Do you ship to Kenya from the UK?

UK Kenya shipping, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, offering international shipping and removals to Kenya from the UK for students, international travelers, families and individuals. UK Kenya shipping also calculate import duty to Kenya and from UK

UK Kenya shipping provide cost-effective freight services for shipping to Kenya from the UK. We have experience in transporting goods to destinations worldwide, your goods are in good hands with us. The packaging of goods from UK to Kenya are well packed with UK Kenya shipping label.

UK Kenya shipping provide a tailor-made service for people to ship parcels, belongings, excess baggage, Luggage or cargo of any size to Kenya safely and reliably.

UK Kenya shipping has been shipping to Kenya for many years. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want further advice. Also UK Kenya shipping calculate import duty UK when shipping to Kenya.

Air transport in Kenya – important information?

All quotations are subject to the final weight and dimensions of your parcels.

All parcels must be packed securely for transport before collection.

Your packages must not contain any prohibited items, dangerous or dangerous goods, or valuables.

Our prices are reviewed regularly and are subject to change without notice.

All business is conducted under the UK International Freight Association’s standard trading conditions (latest edition). Copies are available upon request.

Air transport in Kenya – country-specific requirements

A fully completed shipping inventory in English is required for shipping to Kenya from the UK.

Marine transport services in Kenya

Please note that all sea shipments have a minimum charge of one cubic meter. 

UK Kenya shipping include any costs that may be incurred in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) terminal handling, documentation, customs clearance, investigations, quarantine or inspection fees, import duties, taxes or warehousing fees. 

The recipient must pay for any costs at the destination upon collection. These costs are determined locally, and we have no financial influence or interest in them. 

UK Kenya shipping has been shipping to Kenya for many years. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want further advice.


The cost of shipping to Kenya from the UK depends on the shipping method and the size and weight of the packages.

Can Alibaba ship to Kenya, Yes, but it is too expensive always use UK Kenya shipping is the cost efficient method to ever use.

Postage to Kenya from the UK

All shipments by air are subject to a £50 handling and security charge in addition to carriage costs.

The charges DO NOT include ANY costs that you may incur in Kenya, such as (but not limited to) import duties, taxes, search, quarantine or inspection fees. Such costs, if any, must be paid by the recipient before delivery. Always calculate import duty to Kenya. 


It takes about few days to ship from the UK to Kenya by sea. Bus to Nairobi from Mombasa are also used by UK Kenya shipping when sending goods.


Personalized services.

Competitive prices.

Fast transit times with deliveries in days rather than weeks.

All parcels are wrapped in plastic for extra security.


You must know local import restrictions when shipping to Kenya from the UK.

Stringent rules govern which goods can and cannot be shipped across international borders. Before shipping, please check that your items are not classified as “dangerous” or “valuable” goods. Many everyday items are classified as ‘dangerous’ cargo for air transport, such as cell phone and laptop batteries, perfume and deodorant boxes. 

How long does it take to ship goods from the UK to Kenya?

When shipping by air, it usually takes about a 2 -3 days. Canada post shipping to Kenya take a lot of day to ship to Kenya while UK Kenya shipping is fast and cheap.

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Kenya from the UK?

For most people who only have a few boxes or suitcases to ship, UK Kenya shipping air freight is the cheapest option.

How much does it cost to send a package to Kenya?

The final cost depends on the number of packages, their weight and size and the shipping method. You can view our rates and our services in the tabbed section above. UK Kenya shipping also offer car shipping to Kenya.

Which companies ship to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping offers convenient air freight services for shipments to Kenya from the UK. With our experience in transporting goods to destinations worldwide, your goods are in good hands with us.

UK Kenya shipping provide a tailor-made service for people to ship parcels, belongings, excess baggage, Luggage or cargo of any size to Kenya safely and reliably.

We take care of your package. car shipping to Kenya from UK, UK Kenya shipping also offers.

How can I ship goods to Kenya from the UK  ?

