How much does importing a car from the UK to Kenya cost?

One of the first steps to consider when importing a car from the UK into Kenya is a clear understanding of the costs. This article walks you through all the costs while shipping to kenya involved, how much you pay for each part and some additional services you may enjoy.

Shipping cost from UK to kenya.It will help you understand the ultimate cost of importing your dream car so you can plan your finances before falling in love with that perfect car.

The cost of the car

How much does one car cost?

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the cost of the car. Through sea cargo to Kenya from the UK. Many people must realize that many dealerships only give a fractional discount on their vehicles. we as UK Kenya shipping will help you ship it from the UK to Kenya.

Some retailers also add a buyer’s charge few cash on top of the advertised price. Usually, it’s the car supermarkets that don’t give discounts and don’t charge the purchase cost. Independent dealerships are also unlikely to provide discounts, but if they do, it could replace the prep work the car requires.

 You might pay less cash. But if you notice that the vehicle needs maintenance, they will inform you that they will only maintain it if they give you a discount. Most often, the cost of the car is a good reflection of the price you’ll end up paying.

Car with VAT

What is the VAT on cars in Kenya?

Cars under 3 or 4 years old are eligible for VAT if a business has owned them. It is the holy grail for exporters as you can get a 20% reduction on the advertised price. 

At UK Kenya shipping, We will help the customer ship once they buy any kind of a guide unto cars VAT free and handle chargebacks as part of the service. We don’t ask you to cover the cost of your VAT. We as UK Kenya shipping pay the VAT for you, so you don’t have to.

 Finding VAT-eligible cars reduces the number of vehicles available in a search because the older the car we’re looking at, the fewer VAT-eligible cars there are on the market.

British Transport

In addition to the cost of the car, you have the cost of transport in the UK. It can range in depending, vary on where in the UK the car is. If you are in Kenya., it could cost a certain amount of cash to collect the vehicle. It combines insurance, trains, planes, time, and fuel to collect and return the car.

Shipping to Mombasa

How much is shipping usually?

You can ship your car from the UK to Mombasa using the cheaper roll-on roll-off service or in a container. Through our UK Kenya shipping company. The roll-on, roll-off service is most famous for vehicles.

You should expect to pay for an SUV and container shipping costs for a 20ft container. Unto how to ship to Kenya. The container service incurs additional charges at the port in Kenya. For all about the cost to ship you can contact +447487554202.

shipping Containers to kenya from the UK are only needed for high-quality cars. We as UK Kenya Shipping would recommend cars to be considered to a container, but it’s unnecessary.

Marine insurance

What marine insurance means?

Marine insurance is a line of insurance applicable to the conveyance of cargo over land or water. It can cover loss of or damage to ships, cargo, terminals, pipelines, ports, oil rigs and platforms, and similar property.

It is a necessity for Kenyan car imports from our shipping companies from the UK to Kenya. They must be secured in the water. It has to be arranged with UK-Kenya shipping. The cost is typically 0.4% of the value of your car. For the C&F business, marine insurance is for you to place as the buyer.

Procurement Agent Fee

Finally, you can choose an agent in the UK to help you buy and export your car. Here come UK Kenya shipping will help you ship. Many UK dealers are not interested in assisting overseas buyers to buy a car because it is too complex. 

Then we select the best cars according to your budget, evaluate the quality of the vehicle, negotiate on your behalf to get the best price, and ensure everything is delivered correctly, i.e. two keys, floor mats, spare wheel, lockable wheel nut and manuals. 

We guarantee the mileage is genuine, the car has been serviced, and the vehicle is delivered to a very high standard. We manage the shipment booking and ensure it reaches the port on time. 

Finally, we as UK Kenya shipping ship all bulk items and essential paperwork to our Nairobi warehouse.

These fees may vary depending on your agent. A salaried family member may charge very little, but you must wait for pickup and inspection on their schedule. You may also miss out on an opportunity to buy a car if your buyer can only see the cars on weekends and the vehicle is sold. A professional importer like UK Kenya shipping charges around 8% for the service.

Costs to bring a car to Kenya

How much does it cost to import a car into Kenya?

