shipping from Germany to Kenya

How much does it cost to send a package from Germany to Kenya?

The cost of sending a package from Germany to Kenya mostly depends on the shipment size. On worldwide routes, the best shipping option is express service. Check the price to send your item from Germany to Kenya directly on our UK Kenya shipping booking tool.

How much are customs duties for a shipment from Germany to Kenya?

The amount of customs duties you pay when shipping from Germany to Kenya depends on the items you send, their declared value and the regulations in each country. Upon arrival at its destination, the shipment will need to clear customs, where the authorities will check the contents and attached documents to determine the cost of any customs duties.

Customs charges are to be paid by the consignee directly to the selected logistics service provider.

How long does it take to ship from Germany to Kenya?

By Shipping with UK Kenya shipping transit time from Germany to Kenya is usually 24-72 hours for parcels. Most deliveries are made with our express service, but the estimated time does not include the time required for customs clearance. Other services might have different delivery times, but we will always inform you how long your shipment from Germany to Kenya will take.

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Shipping services from Germany to Kenya in just 24-72 hours! We as UK Kenya shipping work with the best couriers worldwide to provide reliable and fast solutions. Book delivery online. Shipments are completely door-to-door, including primary insurance. Live support is always available via chat.

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How to get a quote schedule pickup and delivery home deliveries.

How tracking works?

Shipment insurance options


Shipping services from Germany to Kenya using UK Kenya shipping

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Depending on the type of items you wish to ship to Kenya, you have several options listed below. However, we as UK Kenya shipping can constantly tailor an offer to meet your shipping needs if you have any specific requirements.

How do I send a parcel from Germany to Kenya?

Send a package from Germany to Kenya.

Shipping a package from Germany to Kenya has always been challenging. At UK Kenya shipping, we aim to provide easy access to the most trusted couriers through our digital platform. You can instantly get a price for shipping a package from Germany to Kenya and use the exemplary courier service for your shipping needs. Via UK Kenya shipping, you will receive specialist packing instructions and expert advice to guide you.

Learn more about sending parcels and more about sending documents.

How do I ship goods from Germany to Kenya?

Shipping luggage from Germany to Kenya

If you need to learn how to ship your luggage from Germany to Kenya, it’s easy with UK Kenya shipping. You can forward your suitcase to any destination in the world. However, we strongly recommend that you pack your belongings in a cardboard box to provide extra protection for your belongings during travel and to ensure your bags arrive in one piece.

Find out more about sending luggage.

Pallet transport from Germany to Kenya

Are you seeking the right solution to send multiple parcels from Germany to Kenya?

Get a tailor-made quote for your shipment through our easy-to-use platform! Consult our guidelines for preparing a pallet for shipping, and our UK Kenya shipping trusted logistics couriers will do the rest. Account holders who regularly ship pallets from Germany to Kenya can also leverage the benefits of a digital control tower to optimize logistics.

How to send a package from Germany to Kenya?

The easiest way to send a package to Kenya from Germany and the rest of Europe is to use UK Kenya shipping Air Cargo Global’s all-inclusive service. We have a fast and secure weekly service. We have shipped over a million parcels to Kenya. You can also shop at any U.K. Online store and then have it delivered straight to the door. You buy, and we ship – to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping.


By air, cargo or road

Find out the best way to ship your cargo from Germany to Kenya by various means of transportation, including air, sea and road transport. Compare freight rates, transit times, route options and more.

From Germany to Kenya by air

The fastest way to get from Germany to Kenya by flight takes around 8 hours 35 minutes and departs from Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and arrives at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO). Flights depart on this route every few hours. Lufthansa is one of the airlines operating scheduled services on this route, with flights leaving every 3 days.

From Germany to Kenya by container ship

The fastest way to get from Germany to Kenya by boat takes about 6 to 7 days and 18 hours, departs from Bremerhaven (DEBRV), and arrives in Mombasa (KEMBA). Ships depart on this route every few weeks. UK Kenya shipping is one of the carriers offering regular services on this route, with vessels leaving every 2-4 weeks.


Delivery companies in Germany

UK Kenya shipping





The delivery companies mentioned above are Germany’s most critical parcel couriers, both in popularity and actual usage. However, this summary list is by no means exhaustive. It’s also not a ranking, so the order isn’t a rating.

Each carrier has advantages and disadvantages for e-commerce businesses, depending on shipment volume, package size, target audience preferences, and other relevant factors.