Air Cargo Global specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses in Kenya locate and transport commercial cargo to customers’ doorsteps. As a result, many of our clients have seen the benefits of our service with higher profit margins through cost-effective freight service in Kenya combined with the best in-house product sourcing team.

How long does cargo take from the UK to Kenya? 

When it comes to shipping cargo to Kenya, you have two options. Option 1: UK Kenya shipping Airfreight to Kenya: This is the fastest way to send your goods to Kenya. It takes about 2-3 business days, including customs clearance.

AtUK Kenya shipping, we offer all-inclusive cargo to Kenya from the UK,  to name a few of our prominent locations. Option Two: Ocean Freight to Kenya (Shipping to Kenya) from the UK. It’s longer (1 weeks on average) but more profitable.  

In the leading Cargo companies in Kenya, UK Kenya shipping is the leading Company of them all.

How to send a package to Kenya?

UK Kenya shipping all-inclusive service is the easiest way to send a package to Kenya from the UK . We have a fast and secure weekly service.

We have sent over a million parcels to Kenya. You can also buy from any online retailer in the UK and Germany and deliver it directly to your door. You acknowledge we ship – to Kenya with UK Kenya shipping Air Cargo.

Does DHL ship to Kenya? 

DHL ships to Kenya, but it is expensive, and when it comes to customs, it can be slow and inconvenient. That’s when UK Kenya shipping‘s door-to-door service for Kenya steps in and handles all your shipment needs for Kenya. We organize everything ourselves and can even deliver the package to your home.

UK Kenya shipping also offer Cargo shipping from Qatar to Kenya.

How much does Amazon cost to ship to Kenya?

Amazon Prime does not ship to Kenya, so we has UK Kenya shipping You Shop We offer Ship service. We give our customers a local delivery address in the UK to receive their Amazon products. UK Kenya shipping will receive, process and ship your goods in Kenya and deliver them to your home. Cargo shipping to Kenya from the UK with UK Kenya shipping is affordable.


UK Kenya shipping provides cheap, fast and reliable air freight services to Kenya from the UK. Our air transportation service is available for both individuals and companies at very competitive rates. 

Our airfreight service from the UK to Kenya is weekly. It usually takes 2-3 working days for cargo to arrive in Kenya from the UK. We use the 1st flight from the UK to Kenya for urgent goods to expedite transit time and process.

Be it personal belongings, excess baggage or commercial cargo from the UK to Kenya by air, and UK Kenya shipping is your trusted partner.

UK Kenya shipping is the cheap courier service in Kenya and also the cheap movers in Nairobi when shipping goods.

what are the types of air cargo services in Kenya?

We offer the following services:

Door-to-Airport Service – We can collect your cargo from you in the UK, whether commercial or private and deliver your cargo to the airport

Airport to Airport Service: You arrange the delivery of your cargo; we are based in UK and put your air cargo to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport!

Door-to-Door Service – We arrange to pick up your cargo from your location and deliver it directly to the recipient in Kenya.

We deliver goods from the UK to the following destinations in Kenya. Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kitale and etc.

UK Kenya shipping also can ship cheap perfumes in Kenya from UK.

Type of cargo we transport by air

UK Kenya shipping  is the only forwarding company able to ship all types of cargo from the UK to Kenya. These include books, personal and household effects, and commercial goods.

UK Kenya shipping can ship urgent cargo by air. Such as spare parts for automobiles, trucks, buses and machinery factories. Do you have excess baggage? Let UK Kenya shipping transport your extra Luggage to Kenya by air.

UK Kenya shipping can provide air freight services for special cargo. These can be goods that are transported in a conditioned environment.

Our other freight services

We pride ourselves on being the best freight forwarding company. Be it air, sea, vehicle or container transport. UK Kenya shipping ships to many destinations in Africa and other parts of the world.

Trade with neighboring countries plays an essential role in the economy’s growth. International shipping companies make Trade between countries possible, which ensures the mobility of items in different countries.

Shipping is a term used to refer to the movement of goods. It can be by sea, air or road. Lots of shipping companies in Kenya these days, some local and some international. All of these play a vital role in Trade within the country.

