How to send pet supplies food,toys,and grooming products To Kenya from The UK

Learn how to send pet supplies, food, toys, and grooming products from the UK to Kenya with ease. Discover the best shipping methods, necessary documentation, and customs compliance for hassle-free delivery of your pet essentials.

What are the regulations for sending pet food to Kenya from the UK?

To export animal feed and pet food made from products of animal origin (POAO), you need an Export Health Certificate (EHC).

If you export to third countries, you may also need a free sale certificate. The food authority of the country you are exporting to will tell you if you need it.

You must follow different rules if you export animal feed or pet food containing animal by-products (ABP).

How do I calculate shipping costs for pet supplies to Kenya?

This is pretty simple: the larger the package, the more shipping costs. Most carriers use a pricing method called dimensional weight to calculate their quoted rates. This method calculates the package’s weight by multiplying its length, height, and width.

A standard divider is then used to divide the figure above. Almost all companies, such as UK Kenya shipping Ltd, FedEx, UPS, and DHL, will allow you a quote based on the greater of the two: the package’s dimensional weight or actual weight.

Are there any banned pet products in Kenya?

     Xylitol sweetener

Xylitol is a mannered sweetener in many sugar-free commodity products such as chewing gum and candy. It is dangerous to dogs because it can cause them to set free of insulin, which can lead to liver failure, captures, and brain harm in your pet.

Chocolate and coffee

Although this is known to everyone, remember that chocolate (due to the high sugar content) and coffee (due to caffeine) harm dogs and their health. However, these foods are banned because of methylxanthines, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and wheezing.

Onions, garlic and chives

 Regardless of their form (dried, raw, cooked, powdered, or in other foods), onions are one of the most common toxic dog foods found in every home. The disulfides and sulfoxides in these foods can cause anemia and damage red blood cells.

Raw or undercooked meat, eggs, and bones

Raw meat and eggs often contain bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli, which can harm animals and humans. So remember to cook these foods a little if you want to give them to your dog.

Furthermore, raw bones can be hazardous for pets because they can suffocate, and if the bones break,

What documentation is required to send pet toys to Kenya?

Many dog and cat products, such as toys and bowls, are imported from China, making them eligible to meet additional regulatory requirements. All products from China must be clearly and permanently labeled “made in China” on the product to be sold in the United States.

Additionally, all imported plastic products, such as lead, chlorine, mercury, and arsenic, must be inspected to ensure they are toxins-free, which can harm pets and their owners.

How long does shipping pet care products from the U.K. to Kenya take to ship?

It depends on where you are. Orders processed here take 5-7 business days to arrive. Deliveries abroad may take 7-16 days. Delivery details can be found in your confirmation email.

Can I send prescription pet food to Kenya?

Many prescription medications are only effective for specific problems and can be harmful to your pet if used without a veterinary visit or diagnosis.

When you receive a prescription for a drug for your pet, your veterinarian has decided that the drug is recommended or necessary to treat your pet’s health problem. The fact that these medications are available by prescription only ensures that they are used appropriately.

What are the customs duties for importing pet supplies into Kenya?

General import requirements

Pet commodity importers have the potential to make significant profits from their imports, provided the import process is smooth and hassle-free. However, many people new to importing make mistakes, resulting in their shipments being held, rejected, or even destroyed.

HTSUS code

One of the most essential things to know about importing is that each product type has a specific code that identifies it for tax purposes. Each code, printed in the harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS), is a ten-digit number assigned to goods based on their name, use, and material.

If you want to import pet supplies, you may enter a bigger market than you think. It’s no secret that Americans love their pets like family, but did you know that they expend more on their beloved dogs and cats every year?

Over the years, people have become increasingly willing to spend more money on quality products to ensure a longer and healthier life for their pets. Wholesale importing high-quality pet supplies can make you a lot of money, but there are several essential regulations to remember when importing into the United States.

This number must be correct. If the HTSA code on your shipment differs from the product inside, your shipment may be severely delayed. You may also have to pay additional fees if you mislabel your shipment and disrupt the flow of goods through your U.S. port of entry.

Go ahead and purchase a customs bond today

Commercial invoice

The commercial invoice is another essential document for imports, which guarantees that the importer has paid the supplier for the imported goods and serves as a receipt for customs to prove the sale. The sender and recipient’s names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other identifying information are also listed.

Customs bond

You will need a customs bond if your import is valued or is subject to other federal regulations. If you are considering importing pet supplies, you need to know which imports fall into this category.

Some pet supplies, such as food, aquarium plants, wooden toys, and many others, have additional requirements and always require a customs bond, regardless of the size or value of the item.

How do I package fragile pet toys for international shipping?

International shipping of fragile items is simple but can be scary initially. Each delicate item requires a different packaging method. These four tips will help you pack almost anything safely.

