If you send documents via UK Kenya shipping, DHL, a 0.5kg package from China to Kenya costs to ship the package from China to Kenya, while a 1kg package from China to Kenya costs when you can contact us at +447487554202 for the price.

We have extensive experience in shipping from China to Kenya. We as UK Kenya shipping can provide sea and air transportation services for shipping from China to Kenya. If you want to ship to China from Kenya, we also offer this service at a low price for the shipping rates from China to Kenya.

Many importers need help to clear their products through customs due to unfamiliarity with customs policies. Our UK-Kenya shipping customers never have problems with customs clearance. We have our team of experts to help our customers transport their shipments from China to Kenya by carrying out all the formalities competently at the customs office.

We have several contracts with the best airlines and shipping companies in Kenya. This helps us to reduce shipping costs from China to KenyaWith UK Kenya shipping, receive your product safely from China. We also provide low-cost shipping fees from China to Kenya by any other forwarder in China.


Packing size

Dimensional weight considers the size of a package to determine shipping costs. DIM is the weight calculated by multiplying the package or box’s length, width, and height, then dividing by a standard DIM divider.

While a 1kg package from China to Kenya cost to ship the package from China to kenya. A 2kg package costs you can contact us at +447487554202. So you see that the higher the weight, the more you can save per kg. For parcels from China to Kenya costs around low parcel costs.

Shipping cost calculators for three popular carriers

Each delivery service considers many factors above in developing different pricing models and shipping methods. Here are pricing models and calculators for three top UK carriers that offer shipping services: UK Kenya shipping, USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

UK Kenya shipping Shipping Rates and Shipping Calculator

UK Kenya shipping is often the least expensive of the three carriers, especially for ground transportation. Because they fly local routes every day, UK Kenya shipping already delivers daily to your end customer and doesn’t have to strain.

As UK Kenya shipping has merged its commercial pricing models (Commercial Plus and Commercial Base) into one: Commercial Pricing. Trade pricing offers discounts of up to 15% on retail shipping rates from China to kenya when handling charges. You must request this pricing model through UK Kenya shipping.

Check out their pricing calculator to calculate UK Kenya shipping costs. Here are some examples:

• Shipping your product or products that fit in a 12″ x 12″ x 5-1/2″ box from China to Kenya.

• Shipping a 6 lb 7 oz package from China to Kenya. using UK Kenya shipping will cost you regular shipping times. 

• Shipping this product from China to Kenya. using UK Kenya shipping which takes 2 to 3 days and will cost you at regular shipping times. 


 If you send documents via UK Kenya shipping, DHL, a 0.5kg package from China to Kenya costs, while a 1kg package from China to Kenya cheap shipping from China to Kenya costs.

Send a parcel to Kenya

Parcel shipping to Kenya from just for few cash price

Shipping to Kenya

UK Kenya shipping makes shipping to Kenya from the UK quick and easy. Not only do we help you find the cheapest shipping options for all your needs, but we also partner with the best Kenyan couriers to ensure you get great prices and the fastest delivery times. When shipping clothes, shoes, toys, households, books, and documents from China to Kenya cost a cheap price.

Whether you’re sending gifts, a small package, or a large shipment of goods to Kenya, UK Kenya shipping offers a range of fast and affordable delivery options to suit any budget. We offer free cover on every shipment* and door-to-door tracking. So, with UK Kenya shipping, your parcel is in good hands.

Compare the prices of the best Kenyan couriers.

Use our price comparison calculator to compare the rates of top Kenyan couriers. UK Kenya shipping has just celebrated its 30th anniversary, and over the last three decades, we have built solid and lasting relationships, which means we as UK Kenya shipping can offer the best Kenyan fares, with savings of up to 60% when you book direct.

1. Get an instant online quote for shipping to Kenya.

2. Compare the low prices of the best courier charges from China to Kenya.

3. Select Express shipping cost China to Kenya as Fast for the Delivery or Low-Cost Economy Delivery.

Kenya Shipping costs

With UK Kenya shipping, you get what you see. Our great prices include all applicable fees, so there are no surprises. Our shipping rates from china to Kenya are so low, we’re cheaper than regular mail, and you know your package will be delivered safely and quickly.

Check our prices for popular African destinations:


How to calculate shipping costs in minutes?

