Explore the intricacies of shipping from the UK to Kenya, from rapid airfreight options to economical sea freight routes. Discover the best shipping methods for your needs, whether you’re sending small parcels or large cargo, with comprehensive guides on transit times, customs, and preparation

What is the average shipping time from the UK to Kenya?

Air freight shipping from the UK to Kenya takes approximately a week.

When UK Kenya shipping ships Ltd your luggage from Great Britain to Kenya, one of the most important factors to consider is the time it takes for your products to reach your desired destination. For example, if you are transporting cargo from Great Britain to Kenya, you may be curious about the arrival time of your cargo plane.

 We as UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, will help you analyze the variables that affect shipping times and give you a rough estimate of how long your shipment will take to reach Kenya.

Flight duration and size

The main factor affecting delivery times is the distance of the luggage.

The United Kingdom and Kenya are on opposite sides of the globe, approximately 6,500 kilometers (4,030 miles) apart. Therefore, cargo planes must travel significantly to deliver a shipment from Great Britain to Kenya.

Depending on the route and any stopovers, the average flight time from UK to Kenya varies between 8 and 10 hours. Cargo planes may take longer than passenger planes to travel this distance because they must fly at lower altitudes and slower speeds to support the weight of the cargo.

Additionally, customs clearance times can impact the length of an international shipment. Before international transportation, customs brokers must inspect and process merchandise to meet all applicable regulations and requirements. Depending on the circumstances, this can take several hours to several days.

 Can weather affect shipping times from the UK to Kenya?

However, standard shipping can take up to 21 days for a large shipment. Delivery estimates may vary based on various factors. For example, delivery times may be affected by weather conditions, transport delays, and customs delays.

Regarding package delivery and weather conditions, everything can be affected, regardless of size, weight, cost, or duration. The most problematic weather conditions that can seriously affect package delivery include heavy rain and floods, strong winds, snow and blizzards, and even non-weather natural hazards such as earthquakes and volcanoes..

Of course, if you’re in the UK, you won’t have to worry about the last two, but there are a fair number of parcels sent from abroad and even from all over the world, and these factors can come into play. Remember that not only local weather conditions can affect the delivery of your package but also those much further away!

Whatever the weather, UK Kenya shipping Ltd will keep its promise and deliver within the agreed timescales, with professional service, and at an affordable price. Sometimes, we have no control over the weather conditions, but you can rest assured that we always have contingency plans and will do our best to avoid the worst conditions.

 How does the shipping method (air vs. sea) impact delivery time to Kenya?


If speed is a priority when it comes to delivery times, air freight is the best choice. If goods are shipped by air, they can reach their destination within hours or days. On the other hand, shipping takes a little longer, ranging from several weeks to several months.


Budget is always a concern, and shipping costs are no exception. Air freight is usually more expensive than freight because it is a faster and easier mode of transportation. However, shipping is often the most cost-effective option because it is slower and requires less handling and storage.


Do you want to transport your goods to various destinations? Air freight offers more flexibility because it can transport goods to more locations faster. Shipping is more limited in destinations because the goods must be transported by sea to reach the final destination.


When shipping large quantities of goods, ocean shipping is the ideal solution. Due to the ability to transport goods on large cargo ships, maritime transport has much greater capacity than air transport, which is limited by the aircraft size.


Safety considerations must be considered during air and sea transportation. Air transport is considered safer because the goods are better monitored. However, navigation is subject to unpredictable marine condition, such as storms, rough waters, and piracy.

 What are the fastest shipping options from the UK to Kenya?

The time it takes to ship a package to the United Kingdom depends on the service booked. Express shipping can take as little as 1-2 business days, while a cheaper service can take 3-6 business days.

Here are some examples of our UK courier services and estimated delivery times*:

Economy Mail to the United Kingdom

UK Kenya shipping Ltd is one of the cheapest ways to ship a package from United Kingdom to the Kenya  ,It takes only 3-4 working days. For a small additional fee, this service can also be booked as a courier collection service.

Express mail to UK

•UK Kenya shipping is the fastest method to ship packages from the UK to the Kenya with a 1-2 business days transit time. 

UK Kenya shipping Ltd offers a cheaper option for express package delivery in Kenya. This hybrid service takes a little longer than UK Kenya Shipping Air Express (2-3 business days), reflected in the price.

Are there express shipping services from the UK to Kenya?

We as UK Kenya shipping Ltd ,we offer a range of Express services, whether you need a parcel delivered before 9 a.m., 10 a.m., or 12 p.m. the next working day. UK Kenya shipping Ltd also offer 24, or a standard next-day service to ensure your parcel arrives quickly in 

We as UK Kenya shipping Ltd, we  have also recently added Parcel as a Next Day Express courier service for individuals and businesses, allowing them to ship quickly and a range of courier services within the UK.

Our DX Next Day service is also highly rated. All the express couriers we work with offer a complete door-to-door service. Urgent delivery of large parcels can also be arranged. Our couriers can also book Large and bulky items for express delivery.

