You may be asking yourself what is Shop and Ship, then look no more because, Shop and Ship is a method by which international consumers access the UK marketplace, and items are then shipped on behalf of the international consumer through an intermediary party, called a parcel forwarder. From the United Kingdom to Kenya, there are several door-to-door shipping options that you can choose to utilize. Here are some recommendations which You can choose from in your option of shop and ship:

1. UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping is a well-renowned international shipping option and offers door-to-door delivery in Kenya. On the UK Kenya Shipping Ltd. website, you can request a quote and schedule a retrieval.

2. UPS: 

UPS offers door-to-door delivery to Kenya, and their website enables you to obtain a quote and schedule a pickup.

3. FedEx

 Provides international shipping services to Kenya, including door-to-door delivery. On their website, you can receive an estimate and schedule a pickup.

4. Several shipping companies

UK Kenya shipping provides door-to-door shipping services from the United Kingdom to Kenya; you can get a quote and schedule delivery via their websites or by contacting customer service.

It is important to note that the shipping cost and duration can vary depending on the size and weight of your cargo and the shipping company you choose. 

Before selecting a choice, it is necessary to compare prices and services. In addition, be sure to ask the shipping company about any restrictions or regulations regarding shipping to Kenya.

 The following are some additional factors to consider when shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya:

1. Your shipment can endure customs clearance in Kenya, which can add time and expense to the shipping process. Provide accurate and comprehensive documentation for your shipment to avoid delays.

2. Packaging your items to safeguard them during shipping is crucial. Use packaging materials and containers that are durable to prevent damage.

3. Consider purchasing shipment insurance but when You ship with UK Kenya Shipping Ltd you are assured that Your Luggage is under insurance, this is only if at all any case of loss or damage is incurred during transport. Numerous shippers provide insurance options for an added fee.

4. Import duties and taxes: Depending on the value and substance of the products you ship to Kenya, you may be required to pay import duties and taxes. You must investigate these costs beforehand to include them in your budget.

5. There are restrictions or prohibitions on the shipment of specific items to Kenya, including firearms, narcotics, and hazardous materials. Check with the shipping company and the Kenyan government for any restrictions before shipping your items.

In general, door-to-door shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya is an efficient and convenient method of transporting your products. Conduct research, compare prices and services, and adhere to all Kenyan shipping requirements and regulations.

Your Leading Door-to-Door Forwarder for Shipping to Kenya

Our Vast Experience and Low Door-to-Door Shipping Rates to Kenya Will Benefit You.

UK Kenya Shipping offers door-to-door delivery service between any location in London and any location in Kenya. We may dispatch a vehicle to your provider’s site to retrieve your products and then deliver them to your doorstep. The conclusion of China’s customs will follow.

Schedule door-to-door shipments between London and Kenya based on the requirements of your freight forwarder and shipping schedule. 

By preparing your destination terminals for the customs process, we will expedite the delivery of your shipment. For example, we can ensure a stress-free delivery during the door-to-door international shipment from London to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping has extensive shipping knowledge for efficient door-to-door transport from London to Kenya. Regularly, a professional market team evaluates the evolution of door-to-door transportation regulations in Kenya. 

As a result, we may offer you market-related information. In addition, the customs personnel can oversee compliance with customs regulations for door-to-door shipping from London to Kenya.

Request a quote if interested in door-to-door services from UK Kenya shipping. We will provide a safe transportation service between London and Kenya.

Our Shipping Services to Kenya from London

Air Transportation

Our services include the shipment of air cargo from London to Kenya. We clear customs and deliver your shipment door-to-door from London to Kenya using door-to-door air cargo. Even from Kenya, we provide London with equivalent services.

UK Kenya shipping Shipping

You can also get a UK Kenya shipping service per your product’s dimensions and requirements. You require a professional shipping company that ensures the safety of your products, even for UK-Kenya shipping shipments. For door-to-door delivery of cargo to Kenya, we carefully manage shipments.

