What is the cheapest way to ship from Germany to Kenya 2023



The total cost of shipment plays an important role when shipping goods from one country to another. For example, finding the cheapest method is crucial when sending a package from Germany to Kenya.

 Several options can help to save money and provide your package that arrives safely at its destination. 

In this article, we explore some of the cheapest ways to ship to Kenya from Germany.

1. Postal Services: 

One of the most convenient ways to ship internationally is to use the postal services offered by UK Kenya Shipping or DHL.

 These companies offer reliable and cost-effective options for sending parcels to Kenya. However, you can note that the delivery times may vary, and you may not have to access the tracking or insurance for your shipment.

 However, postal services can be an excellent choice for small, non-urgent packages.

2. International Courier Services

International courier services such as UK Kenya shipping, UPS, FedEx, or DHL Express are worth considering if you need faster and safer shipping

While these services are generally less expensive than postal services, they offer benefits such as faster delivery times, tracking capabilities, and additional insurance options.

 Compare the prices and services different carriers offer so that you can get the deal you need.

3. Freight Forwarders: 

A freight forwarder service may be the most cost-effective solution for larger shipments or commercial cargo.

 Freight forwarders like UK Kenya shipping specialize in handling the logistics of shipping bulky or heavy items. As a result, they can negotiate better rates with carriers and manage customs clearance, saving time and money.

 Look for reputable forwarders such as UK Kenya shipping with experienced shipping to Kenya to ensure a smooth and cost-effective process.

4. Consolidated Shipping

Another convenient option is combined shipping, also known as consolidated shipping

This method combines several small shipments from different customers into one container.

 By sharing the transportation costs, you can significantly reduce your shipping costs. 

Consolidated shipping is especially beneficial for individuals or businesses making smaller shipments that don’t require a full container.

5. Compare: 

Whichever shipping method you choose, it’s essential to compare the prices and services of your different providers.

 Different companies have different rates, and factors like package size, weight, and destination can affect the total cost.

 Use online platforms to compare shipping costs or contact shipping companies such as UK Kenya shipping directly for custom quotes. 

When calculating the total cost, please consider additional costs, such as import duties and taxes.


Finding the cheapest way to ship from Germany to Kenya depends on several factors, including the package’s size, weight, urgency, and value.

 Postal services, international couriers, freight forwarders such as UK Kenya shipping, DHL, UPS, TNT, and group shipping which are careful with shopping comparison, can help you save on shipping costs.

 Consider your specific needs, budget, and timeline to make an informed decision. Then, pack your items securely and follow customs regulations to avoid delays or additional costs.

6. Packaging Optimization: 

Proper packaging can make all the difference in shipping costs. 

Choose appropriate lightweight yet durable packing materials to minimize the weight of your shipment. 

Use smaller boxes or envelopes whenever possible to avoid dimensional weight charges. Also, correctly fill all gaps in the packaging to prevent items from moving during shipping and being damaged.

 This not only saves shipping costs but also ensures the safety of the goods.

7. Negotiate Discounts: 

If you regularly ship items internationally, consider negotiating discounts with couriers.

 Contact several shipping companies and ask about volume discounts or special rates for repeat customers. Some companies may offer lower prices such as UK Kenya shipping depending on your shipping volume or if you are on a long-term contract.

 Such options are always worth exploring to reduce shipping costs further.

8. Use online shipping platforms: 

Take advantage of online shipping platforms that offer competitive rates and simplify the shipping process.

UK Kenya shipping platforms often have partnerships with multiple carriers, allowing you to compare the prices and choose the most cost-effective option. 

They can provide additional services such as automated customs documentation, package tracking, and customer support. 

Research and identify reputable online shipping platforms such as UK-Kenya shipping that focus on GermanyKenya shipping routes.

9. Consider Ocean Freight

Ocean freight can be significantly cheaper than air freight if your shipment isn’t urgent. 

