and get port details. You can even track the current location of the container at any time. To follow the establishment of a container, you need to provide the container number/bill of lading/reservation number and the UK Kenya shipping company.

You can track a container and see where it is using any of these three credentials. We as UK Kenya shipping offer UK to Kenya sea freight tracking.

What is a container number?

One way to track a container is to use the container number. A container number consists of four letters (prefix of the container), the owner code, a six-digit serial number, and a check digit. For example, ABCD 1234567. The owner code indicates which company the container belongs to.

The check digit is the last digit of the container number to identify a possible type in the container number. The check digit validates the container prefix and container serial number.

You can find a link to Check Number of Digits Check Calculator

What is a waybill?

The use, of the UK Kenya shipping waybill is another way to track a container. A bill of lading, sometimes abbreviated to B/L or BOL, is a standard document issued by the carrier detailing the shipment and giving title to the load to the specified party.

The waybill is a document required to move a shipment of goods. This document is used in international trade to provide that exporters receive payment and importers receive goods. We have the sea freight documentation for kenya.

Reservation number

The reservation number is a shipment number for your cargo used by the carrier or agent. The booking number is provided by the UK kenya shipping company when booking the load.

Types of tracking system

• The standard container tracking system records container journey movements as the container passes through critical points such as ports.
• GPS container tracking system provides real-time location of containers anywhere in the world, as well as critical container data such as temperature and tamper reports. The GPS tracking system has a battery permanently installed on the container. The system displays time, temperature, speed, latitude, longitude, crash reports, and battery information.


The organizational challenge associated with shipping goods from one destination to another is the most challenging aspect of international shipping. The company uses sea freight documentation for kenya.

After all, your company needs to coordinate between sender and receiver and deliver the goods in excellent condition on time. Unfortunately, managing your UK Kenya shipping ocean freight documents is another major hurdle your business faces.

Freight forwarding forms

Many transport modules are required to move goods from one destination to another. While you may only need some of these forms for some shipments, it is essential to understand the reasons and requirements for each condition.

bill of loading

A bill of lading is the contract between the cargo owner and the carrier. The same goes for domestic shipments. There are two types of bills of lading: the first is non-negotiable, while the second is a negotiable bill of lading or shipper’s order. The difference is that a negotiable bill of lading can be bought, sold, and traded while the goods are in transit, unlike a non-negotiable bill of lading.

Commercial invoice

Your shipping documents include a commercial invoice. A commercial invoice is an invoice for goods from the seller to the buyer. Governments often use these invoices to determine the actual value of goods when assessing tariffs and customs duties. Governments that rely on commercial invoices to control imports usually specify the details these invoices must contain. It may also be necessary to provide additional copies of the commercial invoice.

Some countries require a consular invoice. Consular invoices are documents that describe the shipment of goods and report other information such as sender, recipient, and value of the shipment. A consular invoice differs from a commercial invoice in that the foreign consular officer notarizes a consular invoice by mail.

Certificate of origin

Some countries require a certificate of origin. It is a signed declaration describing the basis of the export item. Typically, certificates of origin are signed by semi-official bodies, such as a local chamber of commerce. It is essential to understand that a certificate of origin may be required even if the commercial invoice already contains the same information.

Inspection certificate

For some purchases, it may be necessary to send a certificate of inspection, depending on the country. A third party or an independent testing organization usually performs the review.

Destination statement

The commercial invoice contains a declaration of destination control. This declaration also appears on the sea for the bill of lading. The purpose Destination Control Declaration aims to the carrier and all foreign parties that the item may only be exported to specific destinations.

Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED)
UK Kenya shipping offers Freight transport documents that are more comprehensive than those required by the country of destination. Exports are also documented for official purposes. You need to fill out a Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED). Your SED must be prepared for shipments over.

Regardless of value, SEDs must also be prepared for shipments that require an export license or are destined for countries subject to administrative restrictions. Generally, SEDs are prepared by the exporter or the customs agent.