1.UK Kenya shipping

Of this amount, the Post & Parcels Germany division accounted for more cash. According to their data, the 150,000 employees in Germany alone contributed to this, having already sent more billion parcels domestically. The year before the corona crisis.

This figure was already surpassed, before the holiday shopping period. In addition, the new UK Kenya shipping eCommerce Solutions” division was created to increase the attractiveness of online retailers.

Fast delivery

With UK Kenya shipping Express, which is particularly suitable for international parcel shipping, the German courier company offers its trade division for faster-than-average shipments.

CO2 neutral options

The carrier is aiming for emission-free logistics in 2050. The Go Green, environmental protection program compensates for the greenhouse gases produced, among other things.

• Climate-neutral shipping within Germany: no additional costs

• Climate-neutral shipping within the E.U.: surcharge of 20 cents per package

• Worldwide climate-neutral shipping: 70 cent surcharge per package

Collection points

Twenty-nine thousand locations in Germany Packstation, postal agency, UK Kenya shipping Paketshop or “Paketbox”.

International orientation

Strong international orientation and global expertise.


  •  Wide range of services
  •  Each parcel is insured for few days
  •  Delivery tracking
  •  Choice between:
  • slow and cheap
  •  fast and expensive.

• Interesting for fast-growing and internationally active companies, according to UK Kenya shipping.

• “Warenpost” has been part of the UK Kenya shipping service since last year. It allows you to ship small goods (max. 5cm x 25cm x 35.3cm) quickly (usually next-day delivery) and efficiently.

The drawbacks

• Support for individual problems and cases is often long and slow

• Pricing is often complicated

2. Hermes

The Hamburg-based parcel delivery company was founded in 1972 and is owned by the German distribution company Otto GmbH. In 2019, the number of employees amounted to 15,500, contributing to a turnover of 3.5 billion euros. It also shipped more than 900 million packages in 2019, up more than 100 million shipments from a year earlier. Further significant growth can be expected in 2020.

Carbon neutral options In 2010, an initiative to act in favour of the environment was launched under the name “Hermes – WE DO!

International orientation

Shipping to countries outside the E.U. (except the U.K.) is impossible with Hermes, but the courier is one of the most popular delivery companies in the U.K. It is, therefore, true that Hermès is a strong player in Europe, while there is no offer outside this area.

Collection points

Sixteen thousand relay points in Germany.


• Next day, 95% of all incoming parcels are delivered to the domestic market

• Each package is insured up to an amount of €500.

• Delivery tracking

• B2B service of 300 shipments per year. at attractive prices

• Particularly attractive for small online shops

• 1st place in the price-performance category for the courier, express and parcel services

The drawbacks

• Parcels are returned relatively often without successful delivery

• Shipping to EU + UK only

• Not the optimal shipping solution for large, internationally active e-commerce companies

• Supporters of climate-neutral shipping

Delivery methods and services

Among others:

• Hermes the next day

• Hermes International

• Hermes BorderGuru (cross-border e-commerce)


Headquartered in Aschaffenburg, DPD Germany is part of the international DPD group, which operates under the aegis of La Poste, the best-known French logistics company. The company is also one of the leading parcel couriers in France.

With 375 million parcels shipped within Germany in 2019 alone with the help of 9,500 employees, DPD Germany is a significant player in the German CEP market. In 2019, DPDgroup increased its turnover to 7.8 billion euros and thus remains the European leader in parcels.

Fast delivery

National and international express services.

CO2 neutral options

Under the name “Driving Change”, DPD has implemented a group-wide sustainability strategy. Since 2012, DPD has been supplying 100% climate-neutral products.

Collection points

Seven thousand relay points in Germany.

International orientation

With DPD, it is possible to ship to some countries outside the E.U., such as the USA, but the focus is clearly on shipping within Europe.


• Simple pricing policy (5 price ranges depending on the package’s most extended and shortest side of the package, but not on the weight).

• Each package is insured for up to €520

• Delivery tracking

• Relatively fast delivery for standard shipping

• Leader in climate-neutral shipping

The drawbacks

• High additional costs for Saturday delivery

Delivery methods and services

Among others:


General Logistics Systems B.V. (GLS) was founded 1989 as a German package. Today the headquarters is located in Amsterdam and is owned by the British shipping company Royal Mail. The so-called GLS Beteiligungs GmbH, which includes the markets of Germany, Austria and Hungary, contributes 1.12 billion euros to 50% of the total worldwide turnover.