Airport charges: 

When shipping a car to Kenya from the UK through UK Kenya shipping we make sure your car arrives, you pay less, depending on the size of your vehicle. It includes the fees, and delisting fees.

Clearing Agent:

You will need a clearing agent to complete the entry for your car, which usually costs less but we as UK Kenya shipping will make everything done. We provide cleaning and registration services for many customers representing 8% of the cost of your vehicle. It can be reduced for customers who can pay more of the cost of the car upfront.

Excise duties, import duties, VAT, and levies

What is the import duty and VAT in Kenya?

The import duty on used cars in Kenya is calculated using KRA’s CRSP table. Calculating excise duties correctly is complex, and we often see conflicting opinions. We created our KRA Prestige car tax calculator to provide the most up-to-date calculations.

The KRA updates the CRSP rates regularly. There are also recent changes in the method used to calculate customs value. The excise tax has also changed several times over the past five years. It’s essential to make sure your agent follows the latest regulations.

Membership costs

What is membership payment?

Registration costs that is to register your car. Your clearing agent does it. If you have a special license plate, the cost to transfer. It can sometimes delay the time it takes to register your vehicle. Now that your car has been released, you can collect your vehicle.

Car delivery cost in Nairobi

Preparation before receiving your car

Our UK Kenya shipping customers want to receive their new car in good condition. After a long journey, it needs a freshen-up. So we will valet the car for you. Sometimes a vehicle might have had a small scratch during its journey, which we also repair before you receive it.

And finally, we give the car a minor service to ensure it is in good order. After all, it has been over six weeks since it has been driven. These extra touches are unique for an importer. But we know that going the extra mile for our clients makes all the difference.

Three months warranty

We automatically grant a 3-month warranty on all cars we authorize (unless the customer has instructed us not to).

Asset finance car.

Shipping from the UK to Kenya, we as UK Kenya Shipping ship Cars purchased with asset financing must be equipped with a tracker by the banks. It costs less. The quotes automatically include the tracker in the quote for I&M Bank but not NCBA.

As you may have understood, importing your car is time-consuming. For those looking to do it themselves to save some money, this is a comprehensive guide on what to expect.

Hiring a professional importer to handle the tasks makes life so much easier and is easily worth the investment for the peace of mind it gives you. The hardest part is choosing which car to buy, but we as UK Kenya shipping can also help you.


How do I export from the UK?

A general guide to export procedures. General overview for exporting from Kenya

 This page provides a general overview of exports to Kenya, where the respectively authorized government agencies regulate the export of goods. These agencies are governed by their laws, regulations, or legal notices that guide their export procedures. The portal provides more detail on the specific rules/laws for trading the respective commodities.

1. Register as a company or business

Our UK Kenya shipping company is registered in Kenya and is done by the Registrar of Companies, who issues certificates to local and foreign companies, sole proprietorships, and partnerships. Companies like UK Kenya shipping then need to register with the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

You also need to obtain a business license from the respective provincial government, where the company will establish its operations depending on the type of business. All company and business registrations are processed through the eCitizen platform.

For detailed guidance on the various company registration procedures, refer to the Kenya eRegulations platform operated by the Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest).

2. Open a bank account

After successfully registering a company, a merchant can open an account with a bank. A list of commercial banks and mortgage lenders approved by the Central Bank of Kenya can be viewed here.

3. Obtain product-specific registrations/licenses and certificates

The procedures on the portal are accessible via the filter search bar on the homepage; First, select the desired transaction (export, import, or transit), then choose your product :

To answer all the realities faced by the trader who wishes to carry out a specific commercial operation (import, export, or transit), the portal collects information on four categories of procedures, including pre-clearance and customs clearance processes :

• Initial/Initial Registrations:

A person or business often needs to be registered to apply for licenses and permits subsequently. These can include audits such as warehouse or farm inspections. Registrations generally need to be made only once by each entity.

• Licensing:

Several industries are regulated, and businesses (sole proprietorships or corporations) wishing to trade in these industries must obtain licenses before being allowed to do so and obtain the necessary permits. In some cases, appointments must be renewed annually;

• Permits:

Permits are the permits that must accompany a shipment before customs clearance procedures can begin.

