If you are in Kenya and expecting a parcel package from the United Kingdom then worry no more because, with the help of UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, they will make sure that your parcel arrives in Kenya safely and within the agreed time.

 You may need help with how to receive it.

What steps are required?

Shipping your parcel from the United Kingdom to Kenya is possible via various shipping services and companies such as UK Kenya shipping. This subsection will discuss how to receive a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya, the available shipping options, and helpful hints for ensuring a seamless delivery process.

1. Select a Delivery Service

The initial step to receiving a package from the United Kingdom is selecting a shipping service. Postal services such as Royal Mail and courier services including UK Kenya shipping, DHL, FedEx, and UPS are available. It is essential to choose a service that provides tracking so that you can monitor the progress of your parcel package and receive updates on its estimated delivery date.

2. Provide Accurate Shipment Details

After selecting a shipping service, you must provide accurate shipping information. Ensure the shipping address is natural and contains all the required information, including apartment numbers, building names, and street names. In addition, provide a valid telephone number and email address so the parcel courier can reach you.

3. Shipping and Customs Fees must be paid.

Depending on your chosen shipping service, you may be required to pay shipping and customs fees. Before shipping a package, ensure you know all the costs which come with the process of shipping. Some services may require payment in advance, while others permit payment upon delivery.

4. Track Your Package’s Progress

Once your parcel has been shipped, you can trace its location using the tracking number supplied by the shipping service. It will enable you to track your package’s location and estimated arrival time. Contact the shipping service for assistance if you observe any delivery delays or problems.

5. Receive and Examine Your Package

When your parcel arrives, inspect it thoroughly before registering for it. If there are any indications of damage or tampering, take photographs and promptly notify the shipping service. Then, sign for the package and retain the delivery receipt if everything appears in order.

6. Pay Any Outstanding Fees

Ensure fast payment of any outstanding fees due upon delivery. It will ensure that your package is delivered to you smoothly and smoothly.

7. Finally

Receiving a parcel from the United Kingdom to Kenyans requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Choose a reputable shipping service, like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, to provide accurate shipping information, pay applicable fees, track the progress of your parcel, inspect it upon delivery, and promptly pay any outstanding fees. 

Adhering to these steps ensures a seamless delivery process and receiving your parcel quickly and safely.

Here are some additional suggestions for receiving a package from the United Kingdom to Kenya:

1. Due to Kenya’s customs regulations, certain items cannot be shipped there. These may include weapons, narcotics, and even certain foods. Verify with your shipping service that your package contains no restricted items.

2. Choose the proper packaging: Ensure your parcel is packed securely and with the appropriate materials to avoid injury during shipping. Use sturdy cartons and packaging materials, and add padding or cushioning if necessary.

3. Customs regulations can vary depending on the nature of the item being conveyed and its value. Therefore, ensure you know any customs regulations and fees that may apply to your shipment.

4. Some shipping services offer insurance if your parcel is lost, damaged, or even stolen during shipping. Consider purchasing insurance that UK Kenya Shipping Ltd offers in order to defend your shipment.

5. Shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya can take several days and weeks, depending on the chosen shipping service and the dispatched parcel. Plan and allow sufficient time to receive your package before any critical deadlines or events.

By adhering to this information, you can ensure that the delivery of your parcel from the United Kingdom to Kenya will proceed without incident. You can safely receive your delivery with proper planning and attention to detail.

How UK Kenya Shipping functions

• Select a Post Office location from which to retrieve your mail. Almost anywhere in the United Kingdom and most significant cities abroad is possible. 

• Mail sent within the United Kingdom is held for up to two weeks at the Post Office of your choice. Anything sent from abroad is stored for one month.

How to establish a Europe poste restante

1. Enter the branch

• If you live or are traveling in the United Kingdom, visit the branch where you want your mail sent.

• Individuals traveling to the United Kingdom but have not yet arrived can find out if a branch offers the service by emailing Also, you can write to us at:



Please allow 2 to 3 business days for a reply.

Our Branch Finder also provides the addresses for Post Office locations.

2. Provide the address

Inform your acquaintances, family, and business contacts of the Post Office location where you will collect your mail. It is the correct way to write it:

Your title

Europe poste restante

Post Office designation

Complete the street address of the post office.

Post Office postal code

country (if relevant)

Your  Europe post restante address will be immediately active. 

Please pay attention to the request. It includes a return address on the envelope’s back.

3. Take up your position

Visit your designated Post Office branch to collect your mail.

Bring your passport as identification if you visit the United Kingdom from abroad.

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, you must also present your address and passport documentation.

• Select a Post Office location from which to retrieve your mail. Almost anywhere in the United Kingdom and most significant cities abroad is possible. Check to see if Post Restate is available at your destination.