Express Services

UK Kenya shipping linked contract price agreements with express carriers, such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, USPS, and UPS. It ensures that we have adequate capacity and can offer competitive delivery rates.

Customs Clearance

Each region has its customs policy research team and close relationships with local brokers. It facilitates the administration of Kenya’s customs and door-to-door service.


It is very impossible to exaggerate the importance of warehousing for door-to-door air freight delivery to Kenya. UK Kenya Shipping has built warehouses in Kenya and London to offer services at a reduced price. Your products are stored and packaged in a warehouse near the ports.


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UK Kenya shipping is one of the major and significant providers of Door-to-Door service for air cargo originating in the United Kingdom and destined for Kenya and thus is why Yiu should freely choose UK Kenya Shipping Ltd for all your shop and ship orders. Currently, we offer Kenya two weekly consolidation services at highly competitive prices.

• Your shipment will be collected at your Front Door.

In our warehouse, packaging will be provided at no cost.

• We manage all Kenyan Customs Clearance procedures.

• Your Cargo Will Be Delivered Right to Your Kenyan Front Door.

Email info if you have any queries about our services or want more information. We’ll respond as fast as possible.



At Air Cargo Global – Kenya, we clear the way for our customers. We offer door-to-door pickup, free packaging, air transport, customs clearance, and delivery to all locations in Kenya.

The finest shipping company from the United Kingdom to Kenya is UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping provides end-to-end freight services that deliver your products to their designated destinations. When you inform us of the items you need to be relocated, we will promptly deliver them to your Front Door. We provide comprehensive land, air, and sea freight services. Individuals, small businesses, and major corporations have access to these freight services.

As one of the foremost transportation companies in the United States, UK Kenya Shipping is proud to offer freight services that are prompt, secure, and dependable. Our highly skilled and conscientious team provides you with all freight services at the comfort of your home with only a phone call away.

 Due to their superior work expertise and genuine dependability, this is the case. In addition, our customer service agents respond quickly to your urgent freight situation.

Transportation from the UK to Kenya

We ensure the timely and reliable delivery of all varieties of packages from all 50 states to your doorstep. Additionally, we can provide both expedited purchase assistance and expedited shipping.UK Kenya shipping is accustomed to shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya and the United States to Ghana.

With UK Kenya shipping, you pay a small fraction of what the competition demands. Especially in comparison to what you would typically pay for freight services with companies like FedEx, DHL, USPS/Kenya Post/Post Kenya, UPS, etc. We can assist you with shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya or from Kenya to the United Kingdom.

Before shipment, we confirm that each parcel received or picked up is in good condition and repackage as necessary. We also keep you informed through timely alerts and our monitoring system. 

All of your products will be cleared through customs by our team. At UK Kenya Shipping, we ensure you obtain the highest quality shipping services at competitive prices.

How do We function?

Our procedure is not complicated. Examine our methods of operation or email our team at UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

Online purchasing

When you register on our platform, your unique UK Kenya shipping address will be displayed under your profile, allowing you to shop online at any time at your preferred retailers and have your purchases shipped to that address. Yes! When you order with us, you will receive a complimentary UK address in the comfort of your home.

You can then access your UK Kenya shipping account online or via the UK Kenya shipping app to notify us of the items we should expect in your name.

After receiving your items and payment for shipping costs, we expeditiously deliver them to your specified location. As a result, your online purchasing experience with us will be exceptional the best and which You cannot regret.

Buying for me / Concierge

We will purchase items on your behalf if you provide the URL and any necessary details. You only pay once the product you intend to purchase has been confirmed and this creates room for openness.

Once we receive your purchased item, we deliver it to you as quickly as possible. This service lets you focus on other aspects of your life while we manage the purchasing and shipping process. In the interim, we have you covered for shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya or air freight from Kenya to anywhere else.

It is located within the United Kingdom and would like to save on shipping costs from your state to our location in Delaware, but the store does not offer to ship; send us your purchasing list. In addition, we provide this service to our international consumers.