Please learn how to calculate shipping to Nairobi, Kenya costs in minutes using our UK-Kenya shipping calculator. You don’t have to estimate the costs. Get shipping now

• Carriers such as UK Kenya shipping, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL base their rates on the shipping zones found on their respective websites

• The fastest and most effective way to learn how to calculate shipping rates China to kenya is to use a calculator, such as UK Kenya Shipping been of a Free Shipping Rate Calculator.

Shipment destination, package weight, package size, and delivery times all affect the final cost of the shipment

Calculating shipping to Kenya’s rural areas costs which can be complicated for any budding e-commerce entrepreneur. But it doesn’t always have to be like this. Whether you want to know how much it costs to ship a package internationally or how to estimate shipping costs to ship products to thousands of customers around the world, we have good news.

There are now several tools available that allow you to calculate shipping costs in minutes. In this article, we as UK Kenya shipping share the essential information you need to get a quote, additional services and requirements that might affect the shipping price, and provide some valuable tools to help you learn how to calculate expenses.


You must pay an Import Declaration Fee (IDF), 2.25% of the CIF value. The amount is subject to a set minimum of KES 5,000. Please note that customs duties are payable in Kenya after Customs has assessed the value of the items and determined the applicable rate.

Reliable shipments from China to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping by air and ocean freight solutions.

Shipping Tips

Companies seek reliable and efficient shipping solutions to transport goods across borders as the world becomes increasingly interconnected. One of the most popular trade routes is between China and Kenya, where companies import various shipping electronics from China to Kenya and to wearable devices.

UK Kenya shipping is a leading freight service provider providing reliable and efficient air and ocean freight solutions to businesses and individuals who wish to transport cargo from China to Kenya we offer door-to-door shipping cost from china to kenya.

Solutions for air transport

UK Kenya shipping air freight solutions provide fast and reliable shipping services from China to Kenya. The company like UK Kenya shipping offers competitive fares and efficient services through partnerships with major airlines. Air freight is ideal for companies that need fast and urgent shipments.

UK Kenya shipping provides door-to-door delivery services, including picking up the goods from the supplier and delivering them to the consignee. The company’s air freight solutions also include customs clearance and documentation services.UK Kenya shipping team of experienced professionals manages all aspects of the shipping process and ensures your goods arrive safely and on time.

Shipping solutions

Sea freight cost China to kenya when shipping is a popular method for companies importing bulky goods from China to Kenya. UK Kenya shipping solutions provide efficient and reliable shipping services in partnership with major shipping companies. The company offers door-to-door shipping costs from china to kenya, including customs clearance and documentation services.

UK Kenya shipping solutions are designed to meet each customer’s unique needs. The company offers flexible hours and competitive rates to ensure businesses move goods efficiently and affordably. The company also provides real-time tracking services, giving customers complete visibility into their cargo during shipment.

Customs clearance services

Customs clearance is essential to the shipping process, and complying with customs regulations can result in significant delays and additional costs. UK Kenya shipping offers customs clearance services to ensure smooth and fast customs clearance of goods.

The company has a team of experienced customs brokers who know the customs rules of China and Kenya. They handle all aspects of the customs clearance process, including documentation, inspections, and payments. UK Kenya shipping for customs clearance services offer customers complete peace of mind and ensures their goods are delivered on time and without hassle.


UK Kenya shipping air and ocean freight solutions provide reliable and efficient freight forwarding services to businesses and individuals who wish to transport cargo from China to Kenya. The company’s partnerships with major airlines and shipping companies guarantee customers competitive rates and efficient services.

UK Kenya shipping for customs clearance services ensure that your goods are cleared quickly and smoothly. With its commitment to providing quality shipping services, UK Kenya Shipping is a trusted partner for companies looking to move cargo across borders.


What affects shipping costs?

Several factors affect shipping costs, from the size of your shipment to the distance it needs to travel. Understanding these charges and any additional fees will give you a better picture of your shipping costs.

What are the main factors affecting shipping costs?

When determining the cost to ship packages from China to Kenya, several factors come into play; here are some of the most common ones and how they can affect the price you pay.

• Height and weight classes

• Volumetric weight

• Transmission distance

• Delivery delay

• Supplements

Duties and taxes

Height and weight categories

Each carrier has specific categories and terms describing weight and size limits. Still, these generally include standard A4 document envelopes, parcels for more significant documents, and compact items, boxes, and pallets. Oversized or non-standard packages may be accepted for an additional fee.

