What is the best way to send a parcel from UK to Kenya 2023.



When it comes to Sending a package to Kenya, it requires consideration of many factors combined together. First, whether you need to send items for personal or business reasons, you want to ensure the delivery arrives safely and promptly. This article will go in depth and discuss the most efficient methods for sending a package to Kenya, including the available shipping options, the required paperwork, and delivery recommendations.

Shipping Options

When it comes to transporting a package to Kenya, there are many choices available and which you can choose from. Air freight, sea freight, and courier services are the most prevalent methods.

1. Air freight is the quickest and most reliable method for sending a package to Kenya. In addition, it takes between 2 to 3 business days for a shipment to arrive via commercial airline. Therefore, this technique is ideal for packages containing perishable items, urgent documents, or other time-sensitive items.

2. Sea Freight: Sea freight is more cost-effective and sluggish than air freight. Depending on the transportation company and route, the transit time for cargo shipments can range from one to two weeks. Therefore, sea freight is optimal for transporting bulky furniture and oversized goods.

3. courier services are a popular option when sending packages to Kenya. Companies such as UK Kenya shipping, UK World Cargo, FedEx,dhl, and UPS provide door-to-door delivery, and packages typically arrive at their destination within two to three business days. Therefore, courier services are optimal for time-sensitive shipments and smaller packages.


When sending a package to Kenya, there are some paperworks which are required, they include;

1. Commercial Invoice: This document is utilized for commercially shipped products. It includes information about the products being dispatched, their value, and the sender and recipient’s names and addresses.

2. Proforma Invoice: This form is used when shipping products for personal reasons. It contains the same information as the commercial invoice but is used for noncommercial shipments.

3. This document contains a comprehensive list of the objects being shipped, including their quantities and weights.

4. This document, is issued by a shipping company, like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, and it functions as a receipt for the goods transported.

Tips for Effortless Delivery.

UK Kenya shipping Ltd,  ensures that your Cargo is delivered to Kenya without incident.

1. Choose the appropriate shipping method: Select the best plan that meets your requirements and budget.

2. Use sturdy cartons and packaging materials to ensure your items reach their destination undamaged.

3. designate your Package with the recipient’s name, address, and contact information.

4. Ensure that all information, including the recipient’s address and phone number, is accurate to avoid delays or returns.

5. Verify that you are not transporting prohibited items, such as narcotics, weapons, or hazardous materials.

In conclusion, sending a package to Kenya can be smooth and hassle-free only if the correct transportation method is selected, the required documentation is included, and the Package is correctly packed and labeled. By adhering to these guidelines and working with a reputable shipping company, you can be assured that your Package will arrive promptly and safely.

Here are some additional considerations and details to remember when transporting a package to Kenya:

The clearance of customs is a crucial aspect of shipping packages to Kenya. All products entering the country are subject to inspection and authorization by customs officials. Depending on the Cargo’s complexity and the provided documentation’s accuracy, it can take a few days or even longer. It avoids delays and additional fees, and it is essential to ensure that all required documentation is included with the shipment and that the information is accurate.

Packages shipped to Kenya are subject to customs fees and duties based on the Package’s declared value. Therefore, it is very important to investigate the applicable fees and taxes and factor them into the shipping cost of your delivery but you can also conduct UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, Depending on the agreement between the parties, the sender or the recipient may be responsible for paying these fees.

  •  Prohibited and Restricted Items

Certain items are restricted or prohibited for shipment to Kenya. Restricted items must be dispatched with additional documentation or permits, whereas prohibited items cannot be shipped completely. Some of the banned items include firearms, explosives, and narcotics, whereas restricted items include specific foods, plants, and animals and for the restricted items, they can be shipped with some additional documents which UK Kenya Shipping Ltd will help you to get. Before sending a package, it’s necessary to research the restrictions and prohibitions to avoid problems.

  •  Monitoring and Coverage

For peace of mind when shipping a package to Kenya from the United Kingdom, consider using a company that offers tracking and insurance. By doing such, it enables you to monitor the progress of your shipment, whereas insurance protects you if the parcel is lost or damaged while being transported and you can choose UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

  •  Factors to Consider in Packaging

It is essential to use sturdy cartons and packaging materials when shipping a package to protect its contents during transport. Consider the weight and fragility of the items you are packaging when selecting the appropriate packaging. Additionally, it is advisable to position any documents or paperwork in a separate envelope within the Package to prevent potential damage.