Here is a list of the best materials for packing fragile items:

• Sturdy cardboard or wooden box

• Wide packing tape

• Foam plate

• Kraft paper

• Cardboard

Inflatable bags for packaging

• Bubble wrap

• Packaging of peanuts

Are there any specific carriers that specialize in shipping pet products to Kenya?

Freight transporting animal products is a reliable and convenient way to transport various items necessary for animal care, housing, and treatment. It offers numerous benefits, such as expertise in handling sensitive goods, flexible delivery options, and tracking capabilities.

If you’re in the pet industry, using freight services can ensure your pet-related equipment’s safe and efficient delivery.

We believe UK Kenya shipping Ltd  is the ideal company for transporting animal products. We understand the unique requirements and considerations involved in transporting products and ensure the safety and well-being of the items shipped.

We are pledged to customer satisfaction, and whether it is cages, feeders, grooming supplies, or other essential items, UK Kenya shipping Ltd provides the expertise and support needed to ensure the smooth and safe transportation of animal products.

How do I ensure my pet products clear Kenyan customs without delay?

Collect all documents

This can include:

Bill of Lading (B.L. or BoL) – the receipt lists all the goods included in the shipment. It provides details on the quantity and type of goods shipped, as well as the destination. The courier delivers the BoL to the recipient.

Commercial Invoice (CI) – the B.C. records the goods sold and the amount due. The legal document is concluded between the customer and the supplier and is one of the most important documents used in customs clearance.

Packing list – a packing list is used by customs to indicate weight, quantity, number of boxes, and dimensions.

 Look for the courier’s arrival notice.

• The arrival message is sent to the recipient and issued by the carrier or forwarder. An arrival notification informs the recipient of your arrival. Arrival notifications are sent to the importer or broker when the goods arrive at the port.

The importer has five days to prepare all the necessary documents for the shipment to clear customs.

Send a summary of your participation

• Importers have five days from the arrival of the goods at the port and ten days from submitting the immediate entry/delivery form to submit an entry summary. With this document, the goods can be cleared by customs.

Receive your goods

• After the customs process has been completed and the exporter has accepted to deliver the goods to you, he will issue a so-called delivery note. This document is sent to a freight forwarder and will essentially initiate delivery of the goods from the U.S. port of entry to the specified location.

 Can I track my shipment of pet supplies to Kenya?


Enter your order number in the box beneath, and tick the “Track” button to track your order. You can find this on your proof of payment and in the confirmation email you should have received.

What are the best practices for shipping pet supplements to Kenya?


Shipping pet food and supplies can be daunting for businesses, retailers, and pet owners. Pet food and contributors are fragile and perishable and can cause health risks if not handled properly.

Therefore, following best practices when shipping pet food and supplies is essential to ensure safe and timely delivery.

Know the regulations

The first step in shipping pet food and supplies is to know the rules of the country and state you are shipping to. Different countries and states have distinct rules and regulations concerning pet food and supplies, and it is crucial to comply to avoid legal problems. Some countries ban importing certain pet foods and supplies, while others require specific labeling and packaging requirements.

Good packaging

Good packaging is essential to ensure the safety and security of pet food and supplies during delivery. Pet food and supplies should be wrapped in sturdy, secure containers that withstand handling and transportation.

Furthermore, the packaging must be waterproof, airtight, and odorless to avoid contamination and deterioration. Moreover, packaging materials must be eco-friendly and biodegradable to reduce environmental impact.


Proper labeling is essential when shipping pet food and supplies. Labeling must be clear, accurate, and compliant with the regulations of the country and state to which you are shipping.

The label should include the commodity name, weight, ingredients, nutritional information, and expiration date. Furthermore, the label must show whether the product is perishable or non-perishable and requires special handling or storage.

How do I ship bulk pet supplies internationally?

Shipping pet products, even large, heavy ones, doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here’s how to save money on shipping pet food and supplies:

• Use UK Kenya shipping Ltd for minor but heavy shipments. Anything that fits in  UK Kenya shipping Ltd  flat-rate envelope or box will be shipped at a flat rate.

For shipping small but heavy pet items, such as metal leashes or canned food, UK Kenya shipping Ltd can save you money. Make sure the box or flat-rate envelope is sturdy enough to protect your items.

Pack heavy items in lighter supplies such as crates or cages. If you’re shipping a bird cage or pet carrier, you’ll likely pay shipping costs based on dimensional weight.

Since you have to pay a higher fee, add more items to your box. Place a bag of birdseed or a package of toys in the cage; Place a scratching post or treat bag in your pet‘s cage.

Buy food at your landing place instead of shipping it. If you hate wasting critical supplies while moving or traveling with a pet, it’s understandable. However, shipping pet supplies may be higher than the purchase price of new supplies to the destination.

Are there temperature-controlled shipping options for pet food?

