What is the procedure for sea shipment?


Shipping rates and times from the UK to Kenya.

How it works and what I ship by sea from the UK:
• Let’s say you have a cosmetic company that wants to do business with only genuine American products – ship them by sea

• Let’s say you have a toy store that sells only high-quality toys: ship them by sea
• Let’s say you’re the type who likes products, kitchen utensils, decorations, etc., from the USA – ship them by sea

• Let’s say you’re building a house or business, and you want American furniture: ship it by sea
• Maybe you have other ideas for heavy items you want to get from the UK? Send them across the ocean

With sea shipping from the UK to Kenya, you can ship anything you want by sea, especially for business or personal use.

UK Kenya Shipping offers ship USA to Kenya.

When do we ship ocean freight from the UK to Kenya?
We aim to ship all ocean freight from the UK to Kenya every last Friday of the month. All shipments must be received before the third week to ship the same month.

In some cases, we can ship 2-3days, depending on the state of the container. If we can’t fill the container fast enough, we can add container fillers that we ship to Kenya for a pittance.
We provide such container fillers to avoid delays and ensure we exceed the promised delivery time.

How to label my ocean freight?
All shipping must have the consignee’s name in Kenya. You must also indicate that these shipments are for ocean freight. Otherwise, they could be mistaken for air freight.
UK Kenya Shipping ships pallet Kenya.

Do you offer total container shipping from the UK to Kenya?
We quote full containers, assuming the shipment is in our warehouse in Nairobi.
Ocean freight rates change every two weeks.

This includes transportation from UK to the Port of Kenya and export documentation. This cost price does not have storage and loading costs.
UK Kenya Shipping is  the best shipping company from China to Kenya.

Do you offer compensation in Kenya?
The cargo value determines Customs clearance charges and can only be quoted with a complete manifest and the discount of the goods.

Once we receive your complete manifest, we can generate a one-time quote for your door-to-door, warehouse-to-warehouse or warehouse-to-port shipment.
UK Kenya Shipping is the best Kenya shipping.

Do you offer a sea freight collection service?
We will soon begin taking cargo by sea from other states and cities.
Reserve the next container.

Non-UK Residents. Here are your options
These two options below are for our customers in Kenya or other countries outside the UK.

Shipping option only
Purchase your favorite products online and ship or drop off your shipment at our warehouse in Kenya and UK.

99% of our customers do this, saving time and money.
Ensure your packages are addressed as instructed, and remember to indicate that your shipment is for ocean freight.

UK Kenya Shipping explains more about lcl shipping meaning.

Only with shipping option:
• Shop online and send your shipments directly to our warehouse.
• You can ask friends and family in the UK to pack for you and then send the shipment to our warehouse.

• You have the freedom to shop at any time; we take care of the logistics and delivery in Kenya.

Guided purchase:
• We have a supported purchase option to purchase and ship on your behalf.
• send us the links for all the products you need to purchase, and we’ll quote you.

• The purchase costs of the items must be paid in advance, and the shipping costs at the time of collection/delivery.
• This option is only available to Kenyans living in Kenya.

The best shipping company from UK to Kenya.
Steps to save time and money for shipping products from China to Kenya
It can be challenging to ship goods from UK to Kenya. This could be more pleasant for most people as most shippers in Kenya don’t care about their reputation and often keep the shipping costs secret until the last minute.

Choosing the right sender for you can be challenging because there are many things to consider.

How much does it cost? Is it faster? What services does the company offer? Will it arrive as promised? You should know all this information before choosing a freight and shipping company.

If you want to ship goods from UK to Kenya and at the same time save your money and time, there are a few steps you need to follow.
UK Kenya Shipping offers shipping to Kenya from Amazon.

And the steps are described below:
Step 1: Choose the right broker
First, select a genuine agency to purchase your products from.
Secondly, ensure the merchant sells high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Step 2: Contact a freight forwarder
To ship products from UK to Kenya, look for the best shipper, like UK Kenya Shipping. The forwarder must meet your needs. Arrange your shipment with them and make sure everything is recorded in writing.

