Affordable and express shipping to Kenya from the UK

Experience fast, reliable, and affordable shipping from the UK to Kenya with our express service. Perfect for businesses and individuals looking to send packages efficiently and at cost-effective rates. Get your goods to Kenya without the hassle!

 What is the cheapest way to ship from the UK to Kenya?

The cheapest way to ship items from the UK to Kenya depends on your specific items, expected shipping times, and budget constraints. Here are some options that are often considered more convenient:

1. Ocean Freight: Ocean freight is generally one of the most convenient options for shipping goods internationally. Depending on the volume of your shipment, you can choose between full container load (FCL) or less than container load (LCL) options. LCL allows you to share container space with other goods, reducing costs for smaller quantities of goods.

2. Economy Shipping: Some shipping companies offer economy or slower shipping options, which may be cheaper but take longer to reach your destination. If your shipment is not urgent, this can be an economical choice.

3. Consolidation Services: Freight forwarders or shipping companies  like UK Kenya shipping Ltd can offer consolidation services that combine multiple shipments to the same destination into a single container. Sharing shipping costs with others can reduce costs.

How long does express shipping from the UK to Kenya take?

about two working days

Transit Time to Kenya  with UK Kenya shipping Ltd  from UK  takes approximately two working days. It may take longer if your pickup or destination addresses are remote. Please enter your zip code to use our transit time calculator to find out.

Are there any reliable express shipping services from the UK to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping Ltd is an end-to-end transportation service provider that delivers all your items to specific destinations. When you tell us what items to move, we’ll get them to your home as quickly as possible. We provide one-stop customized transportation services by land, air, and sea. These freight transport services are available for individuals and small and large companies.

As one of the UK’s leading shipping companies, UK Kenya shipping Ltd, prides itself on providing fast, safe, and reliable freight services.

Our highly qualified and meticulous team expertly offers you all cargo transportation services. This is thanks to their excellent professional experience and steadfast reliability. Our customer service professionals will quickly respond to your freight emergency.

What are the rates for shipping packages to Kenya from the UK?

The cost of shipping to Kenya from the UK depends on the shipping method used and the size and weight of the packages.

All air shipments are subject to UK security and administration charge £ and carriage charges.

We recommend reading the “Important Information” and “Country Specific Requirements” sections under the Air Freight .

The above costs do not include any expenses that may arise in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) customs duties, taxes, investigation, quarantine, or inspection costs. If applicable, the recipient must pay such charges before delivery.

Can I track my package when shipping from the UK to Kenya?

You can use the tracking number on your shipping receipt to track your items. UK Kenya shipping Ltd ,Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide can only be tracked if you have purchased a service with a tracking or reference number. The reference number will be between 9 and 27 characters in length. You will need the tracking number on your postal receipt to track your items.

If you have lost your receipt or peel-off label, UK Kenya shipping Ltd ,Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide cannot provide you with the tracking number.

How do I send a parcel from the UK to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping Ltd is your number-one choice for fast shipping to Kenya. We can book a reliable courier through our trusted postal partners, such as TNT, DPD, and UPS.

Our years of international experience allow us to ship a package to Kenya with minimal fuss and complete peace of mind. We will help you comply with Kenya customs requirements to ensure your package arrives promptly and in order.

At UK Kenya shipping Ltd, we aim to offer exceptional postal services at an unbeatable price.

What is the maximum weight limit for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

UK Kenya shipping Ltd can help you compare couriers and book cheap delivery services for items of all weights and sizes.

Whether you’re sending a 10-15kg parcel internationally, a 30kg parcel to the UK, or an entire pallet, enter your parcel weight and dimensions into our shipping calculator. We’ll provide you with a list of shipping services and couriers to choose from and prices that adapt to the weight and size of the package.

We have collected the following package size information to help you select the exemplary service.

Are there any customs charges for shipping from the UK to Kenya?

As with most international shipments, depending on the contents, you may be required to pay additional customs duties and import taxes when sending a package from the UK to Kenya. When preparing your package, include an inventory describing all contents to comply with these laws.

Sending personal belongings to Kenya requires additional declaration using a proforma invoice with a detailed index with individual values. This invoice must be written in English.

It meets the exact requirements as a commercial invoice but can be written on something other than headed paper. Please note that all new items declared as personal effects are subject to duties, and the recipient’s passport is required for customs clearance.

How do I calculate shipping costs to Kenya from the UK?

Finding low shipping rates to estimate costs should be easy. Our free shipping rate calculator provides exact, real-time quotes for the best shipping costs from all domestic and international carriers.

No more annoying notes, no more bounce between email sites. Enter the weight and destination of your shipment to get immediate information on the best shipping options.

To get the most finished and accurate quote, generate a free UK Kenya shipping Ltd  account and enter all your shipping information. There are no obligations, no commissions, just exact shipping costs.

Which shipping companies offer express delivery to Kenya from the UK?

