Best Shipping Companies in Kenya. 

Top shipping companies in Kenya.

Here are the list of the best shipping companies in Kenya.

Carrying goods from one place to another or continent to another is called shipping.

Shipping can be pretty and at the same time stressful if you do it yourself. Having an experienced hand by the company do the job for you is essential.

Thus, several shipping companies in Kenya such as UK Kenya shipping have played an essential role in helping Kenyans to ship various products.

 Shipping from Amazon to Kenya.

Over the years, shipping has become a very reputable and vital business due to the industrialization and for the growth of the global economies.

Shipping consists of moving the goods through the different means of transportation which ensure that they reach to the customer in a perfect condition.

The mode of transport usually used to ship the goods includes; sea, air, rail and road transport.

The maritime industry in Kenya

Originally, This navigation came from the word ship, transporting goods from one continent to another by sea.

However, shipping today refers to the movement of goods by the mentioned means of transport.

 The shipping companies in Kenya listed here are specialize in different forms of shipping. Ground transport is Kenyans’ most popular and cheapest form of transport.However, the sailing is becoming increasingly popular in Kenya as trade relations with the rest of the world continue to open up.

In general, shipping for ordinary Kenyans is expensive due to poor infrastructure, forcing local businesses to charge relatively higher fees than in developed countries.How to buy things from UK Kenya shipping, AliExpress, eBay and Amazon in Kenya.Though UK Kenya shipping company will be cheaper to its customer.

Shipping is the best and most popular mode of transportation, mainly due to its ability to carry more cargo than any other.However, it is cheaper than other options, such as air travel. In Kenya, companies work with cargo vessels or a company like UK Kenya shipping with a fleet of ships to facilitate in  their shipping business.

Not surprisingly,shipping accounts for 90% of international Trade.Statistics show that more than 102,000 ships worldwide deliver goods on different routes.

List of the leading shipping companies in Kenya.

Here is the list of the best and most reliable shipping companies in Kenya that you can use to import or export goods:

1. UK Kenya Shipping Company.

UK Kenya Shipping Company is located in UK and provides exporters and importers various services the shipping industry requires.

Despite being one of the Kenya’s oldest shipping companies, Century Cargo is still one of Kenya’s best. They are also specialized in the storage and transportation of goods.

2. States Duke

Here states duke is one of the best shipping companies in Kenya. This company will also serves other countries, including; Uganda, Tanzania, the United States and South Sudan.While UK Kenya shipping is the largest shipping company which serves UK and Germany and world wide in many other countries.

With a presence in several countries, it indicates that States Duka is a small company with less expertise in its field . States Duka in Kenya is located in Ngara Nairobi along Kolobot Road.

It works with several companies, including Amazon, eBay and OLX, to export goods to and from the US to East Africa. They charge an average per kilogram of cargo because they specialize in air freight.

3. Octa bearers

Octa Transporters is more of a service company delivering cargo to clients and businesses in and around Nairobi.

The company has used the JIT (just in time) strategy to ensure that the cargo is delivered to the customers at the right time, as prescribed.

Octa has become one of the country’s and at the most efficient and reliable companies for its service.

4. Crono Company Limited

Crono Company Limited is another shipping company in Kenya based in Malindi

It is one of the oldest companies, which started in 1996. It clears customs and transports almost all kinds of goods from Mombasa Port.

5. Filiken Transit Forwarders Ltd

Filiken is one of Kenya’s most reliable shipping companies, offering various logistics, guiding and cargo transportation services.

 It is based in Mombasa, where it can be coordinated the goods from the port.

6. Mahdi Logistics

Mahdi is another shipping company in Kenya that diversified its services into wholesale and retail.

They also distribute stationery, computer services, solar LED lighting and other electrical appliances.

7. Crystal Spark Company

CSC has only been an active in the Kenyan market for the first five years and has already built a renowned port folio. It is a transportation and the logistics company that offers versatile courier services.

Trade with neighbouring countries plays a vital role in the economy’s growth. International shipping companies that make a Trade between countries and possible, which ensures the mobility of items in different countries.

Shipping is the term used to refer to the movement of goods. It can be done by water, air or road. Lots of shipping companies in Kenya these days, some local and some international. 

All of these play a vital role in Trade within the country.

For businesses, choosing the best shipping company depends on the destination of the goods or services being transported. If the goods need to go abroad, you need the services of an international shipping company such as UK Kenya shipping.

 Just make sure you choose the company that has fully covers.

In this article, I have listed some of Kenya’s most popular and reliable international shipping companies today.

International shipping companies in Kenya.

This list of international shipping companies in Kenya to ship your goods.