Export packing list

Domestic shipments often require a packing list, but an export packing list is much more informative and detailed. An export packing list specifies the material in each package and includes information on the package type. The export packing lists also show the weights and dimensions of each box in the UK standard and metric system.

The shipper or shipper uses the packing slip to determine the total weight and verify that the correct cargo is being transported. Customs officials in the United Kingdom and abroad can also use this export packing slip to confirm your shipment.

Insurance certificate

A certificate of insurance assures the consignee that the insurance covers loss or damage to the goods in transit. The certificate of insurance indicates what is covered and for how long. Unto this, we as UK Kenya shipping have sea freight insurance to kenya.


Importing household items to Kenya by sea?

Here are things you need to know

For many ex-pats, finding work in Kenya is often a wonderful dream come true, for the company when shipping household goods to Kenya by sea.

There’s no reason why moving to Kenya, whether as an expert or as a long-lost son or daughter returning home, shouldn’t be an exciting time. When shipping to kenya from UK port.

Along with the beautiful climate, elaborate meals, vibrant cultures, and just as many attractions and places of interest in Kenya, most first-time or returning residents usually want to ship their belongings and belongings.

Your possessions may have sentimental value, or you suspect getting some of the services you already have in the local market will be a hassle.

Either way, UK-Kenya shipping help with your household goods, and personal effects will be accessible when you move to Kenya. This way, you can quickly start your life in this exciting corner of the world.

You can choose to import air shipments to Kenya. However, this option only offers a little flexibility regarding volume, as Kenya only allows one shipment of used domestic goods into the country duty-free.

Not to mention that shipping by sea is much cheaper than shipping by air.

Shipping is thus one of the best options available to you, especially with containers for cargo transportation; it has revolutionized the shipping industry.

Also, transporting large cargo volumes is now relatively cheaper and more efficient with the emergence of shorter and faster routes. It is estimated that 90% of all goods worldwide are transported by sea.


Documents required for import customs clearance.
• Import declaration form.
• Certificate of Conformity (if applicable)
• Master Bill of Landing.
• Telex release.
• Shipping of container freight stations.
• Packing list.
Commercial invoice.
• Letter of exemption (if applicable)

Here are the kenya sea custom clearance from UK


Choose UK Kenya Shipping is one of the most common modes of transportation used by exporters and importers from all over the world. 90% of all the goods shipped internationally are transported by sea. By use of UK Kenya shipping Sea freight container size UK to Kenya.

While other forms of international transport are faster, they are also more expensive.
Select the correct shipping container to meet your needs when planning your overseas shipment. Choosing the right container size saves you money, but ensuring your shipment arrives safely and in good condition is also necessary.


The first step in determining the correct container for your needs is identifying the cargo type you wish to ship. Do you transport dry or liquid goods? Is the product heavy or bulky? Does the cargo require refrigeration, insulation, ventilation, and special handling equipment? Are particular constraints or reminders required?


The next step is to calculate the transport volume of the UK-Kenya shipping shipment. The importance of the cargo is the product to the length times the width times the height times and the Quantity to be loaded.

Note that the precise method of calculating freight to the volume will vary depending on the shape of the involved unit.

Length x Width x Height x Quantity

Step 1: Determine the length, Width Width and Height of the box, crate, or pallet with a tape measure. For example, you have a shipment of 200 boxes, all of which are the same size and weight. The boxes are 24 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 10 inches high, weighing 15 pounds.

Note: When calculating the volume of cylindrical packs, it is best to check with the right courier such as UK Kenya shipping that are square within the circle (diameter becomes Width and Height).

Step 2: Multiply a single box’s length, Width, and Height to determine its volume in cubic inches. With this example, we get 4,320 cu.

Step 3: Convert cubic inches to cubic feet by dividing the total volume cu in. by 1728. For this example, we get 2.5 cu. Ft.

Step 4: Multiply the number of cans (Quantity) by the volume of a single can. In this example, the total cargo volume is 500 cu. Ft.

Step 5: If your shipment has various shapes and sizes loaded (lots), repeat the formula for each size, then add the lot volume totals to calculate the total freight volume for the entire shipment.

