Finding an affordable shipping method is essential to ship goods from the United Kingdom to Kenya. While international shipping can be less expensive, there are ways to minimize costs and ensure your package arrives safely and quickly. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the cheapest ways to ship to Kenya from the United Kingdom so that you can make an informed decision and save on shipping.

1. Look for different shipping service providers:

To find the most and cost-effective shipping option, research different shipping providers. Compare their prices, services and customer reviews to identify a reliable and affordable opportunities.

 Some popular shipping companies for international deliveries from the UK to Kenya include UK Kenya shipping, DHL, FedEx, UPS and Parcel Hero. Also, consider the exploring local shipping companies specializing in international shipping to Kenya, as they can offer competitive rates.

2. Choose Economy or Standard shipping:

Shipping services offer more options, such as express, standard, and economy shipping. While express shipping may offer faster delivery, such as the UK Kenya shipping, it is usually less expensive.

 Choosing economy or standard shipping can significantly reduce your costs. However, please note that delivery times may be longer, so plan accordingly. If your package is not urgent, choosing a slower shipping method can save you a lot of money.

3. Bundled packages:

If you want to ship multiple items, consider grouping them in one package. Sending various items separately may be more expensive than shipping them together. Consolidation reduces the overall weight and volume of the shipment, resulting in lower shipping costs. 

In addition, parcel consolidation saves you customs clearance costs, as you only need to pay them once for a single shipment.

4. Compare Shipping Options: 

Ocean Freight vs air transport:

You can choose sea or air freight when shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya. Sea freight is usually cheaper but takes longer, while air freight is faster but more expensive.

 Ocean shipping is viable if your shipment is not urgent and you want to keep the costs down. However, air freight may be worth considering if you need faster delivery, especially for smaller, lighter packages.

5. Proper Packaging and Documentation:

Ensure your package is adequately packed and documented to avoid unexpected shipping costs. Use sturdy boxes or packing materials to protect the contents from damage. 

Only properly packaged items may incur in the additional charges or risk being rejected by the shipping company. Also, carefully complete all the required customs documents to avoid delays or additional costs due to the missing or incomplete records.

6. Use online shipping platforms:

Online shipping platforms may offer discounted rates for international shipments. 

Platforms like UK Kenya shipping, ShipStation, Easyship and Parcel Monkey make it easy to compare prices of different carriers, book shipments and generate shipping labels. 

These platforms often have partnerships with carriers, which allows them to offer discounts you might not find elsewhere.


Shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya does not require high costs.

 You can reduce your shipping costs by researching thoroughly, choosing the right shipping provider, considering consolidation, comparing shipping options, and using online shipping platforms. 

Remember to consider packaging and documentation requirements to avoid additional costs or delays. With these money-saving tips, you can ship your goods from the United Kingdom to Kenya cheaply and reliably.

7. Shipping rate negotiation:

If you regularly ship items internationally, consider the negotiating shipping costs with your preferred carrier. Depending on the volume and frequency of your shipments, some suppliers may offer discounted rates or loyalty programs.

 It is worth contacting us to discuss cost reduction possibilities. Building a long-term relationship with us which wll help you in your future shipping endeavors.

8. Consider Consolidation Services:

Groupage services, or shared container shipping, can be affordable if you have a smaller shipment. Instead of renting an entire container, your goods are bundled with other shipments for the same destination.

 This shared in the arrangement which can significantly reduce the shipping costs, making it an attractive choice for small businesses or individuals with limited cargo.

9. Avoid additional fees and taxes:

When shipping internationally, you must understand much about customs regulations and any other additional fees or taxes that may apply to avoid any incoviniences. 

Make sure you classify your items correctly and provide accurate customs documentation. Incorrect classification or missing information can cause delays or unexpected costs.

 Find out about Kenya’s customs requirements in advance to avoid potential issues leading to additional costs.

10. Optimize packaging size and weight:

The size and weight of the package directly affect the shipping costs. Think carefully about the size and the weight of your shipment to minimize expenses. 

Use lightweight packing materials and remove unnecessary packing or padding.

 The smaller and lighter your package, the lower to the shipping costs. However, it ensure the packing is strong enough to protect the contents in transit.

11. Track and monitor your shipment:

Once your shipment is on its way, tracking and tracing allows you to spot any delays or potential problems quickly. You can proactively resolve any issues and avoid any additional costs by staying informed. 

Many couriers offer tracking services online so that you can monitor your shipment’s progress from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

12. Consider Import Duty Exemptions:

Check if your goods are eligible for any import duty  in Kenya. Certain items, such as books, specific medical supplies and humanitarian aid, may be exempt from import duties.

