How to Send a Parcel from England to Kenya.



How to Send a Parcel from the United Kingdom to Kenya

Since we are living in today’s globalised world, sending packages across international borders has become increasingly convenient and accessible and this has been made possible by shipping companies like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

Whether you are an individual sending a gift or a business owner requiring international shipping services, it is essential to understand the process and options.

 This article will provide a through guide for shipping packages from UK to Kenya in a timely and secure manner.

Before beginning the shipping process, it is essential to prepare your package adequately. 

Here are some essential actions to take:

1. Use a sturdy box or padded envelope to safeguard the contents during shipping. 

When selecting packaging materials, you should consider the objects’ nature and fragility.

2. Use bubble wrap, packaging pellets, or any other suitable cushioning material to protect the contents of your package from harm.

 Ensure that fragile items are secured within the container adequately to prevent movement.

3. Seal the package’s apertures and boundaries with packaging tape.

 It will guarantee the safety of the contents during the journey.

Step 2

 Courier Service Analysis

You must identify a dependable courier service that operates between UK and Kenya Like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, Consider costs, shipping times, tracking options, and insurance coverage.

Notable international courier services include UK Kenya shippingDHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT. Visit their websites or call customer service to obtain shipping quotes and gather the necessary information.

International shipping requires specific documentation for customs clearance

Here is the list of the documents that you may be required:

1. Customs Declaration: Make sure that you Complete all required customs forms with specific details about the contents, their value, and the reason for exporting.

2. Invoice or Receipt: Include an invoice or receipt to verify the value of the shipment.

3. Certain products, such as restricted or licensed items, may necessitate additional documentation. Consult the local courier or customs authorities for further information.

After choosing a courier service and collecting the necessary documentation, the next step is to order your cargo.

Most courier services permit online registration, streamlining and expediting the process.

 Include the accurate information about the delivery’s weight, dimensions, and destination address. 

You can also select additional services such as express delivery and insurance coverage if necessary.

After reserving the cargo, you will receive a tracking number to monitor its progress. This number enables you to track the shipment of your package from England to Kenya

Most courier services offer online tracking tools or mobile applications, enabling you to check the delivery status and estimated arrival date at any time.

Once your shipment reaches Kenya., it will be subject to customs clearance and delivery. Customs officials will investigate the shipment to verify the declared contents of your luggage shipment.

Additional fees, duties, or taxes may apply depending on the item’s characteristics and local regulations. The recipient may be required to pay these fees before a shipment is delivered.


Sending a package from England to Kenya requires several precautions to ensure prompt and secure delivery.

By adhering to the guidelines in this thorough guide, you can adequately prepare your shipment, select a dependable courier service, and navigate the customs process.

For your peace of mind, remember to conduct exhaustive research, acquire the necessary documentation, and track your shipment. 

Your cargo will arrive safely in Kenya through meticulous planning and attention to detail.

If the necessary information and resources are available, sending a package from one country to another can be accomplished with relative simplicity.

If you intend to ship a product from England to Kenya, this detailed article will guide and also provide additional information to ensure its success.

Before delivering a delivery, it is essential to determine the restrictions and regulations that apply to the items you intend to send.

Some items may be subject to restrictions or necessitate permits. To obtain a list of restricted items, consult the official website of the Kenya customs authority or contact them directly. 

Ensure that your package complies with regulations and contains no restricted items as this will lead to problems to both you the shipper and the shipping company.

Select a Reliable Courier Service To provide that your shipment reaches safely and on time, you must select a dependable courier service

Consider dependability, cost, monitoring capabilities, and consumer feedback especially to companies like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

Consider using reputable international courier services, such as UK Kenya shipping,DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT, as they have extensive networks and experience transporting international packages.

Step 3:

 Packaging and Labelling Securely package and label your items for shipment. 

To prevent movement of you luggage while still in transit, use a sturdy box or padded envelope and cover empty spaces with cushioning material, like bubble wrap and packing peanuts. 