If you are still determining the size category of your shipment, we as UK Kenya shipping that recommend that you consult your preferred carrier.

Volumetric weight

Dimensional weight (DIM) is another factor that can affect shipping rates from China to kenya. It refers to the density of the pack, the amount of space it takes up relative to its actual weight. The DIM weight of your package becomes the billable weight when it exceeds the actual weight.

Shipping distance

Shipping domestically or internationally can also affect shipping to Mombasa,kenya costs. Through air freight cost China to kenya uses the best courier that often uses dynamic geographic areas to measure the distance your shipment must travel. The greater the distance, the higher the price.

Delivery delay

Depending on the country of origin and destination, carriers generally offer a range of standard and express shipping cost from China to kenya for the services at times. Service names can vary by provider, but generally, times fall into these three categories.

• Punctual deliveries that deliver parcels in specific time slots

• Urgent deliveries, including overnight shifts and next-day services

• Standard delivery times typically range from two to seven business days, depending on the distance the shipment must travel

How do surcharges affect shipping costs?

Surcharges are additional costs on top of a base rate. It is essential to know and understand which ones apply to your shipment. Additional fees and incidentals (for import shipments) may apply if the load requires other paperwork, effort, or time. Anything over the standard shipping and handling charges will affect the shipping fee from China to Kenya from our charges.

Here are some of the most common types of allowances:

• Fuel overload

This is the most common surcharge and covers oil price fluctuations. It is calculated as a percentage of the shipping price and is usually adjusted weekly.

• Surcharge for extra large or different parcels

Additional charges for non-stackable or cylindrical shipments and packages more significant than the carrier’s standard dimensions may apply.

• Extended area service for remote areas

Additional charges apply for parcel delivery to remote areas.

• Dangerous Goods

Any dangerous goods for the shipments that may pose a risk to a person or other loads will be subject to additional charges.

• Address correction

You may be charged a correction fee if your courier needs to edit the documents.

Duties and taxes

It is important to note that international shipping costs from China to kenya for the shipments may also be subject to taxes and duties, which must be paid separately. Please check with your carrier or the customs authorities in the country you are shipping personal effects from China to Kenya for applicable shipping charges.

How to avoid unnecessary costs?

• Make sure your shipping heavy items from China to Kenya cost for our information that is correct and compliant with shipping regulations

• Do not use a box more extensive than necessary

• Contact your preferred carrier and check what surcharges apply to your shipment.


Shipping from China to Kenya

As an experienced forwarder for shipping from China to Kenya, we as UK Kenya shipping have been in the Kenyan shipping company that has been shipping for many years.

We provide exclusive door-to-door shipping costs from China to Kenya, LCL Express, and air and sea transportation services from China to Kenya. Benefit from the best rate for all types of shipments. When shipping electronics, lighting, clothing, plastics, toys, and perishable goods from China to Kenya.

We contract with most major carriers and couriers and provide customs clearance service for UK Kenya shipping air and sea shipments, as we have already done from China to Kenya, Nairobi, Mombasa, and any other city; we can arrange the best shipping for you. Our comprehensive network coverage of all the skilled workers and 24/7 customer service will give you the best shipping commercial goods from China-to-Kenya in an experience.

Benefits of our shipping to Kenya

Safe and fast delivery

Ensure your goods are delivered in good condition and on time. We as UK Kenya shipping can handle all shipments to Kenya with quality assurance from collection to delivery.

Wide itinerary for choices

Our connection to 8 major airports in China and 45 partner airlines, with access to over 500 routes for premium flexibility.

Strong overseas customs clearance

Experienced agents efficiently handle the customs clearance process. No matter how complex your items are, we will solve them hassle-free.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We at UK Kenya shipping offer you the best value for money with our 100+ premium international shipping costs from china to kenya for the couriers. Our rates guarantee you the best possible routes and times.

Professional customer service team

Ship to Kenya hassle-free with our expert support, a 24/7 service to guide you through shipping.

One-Stop service for peace of mind

With one-stop service, you are insured from supplier collection, labeling, and customs clearance to door-to-door delivery.

