UK Kenya shipping offers the right fast and safe solution to deliver your commercial cargo shipping from the UK to Kenya directly to your doorstep in Kenya from the UK. We use our extensive network of airlines to deliver your cargo services from UK to Kenya.Fast and secure commercial freight to kenya for transport by air and sea to Kenya from the UK.

UK Kenya shipping offers the right fast solution to deliver your commercial shipment tracking to Kenya cargo directly to your doorstep in Kenya from the UK. We use our extensive network of airlines. We have handled healthcare, manufacturing, wholesale, retail apparel, telecommunications, oil and gas commodities.

We then collect your pallets from your supplier in London, Germany, anywhere in the U.K., and then to Europe and have them delivered to Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, or anywhere in Kenya.

Our commercial shipments are sent to Kenya from the U.K., This is a weekly service which means faster delivery within Kenya. All goods are subject to security checks; our security control network is capable of handling goods of all sizes to ensure a smooth boarding process of goods for faster delivery


Which companies ship to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping offers convenient freight services for shipments to Kenya from the U.K. With over 30 years of experience transporting goods to destinations worldwide, your interests are in good hands with us.

We provide a bespoke service to people who ship parcels, belongings, excess baggage, luggage or cargo of any size to Kenya safely and reliably.


We regularly ship goods to Kenya by air. Air freight costs and other necessary shipping information are under the “Air Freight Services” tab.


We as UK Kenya shipping can ship goods of any size to Kenya and from the UK safely and reliably.

Visit our Request and for a Quote page to receive a personalized quote for your business. You can find more information about the range of freight services we offer companies on our business on our logistics page.


The shipping cost to Kenya cargo transport from the U.K. depends on the shipping companies for commercial cargo methods and the size and weight of the packages.

Postage to Kenya from the U.K.

All air shipments are subject to handling the security charge in addition to carriage costs.

Please read the ‘Important Information’ and ‘Country Specific Requirements’ sections under Air Transport.

The above charges DO NOT include ANY charges that may be incurred in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) import duties, taxes, search, quarantine, or inspection fees. These charges, if any, must be paid by the recipient before delivery can take place.


It takes about 2 to 3 business days a week to ship from the U.K. to Kenya by air.


Shipping to Kenya from U.K. and Europe

Thank you for visiting UK Kenya shipping. We are a leading and reliable international freight forwarding company led by a management team with decades of experience in providing quality services in the shipping and logistics industry ensuring time and cost-efficient results for our customers.

At competitive prices, we provide air freight, Kenya freight, commercial shipping cost to kenya freight, door-to-door, online shopping, parcel delivery, belongings, and ocean freight services. We also take care of all cargo shipping options to kenya documents and customs formalities for you.


For larger shipments and commercial cargo carriers to kenya, we handle your goods from collection, palletizing, and delivery to your company location. If you want to buy goods from your suppliers and manufacturers and ship them to Kenya, we are the best suppliers in the industry.

N.B.; If you wish to purchase bulky commercial shipping costs to kenya goods from the U.K. and E.U. in Kenya for shop resale, you will need a Kenya Bureau Of Standards (KEBS) certificate. Please let us know so we can book a separate air waybill for your cargo.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our services, please email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Air freight is the best option for urgent and sometimes valuable shipments. We offer various scheduled and consolidated weekly services at competitive rates that suit all your needs. As an international logistics service provider, we are always by your side for all your air freight needs.

Whether you need a one-time or regular shipment of your goods, we will quickly and reliably find the right solution. Our trained air transportation experts provide solutions tailored to your business and personal needs. Working with all major airlines and wholesalers, we inspect and track all shipments to ensure timely delivery to the recipient. We also take care of all your documentation requests.


Shipping to and from Kenya

Your complete guide to cargo shipping from London to Kenya. Find the correct route, get to the office locations, discover local solutions, payment options, and more.

We have been connecting Kenyan businesses to key global markets. Whether you’re moving standard, refrigerated, or oversized cargo, we have the local experience and global network to get them to their destination on time, wherever you are.

With offices in Nairobi and Mombasa, we provide reliable weekly services connecting you to our substantial maritime fleet. The rest of the world is just a short distance away from there.

Useful information

Get up-to-date local information on holiday periods, fees, payment services, procedures and restrictions, and more.

Communication Channels: Contacting just got easier.

Domestic transport

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Now with instant booking confirmation.

In our ongoing effort to offer you an easier and more convenient digital booking experience, we are delighted to introduce our new booking solution.