Even if the package you want to send is large and heavy, you can ship it with Express couriers such UK Kenya shipping Ltd  

If the next-day courier service needs to be faster, we offer UK Kenya shipping Ltd for same-day delivery.

How long does customs clearance take for packages sent from the UK to Kenya?

First of all

You need to select the mode of transportation carefully. For example, if you choose  UK Kenya shipping Ltd  as express shipping to the UK and Kenya, your delivery will arrive much faster than standard shipping. However, express shipping to the UK and Kenya is generally more expensive, so the benefits need to be weighed against the costs.


Always try to take into account the size and weight of the container.

 A smaller shipment will usually arrive sooner than a larger shipment. Therefore, smaller shipments are less likely to experience customs delays and are easier to handle and transport. Still, with the help of UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, you can be assured of the safety of your bags and their timely arrival at their destination.

When sending a parcel from UK to Kenya, you need to consider the best shipping method clearly, and UK Kenya Shipping Ltd will help you with these tips depending on the size and weight of your cargo and applicable customs regulations. . .

This way, you can estimate how long it will take for your order to arrive. Although delivery times may vary, communication with the courier can ensure your shipment arrives in good condition and on time.

Do holidays in the UK or Kenya affect shipping times?

The holidays are a joyous time, full of gifts and the warmth of the UK Kenya shipping company of friends and family. But what can ruin the celebrations is looking for an international courier to deliver your gifts on time. Spending the holidays, whether it’s in  Kenya New Year, Christmas, or New Year, can be tedious and challenging to plan without the cooperation of your logistics and delivery partner. Some shipping services may not ship on holidays, and some may need help to handle the volume of shipments, causing delays.

Hiring a credible courier can take the stress out of the process. Whether you are an e-commerce business sending gifts or someone looking to send a Christmas gift to a loved one abroad, UK Kenya shipping Ltd offers holiday logistics and delivery services to ensure your gifts arrive on time. Check the calendar year and plan, so you have plenty of time to prepare your shipment. 

What is the cheapest shipping option from the UK to Kenya?

Whether you’re worried about shipping costs to the UK or how long your package will take to arrive, put those worries aside when you ship with UK Kenya shipping Ltd. With us, shipping is simple and convenient. We work hard to offer many options, so you’ll never struggle to find an exemplary UK delivery service.

Why choose UK Kenya shipping Ltd

• Cheaper shipping to Kenya

• Lowest Price Guarantee

• Choose from more than 100 services

• Free monitoring of almost all services

• Package protection up to £10,000

• 24/7 customer service

Can I track my shipment from the UK to Kenya in real time?

Suppose you enter the recipient’s email address when processing the shipment on our website. In that case, we as UK Kenya sipping Ltd will automatically notify the recipient when the package is shipped and inform them in case of a delay. The email also contains a link to track your package.

. Here are some helpful links to some of our major partners:

DHL shipment tracking

UPS traceability

FedEx tracking

TNT tracking

DPD surveillance

How does the weight of the package affect shipping time from the UK to Kenya?

Dimensional weight, or DIM, is a formula that  UK Kenya shipping Ltd carriers to determine the cost of shipping a large package. DIM weight-based pricing allows carriers to include size and weight in their structure. After all, the number of packages that can be transported in a truck depends on its weight.

You don’t have to worry about the dimensional weight when UK Kenya shipping  Ltd is your choice  if or when  your package is heavy or small. You will pay USPS shipping costs (or shipping costs with other carriers) only based on the package’s actual weight. However, you may pay more than expected if you ship something in comparison light in a large box. 

Are there any restrictions on items that can be shipped from the UK to Kenya?

You can only send some things by courier. Not only do some couriers refuse to carry certain items – UK Kenya shipping Ltd has a list of prohibited items that we do not carry – but countries also have lists of items they do not allow to pass customs. Kenya has its list of banned or restricted products, including:

• Fake or counterfeit money and currency

• Any cosmetic product containing mercury

• White phosphorus matches

Please note that this is not a complete list of prohibited or restricted products. If you are still determining whether your products fall into one of these categories or whether they are forbidden from entering Kenya

How does the size of the package affect shipping time to Kenya?

Package size is a significant pricing factor in shipping costs for all carriers, including USPS and FedEx.

Measuring shipping boxes is is what UK Kenya shipping Ltd do, therefore,  it is  important step in accurately estimating shipping costs. Shipping companies charge an additional fee for oversized and massive boxes. Thus, it is preferable to define your dimensions correctly to avoid extra costs.

 UK Kenya shipping Ltd use a measuring tool such as a tape measure to measure the shipping boxes’ length, width, and height. In this article, we’ll show you how to measure your boxes to get accurate shipping costs, including all the essential measurements:

• width


• Height


Our free shipping rate calculator gives you instant shipping quotes. Enter your shipping destination and weight to receive the cheapest and fastest rates from every carrier using UK Kenya shipping Ltd

What documents are required for shipping from the UK to Kenya?