 Understanding the regulations and exemptions that you can save from your money on customs fees, making shipping more convenient. By implementing these additional strategies and by  being proactive in handling your shipment, you can further reduce the cost of shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya.

 Remember to balance the cost of saving with on-time delivery and choose the best option for your needs.

Do you ship to Kenya from the UK?

 At UK Kenya shipping Freight, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, offering international shipping and removals to Kenya from the United Kingdom for students, international travelers, families and individuals.

We provide cost-effective freight services for shipping to Kenya from the UK. With more years of experience in transporting goods to destinations worldwide, your interests are in good hands with us.

UK Kenya shipping provide a bespoke service to people who ship parcels, belongings, excess baggage, luggage or cargo of any size to Kenya safely and reliably.

Request a quote from now using the selection of the form/link at the top of this page, or if you’d like to discuss your specific shipping requirements to Kenya, contact our friendly team today at or call +447487554202.


I have used this company in a few times to send things to Kenya and can 100% recommend them. They are all a pleasure to deal with, and my goods arrive on time without me having to chase them! I go to the company to send stuff home! Iona

I used UK Kenya shipping to ship some of my belongings to Kenya. They have always been great with communication and no hidden charges.

 I would 100% recommend it.

• Door-to-door by air

• on the road

• from the sea

• By plane

Air transport services for Kenya.

Air freight charges to airports in Kenya.


Lowest price)

Mombasa (MBA)

£8.50 per kilo

Nairobi (NBO)

£ 8.50 a kilo

All shipments by air are subject to a UK security and administration charge in addition to carriage costs.

The charges is up to our Nairobi warehouse.. 

It includes clearing from Kenya custom such as terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, survey, quarantine or inspection fees, import duties, taxes or warehousing fees.

The recipient must pay any charges incurred at the destination upon collection. These fees are determined locally, where we have no financial influence or interest in them.

UK Kenya shipping has been shipping to Kenya for many years. If you have questions or would be like for the further advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Air transport in Kenya – important information

• All quotes are subject to your parcels’ final weight and dimensions.

• All parcels must be packed securely for transport before collection.

• Your packages must not contain prohibited items, hazardous or dangerous goods, or valuables.

• The above quote is exclusive of insurance.

• All business follows the UK Kenya shipping standard trading conditions (latest edition). Copies are available upon Request.

Air transport in Kenya – country-specific requirements

• A complete English postal inventory is required for shipping to Kenya from the United Kingdom.

Marine transport services in Kenya.

Shipping charges to Kenya


first cubic meter

Each additional cubic meter

Mombasa seaport.

£ 8.50

Please note that all sea shipments have a minimum charge of one cubic meter.

The above charges only apply until arrival at the port/depot. They do not include any costs you may incur in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, survey, quarantine or inspection fees, import duties, taxes or warehousing fees.

The recipient must pay any charges incurred at the destination upon collection. The locals determine these fees, and we have no financial influence or interest in them.

UK Kenya shipping has been shipping to Kenya for many years. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want further advice.

Shipping to Kenya – Important information

• All quotes are subject to your parcels’ final weight and dimensions.

• All parcels must be packed securely for transport before collection.

• Your packages must not contain prohibited items, hazardous or dangerous goods, or valuables.

• The above quote is exclusive of insurance.

• Our prices are reviewed regularly and are subject to change without notice.

• All business follows the UK Kenya shipping standard trading conditions (latest edition). Copies are available upon Request.

Marine transport in Kenya – country-specific requirements

• A complete English postal inventory is required for shipping to Kenya from the United Kingdom.

We are able to provide a road freight service to the destination.

Please select UK Kenya shipping freight service.

We offer door-to-door service for this destination.


We regularly ship goods to Kenya by air. Air freight costs and other necessary shipping information are under the “Air Freight Services” tab.


 We can ship goods of any size to and from kenya safely and reliably.

Visit our Request to a Quote page to receive a personalized quote for your business. 

You can find more information about the freight services we offer businesses on our business logistics.


The cost of shipping to Kenya from the United Kingdom depends on the shipping method and the size and weight of the packages.

Postage to Kenya from the UK.

All shipments by air are subject to a £8.50 per kilo on goods below 20 kgs and £7.70 + £25 handling charge on goods above 21kg

At Uk kenya shipping there is no hidden costs and the customer can pay once the goods arrive at your destination and pay conveniently by Bank transfer or M-PESA



It takes about 2 to 3 working days to ship via air freight from the UK to Kenya.