You can now have your freight reservation request confirmed in seconds. You will also get more information on sailing options with available space on the vessel, a list of empty container depots to choose from, and a choice of relevant value-added services. And now you can book from any device.


What are the customs requirements for Kenya?

Essential guidelines for shipping to Kenya

If you plan to ship personal items or other goods to Kenya, a specialist and reliable shipping company like Speedshift can help streamline your Kenya cargo shipping regulation experience. Kenya has several cargo ports, such as Mombasa Port and Malindi Port.

Before cargo shipping quotes to Kenya, you will find various customs guidelines and legislation that you may want to understand beforehand. Suppose you are a Kenyan citizen returning after a period of absence. In that case, UK Kenya shipping can help you ship used household goods and personal interests to Kenya tax-free, provided you have lived outside the country for two years.

If you’re moving abroad with a work permit, you can ship personal and household items tax-free, but you must do so within two to three days of arriving in Kenya.

Before shipping to Kenya, you will learn the essentials for cargo shipping documentation to kenya and streamline your cargo shipment. Please have the following documentation ready to send:


Work permit (if applicable)

Complete list of all your products

If you bring new residential and personal items to Kenya, you will need to pay import duties based on the value of the goods.

Items prohibited from shipping to Kenya

Knowing there are rules, including taxes and additional fees for specific items, is helpful. For example, you must pay import duties and taxes on alcoholic beverages. Other things that incur costs when shipping to Kenya include:

New goods

Commercial properties for sale


Personal computers

Equipment used

Import or export of items from/to Kenya

Export confirmation customs documentation must be completed and posted to export products from Kenya.For anyone shipping commercial items to Kenya, goods with a FOB value of more than that will be considered.You will need a commercial invoice and a long list of goods to export products from Kenya. An export license is required to ship specific items, including minerals, animals, vegetation, and livestock.

Speedshift is a full-service international forwarding company for relief shipments to Kenya; call +447487554202


Our UK-Kenya shipping shipment will arrive at our warehouses in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya, within 2 to 3 days, depending on the final destination. Ocean Freight: If your goods are heavy and not urgent, ocean freight is an ideal mode of transportation.

Our U.K. to Kenya cargo shipping by sea, and air is well established. The longevity of the service allows for a fast and smooth sea route from the U.K. to Kenya. We have built an unbreakable bond with airlines and customs.

What service is available?

• Air Freight:

We as UK Kenya shipping ship weekly from the U.K. to Kenya. Your shipment will arrive at our warehouses in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya, within two to three days, depending on the final destination through the kenya cargo shipping by air.

• Sea freight:

If your goods are heavy and not very urgent, sea freight is the ideal mode of transport. We as UK Kenya shipping consolidate all your goods if they come from different suppliers on different dates through Kenya cargo shipping by sea.It takes 6-8 weeks to arrive in Kenya

• Customs clearance and documentation:

we provide all the necessary documentation for customs clearance in Kenya and delivery of the goods to your doorstep. We offer kenya cargo import clearance procedures. 

• Free Packing:

We pack for free. Most customers do their packaging, and we appreciate it if you do. But we are your helper if you can’t figure it out yourself and we offer kenya cargo shipping packaging requirements.

What kind of goods can we ship?

We can carry cargo of any size, including:

• Commercial real estate

• Personal effects

• Packages

Heavy machinery and equipment


Operating limits

Resource limitation

• The local csv bkg should familiarize themselves with the prohibited and restricted goods and, if necessary, confirm with the relevant parties to avoid the unexpected loading of goods on board. Limited interests are attached for your reference.

KRA – Prohibited Goods.

Road restriction

• Maximum authorized axle load 28 tonnes – Empty cargo weight + container on Kenyan roads.

•  The maximum authorized axle load is 34 tonnes.

• Extra heavy containers transported by rail network to ICD Embakasi TBL and at the consignee’s expense/agreement.

Limitation of terminals

• Terminal crane capacity of up to 40 tons

• New three double-capacity SSGs to manage two lifts with a 70-ton capacity.

• Draft limitation 12.5 m

Transfer Restrictions

UK Kenya shipping Currently offers FCL/FCL transshipment which is permitted unless approved by the Director General of Port Operations due to space constraints, but port capacity expansion will start at the end.

FCL/LCL transshipment to Kenya, etc. Containers are disassembled and bulk loaded onto coastal vessels.

Restrictions on dangerous cargo

• Class is limited to exhaust. The container was inspected for feed/anchor before berthing and unloaded on the first sling based on direct delivery. Additional costs for ship movement, inspection, orientation, and fire brigade.