The leading forwarder shipping to Kenya from UK is UK Kenya Shipping. UK Kenya Shipping is a reliable logistics company providing shipping services from UK to Kenya. We know the customs clearance policy of UK and Kenya.

Step 3: Proper packing
Pack your things properly, in the right shape and size.
Leave no extra space inside when packing.

Step 4: Do the paperwork
You must complete all required documents for shipping from UK to Kenya.
The following documents are required:
– Detailed information about the package.

– Data importer.
– Contract document between importers of goods and exporters.
Commercial invoice

– Import permit
Certificate of origin
Air Waybill, etc.

Step 5: Receive the parcel
The shipping method determines when you receive the package.
If your shipment arrives in Kenya via air freight from UK, you must collect it at the airport.

You must go to the port if your package comes to Kenya by sea from UK. However, avoiding visiting a port or airport with UK Kenya Shipping would be best.

UK Kenya Shipping provides excellent air freight services from UK to Kenya and other East African cities, including door-to-airport, airport-to-airport and door-to-door shipments for parcels within one specific reception and delivery schedule. , all at competitive prices.

UK Kenya Shipping tells more about lcl shipping mean.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK
What do you want to learn?
How UK Kenya Shipping ships to Kenya
Sometimes the products you wish to purchase are unavailable in local Kenyan shops. So you’re looking for ways to import it from countries like the UK. Foreign retailers also want to respond to this trend.

Luckily, as the world becomes more e-commerce friendly, overseas orders can be delivered cheaply to Kenya within days.

This guide provides information on how to send a package from the UK to Kenya and advice on how e-commerce brands can better plan their international shipping logistics with UK Kenya Shipping.

Costs and delivery times for shipping to Kenya from the UK
Retailers or individuals are more aware of delivery times and charges when they look for ways to deliver goods to Kenya.

To help you decide which company offers the best price, here’s a rundown of the most popular services available:

UK Kenya Shipping’s exact rates for customers vary as we charge a “full fulfilment fee”, which includes, among other things, picking, packing and shipping.

If you want to know what UK Kenya Shipping offers for shipping to other countries, such as Kenya, please request a quote here.

How to choose a courier?
Every e-commerce business has unique shipping needs. Some promise next-day delivery, while others prefer environmentally friendly shipping practices. Some companies also want to keep implementation costs low and pass the savings on to their customers.
UK Kenya Shipping deals with shipping to Kenya.

So there needs to be an option to choose a carrier.
To make this screening process a little easier, here are the pros and cons of the top four vectors:

Shipping to Kenya from the UK with UK Kenya Shipping
This is the confidence the carrier inspires for domestic and international shipments. Although the cheapest page, UK Kenya Shipping still needs advanced order tracking for international shipments.

But regardless of the weight or size of the package, UK Kenya Shipping offers the best rates to ship orders to Kenya.

UK Kenya Shipping offers traditional form of transport.

When to use UK Kenya Shipping to ship to Kenya from the UK
If you want to reduce your shipping costs, UK Kenya Shipping offers some of the cheapest rates in the industry. You can use the fixed shipping option when sending heavy cargo to Kenya.
What’s great about this carrier is that they do not charge extra fees or surcharges.

UK Kenya Shipping also offers ship from USA to Kenya.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK with UPS
United Postal Service (UPS) is considered one of the largest carriers in the world.

When should you use UPS to ship to Kenya from the UK?
This Atlanta-based courier is ideal for retailers who want accurate last-mile tracking and reliable delivery of orders. In particular, it has a significant presence in the UK. On the other hand, it charges much higher shipping costs than other established players.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK with FedEx
FedEx offers a significant presence in the UK. Kenya is also one of the 220 countries it ships to internationally.

