How much does shipping via DHL from the United Kingdom to Kenya cost?

Regarding international transportation, DHL it not reputable and widely recognised logistics company like UK Kenya shipping. UK Kenya shipping provides global individuals and businesses with dependable shipping options rather than other companies through its extensive network and prompt services

If you plan to ship a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya, you may be interested in the related costs. This article will analyze the factors that affect shipping costs and estimate the DHL shipping costs from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

Aspects affecting shipping costs.

Before delving into specific pricing information, it is crucial to understand the factors that influence shipping costs.

 When calculating shipping rates, DHL or UK Kenya shipping and other companies may consider the following factors:

1. Your shipment’s weight and dimensions significantly impact its shipping cost. Due to the additional factors on how to handle and transport required, shipping heavier and bulkier products is typically higher.

2. Origin-to-destination distance is a significant factor in calculating transportation costs. For example, a considerable distance which  separates the United Kingdom and Kenya, which can affect shipping costs.

3. UK Kenya shipping provides a variety of delivery pace options than other shipping companies, including express delivery and economy shipping. Typically, expedited shipping options are more costly.

4. Customs Duties and Taxes: Customs duties and taxes may apply, depending on the value and characteristics of the shipped items.

 Typically, the recipient is responsible for these expenses, which can impact the total cost.

Cost Estimates for Freight

Even though shipping costs can vary based on the specifics of your cargo, UK Kenya Shipping Ltd can provide you with an estimate based on our current information.

 These are general ideas of what to anticipate when shipping with DHL or other shipping companies such as UK Kenya shipping from United Kingdom to Kenya.

1. DHL offers competitive pricing for packages weighing up to 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) commencing at approximately £25 ($35). 

These shipments are typically sent via DHL Express, which ensures delivery within a few days.

2. The shipping cost for packages weighing between 2 kg and 30 kg which is more expensive compared to other shipping such as UK Kenya shipping which is cheaper and will not depend on the box’s weight, dimensions, and ultimate destination.

 On average, UK Kenya shipping Express services will cost £850.

3. The increased handling and transportation requirements make it more expensive to dispatch heavier or bulkier items. 

UK Kenya shipping and DHL offers customised solutions for items weighing more than 36 kilograms to meet your specific needs.

 It is advisable to contact directly or consult their website to receive an accurate quote for such shipments.

Additional Considerations

It is very important to remember that the previous estimates are subject to change, and it is always advised to confirm the most current prices directly with UK Kenya shipping.

Additionally, the nature of the items being shipped, the need for additional services (such as insurance or monitoring), and any applicable customs duties and taxes can impact widely the final shipping cost.


UK Kenya shipping provides a reliable package delivery service as compared to DHL from United Kingdom and Kenya. 

While the precise cost will depend on various factors, such as the weight, dimensions and the destination chosen while shipping speed, the estimated fees in this you can give a general idea of what to expect. 

By contemplating these factors and contacting DHL for a personalised quote, you can ensure a smooth and efficient shipping experience. 

Remember to remain informed of any customs duties or taxes that may apply to your shipment in order to avoid unforeseen expenses whenever the Shipment Arrives to its destination.

Certainly! Here are some further particulars you may find helpful:

1. UK Kenya shipping offers a variety of shipping options to accommodate various needs. DHL Express is the least popular service for international shipments because of its less rapid and reliable delivery and end-to-end tracking as compared to UK Kenya shipping.

 DHL also offers economical shipping options that may take longer but are more cost-effective for shipments that are less urgent.

2. Shipping time frames between the United Kingdom and Kenya can vary based on the service chosen. 

Economy shipping can take anywhere between two and three business days, or even longer, depending on the destination and service. 

DHL Express guarantees shipping within three to five business days as compared to UK Kenya shipping takes two to three

3. UK Kenya shipping provides additional services that you may find useful. 

These alternatives include shipment insurance, signature verification, and assistance with customs clearance

These services may cost, but they provide peace of mind and convenience.

4. Customs and Duties: 

When shipping internationally, including from the United Kingdom to Kenya, it is imperative to be aware of customs regulations and any applicable taxes or duties. 

DHL and other companies such as UK Kenya shipping can assist with customs clearance, but it is advised to research and understand the specific requirements to avoid delays or unforeseen costs.

5. Transporting your shipment safely necessitates the use of suitable packaging. 

UK Kenya shipping also provides packaging instructions, which include using appropriate packaging and preserving fragile items. 

