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Free parcel tracking for UK Kenya shipping parcels internationally. Use your First Global Logistics parcel tracking number for real-time updates with Parcel Monitor. 

Your easy-to-use parcel tracking solution worldwide

Practical and easy tracking solution from First Global Logistics

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Make sure to track updates from First Global Logistics.

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How can I track my Scan Global Logistics package with UK Kenya shipping?

Step 1: Get your number; you can find it on your receipt, package outer box or email;

Step 2: Enter your tracking number and click track.

Step 3: View the tracking results.

What is the difference between tracking on 17TRACK and Scan Global Logistics’ official website?

What sets us apart is that 17TRACK is an all-in-one parcel tracking platform that brings together an ever-growing number of 1,859 shippers.

Consumers: 17TRACK makes tracking information easy to read and understand, and using the 17TRACK app, you can also get notifications about status updates for your package.

Merchants: 17TRACK offers tracking solutions like API and Shopify APP that perfectly fit your business scenarios: Batch track & trace, Auto-push, and Notifications.

Why integrate 17TRACK Tracking API for Scan Global Logistics Tracking?

Track and trace your bulk shipments.

7/24 Online technical support.

Stable service with tracking accuracy of up to 99.9%.

Package status email notifications.

Dashboard visibility and data analytics.

Management of multiple accounts, facilitating teamwork.

Translation of logistics events, improving the user experience.

Who uses 17TRACK to track Scan Global Logistics parcels?

Hundreds of millions of users in over 230 countries use 17TRACK to track 1,859 packages.

Scan Global Logistics orders from thousands of markets worldwide can be tracked on the 17TRACK platform. For example, TikTok, Shopify, Amazon, Wish, Ail Express, etc.



Custom Global Logistics, LLC (CGL) is the domestic and international freight forwarding division of The Custom Companies, Inc., Founded in 1986. CGL has proliferated and offers our valued customers a full range of express and unique handling options.

From Next Flight Out (NFO) service to the 3-5 day delay service, UK Kenya shipping offers a full range of expedited and unique handling solutions. These diverse selections have allowed us to partner with our customers to achieve their shipping management goals.UK Kenya shipping with air travel.

UK Kenya shipping commitment to quality begins with our ISO 9001 certification. We are committed to providing world-class expedited shipping services at competitive prices.

Whether it’s a regular midweek shipment or a last-minute Christmas Eve job, UK Kenya shipping of dedicated professionals is available 24/7/365 to meet your urgent needs. UK Kenya shipping technologies include easy-to-use web services that provide accurate pricing, billing and real-time tracking with our modern satellite-equipped corporate fleet.

Since its inception, Custom Global has been a market leader in conference and exhibition services. UK Kenya shipping flexible and reliable exhibition services at a competitive price. In collaboration with UK Kenya shipping provides an exclusive and dedicated full-load service to and from all major trade fairs, eliminating expensive warehouse costs.

We can also coordinate short-term storage to avoid returning the product to your warehouse. UK Kenya shipping allows you to manage your entire trade show calendar and limit the management of your exhibitor or booth.

In addition to expedited services, UK Kenya shipping is the number one choice for residential e-commerce deliveries. All residential deliveries are coordinated according to the client’s schedule, ensuring success.



UK Kenya shipping are experienced in shipping and logistics providing reliable and timely transportation services to customers worldwide by air, land and sea. Our dedicated team of experts offer creative solutions for your needs, regardless of your cargo’s shape, size or weight.

Our regional offices, strategically located in UK, are always available to answer your questions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


Brilliant online global logistics tracking

Enter the RGL Radiant Global Logistics Tracking number to check shipment progress, estimated date and other delivery notifications. Track the status of your express freight shipment anytime during and after delivery.


Several companies have spent a lot of money to get the benefits this information provides. Once the information is correctly extracted and reported, the business gets everything it needs to understand its transportation and logistics costs.

The easiest way for a company to verify this information is to analyze what happened before, what is happening now, and what is acceptable to happen next. It’s supposed to provide excellent mind control of precisely what’s going on.

According to information gathered by security specialists, thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In some specific scenarios, theft results from an inside job: a professional thief accidentally hired by the company.