They are known as one of the first couriers to offer next-day delivery options.
FedEx offers cost-effective options, such as the International Shipping Assist tool, that streamline the regular shipping needs of businesses.

When should you use FedEx to ship to Kenya from the UK?
If you need to ship bulk orders to Kenya, you can enjoy discounts with FedEx’s bulk shipping option. Also, enjoy customer service and accurate shipment tracking with this carrier.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK with DHL
DHL is an international transport company based in Germany. It is a highly reliable carrier committed to reducing CO2 emissions from its shipping activities.

When should you use DHL to ship to Kenya from the UK?
Enjoy super-fast and reliable international order processing, shipping insurance, and door-to-door parcel delivery with DHL.

However, DHL’s on-time shipping services are often significantly more expensive than the competition.

ship from Amazon to Kenya with UK Kenya Shipping is cheap and affordable.

Duties and taxes for shipping to Kenya from the UK
All imported goods are subject to 16% VAT. You must also pay between 0% and 25% import duty.
Here are some of the category-specific excise rates you should be aware of:
Customs data Kenya

You need a customs broker to clear the goods at the border on your behalf at the Customs and Border Control Service (CBCD).

There are many customs clearance documents, such as the bill of lading, import declaration form, proforma invoice and an ISM (if applicable), that you should have on hand to ensure your imports are not held up in customs.

Items prohibited for shipment to Kenya
Kenya lists goods that cannot be imported into the country. The reason for these restrictions can range from national security and protection, protectionist measures, to trade embargoes.

Please review this list before shipping your orders to avoid costly delays, returns, or fines.
What e-commerce businesses need to know about shipping to Kenya
UK Kenya Shipping also offers sea freight.

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when shipping from the UK to Kenya.
1. Take steps to fight online fraud and build trust with buyers
Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) receives many reports of online fraud, making people in the country wary of e-commerce transactions.

To reduce their mistrust, build a highly encrypted and secure website, process payments through reputable payment partners, and keep buyer information private.

2. Offer multiple payment methods
Customers opt for cash on delivery less than usual, but it still maintains the position of Kenya’s most popular e-commerce payment method.

Meanwhile, e-wallets, bank transfers and direct debits have increased. To streamline the checkout process, ensure you offer all these options (along with card payments) to Kenyan customers on your e-commerce portal.

3. Leverage social media to attract customers
About 20.2% of the Kenyan population is on social media.
Building a robust, engaging and local presence on social networks is essential to capture this population’s interest.

4. Use 3PL UK Kenya Shipping services
As well as managing product, marketing and sales, you ensure orders get to your customers in Kenya on time. It’s a lot of work.

Fortunately, 3PL companies like UK Kenya Shipping can work with you to manage your order fulfilment workflow from start to finish.

Work with UK Kenya Shipping, an international 3PL
Shipping from the UK to Kenya allows you to reach global customers with substantial brand experience.

Selling internationally can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. But with shipping from the UK to Kenya, you have everything you need to serve customers worldwide and save time on logistics.

Not only do we pick, pack and ship your orders in Kenya, but we also provide an upfront handling fee which includes additional duties, taxes and duties.

By partnering with UK Kenya Shipping, you eliminate the need to manage retail order fulfilment, logistics operations and workforce recruitment.

Working with UK Kenya Shipping can turn your logistics and warehousing into an income source, Start with shipping to Kenya in the UK.
UK Kenya Shipping offers pallets for sale Nairobi.

Request a quote
Enter your details below, and we’ll contact you to learn more about your business.

Shipping to Kenya FAQ
Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about shipping from the UK to Kenya.

What is the cheapest way to ship large parcels from the UK to Kenya?
Large and heavy orders are shipped inexpensively from the UK to Kenya using UK flat-rate shipping services. This ensures that regardless of the weight of the order, the shipping rate remains the same for packages of a specific size.

What is the fastest way to send a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya?
UK Kenya Shipping guarantees that your goods will arrive in Kenya within 1-3 working days.