Commercial invoice

A commercial invoice is a customs declaration for goods shipped across international borders. Contains a complete overview of the shipment, including:

• A detailed description of the content

• Country of birth

• The Harmonized Commodity Code System

• The value of the good

A commercial invoice is a lawful necessity for international trade. It requires that the value of the products be accurately declared so that customs laws are respected. It is also a sales agreement between the seller (sender) and the buyer (recipient).

bill of loading

It is a legal document issued by the courier  like UK Kenya shipping Ltd to the freight forwarder showing the agreed transport conditions, such as destination and handling instructions. It also serves as proof of shipping: it contains the signatures of the sender and a courier representative, followed by the recipient’s signature upon delivery. The document must accompany the shipment to prevent theft of goods.

Certificate of origin

certificate of origin verifies the nationality of a shipment at customs and indicates where the products are manufactured.

 Request a certificate of origin from your local chamber of commerce, which will be stamped and approved (if the goods are verifiable).

There are two kinds certificates of origin:

Preferential Certificate of Origin – informs customs that there is a free trade agreement between the sender’s country and the destination country, and therefore, the goods are entitled to reduced taxes and duties.

Certificate of non-preferential origin – indicates that goods cannot benefit from reduced tariffs due to the absence of trade agreements.

Air freight letter

An air waybill is the “passport” of a shipment, in which customs authorities pass on essential details, including:

• The sender’s name (company or individual), address, telephone number, and email address.

• Recipient’s name, address and telephone number

Can I ship electronics from the UK to Kenya, and how long does it take?

The answer is yes, but you must comply with regulations for shipping electronic devices internationally. Therefore, UK Kenya shipping Ltd complies with shipping regulations for lithium batteries. The safest way to ship electronic products to Nairobi is between UK and Kenya.

This is especially important if you are shipping from the UK to Kenya using UK Kenya shipping Ltd

Lithium batteries are classified as dangerous goods. They are subject to overheating, and people are involved in the delivery process. This is why IATA (International Air Transport Association) limits and controls their shipments. They ship smartphones from the UK to Kenya using UK Kenya shipping Ltd

If you’re wondering how to ship a laptop, familiarize yourself with the IATA guidelines for lithium batteries. You’ll find that both laptops, with removable and non-removable batteries, can be shipped internationally with proper documentation and security measures: the cameras are shipped to Nairobi and then to the UK and Kenya by UK Kenya shipping Ltd

What are the customs duties for shipping from the UK to Kenya?

Taxes are payable based on the value of the imported items and the applicable import duties, as indicated in the legal documents listed below

 Import duties

Depending on the item being imported using UK Kenya shipping Ltd, import tax rates vary between 0%and 25%, as set by the East African Community’s Common External Tariff (CET). However, sensitive items are subject to more than 25% import duties. Sensitive items are included in Appendix 2 of the EAC Common External Tariff.

. Excise duties

Excise taxes depend on whether or not the imported good is subject to excise duty. The Excise Duty Act 2015 sets out the rates.

 Value Added Tax (VAT)

The standard VAT rate is 16%. However, under the VAT Act 2013, a rate of 0% applies for goods exempt from VAT.

Import Declaration Tax (IDF) and Railway Development Tax (RDL)

3.5% import declaration tax and railway development

How do I calculate the cost of shipping from the UK to Kenya?

For all UK and international shipments, where the price is based on the parcel’s weight or postage, we as UK Kenya sipping Ltd ,we calculate the dimensional weight of parcels based on their dimensions to determine the price you pay. Calculate the weight of your package in the following way: Package in centimeters.

The outcome is the volumetric weight. This frame should be compared with the actual weight in kilograms. The higher number is used to calculate the shipping price.

Metric (kg, cm)

Example: Volume calculation for one pallet: 140 x 100 x 90 cm Actual volumetric weight = 210 KG; this will be the shipment’s volumetric weight in kilograms.

The pallet’s actual weight can amount to 150 kg, of which air freight is charged on the volumetric weight of 210 kg. If the actual weight of the pallets is 260 kg, this will be offset against the shipment’s actual weight.

Are there any prohibited items that can not be shipped from the UK to Kenya?

• Used cars, trucks, caravans, and agricultural machinery should always be steam cleaned before being shipped from UK to Kenya to remove all soil residues and pests.

• As in most countries, you should check with your Kenyan buyer’s customs broker whether the shipped goods can be imported into Kenya. Before goods are shipped from UK to Kenya, the Kenyan customs broker must confirm whether they can be imported without any restrictions. Normally prohibited items include, but are not limited to, cash, diamonds and gold bullion, precious metals, live animals, drugs, firearms, and ammunition.

ISPM15, requirements for packaging and marking of timber. Most countries worldwide, including UK require all wooden packaging used in shipments to be heat treated and bear the appropriate HT and ISPM15 stamps visible on the wooden packaging to prevent any transfer of insects or pests to agriculture. Or forests in the country of destination.

How long does it take to ship furniture from the UK to Kenya?

The estimated shipping time for furniture from the UK to Kenya may vary depending on specific routes and possible delays. Here are some general guidelines for estimated shipping times:

1. Air Freight:

• Sending furniture to Kenya by air  is the fastest option, with a transit time usually of 2-3 days. However, this can be more expensive than shipping furniture abroad.