• Personalized service.

• Competitive prices.

• Fast transit times, with deliveries taking days instead of weeks.

• All packages are wrapped in plastic for added security.


You must know local import restrictions when shipping to Kenya from the United Kingdom. For more information on import restrictions for Kenya, visit the Kenyan Revenue Agency website.

Stringent rules govern what goods you can and cannot ship across international borders. 

Before shipping, please check that your items are either classified as “dangerous” or “valuable” goods. Many everyday items are classified as “dangerous” goods for air transport, such as cell phone and laptop batteries, perfume and deodorant containers.

 See our dangerous goods page for more information.


How long it takes to ship goods from the UK to Kenya?

When shipping by air, it usually takes about a week.

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Kenya from the UK?

For most people who only have a few boxes or suitcases to ship, air freight as the cheapest option.

How much does it cost to send a package to Kenya?

The final cost depends on the packages’ number, weight and size and shipping method. You can view our rates and our services  unto UK Kenya shipping company.

Which companies ship to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping offers convenient services for shipments to Kenya from the UK. 

With more years of experience in freight for transporting goods to destinations worldwide, your belongings are in good hands with us.

We provide a tailor-made service for people to ship parcels, belongings, excess baggage, luggage or cargo of any size to Kenya safely and reliably.

Tips for cheap shipping from the UK to Kenya

Shipping Tips

The first step for a successful shipping from the United Kingdom to Kenya it identify the lowest shipping costs. Meanwhile, As the cheapest shipping method that you can sometimes always use.

 Finding a good and reliable freight forwarder like UK Kenya shipping Salihiya Cargo & Shipping Agency is essential, that performance in Africa can be erratic at times.

The following are tips that will help you ship to Kenya as cheaply, efficiently and successfully as possible:

Report fragile items.

Be sure you are able to notify the shipper of any fragile products before transportation. This may increase shipping costs, but the goods should arrive at the customer’s door.

Offer shipping options.

It’s essential to provide customers with accurate shipping alternatives during checkout. Customers can decide whether to save money or pay more for faster delivery or insurance.

Indicate your return policy.

Make it easy for your customers to read and apply your return policy if they are unsatisfied with the delivery.

Describe your return procedure.

Make it easy for customers to read and use your returns policy if dissatisfied with the delivery.

Compare prices:

Finding the cheapest shipping method from Kenya can be challenging. But be assured of UK Kenya shipping offers the best services and it the cheapest courier service. Where we compare the prices of the delivery times in different shippers. They offer the best ideal for you and your customers.

Determine taxes and duties.

To calculate the total shipping cost for both you and your customers, please refer to UK Kenya shipping customer service by texting or calling on WhatsApp +447487554202 allows you to offer the flexible and convenient delivery to options that aren’t Simplified in shipping.

 You can quickly find the lowest prices and the cheapest shipping in Kenya with the help of an all-in-one freight forwarding company like the UK Kenya shipping. Plus, it automatically displays to these accurate real-time prices at checkout unto the drive and many more on sales.


Finding the cheapest shipping method to Kenya can be challenging. Please compare the carriers. Considerations such as package size, import taxes, and customer delivery expectations must be considered.

 We recognize the volume of shipment you may want to ship and that is why we as ,UK Kenya shipping are here to help you.

Send a parcel to Kenya

Parcel shipping to Kenya from just £ 8.50

Parcel delivery in Nairobi

Parcel delivery in Mombasa.

Shipping to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping makes the shipping to Kenya from the UK to be quick and easy. 

Not only do we help you find the cheapest shipping options for all your needs, but we also partner with the best Kenyan couriers that ensure you get pocket-friendly prices and the fastest delivery times.

Whether you’re sending gifts, a small package or a large shipment of goods to Kenya, UK Kenya shipping offers a wide range that is fast and affordable for delivery options that suit to any budget. 

We offer £8.50 free cover on every shipment* and door-to-door tracking. So, with UK Kenya shipping, your parcel is in good hands.

The difference between UK Kenya shipping

• Compare carriers – Save up to 60%

• Parcel tracking in real time.

• £8.50 free full coverage*

Our courier in Kenya Services

Door-to-door delivery

• Express or economy international shipping

• Large and heavy deliverers.

Track every shipment and we will send you an email once delivered same-day pickup, door-to-door delivery. Delivery up to 220 country of the world send with trust

We exchange the approved standards and to £8.50 free cover on each shipment. Compare the prices of the best Kenyan couriers.Use our price comparison calculator to compare the rates of top Kenyan couriers.