Book delivery to Kenya via Express and save on UK shipping to Kenya couriers, UK Kenya shipping Ltd, DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Send to Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and more. Receive an instant online quote to compare services and prices. Then book it easily: we will guide you step by step.

UK Kenya Shipping Ltd Express is one of Kenya’s most convenient and direct services. UK Kenya operates it. We organize shipping and collection. You can also drop off your package at one of our delivery points.

With this service, you can send parcels up to 70 kg and pallets up to 300 kg. You can book an air freight service for larger shipments and collect the goods at Mombasa (MBA) or Nairobi (NBO) airports.

Is insurance available for express shipments to Kenya from the UK?

• Optional insurance is available on the website. Most services to and from Kenya are fully traceable. Businesses and individuals can send pallets to any address in Kenya. We only work with the largest and most reliable international transportation providers.

What items are prohibited from shipping to Kenya from the UK?

You can only send some things by courier. Not only do some couriers refuse to carry certain items – UK Kenya shipping Ltd has a list of prohibited items that we do not carry – but countries also have lists of items they do not allow to pass customs. Kenya has its list of banned or restricted products, including:

• Fake or counterfeit money and currency

• Any cosmetic product containing mercury

• White phosphorus matches

• Controlled narcotics

• Pornographic and obscene material

• Tires used for commercial vehicles

• A wide diversity of hazardous materials and chemicals

 How can I get a quote for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

If this is your first time working with shipping companies, navigating the ins and outs of the international freight shipping market can be daunting. At UK Kenya shipping Ltd we make things easy by allowing you to compare multiple free quotes from some of the UK’s leading international shipping companies.

All you need to know is what, where, and when you travel. You may be returning to the UK after living abroad and need to bring back your items, or you may be a small business needing to ship goods from a supplier in Kenya

Whatever your needs and knowledge ,UK Kenya shipping Ltd can connect you with hundreds of customer-reviewed shipping companies that will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and competitively.

All you need to do is click the Get Quotes button and fill in your shipping details. We then compare your needs with UK companies that provide international services and a quote for the work.

What are the best shipping options for small businesses to Kenya from the UK?

Ideal for economical next-day deliveries—UK Kenya shipping Ltd  Known for the level of service it offers to small businesses,  UK Kenya shipping Ltd, DHL UK is preferred by many people who own their own companies and value service over price.

It provides exclusive next-day delivery on all domestic shipments at some of the cheapest rates in the UK. UK Kenya shipping Ltd  UK’s philosophy is to never compromise on the level of service provided.

UK Kenya shipping Ltd  understands that running a small business presents challenges, especially in addition to the standard 9 am to 5 pm working hours. Many of their customers rely on it every week to ensure the safe delivery of their packages to their buyers.

How to send personal items to Kenya from the UK affordably?

With UK Kenya shipping Ltd  you can send parcels from UK to Kenya quickly and easily. Not only do we help you find the cheapest shipping options, whatever your needs, but we also partner with the best couriers in Kenya to ensure you benefit from great prices and faster delivery times.

Whether you’re sending gifts, a small postal parcel, or a large freight shipment to Kenya, UK Kenya shipping Ltd  offers fast and affordable delivery options to suit every budget.

We offer free coverage for each shipment and door-to-door tracking, so with  UK Kenya shipping Ltd , your package is in the best possible hands.

Are there any discounts for regular shipping from the UK to Kenya?

Businesses that regularly use UK delivery services can often receive offers or discounts. After all, delivery services always look for ways to attract and retain customers.

By offering discounts to companies that ship many packages, delivery companies can make their services more attractive and convenient.

How do I prepare my package for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

Remember to attach the labels to the outside of the box. If you have invoices, they must be signed, placed in an envelope, and then attached to the box/container.

1. Pack each item individually in the box

Tip: Bubble wrap and tape protect fragile items when securely wrapped before placing them in an outer box or container. The package’s contents allow the items to be delivered safely.

2. Protect the contents with a sturdy outer container

Tip: Use peanut/styrofoam pellets or foam, crumpled newspaper, or shredded cardboard to fill any additional spaces in the outer box and reduce movement.

3. Seal the outer container with strong adhesive tape

Tip: Seal openings in the box or container and around seams with strong tape 40-50mm wide.

Can I ship electronics to Kenya from the UK?

UK Kenya Shipping ltd is a renowned international shipping specialist and courier service to Kenya and over 220 other countries worldwide. Send a package to Kenya via UK Shipping and use their robust tracking systems to ensure safe delivery: Shipping Gadgets to Kenya with UK Shipping to Kenya.

Shipping to the UK and Kenya has no size or weight limits, making it the best option for bulk packages. It also uses land, air, and sea freight logistics to seamlessly handle standard and customized shipments worldwide, such as postal services in Nairobi and shipments to the UK and Kenya.

What documentation is required for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

All imports from Kenya must be accompanied by the following documents: Import Declaration Forms (IDF); a PVoC Agent CoC for regulated products; an ISM, if applicable; and valid pro forma invoices from the exporting company.

Import permits are required for limited health, environmental, and safety imports. Machinery and equipment classified as stock purchases or loans must be received before exchange approval.