That is why theft is a significant problem, even in the logistics of goods, which must be dealt with efficiently. You need to know the history of the people you work with – from workers to truck drivers to supervisors to agents – everyone needs to be thoroughly vetted.

One way to ensure this is to have a robust carrier eligibility process and go through it in great detail. Trust your people, but confirm their documents.

Radiant Global Logistics Parcel Tracking

UK Kenya shipping helps you ship merchant-purchased merchandise to your address. It is one of the famous shipping providers like Aramex, USPS Trackable, Fedex  Express Trackable, USP Trackable and DHL Trackable. Your express parcel will be assigned a tracking number so that it can be identified.

The tracking number should be available on the seller’s website/app. Go to your Orders, click on orders shipped by UK Kenya shipping, view the details, and find the tracking number or a link/button to track international parcels from UK Kenya shipping.

Once received, enter it in the box at the top of this page, hit the button and start tracking your UK Kenya shipping shipment using online tracking.

How to Track Radiant Global Logistics Using a Tracking Number | How to track my international parcel

In less than 2 minutes, you can track your package/package/shipment status and location with UK Kenya shipping . In this guide, you will learn to track and trace your package with Radiant Global Logistics using your mobile accessory or laptop and an internet connection.

Enter your Radiant Global Logistics tracking number.

To track the status of your package with Radiant Global Logistics, enter the tracking number you received from Radiant Global Logistics in the Enter Tracking Number field below.

Copy the tracking number from the electronic receipt you received from Radiant Global Logistics and enter the Radiant Global Logistics tracking number in the text box of the page you just visited. If you don’t have the e-receipt, enter the tracking number manually. This way, you can search for your International Radiant Global Logistics shipment and check its status.

Check the status.

If the tracking number you entered is correct, you will see the status of your parcel. If not, or if there is a tracking issue, you will see the link to the official UK Kenya shipping website, where you can contact them.


Trans Global Logistics Private Limited is a non-governmental company incorporated on May 13 1999. It is a private limited company classified as a “limited company”.

UK Kenya shipping has been mainly engaged in transportation and currently, the company’s business is operational. 

The company is registered in the register office in UK . The registered address of Trans Global Logistics Private Limited .


Tigers (UK) Global Logistics Inc.

Customized supply chain solutions are the raison d’être of Tigers (UK) Global Logistics Inc. Owned by Jumbo Glory Ltd., and Geo Post S.A., Tigers is a global logistics and transportation company specializing in supply chain solutions, online order fulfilment and land, air and sea transport.

Tigers leverages its logistics expertise, global network, and customer-centric culture to deliver a differentiated experience.

“We came together in 2012 with the merger of Camino Logistics Group and WLG,” said President of the Americas Sebastian Tschackert.

Changing needs

UK Kenya shipping can deliver large-scale, regional and country-wide solutions from its committed hubs based on customer needs. It can design small-scale solutions across its global network of shared facilities.

UK Kenya shipping committed to creating end-to-end solutions for its customers in all its businesses. Its goal is to implement cost-effective solutions and timely delivery even with the most complex logistics requirements.

“Most of our business is international freight, and we’re seeing an increasing share of online fulfilment and procurement. The B2C trend will continue to reshape the industry. We have ten distribution centres in the US and many more worldwide, all of which help with B2C.

UK Kenya shipping also serves many industries, including outdoor and active lifestyles, sports and fitness equipment, health care, technology, fashion, wine and perishables, automotive and aerospace.

Given that much of the business is done with retail organizations, it is no surprise that the B2C trend significantly impacts business operations. Tschackert says his retail clients’ biggest concerns are adapting to the B2C trend.

“We’re targeting customers you can’t find on Amazon, customers who want to protect the integrity of their brand,” Tschackert says. “We can provide solutions from product origin to customer doorstep and vice versa if needed.”

Tschackert says trucking is now more of a commodity. UK Kenya shipping must be able to reach beyond their traditional core. It can still carry cargo but must also be an information provider.

In movement

UK Kenya shipping invests in ways to improve their business. Tschackert says people are his most important asset because UK Kenya shipping strives to be a lean company. He says Tigers need to attract the right talent and provide ongoing training to grow the business.