Step 6: Calculate the total weight of the load (Total Load Weight) by multiplying the Quantity by the weight of the item to be loaded. In this example, the entire payload is 3,000 lbs.

Step 7: Convert pounds to kilograms by multiplying the number of pounds by 0.45359237. The total weight in kilograms of this shipment is 1,360.78.
3000 x 0.45359237 = 1360.78

Step 8: Calculate your shipment’s cubic weight (in pounds) based on the total cubic feet. The total cubic weight of this shipment is 6 lbs per cubic foot.


Explanation of import duties and taxes

When shipping UK Kenya shipping products to another country, recipients must pay additional duties and taxes before delivery of their luggage.

Governments tax shipments from other countries because:

1. Protect domestic companies from foreign competitors.
2. Control the flow of certain products.
3. Increase revenue through taxes.

Shipping duties and taxes are legal requirements. We at UK Kenya Shipping have created this essential guide to help you understand why duties and taxes matter. You’ll find definitions, explanations, and some best practices for managing this aspect of shipping so you can then prepare your business to comply with trade regulations.

The Basics

Definitions: First, you’ll come across standard terms in the shipping industry and what they mean.

• Import duties.

A tax levied by a government on goods from other countries. Higher prices for imported goods make them less ‘desirable’, so buyers are encouraged to support them. You will notice that the duty rate varies for each category of goods, while VAT and the GST are more consistent. Learn more about import duties.

• Tax.

Goods and services tax.

This tax is collected in stages and paid to everyone except the final customer. It differs from VAT in that it is a fixed percentage of the total transaction rather than a percentage of the value added.

• VAT.

This tax is levied on consumers when they purchase goods or services. Learn more about VAT.

• Commercial invoice.

A document required for international shipping describing the items in the shipment and their value. Commercial couriers and customs brokers are referred to this document to process and clear your package. Learn more about commercial invoices.

• De minimis value.

The tax threshold or amount at which a person starts paying tax on an item.


Customs clearance and shipping procedures in Kenya
1. Customs clearance procedure in Kenya.
2. Customs declaration.
3. Customs formalities in the long room.
4. Customs inspection and scan
5. KPA Pick Command or Station Release Command


RORO and container shipping to Kenya

UK Kenya shipping company can help Ship from the UK to Kenya. Which offers reliable and affordable car transport services in Kenya. Our UK Kenya shipping offers RORO (Roll-on/roll-off) and container services that operate from many UK ports to the Port of Mombasa. We have shipped cars, Vehicles, vans, and trucks to the Port of Mombasa for over many years.

Our UK Kenya shipping dedicated and experienced staff will help you every step of the way. Our mission is to keep your vehicle as safe as possible right from the start. To send it safely and conveniently every time. Ship through sea freight to Nairobi from the UK.

We can organize your vehicle’s secure collection and delivery from anywhere in the UK and have it transported or brought to the UK port for you. By shipping to Mombasa from the UK. We later offer door-to-door service to kenya

Restrictions on the import of vehicles into Kenya

When you want to import a used vehicle into Kenya, it must be at most eight years old from the production date. This age limit came into effect by the Kenyan authorities. All vehicles shipped to Kenya must be RHD only. Left-hand drive vehicles are not accepted at all. We as UK Kenya shipping can help ship it to Kenya.

As a requirement of the Kenyan authorities, you must have your car inspected by QISJ before it is shipped to Mombasa.We as UK Kenya shipping. We have you covered; we will ensure your vehicle is legal and compliant in Kenya upon arrival.

RORO Car Shipping Services in Mombasa

Our UK Kenya shipping offer RORO services, better known as Roll on/Roll off services, and operates from many ports in the UK. Our services include crossings from UK to Mombasa Port, usually up to twice a month. RORO shipping is the cheapest way to transport a vehicle in Kenya and always proves a big hit for many African Overlanders looking for their next adventure.