With such authorization, local banks will issue shipping guarantees for import approval. All imports purchased from importers based in Kenya must be insured with companies licensed to operate in Kenya. Importing animals, plants, and seeds is subject to quarantine regulations.

How to find a reliable courier for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

Experience seamless delivery of goods from the UK to your home in Kenya with UK Kenya shipping Ltd . We partner with major airlines such as Kenya, Turkish, British, and Syrian Airlines to ensure fast and reliable service.

Whether your goods come from London, Birmingham, Leicester, or Manchester, we  at UK Kenya shipping Ltd  we will collect them from your supplier anywhere in the UK. With our weekly commercial air freight to Kenya, you can count on faster deliveries to Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and beyond.

Let  UK Kenya shipping Ltd  be your trusted partner for commercial product sourcing and hassle-free shipping to Kenya.

What are the delivery times for express shipping to Kenya from the UK?

Transit time in Kenya

At  UK Kenya shipping Ltd  from UK to Kenya takes approximately two working days.

If your pickup or destination addresses are remote, it may take longer. Please enter your zip code to use our transit time calculator to find out.

Can I ship furniture from the UK to Kenya?

  If you ship your furniture via sea freight, the cost of the move will depend on the volume of goods you wish to send to Kenya and the destination location.

If you ship your goods to Kenya via air freight, they will reach you faster. However, this method is significantly more expensive because the costs are calculated based on the weight of the goods. We  at UK Kenya shipping Ltd we recommend air freight if you want to ship small cargo to your destination quickly.

How do I avoid customs delays when shipping to Kenya from the UK?

To get started, check out these essential tips to avoid customs delays and keep your business running smoothly!

Know the country of origin of the items you are shipping. Customs regulations take into account the origin and destination of something. So make sure you confirm the origin of the goods you are shipping.

Find out the specific regulations for EVERY country you ship to. Customs clearance laws, including lists of prohibited and restricted items, are particular to each destination. Click here to learn more about what you can ship with UK Kenya shipping Ltd . Use the “Prohibited Items” tool to check compliance with specific destination countries.

Please ensure you complete ALL required documents. Please note that this may vary depending on the destination country. A general list of required documents can be found here.

Use the Harmonized System (HS) to identify goods quickly. In addition to the written description, HS codes help determine a shipment‘s exact contents precisely.

Accurately represents the value of the goods you are shipping. In addition to description and categorization, knowing the exact value of what you are sending is essential. Under-declaring the value of a shipment will disrupt the calculation of duties and taxes and may result in delays and fines.

Check trademarks and copyrights. Importing counterfeit or illegal products is against the law and can have serious consequences, even if done unknowingly. Please obtain proof of authenticity and provide this documentation to avoid possible delays.

 What are the packing requirements for shipping to Kenya from the UK

• All packages must be securely packaged for transportation before collection. Your packages must not contain prohibited items, dangerous or dangerous goods, or valuables. The quote above does not include insurance.

• Our prices are frequently reviewed and are subject to change without notice.

• All business is undertaken by the UK International Freight Association Standard Terms of Trading (latest edition). Copies are available upon request.

Is it safe to send valuable items to Kenya from the UK?

UK Kenya shipping Ltd is one of the fastest and safest ways to send valuables to the UK. This delivery service includes:

• Comprehensive monitoring

• Signature and photographic proof of receipt of items

• Guaranteed next-day delivery

• Confirmation of delivery of the GPS map

 UK Kenya shipping Ltd International Tracked and Signed is your best bet for sending valuables to Kenya and destinations worldwide.

Can I send a parcel to Kenya from the UK using PayPal?

• PayPal is the most used online payment giver in the UK. This allows you to pay shipping costs via your PayPal account without entering your card details. They also offer buyer protection if you have any concerns about your purchase.

 What is the fastest shipping service to Kenya from the UK

Again, DPD Next Day is the fastest shipping option, taking 1-2 working days.  UK Kenya shipping Ltd Worldwide Express offers the exact delivery times but much more

This proof proves that fast shipping across the UK is affordable. If you ship closer to home, you’ll enjoy better express package delivery rates from these established couriers.

How to reduce shipping costs to Kenya from the UK?

Use Shopify Shipping to reduce shipping costs.

Shipping through Shopify is the most effective way to reduce shipping costs, no matter where you ship your packages.

With Shopify Shipping, you can access up to 88% pre-negotiated discounts from major carriers, including UK Kenya shipping Ltd USPS, UPS, DHL, and many others

The best part? These savings are included in a Standard plan: Easily access shipping features from your Shopify dashboard and decide whether you want to offer your customers free, flat-rate, or calculated shipping at checkout.

   Where possible, use fixed shipping costs.

Flat-rate shipping divides shipping costs into size, weight, or destination categories, making the price of shipping a package more predictable. This makes it a simple and economical option to benefit you and your customers.

Offering a flat shipping rate to customers reduces uncertainty at checkout, reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment.

