How is aluminum shipped?


The strength, lightweight, and durability of aluminum make it an attractive and economical material for constructing freight containers.Uk kenya shipping helps in shipping from the UK to Kenya.

Aluminum is the predominant material in unit loads, the containers used to load baggage, cargo, and mail onto widebody and specific narrowbody aircraft. In this case, lightweight and durability are key features, along with corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand impact and potential blast forces.

Even when UK Kenya ships ship containers, using aluminum instead of a heavier traditional material, such as steel, can increase carrying capacity while reducing weight and transportation costs.

Aluminum has also proven to be an effective material for the construction of cargo holds, including insulated cargo holds, as it does not react with food and other organic contents of the shipment; it is non-abrasive, so it will not damage the grout; it is easy to clean after each load has been unloaded and can be quickly bonded with insulating material.

How is aluminium exported?


After UK Kenya shipping chooses your export product, if aluminum items and export samples are sent, the payment terms and delivery terms will be agreed upon with your overseas buyer and other terms, and a proforma invoice will be issued. You receive an export order for aluminum and aluminum items and a purchase order from your overseas buyer.

The payment terms of your export contract can be advance payment, documents against DA acceptance, DAP documents against payment or L.C. letter of credit, and the delivery terms for your export of aluminium and aluminium articles can be EX-Works, FOB, CFR, CIF, DAP, DDP or other Incoterms.

Through your bank, you can arrange export financing for packing before shipment, creditor after shipment, and financing against export orders for aluminium and aluminium articles. We as UK Kenya shipping can purchase insurance against credit risk and other risks associated with exporting aluminium and aluminium items.

After Quality Control (Q.C.),UK Kenya shipping enhance proper packing and will be arranged with palletizing or bagging if required. The container type is determined if the export of aluminium and aluminium articles is on an FCL basis; otherwise, LCL if the shipping mode of aluminium and aluminium articles is by UK Kenya shipping sea transport.

The export invoice, packing list, certificate of origin (GSP – Generalized Preference System) and other documents are prepared based on the purchase order or L.C. for the aluminium and aluminium articles export. Upon completion of export clearance by the exporter or its customs agent, a bill of lading or AWB is issued by the carrier, if it is a broker, HAWB or HBL.

Documents for the export of aluminium and aluminium articles are discounted, UK Kenya shipping arrange for collection or negotiated if the export of aluminium and aluminium articles is done based on a letter of credit.


About the Aluminum Federation

The Aluminum Federation is the trade association representing the interests of the aluminium industry in the U.K. Working closely with European Aluminum and the International Aluminum Institute, and it acts as a point of contact between the aluminium industry and its many stakeholders.



Tecalum specializes in the production of aluminum products for the industrial sector. Our vision of the future and our experience allow us to offer products adapted to the needs of each customer: transforming ideas into products. But UK Kenya shipping helps the company to ship the aluminum product to kenya from the UK.


We have the experience we have gained over decades in manufacturing aluminum parts.


Thanks to their design and concept, the projects are managed so that the final products acquire value in the market.

We design and manufacture products for the transportation industry, aluminum interiors, industrial machinery and equipment, signage, renewable energy, and more.



UK Kenya shipping is one of the largest suppliers of aluminium products.

Aluminum interior

This sector encompasses various applications ranging from commercial installations and interior decoration to general interiors.

Machinery – Industrial Equipment

In the industrial field, aluminum applications are also found in parts where the following properties are sought; lightweight, heat dissipation, conductivity, and the ability to quickly fabricate materials of different shapes and sizes.UK Kenya shipping ship the machine.

Renewable energy sources

Our aluminum products are used in solar power structures, solar panels, frames, and more.

Other markets

Aluminium products can be used in all sectors of the industrial market.



With an extensive fleet of 1400 x 45 swap bodies that can be rear, double-sided, or top-loaded, we as UK Kenya shipping offer some of the best transport solutions for the steel and aluminum industries, connecting the UK to the rest of Europe.

Sheets, coils, tubes, and steel bars can be quickly loaded into our swap bodies. Our UK-Kenya shipping is an intermodal transport solution that brings efficiency to your supply chain and offers some of the most competitive delivery times.