2. Shipping:

• Sending furniture by sea is a cost-effective option, but shipping goods from UK to Kenya takes longer than shipping by air. Estimated transit times for sea freight from UK to Kenya may vary, generally 6-7 weeks. Shipping routes, company schedules, and customs clearance processes may affect delivery time.

Can I ship a car from the UK to Kenya, and how long would it take? 

Vehicle shipping to Mombasa via RORO usually occurs 1-2 times a month. Transit time to Mombasa takes, on average, 26-30 days from any UK port. UK Kenya shipping Ltd  is a very convenient way to ship any vehicle to Kenya and is the preferred choice for anyone looking to save on shipping to Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping Ltd  offers a safe alternative to container shipping. These specially designed vessels allow thousands of vehicles to be compactly loaded and stored on the boat anytime.

 UK Kenya shipping Ltd  ensure all vehicles are secured to the ship’s floor to ensure they cannot move freely and cause damage. Safety on board these ships is taken very seriously, with the crew monitoring the vehicles throughout the voyage until the boat arrives at its destination.

 What are the best shipping companies for UK to Kenya shipments?

DHL  ships from the UK to Kenya and is too expensive, and when it comes to customs, it can be slow and  painful. That’s when  UK Kenya shipping Ltd offers door-to-door service to Kenya from the UK comes in and takes care of all your cargo transportation needs to Kenya. We care for everything and can even deliver the package to your home.

At UK Kenya shipping Ltd  excellence is our signature, and exceptional customer service is our pride. Whether you are a student, world traveler, family, or individual, we specialize in seamless shipping and international moves to Kenya from the UK. Our commitment goes beyond simply providing services; we redefine cost-effective freight solutions, making your journey from UK to Kenya a reliable and convenient experience.

How does Brexit affect shipping times from the UK to Kenya?

Brexit has consequences on customs and extends delivery times

Britain is likely to no longer benefit from open borders that allow or authorize the free movement of goods and people. This means stricter customs rules for parcels entering and leaving the UK and Kenya. It is also possible that some British products will be restricted or banned.

Packages that pass through one side or the other are likely to have longer shipping times. Packages may also be delayed, especially in the first months of 2021.

Can I get insurance for items shipped from the UK to Kenya?

The costs for insured shipping can vary greatly. For example, UK Kenya shipping Ltd Priority Mail Express option offers free shipping insurance on all shipments. If the products you are shipping are worth less than $100, purchasing additional insurance may not be wise.

However, shipping insurance is a worthwhile investment if the items you regularly ship are valuable, fragile, or irreplaceable offered by UK Kenya shipping Ltd. To get an estimate of the amount of an insurance policy, the general rule is that the insurance rate is a percentage of the declared value. For example, if the declared value is $1,000 and the insurance rate is 1%, the insurance cost is $10. Carriers‘ insurance rates are slightly higher, about 3% of the declared value.

How does the shipping volume affect delivery times from the UK to Kenya?

Dimensional weight affects anyone who regularly ships goods. Therefore, it is important to know your shipping calculations and stay informed of any changes that may affect your shipping costs.

Custom weight pricing may prevent you from shipping goods internationally, whether by air, sea, or land. If this happens, you may be unable to ship the goods because the shipping costs may be higher than the amount you paid. That’s why it’s essential to understand which items make financial sense if you’re getting them internationally.

Are there any tips for reducing shipping costs from the UK to Kenya?

 Use shipping rules to assign the cheapest shipping method

Automation can be a game changer when it comes to order fulfillment, and shipping rules are one particular tool that has consistently proven effective in reducing shipping costs.

Shipping rules automatically apply to promotions with every order and include a variety of predefined conditions. Here are some examples of how they can save you money:

• Assign the correct delivery method based on the customer’s payment choices.

• Assign different methods based on product SKU

• For heavier shipments, assign a shipping method based on weight.

• Use the correct shipping method for international shipments based on the destination.

• Automatically apply insurance to higher-value packages

UK Kenya shipping Ltd offer flexible delivery methods at checkout

• According to this year’s E-commerce Delivery Compass, customers are increasingly demanding and expect various options.

How do I choose between different shipping carriers for UK to Kenya deliveries?

There are so many operators to choose from, like operators of UK Kenya shipping Ltd of which each operator offers its own package of services. When it comes to choosing a service, it’s crucial to think about which services meet your needs and your customers’ needs.

Whether you decide to use one of the three major carriers (e.g., USPS, UPS, and FedEx) or a regional carrier, we’ve outlined some of the most important factors below.



Distributed warehouses

Shipping costs

guaranteed delivery

What impact do port delays in the UK or Kenya have on shipping times?

The country’s ports face increasing pressure due to rising cargo volumes and limited capacity. This can lead to delays in cargo handling and higher costs for shipping companies and importers/exporters.