It is made possible by more than 8,000 employees in Germany. It makes GLS the third-largest courier service in Germany.

Fast delivery

Customers can use Express Parcel service to ship parcels as quickly as possible.

Neutral and CO2 options

Since 2019, GLS Germany has been delivering all parcels 100% climate-neutral, both domestically and internationally. Other measures are awarded within the framework of the GLS Klima Protect initiative.

Collection points

Relay 5,500 points and Germany.

International orientation

Not the best international network (delivery to “only” 23 E.U. countries + USA and Canada).


• Simple pricing policy (based on the longest side and shortest side of the package, but not on weight).

• Each package is insured up to €750 (€250 more than most competitors)

• Delivery tracking

• Reliable shipping

• Fast shipping (usually within 24 hours in Germany and 24-96 hours in the E.U.)

The drawbacks

• Saturday delivery only in some metropolitan regions

• Not an optimal solution for e-commerce retailers with large shipping volumes

• Relatively few collection points

Delivery methods and services

Other entries:


United Parcel Service of America, Inc. (UPS) is a global provider of parcel and shipping services. Nearly 495,000 employees worldwide deliver approximately 5.5 billion packages a year, making UPS the largest transportation company in the world. Revenues in 2019 were $74 billion, but revenue growth of at least 10% is expected for 2020.

Fast delivery

Fast solution with UPS Express.

Neutral and CO2 options

Like almost all companies in this sector, UPS is also increasingly committed to climate neutrality. The UPS Foundation was created for this purpose but must catch up to its competitors. UPS climate-neutral shipping for a fixed surcharge of 12 cents.

Collection points

about 5,000 German parcels and relays

International orientation

With 807 different airports served, UPS has a robust worldwide network. The parcel delivery company is ahead of its competitors, mainly when exporting to the United States. However, because they focus on the U.S. market, their European shipping services are less attractive than some competitors’ offerings.


• Fast delivery

• Reliable delivery

• Delivery tracking

• Each package is insured up to € 510-

The drawbacks

Surcharge for delivery on Saturday.

• Focus on the American market

• Relatively few collection points

• UPS air freight on the 2nd day

UPS as standard


In this compact overview of the best carriers in Germany, you can quickly and easily see the differences between the different providers. Understanding which carrier characteristics are most important to your online store and customers would be best.


If you are looking for the cheapest courier service from Germany to Kenya, we as UK Kenya shipping are here to help, yes! We provide the most affordable way to send a package to Kenya from Germany.

 We as UK Kenya shipping ship many things from Germany to Kenya daily; people need a safe and reliable shipping service for couriers in Kenya to deliver their parcels from Germany to Kenya.

 We offer free pick up and packing within Germany with the proper paperwork, including safe transport when shipping to Kenya. We provide online parcel tracking after shipment from Germany to Kenya.

We are happy to introduce UK Kenya shipping, an online parcel booking portal for courier services from Germany to Kenya, designed to provide express delivery for your courier to Kenya from Germany. You are just one click away from sending your package from Germany to Kenya.

Cheap courier services

From Germany to Kenya – Free pickup

We offer the cheapest courier service from Germany to Kenya. You can schedule a free collection service to ship a package from Germany to Kenya. Get overnight courier service from Germany to Kenya with the cheapest courier charges.

Can i track my shipment from Germany to kenya? 

 Yes.By use of affordable courier costs from Germany to Kenya

Our UK Kenya shipping express services for timely delivery of parcels from Germany to Kenya. We offer for the tracking shipment that have a national or international logistics network from Germany to Kenya. It is an urgent for the next 2 or 3 delivery service from Germany to Kenya.

How does UK Kenya shipping parcel tracking work at the Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping has many professional teams to handle your parcels; your parcels will be shipped to their destination by air, car or motorbike as soon as possible, depending on the available services of the Kenya . Enter your 10-40 digit tracking code on your UK Kenya shipping proof of postage and click Track to track the progress of your shipment.

How to track the parcels in Kenya  with UK Kenya shipping?

Open the receipt, read and find a long string unique I.D., then enter the UK Kenya shipping tracking number or the tracking code above and click Track. You will get many details on where your parcels are updated in real-time on visibility, location, status, shipping history, regulation, reference and printable versions of proof of delivery.