1. UK kenya shipping

This shipping company is located in UK and Germany. The company operates in East Africa and the United Kingdom to kenya or from Germany to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping company is known for transporting goods from the United Kingdom to kenya.The company works closely with global trading platforms such as OLX, eBay and Amazon.

Freight charges for shipping with UK Kenya shipping are $8.50 per kilogram. UK Kenya shipping is the most reliable as it provides affordable freight services to entrepreneurs, businesses and enterprises. 

With weekly cargo flights and frequent cargo deliveries, UK Kenya shipping has helped many eCommerce businesses reach their customers regardless of their geographic location.

2. DHL Express

DHL is one and the most popular international shipping companies in Kenya. They were founded in 1969 the company specializes in the transport of goods and documents to different countries of the world.

The company has a fleet of cargo trucks and planes to deliver the goods faster to the desired destination.

6. AGS Frasers Kenya

AGS Frasers is an international logistics company that operates in over 94 countries. With extensive experience in cargo mobility, the company delivers excellent cargo from one country to another.

The company provides cargo transportation services by air, sea and road. AGS also partners with one of the leading paper core manufacturers, who offer additional packaging for goods to ensure safe transportation.

 The company carries various interests, including household items such as tools and electronics.

7. Urban Freight Transport Networks

Urban Cargo Networks is a company that deals with cargo logistics in different countries. 

The company specializes in pharmaceutical goods, agriculture-related goods, educational materials and general goods.

The company is located at Accrow House along Enterprise Road in the industrial area of Nairobi.

8. Kesom Freight International

Custom Freight International is engaged in a variety of freight logistics. The company is known for carrying bulky goods such as farm equipment.

The company has several branches in different countries, including Germany. In addition, Kesom Freight International has offices in almost all the international airports and seaports in the UK.

The company provides customs clearance, shipping services, and all export and import requirements.

9. TNT Express Worldwide Kenya Limited

TNT Express is a global shipping company known for its door-to-door deliveries to various countries.Same as UK Kenya shipping company offers the best door to door services and the best services for it customers. 

The company specializes in transporting goods for multiple purposes, including medicines and electronics.The company favours all people, including sole proprietorships, because you only need a VAT number to start shipping. In addition, you can track the movement of your goods as TNT Express Worldwide Kenya moves them.

However, the company must still establish its domestic freight services in Kenya. It means they can only export and import goods or send and receive goods from other countries.

When choosing international shipping companies, such as uk kenya shipping company it is worth to look for their offices in the destination of the goods. 

It is also necessary to pay attention to the regulations of the different countries regarding the goods entering and leaving the ports. 

In most cases, shipping companies UK Kenya shipping provide enough information to ensure customers make the right choice.

The top Shipping Companies in Kenya.

 Did you know that shipping costs often decrease with larger cargo quantities? 

Therefore, it is cheaper to use the UK Kenya shipping company in Kenya to get small parcels instead of importing them separately. 

The shipping industry in the country has grown tremendously over the past decade. Unlike before, when there were only a few companies, Kenyans had many reliable options.

Costs were high, and small orders were difficult to keep track of. However, the situation has changed. 

You can now import one or more items from different parts of the world using one of the shipping companies in Kenya like UK Kenya shipping.

 Announcements of What is Shipping?

 Shipping refers to moving a product or the asset from one point to another. It can be done by land, sea or air. There are many shipping companies in Kenya,each with a specific purpose. 

Some use sea,air and road freight for the shipment like UK Kenya shipping only, while others use a combination of methods. 

What are the essential elements of a sound transport system in the city? 

Usually, couriers in Kenya take care of transportation, warehouse management, coordination of inbound goods, order processing and outbound shipping and delivery.

 As a result, they save customers the stress of checking their parcels and looking for them at the point of entry into the country. NOTE: Remember to check out all trending Kenyan news.

Shipping, transport, e-commerce and business services. UK Kenya shipping Express is a multinational company that transports all types of goods, including sensitive goods. 

You can track it online once you have ordered or exported a package. 

 Parcel shipping and delivery rates are in per kilogram from the UK. Shipping from the UK takes 2 to 3 working days, and there is are customs charge. 

There is no customs charge for shipping from the UK;

This UK Kenya shipping company provides moving and shipping for small and medium-sized businesses. Make round-trip shipments from UK ,Germany, Istanbul, Dubai, and India, among others.

 We Offer air and ocean freight. We also have excellent Guidance to Become a Glover In addition, UK Kenya shipping also offers and tailor-made transport, regardless of the location and size of the package. 

Online quotes and for more information which are available on the company’s website such as of the  UK Kenya shipping company and a poster with an overview of the services offered by UK Kenya shipping Company. 