Reliable temperature-controlled packaging is essential when shipping perishable products such as meal kits or food for our beloved furry friends, also known as pet food. Frozen or refrigerated packaging ensures that items are stored within a specific temperature range to help maintain their quality and safety.

Temperature-controlled packaging is often used to supplement and sometimes replace the need for temperature-controlled logistics.

UK Kenya shipping Ltd offers a range of temperature-controlled packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry across all temperature ranges.

• Fresh frozen

• Frozen

• Refrigerated

• Room temperature

What are the labelling requirements for shipping pet products to Kenya?

The label applied to a package of food intended for retail or catering MUST generally contain the following essential information:

Prescribed name

The name of the food or, if you do not know the name, a name or description that clearly reflects the true nature of the food. Labels must tell the truth.

 Readability requirements

Labels must be clear, clearly visible, and in English. The warnings must be in a font size of at least 3 mm in height or 1.5 mm for small parcels.

Food recall information

For food recalls, labels must include the manufacturer’s or importer’s name and business address in  Kenya ,Australia or New Zealand, the batch number of the food, and where the food was packaged or prepared.

 List of ingredients

The ingredients, additives, and compound ingredients used in food production must be listed in order of input weight, from highest to lowest.

To date

Packaged foods with a shelf life of two years or less must have an expiration date. Foods with a “best before” label are still safe to consume even if they have lost quality and nutritional value.

Foods that must be consumed within a specific time for health and safety reasons must have an expiry date.

 Can I send organic pet food to Kenya?

  Feed processing plants where pet food is processed are approved and designated by the competent authorities of the exporting country to process the feed, have a control number/establishment, and are under the constant supervision of the same company. authority. . 

The label must comply with Kenya’s labeling requirements, which require the label to state that the food is suitable for animal consumption only and not for human consumption. .

Pet food does not contain chemical residues or contaminants such as mycotoxins at dangerous or harmful levels to animals when consumed. It has been produced by all desirable food safety requirements to meet food safety objectives. 

Feed must be transported directly from the competent authorities of the exporting country to Kenya. There will be no transshipment. Feed must be transported by the competent authorities of the exporting country in a way that does not leave the country exposed to contamination.

Can I ship pet toys made of natural materials to Kenya?

For healthy and safe dog chew toys, look for sturdy materials like rubber, silicone, or nylon that can withstand your dog’s strong jaws. Interactive toys and puzzles are great for your dog’s mental and physical health. 

Some of the best interactive dog toys include puzzle toys, treat dispensing toys and balls with treat compartments.

What are the import restrictions on pet grooming tools in Kenya?

Importing animals, plants, and seeds is subject to quarantine regulations. All imports from Kenya must be accompanied by the following documents: Import Declaration Forms (IDF); a PVoC Agent CoC for regulated products; an ISM, if applicable; and valid pro forma invoices from the exporting company.

How do I deal with damaged goods upon arrival in Kenya?

Don’t Hijack the Driver!

Regarding couriers and transportation contracts, you can’t treat them like a delivery boy delivering pizza. Refusing to take delivery in this situation will likely only cost you more money in the long run, as you may have to pay additional shipping costs. Refrain from rejecting the driver, but, as counterintuitive as it may seem, accept the transportation, damage, and all.

Accepts damaged goods

Consider what happens if you do not accept damaged goods. The carrier will likely have to return it to their warehouse and store it while processing the claim.

Although some couriers are willing to do this, this can hurt you in the long run because you will be responsible for refusing to accept the transportation and, therefore, have to pay storage and handling fees.

Furthermore, returning damaged goods to the courier does not encourage him to care for them. 

Document everything

After accepting damaged goods, you must immediately note any shortages or damage on the carrier’s Bill of Lading (BOL) or verification of Delivery (POD). If there are any exceptions, these should also be noted.

An exception does not require a complaint; however, if no exceptions are listed in the BOL or POD, the claims representative will face a difficult challenge in collecting the claim.

Save shipping (and packaging)

Make sure you don’t throw it away or keep it somewhere; forget it and lose it. As mentioned, the carrier has the right to verify the damage personally and to recover the damaged cargo.

Denying them this option could mean their claim is not paid in full or is rejected entirely. However, in the case of goods that are not stored or that deteriorate, such as food or hazardous materials, off-site disposal laws may override the carrier’s recovery rights.

What insurance options are available for shipping pet supplies?

Full Coverage

Comprehensive pet insurance provides broader coverage for your pet, known as luck and illness coverage. If your partner is lucky or you are friends, with this insurance, you can only cover the financial costs of extended help.

Just unfortunate coverage

Only accident coverage excludes illness. An accident can cause a rapid increase in veterinary fat. If your pet is not eligible for comprehensive pet insurance due to medical or health conditions or if it has a more affordable pet insurance policy, pet accident-only insurance may be a good option.