Do I have to pay customs duties and surcharges for shipping to Kenya from the UK?
Goods imported into Kenya are subject to 16% VAT and an import duty between 0% and 25%.

What is the easiest way to ship something from the UK to Kenya?
Regarding parcel delivery, shipping from the UK to Kenya is the most cost-effective courier. And in terms of reliable tracking and customer service, UPS and FedEx are your best options.

Shipping insurance: definition, types and cost
When you ship something of value, you want it to arrive safely and on time. As a merchant or e-commerce company, successfully sending products can be the difference between good and best practices.

The continued increase in online shopping highlights the importance of ensuring parcels. As a business owner, especially if you’re shipping products like alcohol, which typically have plus shipping restrictions.

UK Kenya Shipping also deals with shipping to Australia from UK. 

With so many things that can go wrong in shipping, it’s always a good (and profitable) idea to take action and insure a package.

Shipping with insurance may seem complicated or overwhelming to some, but once you get the hang of it, it can make or break your efforts to keep customers happy.

If you want to learn more about insuring a package for shipping, read on. We cover:
• What is shipping insurance?
• What does shipping insurance cover?

• How much does shipping insurance cost?
• Third-party shipping insurance
UK Kenya Shipping has LCL.

What is Shipping Insurance?
Put, shipping insurance is the protective measure to protect products for shipping. Parcel insurance can protect goods against various unfortunate circumstances, including theft, damage, misuse, etc.

Shipping insurance assumes financial responsibility for the goods until they arrive at the named shipping location. Especially for exporters, the many steps in the shipping process can lead to complications during delivery.

Having a safety net for these conditions is priceless. Instead of losing shipping costs on misdelivered goods, which could cost revenue, insuring a package means exporters can trust a shipper to take financial responsibility.

UK Kenya Shipping also deals with pallet2ship com.

Benefits of Shipping Insurance
Shipping insurance has many benefits, but these four make insuring a package worth the extra cost.

1. Save money in the long run – Yes, you pay to insure parcels, but it can save you money in the long run. Shipping insurance prevents additional costs associated with loss and damage to packages and products.

2. Better Customer Satisfaction – Customer satisfaction is a top priority for all business owners.
3. You want to grow – and that means more risk – Almost every business wants to grow, but if you sell – and ship – more, it also means more chance of something going wrong. Have peace of mind as you grow your brand knowing you’re covered if an accidental crash occurs.

4. Worry about the essential things – You are a very busy entrepreneur, and if you are like most people, you often feel you need more time.

Give yourself the luxury of having time to work on big projects by insuring packages before shipping. When you’re not worrying about the shipping process or getting products to your customers, you free up your time, energy, and resources to focus on the matters.

using UK Kenya Shipping you will get to know the advantages of rail transportation.

What does shipping insurance cover?
With more online sales, higher shipping costs come with insurance options that e-commerce and online sellers can use to their advantage.

Situations covered by insured shipping vary greatly depending on the shipping insurance you choose and the shipping company providing the services.

Package insurance typically covers incidents beyond the seller’s control, such as late deliveries, damage to merchandise, or shipping errors before delivery.

UPS Shipping Insurance
United Parcel Service (UPS) is a common and reliable choice for those purchasing shipping insurance. UPS provides insurance through its subsidiary, UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc.

UPS Capital coordinates insurance data to ensure customers receive excellent policies based on their current shipping needs. In addition to insurance options, UPS also offers customers the ability to declare the value of an item, with some amount of coverage already provided (but not necessarily including additional insurance).

UPS can be picky about using their designated insurance company to ensure goods are shipped correctly, but they also have some coverage limitations that should be noted.
• Wrong packing
• Checks

• Data stored on media
• Perishable products
• Natural disasters

• Action of God
• And more

UK Kenya Shipping is the best shipping company from china to Kenya.