Deliver a cargo

The  UK Kenya shipping parcel delivery services dispatch and receives packages from individuals and companies. It is where you tell us where to pick up your container and where to dispatch it. 

Then, we will coordinate for the delivery to be collected from your location. To schedule a collection from a place in the United Kingdom, we will require some details like the weight of your luggage and the dimensions of each delivery.

This door-to-door service from the United Kingdom to Kenya or Kenya to the United Kingdom is unmatched and ideal for busy individuals and companies who would instead concentrate on other matters while we handle the rest of the process of Shipping your luggage to your preferred location.

Pick and bundle transportation

UK Kenya shipping offers the highest quality pick-and-pack fulfillment services. Our pick-and-pack business is well-known in the United Kingdom and Kenya. Your products can be stored in our warehouses for shipping purposes. Then, you can fulfill the online orders of your customers using our shipping services

It is located outside of the United Kingdom. However, if you desire to sell your products to an international market, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your fulfillment needs.

In the pick and pack fulfillment, we will store your cargo in our warehouse, and pickers will fulfill your orders as they are received via our integrated software or a method that works for you. They will then select, bundle, and secure your products in preparation for shipment to your customers. 

It enables the monitoring of crucial business aspects. Install the UK Kenya shipping mobile app from the App Store or Google Play for free. It will make it simpler for you to contact us and submit any freight service request. We respond quickly to fulfill your freight service request. The application allows you to monitor your dispatches remotely. The UK Kenya shipping app incorporates the most recent customer support updates and notifications.

Contact us for more information on our services.

Why UK Kenya shipping?

UK Kenya shipping transports its cargo via air, land, and marine. As a result, distance is irrelevant as we prioritize service quality. As a result, shipping from Kenya to the United Kingdom or vice versa is inexpensive. We ship via air freight in 2 to 3 business days, via sea freight in 4 to 6 weeks, or via local delivery, depending on the delivery address. 

You can utilize our shipping calculator if you need clarification on the postage costs:

  1. Indicate the destination’s country, region, and city.
  2. Select the collection category with the most expensive total cost.
  3. Check the box and select the Calculate Now button to consolidate the items for shipping purposes.

The following are several of our shipping services from the United kingdom to Kenya or vice versa:

Integrated Transport


Shipping and Air Shipping


Select and Pack Shipping

and many others

UK Kenya shipping provides a free mobile app. That is, neither a computer nor a web browser is required to complete the necessary task. By installing the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, you can gain access to our exceptional services.

There are various door-to-door transportation companies between the United Kingdom and Kenya. However, none can provide you with integrated services.

Kenya has always been a popular shipping destination because it is home to some of the world’s most beautiful nature reserves, attracting many visitors year-round. The population and cultural diversity also contribute to Kenya’s magnificence and beauty. In addition, in Eastern Africa, Kenya has its port in Mombasa and CFS depots in Nairobi, making it simple and convenient to export to Kenya by sea.

In certain instances, we can arrange door-to-door shipping. Our specialized shipping line has been in operation for years; you can rest assured that we will offer you the highest quality pallet delivery service possible. To avoid any shipping delays, upon completion of the reservation, we will place you in contact with our Customs agent and request the necessary documentation.

We can deliver air freight to any location in Kenya if your shipment is time-sensitive or imperative. From the teeming capital to the most remote villages, local specialists collaborate with our primary carriers to ensure timely package delivery.

These services are both traceable and signature-required upon delivery.

Please you should also make sure to input your information on our website when you are ready to make a reservation or require an online quote. If the price is not listed, please submit a request for an extraordinary quotation, and a member of our sales will contact you.

Transport from London to Kenya

UK Kenya shipping offers the following  services in Kenya:

By Air

• Express door-to-door pallet delivery

Express door-to-door parcel dispatch

By Sea

• Transport of Pallets to Port

• Pallet delivery to Door [exclusively for business addresses]

What do you need to know about our services for shipping pallets to Kenya ?

• We accept shipments of every size and weight

• We handle shipments spanning from small packages to full containers.