Pet protection and safe handling of pets

Preventative and beneficiary coverage is typically sold as a supplement (or “co-pilot”) to one of your life insurance policies. It is not an insured product but a piano that guides you through payment, routine check-ups, and preventative treatment.

Can I send pet treats and chews to Kenya?

Travelers may bring personal pet items (20 kg limit) into Kenya for the importation of dairy products subject to the following requirements:

• the pet food or product must be of sculptural and commercial origin.

• FOOD or pet supplies must be in the traveler’s possession upon entry into the United States.

• The animal that eats the imported product must accompany the traveler upon entry.

• The imported product is intended exclusively for animals accompanying the traveler to Kenya.

How do I handle returns of pet products from Kenya?

If your item is being returned directly from one of our suppliers, please follow the instructions to return the return ball. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact our customer service.

Any product returned with the 100% money-back guarantee will still generate high revenue and be sold alongside another product for its price. Dog food bags must be quite comfortable to take advantage of scams.

What are the biosecurity measures for shipping pet food to Kenya?

If you implement internal biosecurity practices, the problem remains the same. Some external biosecurity mistakes include isolating new animals before entry to the Herd, controlling wildlife and pests, using an air filtration system, limiting visitors, providing public tools to all animals, accessing and using the shower tray, and managing car traffic.

Are there any special offers for frequent shipments of pet supplies?

• Receive 5 points for every dollar spent. I recommend using your points to win a prize.

• Earning money gives a bonus in the form of entertainment, surveys, and more.

• Earn-free products from selected markets following the acquisition of Indonesia.

• Get early and exclusive access to events and happenings.

• Repay the premium to recover your immediate assets.

• Discover personalized content just for your pet on your member dashboard.

How do I prevent theft of pet supplies during shipment?

Here are five cargo theft tactics to watch out for and some steps to take to prevent cargo theft.

Direct cargo theft

To combat this common form of cargo theft, shippers and carriers must address road safety at multiple levels, using good policies and procedures. Policies such as:

• Where possible, loaded and unattended trailers are not permitted, especially in areas with high levels of cargo theft.

• Use high-security locks and locks for rear doors.

• When it is unavoidable

 Theft of strategic goods

To avoid becoming victims of strategic cargo theft, companies like UK Kenya shipping Ltd can implement strategies that ensure consistent and thorough screening of each carrier or intermediary with which they do business.

• Thoroughly research contacts and company information through FMSCA, Internet search engines, third-party testing companies, and industry associations.

• Work closely with dispatchers to confirm identification of drivers at the pickup point, including driver information, truck and trailer identification information used, and secure pickup numbers.


• Some cargo thieves use “sniffers,” devices that help detect hidden GPS technology, even if built into a trailer. Once a device is detected, they use a GPS jammer to block this technology, so it can’t be used to help law enforcement track stolen property.

Others store stolen cargo in a parking lot immediately after the theft and wait for the police to come looking for them.


Companies should require drivers to inspect their trucks after each stop for signs of theft on trailer doors and seals. Using high-security locks or even high-quality padlocks can discourage this type of theft.

Travelers monitor and track cargo thefts nationwide through the Special Investigations Group (SIG). Collecting and summarizing theft data is essential to help customers identify and avoid theft-prone routes.

What are the best ways to pack liquid pet grooming products?

 Invest in quality travel containers.

Choosing high-quality travel containers can make all the difference in preventing leaks. Choose containers made of durable materials such as silicone or hard plastic and with secure screw caps or airtight seals. These containers are planned to withstand the rigors of travel and are less likely to break or leak under pressure.

Double-packed toiletries

Toiletries like shampoos, lotions, and other liquids can be known leak culprits. Double packaging is a simple but effective strategy to combat this problem. Before placing each toiletry item in your toiletry bag, place it in a separate resealable plastic bag.

Wrap liquids in cling film.

As an added precaution, you can wrap the openings of liquid containers in cling film before sealing them with caps. This method ensures a good seal and avoids accidental leaks during transport.

   Package liquids in zip-top bags

Placing liquids in individual resealable zip-lock bags is an ingenious way to minimize the impact of spills. This helps prevent losses and simplifies airport security checks, as you can easily remove bags for inspection without disturbing the rest of your belongings.

Can I consolidate multiple pet products into one shipment to save costs?

If you’re shipping a bird cage or pet carrier, you’ll likely pay shipping costs based on dimensional weight. Since you have to pay a higher fee, add more items to your box.

For example, place a bag of birdseed or a package of toys in the cage or put a scratching post or treat bag in your pet’s cage. The increase in shipping costs is minimal when you consolidate your packages.

Are there any size or weight restrictions for shipping pet supplies?

The payable weight of a package is the greater of the verified weight or the dimensional weight (or DIM). Confirmed weight is the weight on the scale: The exact weight of  package .

DIM weight is calculated based on the box size, so a large but light package may be subject to a custom weight price.