Government and industry are working together to solve the problem by upgrading infrastructure and implementing new technologies. However, this remains a concern for companies like UK Kenya shipping Ltd  operating in the country and those wishing to do business in Kenya. To avoid traffic jams, companies can use Go Comets real-time port congestion tool to get real-time updates on the port situation in Kenya. This data allows shippers to plan for delays and avoid them altogether during planning.

How can I expedite customs clearance for shipments from the UK to Kenya?

By fully understanding the customs requirements of the country you are doing business with, you can ensure that all necessary documents are in order and that your goods meet the essential standards.  UK Kenya shipping Ltd speeds up the customs clearance process and helps you avoid unnecessary complications or fines.

Usually, the shipping company sends  like UK Kenya shipping Ltd” Arrival Notices” (AN) to all its unloading customers five days before the ship arrives in port. Container in that specific port. Once you have received the arrival notice, you must forward it with the invoice and packing slip to your import customs broker.

What are the packaging requirements for shipping from the UK to Kenya?

 UK Kenya shipping Ltd  ensure the goods must be shipped in sturdy packaging, such as polystyrene boxes and corrugated cardboard. They must also be properly sealed to avoid leakage or contamination of other items. The items must not be wet. The sender’s name and return address must be visible in the UK shipping rules to Kenya.

Can I ship perishable goods from the UK to Kenya, and how long does it take?

The goods must be shipped in sturdy packaging, such as polystyrene boxes and corrugated cardboard. They must also be properly sealed to avoid leakage or contamination of other items. The items must not be wet. The sender’s name and return address must be visible in the UK  Kenya shipping Ltd  rules 

How do I dispute a delayed shipment from the UK to Kenya?

Reimbursement. If you ordered online or by telephone, you have the right under Consumer Contracts to cancel an order within 14 calendar days and receive a full refund, although you may be charged return shipping costs. You have this right even if an item is delivered on time, but it can be a helpful way to get your money back if you receive a late delivery.

• Additional compensation. In some cases, it may also be possible to attempt to claim reimbursement for additional costs resulting from late delivery or for the inconvenience caused by this.

 What are the peak shipping seasons from the UK to Kenya?

There are two main peak seasons during the sailing year: the peak holiday season, which mainly lasts from mid-August to mid-October, and a second, shorter, incentivized peak season.

During these times, demand and supply are low, prices rise, and container capacity may be in short supply, causing importers to worry about their ability to manage their supply chain effectively.

Can political events in the UK or Kenya affect shipping times?

Political risk continues to intensify worldwide, posing a growing threat to shipping, trade, and supply chains through conflicts, territorial disputes, cyber-attacks, sanctions, piracy, and even sabotage. At the same time, the growing number of migrants at sea and the increase in the number of illegal immigrants also have severe consequences for shipowners.

 Can political events in the UK or Kenya affect shipping times?

Dealing with lost or damaged shipments to Kenya can be difficult, but resolving the issue quickly is essential to minimizing inconvenience and maintaining customer satisfaction. Here are the steps to take if you encounter lost or damaged shipments:

. Track your shipment:

• Use carrier tracking information to confirm that the shipment is indeed lost. Sometimes, you may need to update your tracking thoroughly.

. Contact the courier:

• Contact the courier or logistics provider who handled the shipment. Please provide them with the tracking number and details of the lost shipment.

What are the best practices for shipping fragile items from the UK to Kenya?

Individually wrapping:

Wrap each fragile item in a bubble and secure it with tape.

  1.  UK Kenya shipping Ltd fill hollow products such as vases or glasses with crumpled paper before wrapping them. If you are shipping multiple goods in one package, use corrugated cardboard inserts or dividers to separate them.
  2. Handle oddly shaped items: If you’re shipping oddly shaped items, like a piano,  UK Kenya shipping Ltd add crumpled paper or an extra box to minimize the irregular shape and provide additional protection.

How can I track a sea freight shipment from the UK to Kenya?

 FCL and LCL shipment information can be easily found by simply entering the Bill of Lading (BL) number, booking number, or container number into the “Ocean Freight Tracker” on

UK Kenya shipping Ltd  ensure racking tool gives you better visibility of your shipments from when the goods are loaded. This better understanding allows you to make quick decisions in case of problems such as port congestion, destination changes, or other changes in shipping plans.

Are there any special considerations for shipping artwork from the UK to Kenya?

Packaging graphics for international shipments require special attention to ensure safety during transportation. Depending on the size and fragility of the artwork, use sturdy cardboard boxes or wooden crates. Before shipping any artwork,  UK Kenya shipping Ltd always protect it with bubble wrap or foam padding, ensuring the corners are protected.

However, it is essential to note that different types of artwork require specific packaging techniques. For example, paintings should be treated differently than sculptures or delicate pieces.

How does the final destination within Kenya affect shipping time from the UK?

It is difficult to determine whether you will receive your package today. The delivery time depends on several factors, such as the carrier, shipping method, destination location, and any unforeseen circumstances, such as weather, traffic, or other delays.