FedEx Shipping Insurance
Like its competitors, FedEx offers customers the option to purchase package insurance on items to ensure packages arrive safely and on time. Each box comes with $100 automatic coverage.

You can easily buy additional coverage in person or online if the package’s declared value is more.
FedEx is also careful about how you value items. They also have upper-value limits for certain goods, such as items of extraordinary value or difficult to determine. These items can be works of art, antiques/collectables, precious metals, etc.

While this doesn’t mean they won’t get parcel insurance, it could mean that the total value of an item could be lost if there is a delivery problem.

UK Kenya Shipping also offers USA to Kenya shipping.

DHL shipping insurance
DHL is another reputable carrier that offers comprehensive package insurance. Traders who ship with DHL can rest assured that their delivery will go smoothly.

Physical loss and damage in transit through DHL Shipment Value Protection and DHL Security Services. Dedicated security services are available to ensure customers’ assets are protected throughout the delivery process and supply chain

DHL also enjoys a high customer satisfaction score, with most customers being compensated for problems within 30 days.

If the value of your item is less than $100, DHL will not automatically assume any free liability. To ensure any level of returns takes place, you must purchase insured shipping at an additional cost.

DHL also does not cover items that are lost or damaged indirectly or lost or damaged due to delays. Like UK Kenya Shipping can be a good option if you want to ship to a specific international location, but keep in mind that they don’t guarantee fast delivery.

How much does shipping insurance cost?
Shipping insurance costs vary widely depending on the type of package being shipped, the frequency of shipments, and the value of the shipment. UK Kenya Shipping is the sole exception due to the nature of international shipping and the factors involved in customs clearance.

Third-party shipping insurance
While we’ve mentioned the major carriers that offer insured shipping, we also say the tremendous third-party shipping insurance options available. Every business is different, with a third-party vendor best handling individual shipping needs.

There are many benefits to choosing third-party shipping insurance, including the ability to insure items with all major carriers and send unknown pages for approval. UK Kenya Shipping is the best shipping company in Kenya.

So you must understand your options before deciding which one to use when shipping with insurance. Some of the more popular third-party shipping insurance companies include:

• Route: The worst part of shipping complications is not knowing where the package is in the shipping process. This is where Route comes in and helps your shipping services thrive. Route’s insurance policy and contract provide a modern tracking experience that gives peace of mind to both the seller and the consumer.

• Shipsurance: Offering competitive insurance rates often 90% lower than competing carriers, Shipsurance aims to become a business partner rather than just an insurance company.

Which saves them money and offers lower insurance rates. They drop off the declared value at the door and secure a parcel by employing a collective team of experienced shippers to ensure items.

• eCabrella: This shipping company offers an alternative option by offering package insurance with competitive rates and customized package insurance plans that complement your company’s specific shipping process.

Let UK Kenya Shipping help you with your shipping needs!
Managing insured shipments can be complex, with numerous delivery and shipping factors to consider when choosing delivery best practices and shipping with insurance.

Ensuring customers receive their expected orders is critical to the company’s growth and prosperity. If you insure these items, you can reduce your sunk costs.
UK Kenya Shipping has a clearance fee for parcel from UK to Kenya.

UK Kenya Shipping is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) company covering the entire inventory and shipping management scope. Our comprehensive fulfilment services allow business owners to focus on delivering products.

Request a customized price for shipping from the UK to Kenya today, or contact us to find out how we can innovate and simplify insured shipping for your business!

Shipping Documents: Essential Import and Export Documents.
Shipping is one of the most essential yet complicated aspects of online business. Not only do you need to consider the cost and logistics of shipping orders to your customers, but you also need to ensure the correct documentation accompanies those orders.

Otherwise, you could face severe delays or even the dreaded “Parcel Stuck in Customs” notification for international shipments.