We currently serve UK, Germany, and kenya.


Import:  UK Kenya Shipping is one of the largest companies that import aluminum goods to Kenya. It imports many of aluminum ore, making it the world’s largest importer. In the same year, aluminum ore was Kenya’s most imported commodity. Kenya imports aluminum ore mainly from various countries in the world.

The fastest-growing aluminum ore import market for Kenya.


Guide to the transport of aluminum goods.

Need help shipping aluminum by a truck?

Find out how a strategic transportation partner like UK Kenya shipping will help you move this versatile metal.

As one of the most used versatile metals in the world, aluminum in its form before being processed into other products is a prevalent element that is valuable for many different forms of production. All businesses should be very concerned about the transportation of aluminium goods, as unfinished or finished products can be damaged if not handled properly.

Transporting aluminum goods can be done in a number of ways – by use of a UK Kenya shipping truck or train – and fortunately, it’s not a highly complex process. The main thing to fix is to ensure you can get it here, not corroded by moisture or completely broken, and your business can thrive with the metal all around.

Different shapes and properties of aluminum

aluminum was once considered a more valuable precious metal than silver because it was complicated to extract. However, advances in mining technology allowed the naturally occurring element to be recovered in much more significant quantities in the early years. Today, it is one of the most ubiquitous metals used for a wide variety of different things.

UK Kenya shipping ships the Aluminium that is used in one form or another in every construction, while airplanes and automobile parts are often made from this material. From cans to aluminum foil, kitchen utensils to window frames, aluminum is the metal of choice for many products, and for good reason.

The many beneficial properties of aluminium ensure that it is widely used:

• Low flammability and flammability

• Sustainable

Malleable, makes work easier

• Ductile, meaning it can be easily molded into many different shapes, including wire

• Non-magnetic

• Can conduct electricity and heat

• Reflects radiation

• Can be formed in an alloy to increase strength

• Stainless steel

With the prevalence of metal and its many favorable properties, it’s no wonder it’s a popular craft product.

Are you looking for a solution to move loads by truck?

UK Kenya shipping handles truck shipments. Let us know when, and we as UK Kenya shipping will take care of the rest.

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Shipping of aluminum goods with a 3PL

Now that you know what not to do when shipping aluminum cargo, let’s look at the characteristics of what to look for in a third-party logistics service provider (3PL). UK Kenya Shipping is a  company that deals with many aspects of the transport, handling, and final delivery of your precious cargo, so you want to know as much as possible.

For example, a good 3PL company will be set up with good communication tools at every process stage. 

From planning the movement of your cargo to having processes that allow you to view the location of your shipment as it moves across the country to excellent and readily available customer service for even the smallest of questions, you shouldn’t feel in the dark.

Also, look at the total value of what is being offered.

 Sometimes the cheapest rate among shippers like UK Kenya shipping could be better for what you’re trying to achieve. Look at the different fees and also what is involved. You want the most for your money, of course, but you also want to avoid anything unexpected because you are utterly obsessed with the cost of transportation. 

Also, time is money. In this regard, a 3PL company’s timely delivery habits should be considered. The company should be able to provide data on how often their shipments are delayed from the agreed delivery date.

There are many things to consider when deciding which aluminum to buy, but as you can, it’s just as important to analyze who will send you the metal.


According to the United Nations COMTRADE international trade database, Kenya’s aluminum exports totaled. UK Kenya Shipping is one of the Kenyan companies Export Aluminium Data, We as UK Kenya Shipping ship for its customer at a cheap cost to kenya from the UK.


The best aluminum companies in Kenya

Looking for the best aluminum in Kenya?

Find a list of the best aluminum companies in Kenya in our business directory. The best aluminum companies near me.