What is the UK Kenya shipping tracking number?

The tracking number is a unique code from Deutsche Post DHL Kenya Africa courier service to track your parcel’s location, time and status. You can check the tracking number online using on the parcel status.

How to use the UK Kenya shipping tracking number?

Go to the UK Kenya shipping courier service website or a third party such as tracking You can then check the tracking number online, scan it or inspect the contents of your UK Kenya shipping  email or receipt until you see an extended code from a series of numbers.

 Most tracking numbers are between 10 and 40 digits near the barcode, and each number is uniquely generated. Follow the instructions on the receipt, and look for the Follow or Search menu. Enter your tracking number and click Track.

Because UK Kenya shipping sends the parcel status, but I have yet to receive it.

Are there any restrictions on what items I can ship to Kenya from Germany?

If your packages have been dispatched, the item sent from UK Kenya shipping to Kenya has reached the recipient, which means your goods have been taken or someone claims to be you.

are there any restrictions on the item I can ship to Kenya from Germany

Prohibited and restricted items for shipment to Kenya.

It would help if you did more than ship everything with a courier. Not only do some carriers refuse to carry certain items – UK Kenya shipping has a list of prohibited items that we will not take – countries also have lists of things they will not allow through customs. Kenya has its lists of banned or restricted goods, including:

• Currency and counterfeit or counterfeit currency

• Any cosmetic product containing mercury

• White phosphorus matches

• Controlled narcotics

• Pornographic and obscene material

• Used tires for commercial vehicles

• A wide range of dangerous chemicals and substances

Some goods are not prohibited but restricted, which means they can only be imported under specific circumstances. You may also need permits to import controlled goods. These regulated assets include:

• Raw ivory of all descriptions

• Worked or modelled ivory of all kinds.

• Genetically modified foods

• Historical artefacts

Firearm parts or ammunition

• Bows, arrows and shields

Please note that this is not a complete list of prohibited or restricted goods. If you are still determining whether your interests fall into one of these categories or cannot be accepted into Kenya, please see the complete list of prohibited and restricted items.


The exact documents required may vary depending on factors such as the shipping method, delivery destination, and type of goods. However, most packages will require waybills, commercial invoices, packing lists, and certificates of origin.

As these documents provide information about the goods being shipped, they help ensure that packages are delivered on time and to the right addresses. They help courier services determine how to route the package and deliver them in the most efficient manner.


Advantages of sending documents to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping

Online tracking included in the price

Express delivery worldwide within 24-48 hours.

Proof of delivery available upon request


Send documents to Kenya

Follow these guidelines for sending documents to Kenya by post or courier:

1. Take an appropriate envelope and insert the documents inside it.

2. Weigh and measure the bag.

3. Enter your shipping details in our order form and book the service.

4. Ensure someone can deliver the courier to the collection address on the selected date.

5. Track the progress of your envelope with the tracking code.

* Please note that our document service only allows you to submit paper documents. If you wish to ship other items in envelopes, you must select express or standard services.

Are there any import taxes or duty when shipping to kenya from Germany?

There are import taxes or duties on shipping to kenya from Germany.Taxes are an essential part of international shipping, but they can be confusing

How do import duties and taxes affect your shipment?

Duties and taxes can significantly impact the total cost of shipping, so it’s essential to understand how authorities calculate them and who is responsible for paying them. It can save you and your recipient time and effort.But uk kenya shipping are responsible of the taxes and duties of your shipment.

Duties and taxes are imposed to protect national income and protect local industry. Almost all the shipments crossing international borders are subject to import duties and taxes, which customs officials based on information on the commercial invoice and other pertinent documents.

Payment to the authorities must be made before customs clear shipments. Customs charges are based on the following:

• Product Value.

• Trade Agreements (if applicable)

• Country of Production.

• Description and final use of the product.

• The Harmonized System (H.S.) code of the product

• Country-specific regulations


Fragile and valuable shipments.

Valuable and fragile goods may be some of the most essential items you will ever need to ship that require more than special care and attention.

Is my shipment fragile or high value?

Here’s how we define fragile and high-value goods:

 What is considered vulnerable?

If your shipment could break easily, chances are it will. But more common everyday items can be more complicated than you think.

 Works of art and antiques are a clear example of this. But musical instruments and electrical equipment with screens are also classified as fragile goods.