With our UK Kenya shipping RORO shipping services, we as UK Kenya shipping can transport new and used rolling stock. All vehicles are driven onto the tailgate of the vessel, guided into the boat, and then strapped down for added security. These specially designed vessels provide a safe and economical way to transport any vehicle.

Container Car Shipping Kenya

We as UK Kenya shipping provide 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft HQ container services in Mombasa. Unlike RORO vessels, where all vehicles are driven directly into the boat, UK Kenya shipping offers that extra peace of mind by loading the car safely into its container. The container is only accessible if it is a government agent, such as the port police or customs.

Once the container door is sealed, this will be opened once it arrives at your agent’s warehouse in Kenya. You can ask your agent to monitor the opening of the container. It gives you even more peace of mind knowing your goods have not been tampered with from the time of loading to the point of arrival.


LCL cargo packing tips

LCL (less than container load) shipments refer to containers where the cargo occupies “less than” the entire container.
You usually share space with cargo from other shippers because all shipment is bundled in one container.

LCL  sea freight from the UK.

1. Use strong, sturdy boxes

With an LCL shipment, you often need to learn what other cargo is sharing your container space. Therefore, playing it safe with solid and sturdy boxes is always best to minimize the risk of breakage.

Note, however, that how a product is packaged will depend upon the destination and the method of transportation.

2. Double wall boxes

Double-walled boxes are sturdy cardboard boxes made of two stacked layers of corrugated cardboard. They are mainly used for transportation when additional protection is needed.
These boxes are strong enough to stack and offer the best protection for your goods. Sturdy plastic containers are also a good option.

3. Masking tape and packing tape

The container in which your goods are transported experiences extreme temperature changes. Therefore, make sure that the packing tape is of high quality and not cheap.
Lower-quality tapes lose their “stickiness” in transit, making the boxes more likely to collapse.

4. Palletize your load

UK Kenya shipping ensures the load is palletized as much as possible to facilitate forklift handling. When palletizing, ensure that the heaviest burden is on the bottom and the lightest on top.

5. Pack smart

When wrapping your cargo, wrap it in black shrink wrap to hide the nature of your shipment (in case someone nearby tends to steal it).
Wrap tightly from bottom to top to avoid movement during shipping.

6. Label correctly

We as UK Kenya shipping Label your cargo clearly and as required by the type of cargo you are carrying. If your load is fragile or top-loaded only, please mark this information clearly on the package. It minimizes the risk of mishandling the container and cargo and ultimately reduces the risk of damaged shipment.

7. Pay special attention to wooden packaging.

The wood packaging is recognized as a conduit for the introduction and spread of pests.
To reduce the spread of the infestation, follow international treatment guidelines adopted by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).

So what is the best strategy for getting the best ocean freight quote and carrier?

Here are five strategies you can adopt.

1. Whichever route you choose, always choose the fastest way (most minor transshipment ports) and transit time, as this is one of the most important things your customer is looking for, and as an agent, you expect them to be taken care of (unless they otherwise require a longer transit time).

While getting the best freight rate possible is essential such as UK Kenya shipping, I have yet to meet many customers willing to compromise to get their cargo to its destination on time and in good condition in favor of cheaper rates.

2. Ensure that the UK Kenya shipping freight rate you receive from the carrier and the quotation for your client is complete and includes all costs required per the contract terms: Sea freight door-to-door services to Kenya, port to port, etc.

And covers all areas. While every customer has a favorite carrier they would like to use, it is wise to compare multiple pages to ensure you get the best rate from your preferred carrier.

3. But for your benefit, consider Shopping Around Horse Trading. There is a big difference between the two, and if you start Horse Trading, you better be prepared for the consequences, like using UK Kenya shipping companies closing down and taking your cargo with you.

4. Be open and honest with the couriers you use and describe the full range of services to them so they can be honest with you and inform you of any applicable charges so that there are no surprises for you, your sender or their recipient later on.

5. Another incentive you can provide the carrier in exchange for the best rate is to sign a volume-based service agreement where you commit a specific volume to the page within a certain amount of time, giving you a better rate than your competitors.