UK Kenya Shipping Ltd

UK Kenya shipping ltd company are exporter of rolled aluminum for households and institutions. UK Kenya Shipping was established in a few years ago and is one of the best companies in Kenya. The company made history…

Duff Engineering Limited

Duff Engineering Limited is the perfect powder coating partner in Nairobi. We are painters for steel and aluminum. Contact us for powder coating of furniture such as metal chairs, tables, 

The Glass Shop

The Glass Shop is a family business with decades of experience passed down from generation to generation. We are the ‘one-stop shop’ for all things glass in Nairobi, surrounding areas, and Kenya

Smart Glass Industries Ltd

Smart Glass Industries Limited is a new emerging company specializing in various types of glass. We are laminated glass processors and can process bulletproof glass from 6mm to 50mm.

Modern Windows Ltd.

MCL is the leading distributor of aluminum profiles and related products in Kenya, with an extensive distribution network in the East African region and a wide range of products and logistics services.

Volex Engineering Solutions B.V.

Volex Engineering Solutions Ltd is a renowned access control company in Kenya engaged in the production and automation of gates and rolling shutters, aluminum structures, barriers, and bollards.


Aluminum import permit.

(a) In general.

 UK Kenya shipping import of aluminum raw materials is subject to import licensing requirements imposed by the U.K. Department of Commerce. These products are listed on the Aluminum Import Monitoring and Analysis (AIM) System website.

Registered users can obtain aluminum import licenses on the AIM system website. This website contains two sections related to import permits: the online registration system and the automatic issuance system for aluminum import permits.

This section states that aluminum import permits must be provided to the UK. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The information gathered from these licenses is aggregated and published on the import tracking section of the AIM System website.

UK Kenya shipping offers a single license that may cover multiple products if certain license information (e.g. importer, exporter, manufacturer, and to country of origin) remains the same. However, if the information differs, aluminum imported under the same heading requires separate licenses.

Therefore, the same customs declaration may require several aluminum import licenses. The applicable authorizations must cover the total amount of imported aluminum and contain the same information as on the customs form.

(b) Consumption Reservations.

UK Kenya shipping allows all consumable items of covered aluminum products, with the exceptions described in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this section, to require import clearance before the presentation of Entry Summary Documents or their electronic equivalent to Customs.

The license number(s) must appear on the import declaration (Customs Form 7501) or its electronic equivalent at the time of submission. Submitting physical copies of license forms when summarizing your registration is unnecessary. However, UK-Kenya shipping documents should be kept following standard customs requirements.

Abstracts submitted with the required license numbers will be considered complete and subject to penalty for failing to meet the assurance requirement of timely completion of entry.

c) Entry into the free zone.

All shipments of covered aluminum products to an accessible location (FTZ), known as an FTZ permit, require an import license before submitting FTZ permit documents or electronic equivalents. The Application for Authorization and Free Zone Designation (Modulo Doganale 214) must indicate the authorization number/s at the time of submission. 

It is optional to provide physical copies of license forms upon admission to the ZLS; however, copies should be kept following standard customs requirements. FTZ admission to documents submitted without the required license numbers will not be considered complete. It will be subject to damages for violating the bond condition requiring timely completion of admission. 

The aluminum license to enter the free zone is valid, and no new permit is required for consumer import shipments from zones to trade in the United States.

(d) Informal Contributions.

No import license is required for informal imports of covered aluminum products, such as goods valued that are at less.

 This exemption applies only to informal entries; aluminum imports worth less than that are part of a formal offering require a permit.

(e) Other non-consumable items.

UK Kenya shipping offers Import licenses that are required for imports under temporary bond (TIB), import transport and export (T&E), or bonded imports. 

Covered aluminum products removed from a bonded warehouse for consumption require authorization during this section’s entry summary by paragraph (b).


What is an aluminium profile?

Aluminum profiles are products created from aluminum alloys that are transformed into shaped objects through extrusion. Aluminum’s unique combination of physical characteristics is mainly dependent on this process. Aluminum extrusions are used in various fields because this metal is: solid and stable.

An aluminum profile or extrusion, also known as an “aluminum frame,” is made using the extrusion process and comes in various textures, colors, and clarity.

• What types of aluminum profiles are there?

                           Predefined profiles

                           Special profiles

                           Custom profiles

• Why choose Profile?