 Examples include phytosanitary or veterinary certificates, certificates of origin, import licenses, certificates of conformity, etc. These procedures must be followed per operation or shipment;

• Customs Clearance and Border Procedures:

Includes all procedures needed to clear the shipment through customs and border control units at the various points of exit/entry. It includes submitting a customs declaration, applicable shipping/regulatory checks, cargo sealing, etc.

These procedures may be required for any new commercial operation. Currently, the portal offers liquidation procedures through ten (10) exit points, as shown in the screenshot below.

• Procedures for a new operator:

this section summarizes all the steps/procedures that a new operator must follow; then, a detailed overview of the techniques from the point of registration to customs clearance at the ends of exit or entry.

Presentation of the procedures on the portal

4. Shipping Declaration

To facilitate customs clearance of the cargo, the exporter is required to provide its clearing agent with documentation relating to the load, including but which it can not be limited to a valid commercial invoice, certificate of origin (if applicable), relevant permits for shipment, restricted goods license (if applicable), corporate or individual PIN certificate, purchase orders or agreements, and packing lists.

 Once you have submitted the loading documents for processing, assisted with the shipment being filled/verified, released the export-declared load, and exited the shipment at a border point, KRA will process and issue an export certificate.



By air, cargo or road

Find out the best way to ship your cargo from London, United Kingdom, to Mombasa, Kenya, by different modes of transportation, including air, sea, and road transportation. Compare freight rates, transit times, route options, and more. By exporting to Kenya from the UK through UK-Kenya shipping.

 Airplane transport

One day 15h

It leaves every few hours


27 days 8 hours

It leaves every week

Road / Truck

No options available

From London to Mombasa by air

The fastest way to get from London to Mombasa is by flight, which takes about one day and 15 hours, departs from London Heathrow Airport (LHR), and arrives at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO). Flights depart on this route every few hours. Kenya Airways is one of the airlines operating scheduled services on this route with daily departures.


Can I ship a car from the UK to Kenya?

Shipping the car to Kenya

UK Kenya shipping helps you import a Car to Kenya

Typical shipping costs:

how much is it?

• Transportation costs per vehicle in shipping to Kenya from the US. If you want to know much about the cost you can contact +447487554202.

• Many factors can affect the total cost, including vehicle type, carrier availability, and fuel costs.

Examples of cost and time to ship a car to Kenya

*Prices and times are indicative. It may vary depending on the season and type of vehicle. we import it through Sea cargo to Kenya from the UK.

* Save on ground transportation costs by bringing the vehicle to the nearest port.

* Please allow an additional ten days to process your documents.

*Prices are for one car in a particular 20ft container. It is the safest and most reliable way to transport a vehicle internationally through our UK Kenya shipping sea cargo to Kenya from the UK. Other items can be placed in the container to help you save money when moving.

* The method’s RoRo (roll on, roll off) is cheaper, and the shipments can be completed in fewer days. Contact us now for a free RoRo.

Shipping from the UK to Mombasa kenya in a personal vehicle to Kenya is a good idea if the permanent residence or an extended stay is planned. Kenya has an extensive road network. The roads are paved and unpaved, but you can go anywhere by vehicle.

There are many types of roads in Kenya. Knowing the difference is critical when traveling across the country.

Popular shipping destinations

• Eldoret


• Malindi




Documents needed to send a vehicle to Kenya

1. Title and registration

2. Proof of purchase

3. License/Photo ID and Passport

4. Invoice of fees paid

5. Certificate of insurance

6. Proof of residency in Kenya

7. Work permit

8. PIN certificate

9. Declaration form

10. Certificate of Conformity

Make sure the vehicle owner is present on the day of vehicle arrival. The vehicle can be shipped to one of three ports on the Kenyan border, Lamu Port, Malindi Port, or Mombasa Port.

Vehicle shipping methods in Kenya

How to ship a car to Kenya?

RO-RO and shipping containers to Kenya from UK.shipping are convenient and easy ways to ship a vehicle internationally. While the two are very different, they are the easiest and sometimes the only way to transport a car to another country, such as Kenya.

RO-RO transport is not permitted in all ports but is the cheapest way to transport a car. Requires vehicle to be unoccupied except for jack, spare tire, and floor mats. The car must also be capable of getting on and off the ship.