• Other classes MUST adhere to IMDG regarding proper packaging and labeling precautions. All dropshipping D.G.s off the hook for the kenya cargo shipping packaging requirements

• The trader must follow local guidelines, including being allowed to import DG-classified goods by the government agency.

Customs requirements

• The cargo manifest must be presented to customs 48 hours before the arrival of the ships.

• The cargo manifest must indicate the H.S. code and the gross and net weight of the cargo.

• The weight of the newborns must correspond to the weight of the load + container tare

Port regulation

• The port of Mombasa is a customs zone.

• Limitation of security measures.

• Equipment/load capacity according to separate seal


Imports into Kenya, subject to a standard VAT and a rate of 16%, are levied on the sum of the CIF value, import duties, and other applicable taxes. An import declaration fee of 3.5% and a railway development fee of 2%. Rates can be estimated by visiting the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Import rate

It includes information on the average tariff rates and types of duties U.S. companies should be aware of when exporting to the market.

Kenya cargo import-export laws apply tariffs based on the International Harmonized System (H.S.) of product classification and involves the duties and taxes of the EAC Common External Tariff. Customs duties can be levied between 0% and 100%, averaging 25%. However, sensitive items are subject to an excise duty of more than 25% (sensitive items are listed in Annex 2 of the EAC Common External Tariff).

Excise duties vary depending on whether or not the kenya cargo import custom clearance thing is subject to excise duty. The Excise prescribes the rates. Imports into Kenya are subject to the standard VAT rate of 16%, levied on the sum of the CIF value, duties, and other applicable taxes. An import declaration fee of 3.5% and a railway development fee of 2%. Rates can be estimated by visiting the Kenya Revenue Authority.


Commercial cargo shipping in Nairobi for the Container and cargo for commercial cargo tracking and tracing to Kenya systems are setting new standards for companies transporting cargo in the region. To ensure that these businesses can track their valuables or products, a number of technologies have been developed to track even small containers accurately.

These technologies allow Shipping companies for commercial cargo to move and receive goods at more precise times, reducing operating costs even as more goods are moved. Tracking technologies also offer multiple benefits to the logistics sector in the region. In Kenya, the industry accounts for about 8-9% of the country’s GDP and is expected to remain a significant driver of economic growth.

How can I track my UK-Kenya shipping?

UK Kenya shipping can be tracked through their official website. UK Kenya shipping offers the tracking service is one of the company’s most reliable and efficient services to its customers. Users can log in to the company’s official website, and by tracking number or I.D. of UK Kenya shipping, they can track their parcels accurately.

The ID is only available through the booking receipt, which all users must present to use the postal services of Kenya Post. It is also important to remember that shipment tracking information is only available for 120 days delivery.


• Tips to help you prepare your cargo for international shipping-

1) Make sure that your goods are ready for international shipping to be printed

• You must first check the safety of the goods during the journey. Not only is it safe packaging for the kenya cargo shipping packaging requirements but the goods must withstand the pressures of international shipping. So make sure the items are arranged in such a way that they won’t get squashed.

• You never know what’s in the container’s other cargo with shipment cargo. So choose strong and durable boxes.UK Kenya shipping offer Most international deliveries use forklifts to load and unload the goods. This complicates the handling procedure. If cargo is being transported by air, ensure the payload can withstand tipping and rocking in the event of disturbance, turbulence, and landing.

2. Check the allowable height and weight right, and make sure the packing is appropriate

• The load must correspond to the specified weight and dimensions. When deciding which box or crate to pack, make sure it can support the gross weight of your items. Otherwise, it may damage the goods in transit, especially if there are heavy valuables.

• When crates cannot support the weight of items, people often suffer huge losses.

3. Don’t forget the inner packing and tape

• Packing and sealing cartons is undoubtedly essential to protect the goods. UK Kenya shipping helps and that ensures kenya cargo shipping packaging requirements that the packaging you make can support the weight of the goods. You can use firm air cushion backing and foam peanuts to fill the gaps in the boxes.

• For very fragile items, pay extra attention and focus on the inner packaging. Cover the space with a sturdy padded backing. For long-distance travel, the boxes are usually handled by many employees. If the gaps in your package are not adequately covered, there is a high risk of recovering the damaged items later.

• To deal with the situations, you can also use the box-in-box strategy. In this one, the item box is placed inside a larger box with the spaces covered.

• The use of H-tape is also recommended when closures and edges are taped to prevent damage during shipping and handling.