UK Kenya shipping ships Aluminium profiles from the UK to Kenya which are products created from aluminum alloys that are transformed into shaped objects through extrusion. Aluminum’s unique combination of physical characteristics is mainly dependent on this process.

Aluminum extrusions are used in various fields because this metal:

• Solid and stable

Malleable – can be quickly melted and worked

• A good conductor

• Non-magnetic

• Recyclable many times without loss of integrity

As a result, aluminum is used in increasing manufacturing needs, including producing components for international space stations and nuclear power plants.

 Types of aluminum profiles

At Profall, we as UK Kenya shipping are specialized in the total or partial customization of extruded aluminum profiles. There are innumerable types. However, it is more convenient to divide them into two main categories:

• Standard profiles

• Special profiles

Each aluminum extrusion profile is available in various dimensions and can be made with different aluminum alloys depending on the destination.


UK Kenya shipping Import of certain aluminum products into Kenya is subject to controls under the Kenyan Export and Import Permit Act (EIPA). Below you will find information about handling Kenyan import controls for these products. The importer notification includes explicitly the policies and practices governing the administration of these controls.

Notice to importers

 Notice to importers – General Import Authorization n. 83 – Aluminum products – SER 969

More information

  1. News Release
  2. Steel and aluminum

Contact us


When UK Kenya shipping ships the following are expected, export invoice, packing list, certificate of origin (GSP – Generalized Preference System), and other documents are prepared based on the purchase order or L.C. for importing aluminum and aluminum articles.


View aluminum and its articles export details, aluminum and its articles export price, date, H.S. codes, quantity, origin port in Kenya, destination countries, etc.

Get aluminum and its UK Kenya shipping details online and get the aluminum and its export assistance with our UK Kenya shipping trade experts will ship to the port . Aluminium and its articles export documentation, aluminum and its articles export prices, aluminum, and its articles shipping costs, etc.

Aluminum and Aluminum Articles Export Facts and Information:

• The total aluminum export and its articles to Mombasa in the past few days.

Increase your aluminum exports and its articles with stable access to working capital through our export finance solutions at UK Kenya shipping.


• According to Kenyan import data from UK Kenya shipping, the number of aluminium extrusions imported into Kenya was 243, imported by 33 Kenyan importers from 41 suppliers.

• Kenya imports most aluminum extrusions from the UK to Kenya.

• The top 3 importers of aluminum extrusions are the UK with 49,925 shipments, followed by kenya with 25,545 and Germany in 3rd place with 7,249 shipments.

• Top 3 categories of aluminum extrusion products imported into Kenya.

1. HSN Code 82072000: 82072000

2. 82079090 HSN Code: 82079090

3. 7604210000 HSN Code: 7604210000

These facts are as of Jun. 12, 2023. They are based on UK Kenya shipping Aluminum Extrusion import from 70 countries, export and import shipments with names of buyers, suppliers, and critical decision makers contact details such as direct, phone, email, and LinkedIn profiles.


Kenya: Aluminum Market Size of Kenya Aluminum Market, after a few years of growth, the Kenyan aluminum market suffered a decline, with value declining -1.3%. In general, consumption showed a marked decrease.

 During the reporting period, the market peaked at $X; however, consumption was slightly lower. UK Kenya shipping ship the Aluminium. Then exported to Kenya exports, aluminum exports abroad increased by 119% to 2000 tons for the first time, ending a three-year downward trend. Overall, exports recorded a significant increase. 

The most notable growth rate was recorded when exports increased by 131%. During the reporting period, exports peaked in tons; , exports remained at a lower level. In value, aluminum exports reached $X. 

Overall, exports continue to show marked expansion. The most notable growth rate was recorded, with a 165% increase. Exports peaked at $X; however, exports were slightly lower. The most significant increases were recorded for the UK (with a CAGR of 0.0%), while shipments for the other leaders recorded a decline.

 Regarding value, UK ($X) has become Kenya’s most significant foreign market for aluminum exports, accounting for 36% of total exports.


UK Kenya Shipping they do ship the Aluminum Bar Market Size During the reporting period, the total consumption has shown resilient growth, increasing its value at a CAGR of +5.6% over the past years. 