For business people, the choice of a shipping company depends on the destination of the goods or services being transported. If the goods are bound to leave the country, you will need the services of an international shipping company. UK Kenya shipping is the best among cheap shipping companies in Kenya.

What is the best shipping company in Kenya?

Here is a list of international shipping companies in Kenya to ship your goods.

1. UK Kenya shipping

This shipping company is located UK and Kenya.

UK Kenya shipping is known for transporting goods from the UK to Kenya. The company works closely with global trading platforms such as OLX, eBay and Amazon. 

UK Kenya shipping also offers cheap shipping from USA to Kenya when sending goods.

Freight costs for shipping with UK Kenya shipping are cost efficient. UK Kenya shipping is the most reliable, providing affordable freight services to entrepreneurs, businesses and companies. With weekly cargo flights and frequent cargo deliveries, UK Kenya shipping has helped many eCommerce businesses reach their customers regardless of geographic location.

UK Kenya shipping also offer cheap shipping international from UK to Kenya.

2. DHL Express

DHL is one of the most popular international shipping companies in Kenya. They were founded in 1969: the company specializes in the transport of goods and documents to different countries of the world.

The company has a fleet of cargo trucks and planes to transport goods faster to their desired destination but they are too expensive to use always consider UK Kenya shipping as the right choice.

The company has made technological advances, and DHL currently offers live animal transport. To ship with DHL, visit the DHL website, where you will find the necessary guidelines but always consider using UK Kenya shipping which is cost efficient and fast.

3rd century goods

Century Cargo is one of the first shipping companies based in Kenya and uses great open-source repair tracking software. The company is known for offering various services to exporters and importers. 

In addition to transportation, Century Cargo is also known for providing excellent warehousing services to customers but is too expensive to use.

UK Kenya shipping is the cheap shipping to Kenya from UK.

Professional movers in Nairobi

Professional movers in Nairobi know how to move heavy loads without damaging anything. In addition to materials for wrapping more significant items like furniture and televisions to prevent damage, they also pay close attention to items classified as “fragile.”

In addition, low-cost professional moving companies in Kenya have the necessary trolleys, ramps and lifts to move large items safely. You have to rent these tools yourself if you go it alone. However, can you manage the risks?

UK Kenya shipping as no risks, shipping is smooth from UK to Kenya.

Moving is chaotic, and it’s easy to lose track of some boxes if you do it yourself. However, to ensure everything gets to its new place, keeping an inventory of boxes and personal items is part of professional movers in Nairobi.

Consider hiring the cheapest movers in Nairobi, such as Sifa Movers Kenya, to retain the details. If you need further help, make a list of items that you will be taking with you. Our main priority remains our customers’ satisfaction and your property’s safety.

Door-to-door service

Our door-to-port shipping service allows you to collect your shipment upon arrival at the destination terminal. In most cases, you, as the owner/shipper or your consignee, must contain the baggage, clear customs, and pay the terminal dues, import duties, local taxes or port fees.

With UK Kenya shipping, you can choose between our convenient, complete door-to-door services or our convenient door-to-airport services. Remember that for some destinations, using air freight may cost you less, even for larger quantities. UK Kenya shipping you can always calculate import duty.

If you have any further queries about door-to-door delivery services in Kenya or just looking for a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us.


We are proud of our excellent courier services worldwide, from the initial quote to when the package reaches the recipient. UK Kenya shipping also take the responsibility of delivering packages very seriously, so don’t worry; your package will arrive safely in Kenya; it is in good hands. UK Kenya shipping is cheap courier service in Kenya.

You have complete visibility of your parcel while it’s en route, free of charge as standard with our online tracking service – and we’re offering £50 of free extended content coverage across all countries.

What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya?

Shipping rates and couriers in Kenya

UK Kenya shipping a wide range of couriers and services that ship to Kenya. Link your courier account or use our pre-negotiated rates to view customers’ fastest, cheapest, and most convenient delivery options.