• Container shipping is slightly more expensive but can be split with another person if the chosen container is shared. 

You can choose between different container sizes, depending on the quantity transported by the vehicle. 

The vehicle can be filled with cargo and the remaining space in the container. Make sure that the goods transported with the car are accepted by Kenyan customs.

Shipping of heavy equipment and oversized cargo to Kenya

How do I ship large equipment?

Use professional couriers UK Kenya shipping has experience in international shipping and an excellent reputation to bring your heavy equipment or oversized cargo to Kenya. At UK Kenya Shipping, we have access to the best quality tools and equipment and the latest dispatch technology.

 With our history of networking and many decades of experience in the shipping industry, we know we can handle almost any type of cargo. We also provide insurance coverage to all our clients to give them more comfort during the process.

There are all kinds of heavy equipment and oversized loads. From mining equipment to industrial equipment, we have provided it all. Here are some examples of machinery, equipment, and large goods we can deliver to Kenya and help you with how to ship to Kenya.

 • Bulldozers

• Combine

• Forklifts

• Harvesters

Transporting goods across international borders requires careful preparation. Knowing that our representatives can handle import policy and help you gather evidence is a relief. 

You will need to provide customs with several documents, including your car or equipment title and registration, your driving license/photo ID and passport, an invoice for the duties paid, proof of insurance, and proof of residence in Kenya.

Choice of international means of transport

What are the methods of international transport?

The transport methods and shipping services you can use depend on the type of goods you wish to send to Kenya. But UK Kenya Shipping will help you ship using their best services. There are generally four modes of transportation offered to our international transportation customers. What we have to offer in terms of shipping from the UK to Kenya’s best duration services include

• Flat Shipping –

An open service that provides protection using a metal frame to secure the cargo.

• Container transport –

A closed method of transport that offers maximum protection against external influences.

• RoRo Shipping –

The cheapest open method for people with motorized vehicles and trucks.

• LoLo Shipping –

An open service that uses a crane to lift unusable vehicles and equipment in crates onto the ship.


How do I export a car from the UK to Kenya?

Shipping/Export from the UK to Mombasa Kenya

We as UK Kenya Shipping specialize in shipping household items and vehicles (cars, trucks, tractors, buses, motorbikes, etc.) to Kenya from the UK (by RoRo or container) and can guarantee the best shipping rates.

In this during transportation UK Kenya shipping ltd delivers to Kenya’s small cities using Well Fargo courier. We will supply you with the wells fargo tracking number once we send your goods to any city in Kenya.

For customers based in the UK, we offer delivery only, where you deliver your vehicle or goods to one of the UK’s departure ports, or an all-inclusive delivery service where we collect your car or goods. Your interests are from any UK address, and we deliver them to Send Mombasa.

For international customers, we can buy and deliver new or used vehicles from the UK and export them direct to you in Kenya, or if you have your car identified or insured in the UK, we can purchase the vehicle in your name and send it to you. in Kenya.

 Shipping methods to Mombasa, Kenya

We as UK Kenya shipping company operate one ship a week from the UK to Kenya through the ports. We typically export to Mombasa, where you can collect the vehicle, OR, using our local Kenyan agents, we can arrange for the clearance of your car when it arrives in Mombasa. We as UK Kenya shipping still deliver to Meru, Nakuru, and Nyali by using Wells Fargo courier.

The ships take approximately 2 to 3 days to get to Mombasa from the UK. There are main methods of shipping vehicles from the UK to Kenya:

RORO Shipping: 

RoRo is short for “Roll on, Roll off” and is the cheapest and most popular shipping method. The vehicles are carried aboard the vessel and secured securely to the ship’s deck, and when the vessel arrives in Mombasa, they are ejected from the boat. Placing personal items in vehicles is generally not permitted when shipping via RoRo.

– CONTAINER shipment –

What means container shipping?

Here, shipping containers to Kenya from the UK the vehicles are secured in a container, which is then loaded to ship. Container shipping is a less expensive but safe option and is ideal if you are shipping high-value vehicles or if you are shipping other items with your car, such as household items or spare parts.

Procedure / How to book

Collection/delivery of the vehicle

Please provide the collection address and details of the vehicle you wish to collect. We pick up the car conveniently and deliver it to the port.