However, the trend model indicated some notable fluctuations during the analyzed period. Based on data, consumption decreased by -13.5% compared to other indices. Aluminum rod consumption peaked; however, the consumption remained lower.

 Production of Aluminum Rods in Kenya In terms of value, the output of aluminum rods increased, estimated in the export price. Overall, total work has shown resilient growth, increasing its value at an average annual rate of +5.7% over the past years.

 However, the trend model indicated some notable fluctuations during the analyzed period. Based on  data, production decreased by -12.6% compared to previous indices. 

The most notable growth rate, with an increase of 34% compared to the previous year. Aluminum rod production peaked at $X.Aluminum Bar Export Kenya Export, after two years of growth, overseas shipments of Aluminum bars, rods, and profiles decreased as their volume decreased by -0.4% to 2000 tons. 


Aluminum ingot in Kenya

Ametro Sarl is the leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Aluminum Ingots in Kenya; Metro is a top player in the industry and is globally known as the leader in Aluminum Ingots in Kenya due to the high-quality materials used and the equipment used to ensure flawless delivery of the products to the end users. In this case, UK Kenya shipping helps the company to ship to other countries.

The proper selection of raw materials for aluminum ingots says a lot about the company and makes a first impression. We specialize in manufacturing high-quality aluminum ingots in Kenya as we use cutting-edge and innovative technology to save the environment by diligently dealing with waste materials.

 The production uses a fibrous raw material with renewable energy generated by pulping the rubble.

We respect and follow the country’s laws in all circumstances and assume our social responsibility with sincerity and honesty. We at UK Keny Shipping prioritize our employees’ safety, protection, and improvement because they are our most valuable assets.

 We as UK Keny Shipping have a team of dedicated professionals with expertise and extensive experience. Customer-oriented approach, time and quality management, and logistics are our strengths.


What is Aluminum Scrap?

Aluminum scrap is often classified as “new scrap” from manufacturing processes and “old scrap” from post-consumer use. New waste is created during the production of aluminum semi-finished and finished products. Old junk refers to products that are collected after disposal by consumers.


Looking for high-quality aluminum scrap from reliable exporters, manufacturers, and suppliers in Kenya? Search no more! UK Kenya shipping, the largest B2B platform, offers an unrivaled selection of aluminum scrap options, including Industrial Aluminum Scrap, High-Quality Aluminum Wire Scrap, Aluminum/UBC Wheel Scrap, and many more.

Product details

We at UK Kenya Shipping are one of the leading traders, exporters, and suppliers of a wide range of Aluminum Scrap. Various industries widely demand this scrap metal range for high-quality aluminum products.

 We source all of this waste from the most reputable sellers on the market. The offered range of scrap is known to our clients for its durability, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and toughness. Furthermore, we as UK Kenya shipping offer these scrap aluminum at the most affordable prices.

 These products must be sourced from trusted and certified vendors to ensure quality and durability. The clients highly appreciate our offered range for its high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, recyclability, and durability.

 To ensure quality and error-free, our quality controllers rigorously test the entire range on different kinds various parameters. We offer these handy leftovers in different designs at very competitive prices.

Our dedication and commitment to quality have earned us a position as reputable suppliers and exporters of aluminum scrap. These scraps are procured from the leading supplier on the market after strict quality controls.

 After the purchase, our employees separate unwanted materials and dust from the garbage. Available in different quantities, our customers can use these scraps as per their requirements at the most economical prices. With the support of our UK Kenya shipping logistics personnel, we deliver this aluminum scrap to our customers’ destinations within a specified time.

Aluminum scrap is used for recycling due to its optimal usage, highly competitive price, lightweight, corrosion resistance, and strength. 

Aluminum is generally about one-third the weight of the equivalent steel part, with much better corrosion resistance.

 We offer you various forms of scrap such as bar, sheet, wire, hollow, wheel, shredded, cut, heavy, cast, beam, drum, tank, material mix, etc.