Tips and information on shipping to Kenya

Get valuable tips and information about shipping to Kenya. Learn more about public holidays and non-working days for shipping. UK Kenya shipping is a cheap shipping to Kenya from UK.

We are experts in Kenya.

The UK Kenya shipping platform makes shipping seamless. Get started today with our pre-negotiated rates.


The best couriers for shipping to Kenya are UK Kenya shipping – International Priority, Aramex – Parcel and UK Post – Air Mail Tracking.

When shipping to Kenya, be sure to package shipments securely. Check out our guide.

Popular e-commerce platforms in Kenya are eBay, Shopify and Magento.

The payment methods used by Kenya are credit cards and cash on delivery.

Consumers generally don’t expect free delivery in Kenya.

Saturday and Sunday are considered non-working days. Your shipments may be delayed these days.

Holidays are also considered non-working days. Please refer to your country’s official holiday page for specific holiday dates.

Import taxes and customs duties in Kenya

Village. Duties and taxes. intro-paragraph-one

Kenya charges according to the CIF method, which means that calculate import duties and taxes are calculated based on the value of the imported goods and the shipping costs. 

How do you calculate transaction fees?


Shipping documents in Kenya

International shipping requires a lot of documentation which can be confusing and time-consuming. UK Kenya shipping automatically generates these documents based on your shipping information, simplifying the process.

Commercial invoice

Battery statement

Tax documents and shipping labels

Kenya Customs: Shipping Restrictions and Prohibited Items?

Need help with Kenyan customs and regulations? Before shipping to Kenya (or any country), it is essential to know if there are any special arrangements to make during shipping or even if they are legal. Get shipping instructions for Kenya and other countries on UK Kenya shipping which is cheap shipping to Kenya.

Prohibited items



Chemical products





fresh food


It can be hair-raising to receive a package from a foreign country. Still, on the other hand, it can also be alarming, considering factors like the possibility of additional taxes or fees.

Many people are concerned about whether or not they will have to pay to receive international goods, as well as the potential charges. This article looks at the response to the report, which is made possible by a reputable company, UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

It varies according to various factors such as the contents of the package, its value and the regulations of the country of delivery. So let’s take a closer look and study these components. The contents of an international shipment help determine if you need to pay to receive it.

For example, you may be required to pay additional surcharges or duties if the shipment’s contents are considered valuable or even prohibited in your country. Please refer to UK Kenya Shipping Ltd or Kenya Revenue for this information on prohibited baggage. Official site of the association.

Additionally, your cargo may be subject to customs duties, which are import taxes imposed by your country’s government. The value of the contents of an international shipment can also determine whether or not you have to pay to receive it.

If the shipment’s contents exceed a certain threshold in value, you may be required to pay taxes and customs duties. Three plugs vary by country but are generally between $20 and $50.

The country’s regulations also play a big part in determining whether you must pay to get the plan. For example, some countries have stricter rules than others, which can lead to higher fees or taxes.

 For example, some countries require the shipment to be inspected before being delivered to the recipient, which may result in delays and additional costs.

What does it mean if you plan a package from abroad?

If the shipment contains items prohibited in your country or the value of the consignment exceeds a certain threshold, you may have to pay customs duties and taxes. These fees may be considered depending on the country of destination, the product’s value and other factors.

It is essential to remember that some shipping companies, such as UK Kenya Shipping, FedEx and UPS, may offer a service that pays customs and taxes on your behalf and charges you for the service.

Therefore, the costs and benefits of this service should be assessed before concluding the contract.

Do I have to pay to receive an international parcel?

It depends on several factors, including the contents of the package, the value and the country’s regulations. For example, you will be more afraid of paying customs duties and taxes. In this case, you should always contact the UK-Kenya shipping company or your country’s customs to understand the expected charges fully.

It is important to remember that calculate import duties and taxes are possible costs when receiving an international shipment. For example, the shipping company or customs agency in Kenya may charge additional fees, such as handling fees, for controlling your parcels.

Before agreeing to accept a product from overseas, it is therefore vital that you understand that these costs can vary.