You can track your lot using the tracking number provided by the courier,  UK Kenya shipping Ltd   make sure you receive the most up-to-date delivery status information. If tracking information indicates that your package has arrived at its final destination, it may require additional processing or sorting before it is ready for delivery.

Can I ship items from the UK to Kenya using a courier service, and how long does it?

 If you need to send a package to Kenya, you can benefit from  UK Kenya shipping Ltd  for many years of delivery experience. We have some of the best people in the business transporting our shipments. With 3-day global air service from pickup, your package will arrive quickly and safely, in the same condition it was in. . received. Is sent.

If you book online before midnight, one of  UK Kenya shipping Ltd  friendly drivers will collect your package the next day – or on your preferred day – and we’ll deliver it to your destination within three days using our global fast air service.

 What are the common causes of shipping delays from the UK to Kenya?

It is incredibly discouraging and can lead to high operating costs and dissatisfied customers. Discover

Incorrect documentation

Lack of proper documentation and formalities can cause delays during the shipping process, from departure from the port of origin to customs clearance and arrival at the shipment’s destination.

Missing documents

Freight transportation requires essential documents, including a bill of lading, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, and any relevant special certificates (if applicable). Missing documents lead to a lengthy customs check, which delays delivery.

Inappropriate labels

UK Kenya shipping Ltd make sure shipping labels contain essential information about your cargo. In some cases, incorrect labeling can lead to customs clearance delays or cargo loss. If you are an FBA shipper, ensure your labels meet UK Kenya shipping Ltd requirements.

 How does international shipping insurance work for UK to Kenya shipments?

•  UK Kenya shipping Ltd uses freight insurance for businesses to protect against transportation risks, theft, natural disasters, regulatory compliance, supply chain disruptions, and geopolitical situations.

• Freight insurance improves financial protection, ensures trade compliance, and increases a company’s credibility.

• When purchasing freight insurance,  UK Kenya shipping Ltd consider factors such as the type of transportation, mode of transportation, value of transportation, destination, route, and duration of transportation.

How does international shipping insurance work for UK to Kenya shipments?

Sending medicines by post

The Postal Service restricts which medications you can ship. It is best to contact the service before posting.

It is not possible to send controlled drugs by post. Controlled medications include strong painkillers such as morphine.

Royal Mail recommends sending medicines in special tamper-proof packaging. The sender’s name and address must be present on the package.

What is the impact of fuel prices on shipping costs from the UK to Kenya?

The price of fuel also has consequences for companies. Ultimately, the increase in fuel prices will also lead to a rise in transport prices. This means that goods transported by road will now cost you more.

The increase in fuel prices will also affect employee travel. For many, “hybrid and home working” was a relief in difficult economic times, without having to refuel to work.

 How do I prepare a shipment from the UK to Kenya?

Remember to attach the labels to the outside of the box. If you have invoices, they must be signed, placed in an envelope, and then attached to the box/container.

1. Pack each item individually in the box

Tip: UK Kenya shipping Ltd uses bubble wrap and tape protect fragile items when securely wrapped before placing them in an outer box or container. Thanks to the packaged package contents, the items can be delivered safely.

2. Protect the contents with a sturdy outer container

Tip: Use peanut/styrofoam pellets or foam, crumpled newspaper, or shredded cardboard to fill any additional spaces in the outer box and reduce movement.

3. Seal the outer container with strong adhesive tape

Tip: Seal openings in the box or container and around seams with strong tape 40-50mm wide.

What are the environmental impacts of shipping from the UK to Kenya?

The environmental impacts of shipping include air, water, noise, and oil pollution. Ships are responsible for more than 18% of air pollutants, and this also includes greenhouse gas emissions.

The International Maritime Organization estimates that CO2 emissions from shipping were responsible for 2.2% of global human-caused emissions in 2012 and predicts that it will not take any action.

How can I reduce the carbon footprint of my shipment from the UK to Kenya?

Use public transport

By using public transport, UK Kenya shipping Ltd help to lower greenhouse gas emissions by lowering the time you spend in the car. If you plan to visit Point Reyes National Seashore, consider the available public transportation options.

 Think before you drive

If you have multiple vehicles, UK Kenya shipping Ltd uses the one with the lowest fuel consumption if you can fill it with passengers. Driving a minivan can be more environmentally friendly than driving two mid-sized cars. If possible, carpool or take public transportation.

 UK Kenya shipping Ltd uses carpooling with just one person means one less vehicle on the road. This vehicle does not emit greenhouse gases during travel.

Are there any COVID-19 restrictions affecting shipping from the UK to Kenya?

Before the law came into force, SOS developed the scheme. The provisions of the Regulations are well known in UK due to the restrictions on movement and business closures they impose. The Regulation does not contain specific provisions or references to maritime transport.

The Regulation, therefore, does not impose any restrictions or requirements on shipping companies like UK Kenya shipping Ltd(unless they also fall into one of the categories mentioned in Appendix 2 of the Regulation).

However, the order prohibits employees from leaving their homes to work when that work can be done from home. While UK Kenya shipping Ltd have some shipping tasks that can be performed remotely, others clearly cannot.

