What Is the Price of Shipping to Kenya?

This articles will offer a complete guide on the cost of shipping to kenya and some of the factors which are considered when it comes to the total cost to be incurred.

Several criteria, such as distance, weight, delivery method, and destination country, must be considered when sending products internationally.

 Understanding international shipping costs is essential if you’re considering shipping to Kenya

 The variables that affect shipping costs and explain how to calculate shipping expenses to Kenya.

1. Location & Distance:

The distance between the origin which in this case is UK and the destination which is Kenya significantly impacts the cost of shipping.

 Shipping charges may vary depending on the country of origin and the particular region within Kenya, which is located on Africa’s east coast. 

For instance, it may cost more to transport from Europe or Asia than from North America.

2. Option for shipment:

The final price will also depend on your chosen shipping option which you will have chosen for your luggage. Express courier services, air freight, and ocean freight are other alternatives. 

When transporting significant commodities, sea freight is more expensive but slower than air freight, which is often quicker.

Despite the fact that they are expensive, express courier services are excellent for last-minute deliveries or smaller items.

3. Weight and Dimensions:

Your shipment’s weight and dimensions directly impacts the price. Their transportation expenses are higher since larger, heavier packages are more expensive.

 When calculating for the transportation costs, the volumetric weight approach, which considers the product’s weight and dimensions, is usually utilised.

4. Taxes and customs costs must be considered while shipping products to Kenya. The Kenyan government levied many charges and they must be followed to the latter.

 Depending on the product type, these fees vary, and they frequently rely on the claimed worth of the goods. In addition, excise taxes, value added taxes (VAT), and import taxes must all be accounted for in your shipping costs.

5. Packaging and Insurance: Proper packaging is the first step in securing your possessions during transit. Fragile or sensitive items can need special packaging or extra padding, which could raise the delivery cost. 

Consider buying cargo insurance as an additional protection against any loss or damage. However, insurance fees typically only cover a small portion of the product’s declared value.

6. The shipping company you choose,such as UK Kenya shipping and any additional services can affect the final cost. The prices, services, and delivery schedules of various enterprises vary. 

Finding the shipping company that best meets your needs may be an added advantage by researching and compared such as UK Kenya shipping been the best to ship your parcel.

 For an additional fee, some businesses like UK Kenya shipping provide extra services, including door-to-door delivery, help with customs clearance and package tracking.

Accurately calculating UK Kenya shipping costs to Kenya requires doing the actions listed below.

1. You should determine the size and weight of your package.

2. Find shipping firms and compare prices being given by various retailers.

3. consider the shipment method (air freight, sea freight, or express courier) depending on your needs.

4. Research the Kenyan customs legislation for information on potential taxes and levies.

5. Be sure to include in the cost of packaging and insurance.

6. Consider the additional services shipping firms provide and how they impact the cost.

7. After contrasting the numerous quotations, pick the quote that best suits your requirements and spending limit.


Many variables affect how much ultimately costs to ship products to Kenya

You can estimate the shipping costs by considering the distance, shipment mode, weight, customs duties, packaging, and other pertinent aspects.

It’s essential to do thorough research, get several quotations, and choose a reputed shipping business like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd that provides reliable services and competitive pricing. 

A rapid and inexpensive shipping process to Kenya is guaranteed by making the necessary preparations and understanding the shipping process.

Certainly! When calculating shipping prices to Kenya, keep the following extra factors in mind:

1. Transit Time:

It’s critical to consider the time that it will take for your item to arrive in Kenya

Generally speaking, air freight moves faster than sea freight, which can take weeks. Therefore, consider more expensive expedited shipping options depending on how quickly you need your items to be delivered to your preferred destination.

2. Destination within Kenya:

Depending on the final destination, the shipping cost within Kenya can significantly change.

 Significant cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu frequently have more substantial shipping infrastructure than isolated or rural areas and may provide cheaper shipping options. 

To get the right price, include the precise delivery address when inquiring about rates.

3. Packaging regulations:

Understanding Kenya’s particular packaging regulations is crucial. The Kenyan government may place additional packaging restrictions on some goods for safety or customs reasons.

 It is necessary to adhere to these rules to avoid additional fees or delays.

4. The International Commercial Terms

Used in international trade, specify the responsibilities and obligations of buyers and sellers. 

The Incoterms that apply to your shipment must be understood because they specify who pays shipping costs, insurance, and customs charges.

 EXW (Ex Works), FOB (Free on Board), and CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) are examples of common Incoterms.

 To prevent misunderstandings, confirm that the chosen Incoterm is acknowledged by both you and your supplier or buyer.

5. It would be a good idea to combine smaller shipments with larger ones before sending them or to use consolidation services. 

Group age refers to sharing container space with other cargo, whereas consolidation refers to combining multiple minor cargoes into one more oversized shipment.

 These strategies can reduce prices by maximising container space and splitting the shipping expense.

6. Seasonal factors:

Shipping charges may change depending on the season or busy times. Peak seasons, such as holidays or festivals, may see a spike in demand and shipping costs.

 You can reduce delivery costs by organising your shipments well and avoiding busy times. Remember that many things can affect how much delivery will cost. 