How do I navigate the exchange rates for payments of international shipping?

Suppose you don’t know the exchange rate. In that case, you can use the following simple currency conversion calculation to find it: take the starting amount (original currency) and divide it by the ending amount (new currency) = exchange rate.

• Divide your current (home) currency by the exchange rate. For example, let’s say the USD/EUR exchange rate , and you want to convert 100 USD to EUR. To do this, multiply 100 by 0.631, and the result will be the amount you will receive in EUR: 63.10.

When converting from EUR to USD, this process is reversed. Using the same example, if you take your $63.10 and divide it by multiplying it by 0.631, you will get the $100 you started with.

What are the best payment methods for shipping costs to Kenya?

When it approaches international shipping, selecting the optimal payment method is essential. The following information, provided by UK Kenya shipping Ltd, highlights some standard payment methods for international shipping:

1. Bank Transfers: Bank transfers involve the electronic shift of money from one bank account to another. This method is known for its reliability and security, making it popular for large transactions.

UK Kenya shipping Ltd  recommends ensuring your banking information is accurate and being aware of the fees associated with bank transfers.

2. Credit Cards: Credit cards offer convenience and wide acceptance for international transactions. They provide a secure payment option, often with built-in fraud protection. UK Kenya shipping Ltd recommends considering any additional costs imposed by countries or suppliers and exchange rates.

3. PayPal is a widely used online payment platform for international transactions. It allows secure money transfers and often offers lower fees than traditional bank transfers.  UK Kenya shipping Ltd highlights PayPal’s buyer and seller protection features and multi-currency support.

4. Letter of CreditUK Kenya shipping Ltd  suggests considering a letter of credit for more significant business transactions.

In this method, an agreement is made between the buyer’s and seller’s banks that guarantee payment once certain conditions are met. Letters of credit provide financial security to both parties, although they require more complex procedures and documentation.

Can I ship pet cameras and technology-based toys to Kenya?

Yes, the digital pet camera is an expensive option for pet monitoring, but it can probably be a solid investment if your pet suffers from separation anxiety and is comforted by seeing your face. The two-way communication function lets you talk to your pet in real time. Plus, you can rotate 360 degrees to have a comprehensive view of the entire room.

• They offer a Y.I. Home app that allows you to control all aspects of the camera from the convenience of your mobile phone.

• This information can then be used for identity theft, blackmail, and even to help thieves break into your home while you are away.

• Where you place your digital camera and how much room you view makes a huge difference.

• If you use the camera to monitor your puppy at night (assuming you don’t want to leave all the lights on in the house), you’ll need a camera with good night vision.

• During his private life, he developed specialized data on animal care, pet nutrition, eating habits, etc.

How do I ensure pet food maintains its quality during shipping?

It is essential to avoid shipping food products that could deteriorate during transport. It is critical to never ship an open box or container when shipping pet food. Properly packaging food, such as shrink-wrapping the bag or box, helps prevent damage and contamination during transportation.

It is important to note that international shipping regulations may differ from national pet food and supplies guidelines. If you plan to ship pet food across borders, follow the rules and restrictions specific to international shipping.

How can I expedite the shipping of urgent pet supplies?

Fast shipping is the new normal. We’ve created a mentor for distributing your inventory to help you learn more about offering your customers faster and cheaper delivery options.

Download the guide for free and learn more:

•What is a distributed inventory model?

• How to leverage a 3PL to ship domestically in two days

• The most strategic locations for distribution centers

• How shipping zones work

 How do I ship pet collars and leashes to Kenya?

Standard Shipping: For Kenyan addresses, all orders are handled and shipped within 1-2 working days, Monday to Friday, of receiving your order confirmation email. They are all processed and shipped from Auckland. You will get an email notification once your order has shipped.

Domestic shipping is expected within 1-3 business days (+ an additional day for rural zip codes). We do not currently offer international shipping. Please note that these times may change during high-volume delivery periods such as Christmas.

How do I handle pet products during Kenyan public holidays and customs closure?

Only share safe food. Sharing certain holiday foods with your pet can be dangerous. Too many fatty or rich foods can lead to digestive trouble. Bles Some foods, such as onions, grapes/raisins, and chocolate, can be poisonous. If your pets ingest alcohol, call your veterinarian

. Surprise your pets by offering them meaningful, safe treats, such as an enriching toy or game that can provide hours of entertainment, or by preparing sealed treat bags and letting your guests reward your furry friend.

Christmas trees can be dangerous, especially for climbing cats. So make sure your tree is standing securely, preferably at an angle. Store hazardous decorations such as glass and tinsel (which can cause a choking hazard) on high branches, out of reach of little paws. Hanging tree ornaments can make great toys for dogs and cats.

Holiday-season plants can be poisonous to pets. Amaryllis, Christmas cactus, Helleborus niger, evergreens, holly, ivy, juniper, lilies, mistletoe, and poinsettia are just a few samples of plants that can cause digestive problems or more severe toxicity for pets if eaten.