How do I navigate customs regulations for shipping from the UK to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping Ltd  review import regulations, prepare accurate customs documentation, understanding the implications of import duties and taxes, selecting a reliable courier service, considering shipping terms, maintaining open communication, and purchasing insurance, you can proceed with security by addressing the complexities of international sample shipping.

These proactive measures used by UK Kenya shipping Ltd streamline the shipping process and help build a positive and trustworthy international business reputation.

 Also, before importing goods into the UK, determine whether you must adhere to the customs declaration process. This step ensures you understand the requirements and obligations of importing goods.

Ensure that your business is prepared for the importing process. Verify if the company sending you the goods is authorized to export to the UK. This step ensures all necessary arrangements are in place to facilitate smooth importation.

What are the labelling requirements for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

UK Kenya shipping Ltd ensures all labels on import packages must contain English and Kiswahili. Packaged goods (such as food products, chemicals, cosmetics, and the like) must bear batch numbers, expiration dates, and manufacturing dates. All imports with limited shelf life (food products) must have a shelf life of more than seventy-five percent (75%) from the expected landing date in Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping Ltd ensure manufacturers are required to indicate production and expiration dates on the labels of consumer products. The label of pharmaceutical products must indicate the therapeutically active substances, the inactive ingredients, the name and percentage of each bactericidal or bacteriostatic agent, the expiry date and batch number, the product registration number, any warnings or precautions, and the official name and address of professional production.

Can I send a gift to Kenya from the UK, and how long will it take?

YES. There are no exemptions for gifts shipped to Kenya, which means they will be treated like normal packages and, therefore, subject to normal import duties and taxes.

Several private courier services allow you to send gifts to Kenya. They understand:

UK Kenya shipping




You can send an international bank transfer. It usually takes two to three working days to reach the recipient. Once the money is in the recipient’s Kenyan bank account, they can use it immediately.

How do exchange rates affect the cost of shipping from the UK to Kenya?

A positive upset on the national currency’s exchange rate in the goods market will make exports more expensive and imports cheaper. Competition from foreign markets will reduce demand for domestic products, reducing domestic production and prices.

What is the difference between door-to-door and port-to-port shipping from the UK to Kenya?

•  UK Kenya shipping Ltd think about what you’re sending, how quickly you’ll need it, your budget, where you’re going, and how much you’ll send.

Door-to-door service is easy and traceable but expensive. Door-to-port service is cheaper but requires more effort from the recipient and can take longer.

UK Kenya shipping Ltd  helps you save money, simplify shipping, and manage the complexities of international shipping. They are an excellent choice for businesses expanding globally.

How can I estimate the arrival time of my shipment from the UK to Kenya?

You need to select the mode of transportation carefully. For example, if you choose express shipping to the UK and Kenya, UK Kenya shipping Ltd being the chosen, your delivery will arrive much faster than standard shipping. However, express shipping to the UK and Kenya is generally more expensive, so the benefits need to be weighed against the costs.

Always try to take into account the size and weight of the container.

 A smaller shipment will usually arrive sooner than a larger shipment. Therefore, smaller shipments are less likely to experience customs delays and are easier to handle and transport. Still, with the help of UK Kenya Shipping Ltd, you can be assured of the safety of your bags and their timely arrival at their destination.

How can I estimate the arrival time of my shipment from the UK to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping Ltd offers affordable freight services for shipments to Kenya from the UK. With many years of experience transporting goods to destinations worldwide, we are in good hands with your goods.

We as UK Kenya shipping Ltd we provide a tailor-made service for those who ship parcels, personal effects, excess baggage or cargo of any size safely and reliably to Kenya.

 How do I deal with damaged goods received from a shipment from the UK to Kenya?

You must be the person who shipped the package to file a complaint. If you have received a damaged package, you must contact the sender as soon as possible so that he can file a complaint.

 Contact us as soon as possible

Please inform UK Kenya shipping Ltd  of any potential complaint immediately. You have 14 days from the shipping date for damaged packages to contact our customer service. For missing packages, you have 28 days from the date of shipment.

Complaint investigated by the complaints department

UK Kenya shipping Ltd,  complaints department will investigate your complaint and resolve or reject it. We will email you to inform you of the choice, and you will be credited if liability is accepted.

 How do I deal with damaged goods received from a shipment from the UK to Kenya?

Sale via online ordering, by mail order, and by telephone

Customers ordering online, by post, or by phone can cancel the order for a limited period, even if the goods are not faulty. This type of sale is called “distance selling.”

  UK Kenya shipping Ltd offer customers a refund if they tell you they wish to cancel within 14 days of receiving the goods. After notifying you, they have another 14 days to return the goods.

How do I choose the right packaging for my shipment from the UK to Kenya?

1. Make sure you choose the proper packaging. When choosing packaging, UK Kenya shipping Ltd, consider the size, weight, and fragility of the products being shipped. If you want to ship fragile items, you need a sturdy box with sufficient padding. Boxes should be double-walled if they contain heavier items.