UK Kenya shipping has just had over the last periods that built solid and lasting relationships, which means we can offer the best Kenyan fares, with savings of up to 60% when you book direct.

1. Get an instant online quote for shipping to Kenya.

2. Compare the low prices of the best couriers.

3. Select Express Fast Delivery or Low-Cost Economy Delivery.

Kenya Shipping costs

With UK Kenya shipping, you can get what you see. Our great prices include all applicable fees, so there are no surprises. 

Our rates are low, we’re cheaper than regular mail, and you know your package will be delivered safely and quickly.

Check out our prices for popular African destinations:

It doesn’t matter if you’re sending a pallet, a large or small package, or airmail only; UK Kenya shipping makes the finding about the courier that is easy and which that can offer the perfect option for your budget, and UK Kenya shipping offer more than just shipping to Kenya – you can also use our import services to send from Kenya to the United Kingdom.

 We can even collect your parcel on the same day from many locations in Kenya.

Shipping to Kenya from the UK

Express – Delivery within 2 to 3 days

Economical – Delivery within 4/6 days

Ship from Kenya to the UK

Express – Delivery within 2 to 3 days

Economical – Delivery within just few days

express delivery

Fast delivery in 3-4 days

Morning Delivery

Cheap shipping to Kenya

Economy delivery within a given days

Customs in Kenya

Any package entering Kenya must clear customs before it can enter. Anything shipped to Kenya from the UK or any other country it will be subjected to import duties and taxes when crossing the border.

 There are no import duties or tax exemptions for any package.

It is essential to correct and complete the customs documents that UK Kenya shipping generates during the booking process – all of this is necessary for your parcels to clear customs when shipped to Kenya

Be sure to include a complete description of your belongings and their value.

  • Collection and delivery
  • mail collection

Once you book, you can expect us to collect your parcel from most locations in the UK and Kenya on the same day.

However, this isn’t the case if you’re sending a large package; for parcels over 50 kg or over 180 cm, it is necessary to book at least 24 hours in advance and help your courier load the shipment at the time of collection.

If you are shipping a pallet or an item that requires a tail lift or pallet truck, please get in touch with our customer service team before collection.

Delivery to Kenya

Unless you have chosen to ship with one of our delivery services, UK Kenya shipping will deliver your order. 

If the first delivery attempts the unsuccessful, we will make two more attempts, after which the packages will be returned.

Some couriers we work with, such as UK Kenya shipping,UPS, may leave a package in a secure location without a signature being required. 

If you require any proof of the shipment delivery, please use the ‘Signature Required’ upgrade option on our ‘Selected Service Page’.

Read more about collection and delivery in Kenya.

Please check Kenyan public holidays, as we are unable to deliver.

Track your shipment to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping priority is to ensure our customers get the best prices with excellent service, so we offer door-to-door tracking on every order. 

It means you can keep an eye on your parcel throughout the shipping process, and in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you know the exactly what’s going on.

And to ensure you get everything necessary, UK Kenya shipping will email you if there’s a delay. To track the delivery of your parcel, enter your parcel tracking number into our tracking tool.

Find out more about tracking your Kenyan parcel.

Send gifts to Kenya

There is no gift allowance for import duties and taxes when sending a gift to Kenya. 

It means that even if the item you send is a gift, the recipient still has to pay duties and taxes before the packages to clears it customs. However, it indicate that the box is a gift and is still essential.

Ensure you do not ship your gifts wrapped, as they will be discarded during customs clearance

Also, note that your donation must be declared as such, but your documentation must specify the exact nature of the content.

Large parcel and air transport to Kenya.

Send parcels with a maximum length or a maximum weight of 1000kg with UK Kenya shipping

If you need to ship a large or heavy package to Kenya by air, UK Kenya shipping can find you a great ideal with a courier you can rely on. 

Make sure you book at least 24 hours in advance and try to be there to help if your courier needs any kind of help loading or unloading your shipment.

Send food to Kenya

Nothing beats the taste of home, even when surrounded by Kenya’s beautiful sights and sounds. 

Food is also a popular gift, so follow UK Kenya shipping simple advice, and you can send food to Kenya worry-free.

So whether you’re shipping food to Nairobi or sending a gift to Mombasa, UK Kenya shipping makes shipping food to Kenya easy.

What can you send

Non-perishable foods

• Store the purchased foods with an expiration date of over six months.