Depending on your country, destination, cargo, container type, volume, etc., you can follow many other strategies to get the best UK Kenya shipping ocean freight rate from the most suitable carrier, but above are the top strategies that will ultimately get you there.


Base rates for ocean freight

Used by UK Kenya shipping Freight and forwarding companies have base rates used to calculate ocean freight costs.
. Generally, the ocean freight cost for an FCL is based on the container size, such as 20′ or 40′, or 45′, and the type – refrigerated, non-refrigerated, etc.

An LCL shipment is charged by weight or volume, whichever is greater. The weight in tons or volume in cubic meters (CBM) is multiplied by a base rate LCL applied by the transport company. CBM is the volume of an object 1 meter wide, 1 meter long, and 1 meter high.LCL sea freight to kenya from the UK.

Also called dimensional weight is the space occupied by cargo packed in a container or on transport. LCL shipping cost is based on gross size or weight. These are the total dimensions or weight of the shipment, including packing, palletizing, etc.


Countries where heavy machinery can be shipped from the United Kingdom. At UK Kenya shipping offer a Ship Overseas, we ship all types of heavy machinery from the United Kingdom to continents such as Europe and the Middle East. We as a UK Kenya shipping ship to Kenya and many other countries.

For a free quote, please provide us with the year/make/model of your machine, the postcode of the collection of your UK Kenya shipping service, or the port of departure and the country of destination.

Do you want to ship heavy, construction, or agricultural machinery abroad?

We as UK Kenya shipping can help! Ship Overseas is your overseas tool to safely ship heavy machinery to Kenya. Ship Overseas can also provide professional dismantling services, if required, at an additional cost to ensure your equipment fits easily into containers. Shipping agricultural products to kenya by sea.

By shipping unassembled machines, you can save on import duties and treat your shipment as shipping parts rather than fully assembled machines. Over the past years, leveraging our team’s in-depth knowledge of the overseas shipping industry, we have found ways to streamline the process of shipping heavy machinery, construction equipment, or agricultural equipment overseas.

We still use sea freight to kenya from UK technology product


Marine insurance

The UK Kenya shipping has an insurance policy that protects the goods against the risk of loss, damage, and theft during transport by sea, land, and air from its origin.

UK Kenya shipping offers an insurance policy that protects goods against loss, damage, and theft while in transit by sea from the port of origin. We still do some Sea freight insurance to kenya.

What are the types of marine insurance in Kenya?

Marine insurance coverage is generally divided into three categories, namely:
a) Hull insurance coverage in Kenya
Marine Hull ensures the risks associated with boats, canoes, dhows, ships, watercraft
and other ocean vessels.

b) Marine cargo insurance coverage in Kenya
A UK Kenya shipping has covered shipments from the point of origin to the final destination
. The same insurance can cover any shipment by road, rail, or sea.

c) Liability of third parties at sea.
This coverage ensures the owner; ship charterers’
compliance with legal liability towards third parties. It does not cover loss or damage
to the ship.

What does marine insurance cover?
Marine insurance protects you against loss/damage to property caused by;
• Natural disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes, lightning, etc.
• Man-made disasters such as ship theft, violence, and piracy.
• Collision, rollover, or derailment of land transport.
• Sinking of ships
• War

The marine insurance policy covers transits from;
• Waterfall
• Sky
• Road or train



With updated customs rules and procedures, we process import and export shipments by sea, air, and road more efficiently and quickly. We help do Kenya sea custom clearance from the UK to Kenya.

Our UK-Kenya shipping offers customs clearance services including the following:

Advising clients on preparing import and export-related documents.
Completing assessment and investigation procedures.

Making payments.

Once the customs formalities have been completed, we as UK Kenya shipping deliver the shipments to the agreed destination according to the needs of our customers.

As customs clearance agents, they provide many services to help customers enter and exit customs clearance. For import shipments, we require documents such as original invoice, packing slip, bill of lading/air waybill, importer authorized or bank invoice, certificate of insurance, purchase order or letter of credit, import license, and catalog or documentation if the goods are chemical for customs clearance services.