Although ocean freight takes longer, it offers significant cost savings, especially for larger shipments. Contact freight forwarders or shipping companies such as UK Kenya shipping which specialize in ocean transportation for rates and estimated delivery times.

 Plan and allow plenty of transit time if you choose this method.

10. Parcel Consolidation: 

If you regularly receive parcels from various sources in Germany, consider using parcel consolidation services.

 These services combine multiple packages into one shipment, reducing overall shipping costs. 

Parcel consolidation providers receive your parcels, consolidate them into one shipment and then forward them to you in Kenya

This method is advantageous for online shoppers and can lead to significant savings.

Remember that while finding the cheapest shipping method is essential, ensuring the reliability and safety of your shipment is just as crucial.

 Consider UK Kennya shipping providers’ reputation and track record, read customer reviews, and check their insurance and tracking capabilities. 

The affordability and quality service combination allows you to successfully ship goods from Germany to Kenya without spending much money.

The cheapest courier service from Germany to Kenya.

If you looking for the cheapest courier service from Germany to Kenya, UK Kenya shipping we are here to help, yes! We offer the most inexpensive way to send a package to Kenya from Germany. 

UK Kenya shipping ships many things from Germany to Kenya daily; people need a safe and reliable shipping service for couriers in Kenya to deliver their parcels from Germany to Kenya

We offer free pick up and packing within Germany with the proper paperwork, including safe transport when shipping to Kenya. 

We provide an online parcel tracking system.

We are happy to introduce UK Kenya shipping Courier, an online parcel booking portal for courier services from Germany to Kenya, designed to provide express delivery for your courier to Kenya from Germany.


UK Kenya shipping Express courier services from Germany to Kenya priority delivery.

Our express services for timely delivery of parcels from Germany to Kenya

We have a national or international logistics network from Germany to Kenya. So this is an urgent next-day delivery service from Germany to Kenya.

Cheap courier services

From Germany to Kenya – Free pickup

UK Kenya shipping offers the cheapest courier service from Germany to Kenya. You can schedule a free collection service to ship a package from Germany to Kenya

Get overnight courier service from Germany to Kenya with the cheapest courier charges.

Online parcel tracking

From Germany to Kenya – Free pickup

Ship your parcel to Kenya from Germany and track its every move online using our real-time tracking system

We also provide customer service in Germany to handle your shipment.

Free pick up and packing

From Germany to Kenya – Packing and Shipping

Ship or sell online from Germany using our shipping and packaging service.

UK Kenya shipping provides storage services for your products in our German distribution centres; we pick, pack and deliver to you or your customer in Kenya.


Why are we the best courier service from Germany to Kenya?


UK Kenya Shipping Services is considered one of the best transportation and courier services, providing a safe and cost-effective way to ship a package to Kenya.

 UK Kenya shipping offers a courier service from Germany with next-day or next-day delivery to Kenya. In addition, we provide a free home collection service with packaging material in Germany

We are committed to providing that your expectations are exceeded every time you use our service to ship parcels from Germany.

We are a global presence with an extensive logistics network from Germany

Our local parcel delivery services allow us to provide our customers with the fast and reliable same-day delivery they need. 

We have hundreds of trained agents and many operation centers throughout Germany up to Kenya. That’s why UK Kenya shipping is the best courier service in Germany

How does UK Kenya shipping ship a parcel from Germany to Kenya?

  Door-to-door courier service from Germany to Kenya:

 We pick up a package from your location in Germany and deliver it to any desired location in Kenya.

 Free collection of your parcel at home in Germany for shipping to Kenya:

 Don’t worry if you don’t have time or live far from our delivery location in Germany, UK Kenya shipping offer you a free collection service for your parcel in Germany to be shipped to Kenya.

 Free packing material for your parcel for shipping from Germany to Kenya

Upon collection from your address in Germany, UK Kenya shipping will ensure your parcel is well packed; it is our responsibility to pack well before shipping from Germany to Kenya.