  1.  Small and large or cumbersome shipments
  2.  Single & multiple pallets
  3.  Customized/extra-large pallets
  4.  Partial and complete container shipments

• Access to optional insurance coverage is available through the website.

• The preponderance of services to and from Kenya is entirely tractable

• Individuals and businesses can ship cargo to any location in Kenya.

• We collaborate exclusively with the largest and most reputable international freight companies.


In recent years, door-to-door services and shipping have become increasingly popular, especially among individuals and businesses transporting goods internationally. 

If you desire to ship items from the United Kingdom to Kenya, door-to-door delivery will save you time and effort.

 What is door-to-door delivery?

This subsection explores the door-to-door shipping process from the United Kingdom to Kenya, including customs, cargo regulations, and other essential factors.

• Door-to-door delivery is a shipping service that collects products from a specified location and delivers them directly to the recipient’s Door. This service eliminates transporting your items to a cargo terminal or coordinating with multiple shipping companies. Instead, your items are collected from you and delivered directly to the specified location.

• Individuals and businesses transporting goods across international borders frequently utilize door-to-door delivery. Streamlining the shipping procedure ensures that your products reach their destination promptly and efficiently.

Transport from the United Kingdom to Kenya

Several essential factors must be considered when transporting products from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

First, you must establish a relationship with a reputable shipping company like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, with experience transporting goods to Kenya. Look for a company that offers door-to-door shipping and so does UK Kenya Shipping Ltd and has a history of delivering products on time and without incident.

Additionally, you must understand customs regulations and specifications. As Kenya has stringent customs regulations, ensuring that your products are adequately documented and compliant with all applicable Kenyan customs regulations is essential. Working with UK Kenya shipping company with experience navigating customs regulations can increase the likelihood that your products will pass through customs without any incident.

 Another factor to consider is the sort of shipped products. Certain items, such as hazardous or perishable substances, may require special handling or documentation. Consult with your shipping company regarding the specifics of your shipment to ensure that your products are handled correctly.

 The benefits of door-to-door shipping

Utilizing door-to-door shipping when transporting goods from the United Kingdom to Kenya offers numerous benefits. Among the principal advantages are:

Convenience: With door-to-door shipping, your items are collected at your location and delivered directly to the address of your choice. It eliminates transporting items to a cargo terminal or coordinating with multiple shipping companies.

Efficiency: Because your products are delivered directly from A to B, door-to-door delivery is typically faster than other shipping methods.

Reputable transportation companies like UK Kenya Shipping Ltd have a lengthy history of delivering shipments safely and on time. With door-to-door delivery, you can be confident that your items are in excellent hands.


• Door-to-door shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya is a practical and reasonable transport method. By working with a reputable shipping company like the UK-Kenya shipping company and comprehending customs regulations and requirements, you can ensure your product’s safe and timely delivery. With convenience, efficacy, and dependability advantages, door-to-door transportation is a wise choice for transporting goods across international borders.

• When selecting a door-to-door shipping company to transport your products from the United Kingdom to Kenya, it is crucial to research and choose a reputable UK-Kenya shipping company with a solid reputation in the industry. 

Find a company that has previously collaborated with Kenyan customs officials and can provide you with the required documentation to ensure that your products pass through customs without incident.

 In addition to customs clearance, you must consider the door-to-door shipping cost. The price will be based on the weight and volume of your items, the distance between your location and the destination in Kenya, and any additional services you require. Ensure that your shipping company estimates all associated costs and expenses.

 We ensure that your products are appropriately packaged for shipping. It will aid in assuring their safe arrival and reduce the likelihood of damage during transport. Our UK-Kenya shipping company can provide packaging advice and may even offer packaging as an additional service.

 In conclusion

Door-to-door delivery from the United Kingdom to Kenya is a practical and reasonable transport method. You can ensure their safe and timely arrival by working with a reputable shipping company, being familiar with customs regulations and requirements, and adequately packaging your products for transport.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international shipping services. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process of your Shop and Ship process till delivery at your doorstep. 

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