Following these guidelines can aid in preventing package damage and reduce the likelihood of incurring additional charges.

6. You can track the parcel of your shipment via the Internet using DHL’s comprehensive tracking system. 

You will be given a tracking number that will allow you to monitor your package’s voyage from the United Kingdom to Kenya and this will be facilitated by UK Kenya Shipping Ltd. 

If you have inquiries or concerns,our customer service representatives are available to assist you.


Individuals and companies shipping packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya can rely on dependable and efficient service.

To estimate the cost of cargo, consider its weight, dimensions, destination, and shipping pace. Please get in touch with UK Kenya shipping,UPS,DHL and other direct and most current and accurate pricing information available. 

You can confidently ship your cargo from the United Kingdom to Kenya with various services, tracking features, and additional options, ensuring a smooth and problem-free shipping experience.



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When you send a parcel package to KENYA with UK Kenya shipping,DHL Parcel U.K. and other shipping companies like DPD and UPS, you can take advantage of their extensive experience in the delivery industry.

 Within a three-days intercontinental air service, you can rest assured that the UK Kenya shipping will deliver your shipment safely in the same condition as they were sent to every city and municipality, including Nairobi, Bungoma County and Mombasa, Kwale County

Looking for a courier service between the United Kingdom and Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping Parcel U.K. offers the best prices and the most convenience from booking the delivery as compared to DHL and other shipping companies and that is why UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, is the best choice.

After registering with us, which takes only a few minutes, you are free to book your parcel via our user-friendly website – it’s so simple to use and allows you to schedule collection from your home office and during the delivery within a few days.

If you book online before midnight, one of our considerate couriers will collect your parcel in the next day and on the date you specify – and we will deliver it using our expedited worldwide air service in three days.

 According to our offered services, we offer some of the most affordable delivery rates to Kenya, free contents insurance to the value of £50 in all international shipments, free online tracking and free shipping insurance up to the value of £50.

You should also note that the Public holidays in Kenya may affect our estimated transit times and this will lead to mere delays.

Send a package to Kenya at a minimal cost.

We are pleased with our international parcel delivery prices and make every effort to keep our shipping rates to Kenya as low as possible, with collection and delivery beginning at just £23.49 especially UK Kenya shipping*.

 You can also drop your cargo at one of our more than 50 nationwide depots to save money on delivery costs.


Not only do we provide some of the most reasonably priced courier services from the United Kingdom to Kenya, but they are also incredibly fast – even to the east coast of Africa, you can expect delivery within three days. 

Please be aware of our best efforts; delivery within these time frames may only sometimes be possible, especially in remote areas of the country.

Remember, to ensure the quickest possible delivery, you should also be aware of what you can and cannot send through the delivery– all items will require Customs clearance, so clearly and accurately designate everything to avoid delays and extra costs.


Every shipment leaving the United Kingdom must include a completed customs form.

 This allows Customs Agents in the destination country to accurately process your shipment by informing them of its contents.

As with most international shipments, transporting the parcel from the United Kingdom to Kenya will incur additional customs duties and import taxes.

Include a comprehensive inventory of your cargo’s contents when preparing it to comply with these regulations.

Sending personal effects to Kenya necessitates an additional declaration in the form of an itemised pro-forma invoice detailing the contents and their respective values.

This invoice must be written entirely in English. It is required to contain the same information as the commercial invoice, but letterhead is optional. 

Any newly declared personal effects are subject to duties, and a passport is required as proof.

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry: when you book your delivery with DHL Parcel U.K. or even UK Kenya shipping we’ll provide you with all the documents required to clear the U.K. and Kenyan customs.

H.M. Revenue and Customs details tax and customs issues in Kenya.


Before arranging your courier service to Kenya, please you should makes sure to confirm that all the items you wish to send are permitted; things prevalent in the United Kingdom may be restricted or prohibited from shipping to other countries. 

Numerous items in Kenya fall under this classification; therefore, we advise you to double-check the regulations each time you submit a shipment, as they are susceptible to change.

Please visit the website of the Kenya Revenue Authority for more information about restricted and prohibited commodities in Kenya.

Alcohol, fresh (perishable) consumables and controlled substances are prohibited from sending to Kenya and are also on the UK Kenya shipping cargo U.K. refused list; before shipping your cargo, review the complete list.