The parcel is securely sealed with sturdy packaging tape. Include your return address in UK and the recipient’s name, address, and contact information in Kenya on the package’s label.

To expedite the customs clearance procedure, various documents must be submitted. Examples include:

1. Customs Declaration: Complete the appropriate customs forms specifying the contents of the package, including their value, quantity, and intended use (commercial or personal).

2. When transporting goods for commercial purposes, you must include a commercial invoice that details the item’s specifications, value, and terms of sale.

3. Certain objects like artworks and antiquities may require additional export licenses or certificates which can be obtained from Kenya Revenue Association Website. Consult the appropriate authorities to ensure compliance.

Contact your preferred courier service or visit its website to book and pay for the shipment and task them with the jonb of shipping Your luggage. 

Include all pertinent information, such as the package’s dimensions, weight, and destination. You can also choose the service type (express or standard) and additional features, such as delivery tracking or insurance.

Pay any fees, including shipping costs, customs duties, and taxes, as determined by the courier and customs regulations so that this may not affect the delay and the preferred time of your shipping luggage.

Most courier services provide tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor your package’s delivery from the moment it is collected. 

Utilise the tracking number provided by the courier service to monitor the status of your shipment via their website or mobile application is very important in the process of shipping. 

This will notify you of any possible delivery delays or schedule adjustments.

Step 7:Customs Clearance and Delivery Upon arrival in Kenya, and your package will undergo customs clearance before delivery.

Customs agents will inspect the shipment’s contents and assess applicable duties or taxes. Before the cargo is released for delivery to its final destination or to the warehouse, the recipient may be required to pay these costs.

It is crucial to inform the Kenyan recipient of the customs process and any additional fees that may be incurred.


Sending a parcel from UK to Kenya requires careful preparation, adherence to all applicable regulations, and the assistance of a reputable courier service

You can ensure a seamless shipping process by adhering to the steps indicated in this detailed guide and you will be assured of a smooth delivery of your luggage and shipment. 

Remember to investigate any restrictions, select a reputable courier, like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, package your items securely, complete all required customs paperwork, and monitor your shipment until it reaches its final destination. 

Cargo transportation from the UK to Kenya requires meticulous planning.

What else exists? 

You will evaluate the proposed delivery offers from the United Kingdom to Kenya, choose the most acceptable option, pay using a valid payment method, and await the courier. 

UK Kenya shipping offers door-to-door shipment delivery so this makes it an added advantage of why you should choose UK Kenya Shipping to help you in the shipment of Your Goods.

How does it work? 

The online transportation platform UK Kenya shipping unites tens of thousands of international and local carriers, searching for and utilising available space on their vehicles. 

This allows for the shipment of both large and small parcels and, if necessary, packages requiring expedited delivery. In addition,UK Kenya shipping seeks available space on the vehicles of one or more carriers on an ongoing basis. 

The one-of-a-kind system of the UK Kenya shipping platform enables us to offer you exceptionally competitive prices for shipping services from the United Kingdom to Kenya and to guarantee the quality of these services if you need expedited shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

Security is a crucial aspect of the delivery process, regardless of whether you send a thoughtful gift or a genuinely expensive item it does not matter.

All packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya via the UK Kenya shipping platform are covered by standard insurance (€25) and UK Kenya shipping insurance.

After shipping with us, you will immediately recognise UK Kenya shipping as a straightforward and convenient method for sending packages.

How long is the process?

Depending on the destination, it can take as little as a day. In the future, when you need a delivery service, you won’t have to consider twice about who to entrust your package to. 

Some couriers offer expedited shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya, while others are renowned for their adaptability in terms of delivery methods. 

Even the postal service offers more affordable services than other transportation companies.

What must we do to ensure that the cargoes from the United Kingdom to Kenya arrive quickly, safely, and affordably? 

This dilemma has been resolved and made a reality by UK Kenya shipping implementation of its unparalleled transportation system and that is why Shipping with us is a sure deal of your Goods. 