  •  Conclusion.

Sending a package to Kenya necessitates careful consideration of the available shipping options, the documentation required, and the potential fees and restrictions. By working with a reputable shipping company and following the advice in this article, you can rest assured that your Cargo will arrive in Kenya successfully and without any incident of loss or damage.

Methods for Sending a Package to Kenya

Do you require parcel delivery to Kenya? 

Dozens of professional cargo delivery and courier service companies serve the Kenyan market. They deliver your international Cargo to Kenya promptly, securely, and in the same condition you sent it.

In addition, they provide an instant quote for your international shipping requirements before you even book their services. Thus, based on the quoted price, you will know what and when to expect your delivery.

The Services Available

 Shipping Only

Only those who already have a package and wish to deliver it to Kenya are eligible for shipping.

The following are the steps: –  

• Indicate the Package’s origin and destination

• Provide the shipping information (dimensions, shape, and content description).

• Obtain a quote estimate from the shipping company

• Reserve the services

• Receive and pay for the shipment

If you would like to purchase abroad before using the shipping-only service, then you must:

• Shop with and make payments to international sellers

• Mention the courier service’s shipment address as the location where the products should be left.

• The shipping company will accept and forward your Cargo to Kenya.

When it comes to the UK Kenya shipping companies we take returns for orders containing only during shipping.


• If you purchase and ship merchandise, you can take advantage of discounts and special offers by browsing.

• When working with a shipping company with multiple drop-off points, you can purchase products and dispatch them to a drop-off point with the most affordable shipping costs and you can get this service from UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

Buy and Send

If the product is packed and ready to ship, follow the abridged steps above. However, suppose you are in Kenya in any other country,this may be a question you are asking yourself, then worry no more because, In that case, you can still use UK-Kenya shipping company to buy a package to Kenya as follows: – If you are in Kenya or any other country, you can still use a UK-Kenya shipping company to purchase and send a package.

• Select the “buy and ship” option made available by the shipping company.

• Obtain and send the product link to the UK-Kenya shipping company, requesting that they purchase the item on your behalf.

• Generate and approve a revised estimate of the product’s purchase price, service fee, and shipping costs.

• Reserve the services by paying the purchase price

• Accept and pay for the shipment

The buy-and-ship service fully refunds if the delivery company delivers the incorrect item. The contrast, they do not accept returns for items delivered per the exact specifications of the customer’s order.

Before providing the UK Kenya shipping company a link to their products, you must clearly evaluate the online retailers. However, if you are returning a product to exercise a warranty or obtain a repair, you are solely responsible for the shipping costs.


• It enables you to purchase items from merchants who do not ship to Kenya. You can contact the shipping company to handle shipping and purchasing.

• A safer and more practical alternative if the online retailer does not accept your local bank card.

• There is no need to register for unneeded money transfer services

You incur no additional cost for purchasing.


1.  UK Kenya Shipping Express Ltd Is the Best Option for Sending Any Size of Package.

UK Kenya Shipping is a well-known international shipping specialist and courier delivery service in Kenya and over 220 other countries. Send a parcel to Kenya using UK Kenya shipping and reliable tracking systems to ensure its safe delivery.

Additionally, UK Kenya shipping has no size or weight restrictions, making it the ideal option for shipping large quantities. In addition, it employs land, air, and ocean transportation logistics to service standard and custom shipments around the world efficiently.


• Services Offered: Package Delivery, Postal Service, and E-Commerce.

• Time of Transit: 2 to 3 Days

• Package Tracking Updates: Email and Customer Service Calls

• Modes of transport: land, air, water

What We Like

• No delivery fees or volume commitment requirement

• Live customer service 24/7, without waiting

• Offers international door-to-door parcel delivery

• Prompt reimbursements for all service failures

2. UK Kenya shipping Store – Best for Quick and Affordable Shipping from the United States to Kenya.

UK Kenya Shipping Store purchases and dispatches items and packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya. It is your best-to-go option for importing goods from the United Kingdom to Kenya. The shipping company provides a price estimation that includes all customs clearance fees.