The best way to avoid significant shipping problems is to ensure your packages contain all the necessary documentation. UK Kenya Shipping offers shipping from south Africa to Kenya

What documents do you need to submit?
The 11 most common shipping mistakes
Avoid disappointing customers and high shipping costs

What are shipping documents?
Shipping documents are needed to transport an item from one place to another. They consist of applicable records, forms, and certificates that provide information about the shipped item.

The documents required may vary depending on factors such as shipping method, delivery destination and type of goods. However, most parcels require waybills, commercial invoices, packing lists and certificates of origin.

These documents provide information about the goods being shipped, so they help ensure that packages are delivered on time and to the correct addresses. They help couriers determine how to route the packet and dispatch it most efficiently.

These documents are also required for international shipments to ensure the package complies with the import regulations of the countries it passes through. Ensuring that all necessary documents have the correct information simplifies the customs clearance process and enables fast international deliveries.

Parcel delivery charges in Kenya with  UK Kenya Shipping is cheap.

Ten essential international shipping documents
For international shipments, the laws and regulations of different countries may differ. Likewise, the documents required for import or export may vary.

1. Proforma Invoice
A proforma invoice is an estimated or draft invoice sent to potential international customers. It’s like a quote you send before the actual purchase. It allows them to arrange finances and necessary documentation, such as import permits.

The following information must be included in a proforma invoice:
• Buyer and seller information
• A detailed description of the items

• Item value
• Harmonized System (HS) codes for articles
• Methods of payment and payment of invoices
• Information about shipping

2. Commercial invoice
The commercial invoice is the sale that must accompany all international shipments. It may look similar to a proforma invoice but may contain additional details such as your order number and purchase order number.

Commercial invoices are similar to standard invoices but must contain additional details to facilitate customs clearance. This includes details such as:

• Detailed buyer and seller information
• Shipper information

• Bank and payment details
• Navigation line

• Product Description
• Amount

• Country of birth
HS code
• Item value

• Total weight
• Shipping conditions

3. Export packing list
An export packing slip contains a detailed list of all the goods that make up a shipment and essential details about each item.

This document can be used to issue other vital records, such as bills of lading and letter of credit. The packing list is essential for shipment to customs clearance for international shipments. It can also be used in a dispute between the sender and the carrier.

The export packing slip contains essential information such as:
• Order date, delivery address and contact details
• Detailed list of shipped items

• Detailed list of out-of-stock items
• Quantity of each item
• SKU or UPC numbers

• Purchase Order Number or Receipt Number
• Measurements and weights

• Type of package
• Security measures

4. Certificates of origin
Most international shipments need a certificate of origin to declare the source of the items. They must be provided following the rules and regulations of the shipping country and certified by the importing country’s consulate or chamber of commerce.

Root certificates must contain the following information:
• Sender’s name and address
• Buyer’s name and address

• Exporter
• Country of Production
• Number of packages

• Date of export
• Product Description

• Quantity/unit of measure
• Learn
• Signature of authorized personnel

5. Certificate of Free Sale
This document, also known as an export certificate, proves that the shipped item is legally sold or distributed on the free market and is not subject to any restrictions in the country of origin.

A free sale certificate indicates that the relevant regulatory authorities have approved the item and is eligible for export.

This document is generally required for certain products, such as cosmetics, food products, medical devices and biological products.

6. Sender’s instruction letter
This document contains specific instructions for successfully transporting international shipments. This document is usually provided to shippers and includes details such as:

• Name and contact details of the shipper/exporter
• Shipper’s name and contact details
• Details of shipped items

Weight and dimensions of the article
• Type of package
• Special handling requirements

• Export restrictions (if applicable)
• Type of load
• Insurance information

• Documents included with the shipment
• Special instructions to the carrier or shipper

7. Inside the BOL
A bill of lading is of carriage given to the sea carrier rather than the buyer for the carriage of goods by road, rail or water. Indicates where the goods are transported and serves as proof that the goods have been collected. The inside of the bill of lading may contain details such as:

• Product Description
• Item value
• Country of birth

• Destination
• Transport conditions

8. Bill of lading
this document is required for shipments in international waters. The bill of lading may include details such as:
• Product Description
• Number of articles

Commercial value of the shipment
• Destination

• Route instructions
• Type of package

9. Air Waybill
This is a contract for the carriage of goods shipped by air, indicating an agreement between the seller and the carrier. It is non-negotiable and acts as a bill of lading for the airline once the cargo arrives at the destination airport.