    Choose the right size package.

Shipping costs can be reduced by making wise choices about shipping your orders. Here are some factors to consider:

  Reduce the weight of packages.

The weight of the package can be as necessary, or even more so, than its size. The weight of a shipment translates directly into costs, which can become extreme for hefty packages.

Are there any special offers for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

Some companies prefer to take the easy way out for them. They offer discount codes; they only have to take a few seconds to set them up and send them. But how do you know you’re getting a good deal, given the multitude of discounts that can conflict with each other and become redundant?

We prefer to offer a good, cheap service all year round without you wondering if you have the best discount code or offer.

We also employ people to check courier prices available elsewhere and ensure our prices are competitive.

We ensure our customers understand pricing by offering multiple discounts that overlap, are outdated, and may only be available for specific services. That’s why we focus on getting the best offers directly from the couriers.

How do I send a gift to Kenya from the UK?

Do you need to send a luxury gift from Great Britain to Kenya? Don’t worry! You can easily send gift hampers from the UK to Kenya without worrying about any annoying legal or customs issues. With UK Kenya shipping Ltd , sending gifts to Kenya from the UK is easy and secure, and payment couldn’t be more straightforward.

You can pay online safely with all major credit cards via PayPal or Google Checkout. If you are uncomfortable using online methods, you can also send payment via check, money order, or wire transfer via Western Union, Money Gram, or another service.

If you want to show someone how much you care ,UK Kenya shipping Ltd representatives are available 24/7 to help you send gift baskets to Kenya from the UK.

What are the size restrictions for parcels to Kenya from the UK?

All parcels pass through depots equipped with manual and automated sorting machines and road and air transport routes to reach East Africa.

We carry parcels weighing up to 25kg and measuring up to 70 x 70 x 70cm, but regardless of size or weight, always use a sturdy outer box to ship your items and do not overfill it. Also, remember to use light padding to prevent the contents from moving too much and becoming damaged during transport.

How can I ensure my package is secure during transit to Kenya from the UK?

You can wrap items with a layer of bubble wrap secured with tape. Fill the void in and around items with foam peanuts for extra protection.

We recommend padding each item in the box at least two inches and ensuring nothing rattles or slides inside before closing the package.

Heavy items are more likely to be harmed, especially if stuck in a box. To avoid breakage, secure each item with a sheet of bubble wrap and place it between a cardboard sleeve that acts as a divider inside the box. These layers prevent objects from rubbing against each other.

While it is possible to pack heavy items together, remember that the heavier the shipment, the more likely they are to crush each other.

What are the best times of year to ship to Kenya from the UK?

International shipping can be challenging. During high season, it passes through a certain area of rocky water a few times a year.

There are two main peak seasons during the sailing year: the peak holiday season, which mainly lasts from mid-August to mid-October, and a second, shorter, incentivized peak season around January/ February.

During these times, command is high, supply is low, prices rise, and container capacity may be in short supply, causing importers to worry about their ability to direct their supply chain effectively.

How do I send a car to Kenya from the UK?

Vehicle shipping to Mombasa via  UK Kenya shipping Ltd or RORO usually occurs 1-2 times a month. On average, transit time to Mombasa takes 26-30 days from any UK port. RORO car shipping is a very convenient way to ship any vehicle to Kenya and is the preferred choice for anyone looking to save on shipping to Kenya.

 UK Kenya shipping Ltd and RORO shipping to Mombasa offers a safe alternative to container shipping.  These specially designed vessels allow thousands of vehicles to be compactly loaded and stored on the boat anytime.

All vehicles are secured to the ship’s floor to prevent them from moving freely and causing damage.

Can I ship perishable goods to Kenya from the UK?

Yes, you can ship food to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping Ltd  However, some essential rules to remember when shipping food internationally: All food shipped must be store-bought and non-perishable. Homemade food cannot be shipped.

What is the process for bulk shipping to Kenya from the UK?

   Large cargo ships carry goods, often loaded in containers, from port to port, while other modes of transport, such as road or rail, provide inland travel. Cargo can be transported in three ways: in a container, on a roll-on-roll-off (RORO) truck, or in dry bulk in the hold of a ship.

Goods can be shipped by full container load (FCL), where a single shipment occupies the entire container, or by less than full container load (LCL), where multiple shipments share a container and are separated upon arrival at port.

Are there any tips for first-time shippers to Kenya from the UK?

Weight and dimensions: You need to know the actual weight and dimensions of the load. The weight of the packaging material must be included in the total weight. Ideally, it helps to weigh the shipment after it is fully packed. Please measure weight and dimensions correctly to increase your final bill.

How to deal with lost parcels during shipping to Kenya from the UK?

Please try contacting the seller before requesting compensation from UK Kenya shipping Ltd. You will usually get a better result. You can:

• request a refund or redelivery if the item has not arrived

• Check your options for returning damaged or broken merchandise

If you do not want compensation, you can complain to  UK Kenya shipping Ltd  instead. They may still ask you to fill out a complaint form. Check their website to find out how to complain. 