 In addition, this price consists of an extra value of the items. Therefore, you pay an additional for the Package’s insurance. Additionally, payment on delivery applies only to transport. However, if you use the buy-and-ship service, you must pay in full.


• Services Available: Parcel Delivery (Only Buy & Ship and Shipping)

• Weight and Size Restrictions: No Minimum or Maximum Quantity Requirements

• Time in transit: 2 to 3 business days

• Package Tracking Updates: Emails and Phone Calls from Customer Service

• Modes of transport: air and water

What We Like

• Simplified and transparent pricing policy; no delivery surprises

• Updates in real-time on the purchase, shipment, and delivery of the Cargo

• Combines bulky products to reduce costs

• Ships to other important Kenyan cities besides Nairobi upon request.

3. UK Kenya Shipping – The Best Service for Shipping from the U.K. to Kenya.

Do you need to ship a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya?

Then, choose UK Kenya Shipping for a hassle-free experience.

If you prefer shipping-only services, UK Kenya Shipping will provide free package inspection once the international online merchant delivers the products to the UK Kenya shipping company’s warehouse. 

It reduces the likelihood of product returns due to anomalies, defects, or inaccuracies. Moreover, UK Kenya Shipping charges an additional for insurance on items valued.


• Services Offered: Package Delivery, Postal Service, and E-Commerce Support

• The shipping rate per kilogram both by air and by sea

• Transit Time: 2 to 3 Days working days.

• Tracking Updates: Regular Real-Time Tracking and Notification Alerts via Email and Phone.

• Modes of transport: air and water

What We Like

• Real-time monitoring and alerts

• Manages all customs clearance, complex logistics, and documentation for volume shipments

• Free shipment examination for accuracy, irregularities, and damage

• Combines multiple shipments to reduce shipping expenses

4. Box Kenya Limited Is the one of the Leading U.K. & Kenya Shipping Companies.

Box Kenya will deliver if you send a parcel to Kenya from eBay, Amazon, or any other online purchasing store in the United Kingdom. 

Or Box Kenya has one of the lowest shipping rates per kilogram. 

In addition, they offer storage of your purchases in their warehouses. The products are then consolidated and repackaged to eliminate extraneous packaging and reduce shipping weight and cost. In addition, you can check U.K. stores and take advantage of seasonal sales directly from the website of Box Kenya.


• Shop & Ship and Shipping Only are Available Services.

• Transit Time: U.K 2 to 3 days.

• Package Tracking Updates: Email and SMS Notifications

• Delivery Method Restricted to Air Freight Only 

What We Like:

• Receive a complimentary U.K. and Kenya address upon registration

• Provides purchasing assistance and package consolidation

• Free shipping insurance for shipments will value .

• Next-day delivery upon arrival in Kenya for non-Nairobi final destinations

• There are no concealed or surprise fees

• Excellent communicator

5. United Parcel Service (UPS) Kenya – Top Choice for Same-Day Delivery.

UPS Kenya is an international shipping corporation owned by the United Kingdom. This company helps any  individuals and businesses with an aim of shipping luggage to kenya with expedited international shipping. It can also help when in comes to dispatching packages to its branch in Nairobi.

In addition, the company categorizes its transportation services into six packages.

 (UPS Express Plus

 UPS Express

UPS Express Saver

 UPS Expedited 

UPS Worldwide Express Freight

 UPS Worldwide Express Freight Midday)

 Both time-sensitive and less urgent shipments. 

Due to this, you can have your Luggage delivered the next day after placing your delivery, or you can agree on a specific date and time for which you aim your luggage to iarrive in Kenya. UPS guarantees this delivery on the specified date.


• Services Available: International Shipping, Contract Logistics, and Money Transfer

• Shipping Rate per Kilogram: N/A. Price varies based on service bundle, country’s zone number, weight, content, and particular additional fees.