• Mail sent within the United Kingdom is held for up to two weeks at the Post Office of your choice. Anything sent from abroad is stored for one month.

Small print

Europe poste restante is a discretionary service Royal Mail/Post Office Limited provides. 

The service cannot be used for over three months in a single U.K. city.

• An item will not be retained for longer than 14 days if mailed within the United Kingdom and delivered to a U.K. post office; one month if shipped internationally and delivered to a U.K. post office.

• Any mail not collected within these time frames will be considered undelivered and forwarded to the National Returns Centre in Belfast.

• The service will be terminated if abuse is suspected (for instance, if the recipient has a permanent address in the area).

If we suspect that the Europe Poste Restante service is being abused, we will promptly and without notice, suspend the service. Following this, we will return any items to the sender.

How To Receive Packages Without Giving An Address: The Easy Techniques for 2023.

Increasing numbers of customers nowadays are purchasing online due to the increased convenience and variety of online retailers. However, the apparent disadvantage of online shopping is that you should have a physical address to receive packages.

You may only receive packages at home for a few reasons. Perhaps you’re browsing for gifts and don’t want your housemates to know what you’re ordering.

 You may be concerned about parcel theft because no one receives the package during the day. For example, you may reside in an apartment building that does not accept deliveries. Or it is more practical for you to pick up and transport your deliveries. 

Have you ever wondered, “Where else can I dispatch a package besides my home?

This question is intended to perfectly answer you. Consider the following alternatives to residential delivery if you cannot or do not wish to receive packages at home, Through the USPS Hold Mail service, residents can choose to have their mail held from three to 30 days while they are out of town. This includes all mail and packages. it’s possible for either resident to pick it up or have the mailman redeliver it after the vacation hold expires

Service for receiving packages

A package-receiving service is an excellent alternative to using your residential address to receive deliveries.

 Have you ever wondered, “Where else can I dispatch a package besides my home?

Receiving services can receive your packages and store them until you can collect them. It ensures that your parcel will be protected from thieves and the elements and available to order at your convenience. 

Additionally, package-receiving services can attest to your packages, thereby enhancing the security of your shipments.

Package reception package services are an excellent solution to the problem of receiving packages at an address other than your own. 

They are also helpful if you wish to have something delivered discreetly. For example, package delivery services can retain your items outside your home so that your surprises won’t be ruined before you give them to the intended recipients.

One of the significant benefits of a package-receiving service is that it provides an actual street address to which packages can be delivered. It is helpful because many online retailers will not dispatch to a P.O. box or any other non-street address.

package-receiving services can also be helpful for cross-border purchasing or when staying in a different location than usual, such as when on a business trip or as a digital nomad. Numerous online merchants will not dispatch across state or national borders. Using a package acceptance service enables you to receive packages in a neighboring state and cross the boundary to retrieve them.

Is there a local package reception service?

You’ve come to the correct location if you need a package-receiving service. UK Kenya shipping offers three types of parcel-receiving plans and partner stores across the United Kingdom.

 Whether you’re looking for an alternative delivery address for a one-time online purchase or a ship-to address for more frequent deliveries, there’s a plan and ship-to address for you.

Package storage systems


What if I do not wish for a delivery to be delivered to my home?

If you want to avoid having your parcel at your door, parcel lockers are a viable alternative. Some parcel lockers are entirely devoid of physical contact.

 You can request the delivery driver leave your parcel in a locker and retrieve it afterward.

Optionally, you can use a staffed parcel delivery service for added security. However, if you choose this option, you must be mindful of the service’s business hours so that you do not attempt to retrieve your delivery after the service has closed. 

Register for a P.O. Box 

A post office box, or P.O. Box, functions similarly to a parcel locker but is intended for mail and packages. The mail carrier places your mail in a box and closes it afterward. 

Then, you can access the mailbox once your mail has arrived since P.O. Boxes are not only used for correspondence. Some are sizeable enough to accommodate even large packages.

Like a parcel locker, a  P.O. Box is contactless and often has more convenient times for picking up your mail. However, before using one, verifying with a UK-Kenya shipping company is highly advisable.

 Some companies will not deliver to a P.O. Box and instead require a street address. However, a P.O. Box can be helpful if you need a service to receive your mail and shipments on your behalf.

Send your package to a friend (or to your office).

You may be wondering,

What if I want to avoid a package delivered to my home but need help finding a local package acceptance service? 

In this case, your best option may be to ask an acquaintance to accept your parcel on your behalf. It can be the easiest way to receive packages if you know someone at home during the day. An acquaintance will likely be more accommodating regarding when you can retrieve your parcel. 

And it might not cost you anything, although it might be a good idea to thank your friend with a small gift. If you do not have an acquaintance who can assist you, consider having your parcel delivered to your place of employment.