• High compressive strength

• – Robust

• – Can tolerate pressure

• – Sustainable

• – Corrosion resistance

• – High ductility

• – Recyclability

• – Precise melting point

• – Without toxic elements



UK Kenya shipping Air cargo is shipped in special aluminum containers or flat aluminum pallets, technically known as “Unit Load Devices” (ULD). 

These ULDs fit all widebody aircraft. Smaller aircraft (e.g. 733) carry minimal cargo in the bulk cargo hold and have no ULD capability. UK Kenya shipping freight offers customers the option to purchase space by kilo or ULD container.

Our experienced staff will advise you on the most cost-effective method of moving your cargo.

Note: Space is purchased by volume or weight, whichever is greater. Airlines charge by volumetric weight. The formula used is multiplying the length x the puff x the width in centimeters and then dividing by 6000. The airlines charge the dimensional or actual weight, whichever is greater.

UK Kenya shipping can handle all your air freight needs; we offer a wide range of services. Our global network offers you a complete global transportation and distribution solution. We can offer direct routes or delayed options.


UK Kenya shipping while shipping it offers good temperature control that ensures sufficient fluidity of the molten aluminum. Proper temperature management is essential to maintaining the consistency of liquid aluminum. Insufficient heat can cause the aluminum to flow unevenly in the mold, causing defects or incomplete filling.

Reasonable temperature control ensures sufficient fluidity of the molten aluminum.

Proper temperature management is essential to maintaining the consistency of liquid aluminum.

Insufficient heat can cause the aluminum to flow unevenly in the mold, causing defects or incomplete filling.

Temperatures that are too high can cause the aluminum to react with the mold, shortening the life of the mold and increasing the likelihood of surface imperfections. But we as UK Kenya shipping make sure we use the appropriate temperature for the aluminum products.


• According to Kenyan import data from UK Kenya shipping, the number of aluminum billet imports into Kenya was 107, imported by 12 Kenyan importers from 14 suppliers.

UK Kenya shipping imports most of its aluminum billets from the UK to Kenya.

• The top importer of aluminum billets is the UK with 94,627 shipments, followed by Germany with 3,938 shipments.

• They are the three main product categories of aluminum billets imported into Kenya

1. HSN number 76012020: 76012020

2. 7601200000 HSN Code: 7601200000

3.HSN code 7616990000: 7616990000


Analysis: Increased containerized of UK kenya shipping ocean freight  appears to be vital to rising aluminium and alloy prices

• Metals, Navy

UK – Rising container freight costs are driving significant price increases in the aluminum and aluminum alloy markets. However, they rarely figure prominently in pricing discussions as rapid changes in supply and demand caused by the pandemic are causing a severe container shortage in Kenya.

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The UK-Kenya shipping Container freight costs usually don’t feature prominently in discussions of the price of primary aluminum or ADC12 alloys by sea, primarily in CIF markets where manufacturers control shipping costs. However, the recent increase in demand for containerized cargo and the difficulty of finding both empty containers and space on ships have pushed freight costs for both products to the fore.

Based on a weighted average of all the Plate container valuations, the UK Kenya shipping Container Index was valued at a less rate, the highest value since the indexes.

While prices have been up since the second quarter, the UK-Kenya shipping Container Index is up 57% since the beginning of and 143% since the beginning of the year.


Kenya UK Aluminium Wire Imports Data.

According to United Nations COMTRADE international trade database, imports of aluminum wire from Kenya and the UK totaled. Kenya imports aluminum wire from the U.K. – Historical data, charts, and statistics were last updated.


SCRAP ALUMINUM WHEELS – available in Kenya, for the UK Kenya shipping shipment. We ship various types of scrap metal for domestic and export factories. Interested buyers of SCRAP ALUMINUM WHEELS, please get in touch with us for your specifications.


1. Quantity: enormous tons

2. Payments/shipping: negotiable.

3. Loading: Bombay, Maharashtra

4. Export Region: Worldwide



UK Kenya Shipping is a leading supplier of aluminum to the U.K. railway industry. Its lightweight yet strong properties make aluminum ideal for many applications. But when the customers buy the aluminum from the UK, we as UK Kenya shipping ship the aluminum to kenya.