What are the safety measures for shipping electrical grooming tools?

Adequate training

Adequate training is one of the most essential safety measures for electrical controls on board ships. All crew members working with electrical systems and equipment must receive training in safe operating procedures and emergency response protocols.

Electrical safety devices

Another essential safety measure for electrical operations on board ships is using electrical safety equipment. This includes circuit breakers, fuses, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), and insulation testers. These devices help prevent electric shock, fires, and other hazards by detecting and stopping electrical faults.

Regular maintenance

Regular electrical systems and equipment maintenance is essential to ensure their safe and reliable operation. This includes routine inspections, testing and cleaning of electrical components, and replacing worn or dangerous parts. Regular maintenance can also help prevent electrical failures and reduce the risk of equipment failure.

Risk assessment

Before electrical work on a vessel is carried out, a risk assessment is essential to identify potential hazards and develop appropriate safety measures. This includes identifying electrical hazards, assessing the risk of electric shock or electrocution, and creating a plan to minimize or eliminate those risks.

Can I ship aquarium supplies and fish food to Kenya?

plants are shipped using convenient service and achieve a transit time of 1-3 days when there are no delays due to weather or holidays. Dry products such as LED lighting, fish feed, medicines, filtration products, etc., will be shipped via UK Kenya shipping  Ltd  with a transit time of 2-6 days, depending on your delivery location.

We do not send to P.O. Boxes, Puerto Rico, or internationally. Additionally, shipping to Kenya and Hawaii will incur an additional .

Get the recipient’s zip code to check the weather forecast at the exit and entrance locations. Try to shun shipping animals if the temperature at either location is below 32°F (0°C) or above 90°F (32°C).Wait 1-2 days before the shipping date to feed the animals.

Securely tape the UK Kenya shipping Ltd  box together, then cut out six pieces of insulation to fit the box’s top, bottom, and four sides. (The top and bottom slices should cover the entire box base. The four side pieces should interlock to stop them from falling down as easily.) Insert the bottom and side detachment pieces into the box.

How do I ensure compliance with Kenyan animal welfare laws when shipping?

When animals are transported, their transport must fully comply with legal requirements to protect their welfare, including adequate space, food, and water. Animals should only be transported when necessary, and travel times should be minimal.

High animal welfare standards can lead to better production, efficiency, and product quality compared to standards set under conditions of stress and lower welfare.

Healthy livestock can also help prevent the spread of diseases and improve the sustainability of the entire farm. By maintaining high animal welfare standards, public perception of the agricultural sector can also be improved.

As producers, we have an ethical responsibility to look after our animals. This includes adhering to legislation that protects all farmed animals. You are responsible for the welfare of all animals you own or raise.

 Are there any special packaging techniques for pet food to prevent spoilage?

     For wet dog food, we recommend using airtight containers to retain moisture and flavor and to ensure that unopened damp dog food is stored correctly to prevent spoilage. This helps stop the food from drying out and losing its flavor.

Storing food in an airtight container or its original packing can help keep it fresh for longer, which is essential for keeping dog food fresh.

Airtight containers avert or prevent air from entering and spoiling food while storing items in their original bags, which helps preserve their natural flavors and textures, essential for maintaining the quality of dry food and canned food bags.

This simple storage tip can make a big difference in extending the life of your food in the freezer and reducing waste.

 Can I send bird cages and accessories to Kenya?

We stock a variety of large and small bird cages and a range of cage accessories, including travel boxes, sand sheets, and cage mirrors. So whether you have a parakeet, a parrot, a pair of lovebirds, or another feathered friend, you’ll find everything you need to give them a comfortable home.

All our cages and accessories for parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, canaries, and other large and small birds come from trusted brands such as Classic, Versele-Laga, and Bob Martin. This way, you can be sure that your pet receives quality products every time. Place an order.

We  at UK Kenya shipping Ltd  we also stock a range of essential products for bird owners, from health and cleaning products to keep them fit to toys and treats to keep them entertained.

More importantly, we offer a wide selection of bird food and seeds, so you can be sure they are always well-fed. Shop our range of bird cages and accessories online today and get free U.K. delivery 

How do I ship exotic pet supplies to Kenya?

At  UK Kenya shipping Ltd , we specialize in providing reliable and professional exotic pet transportation services. We understand that transporting exotic animals requires unique expertise and care due to their specific needs and legal considerations.

1. Expert Advice: Our team of experienced professionals are well versed in the transportation needs of a wide range of exotic animals. We currently stick with the latest regulations and restrictions to ensure compliance.

2. Customized Transportation Solutions: We understand that every exotic animal has specific needs and requirements. We work closely with you to develop a customized transportation plan, considering factors such as temperature control, exceptional handling, and particular permits.