Can I ship pharmaceuticals to Kenya from the UK?

 UK Kenya shipping Ltd  has restrictions on which medications you can mail. It is best to contact the service before posting.

It is not possible to send controlled drugs by post. Controlled medications include strong painkillers such as morphine.

UK Kenya shipping Ltd  recommends sending medicines in special tamper-proof packaging. The sender’s name and address must be present on the package.

How to track a shipment to Kenya from the UK online?

Package tracking by UK Kenya shipping Ltd  requires that you have or know the item’s tracking number and access to a reliable package tracking platform like TrackingMore. This platform supports one-stop package tracking for 1,226 couriers.

The following steps will allow you to use TrackingMore’s robust package tracking features to track the movements of your Kenya Post packages.

1. Visit the TrackingMore website from a reliable browser of your choice.

2. On the home page, click the “Operators” option.

3. From the list of couriers, use the search function to search for Kenya Post and click on the corresponding result.

4. Enter your package tracking number and click the “Track” button.

5. TrackingMore will load the complete package tracking report in a new tab, including the current status.

What are the customs duties for importing goods to Kenya from the UK?

 Import duties

Depending on the item being imported, import tax costs vary between 0%, 10%, and 25%, as set by the East African Community’s Common External Tariff (CET). However, sensitive items are subject to more than 25% import duties. Sensitive items are included in Appendix 2 of the EAC Common External Tariff.

Excise duties

Excise taxes depend on whether or not the imported good is subject to excise duty. Excise duty rates are set out in the Excise Duty Act 2015.

 Value Added Tax (VAT)

The standard VAT rate is 16%. However, under the VAT Act 2013, a rate of 0% applies to goods exempt from VAT.

Import Declaration Tax (IDF) and Railway Development Tax (RDL)

The value of the import is subject to an import declaration tax of 3.5% and a rail development levy of 2%, as per the Miscellaneous Fees and Levies Act 2016.

Can I ship handmade goods to Kenya from the UK?

In UK, the word “handmade” has no special legal status. Small businesses do not have to apply to a trade association or government agency to use the term “handmade” when labeling or advertising a product. However, they must ensure that customers are not deceived in any way. Transparency is essential:

• In the UK, all advertising must by law be “lawful, dignified and truthful,” and the producer must be able to prove what he says if challenged (source: gov. uk).

• The UK Product Labeling Act states that labels “must not mislead as to how, where or when a product was manufactured.” (source: gov. uk).

• The Consumer Rights Act 2015 also states that commodities sold to consumers must be “…as described” (source:

What are the options for door-to-door delivery to Kenya from the UK?

At UK-Kenya Shipping Ltd, we offer door-to-door delivery services tailored to the particular needs of our customers. Our door-to-door delivery service includes:

  • A collection of your goods from your home.
  • Transport to your destination.
  • Delivery directly to the recipient’s home.

Our door-to-door delivery service is designed to make delivery as convenient and hassle-free as possible for our customers. We manage all aspects of the shipping process, including packaging, labeling, customs clearance, and documentation, so your goods are shipped safely and efficiently.

How do I ship artwork to Kenya from the UK

Package your art safely.

When shipping an artifact, the first thing you can do is secure it with proper packaging.

Take accurate measurements

First, measure the artwork carefully and make sure the packaging is at least 5-7cm larger than the artwork. If the packaging materials are insufficient or in limited quantity, the artwork may be damaged during transportation.

Cover with bubble foam.

Almost all the pieces of the artifact are wrapped in foam. Choosing the type of foam you want to use is essential: something of the right quality or density, spongy enough to cushion the artwork but firm enough to protect it from impacts.

To protect the package from humidity, you can use a plastic film to cover the package or seal the parts where you suspect water may enter with adhesive tape.

What is the best courier for express shipping to Kenya from the UK?

 UK Kenya shipping Ltd  and Tudor International Freight offers affordable freight services for shipments to Kenya from the UK. With over many years of experience transporting goods to destinations worldwide, we are in good hands with your goods.

We provide a tailor-made service for those who ship parcels, personal effects, excess baggage,  or cargo of any size safely and reliably to Kenya.

How to send electronics to Kenya from the UK safely?

  Send a package to Kenya via UK Kenya Shipping Ltd and use their robust tracking systems to ensure safe delivery: Shipping Gadgets to Kenya with UK Shipping to Kenya.

Shipping to the UK and Kenya  with UK Kenya shipping Ltd has  no size or weight limits, making it the best option for bulk packages. It also uses land, air, and sea freight logistics to seamlessly handle standard and customized shipments worldwide, such as postal services in Nairobi and shipments to the UK and Kenya.

Are there any eco-friendly shipping options to Kenya from the UK?

     While it may take longer (usually a few weeks), ocean shipping is an excellent choice for less urgent but large or heavy shipments. This option is also more environmentally friendly, as its carbon footprint is lower than that of air transport. Importantly, ocean shipping offers greater flexibility regarding the size and type of items you can ship, from furniture and vehicles to large quantities of commercial goods.