Shipping vehicles from the UK

* Please provide us with your full name and address, details of the vehicle you wish to send, a copy of the V5 (or new owner’s supplement), and MOT certificate (if available)

* Deliver your vehicle to the port of departure in the UK using the port documentation we as UK Kenya shipping will provide (or we will collect and deliver your vehicle to the port)

* Pay (before ship departure date)

* We carry out the customs clearance and provide you with the necessary documents to clear customs for your car upon arrival in Mombasa.

Purchase of the vehicle on your behalf

Suppose you find a vehicle through a UK car dealership, private seller, or any other UK car sales website. In that case, we can act as your agent, negotiate on your behalf, and carry out pre-purchase checks and inspections (to ensure it has not been advertised fraudulently, stolen, or damaged).

We will ship your car through our shipping container to Kenya from the UK once you have purchased it, collect it, deliver it to your home port in the UK, and ship it to you in Kenya.

To order this service, please provide us with your private seller, dealership, website, or email details, and we as UK Kenya shipping will contact you on your behalf and begin securing the vehicle and exporting it to Kenya. Full details and costs can be found on our Buy a Vehicle on my behalf page in the UK.

Delivery of new/used cars

We as UK Kenya shipping supply new and used vehicles from the UK and ship them direct to customers in Kenya. We also specialize in exporting duty-free cars (new or used vehicles subject to VAT), enabling our Kenyan customers to make huge savings when they buy a car from us. we ass UK Kenya shipping delivery to webuye postal code.

We can source and supply ALL vehicles on the UK market; these are our vehicles or the cars provided by our UK dealer network. Thanks to our extensive network, we guarantee you the lowest prices in the UK for vehicles, 4x4s, vans, trucks, minibusses, buses, coaches, tractors, and machinery.

To order a vehicle, call, email, or submit an online inquiry with the make, model, year, color, transmission, engine size, etc., and we’ll give you vehicle options in minutes. Or browse our export car database and request a quote for shipping to Kenya.

UK Customs and Documentation

Car Exporters UK has direct access to the UK Customs Portal granted by the UK Government, so we will handle customs and border entry on your behalf to avoid delays or stranding your car at the port.

We will also prepare all documents required in Kenya, including inspection papers, logbooks, invoices, bills of lading, marine insurance, receipts, etc., to allow you (or your local agent) to begin the customs clearance.

Transportation of vehicles by air

We as UK Kenya shipping have Air freight to Kenya from the UK that has shipped vehicles all over the world for a variety of reasons, including commercial shoots, races, movies, etc.

The main reason to ship cars by air is to save time or for extremely prestigious and expensive vehicles. We can offer very competitive air freight rates to Kenya, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Terms of payment

What is the best terms of payment?

We accept these payment methods, but please note that vehicles will only leave the UK once full for the payment has been received and cleared into our account.

* Bank transfer (the most convenient)

* Credit and debit cards

* Western Union® or Moneygram etc.

* Checks (issued by UK banks ONLY)

Kenya import rules and import duty calculation

How import duty is calculated in Kenya?

Below is a summary of the rules for importing vehicles into Kenya. It is provided as a guide only, and you should always check with your local authorities for final confirmation. For more information on the requirements and regulations for importing cars into Kenya, see the Kenya Revenue Authority Car Import Guidelines and our Import – Kenya Car Taxes/Tax Regulations page.

Check before shipment

All used vehicles imported into Kenya (including those of returning residents, diplomats, and government officials) through a zip code to Nairobi, Kenya must be inspected for MOT, safety, and other requirements. Before being shipped to Kenya, all cars must have a certificate issued, authorized by the Kenya Bureau of Standards to inspect vehicles. We have access to the systems and organize the inspections ourselves. KEBS sets the cost of the review.

Documents required by the Government of Kenya

How do I legalize documents in Kenya?

*Identity Card, Passport, or Residence Permit/Visa (if foreign) *Original UK V5 Logbook/Logbook

* Original Certificate of Pre-Shipment Inspection (Issued by QISJ)

* KRA PIN certificate

* Invoice or purchase contract

* Insurance document (if applicable)

* Documents of lading (bill of lading, bill of lading, etc.).