 Proper Documentation for Shipping from Germany to Kenya: 

If you are shipping from Germany to Kenya, we need proper documentation before sending it to Kenya.

Multiple payment options for courier costs from Germany to Kenya:

 You must pay in advance before shipping from Germany to Kenya. We have several payment options to get paid by you for your shipment to Kenya.

Express delivery from Germany to Kenya: 

Yes! UK Kenya shipping will deliver fast from Germany to Kenya in 3-5 days. In addition, we provide overnight courier service from Germany to Kenya.

Money-back guarantee for couriers from Germany to Kenya: 

If we aren’t able to deliver your parcel to Kenya within the promised working time, we are liable for a full refund.

Ship everything from Germany to Kenya: 

UK Kenya shipping ships everything from Germany to Kenya

However, according to the German and Kenyan government regulatory bodies, there are so many restrictions. 

See the list of restricted items for shipping to Kenya from Germany.

Email alert for courier service from Germany to Kenya: 

After you apply online for the courier service from Germany to Kenya, we will send you a pickup confirmation email with your order number and tracking information.

 ‘collection agent.

SMS notification for courier service from Germany to Kenya: 

You will receive an SMS/SMS alert on your mobile phone as a real-time update until your product is successfully delivered from Germany to Kenya.

Kenya Germany Courier Online Tracking: 

We are fully trackable by Kenya Germany Courier; you can check or trace the shipping location anytime or leave feedback or instruction anytime.

Cheap and Affordable Rates for Courier Services from Germany to KenyaUK Kenya shipping are the most reasonable courier service to Kenya from Germany. Kenya

Courier to Kenya from Germany

UK Kenya shipping courier service delivery time for your courier to Kenya from Germany can be up to 2-5 working days by express shipping and 9-12 working days.

Economy shipping service, with UK Kenya shipping Courier which may always have the option to select shipping according to your needs.

 Express courier to Kenya

UK Kenya shipping Courier offers the fastest delivery time to Kenya from Germany, only 5 working days for parcels. 

These services are operated by our 24/7 delivery partner with a free collection service. UK Kenya shipping for Cheap courier to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping is one of the most affordable shipping methods from Germany to Kenya

Our delivery partner in Kenya carries out this service within 5 working days for parcels up to 100kg.

Besides delivering parcels and documents from Germany to Kenya, UK Kenya shipping also provide special items like spices, pickles, sweets, groceries, and other hard-to-ship food products via another postal service in Kenya.

Insurance plan

UK Kenya shipping offers you an accurate Insurance plan to protect your shipment in transit from Germany.

Terribly. In particular, it has a significant presence in Kenya

On the other hand, They charge significantly more for shipping than other established players in the industry.

Shipping to Kenya from the Uk with FedEx

FedEx has a significant presence in the United Kingdom. Kenya is also one of the 220 countries it ships to internationally. 

They are known as the first couriers to offer next-day delivery options.

There are helpful options from UK Kenya shipping, such as the International Shipping Assist tool, which streamlines the shipping needs of regularly operating businesses.

When should you use UK Kenya shipping to ship to Kenya from the Uk?

If you need to ship bulk orders to Kenya, you can get significant discounts with FedEx’s bulk shipping option.

 Also, enjoy customer service and accurate shipment tracking with this carrier.

Shipping to Kenya from the Uk with DHL

DHL is an international shipping company based in Germany.

 It is a reliable carrier committed to reducing CO2 emissions from its shipping activities.

This German carrier is committed to green logistics for the environmentally conscious.

When should you use DHL to ship to Kenya from the Uk?

Enjoy super-fast and reliable international order processing, shipping insurance, and door-to-door parcel delivery with UK Kenya shipping and DHL.

However, DHL on-time shipping services are often slightly more expensive than the competition while UK Kenya shipping it less expensive.