Additionally, the company continues to invest in its distribution centres to differentiate itself as a full-service provider rather than a warehousing company. Tigers recently announced that it had selected Kewill’s supply chain execution software to manage its multi-site warehouse operations.

As a global company, Tigers must be aware of changes on a geographical scale. It has also invested in a large distribution center.

UK is now the largest market in the world, and many companies have stopped expanding their physical stores in UK,” . UK consumers expect to be able to order online and via mobile devices.”

UK Kenya shipping are adapting to other changes, including the shift of production from UK  as well as the evolution of the food chain. As the company continues to evolve, building on its shipping and logistics backbone and expanding its B2C business, it will focus on quality, resource utilization and people.

“We have a company-wide quality program, We are improving the use of IT systems and distribution centers and investing in our people.”

An end-to-end solution

Smart Hub designed by Tigers: Connect to be the only platform you need to meet global supply chain requirements and sales channel needs. We help you sell your products in new markets, clear customs, and ship your products to your customers.

A window into your global business empire

Forget more transparent spreadsheets, lost emails and disorganized documents. UK Kenya shipping Provide your customers and team with a premium experience from when an order is placed until your product reaches your customer.

It happens on a global cloud-based operating system on the Smart Hub technology platform: Connect.

More information manual 


A logistics that speaks of e-commerce

Don’t worry about the logistics; just let it be; let us  UK Kenya shipping provide a world-class experience for your customers. Ordering, shipping, storage, returns, and everything from a single cloud platform.


Who we are

We Express Global Logistics is one of the most reputable and trusted couriers, packing and moving companies. We provide packing and moving services by a team of qualified, trained and experienced professionals. UK Kenya shipping offer excellent benefits and guarantee the safe transportation of goods at relatively low prices. We assure you that we will coordinate and execute your move from start to finish.

Track your package

Check the progress of your deliveries.

Enter your tracking number. 

Because we work quickly and efficiently. Security is our core business, and we are uniquely established to offer security services tailored to each organization’s specific needs.

express shipping

Secure services

Secure storage


Proven by large companies


International express deliveries; shipments worldwide by air, sea, road and rail; warehousing solutions ranging from packaging to repairs to storage; global courier services; and other customized logistics services: with everything Express Global Logistics does, we help connect people and improve their lives. 

Cargo transport

UK Kenya shipping provides a wide range of freight forwarding services through our highly professional and trained staff. 


UK Kenya shipping provide professionally managed transportation services to our valued clients and vehicle transportation.

Fast delivery

UK Kenya shipping  ensures that your urgent documents or parcels reach the recipient quickly. 

Delivery of heavy goods

UK Kenta shipping make special arrangements within our logistics network to ensure the delivery of heavier shipments.

 Moving home

UK Kenya shipping use high-quality packaging materials to pack safely and keep your goods intact.

Company transfer

UK Kenya shipping provide comprehensive, customized business relocation services that enhance your relocation experience and reduce risk exposure.

What do we do 

International shipment of goods

Whatever your cargo, our ocean, air, road and project freight forwarding specialists provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective shipping forwarding service supported by a global network and tracking technology.


Whether you need the latest automated processing to improve your customs documentation workflow, or you’re new to customs and need expert advice and simple, entry-level services.


Perfect for scalable and flexible logistics, including container handling, warehousing facilities, picking and packing, quality control and inspection, all seamlessly unified with our in-house distribution and fulfilment solutions.

Ships and port agency

Benefit from the experience and knowledge of one of the oldest shipping and port agencies, representing the largest shipping companies in the world.

Ground transportation &Logistics consultancy

Planned transportation operations, from key market trends and strategies to integrated business strategy development.

Good communication is essential for good logistics.

As a customer, you will enjoy having a single point of contact you can reach by phone or email whenever necessary.


TS Global Freight Logistics  

PTS Freight was established in 2010. We are NVOCC and FMC accredited, providing LCL, FCL, Airfreight, Trucking and Storage services. We are committed to serving our international clientele with streamlined, highly personalized services that enable fast turnaround times.