What are the container cleaning costs?

Using UK Kenya shipping containers are used for nearly every type of cargo, from perishables and electronics to clothing and machinery. Carriers must ensure their containers are clean and in good condition before making them available to customers.

Container cleaning fees are charged to the consignees for cleaning a container after it can be imported and returned to the container depot. It ensures that carriers can offset the cost of cleaning them so that the following shipper can use them.

Because carriers cannot fully assess shipped cargo, containers must be cleaned after each use. Each container is carefully inspected to determine if it needs cleaning.

This article explains the concept of shipping containers to Kenya for cleaning fees and focuses on who is charged for these costs, where the respective containers are cleaned, how much they cost, and how they can be avoided.

How much does container cleaning cost?

Ultimately, it is up to the shipping company like UK Kenya shipping will determine how much to charge for cleaning the container after it has been returned. They usually take into account the condition of the container and its location.

With that in mind, carriers typically charge a container cleaning fee per container or a twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU). Some airlines also charge higher cleaning fees for reefer containers than general-purpose containers.

Who pays for the container cleaning costs?

Container cleaning costs are usually part of the destination cost and are billed to the consignee, usually the importer. The container cleaning fee is part of the destination fee because the physical cleaning occurs at the destination, where the consignee is located.

Where are the containers cleaned?

Shipping containers from the UK to Kenya using UK Kenya shipping the company makes sure containers are cleaned at the carrier’s designated container depot, where the consignee receives the empty sea containers after unloading and redelivery.

The operations team of the depot is responsible for carrying out a complete check of the status of each container. Depending on the container’s rating, it is then cleaned and repaired.

Once the cleaning process is complete and the container is dried, an Equipment Exchange Receipt (EIR) or container release order is issued, certifying that the container is clean, airworthy, and ready for reuse for export.

How much does a shipping container cost?

Shipping containers continues to grow in popularity for several reasons. Shipping containers are a trendy new option for business owners looking for additional storage space or to set up shop. But how much do sea containers cost?

There are several options for container shipping, which makes for a significant price difference. In general, the cost of used containers If interested you can contact +447487554202. Look at some of the options available to determine your pricing options better.


There are two standard sizes for the shipping containers. Before you check shipping container prices, you must determine which size suits you.


What is size and example?

89% of sea cargo to Kenya from UK container for production is available in two standard sizes, namely:

• 20 feet: 20′ x 8′ x 8′ 6″

• 40 feet: 40 x 8′ x 8′ 6″

There are options to find custom container sizes, but as you can imagine, this will drive up the price as they are rare.

How long does it take to unload 20,000 containers?

UK Kenya shipping It takes three days for the 3,000 people working around the clock for three days in shifts to load and unload a gigantic ship with a capacity of 20,000 for shipping containers to Kenya when it calls at one of the largest ports in the world.

How long can customs hold my parcel?

How long the customs can hold or delay your order depends on your shipping method.

 – Air Express

If your package is held up in customs because more information is needed, UK Kenya shipping has Air shipping to Kenya from the UK (such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS) To this UK Kenya shipping and DHL shipping the UK to Kenya will hold your package for up to five days.

The UK Kenya shipping  Air Express shipping is to the partner will return the box to the shipping location if the necessary information is not provided within this period.

 Remember, just because customs can only “hold” your package for three days doesn’t mean you can expect it to clear customs within those days. If commerce is congested, customs clearance can take several days (even weeks) simply because the queue for customs is so long.

– Airplane transport

Businesses usually only hold properties temporarily if they use air freight. If you do not have the documents to clear customs, your air freight partner will generally not return your order. Instead, you will be charged filing fees if the delay is your fault. If there is only congestion, it can be held up longer, which is rare for air travel.

 Customs clearance by air transport is usually very fast. It can take as little as a week to get products from factories, by plane, through customs, and on trucks from your transport partners. Most businesses don’t use air freight for large orders because of the cost. It is much more expensive to use air freight, that’s why most large orders are shipped by sea.

 – Transportation by sea

How long customs can hold your package when using UK Kenya shipping sea freight depends on why your order is late. If this is due to port congestion, your parcels may be stored in customs for longer.