Contact us for a cheap and reliable ONE-STOP shipping service from China to Kenya.

One-stop shipping solutions in Kenya

Air transport from China to Kenya

Enjoy fast, reliable, and flexible air travel options from all the major airports in China to all international shipping cost china to kenya in airports in Kenya via our verified airlines, with a door-to-door shipping cost from China to Kenya, and airport-to-airport delivery in 2 to 3 days.

Sea transport from China to Kenya

Benefit from reliable shipping options from all major seaports in China to Mombasa seaports in Kenya. Delivery is within 4-6 weeks, depending on the port and routes.

Express delivery from China to Kenya

Get fast and efficient Express Air shipping solutions from China to Kenya from UK Kenya shipping,FedEx, UPS, TNT, and DHL, with door-to-door shipping costs from China to Kenya for delivery within 2 to 3 days.

Collection of Chinese manufacturers

Arrange the collection of goods from your manufacturer/supplier in any city in China to your destination in Kenya.

Temporary free storage

Please take advantage of 30 days of free storage of your various items in our warehouse before shipping. A flexible solution for your group expedition.

China Insurance in Kenya

Please don’t take risks and ship with Winsky; thanks to our additional insurance service for your shipments from China to Kenya with the lowest insurance rate.


Air transportation from China to Kenya has a weight limit for one package. Couriers such as UK Kenya shipping, and DHL allow 68 kg per parcel. UK Kenya shipping provides up to 70 kg per package. But you can ship 1000kg air cargo from China to Kenya via most carriers.

Check the dimensions and the weight of the shipment

Measuring is easy.

How to correctly measure a parcel?

• Determine the length, width, and height

The longest side of your parcel is your height.

• To conclude

Rounds to the nearest whole number when measuring. For example, 1 to 1.49 is considered 1, and 1.5 to 1.99 is regarded as 2.

• Prepare for measurements

You will need this when creating your shipment.

Height and weight restrictions

• Packages can weigh up to 150 lbs.

• Packages can be inches long.

• Your specific shipment may have different package dimensions and weight limits.

• Packages that exceed specific size and weight combinations may require freight forwarding services.

• Find out how to avoid measurement correction costs.

Shipping something heavy?

We have particular guidelines and procedures to ensure your packages weigh more than 70 lbs. arrive safe and sound.


UK Kenya shipping

2 to 3 business days 

UK Kenya shipping is the fastest international shipping cost from China to Kenya option:

• Ships up to 70 lbs in some countries have lower weight limits to approximately 180 countries (with next-day delivery to many locations in Canada).

• Fixed date delivery and money-back guarantee 2.

UK Kenya shipping Express handles international shipping and delivery.

Packages sent to countries that comply with European Union (EU), customs regulations will require more detailed content descriptions for customs forms. 

Features and prices

• Express international shipping cost from China to Kenya for the services with delivery within 1-3 working days

• Fixed date door-to-door shipping cost from china to kenya for the delivery and money-back guarantee.

• May be eligible for free parcel collection.

• Shipping to around 180 countries

• Tracking all destinations

• Price depends on the size, shape, weight, and distance from the destination country

See price lists. Calculate the price. See Insurance and additional services.

Weight, height, and shape requirements

• Maximum weight is 70 lbs.

• Maximum combined length and circumference is 108 inches. The maximum length is 45 inches, height is 46 inches, and width is 35 inches.

• Some countries have lower weight and height limits.

Country Price Groups and Weight Limits Prepare international shipments

Customs forms

Note:  packages sent to countries that follow European Union (EU) customs rules will require more detailed content descriptions for customs forms. Find out what to do.

If you pay for your international shipment online and print it using the UK-Kenya shipping service, our tool will create the customs form for you.

Print a customs label and form.

An envelope or package must be large enough to fully contain the air waybill (shipping label), postage, customs form, and all applicable markings.


It takes 2 to 3 days for a shipment to arrive in Kenya from China. The duration varies according to the port and the port of destination. But you can receive your shipment within a maximum week. Sometimes the weather, the speed of the ship, and the crowds in the ports also make a difference in the transit time.

In order to achieve something and there was undoubtedly occasion when we had to send a gift to a friend, a product to a client, or documents to a business associate. Unfortunately, the shipping process is always smooth. Sometimes you must search for information and compare who will provide the cheapest or fastest delivery service. Sometimes you are haunted by doubts about whether it is safe delivery.