While for export clearance, an export permit or license and sales contracts are required along with the invoice, packing slip, and shipping instructions. As we receive corresponding documents, our UK Kenya shipping has trained professionals who are committed to providing clients with the best possible benefit regarding amended notices and waivers.

It avoids customs clearance delays and other downtime costs such as demurrage. We as UK Kenya shipping usually have clear import and export shipments within two to three days of receiving the documents.

Customs clearance (Export/Import)
• Orientation and advice on pre and post-shipment services
• Liaison and follow-up with various government agencies
• Documentation procedures, i.e. preparation and processing of documents
• All formalities and approvals after shipment
• Disadvantage/DEPB and various other export benefits
For example, our UK-Kenya shipping has skilled staff efficiently organizes the documents required by customs, transports and receives shipments, examines the goods, and manages the transport to the airport and the ICDs to the customer’s warehouse.


Sea transport of personal effects

At the service of individuals and professionals, we have proposed several tailor-made formulas for the transport of your personal belongings:

• “Door to Door”: including the collection of your goods from the place of departure (home, office, warehouse, etc.) to the destination address;
• “Terminal Render”: essentially includes the main transport operation from departure to the arrival area closest to the destination address. You must collect your items directly from the warehouse. Customs clearance formalities or other arrival costs in the destination country are not included.

To make the right choice, we as UK Kenya shipping can consider many criteria: place of departure/arrival, type of packaging, mode of transport, volume, weight, etc. We as UK Kenya shipping can transport your goods by sea. We still offer Sea freight door-to-door services to kenya for our customers.

We as UK Kenya Shipping Specialize in transporting all types of goods in the context of international and national removals, we operate throughout the UK and various countries worldwide to transport your personal belongings by sea.

For the transport of your personal belongings to take place in the best conditions, we take care of all stages of the shipment. We mobilize dedicated teams who rely on their know-how and skills to help you.


Secure your goods before and after Docking.

Your needs don’t begin and end when our UK-Kenya shipping cargo ships leave and enter the port. Our comprehensive warehousing and warehousing services ensure a smooth cargo transition through each stage of the transportation cycle.

Because we understand that the ability to store cargo and containers, both in port and beyond, is critical to the supply chain, we can continue to invest in flexible and innovative warehousing and storage solutions.

With our UK-Kenya shipping global network of warehousing facilities, we can provide a door-to-door logistics service, enabling you to move goods to and from any global destination. Shipping textiles to kenya from the UK by sea. We can store for the collection to our customer.

• global network of storage facilities
• Tailored approach
• Efficient global solutions

Why warehouse

it’s important of the warehouse plays a crucial role in the logistics network. It makes it possible to store the goods in the best possible way during interruptions in the transport process, for example, at the port of departure or of receipt. There can be planned or unplanned shipment delays, and high-performance warehousing should be part of any flexible supply chain.

Using our UK warehouses which offer the proper functionality and technology is essential for perishable products, food, beverages, or agricultural products that require specific conditions.Sea freight to Kenya from UK Warehouses.

Storage in a cold room
UK Kenya shipping provides the quality of your product is maintained throughout the supply chain with our cold storage operations for your temperature-sensitive cargo.

In these air-conditioned warehouses, UK Kenya shipping can store frozen and refrigerated products and guarantee the high quality of your products. Furthermore, we guarantee total traceability and the highest quality and certification standards.

Please check availability with your local agent.

Value-added solutions
Many of our UK warehouses provide the following services: full picking/packing, unloading, labeling, palletizing, and bulk stacking. We as UK Kenya shipping also offer other essential services in our warehousing facilities, such as receiving and measuring loads, repacking, replenishment, and assembly.

As a result, we offer transport to your goods quickly and safely and can also play a key role in coordinating your distribution network. With a focus on customer service, our experts tailor a solution based on when and how you want to release your goods.