We work closely with reliable freight forwarders specializing in ocean freight, so your items are safe throughout their journey. As with air freight, you can get a free, personalized quote for ocean freight by simply completing the details on our quotes page.

 How do I calculate dimensional weight for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

To calculate a pack’s dimensional weight, add the distance, width, and height and divide by the dimensional weight divisor.

For example, if you have a 36cm x 25cm x 16cm box and your courier uses a 5000-dimensional weight divider, the DIM weight will be 3kg.

It is the same principle as the imperial system. If you have a box that measures 6 x 4 x 6 inches, multiply these values and divide by 139. This gives you a DIM weight of 7 pounds.

Can I send textiles to Kenya from the UK?

Most bulk orders are dispatched within 24 hours via next-day courier. Delivery to the UK mainland is free, and delivery to Kenya for your entire order: Import duties on clothes shipped to Kenya shipping to the UK and Kenya.

How do I avoid overpaying for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

Mark items correctly: Correctly classifying and reporting the contents of your shipment can ensure an accurate assessment of import duties and avoid potential overpayments. Seek professional advice: Consult customs experts or agents who can provide guidance tailored to your situation.

Use tax-free thresholds: Some countries have thresholds below which no tax is charged. Make sure the value of your shipment remains below this threshold.

Research trade agreements: Some trade agreements between UK  and the destination country may offer preferential or duty-free tariffs. Check if your shipment is eligible.

Use authorized customs procedures: Learn about customs procedures such as inward processing or temporary admission to temporarily import goods without paying import duties.

What are the benefits of express shipping to Kenya from the UK?

Not only do UK Kenya shipping Ltd  offer some of the cheapest courier services from the UK to Kenya, but we  are also fast—even to the east coast of Africa, you can expect delivery to take as little as three days*. Please note that we always try to deliver your items within these times.

Sometimes, it can take longer for your package to arrive, especially in more remote areas of the country.

Please note that to ensure the quickest possible delivery, you must know what you can and cannot send by post. All items must clear customs, so label everything clearly and correctly to avoid unnecessary delays and costs. 

How to choose the right packaging for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

1. Make sure you choose the proper packaging. When deciding to package, consider the shipped products’ size, weight, and fragility. If you want to ship fragile items, you need a sturdy box with sufficient padding. Boxes should be double-walled if they contain heavier items.

2. Use packing materials. Once you choose the correct box, you must protect your items with packing materials. Peanuts, bubble wrap, and crumpled paper are good options. Be confident that you will fill all empty spaces in the box to avert your items from shifting.

3. Label your package. We at UK Kenya shipping Ltd ,we ensure the package label matches the supplier’s name and address and your return address. Here, you will also find a brief description of the inside of the package.

4. Insure your shipment. If you want to have fun, it’s a good idea to treat yourself. This means that you requested the package while it was available and in transit.

Are there any express shipping guarantees to Kenya from the UK?

For international providers, we guarantee our best leverage service in the Global Center as soon as possible from the 1st to the 4th business day at 2 pm; then, our best leverage option is guaranteed between the 1st and 4th business day to 2:00 pm.

What are the penalties for incorrect customs declarations to Kenya from the UK?

Under the Regulation, the relevant legislation indicates the excessive excesses of a person who could be the victim of a violation of civil immunity. The maximum amount for excessive customs charges is estimated . There are no huge fines.

All work must be done for a no-excuses repair at the time of purchase. At best, injunctions are issued without words that people have already glimpsed. This trip costs a maximum o It appears that the minimum cost , which is the highest price at first glance. Degenerate.

How to find promotional shipping rates to Kenya from the UK?

 UK Kenya shipping Ltd ,FedEx and UPS offer delivery offers, shopping fees, and other shipping, printing, or delivery and shopping services.

Another way to shop is through a third-party platform, where everyone is instructed to purchase at their weight. With multi-carrier software, you can benefit from the higher rates, but you don’t have to consider the complexity of pricing, adjustments, leverage, and more.

Additionally, you can better understand and control the operating costs of your service providers. This is a solution for small sellers, where you have to pay to have all the books available and large volumes for greater reading pleasure consistently to publish books in packages.

What is the best way to send multiple parcels to Kenya from the UK

Several packages are available through the Yodel network. With  UK Kenya shipping Ltd, you can offer numerous packages to different addresses in the UK and Ireland.

The Smart Send tool allows you to use your UK Kenya shipping Ltd account with a business partner to order bulk packages from your family. We have worked with many of the significant UK markets as follows:

• Amazon

• Large handle


• eBay

Can I use a freight forwarder for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

Your UK Kenya shipping Ltd is also available with Lever Assistance, UK Kenya shipping Ltd  in Kenya saves you time. We have arrangements for all UK shipping services, safe port tracking, HSE, UK customs, all country-specific documents, and all standard documents issued for delivery of your UK shipment to Mombasa, Kenya.