What is considered high value?

Individual shipments with high monetary value, such as luxury items and specialized industrial equipment, often require customized shipping solutions to ensure peace of mind.If you ship goods valued, you must contact us before shipping.

Are there any size or weight limitations for packages shipping to kenya for Germany?

The weight limit for a UK Kenya shipping package is 70 pounds. Also, there are some things you can’t send at all (prohibited), and others you can only send under certain conditions (restricted). Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) may be prohibited or restricted.

Check the dimensions and the weight of the shipment.
Measuring is easy.

How to correctly measure a parcel?

Box with dimensions
Determine the length, width and height
The longest side of your parcel is your height.
To round off
Rounds to the nearest whole number when measuring. For example, 1 to 1.49 is considered 1 and 1.5 to 1.99 is regarded as 2.
Prepare your measurements
You will need this when creating your shipment.

Height and weight restrictions
Packages can weigh up to 150 lbs.
Bundles can be up to 108 inches long.
Your specific shipment may have different packing dimensions and weight limits.
Packages over specific size and weight combinations may require a UK Kenya shipping been freight forwarding services.
Find out how to avoid measurement correction costs.


Shipping to and from Kenya

Your complete guide to shipping to Kenya and from Germany. Find the correct route, get Maersk office locations, discover local solutions, payment options and more.

We have been connecting Kenyan businesses to key global markets.Whether you’re moving standard, refrigerated or oversized cargo, we as UK Kenya shipping have the local experience and global network to get them to their destination on time, wherever you are.

With offices in Nairobi and Mombasa, we as UK Kenya shipping provide reliable weekly services connecting you to our extensive maritime fleet. The rest of the world is just a short distance away from there.

Useful information

In our continued effort to offer you an easier and more convenient digital booking experience, we are delighted to introduce our new booking solution at UK Kenya shipping.

You can now have your freight reservation request confirmed in seconds. You will also get more information on sailing options with available space on the vessel, a list of empty container depots to choose from and a choice of relevant value-added services. And now you can book from any device.


Your best forwarder for door-to-door shipping in Kenya

Please use our UK Kenya shipping been a extensive experience and cheap shipping costs for door-to-door shipping in Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping  can help you provide door-to-door delivery services in Kenya from anywhere in Germany  to any location in Kenya. For example, we can send a truck to your supplier’s site to collect your products and deliver them to your front door. After that, the customs in Kenya will be processed.

Schedule for door-to-door shipping between Germany and Kenya, depending on your forwarder’s requirements and timing coordination. We as UK Kenya shiping has a quick deliver your parcel to its destination by preparing the destination ports for the customs procedure.

When you do door-to-door international shipping from Germany to Kenya, we as UK Kenya shiping can guarantee you stress-free delivery.

UK Kenya shiping has extensive knowledge of low-cost door-to-door shipping from Germany to Kenya. A professional market team regularly reviews developments in Kenya’s door-to-door shipping regulations. It allows us to provide you with market-related information.

The customs team can also track customs regulations for door-to-door shipping from Germany to Kenya.If you are interested in UK Kenya shiping door-to-door services, request a quote. From Germany to Kenya, we offer you a very safe shipping service.

Click to get door-to-door shipping costs from Germany to Kenya.

Our UK Kenya shipping services for shipments from Germany to Kenya

Airplane transport

One of our offers is air transport from Germany to Kenya. We as UK Kenya shipping has arranged for the customs clearance and transport your package to its final destination using door-to-door air freight from Germany to Kenya. 

FCL shipping

You can get FCL door-to-door ocean freight service from Germany to Kenya by UK Kenya shipping. It would help if you had a full container for your shipment. The FCL service provides the safest transportation by not sharing containers with other importers.

LCL shipping

You can also get LCL service according to your product size and requirement. Even in LCL shipping, UK Kenya shipping is the professional forwarder to ensure the safety of your products. For door-to-door transportation in Kenya, we handle the shipment to be delivered carefully.

 Express services

UK Kenya shipping has linked contract pricing agreements with carriers such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, USPS, and UPS, among others. It ensures that we have sufficient capacity and can offer reasonable delivery rates.


We have a dedicated customs policy research team for each region and strong ties to local brokers. It facilitates hassle-free door-to-door customs clearance and service in Kenya.