Working together for your success, We at UK Kenya Shipping offer a kenya cargo shipping packaging requirement that delivers excellence.

4. Check the maximum weight of your goods

• Check that the gross weight of your goods does not exceed the maximum container load. Do not stack the container too high. This can become more important when cargo shipping from the UK to Kenya with heavy items.

• You can check the gross weight of the whole container or weigh the items and the container separately.

5. Go for function over looks

UK Kenya shipping offers various items that can have many wrapping methods that look great. But to protect your assets, you need to prioritize functionality over looks. You will find many attractive and colorful bags and baskets to impress the customers. However, the most crucial aspect is the safety of the items.

The condition in which the customer receives the articles is critical. If you choose attractive packaging, you must ensure the items are properly wrapped and taped. For international shipments, rigid packaging is preferred due to transition stops.

Stress-free shipping, just for you.

6. Base customer demand

• When for the kenya cargo shipping handling guidelines of the goods, this is the most critical step: listen to your customers! Collect feedback from your previous customers on international commercial cargo shipping tips to kenya for various services. If they are not satisfied with the condition of the goods, you should do what you can to improve your packaging.

• It’s always a good idea to ask customers for feedback after the shipment arrives. This will give you an idea of the packaging you have done and whether the shipping partner you chose is suitable. Especially if you are new to your business, knowing and improving your weaknesses at the right time is essential.

7. Check shipping restrictions

Before shipping, it is essential to check the shipping restrictions. There may be some restrictions due to security and other reasons.


Prohibited and restricted items for shipment to Kenya.

It would be best to do more than ship everything with a courier. Not only do some carriers refuse to carry certain items – UK Kenya shipping a list of prohibited items that we don’t move – countries also have lists of things that will not allow through customs. Kenya has its lists of banned or restricted goods, including:

• Currency and counterfeit or counterfeit currency

• Any cosmetic product containing mercury

• White phosphorus matches

• Controlled narcotics

• Pornographic and obscene material

• Used tires for commercial vehicles

• A wide range of kenya cargo shipping regulations on hazardous materials and chemicals

Some goods are not prohibited but restricted, which means they can only be imported under specific circumstances. You may also need permits to import controlled goods. These regulated assets include:

• Raw ivory of all descriptions

• Worked or modeled ivory of all kinds

• Genetically modified goods

• Historical artifacts

• Firearm parts or ammunition

• Bows, arrows, and shielded leaves

Please note that this is not a complete list of prohibited or restricted goods. If you are still determining whether your interests fall into one of these categories or cannot be accepted into Kenya, please see the complete list of prohibited and restricted items.


Sending commercial goods to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping provides the right fast and secure solution to deliver your commercial cargo directly to your doorstep in Kenya from the U.K.

UK Kenya Shipping can help you provide door-to-door delivery services in Kenya from anywhere in the UK to  Kenya. For example, we can send a truck to your supplier’s place to collect your products and deliver them to your front door. After that, the customs in the UK will be processed.

Schedule for door-to-door shipping between UK and Kenya, depending on your forwarder’s requirements and timing coordination. We quickly deliver your parcel to its destination by preparing the destination ports for the customs procedure. When you do door-to-door international shipping from the UK to Kenya, we can guarantee you stress-free delivery.

UK Kenya shipping has extensive knowledge of low-cost door-to-door shipping from UK to Kenya. A professional market team regularly reviews developments in Kenya’s door-to-door shipping regulations. This allows us to provide you with market-related information. The customs team can also track customs regulations for door-to-door shipping from the UK to Kenya.

If you are interested in UK Kenya shipping helps you ship to your door-to-door services, request a quote. From UK to Kenya, we offer you a very safe shipping service.


Calculating cargo shipping from the UK to Kenya costs can be easy.

Having accurate shipping information upfront is the key to accurate quotes. In this short one-minute video, find out everything you need to know to calculate shipping costs accurately.

Compare fares directly with Freight quotes.

Current market conditions, available equipment and drivers, and diesel fuel prices can all play a part in determining your freight rates. You may not have control over these factors, but it’s easy to accurately calculate the freight forwarding to kenya costs for each shipment when you use our step-by-step online quoting tool.

Critical things to consider when calculating shipping costs

1. Weight, dimensions, or volume of the cargo

Cargo export from the UK to Kenya volume is critical. It all depends on the exact list of dimensions, weight, and the goods themselves. Accurate measurements tell a carrier how much space the cargo takes up on a truck, while correct weight translates to the maximum number of pounds a page can legally carry.