UK Kenya shipping offer solutions designed to meet the needs of small and large businesses. The secret to our ability to deliver impeccable service is to train a team of highly skilled people who can work seamlessly together to ensure that all goods are returned to their destination on time and in perfect condition.

We look forward to supporting you from UK! Contact our team TODAY!



 UK Kenya shipping is a specialist in advanced transport solutions. We roll up your goods. With an experienced and multilingual forwarding team, UK Kenya shipping offer our customers unique and regular routes in all vehicle categories and weight classes. We guarantee a high level of competence thanks to the continuous training of our experts.


Our customers benefit from our reliability, flexible solutions and reliable direct communications. We also offer UK Kenya shipping courier transport for very urgent deliveries and short-term vehicles.

UK Kenya shipping also have several storage units in UK. UK Kenya shipping provides the following advantages: Security of capacity: UK partner network with more than 250 own and third-party vehicles.



Cost awareness, sustainability, and safety are among our starting points. UK Kenya shipping stands for maximum customer orientation and fast execution of national and international orders.


About the global logistics network

Established in 2003, Global Logistics Network (GLN) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. It comprises leading independent logistics companies worldwide – including shippers, freight agents and employees – all working in a networked environment to take advantage of our “Power of One”. Philosophy.

Today, GLN is represented worldwide with 596 offices in 309 cities in 119 countries. With combined annual revenue of $9.5 billion and 27,675 experienced and skilled employees handling more than 3 million shipments annually, GLN is more significant than many multinational shippers and integrators.


How to choose the best logistics network

Better logistics network

UK Kenya shipping freight forwarders looking to increase sales and enter the global market can significantly benefit from being part of one of the best freight forwarding networks.

UK Kenya shipping is the best logistics networks, acting as an international coordination network of authorized forwarders, can help small and medium-sized companies to better compete with multinationals by diversifying, finding new partners and expanding their service areas.

UK Kenya shipping is also the best transit networks give you an international brand that builds small logistics companies. However, choosing the best logistics network can take time, as many options exist. Additionally, many new networks are emerging, not all favorable to your business interests.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss some tips that independent shippers like you should consider before joining a shipper network. 

Things to consider before choosing the best logistics network

Consider network reliability

As an independent shipper, you should look for a reliable network to enhance your brand image. Only a few globally recognized logistics networks are brands in this industry, and UK Kenya shipping is one of them.

Joining such our network will strengthen your brand image and expand the reach of your business. Independent freight forwarders who need an international brand and a network of reliable partners obviously cannot bid on the most important contracts and benefit from better carrier rates.

As a result, they face the prospect of working with unknown agents who rarely submit cases and sometimes fail to deliver on their promises. This results in unsatisfied customers and unpaid invoices.

You must be part of a reliable and recognized network such as UK Kenya shipping.UK Kenya shipping is a large exclusive alliance of picked freight forwarders in every significant air/seaport.

As a member of UK Kenya shipping company, you can partner with other agents in a financially secure environment that will help you reduce costs and risk as you grow your business and compete with the largest multinationals.

Don’t base your decision on the contribution.

It must be said that not all transfer networks that you find on the market are reliable. Several logistics networks in the market today are trying to attract new members by offering low membership fees.

However, they do not serve the interests of the agents in any way. All they do is collect a contribution in exchange for next to nothing. Also, the partners you will find as a member of one of these networks could be more reliable, as these networks are willing to accept any shipper without a background check as long as they receive an annual fee.

For this reason, joining a reputable and globally recognized network is always advisable, even if you still have to shell out a few dollars. The best shipping networks influence your sales and offer extra support and assistance.

With over 336 trusted agents in 134 cities, the UK Kenya shipping is one of the leading freight forwarding networks of our time. As one of the best logistics networks, it has better resources in size and reaches than some of the more giant multinationals.

In addition, UK Kenya shipping is the first freight forwarding network with global coverage to launch instant quotes for its members , which allows members to quote 24/7, 7 seconds.

In other words, in exchange for an annual fee, UK Kenya shipping offers you an ideal platform for networking, collaboration and digitalization.

Check potential customers to acquire new customers.