2. Use packing materials. Once you choose the correct box, you must protect your items with packing materials. Peanuts, bubble wrap, and crumpled paper are good options for preventing your items from shifting.

What are the rules for shipping medicinal products from the UK to Kenya?

Anyone who intends to transport pharmaceutical products must apply for authorization from the Commission using the form shown in the first annex. A certificate of registration of a registered pharmacist or a certificate of registration of a registered pharmaceutical technologist, designated by the person to be submitted to the Council for approval, for companies requiring the transport and storage of medicines; ) inspection reports from the Agency on the suitability of the premises used by the applicant;

What are the rules for shipping medicinal products from the UK to Kenya?

Tracking events typically appear 24-48 hours after you receive your Track and Trace ID. Once your shipment reaches our  UK Kenya shipping Ltd  facilities, you will normally see a tracking event. Why isn’t my tracking number/ID working?

Are there any services that offer guaranteed delivery times from the UK to Kenya?

Our 24-hour courier services guarantee next-day delivery within the UK and internationally. Work with UK Kenya shipping Ltd to get your package where it needs to go at the lowest price.

Below,  find the 24-hour messaging service like  of UK Kenya shipping Ltd  that suits your needs. Select the next-day parcel delivery service that’s right for you and book next-day shipping from the comfort of your home.

What happens if my shipment from the UK to Kenya is delayed beyond the estimated delivery date?

If your package is not delivered within 24 hours of this status, UK Kenya shipping Ltd  urge you please  you use your tracking number and submit a service request to your local post office. If part of the shipment is delivered late, the portion of the shipping costs applicable to the entire shipment will be refunded or credited.

How do seasonal weather patterns in the UK or Kenya affect shipping times?

Spring (March, April, and May) is the time of sudden showers, trees, and flowering plants in bloom. Summer (June, July, and August) , with long sunny days, occasional thunderstorms, and, in some years, heatwaves. Autumn (September, October, and November) can be mild, dry, wet, and windy.

Port congestion in Kenya is a growing problem for the maritime sector. The country’s ports face increasing pressure due to rising cargo volumes. This has led to a slowdown in cargo handling and higher costs for shipping companies like UK Kenya shipping Ltd and importers/exporters.

Can I consolidate multiple items into one shipment from the UK to Kenya to save on shipping costs?

Complimentary Package Consolidation  of UK Kenya shipping Ltd packing experts combine multiple packages into one to maximize your shipping savings. Complimentary Package Repackaging UK Kenya shipping Ltd ,packaging professionals reload every box so that your purchases are protected and packaged most conveniently.

What are the quarantine requirements for shipping certain items to Kenya from the UK?

Proper packaging is essential when shipping to Kenya when shipping with UK Kenya shipping Ltd to ensure items arrive at their destination safely and without damage. Here are some packaging requirements and guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Gather the necessary packing materials:

• Gather all necessary packing materials, including sturdy cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, foam padding, packing paper, tape, and peanuts.

Clean your furniture thoroughly before packing it to prevent dirt or moisture from damaging it during the move. For upholstered furniture, consider using plastic covers to protect the fabric.

How do I calculate the dimensional weight for my shipment from the UK to Kenya?

To calculate a package’s weight,  UK Kenya shipping Ltd add up the length by the width and height and divide by the dimensional weight divisor.

For example, if you have a 36cm x 25cm x 16cm box and your courier uses a 5000-dimensional weight divider, the DIM weight will be 3kg.

It is the same principle as the imperial system which is used by UK Kenya shipping Ltd If you have a box that measures 6 x 4 x 6 inches, multiply these values and divide by 139. This gives you a DIM weight of 7 pounds.

What are the most common reasons for customs holds on shipments from the UK to Kenya?

Your shipment may be held at customs with UK Kenya shipping Ltd for several reasons, including shipping restricted or prohibited items, missing documents, or unpaid duties and taxes. Sometimes, even something minor, like a seller forgetting to provide an invoice or using foul language, can cause significant delays.

How can I ensure my shipment from the UK to Kenya passes through customs smoothly?

Use accurate invoices

An invoice is a document describing your packages’ contents and associated costs. Getting your items through customs will be challenging if the invoice needs to be completed or corrected. Always ensure that the invoice and other documents are correct and complete at UK Kenya shipping Ltd

 Cross their borders. Knowing the shipping laws of your destination country can save your company time and money. Be sure to research port and country laws before shipping internationally.

Be organized

Organization is critical when shipping internationally. You should always make copies of receipts, invoices, and other documents if problems arise.

 What are the maximum size and weight limits for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

UK Kenya shipping Ltd uses Parcels or packages that  can weigh a maximum of 70 kg, have a maximum length of 274 centimeters, and have a total length and circumference of up to 400 centimeters. Parcels weighing more than 31.5kg (25kg in the EU) require a particular heavy parcel label. Packages exceeding specific size and combinations may require shipping service.

What are the maximum size and weight limits for shipping to Kenya from the UK?

The customs value of imported goods is the price paid or payable (transaction value) for goods sold for export to Kenya.

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