An air waybill usually contains the following information:
• Sender’s name, address and account number
• Recipient’s name, address and account number

Air waybill number
• Departure airport

• Destination airport
• Flight date

• Declared value
• Part details
• Fees payable to agent/carrier

10. Letter of credit
It is a popular payment method for international transactions. It is formal and binding, making it irrevocable by default. It is a promise to pay the seller from the bank on the importer’s or seller’s behalf.

Three most common national shipping documents
Domestic shipping is slightly less complicated than international shipping. In general, you will need the following three shipping documents.

1. Bill of lading
A bill of lading, or BOL, is a contract of carriage between the shipping company or carrier and the company that ships the package. It helps confirm receipt of the goods to be shipped and must be signed by an authorized representative on the carrier’s side.

Typically, a BOL should contain the following details:
• Where is he from
• Destination

Bill of lading
• Contact details of carrier/carrier
Mode of transport

• Description of the goods shipped
• Shipping conditions

2. Packing list
A packing slip or packing slip contains a detailed list of all goods belonging to a shipment. This is to ensure everything is in the load, confirm all items have been received, and identify any damaged items.

Contains details such as:
• Order date, delivery address and contact details
• Detailed list of shipped items

• Detailed list of out-of-stock items
• Quantity of each item

• SKU or UPC numbers
• Purchase Order Number or Receipt Number

3. Commercial invoice
A commercial invoice serves as proof of purchase and contains all the sales transaction details between the seller and the customer. It will include details such as:

• Account number
• Item description and quantity

• Item value
• Product weight
Shipping conditions

Two crucial shipping documents for heavy or hazardous materials
Transporting fatty or dangerous substances is another story, so you must also submit additional shipping documents on top of the above.

1. Dangerous goods form
This is a statement that the seller has packed, labelled and declared the shipment under applicable regulations. It will contain details such as:
• Sender’s name and address

Air waybill number
• Reference number of the sender
• Page of pages

• Addressed contact
• Departure airport
• Destination airport

• Type of shipment
• Nature and quantity of dangerous goods, including a proper designation for shipment, class or division, amount and type of packaging, authorization
• Learn more about treatment

2. Emergency response information
This document specifies the measures to be taken in an emergency regarding the dangerous goods being transported.
• Risk of fire or explosion

• Immediate precautions in the event of an accident or accident
• Immediate procedure for fire control

• Procedure for handling spills and leaks
• Recommendations for preliminary first aid measures

How UK Kenya Shipping helps businesses with shipping documents
When you choose UK Kenya Shipping’s fulfilment service, the team takes care of your entire fulfilment process.

You can send your stock to UK Kenya Shipping, where it will be stored until an order arrives. The fulfilment team picks and packs the orders and prepares them for shipment, meaning all the necessary shipping documents are in place.

UK Kenya Shipping’s global distribution network and stock availability in countries close to your end customer.

UK Kenya Shipping can even help you manage the domestic shipment of dangerous goods.
If you’re ready to get started with UK Kenya Shipping, contact our team for a quote.

Shipping Documents FAQ
What document is required for each shipment?
Each shipment requires a commercial invoice, packing list and bill of lading (BOL).

What documents are required to ship internationally?
International shipments generally require a commercial invoice, free sales invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin, and export packing list.

What is the difference between a waybill and a waybill?
A bill of lading (BOL) and waybill contain nearly the same information about a shipment. The main difference is that a bill of lading is contractually binding, and a waybill is not.

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