3. Documentation and permits: We handle all the paperwork and documentation necessary for the transport of exotic animals. This includes obtaining the required permits, health certificates, CITES permits (if applicable), and any other documents needed by the countries of origin and destination.

4. Safe and Comfortable Transportation:  We  at UK Kenya shipping Ltd  we prioritize the safety and well-being of your exotic pets during transportation. We provide safe and suitable enclosures or cages, ensuring comfort and minimizing stress during your journey.

What are the best carriers for time-sensitive pet product deliveries?

When evaluating carriers for your pet supplies and accessories e-commerce business, there are several key characteristics to look for:

• Fast and reliable delivery

• Competitive pricing and flexible shipping options

• Monitoring and analysis of the shipping process

• Advanced technology and integration options

• Responsive and competent customer support

By prioritizing these features, you can ensure your customers receive their orders quickly and efficiently while streamlining the shipping process and reducing costs

Can I send pet dental care products to Kenya?

Pet Dental Care is a complete range of products specially developed to care for your pet’s teeth and promote good oral hygiene. Taking care of your dog or cat’s dental health is profound. This is even more true if you feed him wet food, which can stick to the teeth and become a perfect place for bacteria to grow.

Regular use of products from our Pet Dental Care range can help clean and maintain your pet’s teeth, promote healthy gums, and even freshen your breath, preventing the risk of periodontal disease.

What are the import tariffs on pet cages and kennels in Kenya?

Kenya applies tariffs based on the Internationally Harmonized System (H.S.) of product classification and applies EAC Common External Tariff duties and rates. Customs duties can be collected at rates covering from 0% to 100%, with an average of 25%.

However, sensitive items are subject to import duties exceeding 25% (sensitive items are listed in Annex 2 of the EAC Common External Tariff). Excise taxes depend on whether or not the imported good is subject to excise duty.

Rates are prescribed by the Excise Act 2015. Imports into Kenya are subject to a standard VAT rate of 16%, charged on the sum of the CIF value, import duties, and other applicable taxes.

Can I send freeze-dried pet food to Kenya?

Each shipment of frozen products is delivered in an insulated box containing dry ice. If there is no dry ice but the nugget shape is still solid, we used the perfect amount of dry ice, which evaporated just before opening the can.

If dry ice is still in the box, carefully remove the excess ice with gloves and place it in the sink to melt. There is an option to add extra dry ice at checkout.

You will get an email with tracking information once your order has shipped from our warehouse in UK. You do not need to be at home to collect your package.

How do I ensure pet toys are safe and non-toxic before shipping?

1. Choose toys wisely: Choose durable toys designed for your dog’s size and breed. Look for interactive dog toys that encourage mental stimulation and physical activity.

2. Inspect regularly: Before each play session, inspect the toy for any signs of wear. Replace damaged toys immediately to avoid choking hazards.

3. Avoid toxic materials: Choose toys made from safe, non-toxic materials. Avoid toys with

Rotating Toys: Keep your dog busy by rotating his toys regularly. This prevents boredom and allows you to inspect and clean the toys if necessary.

Use Hollywood Feed Same Day Delivery: Take advantage of convenient services like Hollywood Feed Same Day Delivery to ensure your dog always has access to safe, attractive toys.

 Are there any cultural considerations when sending pet products to Kenya?


To answer the first question, many ethical risks are associated with the pet trade and its products. Engelbretson (2004) states that engaging in this sector involves evident moral lapses.

First, treating animals as commodities and selling them over the counter is itself morally wrong. Shipping animals the wrong distances can lead to injury, illness, or even death of the animals before they even reach the trading floor.


In the current scenario, it is tough to determine which group among pet shops and animal rights activists is telling the truth regarding ethical considerations. Pet stores, including  UK Kenya shipping Ltd , say they are motivated in all their business activities by the desire and love of pets. Animal welfare groups and activists associate the company with sinister motives.

Deontological ethics

 In this sense, deontologists would only support statement number 2 since it is a moral duty or obligation to follow the established code of ethics. Deontological theorists cannot, under any circumstances, be guided by malice in harming others, nor can they be so motivated by the pursuit of profit that they harm others.

How do I send pet grooming brushes and shampoos to Kenya?

The Bass Shampoo Brush is the ideal tool for lathering shampoo into double, thick, or woolly dog hair so it gets everywhere. It features sturdy nylon teeth that massage the shampoo deep into the coat for a thorough clean and to help remove excess hair.

This handy dog bathing aid fits comfortably in your hand and has an integrated wrist strap.

Experienced manufacturer Bass has been producing high-quality pet brushes for many years. Each innovative Bass product is designed to create effective, professional dog grooming brushes that last.

Bass Shampoo Brush

• Palm-sized brush to help dogs clean thoroughly while bathing

• Extra long and sturdy nylon pins deeply massage the fur

• With integrated wrist strap

 What should I know about shipping pet doors and gates?