•  Items must be in the original manufacturer’s in packaging and unopened.

•  Food labels must list all ingredients.

•  The expiration date must be indicated on the package and Examples of perishable foods:

  • Crisps and savory foods, Chocolates and sweets, Preserves, Herbs and spices in airtight containers, Tea bags, Jams and other preserves.

What you can’t send

perishable foods

A. Foods with a shelf life of less than six months.

 B. Homemade foods or foods not in the original manufacturer’s packaging.

 C. Foods that may deteriorate in transit.

 D. Food products in open packages.

 E. Foods that do not have an ingredient food label.

Prepare your package

It is a long journey for your parcels on their way to Kenya, and they will be handled by man and machine many times during the shipping process, so this means that your goods must be adequately be packed to ensure that your shipment makes the long journey as it started.

If you want your goods to arrive safely, there are three essential parts of the packaging process to consider:


Use a new box containing the items you’re shipping and the packaging you’ll need to keep it safe. 

Used boxes may seem sturdy but can break or get crushed during shipping. If the contents weigh more than 10kg, use a double-walled tube.


Wrap your items and add another layer of wrapping around them so they don’t move inside the box and are at least from the sides. A quick shake should show if your goods are safe.


Triple-wrapped with heavy-duty tape, covering all the corners and seams. Ensure the shipping label is the only thing on your box and that it’s attached so it won’t fall out during shipping.

Can I send food to Kenya?

Yes, you can ship food to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping. However, there are several essential rules for shipping food internationally that you need to remember: 

All food shipped must be stored and been bought and have a shelf life. Homemade food cannot be sent.

Who charges customs fees?

If customs and import duties are applied to any shipment, this will be done by Kenya Customs as part of the customs clearance process. UK Kenya shipping has control over this part of the shipping process.

Is there anything I can’t ship to Kenya?

Yes, there are goods you cannot ship to Kenya. Some goods, such as perfume and cologne, are not carried by courier – you can see what UK Kenya shipping does not carry in the list of prohibited and restricted items. 

Similarly, Kenya has its list of items it would prefer to avoid being brought into the country. 

In this case, the list of restricted goods is covered by two sections – the second and third annexes.

Do I have to pay import duties and taxes when sending my luggage to Kenya?

Yes. At Uk kenya shipping our price include all taxes so sit back and relax as we pay the custom duties on your behalf.

Do I have to pay extra to send a gift to Kenya?

No. There is no exemption for gifts shipped to Kenya, which means they are treated as a standard parcel and, therefore, subject to import duties and taxes as usual.

Why shop with UK Kenya shipping?

UK Kenya shipping has built a reputation for excellence and outstanding customer service over the decades where we have been in the courier industry, and we pride ourselves on offering the best price without compromising on service.

 That’s why we offer free door-to-door at the best rates in the industry. At Uk kenya shipping we understand how communication is important, we understand the trouble of having no idea where your package is, as result we provide our customers 24/7 customer support no logistics company can attest to that.

Can I ship very bulky items to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping?

Yes, UK Kenya shipping offers airfreight and pallet delivery services that can handle shipments up to 1,000kg.

 And if your parcels are more minor, our large and heavy services can ship packages up to 270 cm long and up to 70kg in weight.

Which couriers can I find on UK Kenya shipping?

We only work with the world’s most reliable couriers, covering over 220 countries worldwide, with rates up to 60% cheaper than booking direct. Our delivery partners are UK Kenya shipping, DHL, DPD, FedEx, TNT and UPS.

Can I use UK Kenya shipping to ship the items?

As long as you’re not shipping prohibited items, UK Kenya shipping is excellent for the online stores. Use the shipping calculator to find a deep shipping discount for your listing.

Does UK Kenya shipping offer a professional shipping service?

UK Kenya shipping works with many companies that help them in delivery on their shipping promises. Our sales are in department that offers an additional discounts with excellent support in the UK. 

Does delivery time vary in remote areas of Kenya?

Whether you are shipping to the Mount Elgon area, Machakos County, Kendu Bay or Managua, shipping to remote parts of Kenya may take a few more days. 

However, UK Kenya shipping consider this when providing your quote and confirming a specific delivery date, depending on where you ship to.

Plan Comparison.

• Complaints information

 • Prohibited Items

 • Wage exclusions

 Send a parcel to Kenya

From £8.50

Save time and money by shipping to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping

You can find the cheapest way to send a package to Kenya by comparing prices and booking a discount courier through our courier price comparison service.