• Maximum Weight & Size: per shipment

• Time in transit: 2 to 3 business days

• UPS Website, SMS, and Email Notifications for Package Tracking Updates

• Modes of transport: air and water 

What We Like

• A variety of shipping options for time-sensitive shipments

• Attempts up to three times to deliver

• Convenient city-center distribution points

• Outstanding tracking abilities

7. UK Kenya Shipping– For Flexible Shipping Methods.

Planet Express is a specialist when it comes to packaging and also forwarding that utilizes DHL, USPS, FedEx, UK Kenya Shipping, and Postal Service to ship packages to Kenya. 

Also, you can take to consideration if you have multiple packages into a single box to reduce shipping costs. Then, choose a delivery method based on your budget and deadline. In addition, the UK Kenya Shipping Express warehouse provides tax-free storage.


• Package Forwarding, Consolidation, Fulfilment, and Shop For Services Are Available.

• The shipping rate per kilogram begins 

• Transit Time: 2 to 3 Business Days

• Package Tracking Updates: Email and SIMS Notifications

• Modes of transport: air, land, sea

What We Like

• It also offers Up to 10 days of complimentary warehouse storage

• Save up to 80% by consolidating packages

• Receptive and accommodating customer service

8 UK Kenya Shipping – For Cost-Effective Delivery Options.

UK Kenya Shipping is an choice when it comes to delivery forwarder comparable to other Express. It contracts with other shipping companies, such as UK Kenya Shipping and the United Kingdom Postal Service, to send your luggage and packages to Kenya via various delivery options which will be offered by UK Kenya shipping Ltd.

In addition, it combines them all and delivers your Package from your workplace or residence at a reasonable price. Your shipment from the United Kingdom will be shipped to Kenya via the specified delivery method which you had selected. The mail is then delivered to Kenya Postal Service employees for final delivery.


• Services Available: Package Forwarding

• Time for transit: 2 to 3 Days

• Package Tracking Updates: Email and SMS Notifications

• Modes of transport: land, air, water

What We Like

• Provides door-to-door services

• Protection cover is also available as an option that is if you choose it and we as UK Kenya shipping Ltd do also offer your protection cover.

• Provides a weekend assortment

• Provides access to reduced shipping rates

9. Shipping to Kenya from the United Kingdom is ideal for documents and small packages.

UK Kenya Shipping is a courier service which majors in the international shipment of documents and packages. It indeed collaborates with 178 other postal operators worldwide. In addition, UK Kenya Shipping partners with the Postal Corporation of Kenya in Kenya

In addition, when it comes to the pricing policy of UK Kenya Shipping Kenya is not among on the weight or size of the delivery, making it a more cost friendly option.


• Available Services: door-to-door Services

• Shipping Cost per Kilogram: Inapplicable.

• Time in Transit: 2 to 3 Days.

• Package Tracking Updates: Text and Email Notifications

• Modes of transport: land, water, air

What We Like

• Fastest international postal service

• Sends packages to Kenya from up to 3,000 worldwide locations

• Kenya has 285 acceptance centres

• Cost-effective shipping options

10. Online Shopping Stores.

There are several online retailers that ship directly to Kenya. They consist of the following: –







Best Buy



Home Depot



Listed below are som of the additional guidelines which will help you and also to ensure that your online shipments and packages arrive to their destinations safe and also with no damage at all and you can rely on UK kenya shipping Ltd to do all this for you while you are at the comfort of your home.

• Request that your bank register your card for international transactions

• Before reaching to a conclusion on the shipping transaction, You should make an effort and call or even message the online store’s help desk.

• Read testimonials from previous some of the clients concerning the supplier’s after-sales service and communication and this will convince you to Go ahead with the shipment process  under the aid of UK Kenya shipping Ltd.

• Concentrate on gold-plus vendors with confirmed locations and a record of recent transactions

• Investigate the return policy

• Demand a consumer protection policy or pay with an escrow account

Sending a Package to Kenya Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What considerations should I make when selecting the optimal shipping method for sending Cargo to Kenya?

Consider the UK Kenya shipping company’s pricing, list of available services, customer support, reputation, dependability, and the effectiveness of their service delivery.

2. How do I clear my shipment through Kenyan customs?

Customs clearance is required when it comes to sending packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya, you complete customs forms in the country of origin to provide a detailed inventory of the Package’s contents.

UK Kenya shipping Ltd will coordinate if there be any further customs processing by Kenyan officials. Consequently, you will have to pay the appropriate customs duties and import taxes based on the contents. Work with a reputable parcel service provider like UK Kenya shipping Ltd when it comes to handling customs clearance on your behalf.