 There’s no way to resolve port congestion, but you can choose different ports or shipping options by partnering with a procurement specialist like Kanary to avoid excessive delays.

 Suppose your order is held up in customs due to incomplete or incorrect documentation. In that case, your products will remain in tradition, and businesses will also charge you demurrage while you resolve the issue. These problems can quickly become expensive and complicated, especially if you have to wait for a third party (like your supplier) to get the necessary documents.

 If you’re new to importing products, substantial orders shipped by sea cargo to Kenya from the UK, it’s easy to make costly mistakes. By partnering with an experienced purchasing specialist like Kanary, you can easily avoid expensive and unnecessary errors in the customs clearance process.

What is architectural Glass used for?

Architectural glass is glass that is used as a building material.

Where to use architectural Glass?

Suppose you’re looking for innovative uses of Glass in architecture. You can buy them from the UK and we as UK Kenya shipping deliver them using wells fargo courier in Mombasa. In that case, you’ll have virtually endless options, mainly once you start exploring how architectural Glass has been used and applied throughout history.

Architectural Glass isn’t just reserved for upscale art projects; you can also place a glass countertop in any space in your home to suit your design preferences and personal style. Other ways to use architectural Glass in your home or personal space could include:

• Worktops:

Installing a glass worktop is possible in your home’s kitchen or even in the bathrooms you have for you and your guests.

• Floors:

Installing glass floors is a more significant project, but it can lead to unique lighted, and reflective feet you have never seen or experienced.

• Walls:

If you’re feeling particularly creative, consider installing an entire glass wall to draw attention to your home’s particular room or area.

• Mirrors:

Custom architectural mirrors are also available to use as a focal point in a room or to draw attention to the reflective nature of the mirror itself.

• Exterior designs:

One of the most common applications of architectural Glass includes building structures for the exterior of buildings, whether they are residential or commercial properties.

 Using architectural Glass to complement the look and aesthetics of a home can go a long way in enhancing the appearance of the facade and the overall value of your home or commercial property itself.

Free-standing art installations: 

What is free-standing in art?

Free-standing is a term that describes a piece of art that is not attached to a wall or building or a piece that stands on a pedestal or base.

For those actively involved in the commercial art scene, constructing free-standing art installations using architectural Glass is extremely popular. 

Glass can draw attention from miles away and create a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere for everyone present. Using architectural Glass to construct and erect free-standing art installations is one of the most popular choices for those looking to get noticed as an artist or even an architect. UK Kenya shipping help you ship the architectural glass to the Nairobi office using wells fargo.

When to use architectural Glass?

While you know best where architectural Glass is most commonly used, you may be wondering when it’s most appropriate. You can apply architectural Glass to your home anytime, especially if you’re ready for a complete renovation or makeover of your space. You may also consider using the Architectural Glass in the scenarios, whether you are an architect or designer leading an active project:

• When planning the launch or release of a product, service, or activity.

• If you want to distinguish yourself as a company like UK Kenya Shipping or a brand, mainly if you operate in a highly competitive or oversaturated market.

• If you are constructing a new commercial or residential building and want to find a way to make it stand out and attract new residents and potential consumers.

How much does a window cost per square meter?

Suppliers like UK Kenya Shipping who are in the UK will supply the cost of most tempered Glass (or tempered) glass suppliers on a per square meter, not per square foot quote to the customers in Kenya.

 They will also give prices based on the thickness of the tempered Glass. Then ship through a shipping container to Kenya from Uk and then deliver it Either through Westlands Nairobi zip code or deliver it to Kakamega through western express coach fare from Nairobi.

The average cost for a 4mm tempered Glass sheet. If you want to know cash to the cost per square metre you can contact +447487554202. For an 8mm tempered glass sheet, the price will be negotiated once you contact us. 

 For other thicknesses, such as 6mm tempered glass price or 15mm tempered glass price, we suggest you contact your local glass supplier. Some glass suppliers have an online price calculator for tempered Glass so that you can calculate the overall cost of the Glass yourself.

 One of the other costs to consider is the price of polishing straight-edged tempered glass. A smooth and elegant finish is achieved by polishing the edge of the tempered glass plate. The average price for a straight-edge polish is per meter.

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