Sometimes, when we have to send an urgent shipment, UK kenya shipping is not shocked by the price of this service, which considering the distance seems to be high. Even though it looks like a simple procedure, cheap shipping from China to Kenya becomes a hassle. This is not the case with the UK Kenya shipping package.

Enter your shipment details in the inquiry form, and you will immediately see the shipment methods and prices offered by UK Kenya shipping the peculiarity for the system independently finds the best offer in terms of price and delivery times for shipments (urgent or not) from China to Kenya. It only takes a few seconds.

Benefits of using UK Kenya shipping

Parcels are delivered door-to-door shipping costs from China to Kenya.

All shipments from China to Kenya are insured.

We provide transportation services all over the world.

We can ship both large and small packages.

Registration is not necessary!

The best price from China to Kenya


The cheapest way to ship small packages for the fast shipping from China to Kenya.

*All prices shown are subject to change depending on the package’s weight, size, and destination.

Get a shipping quote

How much does it cost to ship a small package?

Shipping costs for small parcels depend on the size and weight of the field and where you are sending it.

If you’re shipping to Kenya, the cheapest way to ship small packages is to use a postal service such as UK Kenya Shipping. This service accepts large envelopes and small boxes up to 13 oz. Prices start at a few costs to send the package, and delivery time is 2-3 business days.

For larger packages (up to 70 pounds), UK-Kenya Shipping is an economical option. Our shipping unto how to calculate shipping cost to Kenya using a calculator lets you get UK Kenya Shipping. Enter your weight and destination, and we’ll give you a price immediately.

 Calculate shipping costs.

Fast shipping from China to Kenya with the costs that are calculated based on the distance your package must travel and the volumetric weight. The dimensional weight tells the carrier how much space your parcel will occupy in a van or an airplane.

The good news is that you don’t need to know the dimensional weight of your package to get a shipping quote. Enter your parcel’s length, width, and height into our UK Kenya shipping calculator, and we’ll show you shipping quotes from multiple carriers within seconds. It’s that easy!

Calculate your shipping costs.

ARE For more services, request a quote via our shipping calculator to find the cheapest shipping to over 220 destinations worldwide.

Request a quote


The best forwarder shipping from China to Kenya is the UK Kenya shipping is a reliable logistics company providing shipping services from China to Kenya. We are familiar with customs clearance policies from China to Kenya.

Steps to save time and money for the best shipping option from China to Kenya.

Shipping Tips

It can be challenging to ship goods from China to Kenya. This could be more pleasant for most people as most reliable shipping services for the shippers in Kenya do not care about their reputation and often keep the VAT on shipment to Kenya from China for shipping rate from China to Kenya costs a secret until the last minute.

Choosing the right sender for you can be difficult because there are many things to consider.  You must know all this information before choosing a shipping and cargo company. If you want to ship goods from China to Kenya and at the same time save your money and time, there are a few steps you need to follow.

And the steps are described below:

Step 1: Choose the right agent

First, select an authentic agency where you want to buy your products.

Secondly, ensure the merchant sells high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Step 2: Contact a freight forwarder

Find the best freight forwarder, like UK Kenya shipping, that is reliable shipping services to ship products from China to Kenya. The forwarder must meet your needs.

Please arrange with them about your shipment and ensure everything is in writing.

The best forwarder shipping from China to Kenya is UK Kenya shipping which is a reliable logistics company been affordable shipping from China to Kenya. 

Step 3: Correct packing

Pack your things properly, in the right shape and size.

Leave no extra space inside when packing.

Step 4: Receive the parcel

The shipping method determines when you receive the package.

If your shipment arrives in Kenya via air freight cost from China to kenya, you must collect it at the airport. You must go to the port if your package comes to Kenya by sea freight cost from China to Kenya. However, with UK-Kenya shipping, you never have to visit any port or airport.

UK Kenya shipping provides excellent air cargo services from China to Kenya and other East African cities, including door-to-airport shipping, airport-to-airport shipping, and door-to-door shipping cost from china to kenya for parcels within a timely receipt and delivery schedule, all at competitive prices.


Best forwarder for the door-to-door shipping costs from china to kenya shipments. Please use our extensive experience and cheap shipping costs for door-to-door shipping in Kenya.