Maximum efficiency

Combining our UK warehousing and storage solutions with our UK Kenya shipping ocean and barge services allows you to streamline your supply chain and enjoy a seamless end-to-end experience. You also save time because you work with fewer logistics partners. This so efficient approach often leads to cost savings.

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Ocean bill of lading: what it is, how it works

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What Is an Ocean Bill of Lading?

A bill of lading is required to carriage goods across international waters. An account of liss, both a carrier receipt for the shipper and a collection document or invoice. The contract is a legally binding document.

A bill of lading that a legal document or contract between the shipper and the carrier describing the type, Quantity, and destination of the goods being carried. The waists as a receipt when the goods are delivered to the pre-arranged destination. There are several types of bills of lading, each with unique terms and conditions.

How does a Shipping Bill of Lading work?

A sea waybill allows the shipper to transport goods across international waters. This document or contract contains details regarding the nature of the shipment, including the natural Quantity of the material being transported and where the goods are being shipped. Other detailed information in the contract includes the value of imported shipped goods and the type of packaging used during transport.

The sender receives the contract upon collection of the sender, and the carrier must sign the documents. Once the transmission is complete, the paper is delivered to the recipient. Upon delivery and receipt, the recipient must also sign the contract.

An additional document called a house bill of lading is required for the goods to be transported overland first. This inland account only allows materials to reach the coast, while the oceanic version allows cargo to be transported overseas.


 Which type of cargo and freight transportation is the best?

The mode of transportation is an important consideration when planning the shipping process. In addition to the cost, the urgency of the shipment, the value of the goods shipped, and the dimensions and weight of the goods must be considered in determining the mode of transport. In this article, we as UK Kenya shipping will help you choose the best way to transport goods and cargo!

Foreign trade accounts for about 90% of world trade, and according to the way they were shipped in approximately for the containers which traveled in a billion ton-miles.We still ship medical equipment to Kenya by sea

Due to their size or volume, different types of cargo are not economically feasible to transport using transport other than UK Kenya shipping sea transport.Sea shipping is a cheaper method of shipping goods, but its disadvantage is a longer transit time. Another advantage of sea freight is that size and weight can be an issue in freight; it is not for sea transportation. shipping construction material to kenya by sea

UK Kenya shipping offers sea transportation is widely used for transporting bulk products such as agricultural products (wheat, corn, soybeans, etc.), coal, iron ore, or bulk liquid products such as crude oil and petroleum.

In addition, more significant and oddly shaped objects, including engines and propellers, can also be moved in this mode, depending on the sensitivity of the turnaround time. Shipping is also a preferred mode of transportation for transporting large volumes and heavy cargo such as minerals, metals, ores, steel coils, etc. which would be impossible to transport by sea.


Transportation by sea

UK Kenya shipping supplies the fruits. The most enormous volumes on sea routes are carried to Kenya. These two destination regions are the most important, but the fruit is shipped by Sea freight to kenya from UK luxury goods.

• UK Kenya shipping is one of the most significant sea cargo trade routes for perishable food products (fruits, vegetables, flowers).

• Africa, especially UK, mainly exports fruit to Kenya by sea, but not so much the more sensitive vegetables, even though many African countries produce them in large quantities. Road and port infrastructures are often insufficient to support the export of vegetables by sea. We still use sea freight to kenya from the UK for beauty products.

Transportation of fresh produce and perishable goods

To be successful in the perishables industry, you need a logistics provider who can move your products safely and efficiently through the cold chain from origin to destination Like the UK Kenya shipping offers the best shipment to the customer. Shipping perishable goods to kenya by sea.

Perishables are time and temperature-sensitive products that require careful handling and shipping processes to maintain freshness. They include fruits and vegetables, fresh and frozen meat and fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, flowers and plants, and cosmetics. Still do sea freight to kenya from the UK as wholesale suppliers.

To be successful in the perishables industry, you need a logistics provider who can move your products safely and efficiently through the cold chain from origin to destination. It includes the correct storage and transit times and conditions, applicable regulations, and the means of transport.