When importing a product from abroad, the delivery method is an additional factor to consider. Import duties and taxes are more familiar with express shipping than other transportation modes.

If you are concerned about these costs, you can choose a delayed delivery method which is less likely to incur additional charges. UK shipping to Kenya will help you make these choices.

It is vital to remember that calculate import duties and taxes are sometimes negative. However, in some circumstances, these taxes can protect local businesses by raising the price of imported goods relative to domestically produced goods. Additionally, customs duties and taxes can fund government services, including health care, education and infrastructure.

In short, getting an international shipment can be one of the most satisfying experiences, but it is essential to know the possible costs.

Whether or not you have to pay to receive an international shipment depends on several factors, such as the contents of the package, its value and the country’s laws. You’re still determining whether you must pay customs duties and taxes.

In this case, you should always contact your country’s shipping company or customs agency to understand the expected costs fully. By understanding the potential costs, you can be well prepared to receive your shipment and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Can I send a package and ask the recipient to pay the shipping costs?

Positive and negative feedback are possible options.

 Consider each situation:

• The recipient may pay shipping costs to UK-Kenyan shipping companies. However, if the courier offers “Cash on delivery (COD)” or “Cash on delivery (COD)”, the recipient can pay for the delivery. .

• The recipient cannot afford the shipping costs. This service is generally unavailable to individuals, but small business owners and resellers need it. Even if you are a business, the recipient cannot pay postage on delivery if the courier you use forbids it and can assist you with the above service via UK Kenya Shipping.

How does the recipient pay for the delivery?

1. Book shipments with a carrier that offers order and paying at the same time

2. Deliver the package to the specified recipient.

3. The recipient will pay the requested amount in cash or by credit card beginning with delivery.

4. Payment is made to the forwarder or logistic service provider. It depends on the conditions of the carrier. Please note that the courier will deduct the shipping costs.

Learn more about:

Shipping with UK Kenya shipping, who have proven themselves over time in their unbeatable shipping process and customer trust.

Can the recipient pay the shipping costs in euros?

As a recipient, you can order when booking and pay the shipping costs.

UK Kenya Shipping offers up to affordable shipping services on select routes.

Check your rates!

Payee payment for UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

 UK Kenya Shipping Ltd provides cheap courier service in Kenya without any limitation. This payment mechanism is the most common in UK. Please inquire directly with your local UK Marine Office in Kenya for availability in other countries.

UPS payment on the delivery concept

The recipient can pay the shipping costs with UPS upon delivery. The sender is responsible for booking the service.

Use FedEx to deliver the package and bill the recipient.

FedEx regulations vary from country to country. The recipient or a third party can pay for the shipment directly on the FedEx website using the account number. You should check their website for more details.

The recipient of the UK Postal Service postage .

The FedEx Postal Service offers a service called COD. This service can be used to pay for almost anything, including shipping, bills, and merchandise. Shipping costs are charged to the recipient if the sender chooses this service during registration.

Am I responsible for international shipping costs?

If the seller hasn’t requested the “cad on delivery” service, you generally don’t have to incur any additional costs. It is the only exception if your shipment is subject to customs duties. UK Kenya Shipping also offer Car shipping to Kenya. 

The receiving party is responsible for customs duties.

Additional fees may apply if you receive an international shipment over a particular value.

Additionally, products shipped from outside the UK are subject to customs clearance, and import duties and surcharges may apply even when declared as a gift. This article will teach you more about customs procedures and determine if your shipment is subject to Calculate import duties. Frequent fraud where the recipient is asked to cover the shipping costs

You should reconsider the message if the postage costs are indicated in a letter or email. Fraudsters will use any means to make their claims look legitimate; therefore, you must verify the sender’s identity.

It is especially true if the quantity demanded is high. Nothing must be sent unless by official email or postal request, and this notice can be obtained from UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

Additionally, you can contact the merchant or carrier to determine if payment is required. On this page, you will find extensive information on transport policy.

Do you want to know where your shipment is?

Your postal or courier service can tell you where your shipment is and if, for example, customs procedures have been completed.