The UK Kenya shipping ltd platform unites many local and international carriers and always selects the most efficient shipping routes.

This means you will not need to research and compare prices to find the most affordable service.

With a few clicks on the UK Kenya shipping platform’s website, you will access shipping information regarding the final shipment transportation cost and the selected shipping agency, learn when couriers will collect and deliver packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya, and select the most convenient payment method which you are comfortable with. 

You will shortly get an email containing the necessary shipping information. UK Kenya shipping poses just one query.

How much does it cost?

Input the package’s destination, origin, weight, and dimensions to view the UK Kenya shipping price list. 

Then, our UK Kenya shipping company’s current prices for the specified route will be displayed. Customers can make an informed decision based on comparing other courier fees. 

The delivery fee is determined by the size or weight of the package as well as the distance between cities. Additionally, we deliver express packages via interstate routes. 

It is paramount, so we deliver it as quickly as possible. Therefore, this service’s price will also be listed. However, it should be noted that expedited transportation methods are more expensive.

All prices include conveyance costs and a 25 euro insurance premium. 

If you are searching for the most economical option, order  UK Kenya shipping courier and have us deliver your package.

How long does it take to ship from the United Kingdom to Kenya?

Our economical courier requires an average of three days to deliver packages between these nations. Primarily, delivery time is determined by the travelled distance. 

However,UK Kenya shipping express is always the best-to-go option. The required delivery time is reduced to minimal hours. Most expedited shipments are delivered between one and two business days.

Anyone who sends a parcel through our platform can also monitor its location in real-time through our tracking option.

 It facilitates determining the exact delivery date to the recipient and locating a missing package.

Which items are prohibited from being shipped to Kenya?

Each courier service’s regulations include a list of prohibited items. This list is compiled for multiple purposes, including international regulation compliance, practicality, and frequent air travel. 

UK Kenya shipping does not transport hazardous materials and substances like most carriers, including ammunition, weapons, acids, mercury, pathogens, and viruses. 

These items may endanger the safety of other cargoes and we would not want this since we value the luggage of the rest of our clinent’s luggage on board. Moreover, our courier does not accept shipments containing controlled substances, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cigarettes, perishable items, or original works of art. 

We work with multiple carriers, including UK Kenya shipping, UPS, IMX, InPost ,FedEx, DHL, DPD, TNT, ASM, and TRANSIMEKSA, each of which has its regulations, which also necessitated the creation of this list. 

If you need help, please consult the bottom of the page such UK Kenya shipping to submit a question through the contact form or call us.

 Finally, we remind you that each nation has its laws and traditions and we as UK Kenya Shipping Ltd would not in any way like to go against their laws and traditions .

Before shipping, it is important to become acquainted with them. The cargo is subject to inspection at the border.

If the shipment contains a restricted item, it will mostly and likely be returned to the sender, and in extreme cases, customs may seize it.

After determining what can fit in the container, you should place an order for the cargo.

The statistics on swift shipping between the United Kingdom and Kenya

The exact distance between these countries is 7202 kilometres. Our low-cost courier endeavours to deliver packages as swiftly and affordably as possible. There are currently 1,423 individuals from the United Kingdom using our service. 

This were the most common payment methods, followed by credit card and e-wallet (10%). 

Notably, while all shipments sent through UK Kenya shipping are automatically insured for payment, this amount can be increased to 5,000 if desired. 

This service is frequently used by those sending valuable items, so the customer need not stress about any damage during transport, as he will receive a refund if any occurs. 

Many of our British consumers have settled for purchase of this insurance as of this point. 

Packaging and labelling

To ensure that the parcel has been undamaged at its destination, it must be packaged to minimise the importance of any of the shocks that occur during the transport. 

The box, which must be rigid, is the most essential component. Protect the item with bubble wrap, which will always provide adequate cushioning. 

Fill any remaining space in the packaging with soft material to ensure nothing can move. Before securing the package, affix the bill of landing to a prominent location on the box.