We know you through a Kenyan customs broker you hired, the big deal with your buyers, a specific price for local customs information, sales, and leverage services.

How to send heavy machinery to Kenya from the UK?

 UK Kenya shipping Ltd and Ascope Shipping  are the  leading specialist in the international transport of heavy equipment from UK. Whether shipping a bulldozer, excavator, or crane, our experienced team knows what it takes to transport your large equipment in the safest and most economical shipping configuration.

We pride ourselves on understanding the language of the heavy machinery industry and on our efficiency and capability when moving your valuable heavy machinery and other complex cargo internationally from the UK.

We at  UK Kenya shipping Ltd   are happy to take care of all your documentation, customs, and marine insurance needs.

What are the insurance options for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

Cargo insurance options to Kenya are available for high-value shipments to Kenya and many other countries. Here are some options and considerations:

Freight Insurance: Freight insurance is designed to protect goods between Great Britain and Kenya. You can purchase freight insurance to cover all or part of the value of your shipment. This insurance usually covers various risks, including theft, damage, and loss during transport.

Marine Insurance: If your comprehensive marine insurance to Kenya covers goods transported by sea (e.g., ocean freight), marine insurance can cover the goods during the voyage. Marine insurance can be customized to your specific needs and type of cargo.

Liability Insurance for Freight Forwarders: Some freight forwarders may offer third-party liability insurance, which can cover the insurance of goods imported from Kenya and under their care, custody, and control. You must understand the terms and limitations of this coverage and whether it is sufficient for your high-value shipment.

How do customs brokers help with shipping to Kenya from the UK?

Our customs brokers handle all import and export customs declarations for your goods, ensuring there are no delays in the movement of your shipments or unnecessary delays at customs.

For shipments requiring full customs clearance to and from the UK, we can offer:

• Preparation and presentation of documents to be submitted to customs procedures

• Check the classification and valuation of your commodities

• work together with government agencies and customs authorities on your behalf

• If necessary, assist in arranging the correct payment of import duties and VAT

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in our customs clearance service and do not want to be left wondering what information is needed to start the customs clearance process.

How can I send jewelry to Kenya from the UK securely?

Step 1: Wrap each piece of jewelry in bubble wrap and place it in a slightly larger box.

Step 2: Fill any gaps with gasket chips.

Step 3: Close the can and shake it. If the jewelry is adequately packaged, you will not hear any noise.

Step 4: Place the box in the center of a slightly larger box. Since this is your outer box, it should be sturdier than the first. We recommend using a double-walled box.

Step 5: Surround the inner box with shards of gasket so it can’t shift during transit.

Step 6: Seal the box with strong tape.

How to manage bulk orders shipping to Kenya from the UK?

Effectively managing bulk orders and call requests isn’t just about meeting project deadlines – it also impacts your bottom line and customer satisfaction. Well-managed contracts ensure:

 Constant prices: Clients can count on pre-established prices that remain stable throughout the project.

Timely Procurement: Meeting call deadlines is critical to project efficiency and sales success.

 Supplier monitoring: Suppliers should carefully monitor their obligations, highlight deficiencies, and avoid oversupply to avoid billing and payment issues.

Successfully managing these aspects improves future contractual opportunities and strengthens business relationships.

Can I ship personal effects to Kenya from the UK?

We provide a tailor-made service for those who ship parcels, personal effects, excess baggage, baggage, or cargo of any size safely and reliably to Kenya.

Get an instant quote now via the quote form/link at the top of this page. Contact our favorite group if you want to discuss your specified shipping needs to Kenya via UK Kenya shipping Ltd

What are the typical transit times for express shipping to Kenya from the UK?

For example, shipping your package via UK Kenya shipping Ltd takes 2-3 days on average. However, standard shipping can take up to 21 days for a large shipment. These delivery estimates may vary based on several factors.

How do I handle fragile items when shipping to Kenya from the UK?

Use sturdy boxes

Lightweight boxes can reduce shipping weight but seriously endanger fragile goods. Try to use the most robust boxes available. Also, ensure that there is sufficient space for protective packaging.

Fill in the blanks

Fill in excess blanks to keep your shipment as solid as possible. Dunnage, airbags, bubble wrap, or paper can fill available space. This adds an extra layer of power to your expedition.

Let a pallet carry the heavy load.

For items weighing more than 70 kg, it is necessary to ship the goods on pallets. Pallets provide rigidity and an added layer of protection for heavier items. Read more about how to prepare the perfect palette here.

Are there any express shipping services to Kenya from the UK that offer weekend delivery?

At UK Kenya shipping Ltd , finding time to receive your parcels during the working week can be impossible  at best. That’s why we offer affordable, fully tracked  weekend deliveries

What is the cost of shipping a laptop to Kenya from the UK?

The size and weight of the packed object determine the cost of shipping a laptop. However, when shipping electrical products such as computers, it is worth planning shipping services with additional features, such as UK Kenya shipping Ltd delivery service, which requires the recipient’s signature and allows for better tracking.