No loading scale? No problem! Get creative ideas for calculating cargo weight in the video below.

2. Origin and destination of the shipment

The distance between the origin and destination is another important factor in determining freight rates. Greater distances generally result in higher fares due to increased fuel consumption, labor, and operating costs.

You may know which cities your goods are shipped to, but do you have the correct postcodes? Some towns are spread out, and various factors, such as ease of access, can affect freight rates depending on where the cargo is going.

Tip for calculating transport costs

Introductory freight rates generally assume each location has a dock or means to load and unload the UK-Kenya shipping shipment. If the cargo arrives but no loading dock or forklift is available to unload the cargo, a tail lift will likely be used. A tail lift is considered an additional, paid service or accessory.

Not knowing if other services are needed when calculating your shipping quote can result in adjusting shipping rates, impacting your profit.

3. Load class and density

Dimensions and weight determine a shipment’s density, which helps determine the appropriate transport classification for LTL (LTL) shipping. All of this can affect your transport quotes.

Classify goods into different classes based on their characteristics, such as density, handling, and liability. Freight class is used in conjunction with weight to determine freight rates.

Calculate the density of your shipment.

Use our UK Kenya shipping density through the calculator to calculate your carrier class. Use our reference map to understand the details of your shipment better.


4. Type of goods

As mentioned, the nature of the shipped goods may affect freight rates. Knowing your merchandise will help you determine the type of equipment you may need to move your products. For example, if you’re shipping products, you may need to include kenya cargo shipping temperature-controlled options for the equipment in your shipping quote.

Perishable, dangerous, or valuable goods may require special handling, additional cargo shipping documentation to kenya, or insurance from the shipper. We will help you determine if LTL, truck, lorry, or intermodal shipping suits your cargo.

Calculate transport costs and compare quotes directly. Once you’ve gathered all your shipping information, use our UK-Kenya shipping instant freight rates from the UK to Kenya with a calculator that has a truckload of reliability and stability.

5. Economic conditions

• Fuel Prices:

Fluctuations in fuel prices can affect transportation costs and freight rates from the UK to Kenya. Higher fuel costs usually translate into higher fares to cover the extra costs.

• Seasonal Demand:

UK Kenya shipping has a high demand for transportation services that can vary throughout the year, and seasonal factors can affect rates. For example, increased demand may increase rates during busy kenya cargo shipping delays, such as the holiday season.

• Market conditions:

General market conditions, including supply and demand dynamics, carrier competition, and economic factors, can affect freight rates from the UK to Kenya. Market volatility and disruptions can cause rate fluctuations.


how to pack fragile items?

When UK Kenya shipping does import fragile items, through kenya cargo shipping by sea with special care and attention are required during delivery. The carrier and the customer must be careful because transport damage can cause big problems. Here’s a step-by-step guide to packing your shipments to ensure your company’s fragile items arrive safely Using Kenya cargo shipping by air.

What are fragile items?

Fragile items are anything that can break or break easily. These items range from glass bottles to ceramics, mirrors, antiques, lampshades, and electronics.

To protect your fragile products, label and package them properly before shipping. In addition, shipping insurance can be purchased to pay for lost, stolen, or damaged shipments.

How do you ship fragile items internationally?

Fragile items must be shipped as securely as possible. Before sending fragile items, keep these tips in mind:

• Make sure your shipment meets the delivery destination requirements for dimensions, width, and packing materials.

• As each country has bans and import restrictions, please do your due diligence beforehand to confirm that your fragile items are eligible for import.

• Thoroughly evaluate fragile items before shipping them.

• Selection of adequate insurance coverage before shipment of the package.

• If possible, find a logistics provider who can handle fragile items and meet your needs. This saves a lot of time and effort on your part.

Royale International can help you with all your international shipping needs to have a stress-free shipping experience. We as UK Kenya shipping provide the fastest and most flexible shipping routes for your shipments, meeting your business needs.

Packaging for shipping:

how to pack fragile items?

Here are four key ways to show you how to pack fragile items to reduce the risk of damage.

1. Choose the proper packaging

Outer packing for shipping

By use of UK Kenya, shipping have enough of choosing the right box size is crucial to the safety of your fragile items. It would help if you made sure that the box can support the weight of your product and that it also accommodates the cushioning and protective materials.

Otherwise, overfilled boxes may burst, and underfilled boxes may collapse. Also, high-quality corrugated boxes with double or triple-wall construction are highly recommended for cargo shipping from the UK to Kenya with fragile items.