We transmit such a label to the client and make it accessible in their printable panel.

Exportation from United Kenya

UK Kenya shipping is the finest expedited shipping service to Kenya. Our reputable postal partners, such as TNT, DPD, and UPS, can organise a dependable courier to Kenya.

Our years of international experience permit us to ship products to Kenya with minimal difficulty and maximum security. In addition, we will help you comply with Kenya Customs regulations so your shipment arrives on time and in good condition.

You should know that national holidays and non-working days (Saturday and Sunday) may cause delivery delays when shipping to Kenya. So when making reservations, please keep this in mind to avoid disappointment which may occur.

The mission of UK Kenya shipping is to provide exceptional postal service at incomparable prices. 

Our least expensive fares to Kenya

Express (1-3 Day Shipping)

FedEx Global Priority®

Monday pickup if you book within the next twenty-four hours.

Including £50 Protection



Pay for This Service

No Protection Required?



What else do you need to know?


When posted to Kenya, you must be prepared to deal with international customs, but we’re here to help. When you find the place an order with us, we will send you your label along with all required declaration forms. It is our way of easing the burden of international shipping.

How much would international shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya cost?

TNT Express offers shipping to Kenya for as little as £34.29 when you book through us. In addition, we offer a vast array of options for all bookings, allowing you to send economical shipments precisely as you desire.

How should I address my package for dispatch to Kenya?

Fortunately, transporting packages to Kenya, is straightforward. The Universal Postal Union compiled this example for your use, should the need arise.

Which items can I ship?

Regarding conveyance, there are a few restrictions on what can and cannot be sent to Kenya,. These encompass:

• Fraudulent money

• Pornographic material

• Substances illicit under international control

• Specific agricultural and industrial chemicals

• Phosphorus-containing matches.

You can find the complete list on this page and products that our couriers cannot transport on our prohibited items page.

Deliver an Item to Kenya,

Shipping to Kenya,

With UK Kenya shipping, shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya, is a breeze you do not want to miss. 

In addition to assisting you in locating the most affordable shipping options you need, we also work with the leading Kenyan courier services to ensure you receive competitive pricing and prompt Delivery.

Whether you are sending gifts, a small postage parcel, or a large freight shipment to Kenya,UK Kenya shipping provides various fast and cost-effective delivery options to accommodate any budget.

Your shipment is in the most capable hands conceivable with UK Kenya shipping £50 of complimentary insurance and door-to-door tracking.

The UK Kenya shipping Distinction

• Compare transport companies and save up to sixty per cent 

• Real-time tracking of packages 

• Free enhanced cover valued at £50*

Our Courier Services to Kenya

 • Door-to-door delivery 

• Express or Economy International Shipping

 • Large and heavy cargo delivery specialists.

Compare the costs of the most prominent Kenyan Couriers

Use our pricing comparison tool to compare the prices of Kenyan Couriers companies.

UK Kenya shipping recently celebrated its 30th anniversary in the industry of shipping, and over the past three decades, we’ve developed solid and enduring relationships that allow us to offer the most competitive Kenya rates, with up to 60% savings compared to reserving directly.

what you need to ship with us is to ,Receive an instant online quotation for shipping to Kenya. Then,Compare the cheapest rates offered by the top transportation companies.

Select between expedited express and economical shipping.

Kenya Shipping Rates

Using UK Kenya shipping, you will receive exactly what is depicted. In addition, our extraordinary prices include all applicable surcharges, so no disagreeable surprises exist. 

Our rates are lower than standard mail, and you can rest easy knowing that your package will be delivered promptly and securely.

Check out our rates for prominent destinations in Africa:

• Economy shipments to Egypt start at £22.39 

• Parcel shipments to Tanzania start at £23.49

 • Costs of shipping to South Africa begin at £19.98

• Shipping costs to Nigeria start at £23.49

Our Kenyan Shipping Services

UK Kenya shipping makes it simple to locate a courier for shipping a pallet, a large or small parcel, or airmail and provides the most affordable option.