Click to receive your quotes within a few hours.

UK Kenya shipping can help you provide door-to-door delivery services in Kenya from anywhere in China to any location in Kenya. For example, we can send a truck to your supplier’s site to collect your products from e-commerce shipping from China to Kenya and deliver them to your front door. After that, the customs in China will be processed.

Schedule for door-to-door shipping between China and Kenya, depending on your forwarder’s requirements and timing coordination. We quickly deliver your parcel to its destination by preparing the destination ports for the customs procedure. When you do door-to-door for the international shipping cost from china to Kenya, we can guarantee you stress-free delivery.

UK Kenya shipping has extensive knowledge of low-cost door-to-door shipping from China to Kenya. A professional market team regularly reviews developments in Kenya’s door-to-door shipping cost from China to kenya for shipping in regulations. This allows us to provide you with market-related information. The customs team can also track customs regulations for the shipment.


Factors to consider when choosing packaging materials Since packaging materials play an essential role in product protection, it is important to know what qualities purchasing managers should look for when choosing between brands and suppliers.

As with many other supplies, price is a significant concern; however, there are other factors besides this, especially since the deliberation process must also consider the transport, storage, and delivery of the products into the hands of your healthy consumer.

Any warehouse manager knows that suitable packaging materials can help reduce breakage, product returns, spills, spoilage, etc. In general, look for the following quality in packing materials:

1. Durable and high quality

Before ordering in bulk, learn more about your desired product by taking samples and running extensive tests for build quality and durability. Many business owners skip this process and end up with poor-quality packing materials or materials that aren’t necessarily right for the job.

2. Convenient and affordable

As we established earlier, price isn’t everything when choosing your packaging material, but it still has a significant impact that should be noticed. When shipping clothes, shoes, toys, cosmetics, documents,household item and heavy items from China to kenya and Find products and suppliers that offer the right balance between price and quality. Also, consider the ease and convenience of dealing with a supplier.

Do they ship to Kenya?

Avoid delays by asking them how many days it would take to deliver your order. Ask these questions and other policies to ensure you receive your packing materials in the most convenient way possible.

3. Tamper-proof and secure

Safety is another critical factor to consider when choosing packaging material. Choose products with security features and tamper-evident seals. Use products such as container seals, shrink wrap, water-activated tape, and polytope as sabotage and theft deterrents. Opaque packaging also helps disguise products for added security.


How to estimate e-commerce shipping costs and often overlooked factors. The first step in getting an accurate shipping quote is understanding how your freight bill is calculated.

Understand the actual cost of shipping products.

There are so many factors that it can be difficult for an e-commerce business to choose the best shipping with the express shipping cost from China to Kenya with the best method that fits their needs, the customer’s expected delivery time, and is also a low-cost solution For the estimated shipping cost from China to Kenya.

Shipping costs have risen more than usual over the past couple of years, making it more critical for online businesses to understand how to predict and estimate their shipping costs.

Here are the top four factors to consider when choosing between shipping services and a list of the leading factors that impact your overall e-commerce shipping costs.


International courier cost from China to Kenya, for the payment method they use bank transfer is a standard payment method that is widely accepted by Chinese businesses. There are risks on both sides. Sellers often insist on a down payment to reduce risk, increasing the risk.

Payment Methods When Importing From China 

Three traditional settlement methods are currently used to pay for goods in international trade. These are bank transfers, direct debit, and letters of credit.


Discount refers to the payment method where the buyer takes the initiative to pay the money through the bank to the seller before or after the delivery of the goods.

There are two types: advance payment and cash on delivery.

Please pay it forward.

The buyer pays the seller all or part of the payment upfront through the bank. The seller then delivers the goods upon receipt of payment. This method benefits the exporter, but the importer has a heavy financial burden and a high risk because it cannot be guaranteed that the importer will deliver the contracted goods within the contract terms after receiving the payment.

Pay on delivery

The exporter must deposit money and deliver the goods in advance. Then the importer pays immediately upon receipt of the goods or within the agreed period. This is the buyer’s favorite way, but the seller has a heavy financial burden and a considerable risk because he can’t guarantee that the importer will finally receive the goods and transfer all the money on time.