The most critical reason logistics companies join a network is to increase their revenue. Therefore, your primary concern should be whether you can use your network as a sales tool.

As a member of UK Kenya shipping , you are privileged to receive hands-free routings, sales leads, quotes, etc., of over 336 officers. The noticeable impact will be an increase in business volume.

However, remember that your active participation is essential to get regular shipments from your channel partners. You should reciprocate and submit more designs for your partners within the network. The golden rule of creating a productive relationship benefits both parties.

You need to check out the network list on our website and get in touch with the agents working in the areas where you can pitch companies. In addition, La Coop hosts an annual meeting each year so members meet at the same time and place, reducing costs and time away from the office.

Check the reliability of your fellow agents.

It is a crucial factor to consider before joining a logistics network. Working with unprofessional or unreliable partners can cost you dearly and ruin your business reputation. UK Kenya shipping accepts only reliable, reputable and creditworthy agents.

We also continue to monitor their performance and quickly spot any signs of problems, such as late payment of another member’s account. As a member of UK Kenya shipping company, you can expect to work only with the most reliable partners, chosen after a careful selection process.

Financial protection

A low-end shipping network naturally has questionable members you can’t rely on to get paid. Remember that one of the worst disadvantages of an unreliable partner is that their unprofessional attitude can even lead to damage to customers and a bad reputation for your business.

Ideally, UK Kenya shipping you’re a part of offers protection against defaulters. The UK Fulfillment Network asks its members to immediately notify the organization when a member is late on a payment. Pay and recurring late payments will result in members being disqualified.

Choosing a reliable logistics network like UK Kenya shipping offers you the ideal platform to expand your business. You can significantly increase the number of incoming projects by paying an annual fee. Plus, you get many other benefits, like scanning capabilities, that keep you ahead of the competition. 


Global Logistics Links 

The UK Kenya shipping mission is to connect businesses worldwide through information and supply chain management that drives success and maximizes revenue. Our headquarters is in the UK.

By emphasizing customer service for both our customers and our valued global partners, we have been rewarded with extensive support and growth. Our dedicated and personal service sets us apart from our competitors.

We place a high value on the sense of urgency and flawless execution of our services. We cultivate a culture of “talk, listen and act” among our teams and embody a “no excuses” mindset for success.

Our three pillars of success drive Global Logistics Connections: attitude, commitment and personal improvement. When our customers and partners win, we win, and our three pillars give us an engaged, performance-driven culture focusing on efficiency, productivity, flexibility and reliability.

Efficient transport of perishable goods by air

Transporting perishable goods by air is a delicate and specialized process requiring meticulous attention to detail. Whether you’re shipping fragile food or items.

The pet food supply chain explained.

The pet food supply chain is a complex web of processes that ensure our furry friends get the nutrition they need. Many have wondered.

Understanding Incoterms: A Guide to international trade

In the field of international trade, the use of standardized rules is essential for smooth and efficient transactions. It is where Incoterms come into play.

Global logistics connection services

In today’s world, our business is increasingly focused on international trade and partnerships through our esteemed agents worldwide have enabled UK Kenya shipping to gain a competitive edge in the market.

We are a complete supply chain management company, from our warehousing and distribution operations to our customs brokerage and freight forwarding expertise.

Cargo transport

In the 21st century, your products and service must keep pace with your business ideas. GLC’s best-in-class international and domestic shipping service enable businesses to stay first of the competition by getting their products to market quickly and efficiently.

Storage and distribution services

Regarding warehousing, distribution and warehousing service, UK Kenya shipping ensure your products are safe, secure and ready to ship. From the end of the production line to the hands of your customers, UK Kenya shipping services ensure safe, reliable and reliable transportation.



Synergy Global Logistics Private Limited is an end-to-end logistics service provider. UK Kenya shipping provide international transportation of goods by sea, air, rail and road. Our logistics employees have extensive experience in the shipping and logistics industry.

UK Kenya shipping offers a full range of services, including Ocean Freight (Container & Bulk/Cargo), Air Freight Services from anywhere to anywhere in the world, Customs Brokerage, Domestic Origin & Destination Freight, Rail Freight services in UK and abroad, door-to-door logistics, warehouses for general goods and perishable goods, insurance services and consultancy services for all requirements.