Transport air, road and sea cargo to various locations worldwide using the  international connections. It also offers storage services. In additional, the company allows customers to buy goods online and have it shipped with them. 

To do this, customers order the items and provide their business addresses so that the online stores can deliver them. Subsequently, the company’s employees ship it to customers in all three countries.

 The best company in Kenya :

UK Kenya shipping is one of the Logistics Limited company with  an air and ocean freight forwarding company. It also performs deletion and forwarding. It has a reputation for fast delivery and impeccable customer service. 

Initially, the company shipped to the East African region, but now it sends worldwide. The official site allows companies and individuals to import consumer goods, auto parts, and industrial and pharmaceutical products. 

UK Kenya shipping import to Kenya is one of the largest shipping companies in the country. It was founded and it was specialized as an international, domestic, vehicle transport, and office and storage removals. 

 How to shop with AliExpress in Kenya: 

A complete guide. You can get a quote from an official website to ship items through this company. 

The company imports and exports products or packaging to five continents with more than 148 branches. 3. Aircom Cargo Logistics Limited An aircraft writes Aircom Cargo Logistics.

List of the best logistics companies in Kenya

Here is a list of the best logistics companies in Kenya. 

The list focuses on reputable companies offering reliable and one-stop logistics services in Kenya and beyond.

Here is a list of the best logistics companies in Kenya.

1.  UK Kenya shipping 

UK Kenya shipping is a Logistics is an established company based in Kenya, providing specialist services in a niche segment of the logistics and supply chain industry in East Africa.

2. Agility in Kenya

Agility Kenya provides Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics and Logistics solutions that connect your business to suppliers and markets worldwide.

 The company offers ocean, air, road and multimodal transportation solutions to move your goods and world-class warehousing and distribution for your inventory.

3. Elisa Logistics

Elisa Logistics has over 25 years of experience in the transport and logistics sector. It provides value-added clearing and the shipping solutions, logistics and warehousing, and dedicated commodity services throughout East Africa.

4. Bolloré Transport and Logistics

Bolloré is a primary international transport and logistics operator specializing in multimodal transport. It has branches in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Malaba, Busia, Lokichoggio, Namanga and Eldoret.

5. UK Kenya shipping

UK Kenya shipping is one of the leading logistics service providers in East Africa, with a significant share of the cargo handling market in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan. 

The company can tailor your logistics solutions by employing an experienced logistics team for each customer.

6. Accelerate globally

Acceler is an international freight and logistics services provider specializing in freight and logistics services, customs clearance, warehousing, freight forwarding, distribution and supply chain management.

Contact person: 0720 607 070.

7. Limited shippers

Freight Forwarders such as UK Kenya shipping company is one of the leading logistics service providers in East Africa Other than the limited shippers.

 It is an asset-based company that provide a comprehensive logistics packages into the industries which involved shipping different kind of product to ship for you and get the best and logistics services.You can contact +447487554202 or Email: www.ukkenya

8. UK Kenya shipping

It is a leading freight forwarding company in Kenya and a international logistics company based in Nairobi

The company delivers value to customers by providing the most reliable and efficient distribution and logistics solutions.

Contacts: +447487554202

9. Logistics at the forefront

Fastlane is a fully integrated, specialist international freight forwarder and logistics service provider with core competencies in ocean, air, and road transportation of perishables and general cargo and warehousing.

Contact person: 0788 309 344.


10. Logistics Sasa

Sasa Logistics is a leading transport logistics company serving Mombasa and the hinterland.

Contacts: 0734 400 883, 0721 400 883.


11. Sheffield Freight Logistics

Sheffield is a leading clearing, freight forwarding and supply chain management services provider.

 The company provides its customers with logistics solutions that support their Trade and positively impact their business.

Contacts: 0723 764 819, 0736 671 228.


12. Polygonal logistics

The company offers its customers a range of logistics solutions ranging from freight forwarding, customs clearance and forwarding, air representation, relocation services and live animal shipments.

Contacts: 0722 204 835, 0726 711 541.


13. Fox International Logistics Ltd

The company is a complete logistics service provider for all cargo and couriers

It provides professional customs clearance and air and ocean freight forwarding services at Kenya’s designated customs ports/airports.

Contact: 020 682 7964/5, 020 827 667.


‘Shipping companies of Kenya

 Kenyan Shipping Companies: 

Navigation in the Maritime Industry.


Situated on the East African coast, Kenya has the strategic geographic location, In making it a key player in the international Trade in shipping. 

The country is home to several major shipping companies facilitating goods movement and promoting economic growth.

 In this article, we explore the shipping industry in Kenya and highlight some of the major shipping companies that contribute to its success.