Once the purchase process is completed, as an importer, UK Kenya shipping was a freight forwarder been requested by a price for door-to-door transport in Kenya. The importer provides the information to the forwarder so that the shipment can be picked up and delivered in Kenya.Sea freight door-to-door services to kenya.

Shipping by sea and container from the UK to Kenya
UK Kenya shipping offers ocean freight is one of the most popular shipping options and is a significant resource for goods from the UK  to Kenya. We still can ship pets as your suppliers to kenya by sea.

Ocean Freight is the best deal for you if:
• Your suppliers are located near a significant UK port
• Your cargo exceeds 2 CBM
• You are not in a hurry to receive them

In Kenya, we can arrange for your goods to be exported from all major ports. We as UK Kenya shipping can provide various services ranging from comprehensive door-to-door delivery for sea freight to kenya from UK wholesalers.

With door-to-door service, your goods are in our hands from the factory/dealer in the UK to your address in Kenya.
Goods shipped to Kenya by sea arrive at the port of Mombasa. From there, we as UK Kenya shipping can transport your goods to other Kenyan cities like Nairobi. We still do some shipping pharmaceuticals to kenya by sea.

At UK Kenya Shipping, we know how crucial this port is for delivering your products to Kenya so that we can arrange frequent and efficient departures. Transit from the UK to Kenya by sea takes about 6 to 7 weeks from port to port. This time varies depending on some factors, such as the ports that departure and arrival and the navigation times of the season. Shipping by sea freight to kenya from UK Consumer goods.


Dangerous goods can be transported by sea provided they are adequately packaged, labeled, and declared, and you have completed a valid notification of hazardous goods. The regulatory body responsible for transporting dangerous goods by sea is the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Shipping of dangerous goods 

Ship or receive chemical, liquid, or gaseous products and other harmful goods in tank containers by sea, as it is the cheapest mode of international that Ship hazardous goods to kenya by sea. Export and import dangerous substances safely and economically.

When dangerous goods are transported by sea, the risks to the environment and people are multiplied. It is, therefore, provided to comply with the IMDG regulations imposed by the IMO for the type of shipment by sea. At UK Kenya Shipping, we specialize in transporting, handling, and storing dangerous goods.

If you would like to consult our UK Kenya shipping rates for logistics operations involving dangerous materials or if you would like to request a quote for the import or export of these goods, please do not hesitate to give us a call and request a quote. Uk kenya shipping ships the building materials to kenya by sea.


If your shipment is not diplomatic, various government agencies will subject it to 100% physical verification. Used household goods and personal effects are usually inspected by Customs and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). Diplomatic shipments, on the other hand, need to be physically checked.UK Kenya shipping offers sea freight to kenya from UK wholesalers.

Non-diplomatic shipments are subject to 100% physical verification.
If your shipment is not diplomatic, various government agencies will subject it to 100% physical verification.

Used household goods and personal effects are usually inspected by Customs and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).UK Kenya shipping still ships the electronics to kenya by sea.

Diplomatic shipments, on the other hand, need to be physically checked. Instead, just seeing them confirms that they are in the customs area, Still offering the sea freight to kenya for the UK exporters.


What are the container shipping options to Kenya?

By use of UK Kenya shipping containers for shipment to Kenya is by ocean freight. Still offer sea freight door-to-door service to kenya for the customer. Container shipping has two options to transport your goods by sea. These include less than container load and full container load.

Less than Container Load (LCL) in Kenya

Shipping with less than one container is best for small loads or small quantities. With this shipping method, you share the space of a standard container with other carriers. Your goods are bundled and shipped together. Therefore, LCL is a budget option. However, it may take longer for your goods to arrive in Kenya.LCL sea freight to kenya from the UK.


Total container shipments do not require the consolidation process. The forwarder’s goods are isolated in an entire container and enjoy exclusive shipping. This shipping option may be more expensive since you own the space in a full FCL container. However, it will take your cargo to Kenya much faster.

UK Kenya shipping offers FCL sea freight to kenya from the UK, so contact us today and we will help you with all the shipment needs which You have.

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