When shipping a laptop, additional compensation coverage must also be considered. This will cost you a little more, but it will give you more peace of mind if your package is lost or damaged.

How can I send a package to Kenya from the UK anonymously?

When sending packages anonymously, accurate recipient information is essential for successful delivery. Some courier services may require the sender’s name or other information. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of their specific needs. Providing all the necessary information about the recipient increases the chances that your package will arrive at its destination without problems.

While anonymity is essential, it is also vital to consider the potential risks that come with it. Lost packages can be difficult to recover if crucial information is missing, and couriers can experience delivery delays if they need additional details.

To overcome these challenges, it is advisable to partner with a reliable shipping service that offers anonymous shipping options.

How to send sports equipment to Kenya from the UK?

Taking sports equipment abroad can be a tiring and worrying task. In addition to transporting your belongings to and from the airport, you will have to deal with security personnel and security officers who have little regard for the value of your equipment, not to mention the risk of an agonizing wait at the pickup carousel. This is undoubtedly the case when sending golf clubs abroad.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate all these possible problems and enjoy the ride? Look only to My Baggage for a first-class luggage shipping service.

What are the restrictions on sending cosmetics to Kenya from the UK?

Requirements for importing goods into Kenya: The freight forwarder must be present at customs clearance. Customs check all shipments. All cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes, alcohol, and food products will be subjected to radioactive analysis a

Diplomats must apply to the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs for exemption from customs duties and value-added tax (VAT). The exemption could be approved in several months.

Returning citizens must have lived abroad for more than two consecutive years and cannot do so

Have visited Kenya for more than 90 days from the last date of entry into Kenya for duty-free entry; the shipment  imported within three months of the date of entry.

Can I ship a bicycle to Kenya from the UK?

Make sure your bike is packaged correctly. We recommend you consult your bicycle manufacturer for advice on preparing your specific bicycle model for transportation.

It would help if you securely pack your bicycle in an approved rigid case/box for transport, providing the best protection for your bicycle. If you do not have an approved bicycle box for cargo, you must carefully pack your bicycle and store it in a sturdy, double-walled cardboard box.

How do I declare goods for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

 Import declaration form

• All commercial imports must apply for and obtain an IDF from the Kenya Revenue Authority. The importer is responsible for the IDF request but can contact a clearing and transit agent to view this request or enter it into the ORBUS system.

Once the IDF has been approved, the importer can proceed with the inspection of the cargo  and once completed (or not required), the cargo can be shipped.

The IDF contains essential information:

Value of the goods for tax calculation.

Please note that customs and transportation may dispute values. It is strongly recommended that you use the correct values to resolve any disputes.


It must be as detailed and correct as possible. Each slightly different type of merchandise should have a specific quantity rather than being grouped.


The inspection must also support this. Other regulatory bodies, such as the Kenya Bureau of Standards, Department of Public Health, Department of Agriculture (Kephis), etc., may be asked to determine whether expected standards have been met.

If suspected, tests may be carried out, and certificates/permits may be issued. Depending on these criteria, test certificates from accredited organizations may be required.

Classification (HS code):

As with other items, these may be subject to questions, so if in doubt, it is best to ask beforehand, especially if different HS codes carry various loads.

Certificate of Conformity (if applicable)

The Kenya Bureau of Standards has appointed some agents (INTERTEK, SGS, Bureau Veritas) to inspect the conformity of products that require inspection.

What is the best way to ship antiques to Kenya from the UK?

Package large antiques on a pallet for safe shipping

1. Prepare the item for transportation: Before packing large antique items onto a pallet, make sure all drawers are taped close and loose parts are obtained with cables for safe shipping.

2. Protect edges with padding: Use padding or foam padding, and wrap the item to avoid damage during transportation.

3. Place the item on the pallet: Place a layer of corrugated cardboard under the item and place the item in the center of the pallet.

4. Pack with additional layers or use a crate: Pack extra protection for your entire shipment of antique furniture with additional layers of foam padding and bubble wrap.

We recommend using as many layers and a variety of materials as possible. If you have a crate, place it on top and fill the extra space with stuffing.

5. Stretch wrapping and securely tying: Wrap the outside of the box with stretch wrap and secure it to the bottom of the pallet. Use straps to obtain the outside of the pallet

 Can I send a TV to Kenya from the UK and ensure it arrives safely?

One of the most important aspects of shipping a television is ensuring it’s adequately packaged so it arrives correctly.

Keeping your TV upright during every step of the shipping process is critical. Televisions are not designed to be placed on their side to protect the LCD/LED screen from additional pressure.

Using the correct type of box is essential. This is the best option if it’s a new TV or you still have the box it came in. If you don’t already have this box, you must purchase a box designed for televisions. The packaging experts at  UK Kenya shipping Ltd  Store can help you find the correct TV packaging box.

Clean your TV to ensure it is free of dust and stains before removing it from the stand or wall bracket. Place all the nuts, bolts, and other components needed for the TV in a secure plastic bag that can be carried in the box. Quickly note the accessories in the plastic bag and put them in it.

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