The importance of air cargo warehousing for door-to-door delivery in Kenya cannot be overstated. UK Kenya shipping has built warehouses in Kenya and Germany to provide more cost-effective services. We store and pack your products in our warehouse near the ports.


Cheapest express delivery

You will find the best of both worlds with our UK Kenya shipping Air Express service. It is a fully tracked hybrid service, delivering your parcel in two to three days to cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, and the rest of the country! UK Kenya shipping collects The property from a home or work address if the goods are large, then sorted and shipped via a freight forwarder to Heathrow.

They are then delivered to the recipient by UK Kenya shipping.Now this service is hugely popular as you can book. at the time of writing, and it’s an Air Express service that takes just a 2  to 3 days for DHL take longer, but at half the price! This product lets you ship large or bulky boxes and save even more.

 A heavy 40kg parcel will cost you just been compared to the UK Kenya shipping Express service, which costs over few cost.

Of course, we offer UK Kenya shipping Air Express, and they have global coverage, so we help our customers ship all over Africa. Our discounted rate and delivers within two to 3 days.

UK Kenya shipping is another courier who handles parcels out of the U.K. Their Priority International service, and you can opt for collection from home or work or leave your property at your local Post Office, with a prepaid label printed and attached from our website.


Get a quote for shipping to Germany from the U.K., including furniture, boxes, bags and more prices.If you’re moving to Germany and need to ship belongings or household effects to Germany, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are a British migrant sending in all your belongings or a German expat returning home with only a few bags, UK Kenya shipping takes care of the whole process.

We have been shipping personal property to Kenya from the Germany. for over 40 years, and after organizing and executing shipments worldwide, our priorities have remained strong; to provide customers with exceptional service and affordable shipping to Kenya from the Germany.

As UK Kenya shipping is a member of the exclusive, we have an extensive shipping and delivery network throughout Europe, including Germany. It allows us to offer superior service and lower costs when sending your goods to Kenya.

We designed our international shipping service to make your transition to life in Germany easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping a few parcels or an entire family and car – we’ll fully organize your shipment from the U.K. to Kenya, including customs clearance and assistance with paperwork.


tips for packaging products for delivery
  1. Use high quality cardboard boxes.
  2. Don’t exceed the weight limit of the box, pallet, or crate.
  3. Provide adequate cushioning for the item.
  4. Leave no empty space.
  5. Wrap individual items.
  6. Use proper packing materials.
  7. Seal the package well.
  8. Label the shipment appropriately.


We as UK Kenya shipping are a transport company based in Germany and Kenya. We ship parcels, machinery, electronics and household items, large or small, from Germany and any other E.U. country to Kenya.


How to ship perishable goods by air?

UK Kenya shipping Ship perishable goods by air saves valuable time for short-lived goods and is also a reliable means of transportation. To meet market growth and consumer needs, airlines and shippers have worked together to develop efficient handling techniques and packaging methods to ensure that the delivery of perishable products is always in a safe condition.

Perishable airmail is so standard that more than 80,000 flowers are transported in 24 hours. Every year, air cargo ships over 120,000 tonnes of Kenyan flowers. Additionally, a global survey conducted by UK Kenya shipping ltd indicates that 35% of shoppers will have spent more than 25% of their budget shopping online by 2020. Other perishable air freight includes cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

What is a perishable good?

 Perishables are items that are sensitive to time and temperature. They require to be fast and safe delivery to maintain quality and efficiency. Due to the short shelf life and exceptional storage requirements, shipping perishable goods by air is a preferred mode of transportation.

Each type of perishable commodity has specific shipping requirements. The type of asset it is determines how it should be stored. Some perishable products require lower temperatures to slow down respiration, thus delaying the ripening process and reducing harmful effects on perishable cargo

Meat and seafood must be frozen to prevent harmful microorganisms from infecting the product.

Types of perishable goods

 UK Kenya shipping offer Air transport for the shipping perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, dairy products and flowers continues to increase worldwide, in line with growing consumer demand for healthy and fresh food all year round, regardless of the seasonality.

Given the short shelf life of perishables, air travel is the preferred mode of transport, offering a unique ability to react quickly to changing conditions.

Some of the perishable goods transported by air are:


• Vegetables

• Dried spices and herbs (although most are shipped by sea)

• Flowers, tropical flowers and potted plants

• Cut flowers and florist plants

• Meat and meat products

• Seafood


• Cheese and dairy products

• Egg

• Bakeries and sweets

• Cosmetics

Pharmaceutical products

• Frozen


Dear international couriers

Here is an overview of the major international shipping companies to consider depending on your customers’ needs and location.

1. UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping is a leading international carrier that strikes a delicate balance between fast and cost-effective international shipping services. It is considered one of the best global shipping companies, with an extensive logistics network to take your shipments overnight to hundreds of different countries worldwide.

UK Kenya shipping is the best for

• UK Kenya shipping provide worldwide express delivery of small parcels

• When your shipments are harmful goods that require to be special handling and documentation, UK Kenya shipping is the best company for the shipment.

• Options such as road and rail freight, as well as standard international air and ocean freight.

• Expedited Air Shipping Options

• Deliveries to remote areas

However, UK Kenya shipping ship to Kenya from UK.

2. FedEx

FedEx is one of the largest and most competitive international shipping companies. It can be your carrier when you need to ship between the U.S. and another country.

FedEx is best for:

• Sensitive and vulnerable international shipments

• Air-conditioned shipping services for temperature-sensitive and perishable products

• Faster shipping times, including affordable overnight and two-day international delivery services

• Low-cost, priority shipping options for LTL shipping

• Pallet-level tracking so every pallet in your shipment remains visible

• Unlimited total shipment weight, excluding pallets over 2,200 lbs., requires special approval.

• Customer service

3. DB Schenker

DB Schenker is the largest international company headquartered in Germany and has over 2000 locations worldwide. This global courier company offers land, air, sea and package delivery services, which are excellent options for all your shipping needs in Europe or international freight transport.

DB Schenker is ideal for:

• Parcel services throughout Europe

Less than Load (LTL) shipping services to 720 locations across Europe

• Fastest international ground transportation with fixed delivery options

• Shipping worldwide by sea and by air.

• Cheaper international shipping via Economy Air Freight.

• Seamless tracking of international parcels and fixed transit times

• Shipping solutions for perishable food and beverage products

While DB Shenker is an excellent option for shipping air or ocean freight, there are better options for Less than Load and parcel services outside Europe, and you may need to find another international carrier for these services if your target market is not in Europe.

4. R+L vectors

This company is ideal for full-load transportation (FTL) and LTL, with a fleet of approximately 13,000 semi-trailers. R+L also offers international air and sea transport.

R+L vectors are ideal for:

• High-value or high-risk shipments.

• Shipments that require temperature control

Less than Load shipments between the United States and Mexico.

• Fast international shipping with expedited shipping options like R+L Business Critical Guaranteed , R+L Business Critical Week

5. UPS

UPS shouldn’t be flying under your radar. Not only is this international carrier a household name in the United States for its fantastic domestic services, but it also has an extensive logistics network in over 220 countries and territories worldwide and is versatile enough to handle nearly any type of shipment.

UPS is best for:

• Shipping of live animals

• Transportation of dangerous goods

• Delivery of all packages within five days of receipt

• Overnight and two-day delivery options for emergency services at an additional cost

• Shipments by sea and by air all over the world.

• Express ground transportation for shipments from the United States to Mexico

• Website tools to help you complete customs formalities and schedule shipments

• Advanced monitoring features


Prohibited and restricted items for shipment to Kenya.

You need to do more than ship everything with a courier. Not only do some carriers refuse to carry certain items – UK Kenya shipping has a list of prohibited items that we will not take – countries also have lists of things they will not allow through customs. Kenya has its lists of banned or restricted goods, including:

Currency and counterfeit or counterfeit currency.

Any cosmetic product containing mercury.

Matches of white phosphorus.

Controlled narcotics.

Pornographic and obscene material.

Used tires for commercial vehicles.

A wide range of hazardous materials and chemicals.

Some goods are not prohibited but restricted, which means they can only be imported under specific circumstances. You may also need permits to import controlled goods. These regulated assets include:

Raw ivory of all types
Worked or moulded ivory of all kinds
Genetically modified products
Historical artefacts
Weapon parts or ammunition
Arcs, arrows and screen leaves

Please note that this is not a complete list of prohibited or restricted goods. If you are still determining whether your interests fall into one of these categories or cannot be accepted into Kenya from Germany, please see the complete list of prohibited and restricted items.


Which is Right for Your Cargo?