3.      What items are restricted or prohibited in Kenya?

Kenya prohibits or restricts some products from entering. the country. These items include fresh or perishable foodstuffs, alcohol, and controlled substances. You can also verify the complete list of restricted and prohibited items to Kenya on the transportation company’s website to avoid any inconveniences which may arise.


Taking advantage of loyalty programs and other offers available to repeat consumers would be best.

How UK Kenya Shipping Transports Goods To Kenya

Sometimes the items you wish to purchase may be available outside Kenyan stores. Therefore, you may need to seek to import it from countries like the United Kingdom. Foreign retailers are also looking forward to capitalize on this trend.  As the world becomes more e-commerce-friendly, it is very important to have international orders shipped to Kenya quickly and affordably within a few days and also the planned time.

This article continues to deeply encapsulate on how to dispatch a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya and also how e-commerce companies can better plan their international shipping logistics using UK Kenya Shipping. Costs and transit times for shipping to Kenya from the United Kingdom.

Retailers or individuals searching for delivery options to Kenya are primarily concerned with delivery costs and times.

The following is an overview of the most popular services is provided:

UK Kenya Shipping Ltd charge an all-inclusive “total fulfillment cost” that includes picking, packaging, and shipping, among other factors when determining the actual customer rates. Please you can also find it useful to request a quote on this page in order to learn what offers are there when it comes to  international shipping to countries such as Kenya.

How to select a shipping company.

Every e-commerce company has its own shipping requirements. Some companies put all their emphasis on next-day delivery, whereas others tend to prioritize Eco-friendly shipping methods and so does UK Kenya shipping Ltd focuses on all the wider array and all this aspects. Some companies are also eager to maintain low fulfillment costs and pass the savings on to their consumers.

Therefore, there is no universal solution for selecting a carrier.

The advantages and disadvantages of the top four airlines to make your decision a little more straightforward:

1   Shipping from the U.K. to Kenya with UK-Kenya shipping.

Over 46% of the world’s correspondence is delivered by the United Kingdom Postal Service. The carrier widely motivates this level of confidence when it comes to domestic and international shipping. However, despite being the most affordable carrier, UK Kenya shipping does not offer complicated order tracking for international shipments so that is why You should choose UK Kenya Shipping Ltd for all your shipment purposes.

However, regardless of the parcel’s weight or size, UK Kenya shipping offers Kenya the most affordable shipping rates.

When to ship from the U.K. to Kenya via UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping offers some of the most affordable rates in the shipping industry at largeand by any way if you wish to keep your shipping costs low, then you can choose UK kenya Shipping Ltd. You can ship heavy items to Kenya using its flat-rate shipping option.

However, The wonderful thing about UK Kenya shipping ltd is that we docharge any additional fees or surcharges.

• Shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya with UK-Kenya shipping.

UK Kenya shipping is at a far one of the largest shipping couriers globally. 

UK Kenya shipping works round-the-clock to offer to you international customer service, free customs support, and punctual delivery are all reasons to entrust your shipments to Kenya.

When to use UK Kenya shipping to send packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

The ideal for retailers who need specific last-mile surveillance and dependable delivery. Notably, it has a notable presence across the United Kingdom. On the other hand, its shipping fees are significantly pocket friendly than established competitors.

2     FedEx shipping to Kenya from the United Kingdom

FedEx has an extensive presence in the United Kingdom. Kenya is one of the 220 countries FedEx ships to internationally. It is well-known for being one of the first carriers to offer options for overnight delivery.

FedEx offers valuable options, such as the International Shipping Assist tool, simplifying shipping requirements for frequently shipping businesses.

When to ship with FedEx from the U.K. to Kenya

With FedEx bulk shipping option, you cannot receive significant discounts if you need to dispatch multiple packages to Kenya. This carrier also offers customer service support and accurate shipment tracing.

 DHL shipping to Kenya from the UK

DHL is a global shipping corporation with its headquarters in Germany. It is a highly dependable shipping company that strives to reduce carbon emissions from shipping operations. This carrier is also environmentally conscious and committed to green logistics.