Contact us today at +447487554202 for more information.


Modern passenger and freight rail vehicles use significant amounts of aluminum throughout the rail market. The properties offer higher speeds and lower energy consumption, improving the performance of the existing infrastructure.

The advancement of trains and railroads has increased the use of raw materials and finished products. When aluminum is used to transport materials, the return on investment is much greater than other materials. 

It is due to the increased transportable load capacities, which increase efficiency and profitability.

In public transport, aluminum is used to meet the growing demand for trams and light rail in city centers worldwide. Aluminum offers energy efficiency and superior performance and is the ideal material to form the basis of rail transport systems. 

With sustainability and environmental factors becoming a growing concern, aluminum is the perfect answer.

Contact us today to learn more about UK Kenya shipping, and delivery services and discuss how to make the most of the use of aluminum we can help you know much about aluminum in the railway industry once you buy from them.


Aluminum powder is highly flammable and is most commonly used in pyrotechnic displays. Aluminum powder burns brightly and creates different flash effects in fireworks using different types of powder.

Shipping / Storage

Flammable, with many of its reactions causing fires and explosions. Uncoated aluminum powder can release combustible gases when wet.

Aluminum powder is shipped as ingots, usually bound by iron strapping. It must be suitably covered with a plastic sheet to avoid contamination by other goods. Avoid scratches and nicks on the aluminium. Also sent as dust or powder.



Hanan Aluminum Foil has the strength and reliable quality you can count on to make delicious meals with easy cleanup.

Bake, roast, grill, pack, freeze, and store. To our customers in Kenya once they order the aluminum foil from the UK we as UK Kenya shipping help them ship.

• Preserve freshness.

• Excellent for keeping food hot for a long time.

• Retains moisture to prevent food from drying out.

• Better coating for pans; helps make cleaning easier.

• Pack leftover food.

We as UK Kenya Shipping are Kenya’s leading suppliers company focusing on shipping high-quality products.

Having adhered to the principle of providing quality products, we, as UK Kenya Shipping, are committed to working with our customers, understanding their needs and how best to meet them.


Aluminum Cladding Sheets in Kenya

 Aluminum sheets are used in lining boilers, steam pipes, and other insulated surfaces. Thicknesses of 22 or 0.7 mm are the best panels for cladding as they are light and robust.

At Kingsman Eng. & Industrial Insulation, we are the leading supplier of these Aluminum Cladding Sheets in Kenya and East Africa for industrial applications. But UK Kenya shipping can help in the shipment of some materials from the UK.

Our expertise is in the sale of slabs and the installation in your building. Contact us with your questions.

Our facade panels measure 2.4 meters x 1.2 meters.


Aluminium’s ability to take any shape and its protective properties have made it the most versatile packaging material in the world. A significant advantage is that aluminum foil, cans, and other aluminum packaging materials can be fully recycled and reused indefinitely.

The primary product information labeling requirements. The function and content of the product should be listed, along with UK Kenya shipping company contact information. In some cases, instructions need to be placed on the packaging when the use of the product is not widely known.


Lightweight and robust, an aluminum bar resists corrosion and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use as it can withstand various environmental conditions. Our aluminum bars, also called aluminum round bars, belong to the 6000 series, which offers the maximum versatility available on the market.

At Metals Warehouse, all of our Aluminum Bars are made from fully certified metal, which we have carefully selected to ensure the highest quality at all times, whilst all sizes are offered in the 6000 grade.

The standard length of our aluminum bars is around 4m. 

However, they are available to buy online in various sizes – find the size you need, choose your cut length, and add it to your cart – it is easy. We also provide customized service in stainless steel and aluminum. We as UK Kenya shipping can help in shipping the Aluminium rods to Kenya.

What Are Aluminium Rods Used For? 

Aluminum bars are used extensively in a range of industries, including:

• Machinery

• Automotive sector

• Transportation

• Build

• Interior of the shop

As UK Kenya shipping is a leading supplier of aluminum to various industries, we can help you find the materials you need at a competitive price. At Metals Warehouse, we cater to all of your aluminum needs. Do I need a hand? Our team is happy to help and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Contact us today or discover the different types of aluminum on our website now.