1. Importance of shipping in Kenya.

Shipping plays a vital role in Kenya’s economy by facilitating domestic and international Trade.

 As an import-dependent nation, Kenya relies heavily on shipping to move essential goods such as machinery, vehicles, electronics, and consumer goods. 

Additionally, the country exports various interests, including tea, coffee, horticultural products, and manufactured goods, all transported by sea.

Kenya’s gateway to the world

Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya, is home to the country’s main port, the Port of Mombasa.

 This deep-water port is strategically positioned along major international shipping lanes, making it an essential regional and global trade entry point.

 The port handles around 30 million tones of cargo annually. 

It serves not only Kenya but also landlocked East African countries such as Uganda and Rwanda.

1. Kenyan Shipping Companies

a) UK Kenya shipping company: 

As the statutory body responsible for managing the Port of Mombasa, the UK Kenya shipping company plays a crucial role in Kenya’s  sector.

 It handles various cargo, including containerized, bulk and general cargo.

 The UK Kenya shipping company has invested in the modernization in so many facilities, the creation of so many and efficient systems and the improvement of services, positioning itself as a significant player in the sector of the East Africa.

.b) Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC): 

MSC is one of the world’s most prominent shipping lines and has a significant presence in Kenya

The company offers reliable container shipping services, connecting Kenya to various destinations worldwide.

 With a diverse fleet and a comprehensive network, MSC has been instrumental in facilitating global Trade and supporting Kenya’s import and export activities.

c) Maersk Line:

 Maersk Line, a subsidiary of the Maersk Group, is another prominent shipping company operating in Kenya.

 With its extensive fleet and global network, Maersk Line provides container shipping services catering to Kenyan businesses’ diverse needs.

 The company is known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation, further enhancing its reputation in the shipping industry.

d) Evergreen Line:

 Evergreen Line is a renowned shipping company that offers comprehensive container transportation services in Kenya

Known for its modern fleet and advanced technology, Evergreen Line has established a strong presence in the country.

 The company’s focus on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency has contributed to its success in the Kenyan market.

1. Challenges and prospects.

Although the maritime industry in Kenya has seen significant growth, it still faces several challenges. 

These include inadequate infrastructure, bureaucracy, port congestion and piracy threats in the Indian Ocean. 

However, in cooperation with various stakeholders, the Kenyan government has taken steps to address these issues and promote a more conducive environment for shipping and Trade.

Looking to the future, the industry in Kenya offers excellent potential for development. 

Government efforts to improve infrastructure, continued investment in port facilities, and efforts to facilitate Trade are expected to attract more shipping companies and increase cargo handling efficiency. 

Furthermore, the emergence of emerging technologies and the integration of digital solutions into logistics processes are likely to revolutionize the sector.


Shipping companies in Kenya play a vital role in facilitating international Trade, contributing to the country’s economic growth and development. With strategic ports, such as the

Port of Mombasa and the presence of major shipping companies such as UK Kenya shipping,Kenya Ports Authority, MSC, Maersk Line and Evergreen Line, Kenya has positioned itself as a significant player in the shipping industry in East Africa.

These shipping lines offer various services, including container shipping, bulk cargo shipping, and general cargo handling. 

Their extensive global networks allow them to connect Kenya to multiple destinations worldwide, facilitate Trade and support the import and export activities of companies in the country.

In recent years, the Kenyan government has recognized the importance of the some sector and to which has taken steps to address challenges and promote growth. 

Infrastructure development projects, such as the construction of new quays and the expansion of port facilities, aim to increase the capacity and efficiency of the Port of Mombasa

These initiatives benefit Kenya and contribute to regional integration and trade facilitation in East Africa.

In addition, the Kenyan government has taken steps to streamline customs procedures, cut red tape and improve security in the sector.

 These efforts aim at creating a more favorable business environment for shipping companies and traders, thereby enhancing Kenya’s competitiveness in the global market.

Looking ahead, the future of Kenya’s maritime industry looks bright. The country’s strategic location, continued investment in infrastructure and adoption of innovative technologies should drive growth.

 Furthermore, initiatives such as the blue economy strategy, which emphasizes the sustainable use of marine resources, offer opportunities for diversification and expansion in fisheries, aquaculture and offshore energy sectors.

In conclusion, UK Kenya shipping company play is an essential role in facilitating international Trade and stimulating economic development. 

With the Port of Mombasa as their main entry point, these companies provide crucial logistical support to businesses in Kenya and beyond.

 As the government continues to invest in infrastructure and address challenges, the future of Kenya’s maritime industry looks bright, opening opportunities for increased trade, job creation and sustainable growth.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our international services.Our team will be happy to answer any question you may have and guide you through  the process.

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