We provide import services from Kenya to the United Kingdom in addition to our superior transportation services to Kenya. We can retrieve your Delivery on the same day from multiple locations in Kenya.

Economy – 4/6 Day Shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya

Standard Delivery – 5 Days from Kenya to the United Kingdom for Express Delivery – 2 to 4 Days

Rapid Delivery within three to four days

AM Delivery

Delivery guaranteed before 9:00 am, 10:30 am, and 12:00 pm

Economical transport to Kenya Affordable Delivery within 4 to 6 Days

Kenyan practices

All shipments entering Kenya must undergo customs clearance being admitted. 

It indicates that all items shipped to Kenya from the United Kingdom or any other country are subject to customs duties and taxes. 

There are no exemptions or duties for any cargo.

It is essential to accurately fill out the customs forms that UK Kenya shipping generate during the booking process; these forms the required for your shipments to clear Kenyan customs

Please include a detailed description of your products and their worth.

Courier Options

Once arrangements have been made, we will collect your cargo from most United Kingdom and Kenya locations on the same day.

However, this is not the case if you are delivering a large cargo; for parcels weighing more than 50 kg or exceeding 180 cm in length, you need to book at least 24 hours in advance and assist the courier when the Delivery is collected.

Please get in touch with our customer service department before collection if you are sending a pallet or an item that requires a tail lift or a pallet vehicle.

Kenya Delivery

Unless you have selected one of our designated delivery service, we will deliver your package Monday through Friday between 9 am and 7 pm. 

If the initial delivery attempt fails, we will make two additional attempts before returning the package to the sender.

Some of our partner couriers, such as UK Kenya shipping,UPS, may leave the Delivery in a secure location without requiring a signature. 

If you need delivery confirmation for your shipment, choose the ‘Signature required’ upgrade option on our select service’ page.

Learn about shipping and receiving in Kenya

Examining Kenyan holidays will allow us to determine when we cannot deliver.

Tracking Your Shipments to Kenya

Priority at UK Kenya shipping is providing our customers with the most competitive pricing and service, so we include door-to-door tracking with every order.

This means you’ll be able to track your shipment throughout the entire shipping process, and if anything goes awry, you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

If there are any delays en route, we will email you so you can get everything essential. 

Input your package’s tracking number into our tracking tool to track its Delivery at the comfort of your home.

Find out more about tracking your Kenyan shipment

Sending Gifts to Kenya

There is no duty- and tax-free threshold when sending a gift to Kenya. The recipient must pay duties and taxes before customs clearance, even if the item is a gift. However, it is necessary to indicate that the parcel contains a gift.

During the customs clearance process, packaged gifts will undergo thorough check to make sure that truly they are gifts. 

Note that your gift must be declared as such and that your documentation must include the precise character of its contents.

Using UK Kenya shipping, you can send parcels measuring up to 270 cm on their longest side and carrying up to 1,000 kg. 

If you need to send a large or heavy package to Kenya via air freight, UK Kenya shipping can help you find a fantastic deal from a reputable courier.

 Schedule your shipment at least 24 hours in advance, and attempt to be present if your courier needs help loading or unloading your cargo.

Discover how to ship oversized items to Kenya.

Shipping products to Kenya

Even when surrounded by Kenya’s breathtaking sights and noises, something tastes quite different from home. 

Food is also a popular gift, so you can ship food to Kenya without worry if you follow the straightforward instructions on UK Kenya shipping.

UK Kenya shipping simplifies food shipping to Kenya, whether you’re transporting food to Nairobi or something incredibly delicious to Mombasa.

What you could say

foods without a date of expiration

 a. products with an expiration date of more than six months.

 b. Items must be in their original, unsealed packaging from the manufacturer.

 c. The label must identify every ingredient.

 d. Packaging must include a date of expiration

 e. Perishable foods include crisp and savoury foods, chocolates and candies, canned foods, herbs and seasonings in airtight containers, tea sachets, jams and other preserves.