Inner packing for shipping

Other materials can be used for shipping packaging. Bubble wrap, foam wraps, airbags, and foam peanuts or pellets are widely used to protect your fragile items. Consult the table to learn more about the ideal packaging material for your shipment.


All containers (except non-commercial goods, e.g. personal effects and humanitarian goods) unloaded in Kenya must be covered by cargo insurance with cargo shipping from the UK to kenya for a Kenyan insurance company.

Marine insurance for cargo shipping from the UK to Garissa, Kenya for the shipment to kenya.We as UK Kenya shipping can offer marine insurance for shipments to East Africa at a very competitive price.UK Kenya Shipping offers marine insurance for all vehicle shipments from the U.K. to Kenya for complete peace of mind.

Marine transport insurance is essential to shipping to Kenya for complete peace of mind. We offer highly competitive insurance rates, often better than most insurance brokers. Quality for Ocean Freight Insurance gives you peace of mind when importing your car from the U.K. into Kenya to ensure your valuable vehicle is protected from the moment it leaves your hands until it arrives at your desired destination.

We use the best shipping companies to ensure your car receives the utmost care. However, we always advise customers to take out marine insurance to cover their valuable vehicles if something goes wrong. Knowing you’re covered is often safer than wishing you were.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request a quote on the cargo shipping quote to Kenya for your car to Kenya from the U.K Also, if you have any questions about our UK Kenya shipping for the marine insurance coverage, please call or call us at +447487554202, and we will be happy to provide you with advice and a FREE quote.

For more information and complete details on all our UK Kenya Shipping for the products and services, please see the  Car Shipping to Kenya from the U.K


Types of transport in logistics:

which is the most suitable for you?

The four significant modes of transportation in logistics are truck, ship, rail, and air shipments, also known as road, sea, rail, and air transportation. While each of these modes of transport has unique benefits, you need to think carefully about which method is best for your business.

In this guide, we as UK Kenya shipping look at these four types of logistics transportation, discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages, and discuss an alternative cargo shipping document to kenya for the option called intermodal transportation.

How to choose the best type of logistics transport for your business?

In a world where fast cargo shipping from London to Kenya is not only a luxury but also an expectation, choosing the right type of logistics transportation for your business is critical to your business success, product safety, and customer happiness. Before selecting a logistics transportation method, consider the following factors and use the information to guide your decision-making:

The product

UK Kenya Shipping has analyzed the shipment when you are transporting. Is your product dangerous, perishable or challenging to handle? What are the dimensions of the cargo shipping option to Kenya for the container? This information is essential to choose a suitable shipping method for your products within budget.



Here is the East African country famous for its scenic landscapes and vast nature reserves. For centuries, the Indian Ocean coast has provided historically significant ports through which the goods of merchants from all over the world entered the continent.

This guide covers some important aspects of cargo shipping options to Kenya, such as customs procedures, documentation, and tax regulations.

What options are available for shipping goods to Kenya?

Shipping to Kenya can be done by sea or by air.

Maritime Transport in Kenya

Cargo shipping by Sea Freight in Kenya is your first transportation option. You can ship by sea using less than one container or one full container. Less than a container load is better for small bags. Here, your goods are consolidated with shipments from other sellers and shipped together in one container. So it’s an economical choice, but shipping times may be extended to accommodate the consolidation process.

On the other hand, total cargo shipping from the UK to Wajir,kenya with a container shipment which is a faster but less expensive form of sea transportation. Here, your goods are shipped separately without the need to consolidate them. This shipping mode best suits large, heavy, bulky, and fragile cargo.

Air transport in Kenya

You can also ship to Kenya by air. Cargo shipping by air is a relatively faster process but can be more expensive due to fuel and flight costs. There are also restrictions when shipping by air, such as cargo weight and dimensions. However, it is still a good alternative for shipping small, light goods to the destination country.

How much does it cost to ship goods to Kenya?

The cost of shipping goods to Kenya depends on factors such as:

• The type of goods to be shipped

• Your chosen the best cargo shipping quote to kenya as the best method (Sea or Air Freight)

• The weight and volume of the cargo

• The size/dimensions of the load

• The distance between your home country and Kenya

• Specific travel modes, such as door-to-door.

Your freight forwarder can give you a more accurate estimate.

How long does it take to ship goods to Kenya?

The duration of your shipment will depend on the factors such as whether the cargo shipping from the UK to Kenya has been the best method of you that you have chosen, whether your route is direct and has multiple stops, and the distance between your country of origin and Kenya. Here are some estimated transit times for sending goods to Kenya.