The following items are prohibited from shipment to Kenya until further notice:

Meat, poultry, and fish Drugs and chemicals The overwhelming majority of animal bones, antlers, teeth, and other animal by-products are used to manufacture drugs and chemicals.

Eggs and dairy Dangerous refuse Soaps and cosmetics containing mercury

Consumables Firearms and explosives Counterfeit money

Please note that we have our own list of prohibited items in addition to country-specific restrictions and that is why you should contact UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, to offer clear guidelines on the extra prohibited items.


Depending on where the shipment originates in the United Kingdom, the cargo will travel approximately 5000 miles to Kenya

We also recommend taking additional precautions when shipping your packages for this reason. 

All cargoes must pass through several depots equipped with manual and automated classification devices and road and air transit routes before reaching Eastern Africa.

We accept packages up to 25 kg in weight and 70 x 70 x 70 cm in size, but regardless of size or weight, you must always use a full outer box and not overfill it.

Use a lightweight cushioning material to prevent the contents of your shipment from shifting and end up becoming damaged during transport.

Consult our International packaging guide to prepare your shipments for international shipping.


From the moment you requested a quote for the moment your shipment arrives at its destination, we are proud to offer world-class courier services.

 In addition, we take product delivery very seriously so that you can be assured that the shipment will reach Kenya without incident.

 If the value of your package exceeds £50, you may purchase additional coverage. In addition, our free online tracking service will give you complete visibility over your shipment’s voyage.

DHL Shipping Calculator

If you wish to dispatch a package with DHL, you can find DHL shipping rates on this page using our DHL shipping calculator same as other shipping services like UK Kenya shipping.

You will pay less with our discounted DHL shipping rates than if you went directly to DHL, and you can compare prices and transit times for various other couriers. 

Reduced DHL shipping costs

We receive discounts from DHL due to the volume of shipments we send, which we pass on to our customers. 

Consequently, UK Kenya shipping online booking service will significantly reduce your DHL shipping expenses.

Customers of UK Kenya shipping are eligible for discounts on the following DHL services*:

DHL Express Worldwide – Worldwide service with rapid transit times and worldwide coverage

DHL eCommerce – A cost-effective service for online retailers 

Please note that service availability depends on the weight and destination of the cargo.

DHL calculator 

Our DHL cost calculator will help you save time and money. 

Five simple methods for obtaining a DHL transportation estimate for a package:

1. For assistance, please refer to our packaging guide. 

2. The final dimensions of your packaged item should be measured in inches (L x W x H).

3. Deliveries are weighed in pounds.

4. Our DHL shipping calculator needs the delivery address, dimensions, and weight.

5. Before reserving a service, compare DHL transportation rates to other carriers.

International DHL transport costs

DHL is a popular option for international shipment delivery and is widely recognised as one of the primary international carriers.  

Using our DHL shipping calculator, you can ascertain the cost of sending a package via DHL. DHL shipping fees vary depending on the package’s destination, size, weight, and transit duration.

UK Kenya shipping

2 to 3 working days

from $850


2-5 working days

from $850


4-5 working days

from $490

This Prices are subject to change based on the shipment’s weight, dimensions, and destination.

Send a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

Using UK Kenya shipping, you can dispatch a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya

Our free shipping calculator will help you find couriers that ship from the United Kingdom to Kenya, compare prices, and book discounted services

Within moments, we will provide you with a list of couriers who can deliver your delivery to Kenya, including major cities such as Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu or even your preferred destination. 

Whether you’re looking for the quickest or cheapest means to ship to Kenya,, we’ll help you find the best courier service. Obtain an estimate to get kickstart your shipping needs with us.

The best method of shipping to Kenya,

UK Kenya shipping can assist you in determining the most economical means of transport from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

Whether you are looking for the cheapest and quickest method to ship to Kenya, our shipping calculator will guide you in comparing prices, delivery times, and tracking information from various reputable courier services.

These services are the most cost-effective and productive.

UK Kenya shipping

2 to 3 days at $850

Superior for agility


3-5 business days for $81

Depending on the size and the weight of your shipment, service accessibility may vary.

How much does shipping to Kenya cost?

Sending a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping can cost as little as $23.49 when scheduled online. 

Utilise our shipping calculator to compare multiple shipping companies’ prices.

How long does shipping to Kenya take?

From the United Kingdom to Kenya, standard and express delivery time frames range from 2 to 3 business days to for economy services. 

Generally, service with more extended delivery periods are less expensive.

Estimate the shipping costs.