Consider the durability of the pet gate.

Dogs love to chew on things, whether it’s your favorite pair of slippers or the bottom of your driveway. There is no reason to believe that a pet safety gate will be any different. Look for doors made of chew-resistant materials such as metal or hard plastic.

Take into account the dimensions of the safety barriers.

 Look for enclosures with mesh covers or holes that are small enough that your cat won’t slip out. On the other hand, if your puppy is the size of a Great Dane or Irish Hound, look for tall fences so your horse-sized dog doesn’t burst through the door.

There is also the question of how the gate will be mounted on the door or passageway you must cover. You can opt for a freestanding pet gate or a hardware-mounted dog gate for extra protection.

I plan on jumping

While it takes 6 to 9 months for a baby to start crawling, your puppy or kitten will dart and jump everywhere within a few weeks. To prevent your safety gate from becoming nothing more than a fun new toy, consider how high your furball can jump.

How do I navigate language barriers when arranging pet supply shipments?

Keep a translation app handy.

Translation apps receive a lot of bad publicity, and for good reason. The language differences are almost always too complex and subtle for a robot to deal with successfully. However, there is a time and place for them – and that’s when the language barrier becomes very bothersome and a quick solution is needed.

  Learn some essential phrases.

If you have an important meeting with someone with whom you don’t speak a common language, try learning a few basic phrases in their native language. This can be surprisingly helpful even if you have no previous knowledge of their native language.

Avoid idioms and jargon.

When faced with a difficult situation, such as a client who doesn’t want to talk about money or an unenthusiastic date, many instinctively use more idioms and jargon than usual. It’s normal! Idioms distance us from the words we use, so our meaning is somewhat attenuated.

Use simple terms and expressions.

When English speakers adopt a polite tone – the tone you would use when speaking to a stranger you meet at work or traveling and to whom you want to show respect – we often unconsciously use rather complex grammar.

What are the best eco-friendly packaging options for pet supplies?

BOPE/PE CarePacs film can be converted to virtually any bag configuration and has been used successfully in heavy-duty applications. Please learn more about our recyclable and robust packaging made from post-consumer recycled materials.

Pouches and bags for all flexible barrier plastic film are among the best ideas in the packaging industry. Pouches lock the products inside, keeping them safe from moisture and oxidation.

They are also more accessible for manufacturers and customers to handle than rigid containers. Available with food-packing features, bags can be fully customized to have a special look on the shelf.

 Can I send pet anxiety and stress relief products to Kenya?

Are you dealing with an anxious puppy? To calm your nerves, we  at UK Kenya shipping Ltd we offer a range of calming products for dogs in the form of chews, drops, sprays, collars, and more.

From renowned brands like Zylkene, Adaptil, and Natural Animal Solutions to essential dog vitamins that support overall well-being, we have everything you need to keep your furry friend calm and happy.

 Can I send leather pet products to Kenya?

Yes. With UK Kenya shipping Ltd , you can schedule deliveries of your pet’s prescription food and medications at your convenience. Shipping is free for all prescription Autoship orders.

Packaging Leather Products for Shipping Leather should be packaged in protective materials such as cardboard boxes and possibly even plastic bags to offer an extra defense against scratches.

What are the requirements for sending pet first aid kits to Kenya?

While there are numerous items you can include in your pet’s first aid kit, it’s best to discuss with your veterinarian what to include in yours. Your pet’s age and lifespan > Download our free pet first aid kit checklist to make sure your kit has everything it needs.

Basic pet first aid supplies that should be included in every kit are:

• Container to store supplies.

• Absorbent gauze to stop bleeding or to use as a bandage.

• Gauze roll to keep gauze and cotton wool in place.

• Adhesive tape to secure the screens and roller.

How do I ensure a smooth delivery of pet supplies to remote areas in Kenya?

  Flash sale!

 Sometimes, things slow down, and we don’t know why. An impromptu sale or an irresistible special offer can be a sure way to attract people. Offer an unexpected percentage discount, a free upgrade, or even a gift with every purchase.

Then spread the word through a social media post, an email, or a hand-printed sidewalk sign – the choice is yours!

Host your in-store adoption events.

  First, think of new and creative ways to promote these events. Try posting pet profiles on social media before the event. This will melt hearts and get followers to click “share” and “like.” Also, look at the frequency of events. If you do this every month, consider hosting more often.

Finally, only let adoptive parents walk through the door with a festive social media sharing and welcome kit, with savings coupons to help them stock up.

Arrange one-off services for busy pet parents.

 UK Kenya shipping Ltd offer your customers easy and convenient access to high-quality pet care services. Partner with local veterinarians, groomers, and other pet professionals in your community to host one-time in-store clinics. Offerings such as kitten pedicures, dog spas, and microchip clinics allow your clients to multitask.

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