 It can be a very convenient solution if you are already at work, eliminating the need to make a memorable excursion. But, of course, this depends on your place of employment. 

Not all companies allow their employees to do this. Your office may need more storage space for shipments. Checking with your employer first is always recommended.

Furthermore, you might not want your coworkers to know what you purchase online. In this case, your best option for receiving shipments without a home address is to use a package acceptance service to ensure the security of your online orders.

Send a parcel to Kenya.

When sending a parcel overseas and in this situation, Kenya, you need a reliable international courier. UK Kenya shipping has the knowledge and experience to provide parcel delivery services to more than 99% of the world’s population. 

We can facilitate the process by guiding you through the restrictions, customs fees, and drop-off options for each country.

You can order online through the phone or in person, and we will collect it from your door, and you can drop it off at any of our depots of our Post Office® or anywhere to the nearest locations across the country.

 Our assortment of international services offers the optimal balance between speed and cost for every parcel delivery, and most services include insurance as standard. We deliver it when it comes to package delivery.

12th Delivery Zone

Regarding Delivery Zones

• Print


• Share

Package delivery details

• Non-account clients

• Account clients

Important exportation details for Kenya

General Counsel

• To ensure that your parcel is delivered on time, please ensure that the complete, correct address, an email address in the valid format, and a mobile of the landline number for the intended recipient are included on the label. It will aid the delivery companion in delivering the parcel correctly the first time. It must be indicated on the box.

  • The above time frames do not account for delays caused by customs procedures in the destination country. Therefore, please be aware that customs could delay the delivery of your package.

Product Specific Advice

• Here, you will find the definition of ‘working days and other pertinent information.

UK Kenya shipping express shipments

• To prevent delivery/customs issues, our carrier partners require a full name on international express packages.

• Shipments worth more than $10,000 require a pre-inspection report

• The transit periods for international express packages are based on pickup times, sender and recipient locations.

• Please consult the UK Kenya shipping express calculator (via the ‘delivery’ tab) for additional information.

Note for awareness: the UK Kenya shipping express calculator illustrates delivery times for parcels sent by account customers; packages sent through retail channels may take longer depending on the mode of mailing] Customs, Restrictions, and Prohibitions

• Most items exported to Kenya require customs documentation.

• To check that your parcel is not prohibited and restricted, please visit our page at UK Kenya shipping.

• If you need specific customs advice and the most recent regulations, please visit the Kenya customs website. It is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal precedent. However, when uncertainty exists, legal counsel should be sought.

Additional shipping details for Kenya.

Three ways to submit, exclusive to UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

You need to be aware of when receiving packages from UK Kenya shipping. This section applies only to UK Kenya shipping ltd who receive our products from our company. 

Would you like to check the location of your package?

 Your postal or courier service can tell you where your package is and whether customs procedures, for instance, have been completed. But, unfortunately, customs cannot provide the information on this matter.

It pertains to any parcels that are not commercial. It is understood that “not of a commercial nature” refers to:

  • The shipment is merely peripheral.
  • If products are for the addressee’s and for their family members’ personal use.
  • Due to the character and quantity of the shipment, it cannot be considered commercial.
  • The sender has shipped the products, and payment has not been received.

When importing products, you may be required to deal with the following procedures:

import duties paid

The postal or courier service handling the shipment will almost always hold the customs declaration. This declaration must include essential information for Customs, such as the goods’ value and description.

 If this information is unknown, the postal or courier service will contact you to obtain it.

If the shipper does not cover the following fees, the postal or courier service will charge you for them upon delivery of the package:

customs fees

The costs imposed by the postal or courier service to file the customs declaration).

handling expenses

Charges for other services rendered by the postal or courier service)

any tax obligations

(import duties, value-added tax, and excise tax)

Learn more about the VAT and import tax on packages received from UK-Kenya shipping.

Import prohibitions or restrictions

Certain items cannot be imported due to one reason or the other maybe due to their dangerous nature, or their sensitive nature which they require. Other products with a license may only be imported or brought into London. Learn more about the rules for counterfeit items, endangered animals and plant species, animal products, and foodstuffs. 

The plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit, weapons and ammunition, medicines, narcotics, art, and antiques in the sections Luggage and Online shopping – these are the customs formalities, only available in London.

Are you receiving merchandise from a European Union nation?

When receiving products from a country within the European Union, the shipment is exempt from Customs clearance. It is Unless it contains excise products like alcohol and tobacco. Products containing alcohol are subject to excise duty. 

Tobacco products are required to have a valid London excise stamp. There is no exemption threshold for excise products below which no excise duty is owed.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international shipping services. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process of your parcel delivery while you are in the comfort of your home or even at the Work premises. 

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