What items cannot be delivered that are perishable?

•  Foods with an expiration date of less than six months.

• Homemade foods or foods not packaged in the manufacturer’s original packaging.

•  Perishable foods are susceptible to deterioration during transport.

•  packaged food in opened containers.

•  Food whose label lacks an inventory of ingredients.

Packing your Package

Multiple humans and machines will manage your shipments throughout the shipping process to Kenya.

 You must adequately package your items to ensure your shipment reaches its destination in the same condition as when it left.

If you want your products to arrive undamaged, you must consider the following three packaging factors:


Utilise a new box with sufficient space for the shipped items and the protective Packing

Although used containers may appear robust, they are susceptible to bursting or crushing during transport. If the weight of the contents exceeds 10 kilograms, use a double-walled carton.


Wrap your items and add a second layer of Packing so they cannot move inside the box and are at least 6 cm from the sides.

 A swift motion should disclose whether or not the item is secure.


Three robust, Union Jack-patterned shipping tape layers should be applied to all corners and crevices. 

Ensure that your label is the only one on the carton and that it cannot fall off during transport.

Could supplies be sent to Kenya?

Yes, you can use UK Kenya shipping to send supplies to Kenya. However, when shipping food internationally, several rules must be followed: 

The food must be bought from a store and be nonperishable. Foods made by hand cannot be transported.

Who is responsible for collecting customs duties?

The Kenyan customs agency applies all applicable duties and taxes to a shipment as part of the procedure for customs clearance. 

This aspect of the shipping procedure is outside of UK Kenya shipping purview.

What products am I unable to ship to Kenya?

There are restricted items that cannot be sent to Kenya. You can view the prohibited and restricted items that UK Kenya shipping does not ship in its inventory, which includes perfume and fragrance.

Kenya,like the United Kingdom, has its list of prohibited items. In this instance, the restricted product inventory is included in the second and third schedules. 

If you are apprehensive about whether your items are allowed in Kenya, please review the sections below before making a reservation.

Should I pay duties and taxes on my cargo if I transport it to Kenya?

Yes. There are no specific customs exemptions for personal goods such as luggage; therefore, standard duties and taxes must be paid on luggage shipments.

Will there be additional fees if I send a present to Kenya?

Yes. There are no gift exemptions when shipping to Kenya; therefore, gifts are treated as regular shipments and are subject to duties and taxes as usual.

Why should I dispatch with UK Kenya shipping?

In our three decades in the courier industry, UK Kenya shipping has earned a reputation for excellence and superior customer service, and we are proud to offer the lowest price without sacrificing service.

 It is why we offer free door-to-door tracking and your choice of courier for over sixty per cent less than if you booked directly.

Can I send oversized items to Kenya via UK Kenya shipping?

Yes. UK Kenya shipping offers air freight and cargo delivery services for shipments weighing 1,000 kilograms. 

Moreover, our large and heavy services can accommodate shipments up to 270 cm in length and 70 kg in weight.

What couriers are available on UK Kenya shipping?

We only partner with the most dependable couriers in the world, encompassing over 220 countries at up to sixty per cent lower rates than direct purchases. 

DHL, DPD, FedEx, TNT, and UPS are included among our logistics partners.

Can UK Kenya shipping be utilised to transport eBay items?

UK Kenya shipping is the finest eBay shipping solution if you are not shipping restricted items. 

Utilise our eBay shipping calculator to calculate a substantial shipping discount for your listing.

Does UK Kenya shipping provide transportation services between businesses?

UK Kenya shipping collaborates with numerous businesses to assist them in meeting their transportation responsibilities. Our commercial service offers additional discounts and excellent support in the United Kingdom. 

Find out more here.

Are there different delivery schedules for Kenya’s remote regions?

 However, we will consider this when providing you with a quote and confirming the delivery date for your shipment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international shipping services.Our team will be happy to answer any question you may have and guide you through  the process and you will find it the best experience to ship your luggage with us.

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