What are the most significant shipping challenges?

• Environmental standards. Air pollution. His submarine.

• Digitization. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

• Politics. Geopolitical tensions.

• Increased costs. cargo shipping by sea Freight Rates.

• Safety. Piracy. 

• Real-time monitoring.

• Human resources.

The biggest challenges in the shipping industry today

The shipping industry has faced many challenges over the years and is expected to face even more.Here are some of the biggest challenges facing the transportation industry today.

If you need valves and fittings for your vessel, find out why the U.K. Navy relies on CPV Manufacturing for all its valve and fitting needs.

Lack of employees

While many believe the outcome of the recent U.K. referendum will bring several benefits, it could also lead to enormous challenges within the global shipping industry. The biggest thing they have to overcome is the possibility of losing seafarers.

According to a recent survey, 39% of U.K. seafarers would consider leaving and working abroad. The U.K. shipping industry needs more onshore labor; higher losses could mean more problems for the industry.

New environmental rules

Stricter regulations on environmental emissions will bring significant benefits in the long term but could present several challenges for the shipping sector in a short time. A recent article states these new rules heavily depend on specific technologies. The government can require companies to implement them to comply with the new regiments, but this comes at a cost.

Most of these technologies could be more reliable and reliable trustworthy. So Shipping cargo from the UK to Kenya which that you can lose profits if they spend billions on technologies that may or may not work.

Costs on the rise

Rising costs of necessary materials can negatively affect the competitiveness of the industry. Rising prices can lead to higher operating costs. Rising fuel and parts prices and poor market conditions could cause severe problems for many global shipping companies. Shipping is already struggling with these higher costs.

These issues may seem like significant challenges, but the shipping industry is resilient and will surely overcome these and future challenges.


UK Kenya shipping offers a RORO and container shipping to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping do Ship Cars. We offer reliable and affordable car transport services in Kenya. Our UK Kenya shipping offers a RORO (Roll-on/roll-off) and container services operate from many U.K. ports to the Port of Mombasa. We have shipped cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks to the Port of Mombasa for over ten years.

Our UK-Kenya shipping is dedicated and experienced staff will guide you every step of the way. Our mission is to keep your vehicle as safe as possible right from the start. To send it safely and conveniently every time. We as UK Kenya Shipping can organize your vehicles through cargo shipping by sea and they ship it in a secure collection and delivery from anywhere in the U.K. and have them transported or brought to the U.K. port for you.

Restrictions on the import of vehicles into Kenya

When you want to import a used vehicle into Kenya, it must be at most eight years old from the production date. . All vehicles shipped to Kenya through Kenya cargo import-export laws which must be RHD only. Left-hand drive vehicles are not accepted at all.

As a requirement of the Kenyan authorities, you must have your car inspected by QISJ before it is commercial cargo shipping to Mombasa.UK Kenya shipping can arrange this for your cargo shipping from Manchester to Kenya. Rest assured, we have you covered; we will ensure your vehicle is legal and compliant in Kenya upon arrival.

Car shipping Kenya

Our UK Kenya shipping car shipping to Kenya varies; the rate depends on the make/model of the vehicle and the port you are sailing from in the U.K. For larger vehicles like vans and trucks, you’ll need to provide dimensions like length, width, and height so we can calculate the rate based on total cubic feet.

RORO Car Shipping Services in Mombasa

Our RORO services, or Roll on/Roll off services, operate from many ports in the U.K. Our UK-Kenya shipping offers the best services including crossings from UK to Kenya.

RORO shipping is the more affordable way of transporting a vehicle to Kenya and still proves to be a big hit to many African Overlanders looking for their next adventure. Our UK-Kenya shipping offers RORO services that allow us to ship both new and used rolling cargo.

All vehicles are driven onto the ship’s loading ramp, operated inside the vessel, and secured using straps for added safety. These purpose-built vessels offer a safe, affordable way of shipping any vehicle.

Container wagon transport in Kenya

We as UK Kenya shipping provide 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft H.Q. container services in Mombasa. Unlike RORO vessels, where all vehicles are driven directly onto the boat, container shipping services to Kenya offer that extra peace of mind by loading the car safely into its container. The container is only accessible if it is a government agent, such as the port police or customs. Once the container door is sealed, this will be opened once it arrives at your agent’s warehouse in Kenya.

You can ask your UK to kenya shipping agent that monitors the opening of the container. This gives you even more peace of mind knowing your goods have not been tampered with from the time of loading to the point of arrival.