• If you buy goods from outside the EU, you don’t pay VAT on shipment to kenya from the UK to the supplier, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay it.

Taxable imports on which VAT is payable are the amount you pay for your goods, delivery charges, and UK duties.

• You essentially pay VAT on everything it costs to buy the goods and put them on the market in the UK.

• Estimator of duties and VAT

How much is the import VAT?

We’ve simplified the calculations to make estimating the UK VAT and customs duties you’ll need to pay easier, and we’ve given you an example to work with. HMRC uses a figure called “VAT Value Adjustment”, which doesn’t work from the complete shipping estimate (which also affects UK duties). Still, for a reasonable estimate, you can follow this example or use our calculator:

If you pay your suppliers of your goods, the UK shipping rate from UK to Kenya for a duty for those particular goods is 3.5%, and the shipping estimate is then:

Therefore, the total duties and taxes you pay on importing these goods are for UK duties and for the delivery charge.

 How to pay taxes and VAT?

If you need to learn how to pay the duties and taxes you owe HMRC on your imports, don’t worry – it’s easy. Regardless of how you import your goods, the customs clearance company will most likely contact you to confirm how much you owe and how to pay it.

When you import with UK Kenya shipping, we declare your goods to customs and pay customs duties and UK VAT on your behalf to clear your shipment through customs. We have the correct figures for UK customs duties and VAT and pass them on to the freight invoice.

Then you pay the import duties and VAT with the shipment by bank transfer – all in one go before delivery! This installation is included as part of the service (most companies charge an additional fee). This is the same when importing samples or small shipments by post or courier.

Since you have probably paid the shipping costs in advance, you only have to pay the import duties and VAT. The company, whether it’s UK Kenya shipping,Royal Mail, Parcelforce, FedEx etc., will contact you to advise on how to pay duties and VAT VAT on shipment to kenya from UK for the shipment. They usually wait about three weeks for the charges to be paid, after which they can return the goods to the sender.

 Import duties and VAT on product samples

There is no definitive answer to this, as it depends on several factors. Usually, there are import charges when importing goods from China, India, Taiwan and the United Kingdom, but there are some cases where import duty and VAT exemption are granted. Exemption from tax and VAT can be granted on a sample of a product if:

• Once imported, they can only be used as sample products

• Are of negligible value (less for business or for gifts)

• Intended to win orders for the commercial product they represent (i.e. are not fully functional)

Customs can change their exact figures, but at the time of writing, goods with a commercial value (goods value + postage + import duty + Insurance) over to the subject to VAT. There is a higher threshold for UK duty, and goods with a market value over  are also subject to UK duty. The exact figures can be found here on the HMRC website.

Shipping fees; Import Duty Calculator, Calculate Import Tax, Import Tax, UK Customs Duty, Trends

It’s difficult to tell the customs that the goods are a sample. Customs impose requirements on importers for “product samples” and can seize goods if these are not met.

The requirements for importing a product from a foreign country for sampling purposes are to do one or more of the following:

• Have the product torn, punctured, cut or made illegible by your supplier

• Make sure the product is permanently marked

Products excluded from the excise duty exemption include:

• Products that can be used other than samples

• Products intended for consumption

If the customs authorities exempt the product from excise duty because it is considered a sample, they also exempt the product from VAT on shipment to kenya from UK.


Please quote me

Prohibited and restricted items for shipment to Kenya.

It would help if you did more than ship everything with a courier. Not only do some carriers refuse to carry certain items – UK Kenya shipping has a list of prohibited items that we don’t carry – but countries also have lists of items that will not be allowed through customs. Kenya has its lists of prohibited or restricted goods, including:

• Currency and counterfeit or counterfeit currency

• Any cosmetic product containing mercury

• White phosphorus matches

• Controlled narcotics

• Pornographic and obscene material

• Used tires for commercial vehicles

• A wide range of hazardous materials and chemicals

Some goods are not prohibited but restricted, which means they can only be imported under specific circumstances. You may also need permits to import controlled goods. These regulated assets include:

• Raw ivory of all descriptions

• Worked or modelled ivory of all kinds

• Genetically modified goods

• Historical artefacts

• Firearm parts or ammunition

• Bows, arrows, and shielded leaves

Please note that this is not a complete list of prohibited or restricted goods. If you are still determining whether your interests fall into one of these categories or cannot be accepted into Kenya, please see the complete list of prohibited and restricted items.