Echo Ship is an innovative self-service web portal for LTL and Truckload shippers that leverages our industry-leading technology to enable shippers to quote, book, ship, track, and manage shipments in one place.

UK Kenya shipping give managers more flexibility, transparency, and control. Using our technology, drivers receive fewer calls requesting shipment updates, and shippers have a more efficient way to manage their drivers. 


We measure success by the results we generate for our clients. With solutions, including UK Kenya shipping leveraging our proprietary technology, access to capacity, and 24/7 support from logistics experts, we put the power of technology in the hands of our shippers. 


UK Kenya shipping help carriers find the cargo they need when needed, giving them more control and flexibility while being supported by logistics experts 24/7.

Managed transport solutions

Simplify your logistics with our managed transport solution. UK Kenya shipping solution leverages our leading technology and dedicated logistics experts to manage your entire transportation program by optimizing transportation management, improving your supply chain and reducing costs. 


UK Kenya shipping patented technology provides real-time connectivity throughout your supply chain, comprehensive shipment visibility, and proactive exception recovery, helping you streamline operations and reduce costs.


Grow your logistics career and join a dynamic, collaborative and fun group of people where you can be on the cutting edge of transportation technology while working with clients large and small. 

Eco blog

Explore market insights, industry experience, and insights into technology-based solutions.


Expedited Shipping Certification with Product Registration:

 Intertek’s customized global solution that accelerates commerce. 

What is Fast-Tec Global Commerce Solution?

Intertek’s innovation, Fast-Teak, is a customized solution for global commerce that offers accelerated certification to accelerate business.

Fast-Teak provides expedited shipping certification, a better TQA customer experience, and a “one-stop shop” for all applicable conformity assessment programs, streamlining administrative processes and minimizing complexity.

How does Fast Teak work?

To get certified faster with Fast-Teak, Intertek helps you register your products. We will carefully evaluate these products during this process, including reviewing related test reports and other documents.

It means we can expedite the inspection and certification process for subsequent shipments of pre-registered cargo without compromising compliance or quality. During registration, we work closely with you to ensure the processes are streamlined and efficient. 


Global Logistics Market Size and Share to Exceed $570.9 Billion by 2030 | Favorable market research

May 16, 2023, 7:58 AM ET | Source: Vantage Market Research Follow

 The global logistics market is valued at $261.5 billion by 2022 and is projected to reach $570.9 billion by 2030 at a CAGR alloy annual growth) of 11.8% in the forecast period 2023-2030.

Market Overview

The market is growing due to factors such as the growing e-commerce sector, the increase in reverse logistics business and trade deals.

Furthermore, the expansion of technologically advanced logistics services and the ever-increasing popularity of Internet-connected devices are expected to fuel the market’s growth.

However, manufacturers need more control over logistics services, and poor infrastructure and higher logistics costs limit the expansion of the industry.

We expect the road category in logistics market sales to account for more than 44% of the market share by 2030 as there is a growing need for trucks to transport retail goods over long distances, especially in residential areas. Retail businesses should choose vehicles and interests with a large payload when considering road transport.

Market dynamics

Growing the e-commerce industry to support market expansion

E-commerce is the term used to describe the buying and selling goods online. Shipping goods to customers is included in third-party logistics services.

The E-commerce industry also uses logistics services to manage and monitor the supply chains of E-commerce companies, allowing these companies to focus on marketing and other business activities.

The usage of logistics services is increasing significantly, driving the expansion of the logistics market due to the many benefits that logistics brings to the e-commerce industry.

For example, the latest study by the United Nations Trade and Development Authority (UNCTAD), released in April 2020, estimates that global e-commerce sales in 2018 were $25.6 trillion, or 30% of global gross domestic product (GDP).

Increased trade-related deals will drive market expansion.

The expansion of the world economy and market dynamics are the main drivers of globalization. Many trade-related activities are on the rise, attributed to ongoing globalization.

Thus, it becomes more difficult for manufacturers or retailers to track these actions effectively. For logistics companies, this factor should drive the market.