Fee for sending a parcel to Kenya

Here are some examples of prices for sending a package to Kenya. We have many options, so for a personalized quote, please enter the weight of your item in the quote box below.

UK Kenya shipping.

Take between 2 to 3 days.

£ 8.50

Buy now

All collected.

Global Priority Deposit

Deposit between 4-7 days.


Buy now

Global Priority

Deposit between 4-7 days.


Buy now

Global priority deposit at deposit

Deposit between 4-7 days.


Information used to send a parcel to Kenya

As e-commerce is used to mobile devices so as to expand it across the globe, so does the need for reliable courier services to handle goods. 

With big names, couriers can charge high prices, so UK Kenya shipping aim to provide customers who book online through our quote engine with the best courier services at the best prices.

UK Kenya shipping help thousands of customers to book a delivery service every day, not only for goods purchased online but also for gifts, personal effects and more. It is why the couriers we work with offer us lower offers than a single sender could get directly.

Kenya is a growing e-commerce market, so if you’d like to ship an item to this destination, ensure you get an accurate quote with our simple quote tool.

Which couriers can I book online to send my package to Kenya?

Offer a range of low-cost courier services so you can ship a package with full tracking at a great price.

If you are looking for the cheapest way to ship a package there, our UK Kenya shipping courier services will suit your needs.

 Slightly slower than an Express option but perfect for those on a budget or for graces that aren’t urgent or urgent. The convenient services they offer include UK Kenya shipping.

The other convenient service we have is UK Kenya shipping, a product created to break down the boundaries of cross-border shipping in the e-commerce world. 

You can book these online via our quoting engine for under £8.50, and your parcel will be delivered in 2 to 3 days.

Cheapest express delivery

I will find the best service in the world with UK Kenya shipping Air Express service. 

It is a fully tracked service, delivering your parcel in three days to cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, and the rest of the country.

UK Kenya shipping collects The parcel from a home or work address if the goods are large, then get sorted and shipped via a freight forwarder to Heathrow. They are then sent back to the sender by UK Kenya shipping.

Now this service is hugely popular as you can have it for just £8.50 at the time of writing, and it’s an Air Express service that takes just a day two to three shorter than DHL, but at half the price! This product lets you ship large or bulky boxes and save even more.

 A weighed bags costs just £8.50, with a UK Kenya shipping Express service costing. Of course, we offer UK Kenya shipping Air Express and have global coverage, so that we can help our customers to ship all over Africa. Our discounted rate with them starts from £8.50 and delivers within two to three days.

UK Kenya shipping is the courier where we handle the parcels out of the UK, their Priority to International service starts at £8.50, and you can opt for collection from home or work or leave your property at your local Post Office with a prepaid label card printed and attached from our website.

How to get a quote?

Saving on parcel shipping has always been challenging. We can find various courier services to suit your delivery time and expectations and in the budget within seconds. 

Enter the package size into the quote engine and the destination you want to ship to. Then choose a courier to deliver the goods. 

Once you choose this option, you can set a pickup day for the courier, and we’ll sort the customs form into an easy-to-complete booking process, so you’ll be able to understand the process step-by-step in minutes. 

We will send you the shipping labels and customs documents for you to print and to the box.

What are the import restrictions?

While some countries struggle to distinguish precisely which products can and cannot be shipped across their borders, Kenya publishes a clear and easy-to-understand list of prohibited and restricted imports.

 This list is made available by their tax authorities

Prohibited items include counterfeit currency, pornography, certain types of matches, certain essential oils, narcotics, certain industrial and agricultural chemicals, hazardous waste, and counterfeit goods.

In addition to the prohibited products, there are restrictions on other types of imports. These restrictions apply unto the shipments containing:

• wild traps,

• precious metals or rough gemstones,

• different types of weapons,

• ammunition,

• bone,

• horn,

• ivory from different types of game,

• coral,

• natural sponges,

• endangered plants,

• genetically modified products and manufactured goods.

The complete and informative list of Kenyan restrictions can be found here.

Useful information

Everything shipped must comply with the labelling laws administered by the Kenya Bureau of Standards

As the UK is a vital trading partner, the appropriate accreditation can be obtained locally. Kenya grants two British companies in the license to inspect the products and issue the proper certificates for importThe main objective of this program is to ensure that no substandard products enter the country.

Aside from these requirements, Kenya remains to be relatively open and easy to work with, especially for strong trading partners like the UKThe country has a strong relationship with British companies, both in terms of imports and investments. It makes importing here which relatively easy.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international services.Our team will be happy to answer any question you may have and guide you through  the process.


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