To contact Kenya Customs:


As an e-commerce business, shipping fragile items from China to Kenya can be costly and challenging. Choosing suitable packaging material is essential to minimize the cost of shipping fragile items and ensure they reach the customer in good condition.

Shipping fragile items can be more expensive than sending other types of things. The extra steps required to adequately wrap and protect fragile items by importing through air freight cost from China to kenya which can add to your shipping. Also, if a customer returns a damaged item, the shipping costs for the article can add up quickly.

Ensure shipping rates from China to kenya through boxes are labeled correctly ensure shipping boxes are labeled correctly, and add fragile stickers before shipping.

Follow the labeling guidelines for fragile items requiring special attention from the carrier you’re shipping. Place a flimsy sticker or a handful of car stickers on more than one surface of the outer box. If the item needs to be upright, include a “This Way” shipping label with an arrow.

Does it cost more to ship fragile items?

Fragile items cost more to pack. You will have to invest more in packing and filling. Properly sealing and shipping a ceramic teapot costs more than sending a basketball of a similar size and weight. You may also want to pay for additional Insurance, special treatment, or air transportation instead of ground transportation.

However, improper packing and shipping of fragile products can cost your e-commerce business even more.

• Any broken item is a commercial loss. It’s worth investing in shipping your products in such a way that they arrive intact.

• If the product arrives damaged, you must pay the return costs. This is another blow to your bottom line.

• Your customer will be disappointed. One of the most essential factors in building your e-commerce business is trust. Whenever someone orders a product from you that they can’t research in advance, they trust you to deliver it in excellent condition. Opening a box to find the broken item is a sad unboxing experience. 

Accidental damage due to transportation is inevitable. However, if that happens too often, it will erode your customer base. It Will hurt your bottom line since it usually costs more to get a new customer than to keep an old one.

There are ways to offset fragile goods’ higher packing and shipping rates from China to kenya costs. You can then raise on prices of your products and cover costs. Or you can turn to your online order fulfillment company for help. Your 3PL is likely a bulk carrier and can help you reduce shipping costs to offset the extra packing costs.


What is the best way to ship large items from China to Kenya?

Your best bet for shipping bulky items from China to Kenya is to use a UK Kenya shipping freight shipping service. Depending on the size of your items, consider packing them on pallets for better protection. We offer several options for shipping large items at UK Kenya shipping, including road and air freight.

If you have special requirements and an immediate quote is unavailable, please contact us, and we will advise you on the best solution and prepare a tailor-made quotation for shipping from China to Kenya.

How can you track my parcel from China to Kenya?

Once your order has been confirmed with the selected carrier, you will receive tracking information by email. Our tracking tool lets you easily trace your parcel from China to Kenya. Alternatively, you can also locate your container on the tracking page of the selected logistics provider. Your tracking information becomes active shortly after your shipment is picked up.


Be prepared for cost spikes during the shipping season.

During the peak season, capacity and costs can be high. For shippers, it’s essential to budget for peak season costs to avoid unpleasant surprises. First, let’s go back and define the peak shipping season, also known as the freight season. Peak shipping season explains the time of year when retailers stock up and then the holiday season.

While the peak season may be more concentrated this October through the December holiday season, the season kicks off in July. This means shippers have to be willing to pay more to carry cargo for nearly half the year under normal circumstances. This cost increase comes in many forms, including:

• Higher spot rates for full loads and lower than truck loads

• General tariff increases (GRI) of maritime carriers

• Rail surcharges

The impact of these peak costs depends on specific loads and routes.


How do you know how much to charge for shipping?

Packing size

Dimensional weight considers the size of a package to determine shipping costs. DIM weight is calculated by multiplying the container and box’s length, width and height, then dividing by a standard DIM divider.


Steps to save time and money for shipping products from China to Kenya

Step 1: Choose the right agent. First, select an authentic agency where you want to buy your products. 

 Step 2: Contact a freight forwarder.

Step 3: Correct packing.

Step 4: Do the paperwork. 

 Step 5: Receive the package.

 Steps to save time and money on shipping products from China to Kenya.

This article has encapsulated all the steps and details when it comes to shipping any of your products from China to Kenya, so just contact us today and we will help you in the whole process.

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