Always seek UK Kenya shipping companies’ latest pricing and information to ensure you receive the best deal for your unique needs.

You can more thoroughly comprehend the cost of shipping to Kenya and make wise decisions about international shipping by considering these additional aspects.


Are you sending goods from the UK to Kenya ?

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Air Door-to-Door

around the Road

• by Sea

• by Air

Services for Air Freight to Kenya

Charges for to Air Freight Kenyan Airports


At least the cost

100 kg most

or 100 kg.

(MBA) Mombasa

£23.49 is charged per kilo.

Cost is £3.61 per kilogram.

Nairobi (NBO)

(up to 36 kg) $850

The price per kg is £3.16.

The cost is £23.49 per kilogram.

For all air freight shipments to the UK, there is an additional handling and security cost of £850.00 in addition to the freight rates.

The above costs are valid just up until the time you arrive at the airport. 

They do not include ANY expenses that might be incurred in Kenya, including terminal handling fees, administrative costs, customs clearing costs, examination, quarantine, inspection costs, customs duties, taxes, and storage costs.

The Consignee is accountable for paying any fees incurred when the shipment is picked up at the destination. We have no control over the payments, nor do our financial interests, as they are determined locally.

Kenya has historically received deliveries from UK Kenya shipping.Contact us if you have any specific questions or need more information.

Information pertinent to Kenyan Air Freight

• The final weight with dimensions of your packages will serve as the basis for all estimates.

• Before being picked up, all packages must be securely wrapped and prepared for travel.

• Don’t include anything prohibited, harmful, or priceless in your deliveries.

• The quote, as mentioned above, doesn’t address insurance.

• even though we regularly examine our pricing, they could change.

• The UK Kenya shipping apply to all transactions. Demand-driven copies are accessible.

Kenyan Air Freight Requirements: 

Country-Specific Information

• To transport items from the UK to Kenya, you must have a completed English-language Shippers Inventory.

Services for Sea Freight to Kenya

shipping from Kenya cost


initially cubic meter

Each Additional Cubic Meter


Please be aware that all sea freight shipments have a one cubic meter minimum charge.

Only expenses incurred before landing at the port or terminal are included in the above mentioned fees.

Therefore, they do not include ANY expenses that might be incurred in Kenya, including terminal handling fees, administrative costs, customs clearing costs, examination, quarantine, inspection costs, customs duties, taxes, and storage costs.

The Consignee is accountable for paying any fees incurred when the shipment is picked up at the destination. We as the UK Kenya Shipping Ltd have no control over the prices, nor do our financial interests, as they are determined locally.

Important Information for Shipping to Kenya by Sea

• The final weight and dimensions of the packages will serve as the basis for all estimates.

• Before being picked up, all packages must be securely wrapped and prepared for travel.

• Don’t include anything prohibited, harmful, or priceless in your deliveries.

• The quote mentioned above doesn’t address insurance.

• even though we regularly examine our pricing, they could change.

• The UK Kenya shipping apply to all transactions. Demand-driven copies are accessible.

Laws controlling maritime freight in Kenya

• To transport items from the UK to Kenya, you must have a completed English-language Shippers Inventory.


We frequently ship cargo to Kenya via air freight. Our website’s ‘ air freight Services‘ section offers air freight costs and other crucial shipping details.



For a customised quote for UK Kenya shipping company, please visit our request a quotation page. 

Visit our business logistics website for more details on the range of freight services we provide for businesses.


Depending on your preferred delivery method, the size and weight of your package(s) and the cost of shipping from the UK to Kenya will change so we can not offer a specific amount at the moment.

Shipping charges from the UK to KENYA.

Free shipment is offered for packages weighing less than 100 kg, with minimum additional shipping costs.


Up to 36 kg; £850; £23.49 per kilogram;


up to 36 kg, $23.49/kg, and $23.49.

There is a £850 handling and security fee for all air freight shipments to the UK.

It would be best if you read the sections titled “important information” and “country-specific requirements” located above the “Air freight” button.

Any other costs, such as customs duties, taxes, examination, quarantine, or inspection fees that would need to be paid in Kenya, are NOT included in the pricing given above. 

The Consignee should bear any such expenses before delivery.


From the UK to Kenya, air freight delivery takes around a week. 


• Individualised support.

• Reasonable costs.

• Rapid delivery rather than ones that take weeks; short travel periods.

Plastic wrap is used to secure every product further.

British goods that can’t be shipped to Kenya.

Before sending anything from the UK to Kenya, you must be fully aware of any local import limitations. The same import limitations for Kenya are listed below.

What you are and are not allowed to bring over international borders is governed by several very tight limitations. Before shipping with UK Kenya shipping, please ensure that none of your things has the “dangerous” or “valuable” tags.

Along with batteries for laptops and cell phones, cans of deodorant and perfume are among the many commonplace things labelled as “dangerous” goods for air freight. 

For further details, please visit our page on dangerous goods.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping to Kenya from the UK.

When will Kenya receive my package from the UK?

The typical air freight transportation period is one week.

Which shipping option from the UK to Kenya will be the least expensive?