Duties and taxes for shipping to Kenya from the United Kingdom VAT is applied to all imported goods

Usually, you also have to pay import duties ranging between 0% and 25%.

Here are some of the category-specific customs duties you should be aware of:

Note: The duty-free threshold the Kenya Customs Authority sets is $0.

Customs data of Kenya.

You will need a customs clearance agent to help you clear the goods at the border with Customs and Border Control (CBCD) on your behalf.

There are many customs clearance documents, such as bills of lading, import declaration forms, proforma invoices, and ISM (if applicable), that you should have on hand to ensure your imports don’t get stuck in customs.

For more information on shipping goods to Kenya, here is the link to the official website of the country’s customs authorities.

Items prohibited for shipment to Kenya

Kenya lists goods that cannot be imported into the country.

 The reason for these restrictions can range from national security and protection, protectionist measures, to trade embargoes.

Before shipping your orders, check this list to avoid costly delays, returns, or fines.

Items you cannot ship to Kenya from the United Kingdom.

Coins, bills, banknotes, traveler’s checks Platinum, gold or silver (wrought or unwrought), gemstones, and jewelry.

Firearms and items similar to lethal weapons

Indecent by obscene materials

Radioactive materials

Previously worn clothes

Bedding and other similar items

All fabrics and textiles

What e-commerce businesses need to know about shipping to Kenya.

Here are some essential considerations when shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

1. Take steps to fight online fraud and build trust with buyers.

Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) receives many reports of online fraud, leaving people in the country wary of e-commerce transactions.

To reduce their mistrust, you must build a highly encrypted and secure website, process payments through reputable payment partners, and keep customer data private.

2. Offer multiple payment methods

Customers are opting for Cash on Delivery, which is less than usual, but it still holds the position of the most popular payment method for e-commerce in Kenya.

At the same time, the use of e-wallets, bank transfers, and direct debits increased between 2017 and 2022. 

To facilitate the payment process, you should offer Kenyan customers all these options (along with card payment) on your portal. -trade.

3. Use social media to attract customers

About 20.2% of the Kenyan population is on social media.

If you need to capture the interest of this segment of them.

How much does it cost to send suitcases from Germany to Kenya?

Thanks to our booking system, getting a quote’s quick and easy. If you need to know, enter the collection address in Germany, the collection date, and the delivery address in Germany.

 You will get a price list with different options: 

Low cost for an economical way to ship your luggage to Kenya and Premium options if you want your luggage delivered as soon as possible.

 Express delivery from Germany to Kenya is always more expensive due to the short transport time. In addition, our prices include the insurance of your baggage.

Check the rates for a bag drop in Kenya.

What are the different ways to ship from Germany to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping can ship your luggage door-to-door in several ways. Indeed, our carriers have different transport modes, from sea to air transport.

 Depending on the destination country, you may choose one of these options to ship your bulky baggage, whether for an occasional need or an international move.

sea freight is generally used to transport substantial items to Kenya

It is common knowledge that sea transportation takes longer than air transportation

At UK Kenya Shipping, we work with fast couriers who ship your luggage from Germany to Kenya by air or road.

Do you want to send heavy luggage from Germany to Kenya?

 Relaxed. We ship your bulky items for you.

No weight limit

Follow your real-time baggage. Your baggage

Easily sealed and insured. As our customer service is directly in the chat window. Or call us for help!

We took care of their luggage.

Thanks to the UK Kenya shipping staff who helped us from the booking to the actual pick up.

They are accurate and punctual at a very affordable price considering the service they provide.

Advised. I experienced it yesterday. Book quickly and easily. Constant information.

What can you ship from Germany to Kenya?

UK Kenya Shipping luggage from Germany to Kenya.

Ship heavy suitcases and holdalls from Germany to Kenya.

 Your trip to Kenya will be so relaxing without being cluttered with luggage and personal belongings. 