Over nearly 100 years of combined experience, we have developed a wide range of modern doors with unmatched performance. Our doors are designed to be sturdy and stable. For these aluminum doors, UK-Kenya shipping can help in shipment to Kenya.

1. Aluminum hinged doors

An example of an aluminum revolving door is versatile and functional. It is an ideal way to manage a limited area.

2. Aluminum sliding doors

Designed for a clean, modern finish, our sliding doors are the best fit for all living and office spaces.

3. Frameless doors

Frameless glass doors create a robust, safe, and secure way to enclose and delight your living space. With glass doors, you can choose between a hinged or folding system.

4. Automatic door

These are sensor doors typically used in shopping malls and high-traffic stores

so that customers can enter the premises quickly.

5. Sliding folding doors

These wonderfully impressive bi-fold doors create an unimaginably vast amount of space and an inviting contemporary character and welcoming feel to any ordinary room. Folding doors can transform rooms into large living spaces.


The essential aluminum sheet for shipbuilding

Aluminum alloy has low density, and aluminum structure can reduce the center of gravity of ships, especially those with an aluminum superstructure and steel main hull, increase stability, and reduce propulsion power required at a constant speed.

Aluminum alloy is non-magnetic, weldable, and easy to shape. Compared with steel and titanium alloy, it has no low-temperature brittleness and is not flammable.UK Kenya shipping can help you ship to Kenya from the UK while it is safe.

Aluminum-magnesium and aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys have good resistance to marine atmospheric corrosion, and their service life is significantly longer than steel vessels. Currently, the primary aluminum sheets for shipbuilding are 5083, 5086, and 5456.


Product Description

We as UK Kenya shipping do ship all kinds of steel or aluminum containers for cargo transportation, perishable food, refrigeration, and multi-purpose transportation. The containers can be made according to the customer’s needs, with load capacities from 500 kg to 30 tons or 40 tons.


• Precise construction

• Low maintenance

• Cooling down


Kenya UK Aluminium Wire Imports Data for History

According to United Nations COMTRADE international trade database, UK Kenya’s shipping imports of aluminum wire from the UK  and to Kenya totaled thousand. Kenya imports aluminum wire from the U.K. – Historical data, charts, and statistics were last updated in July 2023.


Circles, cans, and planes: aluminum and aluminum castings

Extraction, processing, and casting in the foundry

The growing popularity of aluminum

Aluminium is the world’s third and most abundant element and the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. Aluminum contributes more than 8% of the mass of the Earth’s core. However, it isn’t easy to refine compared to other metals, such as iron. For this reason, aluminum has lagged behind other metal products, while efficient and cost-effective methods have been developed to overcome this complexity.

There are many similarities between the aluminum and steel industries. Both are based on the extraction of metals from minerals found on the Earth’s surface. The manufacturing processes are energy intensive and involve pouring liquid metal into castings or using continuous casting machines.

Aluminum and steel also compete in similar automotive and aerospace markets. However, there are so many significant differences in the processing and properties of these metals. we as UK Kenya shipping help in shipping to kenya.


Logistics and warehouse

Our UK-Kenya shipping has an advanced international logistics center and various warehouses worldwide that can efficiently serve the markets anytime, anywhere.

Our UK warehouses are managed by a modern warehouse management system, which is interactively connected to the company’s central computer system and coordinates all the Group’s warehouses worldwide.

Our state-of-the-art international logistics center and various warehouses worldwide can efficiently serve the global markets anytime, anywhere.

The strategic geographical position of our plants, in the heart of the basin and at the crossroads of Eastern countries, is a significant competitive advantage that increases the efficiency of our distribution processes.

 Our quick access to international ports ensures fast shipments and smooth overseas transportation. Furthermore, we carefully choose your transport and use the best possible logistics solutions for our customers.

Finally, our UK-Kenya shipping has an advanced information system that manages the systematic monitoring of all processes, from the entry of raw materials to the finished product. So nothing is lost with us.



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