Air freight is often the least-priced alternative if a client only needs to move a few boxes or pieces of luggage.

What is the cost of delivering goods to Kenya from abroad?

The overall cost will change depending on the quantity of the items, their size, weight, and method of transportation.

Which businesses deliver to Kenya?

With the help of UK Kenya shipping,products from the UK to Kenya is affordable.

 You can trust us with your valuables because we are at about 30 years of experience shipping items to locations worldwide.

We offer a specialised service for clients that need parcels and other private items delivered. 




1. UK DHL Parcel

2. International

3. Kenya

Using a courier service to deliver goods to Kenya

With our 3-day international flight service from pickup or drop-off and some of the best professionals in the business handling the transportation, you can be ensured that your products will arrive quickly and safely in the same condition as when they were sent.

Regarding all major cities, like Nairobi, Bungoma County, Mombasa and others.

Are you looking for a courier service from the UK to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping Parcel UK offers the best value and simplicity from ordering to delivery.

 Create an account with us—it only takes a few minutes—and then reserve your package using our functional website. 

Because it is so simple, you can arrange collection from your home or place of employment and delivery in only a few days.

If you place your order online before midnight, a courteous driver will pick up your box the following day or on a day that works for you.

 We’ll send it in three days through our dependable international air service.

 For delivery to Kenya, we provide what we think to be some of the best rates, free online monitoring, free contents insurance up to a value of £50, and additional services.


* Kenyan public holidays may have an impact on our anticipated transit times.

Low-cost Flights to Kenya

We strive to offer affordable rates for international parcel delivery and are glad to keep the cost of shipping a product to Kenya as low as possible. In plain English, the price of collection and delivery was £38.68*. 

Additionally, you can drop off your box at one of our more than 50 countrywide depots to further reduce the cost of your package delivery. 

The most recent prices for small- and medium-sized package courier services are in the table below.

Foreign flight operations.

£40.31* Book

£64.95* Book

£95.75* Book

£188.15* Book

How quickly will the delivery occur?

We provide the most efficient and affordable courier services between the UK and Kenya. Delivery is frequently finished in three days*, even to the east coast of Africa. 

Although we always strive to deliver your packages on time, this is only sometimes possible, especially in the nation’s most rural regions.

Remember that knowing what you may and cannot mail can help you get the fastest delivery time. 

You minimize unnecessary delays and expenses and carefully identify everything since everything must pass through customs processing. 

For additional information about Kenyan traditions, see the section below.


If your goods are being shipped outside the UK, a customs form must be completed. 

By doing this, you can inform the customs officials in charge of your shipment of what’s inside and its final destination.

Similar to other international mailings, additional customs duties and import taxes may be due when sending a package to Kenya from the UK, depending on its contents. 

To comply with these regulations, provide an inventory listing each item before constructing your package.

Personal effects must also be revealed when shipped to Kenya using a Pro-forma invoice that includes a comprehensive inventory of the articles and their values. 

English must be used to write this invoice. The commercial invoice must meet the same standards but need not be printed on letterhead paper. 

Keep in mind that everything brand-new that is listed as personal effects is subject to tax and needs to get permission via the recipient’s passport.

If this seems complicated, don’t worry; when you order delivery from UK Kenya shipping,DHL Parcel UK, we’ll give you all the paperwork you need to get your packages past Kenyan and UK customs.

To learn more about Kenya’s tax and customs concerns, contact HM Revenue & Customs.


Make sure whatever you send to Kenya is lawful before setting up a courier service

There are occasions when items that are okay to us in the UK are outlawed or cannot be transported to other nations.

 Numerous items in Kenya fit under this category, so before sending any parcels, we strongly encourage you to verify the rules again since they are subject to change.

Visit the Kenya Revenue Authority website to learn more about what is allowed and forbidden there.

You should review the whole UK Kenya shipping Parcel UK forbidden list before preparing to ship your package if you plan to send items like alcohol, fresh (perishable) goods, and illegal drugs to Kenya.

 The following items cannot be delivered to Kenya until then:


Illegal and unhealthy foods are additional.

Animal byproducts like horns, teeth, and bones are primarily used in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Hazardous trash, Eggs and dairy products, Mercury-containing soaps or cosmetics

, weaponry, perishable goods, counterfeit money (notes and coins), and weaponry

Please be advised that there are further restrictions in addition to the country-specific regulations.

Package essentials for Kenya.

Your consignment will travel a distance of more than 5000 kilometres to reach Kenya.

 Additionally, it is the basis for our advice that you should exercise caution when preparing your things for distribution.

 Before any goods can reach Eastern Africa, they must go by Road, Air, and several depots equipped with mechanical and manual sorting equipment.

Regardless of size or weight, always pick an outer solid box to transport your items, and keep it manageable. Handling of goods up to 25 kg and 70x70x70 cm in size. 

Add padding to prevent the contents from shifting excessively and getting damaged while transported.

See our helpful foreign packaging guide for more details on how to package your things for international shipping.Any size of freight, including extra luggage, can be delivered to Kenya safely under the help of UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international shipping services.Our team will be happy to answer any question you may have and guide you through  the process and the costs you are likely to incur.

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