You ship unaccompanied baggage from Germany to Kenya and pay no excess baggage fee to your airline. 

Our country’s economy courier service is quick and easy.

Parcel shipping from Germany to Kenya

Easily send your package from Germany to your loved ones in Kenya

Please request a quote and book our fast courier service from Germany to Kenya to ship any item. 

Whether your package is a large box, a parcel, or a small package, we negotiate with the best and cheapest carriers like UK Kenya shipping, FedEx, DHL, or UPS for fast and affordable shipping from Germany to Kenya.

And, of course, track your shipment with our delivery services.

Bicycle transport from Germany to Kenya

Ship your bike from Germany to Kenya with UK-Kenya shipping.

 UK Kenya shipping pick it up at your door in Kenya and bring it from Country Long carefully and just in time.

 If you want a pleasant bike ride in Kenya without worrying about moving your bike, we are here to help. Enjoy your bike for a race, special event, or holiday in Kenya

You can even use our bike shipping service from Germany to Kenya to sell your bike or send it to a specialist bike shop.

Ship your bike

Send your electronic keyboard, piano, guitar, drums, or any other instrument from Germany to Kenya is easy under the aid of UK World Cargo Ltd.

International delivery of your instruments from Germany to Kenya will be fast, safe, and cheap. 

Don’t worry; we are music lovers and will take good care of your guitar or keyboard during shipping from Germany to Kenya! So enjoy playing your instrument as soon as you arrive in Kenya

You can also submit an instrument that you want to sell or buy.

Ship your instrument

Delivery from Germany to Kenya.

Book our international delivery from Germany to Kenya and enjoy your trip without loading your golf equipment.

 We ship your excess baggage and equipment directly to your final destination in Kenya (hotel, apartment, business…), so you don’t have to pay extra baggage fees to your airline.

 Travel with peace of mind and send your golf, snowboard, and equipment to Kenya cheaply from Germany

We carefully handle your skis and deliver them quickly from Germany to Kenya. As a result, your snowboard recovery is imminent in Germany

You can do work at home and in a hotel. And we deliver it to Kenya on time. So please don’t waste your snowboard trip and book our fast and affordable expedition from Germany to Kenya

Even if you don’t travel to Kenya, we can ship it directly to a friend or customer’s address.

Discover the cheapest rates with our shipping cost calculator.

Get an immediate estimate of your shipping costs. 

Compare pre-negotiated and discounted shipping rates from over 250 carriers. 

Always 100% free and accurate.

UPS Express Saver®

• The fastest

• Best value

1 – 1 business days


Take off


Paid collection




UPS Expedit®

• The cheapest

5 – 5 business days

Learn more about the UK-Kenya shipping rate calculator.

It should be easy to find the cheapest rates to estimate shipping costs with proper research.

 Our free shipping cost calculator provides accurate and real-time best shipping rates from our international and domestic carriers.

Enter the weight and destination of your shipment for an instant overview of the best shipping options. 

Create a free UK Kenya shipping account and enter all your shipping details for a more complete and accurate quote. No obligations, no fees – just perfectly exact shipping costs.

Is shipping based on size or weight?

In most cases, couriers charge their services based on the weight of the size of the package, whichever is greater. 

This is calculated using a calculation called “dimensional weight”. The main exception is flat rate services, which charge a flat rate for flat rates using specific boxes.

 The price is the same if you send a box of concrete and feathers.

What is the importance of using the UK-Kenya shipping calculator?

Our shipping rate calculator saves you time that would otherwise be tedious searching courier websites. 

Our handy tool instantly collects the best rates from all global carriers based on your specific shipping needs. 

This gives you complete visibility into shipping costs for your small business, saving you valuable time.

 If you like the rates you can see, you can create an account and generate labels for these carriers in minutes.


So in case you have any shipments you want us to ship for you from Germany to Kenya, then do not hesitate to contact us today so that we can help you in this whole process while you are the the comfort of your home.

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