Make decisions all day, every day. And if you work in logistics, one of those decisions is how you want to transport your goods. Sometimes that decision is easy, but when UK Kenya shipping has shipping needs and tight deadlines collide, the choice can get more challenging.

air freight and sea freight, the two most popular transportation methods across continents, have advantages you should consider before opting for one or the other.

Air transport versus sea transport

Determining the ideal mode of transportation for the cargo requires constant analysis. More than a one-time assessment of your supply chain needs is necessary to keep your supply chain efficient and profitable.

Whichever method you choose, by partnering with a provider that UK Kenya shipping offers a full range of global logistics and technology services, you can ensure that the process you want is available when you need it.

Consider the following when evaluating whether air or ocean freight is the best option to meet your current transportation needs.

 The costs are based on the characteristics of the transport

While it may seem like ocean freight is always cheaper than air freight, understand how each is charged first.

UK Kenya shipping offer Air freight that is charged based on chargeable weight, a measure calculated by combining the weight and dimensions of the shipment. In shipping, the load’s importance is usually not considered. Instead, shipping is charged per container: a flat rate is set for a full standard container (20′ x 40′). Less than container loads (LCL) are charged per cubic foot.

For large and heavy shipments, shipping by sea is often much cheaper. But as shipment sizes decrease, so does the margin between air and sea prices.

But actual shipping costs are just the beginning. It would help if you also calculated inventory costs. Storage costs associated with shipping are usually higher than airport warehousing costs.

Please note that both modes of transport will incur destination and customs fees when shipping internationally.

 The speed varies greatly depending on the mode.

Air transport is significantly faster than sea transport. UK Kenya shiping offers a Sea shipments can sometimes take 6 to 7 weeks to arrive. Air cargo can reach its destination in as little as a day or two. While ships are getting faster and shipping routes are constantly optimized, air travel is still the best speed.

Faster delivery times are fast becoming an expectation in many industries, but before shipping anything directly by air, take the time to plan your shipping strategy strategically. It guarantees long-term efficiency and saves you money.

 Reliability can be achieved in both modes.

UK Kenya shipping has Airlines generally that handle schedule changes better than ocean carriers. Factors such as the weather can disrupt airline schedules much more quickly than sea travel, but flights are often rescheduled and rescheduled promptly and efficiently. Also, there are usually several flights between significant cities daily, while ships generally depart weekly.

It does not necessarily mean air transport is always more reliable than sea transport. When ships are delayed, We as UK Kenya shipping usually need a few days to resume their operations. We make sure your parcel arrives safely.

However, long-term alliances between shipping carriers can ensure the reliability and integrity of the shipping service, making shipping an attractive option even for some time-sensitive cargoes such as perishables, fashion and auto parts.

 The complexity of ocean alliances can affect service.

While alliances between carriers offer more excellent reliability, these same alliances can lead to complications. For example, if three shippers work together, one week you’ll receive a shipment from one Shipper and another week the same ship but a different shipper. Each carrier has its own rules regarding what goods are allowed.

So even if you ship the same product on the same boat every week, your product may be refused because the rules have changed if another shipper is in charge.

 Do you opt for air or sea transport?

Usually, delivery speed is the main reason for choosing air shipping.UK Kenya shipping do the Cargo transportation by air allows for a shorter schedule than ocean service. It is instrumental when shipping short-lived items. However, the price of faster service is often higher than the shipping costs. Determining what makes sense for your shipping strategy is up to you.

So which one to choose? Evaluate when your goods should arrive, your budget, and how each mode of transportation will impact your crucial business needs.

If your shipments have a problematic and approaching arrival deadline and your budget allows, ship by air. If you have more flexibility on the arrival date or want to save money, please ship by sea.


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Packaging instructions

Regulations require that the packaging of any hazardous material be sufficient to ensure that the material remains contained during its transport cycle.

UK Kenya shiping we do not Pack hazardous materials for air transport is generally more restrictive than for land transport. For ground or air shipments, UK Kenya shiping has unique package handling system also allows UK Kenya shipping to require a higher level of package security than DOT or IATA.

In addition to DOT or IATA requirements, all packages sent to UK Kenya shipping for shipment must be capable of meeting International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 3A Procedural Testing Protocol requirements.

In most cases, hazardous substances must be packaged in “performance packaging”. It consists of inner vessels, cushioning and absorbent materials, and outer packaging designed, manufactured, tested, and certified to contain specific hazardous materials and packing groups.

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