Furthermore, the expansion of the world market is an essential driver for the development of the industry. Logistics services are becoming increasingly important to provide customers with a broader range of high-quality, timely delivered products that are also price sensitive.

Therefore, the increase in business activity due to globalization is fueling the expansion of the logistics market. For example, in December 2020, the UK decided to conclude their free trade agreement (FTA) by the end of 2021 in sectors such as medicines, fintech, chemicals, military production, oil and food products.

Major players in the global logistics market


H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. (US)

DB SCHENKER (Deutsche Bahn Group (DB Group)) (Germany)

Deutsche Post AG (DHL Group) (Germany)

DSV (DSV Panalpina) (Denmark)


GEODIS (France)

Kuehne Nagel International AG (Germany)

Nippon Express (Japan)

United Parcel Service Inc. (US)

Balance bond? Contact us for discounts and special prices.

Main trends of the global market for logistics

One trend that Vantage Market Research (VMR) expects to see in the logistics sector is growth in the Internet retail sector. The development of online shopping is contributing to expanding the global logistics sector.

The international and exponential expansion of online shopping is boosting the logistics sector. Additionally, home delivery and convenient shopping options drive growth in the category. Furthermore, short-term delivery, support and after-sales services are the driving force behind the online retail industry.

 Another trend that UK Kenya shipping believes will continue in the logistics sector is the development of last-mile deliveries. The term “last mile logistics” describes the final stage of the delivery process from a distribution center or other facility to the end customer.

The availability of efficient UK Kenya shipping is witnessing a significant increase in the logistics industry due to the growing proliferation of e-commerce businesses. The expansion of UK Kenya shipping services has also meant that receiving a shipment the same day as delivered is now almost standard. 

Key Findings of the Report

The Routes category controls most of the logistics market’s revenue based on the transportation mode. Demand for road trucks to transport retail products over long distances is increasing, especially in domestic regions, which has fueled the segment’s expansion.

Retail companies would be better served by opting for road haulage with trucks and goods with large carrying capacities. Various government initiatives promote growth  

Based on end-use, most logistics market revenue is driven by the Manufacturing category, as logistics improve efficiency and production by reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. The segment’s growth over the forecast period is due to increased demand for industrial manufacturing services. 

Recent developments in the global logistics market

November 2022: United Parcel Service Inc. acquires Boom Group, a company specializing in conditioned shipping and warehousing in UK.

May 2021: Midair Aviation IFSC PVT LTD, a major player in the logistics industry, unveils an advanced messaging platform. The intention was to focus on densely populated areas. Mod Air’s invention of air travel technology is recognized as the most outstanding achievement in the industry.

April 2020: Small and medium-sized businesses can now sell products online and connect to commerce and delivery through an alliance between FedEx and Big Commerce Pty. Ltd., a provider of open SaaS e-commerce platforms. Thanks to this partnership, Big Commerce Pty.  customers can now quickly and conveniently use FedEx shipping services on the company’s current platform.

January 2020: H. Robinson invested $225 million in Prime Distribution Services. The acquisition will provide the company with retail consolidation services such as distribution, fulfilment and inventory management. It also includes 2.6 million square feet of warehouse space.

The manufacturing segment is expected to dominate the logistics market. Demand for industrial manufacturing services is on the rise, driving the anticipated expansion of the piece. Many companies have already turned to local suppliers for cost-effective production. Quality and customer satisfaction remain priorities despite efforts to reduce production costs. Keep the right stock on hand for fast production speeds. 

On the other hand, the Retail category is expected to be the fastest-growing category in the logistics market. The rapid growth can be seen in the retail sector. Last-mile delivery solutions for retail e-commerce are expected to boost retail logistics.

Consumers compare items based on delivery time, cost, specifications, features, and compatibility needs from numerous internet sources, which is a disadvantage for wholesalers or businesses. These advantages over brick-and-mortar stores drive the retail e-commerce industry, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

Thus, the UK logistics market is growing the fastest in the industry despite the $160 billion and 22 million people in the logistics sector. UK is known for its current focus on development projects and infrastructure growth. Also, the country is undergoing a digital transition, which would likely be a game-changer for the UK market. 

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