Unfortunately, the customs cannot provide any information on this. Refers to items that are not designed for commercial use. “non-commercial” means the following:

Shipping is incidental only.

The products are intended for the recipient’s or his family’s personal use. Due to the nature and size of the cargo, it cannot be considered commercial. The goods have been shipped, but payment has yet to be received. When importing products, you may need to complete the following steps:

Import duties exempt

The postal or courier service handles the shipment and almost always provides the customs declaration. This declaration must contain essential information for customs, such as the value and description of the product. Your postal or courier service will contact you if you need to add this information.

If the courier does not cover the following costs, the post office or courier will charge you at the time of delivery:

customs duties

(The cost charged by the postal or courier service for sending the customs declaration). UK Kenya Shipping provides cargo shipping to Kenya and also calculate import duty uk.

Administrative expenses

(Additional costs for postal or courier services) any tax charges

(import duties, VAT and excise duties)

Determine the VAT and import tax applicable to specific shipments.

What is the import policy in Kenya?


Some items cannot enter Kenya. Also, importing or transporting other goods into Kenya requires a valid import or importation license which can be offered with the assistance of UK Kenya Shipping Ltd.

Read more about the current regulations on counterfeit goods, endangered animals such as plant species, animal products such as food, plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit, weapons and ammunition, medicines, narcotics and antiques in the sections Luggage and online shopping.

As a diplomatic member, do you receive products from the UK?

No authorization is required to receive goods from a member of a UK diplomat.

However, it contains products such as alcohol and tobacco. Products containing alcohol are subject to excise duty. Tobacco products require a valid UK excise stamp. No exemption threshold below which excise duties on taxable products are exempt.

How is package recovery done?

Product delivery allows you to ship a product with your carrier like UK Kenya Shipping.

• Parcel collection is a free next-day service (or any other delivery day), regardless of the number of items you need to collect.

Express Priority Mail.

Priority Mail.

First-class commercial MC package service.


To return items eligible for free parcel collection. If packaged with one of the above premium products, other types of mail will also be picked up, including first-class mail.

• Mail items weighing more than 10 ounces. These items are not eligible for parcel collection and must be presented to a Post Office TM counter attendant.

The benefits of using parcel pickup

The parcel collection service offers merchants and customers many advantages:

• Returns: As the e-commerce industry grows, consumers can request a parcel collection service from retailers that offer Package Return Service (PRS) labels.

• Enables environmentally conscious consumers to recycle obsolete cell phones, MP3 players and other limited electronic devices.

• Recalls: When manufacturers provide PRS labels, consumers can use the parcel collection service for recalled products that meet the required dimensions and weight for shipment.

Customers using parcel return services may be required to send their products to a repair centre.

What types of shipments are eligible for parcel pickup?

Use the following services, and your postman will collect the prepaid shipments and return the goods:


• Warranty of Priority Mail Express® service depends on the time of dispatch, place of delivery and final destination.

Due to the change in closing times and delivery of Post Office UK ,You must present the items to an acceptor at a physical post office to obtain the Priority Mail Express Guarantee for a specific shipment.

You should check with your local Post Office for location-specific insurance information (including estimates on whether UK Kenya Shipping items collected using parcel collection or even handed over to a mail carrier will arrive before the day’s deadline).

Priority Mail delivery service

The UK Postal Service offers Priority Mail Express and Open and Distribute postage.

• Items delivered via Premium Parcel Service-commercial 

• Feedback  Bulk Parcel Return Service

PRS stands for Parcel Return Service.

Shipping First Class Package International Service.

Customers completing the customs declaration form by hand must deliver their item to a UK retail service counter, regardless of the item’s destination or payment method.

 The following items must be presented to a La Poste employee at the retail service counter:

Let’s assume the customs declaration form was not completed online. In this case, international mail, including mail addressed to addresses, must be presented to the employee at a post office counter.

Items weighing more than 10 grams. Even if the item does not require a customs form, it must be presented to a Post Office clerk at the store counter if it contains stamps or is thicker than half an inch.

The question is what do you want to ship today? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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