When to use DHL to ship to Kenya from the United kingdom.

DHL offers rapid and dependable international order fulfilment, shipment insurance, and door-to-door package delivery.However, DHL on-time delivery services are typically much more expensive than its competitors. 

Import duties and taxes when shipping to Kenya from the United kingdom.All imported products are subject to a 16% VAT. Additionally, you are typically required to pay an import duty between 0% and 25%. You should be aware of the following category-specific customs duty rates:

The tax-free threshold established by Kenya’s customs administration is $0.

When it comes to the Customs information for Kenya, You require a clearing agent to help you with particular products with the Customs and Border Control Department at the border. Several clearance documents, such as a bill of lading, an import declaration form, a pro forma invoice, and an ISM (when applicable), must be on hand to prevent imports from being held up at customs and this will be possible by UK Kenya shipping Ltd.

These are essential factors when shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

1. Take measures to combat online fraud and develop shoppers’ trust.

Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations receives many reports of online fraud, making the population wary of e-commerce transactions. To reduce their mistrust, you must construct a highly encrypted and secure website, process payments through reputable payment partners, and protect the privacy of consumers’ information.

2. Provide multiple payment options.

Over the recent past, Customers are choosing cash on delivery less frequently than usual, but it is still the most prevalent payment method for e-commerce in Kenya. To make the payment process convenient for Kenyan consumers on your e-commerce website, UK Kenya shipping Ltd will offer all these options (in addition to card payment).

3. Utilise social media to interact with consumers

About 20.2% of the population of Kenya is active on social media. It attracts the attention of this segment of the population. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a big, engaging, and localized social media presence.

4. Utilise UK Kenya shipping  services

In addition to managing the product, marketing, and sales, you are also responsible for the timely delivery of orders to consumers in Kenya. That is a substantial amount of effort. Fortunately, companies like UK Kenya Shipping can manage the entire order fulfillment workflow on your behalf, so why don’t you Join forces with UK Kenya Shipping and let them assist you in all your shipping needs and for real you will not be dissapointed.

UK Kenya Shipping can reach global consumers with a remarkable brand experience.International sales can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. However, UK Kenya Shipping provides you with everything you need to serve global customers while saving time on logistics. 

We gather, pack, and ship your orders to Kenya and provide upfront fulfillment costs, including customs, duties, and other taxes. By partnering with UK Kenya Shipping, you are no longer required to manage retail fulfillment, logistics operations, and human resources.

Working with UK Kenya Shipping can transform logistics and warehousing into a revenue generator. You can boost your sales by giving customers the desire for shipping options through transit times, and delivery velocities. The most beneficial aspect of partnering with UK Kenya Shipping is that you regain time to devote to more strategic endeavors, such as customer service and marketing.

 As soon as I learned that UK Kenya Shipping expanding rates, I knew we needed to increase our tangible footprint alongside them. In addition, it would allow us to reduce the duties and tariffs associated with international shipping.

The method for sending inventory to the UK Kenya shipping fulfillment center was highly streamlined. UK Kenya shipping has recommendably assisted many customers throughout this process, and also anticipate accelerating our development. 

Are you ready to ship to Kenya from the United Kingdom?

You cand make the first step by using the services of UK Kenya Shipping

What is the cheapest method to ship from the U.K. to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping is a  Priority Mail International is one of the most affordable ways to ship packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

What is the least expensive means to ship large packages from the U.K. to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping flat-rate services are the most cost-effective means of transporting large and weighty packages from the United Kingdom to Kenya. In addition, it assures that the shipping rate remains unchanged regardless of the order’s weight for boxes of specific dimensions.

What is the quickest method to ship a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping and FedEx International Priority are two options for shipping items to Kenya in two to three business days.

Should I pay customs duties and fees when shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya?

Imported goods into Kenya are subject to a 16% value-added tax and an import duty ranging from 0% to 25%. 

How can I ship something to Kenya from the United Kingdom?

UK Kenya shipping is the most efficient carrier concerning parcel drop-offs. And in terms of tracking reliability and customer service, UPS and FedEx are the finest options. So in conclusion, by choosing UK Kenya shipping Ltd you will rest assured of your safety of your luggage and no damage.

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