Customs information for cargoes bound for Kenya

Kenya publishes an uncomplicated and plain list of import restrictions and prohibitions.

 This list is accessible via the Kenya Revenue Authority. Counterfeit currency, pornographic materials, specific types of matches, essential oils, narcotics, specific industrial and agricultural chemicals, hazardous refuse, and counterfeit products are among the prohibited items.

Kenya imposes import restrictions on a number of products in addition to those that are prohibited.

 These restrictions apply to shipments containing traps for game animals, unrefined precious metals or stones, weapons, ammunition, bones, antlers, ivory from multiple types of game animals, coral, natural corals, endangered flora, genetically modified products, and artefacts.

Kenya Courier Freight

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2. Kenya Courier Freight

Kenya Courier Freight

Our Courier Cargo Kenya service enables customers to deliver documents and gifts via express courier services

Similarly, the client may send Air Cargo / Airfreight for excess baggage, oversized packages, pallets, and shipments weighing over 100 kilograms. 

Air Cargo and Air Freight will provide the most practical and reliable delivery. Likewise, we provide Kenya with affordable air cargo services. 

Please think about sending the following:

Freight by air to Kenya

• Extra Luggage

• Effect Not Public

Freight transport between airports

• Provide support via air cargo

• The typical delivery time frame is five days

Deliveries to Kenya

Online shipment tracking is available, and we have a local office in Nairobi

We offer air freight, air cargo, and courier service. We can arrange to collect your items from any location in the United Kingdom and Africa.

 In addition, we provide a secure storage facility for your belongings. All of our services are more affordable than those of our competitors.

General Rate:

1. General Cost per kilogram: £6

2. Admin & Handling Charge: £50

3. Minimum required: 100 KG

4. Location-specific costs for Heathrow Airport collection and delivery vary.

Air cargo rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Please specify cargo fees before making a reservation.

Only indirect flights and airport-to-airport services are included in the price. Please utilize our express courier services to ship less than 100 kilograms to Kenya. 

Moreover, we offer international courier services. We employ global logistics leaders such as UK Kenya shipping DHL and other shipping companies. Likewise,they do worldwide cargo/airfreight. 

UK Kenya shipping to Kenya – DHL to Kenya from UK– DHL to Kenya near me

Similarly, we offer Shipping to Kenya since we are the most reliable and cost-effective UK Kenya shipping service. If you need express UK Kenya shipping, please visit our website. 

If you are located in or around UK, we will fetch you from your home or place of business. Please complete the courier’s form. In addition, you may ship the package to our office. You will be informed of the price once we have received it. 

Don’t hesitate to contact UK Kenya shipping Parcel if you wish to ship from the United Kingdom for next-day delivery in the United Kingdom or Europe with trackingThe UK Kenya shipping It is marginally less expensive than DHL Express, particularly for the United Kingdom and Europe.

Deliver a package to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping is less expensive when shipping to Kenya than DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Send to Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and more.

Receive an online price quote immediately to compare services and prices. 

Then, scheduling is simple; we will walk you through the process.

Exporting to Kenya

UK Kenya shipping it is our most cost-effective service to Kenya;it also responsible for delivery, and we coordinate pickup. 

Additionally, you can drop off your delivery at one of our locations.

This service permits the shipment of packages up to 70 kilograms and pallets up to 300 kilograms. 

You can reserve an air freight service for larger shipments and pick up your cargo at Mombasa (MBA) or Nairobi (NBO) airports.

Journey duration for Kenya

Approximately two working days are required to deliver express shipments from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

There may be a slight delay in your collection, and the delivery address is in a remote area.

 Enter your postcodes into our transit time calculators to obtain the answer.

Information on customs

Every shipment from the United Kingdom to Kenya requires customs clearance

We will generate a customs invoice detailing the contents of your cargo as part of your booking, or you may submit your own.

Taxes and duties may be applicable but are not included in your estimate. 

For more information, please visit the Kenyan Customs and Border Control website.

Furthermore, investigate the airline restrictions for Kenya.

Exports of Kenya goods to the United Kingdom

Sending a package to the United Kingdom from Kenya

UPS ,DHL and T.G. Express, both fulfilled by UK Kenya shipping, provide import services.

Choose Kenya as your “Sending from” address to receive a quote immediately.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international shipping services.Our team will be happy to answer any question you may have and guide you through  the process of your shipping and you will definitely ship with UK Kenya Shipping Ltd again.


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