Essential temperature-controlled shipping methods

World hunger for perishable food is on the rise. Refrigerated logistics (also known as cold chain logistics) is already a vast market expected to grow further due to the growing demand for fresh foods, fresh flowers, heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals, and other perishables delivered directly to the customer.

But significant concerns still need to be made about what methods to use to ensure perishables stay fresh and can be eaten or used safely. As your business explores options for temperature-controlled shipping methods, your cargo’s and your customers’ safety depends on your choices.

Whether refrigerated shipping, dry ice, or Air Sea Containers‘ new generation of temperature-controlled packaging, our UK-Kenya shipping will give you critical information about temperature-controlled shipping.

1. Trailers and cold rooms

Refrigerated shipping and storage are generally preferred for goods requiring precise temperature control. Businesses should find a reliable refrigeration logistics partner who can provide insight into their temperature control practices, especially during last-mile shipments.

Some cold chain logistics technologies now even allow shippers to monitor the temperature of their cargo mid-journey, so be sure to ask a potential 3PL partner what kind of additional services they offer.

2. Dry ice

Solidified carbon dioxide, known as dry ice, was one of the first methods discovered for heavy refrigerated transport. This stuff stays extremely cold for a long time and isn’t toxic, making it practical for shipping perishable goods, but it comes with challenges. Dry ice can cause painful burns if it contacts the skin and gradually displaces the oxygen in a room as it sublimes, meaning it can cause suffocation in a small, unventilated space.

Dry ice is still a popular refrigerated shipping method for many businesses, but it should be handled carefully. Most major carriers like UK Kenya Shipping, UPS, and FedEx have restrictions on dry ice, so be sure to read and understand their rules before shipping goods packed with dry ice. (And grab some dry ice labels while you’re at it.)

3. Reusable gel packs

Reusable ice packs are a great alternative to dry ice. These gel packs are also called phase change materials because they contain a gel that can freeze, melt, and be frozen repeatedly. cargo shipping by Sea through UK Kenya shipping container that offers reusable gel packs, which provide extra cooling power while moving cargo.

Plus, they’re kinder to the environment because they’re fully recyclable and biodegradable and can be handled safely by anyone without risk of injury or contamination. We offer gel packs in 16oz, 32oz, and 48oz sizes.

4. Styrofoam refrigerators

Styrofoam coolers may be old-fashioned, but they still offer one of the best bang for your buck of all refrigerated shipping materials. Polystyrene is an excellent insulator that’s also cheap and reusable, which is best.

Sample kits

Some materials require a more intensive approach to temperature-controlled shipping, such as biological samples sent for laboratory testing. For these applications, cargo shipping by Air.To this Sea Containers offers specially designed shipping kits for biological shipping applications.


Documents required for import customs clearance.

• Import declaration form.

• Certificate of Conformity (if applicable) 

• Master Bill of Landing

• Telex release.

Shipping of container freight stations.

• Packing list.

• Commercial invoice.

• Letter of exemption

With updated customs rules and procedures, we process kenya cargo shipping import and export shipments by sea, air, and road more efficiently and quickly. Our core customs clearance services include the following:

  • Advising clients on preparing import and export-related documents.
  • Completing assessment and investigation procedures.
  • Making payments.

Once the customs formalities have been completed, we deliver the shipments to the agreed destination according to the needs of our customers.

As customs clearance agents, they provide many services to help customers enter and exit customs clearance. For import shipments, we require documents such as original invoice, packing slip, bill of lading/airway bill, importer or bank approved invoice, certificate of insurance, purchase order or letter of credit,kenya cargo shipping export licenses, and catalog or kenya cargo import documentation if the goods are chemicals for customs clearance services.

While for export clearance, an export permit or license and sales contracts are required along with the invoice, packing slip, and shipping instructions.

As we receive these materials, our trained professionals are committed to providing customers with the best possible benefit regarding amended notices and waivers. This avoids customs clearance delays and other downtime costs, such as significant demurrage charges. We as UK Kenya shipping usually clear import and export shipments within two to three days of receiving the documents.

Customs clearance (export/import)

• Orientation and advice on pre and post-shipment services

• Liaison and follow-up with various government agencies

• Documentation procedures, i.e. preparation and processing of documents

• All formalities and approvals after shipment

• Disadvantage/DEPB and various other export benefits

For example, our skilled staff efficiently organizes the kenya cargo import documentation required by customs, transports and receives shipments, examines the goods, and manages the transport to the airport and the ICDs to the customer’s warehouse. So do not hesitate to contact us today, for all your shipping needs.

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